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tv   New Day  CNN  October 30, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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there has been criticism that they have been slow to police their own platform. >> we need more scrutiny. >> we'll see where it came from. there is an old saying, don't believe everything you read. >> unfortunately people do and will continue to. "new day" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. the first arrest in special counsel robert mueller's investigation could happen as early as today. >> anybody targeted should be concerned. >> it is is likely to be either mike flynn or paul manafort. >> we still don't have any evidence of collusion. >> the president fired up over what he calls a lack of investigations into hillary clinton and the democrats. >> he is doing everything possible to distract s. and now
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this under current. >> perhaps there is something here. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". sit monday, october 30th. 6:00 in new york. here is on our starting line. will we see the first arrest in bob mueller's investigation today? that is the question. it is possible in light of news that cnn was first here for it. they did return the first indictment on friday. now, at this point we don't know the nature or the target of the indictments. president trump, though, seems once again to slam the investigation into a witch-hunt, insisting that hillary clinton and democrats paying for oppositional research about trump's ties in russia is the
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real russian collusion. the president's attorney says mr. trump's tweets are unrelated to mueller news. >> so all of this could overshadow a big week for president trump. house republicans are set to unveil their tax bill but suffering a major setback ahead of the announcement. and his pick for federal reserve chief before embarking on a five-nation trip to asia. a senate panel begins today for a the need for a new war authorization sparked by the deadly ambush in niger. secretary of state tillerson will be in the hot seat this afternoon. we have it all covered for you. jessica, take us through it. >> well, alisyn, all eyes on our district court in d.c. today. we expect to learn what charges have been approved by the grand jury as soon as today and who will be arrested and taken into custody. right now the charges are still under seal from orders from a
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federal judge. but we do know, as cnn first reported friday, this is the first indictment in the months long russian probe by special counsel robert mueller. the first arrest since special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation could happen as early as today. >> i think anybody who has been advised by the special counsel, which i'm sure he has done to the people that are, should be concerned. >> reporter: russia's middles in the 2016 election included trump campaign associates, multiple have come under scrutiny. among them, former chairman paul manafort. fbi raided his virginia home back in july. it includes possible money laundering. >> we know that the russian government was reaching out to paul manafort and others and
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offering information on hillary clinton. they thought would help the trump campaign. >> reporter: manafort denied being involved with russia. also coming under scrutiny, michael flynn who trump ousted for failing to disclose his contacts with russia. >> we don't know who has been in charge. we don't know what they're being charged for. >> reporter: trey gowdy defending the probe as his republican colleagues call for a stop to the investigation. >> i will encourage my republican friends give a guy a chance to do his job. >> reporter: mueller's investigation ramping up in recent weeks. grilling reince priebus and former press secretary sean spicer earlier this month over the abrupt firing of fbi director james comey and closed door oval office meeting with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. and also meeting with chris officer steele overseas. a former british spy whose now
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infamous dossier shows russian efforts to help the trump campaign. it includes possible obstruction of justice for trying to impede the investigation by removing james comey. mueller's team scrutinized mr. trump and his financial ties to the kremlin. >> there was no collusion on my side. i can tell you that. >> reporter: independent senator angus king questioning that. >> we're the ones doing the investigation. it is way premature to say that a conclusion has been reached. >> so while the who and what surrounding the charges are still unknown, we know deputy attorney general rob rosenstein would have been known pwts charges before taken to the grand jury. he has oversight over the russia investigation since attorney general jeff sessions recused
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himself. so the mystery still surrounds this indictment. we could find out, though, as early as today who exactly is is charged. chris? >> impressive they have been able to keep it quiet all weekend long. i know it was despite my efforts. you have to think it through stem by step. let's start with a report by joe johns live at the white house with more. what's the word, joe? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the white house on edge this morning as the president, like everyone else, sits and waits for the special counsel charges. now, this of course is a president who often teases out details of coming events. now having to wait on the sidelines as robert mueller makes his big reveal. over the weekend, of course, the president on twitter choosing not to talk specifically about special counsel.
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instead, focusing on hillary clinton, among other things with a tweet talking about collusion which doesn't exist. using this terrible and bad for our country witch-hunt for evil politics. but the r's are now fighting back like never before. there's so much guilt. democrats/clinton. do something in caps. all of this russia talk right when the republicans are making a big press for historic tax cuts and reform. is this coincidental? not! and then the follow-up by his lawyer, ty cobb, contrary to what many suggested, it is unrelated to activities of special counsel with whom he continues to cooperate. the only thing on the president's public schedule today points to the bitter timing of this, he has a halloween at the white house event scheduled this evening. chris and alisyn, back to you. >> the web so tangled on the
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rationale side. we will save it. let's deal first with what's going on with these indictments, what they could mean, what the strategic considerations are. a great panel. all right. we know that there were indictments. even though it was all a secret process, it would start to come out that something is going to happen. what is your early take on what we know so far? >> chris, this is a morning for using the three words you're never allowed to say on cable news which are i don't know. i don't know whose charged. i don't know what the charges are. that could make all the difference how significant this morning's news is. obviously it is not a good thing for the people under investigation that mueller has indicted someone. you know, just to state the obvious. but who it is and what the charges are, it's just -- it's not clear. >> that word came out of a sealed indictment.
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are you shocked of that? >> sealed indictments, the only reason for a sealed indictment, as far as i'm aware, you think if you reveal the indictment the person will flee. >> right. >> you look at the people under scrutiny here, they are all public figures. the idea that they would somehow flee to russia or somewhere else seems remote to me. but there must be some explanation for why mueller has done this. i suspect that is one of the things we will learn today. >> why do you think it's today? i'm giving you a chaps to choose your words. >> i don't know. i don't know why it is today. our colleagues reported this friday that there was a charge. >> right. >> it's a very unusual situation where you report that a sealed indictment exists but you don't know who or what. so i am sitting here with very elaborate ways of saying i don't know. >> you're doing heck of a job. >> is it possible that whatever
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the charges are today, are not related to the trump campaign but rather hypothetically let's say paul manafort worked in ukraine, something shady happening there. >> sure. alisyn, we know there are three investigations, house intelligence committee, is senate intelligence committee, and special prosecutor. i agree with jeffrey, having worked with robert mueller, the sixth director of the fbi, his hallmarks are secrecy when it comes to a grand jury matter. could it relate to manafort? absolutely. when the special counsel starts to see something, if other things come up during the course of conduct, they become fair play. it could be a structure case. it could be something dealing with russia. absolutely. >> we do know that he executed -- that mueller's office executed a search warrant at mueller's house -- >> manafort's.
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>> manafort's. >> that will come next if the politics play out the way it looks now. >> that is a very aggressive investigative step that someone you are investigating. obviously he is a candidate for dilate here. that does not mean he will be indicted today or ever. >> the fact that they are sealed, in this context, probably a different calculus than it normally is. when i was pounding the phones trying to get a little taste of what this might be. monday, i have to know what it is monday. we're first up. and i kept getting waved off monday. yeah, it could be monday. it could not be mob. don't be so worried about that. but the strategic concern did seem to be suggest issive ivss this is not the big show. they have presented evidence since july. that this is a building matter. >> i think that's a very important point.
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we all want everything resolved yesterday. this investigation started just in may. white collar investigations can take many months. it may be different from where the investigation lines up. the traditional way to mold the case is to charge lesser players and try to get them to flip on higher-ups. this could be a case against a lesser player. it could be on an unrelated matter. but they are trying to get that person to flip even on other subjects. yes, we will learn a lot once the charges are unsealed. >> we have this image of two people in trench coats, fedoras on, cold car. i don't want to use the term benign. you talk about low-hanging fruit. this could be failure to disclose on an fs-86.
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>> which is what? >> the document that if you are going to come into contact with national security information -- >> is that what jared kushner did? >> we know he failed to identify a variety of meetings with different russians on there. but you have to prove intent. was it a mistake, oversight, or something nor thnefarious? >> hypothetically, let's say some names we have been talking about for months. paul manafort. we know he had shady deals. mike flynn. if mike flynn were to charge, would that necessarily be about the trump campaign? >> not at all. this is a wide-ranging investigation. certainly both flynn and manafort have been investigated in terms of their relationship with other countries. michael flynn was involved regarding turkey.
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if the charges relate to that, that does not relate to the russia investigation. however, the pressure used because of that case, you get him to talk about russia alternatively. mike flynn, paul manafort may have nothing to say about higher ups. we need not assume there are nefarious activities. >> i'm relieved about the curiosity of who it is. the action in and of itself is a good play by the mueller team, for two reasons. people say we want some action. it's been a long time. now you have the ball starting to roll, the first set of indictments. it's not that long. he started present anything july.
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this progress matters. that's enough for me right now. gentlemen, appreciate it. >> thank you both very much. how will president trump respond about the first charges in the mueller probe today and why is the president pointing the finger at hillary clinton and the democrats on russian collusion? we discuss the particulars next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. i want ycome on mom!t easy. go slow. ♪
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special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation entering a new phase. sources tell cnn the first arrests could come as early as today. president trump taking to twitter yesterday expressing the scrutiny should be on hillary clinton and the democrats. let's discuss with our panel john avalon and ron brownstein. great to have you here. for people who missed the president's tweets, let me recap. here there are. never seen such republican anger and unity as i have concerning the lack of investigation on clinton made fake dossier now $12 million. don't know where he got that figure. the uranium to russia deal 33,000 plus deleted e-mails, the comey fix and so much more. instead they look at phony from trump/russia collusion which doesn't exist. the dems are using this terrible, and bad for our country, witch-hunt for evil politics but the r's are now
3:19 am
fighting back like never before. there is so much guilt by democrats/clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. do something. if there is an overdrive button on twitter, hit it. any thoughts on this? >> well, first of all, your reespecialre especial reenactment was wonderful. twitter is his natural medium. these are the real thoughts of the president in real-time. he is trying to rally the base because that is his greatest protection, while deflecting all anger at the democrats. this goes back to the debate toward the end of the '16 campaign. he said i'm no pupet. you're the puppet. >> i'm less interested in how he reacts than how republicans react to how he reacts today. first of all, two parts to the communication strategy. the first part, and this is breeder than this investigation.
3:20 am
you rally the base by starting kind of a -- igniting a personal conflict with someone else. he cycles through. hillary clinton and james comey today, somebody else tomorrow. the other tweet you didn't read, though, one attempting to undermine the legitimacy of special counsel where he said coincidence that this is coming while -- >> tax stpwhrs taxes. and trying to undermine the republican legislative agenda is as a lifelong republican. i think those are the two elements. ignite personal crises, confrontations, trying to undermine the credibility on of any institution that he believes can threaten him. the question is, republicans earlier in the summer, as john and i were talking about, lindsay grimes, tom tillis, cory booker, they were talking about protecting the reinforcement of the special counsel. are they willing to send clear
3:21 am
signals to the president today and in the days to come that they do not want to fire the special counsel under any circumstance. because if they don't -- >> let's play what the president said himself october 16th when asked about this. >> are you considering firing robert mule senator. >> no, not at all. as of the 16th, he was a firm no. we know that there can be a capriciousness to how he sees things. he has one strong move, one weak. the strong is talk about uranium one. the clinton foundation and the money clinton got. that is nothing to do with just the mind of trump. republicans have been on that a long time. they believe there was a lot there left to lie. so there's he's on strong ground. sit not just about him
3:22 am
profferring something. don't expect republicans to pick up the phone and say anything about uranium one. >> they benefit from the deflection too. the conversation happening behind closed doors is deeply embarrassing politically. when the president said, no, shut it down. that reflects the new legal team strategy, ty cobb. we are working with the probe. we have nothing to hide. mr. president, please don't threaten to fire mueller. that dekhraoesed the threat level on congress. that is a bit naive. it would set off a constitutional crisis, that was actually responsible legislation and seems to be an error to believe that on the advice of counsel. >> gowdy said let mueller do his job. you know i love a good body language segment.
3:23 am
you're about to analyze not adam schiff's body language but more his side glances. here is adam schiff. >> the idea that the president is not under investigation, is that your conclusion? >> i can't comment on that, george. i can't answer that one way or the other. >> you wouldn't know whether robert mueller is investigating the president? >> i can't comment on that at all. >> robert mueller has interviewed white house officials as part of his investigation. now some of them are involved in the campaign. but you're interviewing reince priebus, sean spicer and others. that implies you are looking at actions taken in office which would imply that the president is at least in the broad scope of the investigation. if he looks straight ahead at what special counsel has been doing, it tells you he is
3:24 am
looking at the president. >> he also may not know. there is no reason for bob mueller to pick up the phone and tell anything. >> look, to be clear, these are separate investigations. there may be some communication between the committees. there was that sort of cat at the canary gaze. it could be a lovely washington game. >> so the president issuing uranium one. all the money. the disclosure that the government was aware that there was all of this money going into the clinton foundation. >> two owners ago. >> but there is fertile ground. on the do's a, i don't get it. you have the stronger minds. how is hillary clinton tkpwplt or any word you want to put, responsible for collusion which of course doesn't exist in the law but would for a high crime of misdemeanor. how do they get it by being a victim of the interference. because they hacked her e-mails.
3:25 am
and doing awful research where the guy went to his russian sources. >> they are saying that she also cooperated with a foreign national. >> but he's an ally. it has to be hostile. >> they do eliminate that. >> this is full-on deflection. what's dangerous about this, some of these talking points are being parroted by pretty influential sources. >> right. that's what i'm talking about. >> that is pure deflection. i'm not a puppet. you are a puppet. i didn't collude. you colluded. >> the charge of colluding with a foreign government is not something that american politician. it is a very different order of magnitude. what happened here is they are trying to fuzz the line in the sand. i think most people recognize
3:26 am
the difference between column a and column b. >> and in the first round of the dossier we know was funded by republicans against trump. >> hold on a second. this actually matters. the dossier, if you're talking about steele, then the republicans didn't have anything to do with it. in fact, you could argue that the democrat money, the democrat money went into fusion gps, according to fusion gps, before they brought in steele. so, yes, the democrat money went to fuel the dossier, steele's work. but they were even in before he was there. again, i don't get the second line of this argument. please, make it to us. what is the argument for clinton colluding on the basis of a dossier. >> gentlemen, thank you. >> that is typing there. >> furious typing. all caps. is the president's approval hitting a new low? what do numbers say about his base? >> it says they're busy type to go me right now. man: proper etiquette is essential
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president trump's approval ratings hitting a new low. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll say 38% approve of the job he is doing, the lowest of any president in modern history in this stage of his presidency. ron, help us crunch these numbers. let me show you a few examples. this is his approval among whites. in september a month ago, it was 51%. now 47%. among whites with no college degree, september 58%, now 51%. what do you see? >> that's an important number. he has underperformed among college educated whites. if you look at his approval to other republicans, he is conspicuously le below. the base has been blue collar
3:32 am
working class white voters, culturally conservative. won more than reagan since 1984. now both that and the fox poll put approval down to around 50%, a significant decline from his vote. and reflects partly the same thing with the white collar whites, the demeanor, the way he is conducting himself as president and the health care bill, deeply unpopular in working class whites. he went down the road of trying to take away their benefits. he has paid a cost in working class support. they are hoping for a tax cut in effect to bring that back. as you know, all the analysis is that it has very small benefits for people at the median income and below actually raises taxes on many people in the upper middleclass primarily to give benefits to corporations and those at the top. >> i think policy has some impact when you break down the
3:33 am
issues. people are aware -- >> especially in a job approval poll. >> that's correct. as someone who has been president over nine months, they believed they were getting a charismatic executive who would show business savvy, problem-solver. the problem-solver side is totally mia. there is a degree of embarrassment. the key number is inspect voters, 34%. that's a really bad number. >> the economy is doing really well. this is what wh a president should be well above, 50% or above.
3:34 am
when you talk about the number crunches over the weekend, if he gets taxes done, he has a trampoline effect on this job approval. >> i agree. >> but he would have delivered something. take the other side. why? >> first of all, yes, it's better than the alternative. it is better than not passing the taxes. if you're talking about voters in white working class america, the core of his base, feeling their economic situation is not improving, they are skeptical of the tax cut. >> how do we know? >> all the polling. whether they believe it will benefit them, whether they believe it will be beneficial from the economy. the fact is, we talked about this before, the president has shown he can dominate. we read all tweets. he has not shown he can move public opinion. >> if he says there will be a tax cut, why isn't that help something. >> people don't believe it.
3:35 am
>> we need to see what the actual bill is. >> if it looked like what he has been promising, a middle class tax cut that cut corporate taxes, it had that approach, close some deduction loopholes, it would be back at the base. if it is geared towards the already wealthy, there listen a sense of betrayal, i believe. >> even in white working class numbers, the biggest is the disa affection. they don't like the way his approach, his demeanor. you are taking the most
3:36 am
culturally alienated from trump and hitting them to the point where incredibly tax policy centers said 60% of all families between 150 and 350 k, the upper middleclass with increased taxes under this bill, that is a lot of bricks on the load. >> here's one thing we know. the national association of home builders, a key alley, have come out against it because they are worried about the mortgage deduction going away. they are quite concerned and have expressed this to congress. now congress is maybe rethinking what we will see. >> that is a big deal. removing the mortgage deduction would be devastate to go some folks. that's a big deal. >> gentlemen, thank you very
3:37 am
much. >> this is an investigation we have to follow. two navy s.e.a.l.s being looked at in the murder of an army green beret. why is it seen this way? we have answers next. n to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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on select adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at a powerful storm knocked out power to a million customers in the northeast. cnn meteorologist chad myers has the forecast. what does that mean? >> we could have had a big snowstorm if this were january. wind and rain knocked on the power for a lot of people. tempurpedic sleep is power. 250 flights canceled out of the northeast this morning. look at mount washington's wind gusts. 124 miles per hour. i know they have ugly weather up there. but 124?
3:42 am
that's pretty ridiculous. it isn't over yet but it's on its way out. by 5:00, this is all just a bad memory. by thursday, we are in good shape for a really nice warmup. new york city back up into the 60s. chilly a couple more days in the northeast. new england through the great lakes. finally, finally we start to push this cold air out. there is a slight warmup. the west cools down. the northeast warms up nicely. in the 60s to 70. d.c., philadelphia, all the way up to boston. alisyn. >> that was good, chad. thank you very much. puerto rico's power authority is moving to scrap a $300 million contract with montana-based whitefish energy. they were supposed to rebuild power lines destroyed after hurricane maria. the no-bid contract came under intense scrutiny after fema said they did not approve the whitefish contract. it is located in the small hometown of president trump's
3:43 am
interior secretary ryan zinke. the white house and zinke said they had no role in awarding this contract. puerto rico's governor will join us live in the next hour to talk about all of this. naval officials confirm to go cnn that two navy s.e.a.l.s are under investigation in connection with the murder of an army green beret in mali. barbara starr live with details. mali, what do we know about that and why this is being investigated. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this happened in the west africa an nation of mali back in june. the pentagon never publicly disclosed it. "new york times" breaking that story. cnn able to confirm in fact, naval criminal investigators looking into the death of staff sergeant logan melgar. he is a green beret that was serving with the u.s. embassy in the west africaan nation of mali, found dead back in june. the army turned it over to the
3:44 am
navy. a clear sign navy personnel are under investigation after a military coroner ruled his death a homicide. his wife has been notified of this investigation, we're told. but what exactly happened remains the murder mystery at this point the. two navy s.e.a.l.s under investigation for it. we simply don't know was there some sort of personal altercation between the men? was it some seniority of military hazing incident, if you will? no public acknowledgment yet of exactly what happened. this all remains very much under investigation. >> this is bizarre, barbara. thank you for the reporting. please keep us posted on this. so there is a waiting game happening in washington. the first arrest in robert mueller's investigation could come as early as today. what does this mean for the russia investigations next.
3:45 am
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all right. is sources tell cnn the first arrest in special counsel bob mueller's russia investigation could come as soon as today. why? we know there are sealed indictments. usually action on them comes soon after they are presented. so joining is us now is democratic senator chris coombs of delaware. one of the congressional panels investigating of course russia's election meddling. senator, as always, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, chris. good to be on with you again. >> so, would you like to squash this expectation that because there are sealed documents we could see action as soon as today? >> no, chris. i don't know who has been indicted. i don't know when special counsel mueller might act on it, might execute indictments if they have been handed down. that's appropriate. they should remain sealed.
3:50 am
we'll just have to wait for developments later today or this week. typically in a large complex federal criminal investigation or an ongoing investigation that is into a range of sensitive matters such as the one robert mueller is leading, they begin at the bottom and work their way up. they will go for indictments more quickly against junior leaders to coerce more senior figures to cooperate with them in order to move an investigation ford forward. compared to your typical large investigation, this has moved fairly quickly. >> yeah, it has. just for people's context, started presenting to the grand jury in july. now you get an indictment. that is not slow by most cases i have looked at in the past. >> that is really fast for an investigation of this scale and this size. >> right. you are right. again, again, historically, although we don't have a lot of precedent with this type of investigation, the small fish to
3:51 am
big fish is the normal pattern. really when i was kind of eyebrow popping this weekend, everybody saying manafort, flynn, manafort, flynn. but if you're starting small, a lot of other people could lead into those two gentlemen. maybe it doesn't have to do with those two guys. >> that's right. there apparently has been some investigations into money laundering, real estate deals and complex financial transactions. that's just a guess on my part in who has been hired to join robert mueller's team and who has been seen coming and going from the grand jury room. we have no visibility into this investigation in the senate. and i think that's what's appropriate. >> the fact that they're sealed, what do you make of that? >> i think that's also typically practice in a federal investigation in order to make it possible for investigators to arrange for a handover of someone going into custody or to
3:52 am
make sure they don't get advanced notice they're about to be arrested to prevent document destruction or witness tampering. you mentioned two names that have been widely discussed. paul manafort of president trump's campaign manager. mike flynn, former general flynn, his first national security adviser. both of them have been subject to fairly significant questioning both by panels in the senate and house and by the robert mueller investigation. so they are very likely to be on the short list. but there's a number of other figures involved in this wide scale investigation. >> right. again, i'm just putting the names out there because we have been hearing them. i would not be surprised if it doesn't involve one of those gentlemen from my digging over the weekend and before. full disclosure. you know we have been pounding on the authorization of use of military force. i think it is an objective truth that congress has puncted on this duty for administration
3:53 am
after administrationadministrat. i say administrations on purpose. you go from bush to obama to trump. here you are where you guys don't really know what is going on around the world. that could be blamed on the executive. but sit your job to demand that they come in, present the case and you vote consistent with the constitutional authority to declare war. and that's what it is when you put blood and treasure on the line. you're making war. what is your take on what begins today in terms of this debate and these hearings and where should it go for congress? >> well, chris, later today secretary mattis and secretary tillerson and secretary of defense will appear in front of the senate foreign relations committee to debate why we need an authorization for the use of military force. i feel strongly that 16 years after the congress authorized
3:54 am
the 2001 so-called aumf, our declaration of war, against those based in afghanistan, who attacked new york and the united states on 9/11, that we have gone far afield from that initial authorization. most weren't even in congress in 2001. and i don't think it was easy to imagine that we would some day lose american soldiers in the battle field against isis in a country called mali in west africa based on an attack launched in 2001 from afghanistan thousands of miles away. i do think this is an urgent job on behalf of the united states senate. i'm looking forward to the hearings today. i have been very active in african policy. i have been to nigeria, chad, mali. most of my colleagues should be paying more attention to the 20 countries in africa where we have some u.s. troops.
3:55 am
some in small groups and some in large groups fighting terrorism across that continent. >> when schumer and graham said i didn't even know how many troops were in niger, that's on you guys. that is the executive not telling you enough. why tell you. you're not curious about it. of course the executive is going to take authority that you guys give it. but it's on you. i really hope, senator, you have been active in this part of the world in africa and what's going on there. i hope you guys jump up and down about this. you guys are not shy when it comes to putting your flag in the ground. this matters. if you support the troops, support their mission. you know, advise and assist. we know now with what we saw in niger, it's not an accurate assessment what they are up against in the field. we will follow this quickly. senator, thank you for being on "new day", on a monday morning especially. >> thank you. the first charges filed. now the first arrests in mueller's russia investigation could come as early as today.
3:56 am
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the first arrests in bob mueller's russia investigation could happen as early as today. >> it is important to emphasize whatever it is is really just the beginning. >> i have not yet seen any definitive evidence of collusion. >> if something develops that is more serious it will take up some space. >> it is not a side show. we continue the hard work of getting to what happened. >> president trump shifting attention to hillary clinton. >> there are other things that seem to be much more evidence of cooperation with russia. >> we have seen this before. deflection, distraction, turning it around into something else. >> i understand why he continues to bring up hillary clinton because it is political crack for his base. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> we'll be talking about all of that. good


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