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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this is chris kristy lieutenant governor, she is not close to winning this race. if you go back four years ago, this is the stunning victory for kristy. we're talking about how can a moderate republican win in a blue state, four years later, it is kristy's legacy that has favored in new jersey as we get ready to count the votes, wolfe. >> we have a key race alert, take a look at this cnn from jessica. cnn from projects phil murphy will be elected the new governor. a major win for the democrats. jake and danaing this sms that was anticipated because chris tisty and donald trump in new jersey right now not all that popular. >> it's a blue state. four years ago i was covering governor kristy's re-election.
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it was a staggering night for his elections, he won 60% of the vote. four years, several life times in politics. right now it is tough for new jersey republicans. i've heard people mejs they think it's going to be tough for several years if part because chris kristy ending his term as popular as he is. >> the person who is his lieutenant governor was the one running. the two of them weren't exactly thick as thieves but she still had to additionally with the fact that the governor, chris kristy was an albatross around her neck. what new jersey has done was gone back to the natural way of things, because it is a blue state. what we're going to see now is a democratic governor who is a
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goldman sachs executive, when he is a former ambassador under a democratic president, under obama to germany. and he is somebody who is going to follow in the footsteps of another goldman sachs executive who didn't end his term and career as a new jersey governor rerl. so the question is if he's going to have a different kind of forecast. obviously he's done so well right now that the voters have a lot of confidence. >> it's good news for democrats who are looking for any good news than what has been in the business mal year with democrats in the worst positions that have been in several generations. we should also take a look at fact that the lieutenant governor, who we're projecting is not going to win this evening. she ran a national lisk light campaign that we've seen talking
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about prime, ms-13, talking a lot about sanctuary cities, republicans are trying to figure out if this is a way for them to win in the future. and we're seeing not in new jersey at the very at least. >> the one thing also to keep in mind and this is a remainder of, you're mentioning talking about covering chris kristy four years ago, and it was such a land slide and we were talking about how a republican won so big in a blue state, and also talking about 2016, looking ahead at that point to the presidential race and thinking, how can anybody possibly come up against him. well, look what happened in that presidential election. so it also shows how quickly things change in politics. >> phil murphy, the democrat will be the next governor of new jersey. anderson over to you. ryan what's the seen in virginia? >> reporter: well, it's not a very positive one for
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republicans here in virginia. they do not feel encouraged at all by the numbers coming in. i've been in contact with the senior republican adviser, this is someone who has direct knowledge of the company and looking -- campaign and looking closely at these numbers. this person described this to me tonight as a total dim sweep. he said crushing numbers and he also said that it is over. this adviser also telling me this is a reparrandum on donald trump and his presidency. this is a national result and likely dims who are federal are likely turning out. meaning, these are voters coming out in big numbers in opposition to donald trump. this is an important development in this race tonight. we will not expect this would be a race we could call. not that we've called it yet but right now i can tell you, anderson, republicans here in richmond not impressed at all with the votes. >> that was a republican saying
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these thing to you? >> reporter: yes, this was a senior republican adviser, someone in the room seeing these numbers come in. this is someone who understands what's happening with this race and he told me tonight it is over. >> at this point it's too early for us to call certainly as we continue to look at the votes coming in. let's go to the panel. the news for democrats in new jersey still to be determined in virginia. >> right and their optimistic. i've begin talking to somebody in the northam campaign who is very optimistic this evening. he said while trump is the inescapable back drop to all of this, racist are about candidates, hard to say that but it is about candidates. and you had a northam, an attractive doctor, a pediatrician running against a former d.c. lobbyist. and this is not the year for
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lobbyist. yes, he was chair of republican national committee and he worked for george w. bush and was a senior adviser in the campaign. so people wasn't sure what he was but it was an established republican lobbyist and northam is a very attractive candidate. this is coming from the democrat, and the northam says yes, it's about votes. only 33% say they come to vote to oppose trump, 47% said trump not a t factor. so we can't forget that. >> david. >> you know, i would say you have two candidates who weren't particularly compelling especially to the basis of their parties. it really was about trump, it was whether gillespie embracing some of the cultural issues and on the other side whether all of
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this energy we heard democrats express would translate to turn out. we've seen a strong turn out in virginia to the point where some of the republicans tell me that they're concerned about the virginia house. they have a 2-1 margin in the virginia house but expect to take heavy losses tonight in the virginia house. i think this has been a race about donald trump and the news isn't particularly good for him tonight. >> i think that's right. most of the democrats i talked to in virginia not so as bullish on northam as the focused that you talked to. >> or work for him. >> yeah you're right. especially down the stretch he seems to sort of lose whatever momentum he had. the cultural issues often seemed
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unsteady on his feet in a lot of democrats. i think we're going to see a lot of people talk about demographic. one thing we want to look at are the african-american voters. northam had some challenges, right in terms of race, in terms of whether or not to embrace a lieutenant governor candidate who was just in fairfax, we'll see what that did if anything to the african-american vote. i think overall we're seeing how difficult it is for democrats to run in this cultural environment of the kind that donald trump has created this go around. around the nfl, around statutes robert e. lee, aren't sanction rare cities -- >> that's something gillespie m embraced. we ghot to take a quick break. we're less than an hour away from president trump's speech of north korea crises.
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. welcome back we have a key race in virginia. 61% of the votes are in. northam building his lead of the republican. and gillespie 51.2% to
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gillespie. 4.6 he's ahead by 57 votes. if your ed gillespie, what does he need to do right now, can he come back? >> can he come back, no. the short answer if you look at this -- i don't believe we've counted all the votes, but most of the vote is in in these counties and it's not a lot of votes. you're winning 68% of the vote, here with 80% of the votes. there's not a lot of votes out here for gillespie. for republican to win statewide in today's virginia, you have to either win or break even, just barely lose loudoun county, he's losing almost 20 points in loudoun county. republicans to win statewide in virginia that i will tell you
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you have to win -- so in the d.c. suburbs northam is running it up. the capital city, african-american turn out. one more quick one, northam lives in norfolk, we don't have votes from there yet. he's winning in -- this is filling in in a big way. >> we got a major projection right now. as cnn projects ralph northam will be elected governor of virginia, beating ed gillespie. continuing to win in virginia, ralph northam will be the next governor of virginia. let's go over to briana, she's at the headquarters right now. projection has been made, briana. >> there's a delay here wolfe,
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it's about to be made and you're going to hear this crowd going wild right now. they were going wild earlier when you asked john king, could gillespie come back from this and he said no. there were a lot of nerves coming back from democrats back in virginia, that's because they thought it would play in favor of gillespie. in the end they felt like it would have had he stuck to an economic message. instead of going into the culture wars and some of positions backed by president trump didn't do gillespie well but they were worried that it could be the reversals. >> briana stand by we're going to get back to you. over to jake and dana. big win. >> new jersey -- which cnn is projecting and that was eight years of a republican in that
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seat before that. now objectives in a very competitive state there are commonwealth of virginia, cnn projecting the ralph northam, the democratic lieutenant governor will win. it has to be seen to a degree as a rejection of president trump who is the strongest prevailing political figure in the country. if you look at who turned down according to the exit polls and how often people who voted for trump voted gillespie and how many opposed trump voted for northam. that is a strong sign of the rejection of trump. t also a sign of gres piece, pretty much up until the last two months known as a member of the republican establishment, someone who worked for judge w bush's white house. but in the last couple months run the campaign when it comes to a television ad it was
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devoted to a message of culture wars and issues that divide people, especially in virginia where there was that horrific murder by a white supremacist of a protesters in charlottesville riot. it's a democratic leaning state, this is not the entire nation but it's a good night for democrats and i think a rejection to a degree of trump and perhaps more trumpism. >> actually. that's exactly what was going to say. i'm not sure how much of a message to say it was trump per se since -- it is one of those blue state of late that he didn't turn red. but the question that you and i started talking about going into this evening is whether or not a gillespie win would allow and really propel other republicans
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who were going to be on the ballot next year to wrap themselves in the cultural trumpism. about ms-13 and so forth. the fact that gillespie was not a trump-like candidate at all did try that in the last few weeks and it didn't win, will probably make a lot of republicans who don't naturally fit into that think twice about it. i think we should look at the democratic side, because the question has been whether or not democrats can get their act together and whether or not they can have a win. the answer tonight is yes. they did it with a candidate who was not the liberal darling. the bernie sanders kind of candidate. that kind of candidate, lost in the primaries. the democrats won with a more moderate version of a candidate and that also could be a suggestion to the party as they
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are really trying to find themselves. they're having a real identity crises, in a purple state that's the kind of flsflat you run. >> and remember wolfe there were five house seats and democrats one won of them and lost five. so, since donald trump won, democrats have had bad election night after bad election night, finally democrats have a good election. >> not tonight. two important wins for the democrats right now. democrats have won political races tonight in virginia and new jersey. two more races by the way, to go. and a major address by the president of the united states in seoul south korea coming up.
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and there you see big wins for the democratic candidates both in the state of new jersey as well as in the commonwealth of virginia. back to our panel. this shouldn't be too much of a
5:24 pm
surprise that the democrats won in both states. >> right. i think we're learning tonight some old rule of politics still pl apply. you have a president who is at the lowest approval ratings and you're having a voter reaction to that. it's actually not that complicated. >> you think this does have something to do with trump? >> absolutely. take a look. 33% of voters who went to the polls in virginia say they went in opposite of trump. those voters, 98% voted for northam. only 17%, that went in opposition went in support. they were a far smaller share. there's clearly a trump factor here. he's under water by 13 points in virginia. there's a trump factor in new jersey, but some old rules apply. you have a really unpopular president of one party, the
5:25 pm
other party is responding. >> and here's another rule, this was northam's race to lose and he didn't lose it. and good for him, but he didn't lose it right. >> david. >> to tackle what gloria said earlier it's about the candidates. >> but i didn't let trump off the hook. >> no no to your particular -- i don't see this as being a huge victory for the democratic party, they just forestall defeat and they're going to have a war because northam that points out is pretty right because what's being called a blue dog democrat, went to war, voted for bush twice. so when democrats sit around congratulating themselves they're going to think about who do we pick for our future. >> dan, do you see a win for the democratic party? >> this was a first real test
5:26 pm
for the resistance. if we lost here this was going to be a complete disaster and you're going to have a democratic party fall apart. there was a real danger that anti-trump reversion could have kurt ld into anti-political conversion. people would be so outraged that they wouldn't come out. what we show is this party is maturing under the weight of this party. you got a party that's maturing, yes, we have offer differences but we still showed up when it mattered. >> we got to take a break. we only have 2.5 more hours to discuss this. trump's speech about the nuclear threat. live on that. and also how kim jong-un may respond if he will. that's all ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back. virginia, major win for the democrats. john king, how did they do it? the democrats won in virginia. they did it relatively easy
5:31 pm
looks like. >> sometimes politics is complicated, sometimes it's basically arithmetic. you turn out votes where the people are, that's what virginia did. in the populated systems in suburbs it becomes more d democratic. loudoun county used to be a swing county, 59%. a republican cannot win statewide if you're getting beat by almost 20 points in loudoun county, virginia. fairfax moves 66% to 32%. the republican with not expect to win fairfax county but you can't get beat by 20 points because of the number people that live in these parts. as you start to go close in suburbs, further out suburbs, there is for x ex urban area. for a republican to win statewide you got to win
5:32 pm
principal county. to lose it's got to be 50-49. and gillespie did what he did down here, we're waiting on the rural counties. not a lot of people. 6,000 votes. you're getting 75% of the votes with 6300 votes. up here you're getting 59% of the vote, 3,000. the math is overwhelming for the democrats. other people they needed to turn them out they did in rowan oak. you come over to the capital city, richmond, overwhelming margins there. we have a lot of votes to count. most of the areas are flasks. big numbers in the suburbs around richmond and the republicans have to be competitive in to be statewide. norfolk always goes democratic. winning by big wins there and the numbers are just starting to
5:33 pm
come in. virginia beach area usually go republican. if you just look at the map, democrats did what they needed to do after a competitive primary they put it together. after a very competitive primary, republicans are gung to be looking down here and looking at the turnout numbers. gillespie got the margins, it'll be interesting to study over the next few days the vote poll. >> lieutenant governor will become the next governor of virginia. go ahead. >> one other point, 67% with 70% of the vote. hillary clinton got 50% of the vote. this is a huge win for democrats. she won it four years ago for president, ralph northam matching the votes. >> anderson back to you. >> yeah, wolfe thanks. john just said the
5:34 pm
republicans are going to be studying what happened in virginia. what's the lesson for sflats? >> they should celebrate tonight, certainly needed a moral victory so thank goodness for that tonight. he's a moderate, voted for bush twice, he fit the district. so this battle within the democratic party, one of take away is we need candidates who fit the district. that's part of the reason why he won and that's who we should be looking for to run if districts around the country. >> jan, sound like me down there. >> we agree. >> no one's talking about how republicans are looking at this. i think what the line will be from the conservatives is well, ed was a lobbyist, moderate, he's someone who just embraced trump at the end, that's when he started to get momentum.
5:35 pm
so, we have nothing to learn from this, that we're fine. >> do you think it's true? >> i don't think it's true, for two reasons. ed fit the state very well. he's not a hard core conservative but he's conservative on a lot of issues that scare me. he's pro life, he's a good conservative. he's establishment and sometimes people mix establishment with conservative. ed was an establishment guy and a conservative. >> sound like a close race in the past -- >> yeah he did. he's good candidate. the state people know him. maybe he was out of character doing some of that stuff at the end, that may have hurt him in places like loudoun. and that may have hurt ed, being someone who he isn't. >> the story tonight though, one party was going to be saying, well if we had nominated someone
5:36 pm
from the other fashion we would have done better. if northam had lost you would have heard that from democrats. but on the question of trump, one of the most interesting things in this exit poll, when you said issues matter most in your vote for governor, the most important issue was healthcare. healthcare wasn't an issue in the governor's race. that tells me a lot of people were motivated not by the state issues as much as -- >> let me add to that. >> this is the point i wanted to make. the republicans should take for this race, the underlying issues made it hard for gillespie to win. yes, it was trump's twitter but they didn't get healthcare or taxes done. the reports on tacks have not been favorable, and he doesn't look like he's effectively governing. i think that is the hope if i'm
5:37 pm
a republican. if i can get my act together, get some things done and the base will turn out. >> i hope you obviously learn something else too. which is sometimes throwing these nasty divisive things on the table to try to super charge is not good for the country, the state or your party. the sad thing is, you did have a decent republican who decided that only chance he had was to become an indecent republican and didn't work for him. that's important for republicans to pay attention to across the country. >> well, that's where the immigration come from just to add on to what david was saying. only 13% thought immigration was important. we know this race got nasty on gang violence. also sanctuary cities was the big issue in this campaign, which the democrat flipped on in the end. >> kind of? >> did flip on in the end, but
5:38 pm
that that was an issue that made a lot of noise and political ads, but the voters cared more about what was going to happen with their healthcare, whether it was republicans -- >> when a person makes a robo call and says you vote for ed gillespie there'd be no more crime. does that -- does anyone actually -- obviously that not factually going to happen. >> i think everyone understands the president speaks differently than most politicians or most people. yes, when he says these things, people take it with a great resolve. they understand what he means and just discounts the rest. we'll take a quick break. we're going to see president trump in south korea, kim jong-un may be watching as well. we'll be right back.
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the president's in south korea but he just tweeted about the race in virginia. he said quote, ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget republicans won four out of four house seats, we will continue to win as we did before. >> he answered fast. >> he did make robo calls yesterday. >> why did they support him and say it was great and crime would be down? >> he said there would be no crime. >> oh right. >> he's very focused on his upcoming speech. >> exactly. >> for any republicans who wonder whether this guy will have your back. >> i think the president what he said earlier that ed gillespie wouldn't out strong in full force for president trump, and i
5:44 pm
think virginia voters didn't forget that, run voters didn't forget it and they didn't show up to support ed. >> you think he should have embraced the president? >> no i think if you look at the far flung counties where he's won up 80% of the vote. like in pennsylvania, that's how we won in pennsylvania, was all the counties people had forgotten. 500, 700, 350, all the extra people showing up put the president over. that's what gillespie needed to do to win virginia and he didn't do it. >> we got the turn out of wrong numbers -- what happened was there was a surge of voters in democratic areas -- >> right you can't do that and win. >> this would make me very uncomfortable if i was a republican running in 2018 because this is what people feared. that somehow this resistance, as it were would translate into votes and it translated into
5:45 pm
votes today. >> and i got to tell you, it was not obvious that that would happen. part of the thing is whether you talk to the actual base you have a lot of people who sometimes seem like they don't know the difference between tweeting and organizing. this whole thing is happening in the democratic party where there's a lot of social media, complaining, it's like guys are you knocking on any doors, are you doing the actual work. there was a real concern this thing was going to be a marching moment not a voting movement. this thing is becoming a voting movement and that's a big big thing. >> another area to watch -- >> history made there -- >> just to talk to david, what he needed to do i wasn't saying what you needed to do in virginia is play the old hand back, take it out and dust it off to win. you need to exceed. outperformance historic numbers in these --
5:46 pm
>> but wasn't the balance if he did embrace the president too much it will drive away more. >> that's the problem, so ed gillespie couldn't be too hot or too cold. >> but he ran the trump play book on messaging. he ran against -- he treated northam like it was -- >> it was trumpism without trump. >> he ran as if northam was supporting pedestrian files and supporti supporting gangs. those were his ads, and northam was on his back most of the race trying to say i don't support pedestrian files, or gangs. >> northam wore a military uniform and served in military, wen to vmi, was a democrat and able to see through that. >> i'm wondering what you think of what david is saying? >> i think you're giving way too much credit to the race, this is not a presidential race that
5:47 pm
people have on their mind that is going to drive turn out like you have a presidential race. i say i agree on there one but i think there's a fundamental issue here is what's going on in the country, is the base -- which base is motivated. and tip i think it's clear. >> that's what i said, the folks in the rural counties didn't show up. >> but it's not ed's fault. you're blaming it on ed and i don't think it's his fault. i think the bottom line is donald trump is not delivering on what he said he was going to deliver on and that's the problem. and he needs to deliver. if there's a message for republicans they better get that message, start passing stuff and looking like they can govern. >> this is my question and i'll ask it to the republicans, would it have made a difference if donald trump had gone to virginia if. >> no, i think it's pure demographics. the numbers in virginia, it's a
5:48 pm
purple state just put it mildly. you look at the d.c. excerpt you're not going to win live and fairfax. it's no coincidence trump gone national to virginia 15 times -- gillespie had been the nominee. no coincidence. >> there are some danger for democrats i'd like to point out and i'm curious to see if you agree with me on this. it does seem that our response, whenever these culturally devices, when they come up our response is to duck or call names, and we don't yet to have a good way to talk about sanctuary cities and how they are a public safety measure. in other words, if you have a bunch of immigrants who feel like they call the cops the deportation police are going to show up. i don't know if we're defending some of these things adequately.
5:49 pm
we may be surprised by the strength of these cultural issues down the road. >> i think that's true -- >> sorry the cultural issues for democrats? >> for democrats. >> i hope you make these arguments so please engage those arguments. >> i bet you'll agree with me on, one of the challenges we have within the party now is one of the lessons people learn from 2016, unless you are 100% anti-gun and 100 for abortion rates, 100% defending sanctuary cities you can't be a part of our party and that's not a winning method for strategy either. i guess i'm agreeing with you -- >> the key for you is the democrats catering -- >> i think the key for democrats is getting out of washington, d.c., listening to what people are saying across the country. we can be for healthcare and equality without saying -- >> don perot would have run this will be a different message and
5:50 pm
tone -- >> and he would have lost. >>. we're standing by for the president's speech at the national assembly. we'll be right back. the next era belongs to those who help ensure the next energy to power our dreams, will be american energy.
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welcome back. this is a special edition of ac 13i6k9. what he says how he says it, we may have serious implications for security of the united states and the region. >> the president says north korea is a worldwide threat and demands an international response. this speech is his best opportunity while he's in asia to lay out his best plan for kim jong-un and his rapidly developing nuclear weapons program. he will turn up the heat on china and russia to try to isolate kim's regime while al.
5:55 pm
will the president taunt the dictator he's called rocket man in the past, or will he continue to tone down his language as we heard from him earlier in the day. let's go to jim acosta who has new information. just outside the national assembly where the president will deliver this major address. >> that's right, wolf. i talked to a senior administration official who helped work on this speech. the official says the president is expected to avoid some of those rhetorical flourishes like rocket man and claiming he could totally destroy north korea that we've seen in the past speeches about the communist regime. trump being trump, one can't predict that. so this official is saying that right now you can't really guarantee 100% that the president is not going to engage in that kind of rhetoric during this speech to the korean national assembly. we should point out this official said the president is
5:56 pm
going to lay out the contrast between the two crazy and once again state as he has stated throughout this trip that the united states that see back of the south koreans, that the u.s. would come to the defense of the south koreans during any military attack from the north, but at the same time, this official said, they need help from china and russia. so we should expect to hear the president talk about that as well. wolf, with your life we should note, earlier the president attempted to make a dramatic trip up to the dmz that separates north and south korea before this trip. south korean president moon was there waiting for the president because of foggy weather the president had to scrap the terrorism it's unclear whether he was looking for drama in that symbolic trip to the dmz. we've seen this happen before where officials have told us we think we know what's in the speech but then he ad libs
5:57 pm
something at the last second. >> jim acosta outside the national assembly in seoul. jake, we've been hearing about a different tone from the president over the past day or so. >> that's right. it's difficult to tell with this president and this administration how much is strategic in terms of the mixed messages and how much is purposeful versus how much is just ad libbed and borne from the chaos. he has had some very, very harsh rhetoric at the u.n., terms like fire and fury, rocket man. since he's been on this asia trip, wolf, he has taken a much more measured approach talking about how he wants diplomacy to work. he hopes to god he wants it to work, dana. it's firefighters we don't know exactly what we're going to get
5:58 pm
tonight. let's bring in the former director national intelligence retired air force general james clapper. what are you hoping to hear from president trump tonight at the south korean assembly and what are you hoping to god you do not hear? >> well, i'm hoping as most everyone is, that he will adapt a more conciliatory tone as was indicated in his press conference. the fact that he wants to make a deal, that's a message that will be heard in north korea. because what we've done to this point is basically a lot of threats and our insensitive is will be less punitive if you do what we tell you to do. the fact he's throwing an olive branch out here, i hope that tone and content is continued in the speech. i also might comment, i think it's regrettable he didn't get up to the dmz. it would have been instructive for him on two counts, one just
5:59 pm
to experience, see the geography, experience the feeling up there, and to get educated on the dense, urban landscape that seoul is that spreads all the way up to the dmz. however, i was on a helicopter and that's not a good place to fly to get lost in. so they're being -- discretion. >> do you think there's a message because you mentioned the failed attempt because of the weather that kim jong-un is because he reads messages, he kind of seizes on things. do you think he'll do that on this? >> i think it would have been useful. assuming there were no inflammatory rhetoric. message to the republic of korea and a great message to the troops both u.s. and republic of
6:00 pm
korea. not to mention, as i said earlier, it would be instructive for him. >> i was there earlier with vice president pence and you could see that kind of recognition in him no question. you mentioned that the president was more conciliatory in his tone earlier today. the question, though, is whether or not he will be that way in terms of policy. he said we're making a lot of progress. what do you think he meant? >> i don't know what it means. i thought it was very intriguing. unless there's something going on in the background, perhaps with the chinese, all of which is a good thing. so i think both tone and content are going to be really important in this speech. >> if you're just joining us, we're waiting for president trump to deliver an address before the south korean assembly. it is an important speech, obviously, right across the demilitarized zone, kim jong-un will be watching and listening. general clapper, one of the things that


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