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tv   Smerconish  CNN  September 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. ♪ i'm michael smerconish in new york city. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. the president up early and attacking puerto rico mayor about her complaints about storm response saying she's shown, quote, poor leadership ability. meanwhile, the russian meddle wasn't just about trump versus clinton. it pits americans against each other. "the wall street journal" now reporting that google is conducting a broad investigation of russian influence in its ads before the election. this, after cnn reported fake social media accounts funded by russia were used to stoke racial tensions during the campaign. cnn's dylan byers who broke the
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story is here. plus, potus is now tackling nfl safety rules. >> they're ruining the game, right? they're ruining the game. [ applause ] >> hey, look, that's what they want to do, they want to hit, okay? they want to is hurting the gam. >> what about huits like this one? lease also attacking player protests during the national anthem. i'll discuss both with broadcast legender bob costas here. and the supreme court will hear a kiss whether redistricting along legal lines is legal. but are americans self-sorting themselves ? >> but first, the medding in the 2016 election always evolves in partisan bickering the level of most people's interests eem dependent on whether it helped
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or hurt their candidate. it's a sad departure from the days of our partisan bickering stopped at the water's edge. you remember when bush 41 made protests while at a student at oxford? or that natalie maines protesting george w. burkes fsha london stage? i'm wondering whether the russian meddling will be a uniter, not a divider, based on new reporting that the goal was to about the election outcome but foment racial unrest and harm the u.s. standing in the world. the new cnn report mainly social media manipulation. the article under this headline fake black activist accounts linked to russian government. used to activists in both facebook and twitter in an
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apparent attempt to amplify racial tensions during the presidential election. the bogus facebook account had 360,000 likes. that's more than the verified black lives matter facebook page. as an example, blackimist posted a video in august, in which a police dog was seen biting an african-american began in handcuffs. and saying, watch another video of police brutality. it's 92 longer about hillary clinton it's about an effort to unravel the fabric that keeps the country going. joining me now is cnn's dylan byers. how did it work? >> well, look, there's the internet research agency which is a shadowy russian troll farm,
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bought a number -- used a number of fake accounts to effectively impersonate and promote issues that would basically push our buttons as americans. and that rings across the board. it was exploited racial tension. it exploited differing opinions over immigration. over refugees, over gun rights. over the lgbtq community. if they -- the russians who bought these ads, promoting these ads, took on these accounts, impersonated other people, clearly understood what our flash points were as a society. they understood where they could drive wedges, where they could amplify the political divisions that already exist. and push those further. and michael, you're absolutely right, so often when we think about this, we think about this as did it hurt hillary clinton? did it help donald trump? it is so much bigger. it has been going on for so much
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longer. it is so much more pervasive than anyone at facebook or twitter or google or on capitol hill, or here, you and me, understands at this point. and it really is not a story so much about the 2016 election. it is a story about a foreign government backing northern nationals who are interfering in our politics and in our society. and trying to sell chaos to weaken american democracy, to make american democracy weaker for us here in the united states. also to make it appear weaker to pro-democracy activists back home in russia. >> it transcends the outcome of the 2016 election. and in so far as your reporting describes how they really wanted to pit us against one another, and potentially bring us to a violent state, i think it begs the question of what now will be the president's posture. he's been dismissive, he's referred to it repeatedly as a
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hoax. what when it's not about hillary and donald, but it's about americans in ferguson. or americans in baltimore, maryland. because, as you report, they were targeting specific communities wanting to incite people to go after one another. >> that's right. earlier this week, we reported that there was at least one. and you have to imagine more, black lives matter ad that was targeted by russians. at those communities. at baltimore. at ferguson. again it goes to that level of strategy, that level of sophistication and understanding the landscape. as for the president's response, look, the problem here the president wants to deny there was any meddling in the election whatsoever. whether that was true, you know, media, social media, what have you. he's denied that outright. the russians, too, have denied it outright. so, it's really hard to see how he's going to take action. and then the other thing we should point out, there is speculation, well informed
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speculation, i should say, that over the course of the 2016 campaign, the russians understood that one of the best ways to sell chaos would be to promote donald trump's candidacy. and it's also true that vladimir putin has no good feelings towards hillary clinton. so, when you look at the sampling of the ads that we have so far, and again, it's a very small sampling, you do see a small percentage that did try to go after hillary clinton, that did try to boost donald trump. so, that was a piece of it. but, again, we can't think of it that way, we have to think about it much bigger picture. it's an informal war being waged through social media. >> dylan, final comment about this, i must quickly ask you about the president stweeting this morning. we were thinking this was all about the russian meddling. it was all about the dnc hack. it was all about debbie
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wasserman schultz had her finger on the scale and not bernie or what was the row tote so recipe for john podesta. it's much clearer it was much more multifaceted than reported at the dnc. as i reported, google has taken a hard look, we know about facebook, we know about twitter. it's a big presentation outlook that we're about to move to. quick reaction from you on that. >> yeah, big presentation. a public hearing november 1st with all three that you mentioned, and it's significant because congress doesn't feel like they have enough answers from any of these three companies on what's going on here. the big picture, really, if you feel as an american, like things have been really chaotic in this country. and things are just crazy. and i think a lot of us, no matter who you support, what side of the political spectrum you fall on, it's felt pretty chaotic in this country for a few years.
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i'm not saying that's because of the russians, but it's external encouraged and exacerbated by this russian social media effort. >> the president up early today. he never retreats. he never gives an inch. and now setting his sights on the puerto rican mayor. the mayor of san juan who was very complimentary only a few days ago has not been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to president trump. react to that, dylan? >> look, president trump is so defensive. he's so caught up in his own ego. how at the time like this when there's so much suffering in puerto rico. and there's so much criticism, too, over your response. this is a tragedy what's going none puerto rico. you want to pick a fight with the mayor? you want to turn this into a political battle? you want to give your core supporters an excuse for why you're being criticized by the mayor? and then meanwhile, you're going on stage and giving speeches where you're saying the response
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to puerto rico is as -- is very strong and never seen a stronger response to a natural disaster like this? no, don't do that. now is an opportunity to leeds. someone in the white house told the president get on a plane with melania, go down to sites in florida, in the united states that have been hurt. he should be thinking the same way about puerto rico. back off the twitter account. put some effort into opening up the court, getting these people what they need and solving this problem. because it's puerto rico. it is a problem of united states. >> well, it raises interesting questions as to what the optics will be come tuesday when he makes that trip. dylan, great job on that reporting. stay with it. >> thank you, michael. >> what are your thoughts tweet me @smerconish, or my facebook. kathryn? bill says, why is there only the
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souv sound of crickets from the white house on this outrageous attack in our country? bill, why are there credit kick across the country. forget hillary, forget donld. they wanted us at each other's throats and they're manipulating social media to bring that about. it's abhorrent. it's against anything we've been told thus far. did the russians crack the voting booths? if not, there's no story. the people i know that voted for trump would never have voted for hillary. joe, you're missing the point, my friend. what you're essentially saying now, go ahead and meddle. go ahead and screw with our election. unless you're successful in determining the outcome it's inconsequential in my analysis whether they ultimately affected the outcome of the election. it's the fact that they were doing so.
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no, sorry, you're wrong. up ahead -- this brutal hit -- roll it, and thursday night's nfl game came just after the president said the nfl was hurtsing the game by trying to protect player safety. i'll talk to bob costas about the ongoing battle between the president and the nfl. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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if not, rodgers up the middle. middle screen to adams. who, he got popped in the face. >> that was receiver devontae adams with the green bay packers going hit by the chicago bears danny trevethon. saying nfl rules intended to keefe players safe are, quote, ruining the game. >> today, if you hit too hard, right -- if they hit too hard, 15 yards, throw him out of the game. they had that last week. i watched for a couple minutes. two guys, really, beautiful tackle. boom, 15 yards. the referee gets on television, his wife sitting at home, she's so proud of him, they're ruining the game.
6:17 am
>> joining me nbc sports commentator bob costas, privilege, really to have you here. >> good to see you, michael. >> analyze that hit. >> it's a dirty hit even if it wasn't trayvethon's intention. it's the very thing that the new nfl rules are align to reduce as much as possible. the officials missed. he should have been ejected and the nfl is reviewing it. the irony, inside the 10, it was half the distance to the goal line. that play cost them four yards. >> is the president, right? >> no, no. >> could they be ruined? >> they could not be more wrong, look, i remember, just to make this clear for anybody that needs to have it made clear. my dad took he to the 1962 nfl
6:18 am
title game at the giants stadium between the packers, and i still haven't gotten over the giants loss. some of the best players, coaches around the game, best people i've met in sports are football people. i understand the drama, the strategy, the generational connections, all of that is good, but evidence is evidence. this knuckleheaded idea that there's some kind of crazy left wing conspiracy to undermine america's game -- evidence is evidence. i wish it were not so. i wish i could push a button and the game could be rough and exciting but not scramble people's brains. but it does. and when the nfl says, well, there's more to learn. more evidence, i guarantee you, the more evidence, the worse it's going to look for the game of football. and you wonder, whether it's the president of the united states, or somebody in the upper deck who says they're ruining the game by not letting them just
6:19 am
bash each other to pieces -- you wonder how many times they've been hit in the head. >> can the game be both exhilarating and attract the fan base that it has heretofore, while at the same time, you protect player safety? >> you know, there are millions and millions of people who do not watch football out of some sense of blood lust. they're not watching it primarily because of the violence and viciousness. if you stand on the sideline, as opposed to watching on television or even from the press box, you stand on the sideline, you realize what a bulg brutal game this is. that may attract some people. many of us prefer the athleticism, the strategy, and would prefer a classic tackle rather than vicious hits that just take guys down. and people don't get hurt except incidentally. is it possible are the game to be play at the top level of college and nfl for that to
6:20 am
happen? i don't see how. i'm open minded about it. i'd like to see it happen because i don't want the game to disappear. >> surely, this crop of players sees what's happened to their elders and you spent lots of time in the locker room. how worried are they? >> they are worried just this week, the boston university and keyuo company said they have discovered a bio marker that would allow you to detect cte in living humans. at present, you can only detect it in an autopsy, many autopsies reveal there's an alarming extent of cte among former player, it yes, they're very concerned about it. >> as an attorney, i look at the aaron hernandez case, we know he was stage three out of four. >> and only 27. >> and bob, had the legal system known that at the time he was going through the process it could have impacted the outcome of that case? >> i guess. i mean, you're a lawyer, and
6:21 am
each individual case has to be looked at individually, we can't generalize, but at least what we're moving towards now is some kind of informed consent. >> i know. >> and if somebody says, yes, i understand the risks but it's worth the rewards whether the exhilaration of get tourgs the money that can help my family, you respect that. but if somebody step aside and said, you know what, it isn't worth it to me, you have to respect that, too. >> final point on this issue, because i want you to stick around more. if you could stay the whole hour, in fact. moms, have moms now been empowered do they control football's fate? >> i don't know if they control it, but they impact it. and it's not coincidental. that a few years ago, the nfl began running these little spots, these cte spots to try to put a norman rockwell patina around football. football is family.
6:22 am
yeah, that's to reassure primarily mom that it's okay to let little jaunlny play football. and all the wonderful -- let's pack a picnic lunch and go out and tailgate, all of which is true, except for the fact that some people who play it an alarming percentage of those who play it, especially if you play it long enough, if you start early enough and play it long enough through college and nfl, an alarming percentage of them will wind up at some point not knowing what day it is. >> if moms say no, it will dramatically change who plays football in the future. it will be an escape path, perhaps, for those who play, but not much broad appeal amongst players. we all watch? >> with exceptions. it's going to take a long time and if that happens and if football can't find a way to make itself safer and still exciting, it will take a while. because football is such an engrained part of the culture. we're not just talking about the
6:23 am
nfl. high school football. pretty night lights. college football. huge swaths of the country it's not going to happen tomorrow or the next decade. >> stick around. here's what's coming in on social lead. football less harmful now, kids don't practice like they did five or ten years ago. no hitting during the week. just game days, not your dad's football? >> that's true. that's true. but it may not be enough, but it's true. >> i know the data says that most of the injuries happen during practice. then again, you're practicing five days and you're playing only one. >> yeah, in the nfl they cut down substantially in the amount of practice hitting in the last collective bargaining agreement. >> another tweet for mr. costas, i love that he's here, football also causes bad niece and orthopedic issues, so what, there's risk in everything. >> yes, that's fine. and you'll have to decide whether you want your son to play football whether that risk is acceptable. a generation or two ago, people
6:24 am
knew 50 or 45 years they'd have arthritic knees. >> but not cte. >> or have difficulty getting out of bed. they didn't think they wouldn't recognize their children. >> i think everybody has got notice. bob costas, stick around. i want to talk about the nfl's controversy about kneel be for the national anthem. and the president getting those thursday night to stand just had a win. the thing that's really important to dentists is to make sure that that enamel stays strong and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it helps to strengthen and re-harden the enamel. it also has stain lifting action. it's going to give their patients the protection that they need and the whiter teeth that they want. ♪
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♪ last weekend, president trump called nflers who took a knee s.o.b.s. and then many more did exactly that. then come thursday night, the bears and packers joined arms instead. last night, the nba center a memo to all 30 basketball teams reminding players of its rule to stand for the anthem. so, what comes next? joining me again america's premier sportscaster, bob costas
6:29 am
of nbc sports. you pointed out that the nba has the rule and yet you told me they're the more progressive of the leagues. >> gentlemen, generally speaking, the nfl and ooitsz owners are more conserb tifr. and the nba would be the most progress tiff. but they had a rule that said you would stand respectfully. and they allowed him to stand in a prayerful position like this. but they eliminated that controversy. >> are you surprised by the reinforcement, the memo, that went out last night? >> no, because the atmosphere calls for a reminder. you know, here's a thought first offered by hines ward in anderson cooper's town hall the other night here on cnn. every league now has its own network, mlb network, nba network, and nfl network, they could make -- i think it would be a wise move. they go 24/7 365, they could
6:30 am
make each show, an hour long, have a thoughtful model rater to bring people on to express each viewpoint. it only stands to reason there are people with different viewpoints. >> sure. >> conservative viewpoints. somebody upset about this policy or that policy, they, too, deserve a voice. allow players a platform, not just to protest but articulate their reasons for protest. on anderson's show, doug bald wirn of the seattle seahawks struck me as so thoughtful and so informed and so nuanced. and that's the next step beyond colin kaepernick. as we've talked before, colin kaepernick's intentions were good but when you say i do not vote because the impresser will never allow to you vote your way out of your oppression, i guess it doesn't matter for him that people mostly black, some white,
6:31 am
died for his predecessor's right to vote or beaten or mistreated for his efforts. and when barack obama was president and now donald trump president. he showed up wearing socks that allows to depict cops as pigs. and maybe that's why he's not the quarterback of the dolphins now and jay cutler is. you need to move beyond colin kaepernick whose intentions were good and who has donated millions of dollars because his intentions were in the right place and people like doug baldwin and give them a voice. >> when candidate president trump said we're going to get tired of winning. did he just win thursday night in so far as they didn't protest in that game, they linked arms. and now here comes the nba saying we don't want our guys taking a knee during the anthem? >> president trump seems to be able to spin in any case what is
6:32 am
a win for him. >> but is he right in this case? >> i don't think so. i think it's evolving players, players and people all around the leagues, are evolving in their understanding. this is a humble soungs my part because who am, a very fortunate white man to tell primarily african-american citizens what they should do. but this is my suggestion, the idea of linking protests, no matter how legitimate the issue you are protesting, directly to the national anthem is not just offensive to the love it or leave it crowd. it actually causes ambivalent feelings at best, among many people who are sympathetic to the issue, but see the anthem as representing a lot of different things including the country's ideals and aspirations. so, to me, perhaps the most effective thing to do would be to stand for the national anthem, but the second the last note is struck, take a knee. because now, we're in a time, how long it will last, where the
6:33 am
networks are going to courage the national anthem. they're going to show it. most of the time, unless it's the super bowl or world series and you want to see the singer, they're in commercial during the anthem. now, you're going to see it. you'll have the same audience. the same set of eyeballs. it would be a powerful same, that these players most of whom have been interviewed that they love america, the military, okay. stand for the anthem then take a knee. then what is mr. love it or leave it going to say? to me, humble suggestion, that's the best i can do. >> were the coaches and owners linked arms with their players last weekend being hypocritical, because i as i looked at them without your trained eye, saying wait, they're the same individuals, say what you will about kaepernick politically, they deserves a shot, aren't they the same people not giving him that opportunity? >> yes. some of them have legitimate reasons not to give them the opportunity. they're set with their back upor
6:34 am
whatever. they might say, look, it's almost the same thing if tim tebow were able to be a backup in the nfl.foclnfl.. the focus is each on tim tebow. that a valdz excuse 32 out of 32 times? we'll see what happens as the season goes along, people get injured. and backups step up, some fail, and kaepernick is in shape and ready to go. yes, i think it would be great if he found himself on some team. he has already said he plans to stand for the anthem if he's able to make an nfl team. look, these owners almost had no choice when trump or anybody else may have said something that offended the sensibilities of some americans, those owners didn't say anything. and i'm not saying that they should have. but when their own players were directly attacked when they were called s.o.b.s, they had no choice but to stand with their players. not just because they're the
6:35 am
bread and butter to a certain extent, because they noknow the and they know they're decent people. >> quick comment, sitting or neiling, i think i have marshawn lynch on a gator aid cooler. react to that. >> what marshawn lynch who is an unusual character is doing there seems to be completely counterproductive. it's contemptuous, is it has no redeeming aspect to it. it has a screw you aspect to it. those who took a knee, is actually an act of grace. whether one agrees it should be directly connected to the national anthem or not. taking a knee is entirely different than sitting like that, almost smirking on at the nfl and the national anthem sitting on the gatorade basket. >> some reaction, smerconish, players have a right to kneel, also as a veteran, i have a
6:36 am
right to take it as a sign of disrespect. >> correct, correct. >> all true. another one quickly. i believe the kneeling going on now is more a protest of trump. >> you know, i agree with that. it's no longer about racial injustice or the shooting of unarmed african-american men the way kaepernick envisioned it. it's now on the president of the united states. >> yeah, he changed that narrative but he called these players, blanket statement, almost all of whom are african-american, sons of bitches. and already disproven, easily interpreted raceists type of thing about the american stipulateship. you contrast the fervor with the way he criticizes meryl streep in the way he took to sort out -- he thinks fre s frederi
6:37 am
douglass is still alive. you want to give the president of the united states the benefit of the how. >> you said, please don't introduce me like that. 12 olympics, seven super bowls, seven world series. ten nba finals and 28 emmys. awesome. and deservedly so. >> thank you. >> i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> one more tweet while mr. costas is in the house. >> smerconish, i always and still believe that bob costas should moderate presidential detail, hey, that's a heluva suggestion, have you ever been asked? >> no. >> would you serve? >> no. despite what some people who don't want to make valid distinctions think, i talk about certain political issues when they have obviously intersected with sports. in that respect, i stay in my lane. >> thank you. still to come, the supreme court is going to hear a crucial
6:38 am
case this week about whether it's legal to redraw voting plans along party lines, but in a moment, why the court may only solve part of the problem. this is me
6:39 am
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stay ahead of ibs-d with viberzi. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg said it might be the most important case of the upcoming term. this terse, the supreme court will hear oral arguments about partisan gerrymandering. it's gill versus witford. a challenge passed by congress' republican-controlled legislature in 2011 but can they really affect anything if americans have begun to self-gerrymander by preferring to live in neighborhoods where the neighbors are like-minded. you've heard me speak here about
6:43 am
gerrymandering with people like governor schwarzenegger schwarzenegger referring to the process of redrawing legislative districts to the advantage of one party over the another. it's left congressional districts less and less competitive in the past two decades. this is what a jerry mansder district looks like outside of philadelphia. in 1982, a quarter of congressional districts were considered competitive. and now it's just 37 seats out of 435. look at the decline in yellow to 2016. in the last election, 98% of elections, 98%, were won with incumbents and most by 10 percentage points. but guess what, redrawing maps is not the sole explanation for what's going on because it's also true in county whose boundaries don't change. from 1562 to 2016 more and more county maim all out. the colors on these maps signify
6:44 am
counties have the presidential vote was won by more than 20 points. it's not a look at how politicians monitor districts. it's suggesting that people choose to live with the like-minded. paul shab bow has started a business called conservative move. and he specializes in relocating families from liberal enclaves like southern california to conservative areas like texas. his slogan, helping families move right. how did you know there was a market for this, paul? >> you know, we kind of fell into this by accident. by wife and sigh have four young children, we moved from california in january to texas. when we moved here, we realized that so many families had made the move long before we did but for the same reasons that we left california. we simple liver thought it would be a great idea to create a business that markets to exactly what you just described. and the business model has blown up across this country. we simply can't keep up with
6:45 am
demand. i think it goes to the point that you said. voter, human beings, really are looking to live in areas where they feel represented. >> but, if you're moving folks from orange county, california, because it's become now blue where it used to be red. and they moved to texas, i'm mindful of the fact that the texas demographics are changing. texas ultimately may itself be blue. what are you going to do, move them all back? >> no. and that's a really good point. i think what conservative move really wants to do not just help families sell their homes in blue states and buy in red states, but we want to have a greater greater conversation about conservative values. what families really want, good paying jobs, good schools and safe streets. so, by the very nature of our business, we help families leave those areas and move into areas that consist of those. we hope this strengthening the conversation and buildings more resilient communities in america based on those principles.
6:46 am
>> but, okay, you're in the end a businessman. >> absolutely. >> maybe among the like-minded liberals. do you move folks from certain areas to other area, because they say i want to live among my own on the left side of the spectrum? >> sure. so, we'll help anybody, anytime, anywhere, regardless of anyone's political affiliation. however, we're not really see the concern from the left. we're seeing the concern from the right, from conservatives. and they're mostly parents with young children. they are, for example, from california. where we used to have the best schools, now, some of the worst. some safe streets, now it's the opposite. and many corporations leaving california to texas or other red states for good paying jobs. these are ordinary, average, middle class americans who are leaving these liberal coastal elite or working poor inland areas of states to red states just to simply have a better life for their children. >> i don't begrudge your business model but did depresses
6:47 am
me, that people would go to the length of actually wantinging to leave an area element est to rub the shoulders that's not going to bridge our partisan divide. >> michael -- okay, we'll do it again. coming up the worst and best facebook comments. what happened when yours truly was on the treadmill watching cnn and the emergency broadcast signal came on? i'll tell you. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? giveyou're finished! curse you, he-man,
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as anybody who watches this program knows, i'm active on twitter. on wednesday i was on a treadmill in the afternoon when
6:52 am
came a test of the emergency broadcast system on cnn. surely you've seen them before. i have. only in this instance, as i tweeted, for the first time in my life, i wondered if it was real. after all, two days prior, north korea threatened to shoot down american war planes, even if they were not in the country's air space. north korea's foreign minister said president trump's comments suggesting he would eradicate north korea and its leaders was a declaration of war. that followed president trump's tweets last weekend, in which he said the north korean leadership may not be around much longer if it continues its threats. president trump has taken to calling north korean leader kim jong-un "rocket man," or "little rocket man." even in his first address to the united nations. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> in so doing, the president is treating kim like he's a campaign opponent, and that
6:53 am
seems ill advised for a commander in chief. as a candidate, mr. trump often was branding his opponents, low energy jeb, little marco, lyin' ted, crooked hillary. it worked for candidate trump, but now he's using a similar approach for a foreign leader, and one with nukes. there's a big difference between using this approach in a campaign, versus as the leader of the free world. in a campaign the strategy was intended to reach an audience of voters. it may also have pushed the buttons of his opponents, but the goal was to brand them in the eyes of the voting public, those who would pass judgment on trump and other candidates. in the case of north korea, president trump is now playing to an audience of one, kim. perhaps his motivation is in thinking that years of sanctions and the international equivalent of double secret probation have been unsuccessful, but the emasculation approach is potentially risky as a proposition. if trump miscalculates, he might
6:54 am
go kim into launching a missile strike that could lead to war. here's my question, is the president operating based on intelligence that includes psychologic profiling of kim, or is he just spit balling it here? there's reason to suspect the latter. north korean government officials, they've been quietly trying to arrange talks with republican-linked analysts in washington in an apparent attempt to make sense of president trump and his confusing messages to kim jong-un's regime. i'm not the only one concerned. a "washington post" survey says 42% of americans don't trust the president at all to handle north korea, versus 37% who trust him a great deal or good amount. you have to wonder what the three generals around the president, mattis at defense, mcmaster as national security adviser, kelly as chief of staff, what are they thinking? again, if this is part of some well thought out plan relying on the advice of those most read in on north korea, well, that's one thing. i just worry that instead it's
6:55 am
trump treating kim like this is the iowa caucus, or that they are a pair of 14 year olds on a queens playground. hey, if you ever miss any of the program, catch us any time on cnn go online and connected devices. remember to follow me on twitter and facebook. smerconish, we had decided to move to the villages in florida, then saw it was 80% for trump. we'll stay in jersey with snow and taxes. no, the point is, if you want to change minds at the villages in florida, then you ought to go move there. i don't like the trend of liberals wanting to live with liberals or conservatives wanting to live with conservatives. smerconish, i watch politics all week on tv, game day is my escape for politics. politics of the players is irrelevant to me, just play. i say the same about rock musicians. how many times i've gone to a concert there to hear the music and instead get a political message. gang, we're out of time. i'll see you next week.
6:56 am
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