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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 7, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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tracking hurricane nate, while puerto rico recovers from its battering by maria, the u.s. gulf coast now braces for an impact. president trump referred to a gathering of his military leaders as, quote, maybe the calm before the storm. the white house trying to figure out what he meant-r about that. and more disturbing details by the las vegas gunman police say his car was loaded with explosives and ammunition. but they still don't have a clue to his motive. we're live in atlanta, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm natalie allen. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. the u.s. gulf coast is stilling itself against hurricane nate which is due to make landfall early sunday. the storm has already caused extensive damage in central
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america as tropical storm nate killed aft least 24 people in nicaragua, costa rica and honduras. you can see heavy rains and flash floods knocked out power and drinking water throughout central america. and hundreds of people had to be rescued from all of that, those rushing floodwaters. meantime, authorities in the state of louisiana are not taking any chance with hurricane nate. they're desperate to avoid the situation like the florida nursing home that lost power after hurricane irma, with 12 people there died in the sweltering heat. the mayor of new orleans is urging caretakers to get ready now. >> the city health department has been coordinating support to those in nursing homes to ensure that they have updated emergency plans, backup power and evacuation plans if needed. i want this to be set out very clearly to all of the nursing homes and all of the facilities in new orleans that are caring for the elderly.
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you are responsible for their safety. if you don't have a generator, get one, if you do not have a generator, call us. to make sure that your evacuation plans are working the way they will. >> meteorologist ivan cabrera is tracking it. you expect an update soon? >> yes, natalie, good morning. just to reset, folks are waking up right now, we went to bed, right, with a tropical storm on our hands. not only do we have a hurricane but an intensifying hurricane, and 85-mile-per-hour winds with wind gusts of 100 miles an hour. the track has stayed the same in terms of where it's heading but the intensity has increased. there is the storm it's in southern gulf and will continue to move north and west and doing so at a pretty rapid pace. 24 miles an hour. not unusual for a storm.
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and that's did. if it hung out here, 10, 15 it would be in bigger trouble because it would have longer time to strengthen. we don't think it will do that. this is the update for the hurricane center. we think it will make landfall as a 90-mile-per-hour storm. prepare for a high-end low-end category 1 or category 2, as it has begown make that northerly movement and moves north and east. for the rest of the track this is going to be a big rainmaker, not so worried about the wind there. but we are worried about the wind on the coast, at peak, 5 to 8 feet, east of new orleans, away from the retention zone there. we're looking to eastern new orleans, lieu biloxi and mobile. that is coming in saturday and early part of the sunday. that's going to be the window for the storm surge.
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by the time we get to 4:00, 5:00 p.m., you have to have preparations completed by then. you don't want to be around tropical storm force winds getting yourself together. so, wherever you're riding out the storm, you'll have to do that by 4:00, 5:00, because by the evening hours that will be the storm surge as well. this is a fast moving storm as well and that, of course, heads out to the northeast as a big rainmaker. we're expecting big power outages across the southeast. we'll have another update in the next couple hours but this is a fast moving storm that you have to have preparations completed by midday as it maked landfall tonight as a cat 1 or cat 2 storm, natalie. >> i hope everyone is tuned in. ivan, welcome back to cnn international, you've been gone a bit. the white house is shedding no light on a bizarre remark by
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the u.s. president. n a photo op of senior leaders, donald trump suggested that it's quote, the calm before the storm, end state. the status of secretary of state rex tillerson appears to hang in the balance after he apparently called president trump a moron. here's cnn's jim acosta with the latest. >> reporter: president trump warns there's a storm brewing, the white house won't say what the storm is or when it will hit. >> i know the president has, as i have from this podium, on quite a few occasions, we're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do. as he said last night, in addition to those comments, you'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: the president refused to clarify comments made about military leaders and their families friday night. saying there would would be no
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more public announcements for the day. >> what storm -- >> from iran -- >> we have the world's greatest military people. thank you all for coming, thank you. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> asked again, what he meant, the president winked. >> you'll find out. . >> reporter: but press secretary sara sanders says that mr. trump may be adopting what's known in foreign policy circles as the mad man theory. the strategy earned with throwing off adversaries with cryptic language. >> what is your feelings on that? >> i think the president keeps to himself. he certainly doesn't want to lay out his game plan for the enemies. so if you're asking is the president trying to do, absolutely. >> reporter: this is hardly the first time the president's
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theatrics have unsettled washington like a super heated rhetoric about north korea. >> they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> reporter: but even members of the president's own party argued the white house needs less chaos, not more. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, and chief of staff kelly are those people that helped separate our country from chaos. >> reporter: the white house response to that -- >> the president is the one that's keeping the world from chaos. >> reporter: for now, the white house appears to be seeking stability at the state department, where secretary of state rex tillerson seems to have the confidence of the president, at least for now. despite the fact that administration officials see tillerson on his way out after sources say he called the president a moron. >> nothing has changed despite what you may read in the media or watch on tv. i would certainly trust the
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president in comments far above other reporters. >> reporter: but with president trump, the good rule is to expect the unexpected. whether it's throwing paper towels to people in puerto rico or how he pronounced puerto rico. >> we're also praying for the people of puerto rico. we love puerto rico. >> reporter: the white house was asked at the friday briefing whether we should expect any cabinet departures as it was the end of the week. the response from the press secretary, i don't think so. that's as clear as it got. jim acosta, cnn, white house. a short time ago, i spoke with the president of university of london and asked him what he thought about the president's cryptic remark about the calm before the storm? >> i think having observed president trump and president obama before that, what seems to
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me, it's clear to me that he plays a three-level game, if you like. one is centered entirely around him. that is, he wanted to be the center of over story. i think that's part of his style. and he likes to keep people guessing and that stays on him. i think particularly with regard to north korea or more broadly as well, is that there's an actual split within the white house and various departments particularly the state department and the presidency, about diplomacy versus military and military action. especially with regard to north korea. i think there's a genuine split there. and i think that plays to a kind of broader set of strategies which is i think president trump does not want the united states to have any kind of international constraints by any other agreements or institutions or norms. and i think he wants to kind of wants the nationalist american power to be active in the world.
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i think it that understands the strategies that president trump seems to be following. >> and is that something that calls for more understanding, more clarity? or is it about, you know, what sara sanders says this president is is not creating the chaos as she said, he is keeping the chaos at bay? do you believe that? >> well, i think there is chaos, actually. i think there's increasing, if you like, unraveling in the world. the world way, the established powers of the west and united states are being increasingly challenged by other states which has become increasingly powerful and more assertive and large-scale actors as well because of the financial positions that people find themselves in. so there is a degree of unraveling that has changed. and i think every president, really in the last 10, 20 years has been trying to deal with
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that in various ways. and i think now president trump has his own particular way. and it seems to be that the hyper nationalism which says we do not want to be constrained by international norms and agreements and institutions and so on, i think that is kind of the hallmarks of this presidency. and you can see that in the fact that america with drew from the climate accord. you can see that with iran nuclear agreement where iran is actually complying with the terms of the agreement but is still being sanctioned in various ways and rhetorically attacked. but president trump is being far more, if you like, hyper nationalist than previous administrations. >> one could argue that he stepped away from things that president obama, his predecessor, put in place and kind of circled back around it in a certain way. but i want to get to rex tillerson because it almost appear that's u.s. president and his secretary of state are not
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on the same team. and fareed zakaria said it's like president trump in the bleachers, commenting on what it's like down on the field in the game. >> i think this does go back to the original point, there are various strategies one can follow. and i think the end point of diplomacy as championed by rex tillerson and to some extent jim mattis, the sort of military option. i think both of those strategies are the same, do you denucle denuclearize north korea? i think they're both on the same page in that regard. however, the option that president trump seems to be favoring of war or some other military action is far more risky and i think the more diplomatic sort of people within the white house, i think they're chafing at undermining their
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efforts to try to come to some sort of a peaceful resolution with this issue. i think president trump tends to undermine that. the problem with this is, that the united states is gearing up for some kind of military action, and that could then bring in china to that as well. so, it's a very, very risky strategy, at a time when the world is on the brink of very many great conflicts and disasters. and it would seem to be that this heightens that risk even more. and many people would argue that this proves to be highly irresponsible. in the state of nevada, authorities are still hunting for a motive in the las vegas shooting. why did he do it? the gunman had explosives in his car when he thought and killed 58 people. but officials say they haven't found a link between stephen
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paddock and terror groups. our brian todd has more on the investigation. >> reporter: as stephen paddock was raining gunfire down on the crowd at the route 91 harvest festival his 2017 chrysler pacifica touring like this one was nearby filled with explosives. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the 64-year-old had filled his vehicle and rigged to explode if shot. as it could have been proven deadly as these rounds show. >> composed of two substances, two chemicals of ammonium nitrate and powder that make it tannerite. i don't know what he was going to do with all of that tannerite. >> reporter: while it's not clear if paddock rigged the car as a diversion or a further trap to police. cnn has learned from a law
2:15 am
enforcement official that paddock tried to buy ammunition at a gun show. but the sources say paddock could not contain those bullets. if he could have gotten tracer ammunition what would have been different with this attack? >> first thing that tracer ammunition does for a shooter is it allows them to get on target in low-light conditions much more quickly than they might otherwise. so, in his particular case, he would have been pretty much able to see where the strike of his bullets landed. >> reporter: chris petco who was also a marine machine gunner said tracer bullets could have made the casualty count much worse. while shooting in darkness, paddock was probably spraying bullets and couldn't see the people he was hitting. experts say investigators may be focusing on paddock's chilling detail, planning which seemed to
2:16 am
go beyond what police call meticulous. he brought 23 suitcases to his room and stacked them against the column. >> he had many layers redundancy built up. and the number of weapons he had available to him, really underscore the intent he had to inflict the most amount of damage. >> reporter: paddock took time to barricade the door to his door. painstakingly to the suite and the door. >> he was planning because he knew they were going to come for him and that way he would address that threat. >> reporter: officials tell cnn there was a note in his hotel. suite. not a suicide not but a sheet that contained numbers now to be analyzed. authorities look into what may have changed last october when he began buying many weapons. >> i think the girlfriend is the key part here to provide
2:17 am
information on what his mental state was. hopefully, for the electronics and through the girlfriend, they're going to find out exactly what that is, or what his motive was. >> reporter: a key question remains were there any accomplices in las vegas with stephen paddock. the undersheriff says they continue to investigate whether anyone may have known about this attack before it occurred. that's they're examining voluminous amounts of videotape including from mandalay bay bar and finding out if there's anyone who may be a suspect. >> and again this killer was a multimillionaire from money he made from gambling. why the regent's police chief spent the day in court. we'll have a live report from atika shubert right after this.
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and welcome back. for the first time, madrid is apologizing for the violence surrounding catalonia's independence vote. nearly 900 people were injured during polling activities according to catalon officials. despite the apology, the standoff between fame and catalonia is far from over. right here, you can see police putting up barricades around the building where catalonia's
2:21 am
parliament will meet thursday to discuss the region's future. our atika shubert joins us live from barcelona, outside of the government building. more protests are expected today, hopefully, we won't see the heavy handedness by the police that we have seen before. >> reporter: no, i don't think we will. the rally today is really aimed towards dialogue. you can see behind me, it hasn't started yet, people are sort of trickling in. you see the white balloons and the white outfits i see a man with a t-shirt that says "dialogue please." it's really about trying to bridge the difference between the two sides here. some people here, voted independence, others have voted blank. that's the white there. those are people who said i'm not sure i want independence here for catalonia, but what i do want is the right to vote.
2:22 am
and that's what this protest here today is about, about getting that dialogue out there, finding some way to break through this political impasse. at the moment, it seems to be at a bit of a lull. but it's still very much a standoff. and neither the side, neither the catalonia or the spanish government is getting in at this point. >> yeah, and more demonstrations are expected. people aren't just going to sit around and wait for something to happen. they're take to get streets still, right? >> reporter: absolutely. i mean, the movement today is really about saying listen, we're not 100% pure the political leaders are leading us in the right direction. let's create a grassroots movement so we in the community can come together and find some dialogue, some solution. but tomorrow, there's a pro unity protest, a protest in support of union with the spanish national government. so that could be a little trickier tomorrow. and of course, all of this leads up to whether or not there will
2:23 am
in fact be a plenary session on tuesday by the catalonian parliament. that is when, if there is to be any declaration of independence, that is when possibly the preside president. uigdemont would make this happen. it's unclear but that's what this is leading up to, natalie. >> thank you, atika. we turn to venezuela where opposition leaders say the balance sheet is unfair. they say the pro government election board is trying to skew the election to favor president nicolas maduro's dueling socialists by revealing the names of candidates defeated in primaries. elections for governors are october 15th. socialists now hold 20 of the 23 posts. brexit talks, calls for a leadership change and what some see as a crisis of confidence, just a few of the challenges
2:24 am
facing british prime minister theresa may. and it may only be the beginning. this is our cnn nina dos santos from london. >> our economy is back on track -- excuse me -- >> reporter: the performance of the british prime minister, the conservative party conference is viewed by many as a symptom of a deeper malaise. a crisis of confidence in the british government, triggered by a disaster selection which cost the conservative party's majority. and left some to suggest theresa may is in office, but not in power. now, words that 30 of her own mps would back a cause for her to stand down. that claim coming from the former co-chairman of the conservative party. the public faced with this rebellion, 48 mps are needed to trigger her removal. >> what i think is necessary, what the country needs is calm
2:25 am
leadership. that's exactly what i'm providing. and i'm providing that with the full support of my cabinet. thank you. >> reporter: the call for calm, like the falling letter behind the back drama of where she delivered her speech is not good for the prime minister and the timing is terrible. with brexit set to continue on monday the prime minister's weakness could not have escaped the notice of eu negotiators or of the markets with pound having its worst week in a year. the prime minister had hoped that her mea culpa on the election would have turned the tide on her fortunes but to no avail -- >> i hold my hands up for that. i take responsibility. i led the campaign, and i am sorry. >> reporter: there is one saving grace that theresa may, and that's the fact that labor and opposition, her party will do all it can to avoid triggering a general election. so, until its members can fit on
2:26 am
a suitable successor, it's likely that she'll be a little longer. u.s. aid is pouring into storm-ravaged puerto rico finally. coming up here, we'll tell you how one remote town is coping. plus, how fate knew funded a protest deep in the heart of texas. like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling. drinking spoiled milk. camping in poison ivy. getting a papercut. and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable switch to directv. call 1-800-directv. woman: we demand a lot from our eyes every day.
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here are our top stories. in the gulf of mexico, hurricane nate is gaining strength heading towards the united states. the storm is on track to hit the state of louisiana early sunday. officials say the storm has killed 24 people already in central america. authorities say they still have not uncovered a motive in the las vegas mass shooting. investigators say steven paddock had explosive in his car when he killed 58 people from the hotel. but they haven't found links between him and any terror groups like isis. >> we're very confident that he did not -- there was not another shooter in that room. but i cannot confirm to you today and what we continue to investigate is, whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out. the white house is refusing to clarify a mysterious remark the u.s. president made this week. it came during a photo op while meeting with pentagon leaders. donald trump said maybe it's the calm before the storm.
2:31 am
when asked what he meant, mr. trump said, you'll find out. no official has offered any further explanation as to what he was talking about. the catalon police chief and two leaders appeared in a madrid court friday to face extradition. the investigation will move forward. saush di arabia is firing b that blamed the kingdom for deaths of children. in the report saying it killed 600 children and targeted schools and hospitals but saudi arabia says that simply isn't true. >> we reject the inaccurate figures contained in the report and we respect the strong
2:32 am
accusation at this time for the information. at the same time, with the respect for commitment to and compliance with all of the investigations under the rules of international law, international humanitarian law and international human rights law. we exercise the maximum degree of care and precaution to avoid civilian harm. >> the ongoing war in yemen between the saudi-backed coalition and iranian-backed houthi rebels has killed thousands. each side blames the other for warm crimes. after hurricane maria ravaged the island two weeks ago, he was confronted with a resident angry over the federal government's slow response to the crisis. >> if you are going to help us, it's got to be now. i know fema, with our neighbors, we need more people. we need communications.
2:33 am
mr. vice president, by you coming, right now, we are all wet, i'm a little bit angry, mr. vice president. >> a short time later pence told reporters it will take time to rebuild puerto rico. >> we understand the frustration. when you think of the sheer magnitude of the loss, the impact on families, the loss of life. being the most grievous. but so many homes impacted all across puerto rico. our message here today is the same as president trump's message earlier this week, that we're here for the long haul. >> so many lives, of course, have changed in puerto rico since hurricane maria hit. our leyla santiago visited the small town to see how residents there or coping now. >> reporter: these winds are nothing compared to maria's
2:34 am
wrath to the people. this time, they're a sign that help has arrived. half an hour earlier, customs and border protection agents deployed from san juan, 2 1/2 weeks after the storm, to deliver fema's aid to hurricane survivors in need. and now going by air versus by land to that place in particular? >> it's pretty far and about. it's a pretty good community and there's also a hospital there. >> reporter: this team has been complying over hurricane devastation for weeks. >> you know, we did harvey and irma, and i think the thing that's striking is how much on a larger scale this is, compared to those. they seem to be a little more isolated. and this seems like the entire island was really devastated. >> reporter: wheels it up down, engines do not stop. unloading begins.
2:35 am
ten minutes on the ground. as soon as we arrived, police officers arrived, firefighters arrived. people from the municipalities, social services. they tell me that some of this will be delivered straight to the municipality people in areas that haven't been able to get out. and some of it will be delivered to the hospital. this river flooding the hospital the day after maria struck. >> so, we've been a couple weeks without power. >> reporter: dr. adrian gonzales says half. supplies coming in are from fema. do you feel that the federal government is doing enough to help you? >> i do, i do, yes. >> reporter: in this remote mountain side community rooted in puerto rican pride, the recovery mission has only just begun. the wings of hope have arrived in mattis, fema is bringing help
2:36 am
now in the sense of urgency. leyla santiago, cnn, puerto rico. in denmark, police say there's been a gruesome discovery in the death of the swedish journalist, the head and legs have been found in a bag by divers. another bag containing her clothing and a knife were found. val went missing last august after a private submarine story. the torso washed up on copenhagen met her dna. and the submarine's owner has been charged in her death. we've heard many times from officials that russia meddled in last year's presidential election. now, we're learning the tactics they used and how effective they were. clare sebastian talks about what happens in texas but originated
2:37 am
in russia. >> reporter: a small group of anti-muslim protesters gathers outside of an islamic center in houston, texas, in may 2017. a much larger counterrally forms across the street. just another example of the struggles of tolerance and understanding in america. and yet this is different. the anti-muslim protesters were responding to an even promoted on facebook called stop islamization of texas. it was organized by a facebook group named heart of texas. heart of texas according to sources with knowledge of the matter with 170 pages that facebook turned over to congress during an investigation over ads generated by russia. ads said came from organizational research. but the people that worked there operated out of this building in
2:38 am
st. petersburg, 55,000 miles from texas. and while the admission of heart of texas was to promote texas succession, one post asks since when has this country turned into a liberal cesspool. and another raises issues of voter fraud and another rallies against gun control. the houston rally was small and ended peacefully, according to the houston police department. and yet the counter and islamic posts blair blow this place up. on the streets of houston, engineered in russia. cnn, new york. a new rule from the trump administration means that many
2:39 am
women may no longer have about investigate to free birth control through their employer's insurance. catlin collins has the details. >> reporter: well, we're seeing the trump administration eventually walk about this mandate that providing employers to provide women with birth control. but these new rules say they have a moral or religious objection to doing just that. to put it plainly, nonprofits and these publicly controlled companies can now stop offering free birth control through health insurance if they have, vote, sincerely held religious beliefs. this is something that president trump promised to voters when he was a candidate. sarah huckabee sanders. listen. >> it's a fundamental right in this country, i think all of us
2:40 am
do. that's what today was about, our federal government should always protect that right, as long as donald trump is president, had will. >> reporter: now that obama era rule is something that conservative republicans have pushed back against. as you can see sanders' comments there, this is something that the white house is framing for a big win for religious liberty. we've heard from the american congress for on at the time transitions and gynecologists who had powerful language about this rule saying that the health and human services leaders under this current administration are, quote, focused on turning back the clock on women's health. now, on the other side of the spectrum we have house speaker paul ryan who said it was a landmark day for religious liberty. but what we know for certain, this is certain to end up in the courts because several groups have already threatened to file lawsuits over it. kaitlan collins, cnn, washington. >> the board of harvey weinstein's company says it
2:41 am
backs his decision to take an indefinite leave of absence this after "the new york times" reported numerous allegations of sexual harassment against the powerful movie producer. weinstein is co-chairman of the weinstein company is behind oscar-winning films including "silver lining's playbook" and "the king's speech." his adviser lisa bloom together about that with cnn's richard quest. >> i will tell you that as a very real human being today, harvey takes this very seriously. and that's why he's issued this very broad statement, sincerely apologizing. offering to meet with any of the women, with news present if they would like to, if they want him to jump in a lake, that's fine, too. he's going to try to work on himself. i think that's admirable, you might not like -- i don't like some of the things that are alleged but i think what he's trying to do now is a good model
2:42 am
for anybody who's been caught up in something like this. >> well, the allegations against him by many women go back many, many years. a short break here. when we come back, from cab driver to lifesaver, how a fleet of taxis stepped in and saved countless lives in the las vegas shooting. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart? it doesn't, does it? actually, it does. type 2 diabetes
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2:46 am
on sunday. there's no idea why he did that and made it the deed ladliest m shooting. tales begin to emerge. here's mother from stephanie elam. >> reporter: fireworks, that's what he heard when he waited to pick up a fare at mandalay bay. >> bullets. >> reporter: as bullets began firing, he drove across the street to help. >> oh, my god, it's like a war zone. everybody was screaming, panic, crying, people on the ground. i see a lot of wounds, hit in back, in head. >> reporter: people banging on the car begging for help. >> would you please come to the corner, to the corner, i've got a got shot in the corner! >> reporter: so he jumped out and opened his doors, rescuing six people, all of them shot.
2:47 am
>> go, go, go, go! >> and what kind of wounds did you see? >> wounds in the back. wounds in the neck. i don't know if he's alive now, he's dying, he's dying while i'm driving. >> reporter: he rushed had its wounded passengers to sunrise hospital. not knowing any of their names, he still has no idea if they're alive. does it weigh on you that you don't know what happened to them? >> sometimes, you can lose sleep thinking about what's going on it takes a toll on me. >> reporter: like him, many others raced to the scene, transporting wounded. also left wondering who came to their aid. rocky tells erin burnett how someone selflessly helped him. >> we stopped, there wasn't enough room in the vehicle for me. someone gave up their seat that
2:48 am
wasn't wounded, for a complete stranger to go in there and take that seat. if that wasn't for that happening we wouldn't be having that conversation. >> reporter: another taxi driver was also at mandalay bay. people just started jumping in her car. >> people said go, go, go, there's an active shooter. there's people dead everywhere. suddenly, all of these other people started getting in my cab. i think i had at least five or six people in my car. i said nobody else, nobody else. >> reporter: he had to help. there was no choice. >> i'm just a human being. i had to help these people, there's nobody around, nobody else. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, nevada. >> fudd yiif you'd like to help victims of the las vegas shooting go online to
2:49 am
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if you're shopping for a vehicle, we have a couple new
2:53 am
high-tech vehicles about to be rolled out. general motors will unveil a self-driving army truck next week. it's designed to hold cargo or other other vehicles. it can also be fitted with a cab for a human driver. imagine that. and tesla is supposed to be rolling out an electric semi truck. but there are snags. the rollout was schedulinged for later this month. tesla founder elon musk said it won't happen until mid-november. tesla has missed production goals in the past pep. while the 2017 nobel peace prize winner was announced friday it went to the admissions of those drawing attention to the catastrophic consequences of any use of weapons. as cnn's diana magnay reports it's especially timely. >> reporter: not since the cold war has the threat for nuclear
2:54 am
weapons seemed so acute. north korean leader threatening and now the talk from washington that he might scoff tiran deal n a bid to curb iran's nuclear weapons program. perhaps that what he went on thursday by this -- >> the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> reporter: the iran deal has been hot favorites for the nobel peace prize. >> the nobel peace prize for 2017 -- >> reporter: it went for the little known ican, ngos in more than 100 countries working towards a ban of nuclear weapons. >> with all nuclear-armed states and all states that continue to rely on security, we will not support it. and we will not make excuses for
2:55 am
it. you can't threaten to indiscriminately slaughter hundreds of thousands of civilians in the name of security. >> reporter: this is recognition of ican's work pushing for a treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons adopted by 122 nations at the u.n. in july. the world's nine nuclear states including the u.s. and some of their key allies refusing to sign. the price today set the executive director of ican a tribute to the survivors of nagasaki and hiroshima and all a testament around the world and rebuke to nuclear powers. >> it's for south korea to stop behaving in the same way. >> reporter: the nobel committee has honored the mission of the world free of nuclear weapons before awarding the prize in 2005 to the iaea, for its
2:56 am
efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. this year's winner, a clear message from the committee that they believe an outright ban, not a nuclear deterrent, will better safe guard peace. diana magnay, cnn, london. thanks for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm natalie allen. "new day" is next for viewers in the u.s. for everyone else around the world, stay with us for "amanpour." kevin, meet your father.
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i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. > get out now. that's the message right now for hurricane warnings along the gulf coast. nate gaining strength and threatening new orleans. five days after sunday's horrific shooting in las vegas, the focus on the explosive material found in the gunman's car. >> the military style tactics and methods he deployed are becoming clear and the motive is sinking further into the distance. >> the calm before the storm. >> it was irresponsible for him to do this


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