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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 25, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 6:00 p.m. in niger. 1:30 a.m. thursday morning in pyongyang, north korea. where ever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. deadlines up. new questions as the trump administration fails to start implementing sanctions against russia, the ones overwhelmingly approved by the house and senate. so what's the holdup? plus, bankroll bombshell. a source says the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee helped fund the infamous trump dossier. i'll speak live with the former number two at the dnc and we'll get her response. and cnn inside north korea right now and one of kim jong-un's
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officials delivers a new warning about its threat of using a hydrogen bomb. of president trump will spend much of the rest of his day in texas but before he departed he lit up twitter with his remarks about his meeting with senate republicans saying outside of flake and corker was a love fest withstanding ovations and great ideas for usa. both senators bob corker and jeff flake had made strong denuns yass of his character, of the president's behavior. neither of them is running for re-election. a point the president emphasized in another tweet. "the reason flake and corker dropped out of the senate race is very simple. they had zero chance of being elected. now act so hurt and wounded." our manu raju caught up with corker to ask him about the tweet while earlier on "new day," flake had a message for the gop about the president's
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ongoing comments. >> i don't really care what comes out of the white house. >> yeah. >> what do you mean. >> well, there was no question when i decided not to run, i was in a dominant position. >> i hope that we've reached a tipping point of some type. where we don't continue to normalize by being silent the kind of behavior ha we've seen. >> our white house reporter is joining us from the north lawn of the white house. dan, why isn't the president worried about the attacks against him and the unrest within his own republican party? >> it's actually quite simple. he thinks he's more popular than these two lawmakers and there is some truth to that, both bob corker and jeff flake are not exactly the most popular republicans in their state. let's take jeff flake, for example. if he would have stayed in the race and copy odd run for re-election in 2018, he would have faced an uphill climb in
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the republican primary let alone the general election. the white house thinks and may be right that president trump right now is more popular with ron voters than these two lawmakers. what they are worried about is this now frees up lawmakers like flake and other who have spoken out against trump to just say what they think about the president, about his policies and about his leadership. that concerns them because when you have lawmakers, republicans like jeff flake and bob corker talking to reporters talking to manu raju what they think about the president, that can screw up a media cycle. president trump is leaving right now to head to texas for a fund-raiser. behind me i can hear the helicopter, the chopper marine one about to take off. he said to can speaking to reporters. we expect him to respond to questions about senator flake and his comments. he took to twitter this morning to slam the senator and say frankly they wouldn't have had a chance of winning.
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you have to imagine that's what he's going to tell reporters when asked. >> we'll get the tape ready. he's answering reporters' questions even as we speak right now. once we get ta tape, we'll play it for our viewers. we'll stand by for that. dan mayor ca, thank you very much. the relationship between the president and influential lawmakers is being strained on another major front right now. russian sanctions. the white house missed an october 1st deadline saying nothing about it until now. and they just issued a statement saying "the trump administration remains committed to holding russia accountable and has on a variety of fronts. the state department's portion is undergoing interagency review and will be announced soon." the statement adds "i'd refer you to the state department for additional information." let's bring income political analyst and columnist for the "washington post" josh rogin is joining us. it passed overwhelmingly, the russian sanctions, 419-3 in the house.
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98-2 in the senate. over the summer, it was all supposed to be implemented the deadline in the law says october 1st. now it's the end of october. it has not been implemented. what are you hearing? why is there this delay? >> sure. well, there's increasing congressional anger over there blowing of the deadline. and when you talk to administration officials they say basically what you saw in that statement that they're working on it, it's complicated there are a couple difficult issues to deal with, one of them is that the bill requires you cancel weapons to any country that buys weapons from russia. that means turkey. saudi arabia. these are tough problems. maybe they're just working through it but maybe delaying. i'll break news on your show right now. there's a bipartisan push in congress to increase the pressure on the administration. we're talking about a letter with dozens of signatures, we're talking about a press strategy and a possible resolution to express displeasure of the senate that the administration hasn't met all of these deadlines. we don't see the sanctions. we don't see an implementation
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plan and we don't see the engagement necessary to roll out something of this magnitude. >> a lot of lawmakers have the suspicion, not just republicans, the president never wanted this law to be enacted to begin with. it passed overwhelmingly in the house and senate. he didn't want to try to impose new sanctions against russia. he didn't want congress to tell him what to do and he was a reluctant signer. if he wouldn't have signed it, it would have been overridden by the congress. >> he issued a signing statement calling the law unconstitutional and took issue with the law's requirement in the congress would get to weigh in if he tries to lift sngs sagses on russia. this is not just about u.s./russia relations. this would affect u.s. alliance. the trump administration has not been good about getting these kinds of things done. so there is a bureaucratic delay here but they have to make a decision. they say they want to honor
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congress' intent. now they have to put their money where their mouth is. >> we'll see if the report hes over there before he boards marine one on the south lawn of the white house answers questions about this. we'll stand by for that. josh, thank you very much. at the same time, we're getting new information linking the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee to that salacious dossier on president donald trump and his relationship with russia. a source now tells cnn the clinton campaign and dnc helped fund the research that led to the report. today president trump jumped on the news tweeting this. "clinton campaign and dnc paid for research that led to the anti-trump fake news dossier. the victim here is the president." joining us now from capitol hill is democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard of hawaii a member of the armed services committee. thanks so much for joining us. april want to get your reaction because we know you stepped down from the democratic national
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committee. you were one of the leaders there back in february of last year. four months before apparently they got involved directly with the dossier. did you know about the existence of this? did you know about the fact that the dnc and the clinton campaign were funding the research? >> i didn't have any knowledge of the dossier or any of the other things that having i think began to break a few months ago earlier this year, but also that there's new news coming out to be quite frank, it's not surprising given the state of our politics today. and i think this is a large part of why so many of the american people are just frankly disgusted with washington and with the hyper partisanship and all the scandalous headlines and meanwhile asking what about us? who is caring and interested in what we're going through? who is bringing forward solutions to the challenges that so many of the american people are facing and communities like mine in hawaii and all across the country. >> as you know, president trump
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often blamed hillary clinton and the democrats for that russia research. does this damage your party, the democratic party? does it help the president politically now that everyone has confirmed that the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign wound up paying for this research? >> wolf, i have no idea. i'm not a political pundit and i'm not going to try to be one. again, i think it's most important for us to be focused on what is happening in our country, the challenges and the problems that we have. and how we can bring about real solutions. i think that's the most important thing we can care about, talk about, and focus on. >> congresswoman, if you could stick around, the president is walking over to the microphones speaking with reporters before he boards marine one. let's listen in to the president. >> done with this fake dossier. it was madeup. and i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money. and hillary clinton always denied it. the democrats always denied it.
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and now only because it's going to come out in a court case they said yes, they did it, admitted it. and they're embarrassed by it, but i think it's a disgrace. it's just really -- it's a very sad -- it's a very sad commentary on politics in this country. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ]. >> i don't think so. i think it's fine the way it is. we have actually great unity in the republican party. yesterday i was, that's okay. look, they have to do their thing. we have great unity. if you look at what happened yesterday at the meeting, we we had i guess virtually every senator including john mccain. we had a great conversation yesterday. john mccain and myself about the military. i think we had a tremendous -- i called it a love fest. it was almost a love fest. maybe it was a love fest. we got standing ovations. there is great unity. if you look at the democrats with bernie sanders and hillary clinton, that's a mess. there's great unity in the
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republican party. >> reporter: do you bear any responsibility? >> i think it's sad but i think to a large extent in all due respect, i think the media causes a lot of it. fake stories are being reported. a lot of bad things are being reported that aren't true. i think to a certain extent maybe i can blame the media, but politics is a rough business. there's no question about it. i will say this. i think the republican party has a pretty good unity. when i look at that room yesterday at lunch and you know and you recover theed on it very well, kristin. you gave it a very good report. the fact is, there was tremendous unity in that room. we're really unified. we're really unified on what we want to do. we want tax cuts for middle class. we want tax cuts for businesses to produce jobs. there's great unity.
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yeah. >> reporter: said you were dangerous. >> look, he was against me from before he ever knew me. he wrote a book about me before i ever met him before i ever heard his name. his poll numbers in arizona are so low, that he couldn't win. and i don't blame him for leaving. i think he did the right thing for himself. if you know, long before he ever knew me, during the campaign, even before the campaign, i mean, he came out with had horrible book. and i said who is this guy? in fact, i remembered the first time i saw him on television, i had not really been -- nobody knew me in terms of politics. but the first time i saw him on television, i said i assume he's a democrat. is he a democrat? they said he's a republican. i said that's impossible. so look, his poll numbers are terrible. he's done terribly for the great people of arizona, a state that likes donald trump very much. as you even you will admit. and he would have never won. in fact, even in the primary, he's way down in the primary.
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so he did the smart thing for himself. this way he can get out somewhat gracefully, but you know he's saying that -- he's saying that because he has nothing else to say. but i do think this. i do think this. i wish him well. i really believe he's going to do the right thing for the country. he's going to vote for tax cuts because we desperately need tax cuts to put our people back to work. we need tax cuts also to be able to compete with other countries. you know what? i hope bob -- i really believe that bob cork ser going to do the right thing also. yes, go ahead. >> mr. president, do you feel that -- >> reporter: i can't hear you. i can't what? say it again? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ].
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>> well, senator flake did vote with me, i understand, it was about 91 or even more than that. from that standpoint good. i think i'll be boosted in arizona because he's very unpopular. i think the fact that he did it the way he did it probably i mean i'm very high on arizona. i love the people. they like me. they like security at the border. all of the things. but i think i'm probably helped greatly in arizona by what happened with senator flake i don't think they do that. i really know that they want tax cuts. they know we need it. we need it for the country, for the people, we need it for the middle class. we need it for jobs. i don't think they would do that. i don't. i know them well enough. i don't know flake very well but i know bob corker. i think they really would do it and have to do it for the
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country. say it? i think we're going to get some democrat votes, yeah. i do believe. i haven't started the process. but i believe that there are certain democrats that if they don't vote for these massive tax cuts for business, for jobs, and for the middle class, they will lose their races in '18. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ]. >> i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am. you know, people don't understand. i went to an ivy league college. i was a nice student. i did very well. i'm a very intelligent person. you know, the fact is, i think, i really believe, i think the press creates a different image of donald trump than the real person. >> reporter: did you ever apologize -- >> i think it's always okay when somebody says something about you that's false, i think it's
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always okay to counterpunch or to fight back. >> apologize? >> john. >> you have talked about the idea that contributions to 401(k)s are off the table. >> i wanted to end that quickly. 401(k)s to me are very important because that's one of the great benefits to the middle class. i didn't want that to go too far. that's why i ended it very quickly. >> kevin brady, the chairman of the house ways and means committee said this morning it could be on the table. >> maybe it is and maybe we'll use it as negotiating. i trust me, that's one of the great things. you know, there are certain elements of deals you don't want to negotiate with. 401(k)s and kevin knows it and i think kevin brady is fantastic. but he knows how important 401(k)s are. >> you told me last week. >> john? >> you thought the uranium sale
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to russia was one of the big stories of the decade. three committees are looking at that. we haven't heard you comment on it since the investigations have gone on. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous apartments of money being passed, i think that's watergate modern age. >> reporter: -- >> say it again, please. >> what do you want to know about niger and what have you asked the pentagon to tell you and the country about what went wrong? >> i can't -- >> what more do you want to know about nijer. >> we're going to look at it. i have to say, we are decimating isis in the middle east. they'll go to parts of africa, to other places. when they get there we meet them. it's a dangerous business. i have to say. it's a dangerous business. so what -- no, i didn't. not specifically. i have generals, that are great
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generals. these are great fighters, warriors. i gave them authority to do what's right so that we win. that's the authority they have. i want to win. and we're going to win. and we're beating isis very badly. look at what's happened in the middle east. we have done more in eight months than the previous administration has done in many years. now, what happens is you decimate them and that's what we've done. we have decimated isis in the middle east. they go to africa. they go to places. when they get there, we meet them there. that's what goes on. it's a tough business. it's a tough war. but we are winning it and you know what? we're going to continue winning it. with that being said, my generals and my military, they have decision-making ability. as far as the incident that we're talking about, i've been seeing it just like you've been seeing it. i've been getting reports. they have to meet the enemy and
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they meet them tough. that's what happens i was extremely nice to her. she sounds like a lovely lady. i've never met her but she sounds like a lovely lady. but i was extremely nice to her. i was extremely courteous. as i was to everyone else. you know, it's interesting, you folks evacuation called many people that i spoke to. everybody has said unbelievable good things about me. but you never report that. >> we reported that. >> did you report it? did you report it? >> thank you. >> what about your message to -- >> gold star families. >> i can only say this. i was really nice to her. i respect her. i respect her family. i certainly respect la david who by the way i called la david right from the beginning just so you understand. they put a chart in front, la david. it says la david johnson. so i right from the beginning,
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no hesitation. one of the great memories of all time. there was no hesitation. i think she's a fantastic woman. i was extremely nice to her. extremely respectful. >> mr. president, you made four phone calls to four different families that day. did you say anything to myeshia johnson than you did to the other three families? >> i would say basically we talked condolence. it's all about warmth. in many cases you listen. because in so many cases one of the families were saying yes, he was a great football star. honestly, they poured their howard out. it's the hardest calls. but i am always, and look, you people have called many people that i've spoken to. and every one of them has said i couldn't have been nicer. now it's a rough time for these -- i mean how tough is it? there's nothing tougher. but i have such respect for those families. nobody has more respect than i
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do. nobody. >> mr. president -- we're looking at daca. we have to get something for it. we're looking at daca and see what happens. i'd love to do a daca deal. we have to get something very substantial for it including the wall. including security. including a strong border. we have to be able to stop drugs from pouring into our nation. >> mr. president trump over here. >> you talk about -- [ inaudible question ] >> the tax plan is going to be incredible for this country. it's going to bring back jobs. it's going to cut tax tremendously. we're going to bring back $4 trillion i think at least from overseas. that money's going to be put back to work in our country instead of other countries. the tax cut is going to be massive. it's going to keep companies from leaving our country.
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so -- >> say it? >> not that i know of. no, i have to say, the whole russian thing is what it's turned out to be. this was the democrats coming up with an excuse for losing an election. it's an election that's very hard for a democrat to lose because the electoral college is set in such a way it's very hard to lose that election for a democrat. they lost it. they lost it very badly and very easily. you look at the votes, it was 306 to what, 223 or something. they lost it by a lot. they didn't know what to say. so they made up the whole russia hoax. now it's turning out that the hoax has turned around and you look at what's happened with russia and you look at the uranium deal and you look at the fake dossier. so that's all turned around. >> are there any other republicans -- >> no, not at all.
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>> no, we have a very good relationship. honestly, when you look at -- when you take a look what's happened with hillary clinton and bernie sanders and the hatred and the division and the animosity, i'll tell you what, honestly, the republicans are very, very well united. >> reporter: mr. president. >> we're going to have a big meeting on- >> eddie:s tomorro opioids tomo. we're going to be doing an important meeting sometime in the very near future on opioids in terms of declaring a national emergency which gives us power to do things that you can't do right now. >> john, talk up please. >> the investigation began on the republican side of things during the primaries. do you have any idea who it was? >> well, they say it began with the republicans. i think i would know but i won't
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say. it will be determined. it will be determined. look, hillary would have never announced it was them except for this great court case going on where the judge was going to reveal it. they're embarrassed by it. it's a disgrace. it might have starred with the republicans early on in the primaries. i think i would know but let's find out who it is. i'm sure that will come out. >> do you know who the republicans are? >> i think i would have, if i were to guess, i have one name in mind. >> what's his name? >> it will probably be revealed. >> say it, what? >> i'd rather not say but you'll be surprised. you'll be surprised. >> how concerned are you [ inaudible question ]
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>> all right. there's the tape from only moments ago. the president getting ready to board marn one heading out to texas for a political fund-raiser. but he spent about 15 minutes answering reporters' questions on a wide range of subjects. a wide range of issues. ranging from the unity or some would suggest lack of unity right now among his fellow republicans. he said there's great unity. he strongly defended his condolence call for the fallen u.s. soldier who died in niger. let's bring in jim an could the o costa, senior white house correspondent. you were there with the president i take it on the south lawn as he was answering reporters questions. what jumped out at you? >> well, first, we should point out as you know from covering the white house for.years, typically these departures for
10:26 am
marine one are not news conferences. president more and more is turning these appearances into almost news conferences and he did one of those just a few moments ago. i asked the president a couple times about these comments made by arizona senator jeff flake who announced he's retiring and had very stinging criticism for the president yesterday. at one point saying the president represents a danger to our democracy. the president as to be expected went off on senator flake saying he assumed he was a democrat and chalked up much of the criticism to the fact that he had written a book basically suggestinging that perhaps the senator is trying to pump up his book sales. but wolf, one thing that stood out to me more than anything else was this comment that the president made. i was pressing him on why he was going after senator corker. and this lack of civility that senator flake was talking about yesterday. the president referred to senator corker as liddal bob
10:27 am
corkner these tweets. i was asking the president, isn't this really a demonstration of what senator flake was talking about? he didn't answer the question. then there was a follow-up question whether the president should be more civil, should you be more civil sir. he said, well the press makes me more uncivil than i am. he's blaming the media on this criticism he has drained the civility out of washington and that was something that jumped out at me. another thing i think we should point out, it's important because of the news about the clinton and dnc being behind in part that the russia dossier on the president that so-called russia dossier on the president. the president almost was beaming. he was almost jubilant i would say during this exchange with reporters. he sounded like a man who felt like he was off the hook. in this russia investigation. as you heard there towards the tail end of those comments that he made to reporters, somebody was asking about this chatter that well, there were some republican candidates or at
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least one republican candidate who was also dealing with this information that was in that so-called dossier in the early stages of the 2016 campaign. and you heard the president there say well i think i have an idea as to who that person is. i guess talking about one of those other contenders in the field, one of those former rivals in the field. and he said you'll find out who that is sometime he thinks in future. so it sounds like there are more shoes to drop perhaps on the republican side. the president seems to be indicating that he knows who was behind perhaps on the republican side and when it comes to the russia dossier in the early teenages of the 2016 campaign. >> it was seen as opposition research as it's called against donald trump. and originally was funded by some republican apparently one of his rivals for the republican presidential nomination. but then after he got the nomination, we have now confirmed over the past day or so that it was indeed continued to be funding by both the
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democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. i want you to stand by, jim. there's more i want to discuss. i want to bring in our panel, as well. gloria, the president also said that the uranium sale to the russians during the obama administration, he said, thissing is in his words watergate modern age. >> right. well, so, what he said, what the point he's trying to make in saying that the dossier is a hoax, that the democrats funded it, and that the uranium deal is a huge story as he said, he believes the whole russia story what he's trying to do is say it's been turned on his head and now it's a democratic story and problem rather than a republican problem or a white house problem. i think we have to say here that while he said the allegations in the dossier were fake, we have reported and others have reported that while some of the most salacious allegations in
10:30 am
the dossier have not been verified, that it's broad assertion that the russians wage aid campaign to interfere in our election has been verified by the entire intelligence community. and the president himself is still singing the same old song about that in contradiction to the intelligence community. >> he says the whole russia investigation is a hoax. it's a democratic excuse why they lost the election. he was very, very positive in saying that the u.s. is making tremendous strides decimating it isis in the middle east. and if they take up positions in africa or elsewhere, he says, we'll meet them. he says we're going to win. that's why he's given the u.s. military, david, authority to get the job done, whatever it takes. >> right. he has boasted in the past few days changing some of the rules of engagement have helped the military on the ground and those we're backing in iraq to defeat
10:31 am
isis. this was a strategy that predates his administration. he certainly contributed to the positive aspects of it, but it goes back to the obama administration, as well. you know, you look at all of this, and you have a president who feels actually vindicated today. >> right. >> feels vindicated because here you have not only information that implicates democrats and not just digging up dirt on him fine, that's politics but getting it to a point where the intelligence community felt it was serious enough that they worried that trump could be blackmailed and had to brief him on this and presumably some elements in the intelligence community leaked this stuff out to the press. and he's able to wave thattard and say i told you. meanwhile, there's a substantive investigation going on by mueller and his team. and we'll see what happens to that. this gop unity, the truth is that jeff flake, bob corker have megaphones. they could hurt his agenda a bit. but they're going to be gone. he's still standing. > it's his party.
10:32 am
>> that's what he said. >> the other news i heard the president, several news nuggets there but on the daca issue, the dreamers, the president says we're looking at it and says we need something this return, something very substantial his words including the wall. that's in contrast to what the dinner that he had with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer where they said they would work out an arrangement allowing these 700,000 or 800,000 undocumented dreamers, they were kids when their parents came here to the united states illegally but they would be allowed to stay and the president agreed during that dinner as you remember and nia, that the wall would be down the road. the wall would not be part after arrangement allowing the dreamers to stay. >> and almost immediately, his story changed. it was partly because of what he was hearing from conservatives. they felt like he was giving away the store to chuck and nancy. on the daca deal. they had essentially won the
10:33 am
democrats. so that's why you hear him talking about the wall. from time to time, he does talk about the wall, talks about the wall in terms of that's the only way that some sort of daca deal will happen. democrats have said there is going to be no deal in terms of including a wall even republicans border state republicans, governors as well as folks in the house and senate aren't too keen on a wall either because it's so expense pib. we'll see. what was so clear to david's point, the president felt really good today. he was relishing those exchanges with those reporters it felt like he could have stayed there for 15 more minutes in front of reporters. he shook one reporter's hand who he felt got the story right. coverage of the gop meeting on the hill yesterday. he, of course, said it was a great meeting. he talked about corker. he talked about flake and also said that he felt like they would ultimately support his agenda that they would vote for tax reform. said he felt like he could get some democrats there. as we were watching, has a
10:34 am
president who does talk to the president much more so than -- >> loves the press. >> having a good moment he loves the press. >> first of all, we've covered the white house. i've never been around a president who will sit there 15 minutes and take all questions. this president who talks about the fake news and says things that are not true and seeks to delefth mize the press which is absolutely wrong, the trublth is he loves it. it's a game. people need to see that. this is a game in his mind. he loves waking up in the morning and having a sill lynn to beat up on. that's the news. i've never seen a president who uses the media in this way. >> the press is his oxygen. and he has always been that way. going back to the days when he posed as his own press secretary to reporters because nobody can represent his political point of view better than he can. so that's what he's doing out there. today i think he was feeling pretty good about the news that
10:35 am
the democrats paid money for the dossier. he was kind of teasing people. i think i know who the republican is who paid for it. but stay tuned. we'll do the big reveal at some point. and so he felt pretty good. i also think though when he said the press makes me more uncivil than i really am, that was his sort of way of saying to the people i'm really a nice guy. >> what he said was. >> my tweets don't matter. >> and he's really smart and went to an ivy league school. >> you did an excellent documentary on donald trump during the campaign going back, looking over his whole life. once again when is he said i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am, i went to an ivy league school. i'm very intelligent. they create a very different image of donald trump than the real person then he said when i'm attacked, i'm going to counterpunch and fight back. >> so there's the first part of that statement and there's the second part of that statement.
10:36 am
because when is you meet donald trump one-on-one, he's very charming. and everyone will tell you that. when he counterpunches, he's not so charming. i would argue that it's not always a counterpunch. very often it's an attack. as opposed to a counter punch. that's part of donald trump, as well, and you cannot pay no attention to that as jeff flake told us in his speech yesterday. but he came out there today to say to us, yeah, what these guys said i get it. but it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter because it's my party. >> hold on for a moment. i want to point out when he was recalling the conversation he had with the widow of la david johnson, did he say i have one of the great memories of all time. he remembered it precisely. stand by. everyone stand by for a moment. we have a lot more to unpack. we're going to be watching the breaking news including a possible concession on 4001ks in the tax push. a lot more on the dossier, the
10:37 am
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>> welcome back. we just heard the president answer questions from reporters on the south lawn of the white house for about 15 minutes. went through a lot of important issues. gloria, back to the panel, one thing that the president seemed to send mixed messages on his proposed tax cuts. he says 401(k)s, the retirement plans for the middle class, very important. doesn't want to touch it. then a reporter said kevin brady does want to touch it. he says maybe we'll touch it, maybe we won't touch it. he's sending conflicting signals. he said maybe for negotiating purposes we can say that but he doesn't want to touch it. >> this is the problem that republicans have. they want to get some indication what he will touch and what he won't touch. and what the parameters are
10:42 am
here. what's nonnegotiable, what's negotiable. the problem with the president he's not a policy person. and he just wants to win. and so whatever will get him to the finish line is what he wants. however, there are republicans who don't, who, do want to touch the 401(k), republicans very worried about the deficit issues. and bob cork ser one of them. and i think you know, there's a lot of push and pull that goes on here. it seems to me that the president is not the best one to negotiate in public over this because every time he does it, he gives republicans heartburn who are trying to get a united republican party which the president, of course, says they have. but they really don't. even on this. >> on a other issues he says we're not going to touch entitlement spending, there are a bunch of conservative republicans who think they should because that eats up so much of the federal expenditures every year.
10:43 am
so he's sending these signals that yes, we're going to have major major tax cuts but a lot of republicans are worried that the deficit, the national debt will skyrocket. >> right this has been a mantra from conservatives worrying about a debt crisis that's going to befall the united states. so to balloon the deficit which they saying be overcome by growth, this is a standard argument made by conservative tins. here you have a president driving tax policy and the agenda more than capitol hill with an original template of what he wanted to see done. so he's driving the process but not really in the weeds. he's making it complicated. one of the things we can take away from the past few days, the differences with the president from flake and corker are not as much ideological as they are character as they are about temperament. and you know, vulgarity and all the rest. he is still in control of this republican party if you look at the leadership, they're still with him. it's going to be interesting to
10:44 am
see with these twos figures in congress whether more speak up. >> adam staff writer for "the washington post," you want you to stand by. you broke the news a major article on the does yates. we're going to discuss that. we're going to discuss what the president just said about it. we'll resume all of this right after a quick break. ter sergean. they really appreciate the military family, and it really shows. we've got auto insurance, homeowners insurance. had an accident with a vehicle, i actually called usaa before we called the police. usaa was there hands-on very quick very prompt. i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. it can struggle with large debris and stuck on dust. at shark we asked, what if the vacuum head could do more? so we removed the front wall and added a rotating soft brush.
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liberty mutual insurance. well, i think it's very sad what they've done with this fake dossier. it was made up and i understand they paid a tremendous amount of money. and hillary clinton always denied it. the democrats always denied it. and now only because it's going
10:49 am
to come out in-court case they said yes, they did it, admitted it and they're embarrassed by it. i think it's a disgrace. it's a very sad -- it's a very sad commentary on politics in this country. >> president trump reacting to "the washington post" story revealing and confirming for the first time that the dossier was paid for by the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign although earlier an earlier version was paid by unnamed republicans. adam entities is a cnn contributor, part of the team that broke the story in the. >> why is this so significant? >> it con firps for the republicans and and trump that his enemy in the campaign hillary clinton was through a law firm funding the research that ended up in the dossier. i think it's important to keep in mind that the research was not producing a dossier. this was a british intelligence former british intelligence officer who was putting together
10:50 am
a series of reports based on his contacts in russia that then were provided to this company in washington, fusion gps. fusion would then provide it to the law firm. the firm would then share details with the campaign and i assume with people in the dnc although i'm not clear if that occurred. we don't do the reports actu to, do his reports actually go to people close to hillary clinton? as far as we can tell that doesn't appear to be the case. >> because the president he's obviously very angry about this. thinks this is a major, major development. we had reported on cnn months ago that democrats were paying for the dossier. we didn't see it was the hillary clinton campaign or dcu for the first time have confirmed that. but the president is also suggesting he thinks he knows who the republican was who originally started to pay for this so-called opposition
10:51 am
research. >> right. so keep in mind fusion gps, this company is hired initially by a republican client who during the republican primaries. at the time russia wasn't their focus. they didn't know what to focus on. there was a group of reporters doing their research. so initially looking at trump's business activities and that's what focused them on russia. . after the republican, whoever that person stops funding the efforts, after that, that's when chris tell, the former is hired by. the end product is the so-called dossier which is published. >> special assistant at one point. roper mueller now the special counsel. based on everything we know, so far, michael, is it your
10:52 am
assumption that perhaps some laws were violated? >> no, i don't think there were any laws that were violated. i think what we have has jusz been described opposition research performed by fusion gps hired by the perkins law firm and that's standard blocking and tackling stuff. if you wanted to see a juxta position of what may be lawful potentially unlawful, you look at this research performed by the clinton campaign versus the donald trump june 9th meeting way was a solicitation of donald trump junior to provide information which is prohibited by law because they are foreign nationals. so two different things here. what was reported on is interesting from a political standpoint but is irrelevant from a legal standpoint.
10:53 am
and the bottom line from mueller standpoint, wolf, he has to make a determination whether the contents of the dossier are in fact true, irrespective who paid for it. it doesn't matter to mueller who paid for it, what he wants to decide is whether this british intelligence officer reports which say that there was a relationship between the trumps and the kremlin for years back has merit. and if it has merit, how does that relate to the question of his counter intelligence mandate, which is was there interference with our election in the illegal way. >> adam, there was some talk that the fbi was going to pick up the tab at some point as well. they were that interested in the substance of the dossier. >> yeah. what happened was they were going to do that, then the wall street journal revealed who that was. >> who the british spy was? >> right. i think it's important to keep in mind here that i think cnn
10:54 am
broke the story that some of the meetings that are scribed in the dossier were verified when the intelligence officials went through intercepts, past intercepts, they were able to see those moments or references to those same moments which is how they were table to corroborate somt some of what's in the dossier, some have not been verified. but i think it's important to keep in mind the over all arch is in keeping with assessment which was the russians intervened to help trump and series of relationships that were interesting, we are not sure what they mean, but certainly interesting. >> and let's not forget the president even as recently as a few minutes ago said the whole russia investigation is a hoax. >> and don't forget pull the thread a little more, was that it was comey who drew the short
10:55 am
straw and had to inform the president of the dossier and that was one of the things that set the president off about comey early on. >> stand by. there are other important news coming in as well. nick nikki haley is getting a firsthand look at the brutal war. first cabinet officials in the trump administration to go to saha sahara and south sudan. in the democratic republican of congo. she filled those and got a lot done, apparently, but up date our viewers. you are traveling with her right now. up date our viewers on the latest. >> reporter: that's right, wolf, today we visited south sudan,
10:56 am
juba where she met with the president there, and this was a tough meeting. yesterday ambassador hallie visited a camp in ethiopia. she heard horrific stories from women how their children were killed and husband's and raped. that got her going. she was going to give a tough message to president lear about the brutal civil war and the horrific some people are calling them crimes against humanity. but really fired up after the horrific things that she witnessed yesterday in those refugee cams. so she told me she met with the president here. that the u.s., if you remember, wolf, in 2011 helped give birth to this nation, youngest nation in the world voted for ipd ens in 2011. u.s. has given billions of
10:57 am
dollars since has supported the government. meanwhile, previed go over a lot of this violence. and she's saying to him, listen, you into he had to cut it off. you need to let aid workers -- >> just lost unfortunately or connection. we'll check back wither had. but you get the gist of the latest developments in after kach, africa. we'll weigh in on the president, his feud with republican senators, and bragging about own in tell begins and memory and much more right after a quick break. i love you, basement guest bathroom. your privacy makes you my number 1 place to go number 2. i love you, but sometimes you stink. febreze air effects doesn't just mask, it cleans away odors. because the things you love the most can stink.
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