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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 22, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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off and talk about what it will be like to have a normal relationship. i think eventually we have to get there. it is hard to see what that path looks like right now. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. and welcome back to our continuing breaking news coverage. i'm pamela brown on this friday. senator john mccain says he will vote no on the new effort to replace obamacare. in a statement mccain says in part i cannot in good conscious vote for the proposal. i believe we could do better working together. republicans and democrats, and have not really tried for could i support it without knowing how much it will effect insurance premiums and how many will be helped or hurt by it without a full score. we won't have reliable answers to any of those questions. i take no pleasure in announcing
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my opposition, far from it. i think the world of them. i know they are acting consistently with their believes and is best for the country, so am i. with that republicans only have one vote left to lose. their chances are looking bleak. let's go straight to phil on capitol hill. what has the reaction been so far? >> so far rather muted. we are absolutely taken aback by that. it is a close gram, their offices haven't responded to this. a lot didn't know it was responding today.
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really castigating the claim chamber. senator mccain is sticking to exactly what he said over the past couple of months on this issue in particular. i want to talk about what this actually means. this is two official out no votes. senator mccain obviously because of the process, because of the way it has all come about. it is a hometown paper for her up in maine. i can tell you i have been talking to leadership officials. no body ever considered her far possible yes vote. that in and of itself win or if susan collins comes out as a no would give democrats the votes with their caucus to block this. it would essentially sink the
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health care plan all together. i assured since appeal is off the table we are intent on the bipartisan process. it is worth noting senator mccain discussed that bipartisan work that had been taking place between patty murray and lamar wa alexander until the repeal effort came back. the big question now is what did republicans do? do you hold the vote even though you know where this is going? one other thing, it wasn't just those three senators, collins, mccain and paul that were in the no or likely no column. there were a handful of others. they hadn't come out publicly and supported this. we are waiting the see what was going to happen.
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>> was he trying to alleviate the pressure given the amount of heat they are facing if they vote no? >> yeah. look. i think she was going to be pretty on this no matter what. everybody kind of coming out against this and some were very wary of taking this vote. until senator collins comes out as a no it doesn't forclose the possibility that they hold a vote, put everybody on record, tell everybody it was last chance to repeal abdomen replace. they said they are evaluating options. they don't know which way they are going to go.
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>> absolutely not for republicans. tonight the president is a republican senator at risk of losing his seat. how do you think this will play into everything? >> look, a rally in the evening down south, for those who cover this on the campaign you know it opens the door. they are entertaining and very rarely scripted. when you get in a situation like this, when you look at all of the news that's happening there are no shartaortage. when you look back to the failure of this repeal and replace effort this is going to be top of mind. the president said this is something republicans promised. campaign cycle after campaign cycle he thought there would be a repeal and replace bill the
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first day. so the idea he would avoid this, that he is going to dodge this tonight i think you're probably going to hear a little bit of his thoughts. obviously they have an interesting past and history. if republicans can't move forward on this his feelings on their failures -- i think you know quite well the kind of anger inside the white house with how senate raps have operated over the last nine months, a lot of fingers to be pointed here but they believe senate republicans have been incapable of moving his agenda forward. it it almost certain you'll hear about that tonight. >> he was outspoken about him with the last no vote. you're right. i think we will be hearing more from him. thanks so much. i want to bring in republican and cnn political commentator.
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take a look at this tweet from jimmy kimmel. he thanks john mccain for quote being a hero again and again and now again. just curious what your view is in terms of his role in all of this. >> we are talking about a late night host who really has had a big impact on the healthcare discussion. he has been talking about this bill all week long reaching millions of people. because it is so unusual to see a comedian his comments have been picked up and covered all around the country reaching tens of millions of people including a lot of united states senators. he has had influence in this conversation. he is on twitter thank g mccain.
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mccain came down and voted no with that thumbs down and knew with this decision this afternoon. you see kimmel praising mccain. kimmel will not be on tonight. this is deeply personal for this late night host. he has had a son with a heart problem. he talked about this openly on the show. you see sort of in this weird moment of media where it continues to blur a late night host. >> his wife said people who were telling us to stay in our lane, the lanes are merging. we have something to say here. this is personal for us. doug, your reaction to john mccain once again becoming a thorn in his party's side. >> i don't want to on what his status as a hero as. i was watching the bps documentary which showed the footage of john mccain.
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he is not a hero because he votes yes or because he votes no. john mccain is a hero. whatever problems have with health care, they go back years and years, that's not -- that's got nothing to do with john mccain. republican struggles are a party creation. what will donald trump's role going to be now? he has shown us he is willing to go around congressional republicans and work with democrats. if that's the move he makes whether or not the republicans have a majority i think is in serious question. >> are you surprised his senator couldn't convince him on this? is she there with us? >> i think that -- >> well, i was told she is with u us. >> okay. go ahead. >> if you no anything about the relationship between lindsay gram and john mccain.
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the type of friendship we should all be blessed with. they can deliberate about issues. they can agree and disagree. that's what with true friendship is all about. too often in today's political world we expect friends to align themselves 100% with what we believe. that's not what john mccain and lindsay gram -- they are individuals. they respect each other and love each other endlessly. the friendship between these two is a joy to watch in action, but at the same time they respect
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each other. i am not surprised lindsay couldn't convince him. i think he would not want to convince john mccain to do something that's against his convictions. i could not imagine after the speech john mccain gave with such drama and such a powerful speech when he returned to the senate and spoke for 15-20 minutes making a plea for bipartisan ship when it came to health care and other issues. i cannot imagine him having give than speech a month ago and turning around and voting for something where there has been no regular order. it was unimaginable to me. i think today what we saw was mccain acting consistent with his conscience. >> let me ask you this. he did hint that he wanted that
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process. he wanted that to go to the normal order and that isn't happening. in some sense it's not a surprise he is voting no. how much do you think the timing of this was an effort to take the pressure off, you know, susan collins and lisa, those senators who were under a lot of pressure and were going to vote no anyanyway? >> yeah. whether or not deals were being cut. i think part of this was to help his colleagues. the united states senate is not a buddy system. people have to represent their states and work in their state's best interest regardless of what the vote may be. part of it was processed. there's no cbo score. part of it was policy. the question about preexisting conditions which was very difficult for republicans to answer. the question about block which was difficult for republicans to answer. again, republicans have
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struggled with health care for years abdomnd years now. we spent six months working specifically on a replacement bill. we'll get his reaction as senator john mccain putting it on the brink. we'll be right back. ♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you. and visit to learn more. >> more on our blareaking news. mccain saying he will vote against the republican healthcare bill. republicans can in the afford to lose one more vote. my next guest is one of the chief collaborators.
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he was in crafting and he has been in the thick of negotiations all week. cnn senior political commentator rick santorum. this is clearly personal for you. let me get thyour reaction to ts news. >> he said he actually likes the structure and likes the federalism and likes the idea of getting power back in the states. his governor is who we have worked with very closely on the bill. you know, he has alms said throughout the process he didn't like the fact that this didn't go through what was termed regular order in the united states senate. john is a big regular order. so that's always been a concern to john. we knew it was always a concern. you know, disappointed obviously that he decided on that reason
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alone to vote against the bill that is about federalism and does help the state of arizona. all other states in my opinion because we'll get much more effective health care, but i think i can tell you that having talked to the group here just before i came on air the commitment is very strong to move forbaward. we feel no votes decided until it's cast. there is an opportunity to get there. even though i know people have said they are not for the bill there is a week or so to go. there will be a hearing on monday in the senate finance committee. i'll be testifying at that hearing on monday and explaining the bill. the bill hasn't even been filed yet. there have been drafts but the final bill hasn't been filed. i think there's still some r.n. room a -- room and we will continue
12:20 pm
fighting on. we have a bill that can get to 50. >> so you say you're surprised by mccain's announcement he will vote no. he has been hinting at this. he has been very clear of what he is not comfortable with. he listed them. you pointed out one of them. you listed them in his announcement today. he said no cbo score. this is something that will impact the economy in a huge way. no bipartisanship. it is not going through the normal process. in light of his arguments he makes here his list of reason ls does he make a fair argument in your view? >> number one, there will be a cbo score. >> but before september 30th? >> yes. >> and before the vote there will be a cbo score? >> absolutely. i was on the phone with them a
12:21 pm
couple of times today. they have been really diligent in taking this on and focusing on this. as the bill gets out and people react to it you make a tweak here and there to address issues maybe we didn't see. it is a process and cbo has been great in working with us so far. i can tell you without a doubt there will be a score before there's any vote. that's one of the things john mentioned. there will be a hearing on monday which is part of the regular order, if you will. as far as bipartisan ship that's a pretty high hurdle. he tried to work with murray on the health committee for several months now and got basically nowhere. the democrats have decided the only thing wrong with obamascare putting more dollars into a system that's failing and
12:22 pm
growing. your projections for the growth and the federal spending on it is in some areas 13 to 14% increase per year. this is a system democrats don't want to change except a bunch want to offer a new system which is called bernie care or medicare for all. democrats are admitting obamacare is failing or they wouldn't introduce a new plan. we'll see what's going on and get a chance to look at the bill and hopefully take a second look at it. >> so you think you might be able to convince him get back on board? about a week or so until the final vote on this package. there is a lot that's going to happen between now and then. the bill hasn't been seen or scored. there hasn't ban herring jet. we'll continue on this path and try to convince not just john mccain but others to join this
12:23 pm
effort. >> and it really does seem at this point given where we stand at this point at this time on friday it seems like it is your last best hope. is there anything you're doing behind the scenes, anything that's being done in an attempt to convince her to vote yes? >> well, i will tell you we are talking to a lot of different senato senators. i can tell you i have talked to more than those four senators over the last few hours. this is a bill that, you know, with all of the opposition that's rolling out against it and claims that are being made we are getting a lot of phone calls. is this right? is this what happens to my state? is this what happens to people with preexisting conditions. >> any sweetheart deals? >> no. one of the things that i think everybody in the group decided to do is that we would do things that are good policy. we are not doing any deals that
12:24 pm
are bod deals in the sense that we are treating some states differently than others. every state has unique needs. you mentioned alaska. it is six times the size of france and has six hospitals in the entire state. the cost of care is 50% higher than the national average. are we going to treat alaska differently? of course because you can't treat alaska like delaware. there are things that you do but they are driven by the unique needs of a particular state and so we are doing that not just for alaska which has very unique needs because of the nature of their population but others are very rural states. cost of care is exceptionally high. we are looking at all of those states, democratic and republican states because we want it to be something that's fair and looks at the actual problems. we give them enough money so the states can do the job.
12:25 pm
>> let's talk about policy. as you well know a big sticking point here is preexisting conditions. i was on with david axelrod. he said he cried when obamacare was passed. he was so relieved because he had a dur with epilepsy. he had a hard time pag for her medical bills before obamacare. under your bill will every single american be able to afford health conditions? if states get a waiver that basically come won't afraid because of those with preexisting conditions. >> yeah. first, i have a child with a preexisting condition. i have a disabled daughter. this is a concern for me. i am on the obamacare exchanges. i am not buying affordable health insurance right now.
12:26 pm
my health insurance premiums are over $30,000 a year for silver plan. my deductibles are about $10,000 a year. i don't know how -- and they are not allowed to discriminate against me. that's what everybody pays. i buy insurance because i have a daughter with preexisting condition. if i had healthy kids i might be an off label than what's on obamacare exchanges. that's what's happening. folks like me who have children who need that kind of care we are buying insurance even though it's really high cost. people who don't have those problems because they don't have that kind of money to spend. they go off and the people in the obamacare exchanges have a lot of higher health care bills so what happens to that? the insurance premiums go up.
12:27 pm
i don't think that a $30,000 insurance policy is an affordable insurance. that's today. what we do in the bill is we say to the states, you have to cover people with preexisting conditions but we'll give you flexibility on how to do it. they are completely mischaracterizing. it says every state shall provide affordable and accessible. it's not the way obama does it. >>. >> because it's not defined, what is affordable? >> it is like defining obamacare. what i'm buying is not affordable. it is not affordable for the vast majority of people. >> but the ksh is without a well defined definition of atordable -- >> does that make it okay that it is okay for it not to be
12:28 pm
defined in this bichlt concern is it leaves it open to interpretation. what does that mean? okay. a state can get a waiver and insurance companies can raise the cost tremendously for those with preexisting conditions. what are the per am ters here? >> we are in better shape because under obamacare they have to cover people with preexisting conditions. it doesn't say anything about affordable or accessible. you can't exclude people with preexisting conditions. it doesn't say anything about affordable conditions. >> what is affordable to one won't be affordable to the ears. so you'll have someone looking at the state and saying i don't think you're doing a very good job of this and you to do better. i would make the argument that
12:29 pm
it actually does a better job in guaranteeing. it just says you have to cover it. it doesn't say, you know, it limbs how much you can charge and things like that. what happens is because so many people are dropping out of obamacare and you're seeing coverages are going down, the new cbo reports are showing fewer and fewer people. premiums going up and up. this is because you don't have affordable insurance. so someone has to have coverage but there's no guarantee. in our bill the state has to provide that affordable. they can do it through high risk pools or other types of subsidies. >> okay. thank you very much. clearly this is an issue we are
12:30 pm
very passionate about. >> i am. it's personal. >> i know it is. there is breaking news coming out of puerto rico. the national weather service that a dam is failing causing massive flash flooding. this is happening along the river in the northwest part of the island. people being evacuated as we speak by bus. they are calling it an extre extremely. we haven't even been table because of limited access until now. oh, my goodness. it has also been declared a -- so i set the stage for us. what's it like there today, nick? >> it was an who who's flieg.
12:31 pm
when you come towards it the west has been hit fairly hard. it looks like it must have been gorgeous. you can see it is without power and without electricity. one come said they haven't con vased here. the last dog, political, the owner mourning how the back of it had been torn off. a little kid saying they know full wul if power isn't back on and also as well people angry at how fema haven't bought enough food for them yet. there is not a sense of hunger here but a lot of how it was at a school near here. many learned about that.
12:32 pm
they found they would run out. it may be alleviated by what is a c-17 cargo plane just landing earlier on. they are doing the best they can to get as much aid in as they pa possibly can. a lovely couple. he is a mental health professional had to survive tearing the front of their house off entirely. poor jamie broke down and described how they lived through that. their official said let them out before the storm.
12:33 pm
they are a little auout of sigh and a little out of mind. >> all right. thank you very much. just ahead, name calling and president trump fires back after kim jong un calls him mentally der ranged and now new threats of an h-bomb test. a speech that did not go quite as planned. what happened when james comey took the stage today at howard university? >> i love the enthusiasm of the young folks, i just wish they would understand what a conversation is.
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the war of words between president trump and kim jong un continue to go where no other has gone before. the use of the word dotard had everyone scrambling for a dictionary for the meaning and pronunciation. mentally der ranged, gangster, barking dog. madman. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >> all perfectly insults but north korea raising the bar with a term that left many. >> dotard. >> dotard. >> dotard according to merrium
12:39 pm
webster a state or period of senile decay. the term is centuries old. shakespeare using it. if nothing else kim jong un proves there's never a shortage of put downs. all right. now i will go to joe who is an expert on all things nuclear weapons and north korea. i want to ask you on the latest here, this latest sort of toe for to if you will between president trump and kim jong un. he called him a dotard. how concerning is it for you, joe, that the rhetoric continues to ratchet up. ? >> i'm in consultation with a
12:40 pm
wide circle of north korean experts. i have never seen concern about war with north korea at such a high level. people are very worried about this. it's not just that president trump gave an ill considered speech it's the way kim jong un answered it. his statement yesterday was unlike any he has delivered. it was a personal statement. he was arrested directly to the president of the united states. it was sober and coldly threatening. the foreign minister follows it up by saying maybe we'll launch a missile with an h-bomb and explode it in the middle of the pacif pacific. this is a serious threat. this is something they could do. if they did do that it could lead to an escalation that could tumble us into a war that i don't think either side really wants. >> why is that -- i know why
12:41 pm
it's significant but how significant is it? what would it look like? >> well, you to understand, nobody has done this in over 50 years. we have done such a live test. it is very risky. the chinese did one in the 60s. that was 50 years ago. that no one has detonated a nuclear explosion for decades and decades. just apart from the radiation danger, threat to shipping and commerce in the region it is a visible demonstration of the strength of this bomb. even north korea have been underground tests. this would be a powerful statement. they would be saying to the united states, look, we can do this. back off. would president trump back off? would he feel he would have a loss of face? that's assuming everything goes well. this would fly over japan.
12:42 pm
there's no guarantee. it would be a serious risk, not just debris falling on japan but for a possible nuclear explosion. this is reason for very serious concern. it's time to shift gears, to move from the pressure we have been putting on north korea to try to deescalate and walk back from the brink and open up some kind of dialogue possibly with the help of the chinese. >> and north korea isn't the only one in defiance here. it is by announcing a new ballistic missile. what do you think of the president sort of themming after the un speech? >> it got the support of the internasal community. some point was that ie ron looks like the more opinionable deal.
12:43 pm
it is past the u.n. security council. everybody agrees the deal is working. you know, it's under resheep. he might rip up the deal that has isolated the united states among our allies. if the president goes through we'll walk away from that deal alone and it undermines your negotiations with the north koreans. why do they trust that the americans would live up to an agreement? >> thank you. >> just ahead, facebook plans to hand over thousands of russian backed ads to congress. the president calling the entire
12:44 pm
thing a hoax. even more than half of americans think russia influenced the 2016 election. we'll be back. ♪
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president trump today renewing hi atax on the russia investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign. he tweeted the russia hoax continues. now it's ads on facebook. what about the totally biassed and dishonest media coverage in favor of crooked hillary? he insisted that facebook comes amid a new cnn post. they were asked how it effected the outcome of the 2016 presidential race. 54% of those polled said it did. 43% said it did not. the president's tweet one of many today. these are just this morning. the president says twitter is a
12:47 pm
tool to bypass the media and get his message straight to the people. bill finds in his new report twitter and trump it could also be his achilles heel. >> when -- what worries you the most? >> if i'm the head of a hostile or even friendly intelligence service i have a new office over here. follow that account. tell me what this man is saying. it is tremendously revealing. we know the president's hot buttons, his vulnerabilities. we know what upsets him. we know what he demands from his su board nan-- and even his sle patterns. >> all of those things putin say takes great pains to hide. >> of course you don't want to advantage the other guy.
12:48 pm
>> all right. cnn bill joins me now. great to have you on. you looked through a lot of tweets. what do they reveal about donald trump? what did you learn? >> there is so much. it is sort of the unfiltered id of this man. he is not a poker plan player. he was careful never to use e-mail and didn't want to leave a digital trail. now that we can see his enemies list grow in realtime. the one about the fake news screaming for crooked hillary, it is textbook donald trump. it uses his favorite word, fake. crooked hillary is in there. he almost has -- there is almost -- he is appealing to logos and pathos to logic. he will say everybody is talking about x and then putting sad at
12:49 pm
the end as sort of an emotional button pushing. so the rhythms, his vocabulary, the way he is combative, who he is tweeting towards is also telling who he follows. he only follows about 45 people and most of them are supporters. his view of the world is shaped by twitter as well as the one he broadcast to the world. >> i'm curious -- and i don't know if you can answer this, but in looking through all of his tweets and talking about world events and world leaders, in your view how much of them are off the cuff? in other words he wakes up one morning and decided to tweet it out and how much of this is sort of well thought out and sort of calculated? >> that's an interesting campaign. there was an apple and a an android. you could tell which one was run by mr. trump himself based purely on the aggression, the choice of words in there.
12:50 pm
his patterns as laid out, when he tweets he loves mornings when he is watching cable tv from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. are the best parts. he averages about six and a half, seven tweets a day. they come more on know what, you take each with a grain of salt, twitter, you can make that argument, right. but on the other hand, this is the president of the united states. how do you say listen to words that come from this podium and not this over here. then he has another risk of doing this. just a guy at the end of the bar talking to tv, just unfiltered out into the world that you stop listening to everything. and it all becomes devalued currency. then the word of the president, what does it really mean when it really matters? >> interesting, i was talking to an official recently about this
12:51 pm
issue. and he said in some cases while it may seem that some of his tweets come out of no where, there had actually been a lot of internal discussions, policy discussions within the administration. so it's not always just out of the blue as it may be perceived by the public sometimes. really fascinating. bill weir. can't wait to watch tonightment twitter and twum airs tonight. thanks so much, bill. >> and coming up senator mccain says he cannot vote for the new bill. reaction coming from his colleagues coming in. back in just a moment. ♪
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it's like being homeless and living in poverty. meet aaron valencia. >> so it was like let's have them come here and they can learn a trade and learn a lesson. >> going down. >> the wiring, the fuel system, carburetor. >> no crazy cut lines in it. looks great. >> whole time they are working we are dropping knowledge right decisions in life. >> we are not looking for perfection but better than yesterday. you can see on >> meantime, legion of brothers tells story of u.s. special forces that went into afghanistan immediately after 9/11. to drive al qaeda out of power with limited casualties. but they remain mirrored in a
12:55 pm
lengthy war. here's a clip from the film. >> when you went into the country you had the weight of the nation on your shoulders. we were america's response to the most catastrophic terrorist attack on u.s. soil ever. and for a lot of us, you know, we felt that we had a responsibility to the people that died to set the stage that you just don't do that to america and not pay the price. it was about not retribution, but it was about justice. >> what's that saying about who will go, send me? you know. >> sorry? who will go and whom shall i accepted? >> send? >> send me baurecause i'm the d who wants to make someone pay
12:56 pm
for killing my brothers and sisters. and featured in this film mark nutch, also is scott mill with former master sergeant. and also a grain beret. thank you, general, for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> mark, i want to start with you, when you went foo afghanistan shortly after 9/11. what were your hopes and expectations? >> we had very little preparation time to be among the first teams to go in. a lot of uncertainty. a lot of risk. that we as special forces were willing to take. we were trained for in unconventional warfare mission. and we kind of new a to b we are going to fly in by helicopter at night, and land, and link up with various ethnic factions and we'll figure out what can be achieved by working alongside them, along with our partners from the cia.
12:57 pm
>> and scott whrks you were first deployed to afghanistan, did you believe at that time this would be a conflict that would be over quickly? >> well, when we first went in, you know, a lot of us were told this would be multiple year campaign. and we actually wouldn't leave until it was done. and it was surprising how well and how fast all of the different teams started organizing their indigenous and direct action mission tos to cre the mission to throw out taliban in so many days. >> how does it look now? how does the war in afghanistan look now compared to when you first went in? >> well, it obviously continues with special forces and another special operations personnel in there with tough and challenging mission. they are committed to improve the conditions and continue to improve on the previous
12:58 pm
successes. i personally believe afghanistan remains better off now than it did during the reign of the taliban. and i think there are a lot of afghan people themselves that would agree with that and they welcome and want the american and international presence to continue helping them rebuild their country that's been devastated for decades of war. >> when you see scott, though, the taliban regaining some of that ground, is it discouraging at all? >> well, it is. because every inch of that ground that they regain was kind of covered in american blood and treasure. a lot of our partner nations as well. i have my own son in the military, and certainly like other sons are ready to serve in a war that we thought we won in 90 days. so it's hard to think how quickly we over came the territory controlled by the taliban and watch them creep back 16 years later. and basically like they never left in the first place. >> and what about, mark, the
12:59 pm
psychological or emotional toll that this had on you and other members of your unit that, what you went through, and what would you like the american public to know about that side of the war? >> just the resilience of our special operations soldiers, as well as the wives and families that have borne the brunt of deployments over the last 16 years. >> all right. we will leave it there. thank you so much, mark, and scott. appreciate it. >> thank you. and don't forget to watch the cnn film leagues of brothers premiers sunday night 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. well, thank you so much for joining me on this friday. i'm pamela brown filling in for my colleague brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper
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