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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 10, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> i'm wolf blitzer. from wherever you are watching, thanks for joining us. president trump challenging the sex te secretary of state to an iq test and they are dining together. he is not finished with a very public feud mocking his height and accusing him of sounding like a fool. firefighters are stopping flame as a california wildfire spreads
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and the death toll climbs. the president is having lunch with his secretary of state rex tillerson and jim mattis is also at the table with a host of issues to dig into. north korea, iran and iq tests. we expect to hear all about all of this when the press secretary sarah sanders briefs the media later this hour. we will have live coverage of that. we will go to the senior correspondent at the white house. in an interview with forbes magazine, the president said maybe he and the secretary of should compare iq tests in response to a report that tillerson called trump a moron in a private statement back over the summer. how dhung has beo you think tha playing into their conversation some. >> it would make for an awkward lunch, but add it to the list of ongoing issues between this president and his secretary of state. there have been issues for
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months really. it came to a boil last week when the secretary of state was reported that he referred to the president as a moron. they are breaking bread at this hour with the defense secretary there as well. james mattis is close to the secretary of state. he is perhaps providing a buffer. in the oval office, the president was asked if by suggest he has a higher iq than his secretary of state, he is under cutting him. let's watch. >> did you under cut your secretary of state with the iq comment? >> no, i didn't under cut anybody. i don't believe in undercutting people. >> so wolf, the president saying i didn't under cut anybody. there is a trail of examples where this president has indeed under cut the secretary of state particularly two weeks ago in dealing with the rising nuclear
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threat of a pyongyang and north korea. the president was saying that rex tillerson and his secretary of state does not speak for this administration in terms of negotiations. there has been an ongoing series of back and forths between these two leaders. as the press was leaving the oval office, somebody asked if he had confidence. the president answered yes. >> the president seems to be escalating his war with bob corker. the chairman of the foreign relations committee tweeting this earlier. the failing "new york times" set little bob corker up and that's what i am dealing with. he has a new nickname. shouldn't we expect more on the the white house briefing? >> we will. this is something perhaps more extraordinary than the feud with the secretary of state. senator bob corker with the
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republican and the chairman of the foreign relations committee has been fighting back. he has been responding very aggressively as we have seen throughout the weekend. i do believe that sarah sanders is coming up in this hour will be asked about this because it impacts the president's agenda going forward. tax reform and other confirmations before that committee. as we are talking earlier about the secretary of state, should they replace him at some point? the committee that decides is bob corker's. and he is in his position until the end of next year. that's why all of these fights online and other places actually have consequences. a senior white house official i talked to earlier said he hopes they can move on with all of this. the president and the senator and get back to the legislative agenda. i'm not sure that is likely to happen listen what we have seen. >> right. over at the white house.
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thank you. we will stand by for that live briefing later this hour as well. more on the president challenging the secretary of state's iq in the forbes magazine interview. the president responded to reports of rex tillerson calling the president a moron. he said i think it's fake news, but if he did that i guess we will have to compare iq tests and i can tell you who is going to win. joining us now on this interview, thanks very much for joining us. give us a background. what was the president's demeanor when he suggested comparing iq tests and iqs with tillerson after he boasted in january about his cabinet having the highest iq of any assembled. >> maybe it's a face off. he was in good spirit when is i interviewed him on friday. he was in good form. it was admittedly surreal to ask
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the president in the oval office about the reports when the secretary of state called him a mor moron. he becaused and thought about it and when you are dealing with donald trump, he is the alpha dog. the last sentence that i know who will win that sent the message that i am the boss. as you mentioned, here's somebody who in the last two weeks made it clear that the only one who speaks for the u.s. in terms of foreign policy is the president. >> and the article refers to a long history the president had. forbes magazine. the title of the article is inside donald trump's head and the single theory that explains everything. explain that theory. >> well, we have been covering 35 years and seen how he operates as a business person. if you look at how he acted as business person, a lot of the things that confusion people. this is something that he had a
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perception that here's the great business builder. we have him worth more than $3 billion. he has been successful, but he is a transactional person. here's somebody who every single -- not somebody who builds, but looks at every aspect and everything he does as i win, you lose. it's not the win-win or stock goes up and the shareholders are happy and employ employees and customers are happy. it's everything like if i get a better view, they get the worst deal that's good for me. you see that with obamacare negotiations and everything that he is having this spat with rex tillerson and mattis. whether it's iran or north korea, he sees foreign policy as a zero sum gain. it's america first. but you look at everything he does, it's an i want to win even
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if somebody else has to lose. >> you say he is worth $3 billion. forbes puts out the wealthiest. i have been interviewing donald trump for about 20 years and every time i bring up what forbes says he is worth whether it was 1 billion or 2 billion, he gets upset that they are way low. i'm sure you heard that as well. >> they are directly from him. we long had a donald trump rule which is whatever donald trump says, we have to divide by three to what the real number is. a lot of people say trump is not rich and it's all a facade. he is a billionaire and has been successful, but look how he has been successful. he cuts good deals. trying to beat other people. he is a very competitive person. he wants to win. there are a lot of aspects of
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that. that's why he is president. he knows how to win, but when you are the president and setting policy, a lot of time when you are looking for a situation in foreign policy when you try to find win-wins and his default is win-you lose. if you look at the stats, you see a consistency that donald trump is less about ideology and policy, he wants to make sure that he comes out on top. >> how do you see the current battle with senator bob corker? the battle to a certain degree against the larger republican establishment. >> if you go back to part of the deal which is the book that put him on the national stage, he said to win you have to sometimes destroy your enemies. whoever your opposition is, it's
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not enough to negotiate. you have to chop them down. you see that time and time again. when someone challenges them, he is one of the great counter punches. you challenge him every time, he will come back 10 times stronger. that's all that is. in the last line with lindsey graham, if you challenge donald trump publicly, he will knock you down. trump feels like if you are working for him and you are disrespecting him or the president seems to be the alpha dog. thank you, wolf. >> joining us with the associate editor for real clear politics. the eastern analyst with chief political analyst gloria borger. that's what we just heard. the possibility of dueling iq
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tests between the president and the secretary of state. >> i don't think the secretary of state will pay a lot of attention to that that to be honest. we can agree from our reporting that he is clearly a short-termer here and his tenure can be measured in how many more months rather than how many more years. this is a relationship that looked like it was going to work out when the president did his c casting call. he didn't want corker too short and now he is little bob corker and found the chairman of exxon. it hasn't worked out. the president has under cut rex tillerson on many occasions. i would like to be a fly on the wall between mattis and the president of the united states. i'm sure they will be discussing more important things like potentially decertifying the
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iran deal and north korea than if they should get out number two pencils and take an iq tests. >> they have a lot of personality issues facing the united states, but we are talking about iq tests and being a moron and stuff like that. people are watching this and not only here in the united states, but around the world ask saying what's going on. >> we don't have an answer other than donald trump shows he is unpredictable and not very loyal and very impulsive and if you are an ally of ours, you have to be concerned. through our reporting and who we talked to here in washington, those who are representing other countries, we are hearing that. they don't know how to deal with president trump. coming in, remember people said wow, that was a good thing. he is so unpredictable. that's all fine and well except when your administration doesn't know what you are going in, it becomes a major problem. >> the fact that he is now
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little bob corker in this tweet. the failing "new york times" set little bob corker up and it was made to sound a fool and that's what i'm dealing with. it's pretty unusual. the spelling of little. >> with the a post officery after the little. he is only 5'7" so i guess he is little. >> he said he doesn't like short people. they are not powerful enough. bob corker can take the nicknames. everyone knows who understands journalism that this was reported on purpose. that the senator was aware of that. it's fine that the president doesn't know that and he is trying to convince people that he was -- corker was set up and he's a fool. this is just sort of more of
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what he did over the weekend. that's to pretend he begged for the endorsement that everyone knows is not true. comparing these two is so interesting. as you mentioned, wolf and mark talked about it. making fun of the chairman of the foreign relations committee is not okay, but it's what he has done to under cut and he made fun of him when tillerson was in china. the secretary of state doesn't speak for him and he doesn't believe in diplomacy. there is no use of him staying in this job at all. he has been under cut and i don't know how he could be under cut further. bob corker intends to serve out the term no matter what the president says. this relationship is damaging to us and it's futile. >> they emerged from the meeting and said something. it comes at a time when steve bannon and the top strategist on the the white house is making it
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clear following his win with his candidate in alabama. he will go after every republican incumbent senator in 2018 except for ted cruz of texas. listen to what he said on fox. >> mcconnell and corker and the entire clique on capitol hill have to go. if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign immediately. >> he also is going to go after a lot of other conservative republican incumbent senators because of the establish. >> dana bash and i did a piece on that the other day. it's clear that steve bannon decided and in some ways with a wink from the president of the united states that this is not his senate. he doesn't get along with this senate. he considers them too establishment and believes they are not his friends or they would get more done.
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steve bannon's feeling is we will challenge all of these establishment republican who is don't like you and who are whispering about you and trying to undermine you. the question is of course whether this is going to succeed. whether in fact this would mean that the republicans would lose control of the senate. bannon's argument is that it will succeed because they will have a better shot against democrats and you look at others who say this is ridiculous. the president has to thread a needle because he is close to steve bannon. what does he do? he is upset he lost in the luther strange fight in alabama. what does the president do now? endorse people who are no nonincumbents or stick with his incumben incumbents? >> he doesn't like to lose. as gloria points out, he did lose in alabama. >> let's go back to the idea of
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loyalty. he has no loyalty except for himself and his family. let's look at the numbers. going to 2018, you have 25 republicans that are on the ballot. nine republicans on the ballot, 25 democrats. incumben incumbents. if it was a time for the democrats to build, it would be 2018. we are not seeing a battle for control of how to govern washington. we are seeing a battle for the heart and soul of the republican party. the ideological war taking place in the republican party. we are not here to discuss it right now, we are seeing the same thing happen. >> they will pump a lot of money into the races for the senate. it will be a bruising battle over the next year. >> they are delighted they are not going to be able to spend this money in the general election races. they will be spending them in the primary to protect their own
10:18 am
senator who is have the voting records. if they are not duley loyal to donald trump, they are loyalists to steve bannon. she definitely open about it. he's trying to rip open and break in half. and the battle is on for the money. do you give your money to the establishment republican packs who they said have not done a thing or do you want to win and go with us. the republican senators. less than a year and the republican contests they will be coming up fairly soon.
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as explosive new accusations explode, at least a big question. why are hillary clinton and barack obama so silent about the media mogul who gave them so much money. we will discuss that and more. and the twist in the timeline of the las vegas massacre. why we are now learning the gunman targeted someone a full six minutes before the attack on the 22,000 concert goers. and breaking news. at least 11 dead and dozens missing in california's wine country. we will take you there live. there was an old woman who lived in a shoe. she had so many children she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies,
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>> president trump proved a major disaster declaration for the state of california to assist in the response to
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wildfires that are impacting across the state. >> the vice president mike pence declaring an emergency in california as unstoppable wildfires whip through the state's wine country. at least 11 people have lost their lives and more than 100 others reported missing. 1500 homes and buildings have been destroyed and some of them managed to flee and barely escape with their lives. >> all the embers came this way and it happened so fast. there was nothing. >> the vice president by the way tweeted out earlier trump and our entire administration will work closely with jerry brown to see california through the challenging times. let's go to cnn who is in santa rosa for us, one of the hardest hit areas. no one predicted how quickly this fire would spread. >> reporter: you mix in fire, wind, and dry conditions and it is the perfect condition for a
10:25 am
firestorm and that's what they had. 17 fires in 24 hours. two fires burning in santa rosa that was hit the worst. this was a beautiful sonoma county wine country resort 24 hours ago. now it's rubble. i want to show you where it came from. this neighborhood is where the fire came. that's the direction is came from up the hill and took out this entire hotel. you can see the trees that survived, anything with a little bit of moisture survived the fire. everything else went up in flame. you can see this lovely neighborhood one day and obliterated the next by the fire. 120,000 acres in total burning across california. the biggest concern now is not so much here where the
10:26 am
temperatures come down. there was a fire that broke out yesterday and santa ana winds towards the ocean. hot and dry and more homes are in jeopardy there. that will be hell for firefighters. here in the northern part of the state. they can finally get into those hot spots and start putting them out and hopefully contain the fire at the same time. wolf? >> be careful over there. miguel marquez in wipe country, santa rosa. it doesn't look like wine country there. there is a new twist in the moments leading up to the las vegas massacre. police dramatically changing their timeline involving the person who first encountered him
10:27 am
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>> we are learning new details on the mass shooting in las vegas, nevada. police reveal a different timeline. initially they said the hotel security guard was shot during the rampage.
10:32 am
she was shot six minutes before he starred shooting before he hailed bullets on the concert goers, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more. at 10:12 p.m., officers arrived on the 31st floor. at 10:15, the last shots are fired by the gunman. the first officers arrived on the 32nd floor. 10:26 and 10:30, eight officers arrived and began clearing rooms. at 11 time 20, the first breach was set off and officers entered the suspect's hotel suite and saw the gunman down. joining us to discuss all of this is the lieutenant governor. thank you very much for joining us. our hearts go out to the families and the victims of this mass murder. lots of questions that need to
10:33 am
be answered as you know. you can appreciate what this new timeline means for the investigation. >> well, it told us our initial assumptions about why the killer stopped shooting and they were not accurate. we thought he stopped shooting because of what happened with the security guard. now we know that didn't happen at the time he stopped shooting, but earlier before he started. we have to understand now in addition to the motive so why he did this and what led him to stop the shooting. again we continue that investigation. the timeline shifts because there are so many pieces of information we are evaluating like timelines based on body cameras and video surveillance and cell phone and watches. as we continue to look at that and look at all the pieces of information, the timeline will
10:34 am
be adjusted and updated. >> initially the authorities believed that the hotel security guard jesus campos had something to do with stopping the shooting. he was checking an alert for an open door on another guest room. we know that's not the case. do we know if jesus campos alerted anyone between 9:59 when he was shot and 10:17 when he first saw police up there? >> we will continue to investigate that. we are looking at the dispatch records and the communication at the hotel. and try to follow-up and answer those questions. we don't have that information president now. we continue to follow-up on leads. we are following up on hundreds of leads. lots and lots of information coming in. in order to be accurate, the investigators and metro and the
10:35 am
fbi are looking at this carefully before they discuss this further. when you get the information, he will update us with briefing. but the investigation continues on that. >> if the killer fired 200 rounds into the door and wounding him with one of those rounds, it took almost an hour and a half for the s.w.a.t. team to bolt into the room. it seems like a long time after the killer began shooting through the door. >> you have to appreciate what those officers faced. i know you do. you have been reporting on this and you listen to the interviews as i did over the weekend and what they face and who they thought maybe in that room. the number of individuals and what was going on in there, i think it was remarkable what the police did and what the first responders did in that situation. we continue to evaluate all that
10:36 am
happened and there were a lot of unknowns into that room and a lot of unknowns when you walk into that 37th floor not knowing what to expect. >> there were a lot of answers and why all of this is important for the sake of the families. they want to know what happened for the sake of the future incidents. if we can learn lessons from this, maybe they will be avoid down the road. good luck with the investigation and all the folks in nevada. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf and thanks for your kind sentiments and the help and support and love of your viewers. we really appreciate it. >> more news we are following right now from hollywood to washington. stars are speaking out against harvey weinstein as he faces new assault allegations and hillary clinton who received many donations from him is breaking her silence. you will hear what she is
10:37 am
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this just in. hillary clinton is now responding to the sexual harassment scandal with the movie mogul harvey weinstein. she said in a short statement i was shocked and appalled by the revelations about harvey weinstein and the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. their courage and the support of others is critical to stop this kind of behavior. joining us now, our politics important. nothing in the statement about what others have done and started to donate contributions
10:42 am
they received to various charities. >> she was fired by the board of a weinstein company on october 8th. so this is a little bit late arriving to this. as you point out unlike many democrats and democratic organization who is receive money from harvey weinstein, he is a large donor. she might be there for the senate. he gave her the federal limit. she helped bundle money and hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's hard to extraicate that money when the candidacy is over. my guess is that this statement is sort of a band-aid and she
10:43 am
had to say something. the board had fired him and that his brother is included and fired him two days ago. >> it's a major bundle from barack obama and now have not heard from bill clinton who was friendly within a recipient of harvey weinstein. a little bit less. most conservatives will not be happy with this and note as you do that they didn't accept this. >> the democratic national committee. they received a lot of money. >> they gave back to charities including emily's list and organization that is for pro choice candidates and other groups that republicans have taken issue with. we are taking this money and moving it over to a democratic cause.
10:44 am
there is nothing good out of this for democrats. that's the no the top priority here with harvey weinstein's actions. he is a majoring in democratic money politics, particular low in california. i think hillary clinton gave a speech at california university of davis, a 90 minute or so speech. didn't mention it. but pressure started to ramp up more and more and posted another report regarding weinstein. i think this was inevitable, but a statement that short coming five days late is not going to satisfy her. >> they posted an article as well. >> got to take a quick break for the press briefing. a live coverage. guess what?
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. >> we are following the latest allegations of sexual harassment and more against the media mogul, harvey weinstein. we will go to our cnn senior media correspondent for major allegations emerging in this new yorker magazine article. >> that's right. you were speaking about hillary clinton's statement condemning harvey weinstein on the heels of this article. nearly 8,000 words and they have been investigating this for the past 10 months. among them, three allegations of rapes by harvey weinstein. two accusers are named on the record. i spoke with one of them. she confirmed what she said to the new yorker and confirms she was raped by harvey weinstein a number of years ago. i said what do you want to see happen and what are you expecting now that he has been fir fired. she wants the public to know
10:50 am
what happened. "this is our truth." they have allegations of rape and in the past few minutes, two hollywood stars, gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie said they were harassed by>> and three ale against him. in a statement harvey weinstein as denied of any nonconsensual sex. went on to sap he is thinking therapy and counseling. but you can see on the statement on the screen, he has confirmed he never retaliated against the women. but a lot of allegations in the new yorker article, online now at new one statement says the counseling is under way, and listening to the community, and hoping he'll be given a second
10:51 am
chance, he means from hollywood friends. in some case they knew about this for a long time and did not share with the public. she said she had a bad experience in her youth, chose never to work about him, but whisper network, women warning other women about his behavior. but until this year it was not public. >> all right. stand by. i want to bring in dana bash. these are shocking allegations. it's all extremely awkward for a lot of democrats who received a lot of money over the years from harvey weinstein. >> a lot of money. and you broke the news about hillary clinton finally putting out a statement condemning his behavior and distancing herself. the question is whether or not she is going to help gather the
10:52 am
$1.4 million that he as what's known has bundler helped her campaign over the years. the other question is where are the obamas? where is michelle obama? where is president obama? he is and probably still is a big supporter of him and his political efforts. and just let's just pretend the shoe was on the other foot and this was a republican, somebody who is in hollywood who is a republican alleged to have done these things and gave to republican presidents. can you imagine the outrage if they weren't condemning this behavior? i mean, it makes no sense at all that they are not coming out and saying something. never mind, the question of of the donations. >> just to add to dana's point which is 100% right.
10:53 am
michelle obama 2013 at the white house, it was a young symposium that harvey weinstein helped organize, praised him, couldn't do it without you. had is the white house. not just money. harvey weinstein gave a ton of money and bundled even more to both obama and clinton. it's the friendship. fundrai fundraisers. he was a vocal supporter of theirs. he was a very high profile, again on the west coast, but someone in the big figure anywhere in this country culturally, he was a big supporter of theirs. it's just odd somebody bundled a 1 to george bush, had a similar experience, there would be a huge out cry if george bush didn't release something. forget he's not in office, that's not the point. issue is not that. the issue is this is behavior that rightly should be
10:54 am
condemned. when you are the two most prominent faces in the democrat party, and they still are, hillary clinton and barack, the fact it went five days without a word, i guess i'm going to say just odd. seems to be some of what a slam dunk. it's not as though harvey weinstein disputed that he had behaved extremely poorly, i guess, to put it in the nicest terms. no issue he's taking issue with the new yorker. there are things that he behaved in deeply inappropriate. >> and it might have been open secret that he did it for a very, very long time. that doesn't mean that michelle obama when she raised him in 2013 knew any of that. >> no. >> she stood up for women and what's right. look what she said, understandable when the access hollywood came out, he is not running for the president of the
10:55 am
united states. i completely get that. but i assume we'll have statements from them. and hillary clinton is pretty strong. let's see when it comes to donations. >> do you think bill clinton will issue a statement? >> no i think heel let hillary clinton stand for both of them. but given the amount of money barack obama campaign took, and also given michelle obama, obviously, we assume, rightly i think, had no clue about his reputation. but this is someone if you praised him and it has now come out he's acted in these ways, it would seem appropriate to say this is unacceptable behavior. >> all right. stand by. press briefing. challenging secretary of state to i.q. test. feud with senator. the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders she's about to face lots of questions.
10:56 am
we'll listen to her answers. we'll have live coverage. that's coming up next. multiple loan offers for free! free? yeah. could save thousands. you should probably buy me dinner. no. go to for a new home loan or refinance. receive up to five free offers and choose the loan that's right for you. our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now.
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hi there i'm brooke baldwin watching cnn. i want to begin with a statement from hillary clinton now given in to mounting pressure and finally condemning a man who gave a significant amount of money to her campaign. a man who now stands accused of rape and sexual abuse. mega producer hollywood heavy weight harvey weinstein. here's a statement from hillary clinton. i was shocked and appalled by revelations by harvey weinstein. behavior described by women coming forward cannot be