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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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this speaks volume of the broad space for further economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, which will deliver great benefits to the two peoples. we agreed to expand, exchange dialogue between our two militaries at various levels, realize at an early date the invitation by u.s. secretary of defense to china and a senior high level chinese military delegation to the u.s. and work to ensure the success of the first joint staff dialogue mechanism and the disaster management joint exercise and economic exchanges. we agreed to standard law enforcement and cybersecurity cooperation. the two sides reaffirmed that neither wants to become a safe haven for each other's fugitives. and will instruct competent authorities of the two countries to actively explore a long-term cooperation mechanism regarding
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fugitive assets recovery and repatriation of illegal immigrants. the two sides will continue the implementation of the 5 point consensus which in 2015 to enhance cybersecurity cooperation including the use of the international terrorist and tackling cyber crimes. we will counter narcotics cooperation and better protect each others nationals and institutions in their respective countries. as two distinctive countries our two sides may have different views or differences on some issues. this is only natural. the key is to properly handle and manage them. there is far more common interest between our two countries than nirchsz. it is important to respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, respect each other's choice of development path. as long as the two sides commit to a constructive approach, we can put aside and diffuse
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differences while at the same time build common ground and advance cooperation. we also discussed the international responsibilities our two koerlds shoulder. we agrie to enhance communication and cooperation on major international and regional global issues and jointly seek cooperation to make greater contribution to peace, stability and prosperity of relevant regions and the world at large. on the korean peninsula nuclear issue, we reiterated the firm commitment to achieving denuclearization of the peninsula and upholding international none proliferation regime. the two sides will continue to fully and strictly complement u.n. security council resolution. at the same time the two sides commit to working toward a solution through dialogue and negotiation. and we are ready to discuss with
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relevant parties the pathway leading to enduring peace and stability in the peninsula and the northeast asia. the two sides will maintain communication and cooperation on the korean peninsula issue. we believe that china and the united states are countries where the important influence in the asia pacific. as i said to the president, the pacific ocean is big enough to accommodate both china and the united states. the two sides need to step up communication and cooperation on asia pacific affairs, faster common friends, build constructive interactions and jointly maintain and promote peace and stability and prosperity in the gee yon. we also cussed the middle east, afghanistan and other issues and agreed to deepen cooperation on counterterrorism, none
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proliferation, nuclear security and stronger support to u.s. peacekeeping operations. we both believe that friendship between our peoples is the foundation to further promote people to people exchange. we will expand student exchange program, hold china u.s. lawmakers competition every year and open additional lawmakers exchange centers in both countries. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, dear friends, president trump's state visit is a successful and historic visit. together the two of you have set out the direction and roll up the blueprint for china u.s.
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relations in the common period. we will work with united states and act on the consensus we reached, seek further progress in china u.s. relations to bring greater benefits to our peoples and people across the world. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you very much, your exlesson i. now president trump, you have the floor. >> thank you. president xi, i want to thank you for an incredible welcoming ceremony earlier this morning. it was truly memorable and impress sif and something i will never forget. melania and i are honored to visit your country with its ancient history, dynamic people and thriving culture. i also want to thank you and madam ping for a tour that was
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given to us yesterday of the very majestic forbidden city. your people are proud of who they are and what they have built together, and your people are also very proud of you. i want to congratulate you on the recent and very successful 19th party congress. perhaps now more than ever we have an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between our two countries and improve the lives of our citizens. as long as we stand together, with others if necessary, against those who threaten our civilization, that threat will never happen. it doesn't even have a chance. as i said in my address yesterday in seoul, the entire civilized world must unite to
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confront the north korean men as, and the entire world is watching us right now. today president xi, we discussed our mutual commitment to the complete denuclearization of north korea. we agreed not to replicate failed approaches of the past. and there were many. we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolution on north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korea abandon ons its reckless and dangerous path. all responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with the murderous north korean
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regime. together we have in our power to finally liberate this region and the world from this very serious nuclear men as, but it will require collective action, collective strength, and collective devotion to winning the peace. in order to create a more secure future for all and to protect our citizens from extremism and terrorism, president xi and i also committed to working toward a peaceful future for afghanistan. terrorists are a threat to all of humanity, and we will stop radical islamic terrorism. the united states and china also face many challenges within our borders. every year drug traffic lg
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destroys millions and millions of lives. today president xi and i discussed ways we can enhance -- and into our communities. a special emphasis will be placed on the new phenomena fentanyl, destroying lives by the millions. we're going to be focusing on it very strongly, the president and myself. in addition to improving the safety and security of our citizens, president xi and i discussed improving our economic relationship. we want a vibrant trade relationship with china. we also want a fair and reciprocal one. today i discussed with president
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xi the chronic imbalance in our relationship as it pertains to trade and the concrete steps that we'll jointly take to solve the problem of the massive trade distortion. this includes addressing china's market access restrictions and technology transfer requirements which prevent american companies from being able to fairly compete within china. the united states is committed to protecting the intellectual property of our companies and providing a level playing field for our workers. at the same time our relationship with you and china is a very important one to me and to all of the people of our country. and just by looking at the tremendous, incredible job-producing agreements just
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signed by those major companies, we're off to a very, very good start. as part of our commitment to regional stability and peace, the united states also continues to advocate for reforms that advance economic freedom, individual rights and the rule of law. the united states, working with china and other regional partners, has an incredible opportunity to advance the cause of peace, security and prosperity all across the world. it's a very special time. and we do indeed have that very, very special opportunity. a great responsibility has been placed on our shoulders, president. it's truly a great responsibility. and i hope we can rise to the occasion and help our countries and our citizens reach their highest destinys and their
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fullest potentials. i want to thank you, again. you're a very special man, for your gracious hospitality. i send my warmest regards to your citizens. i honor their heritage and celebrate their great, great possibilities and potential for the future. in the coming months and years i look forward to building an even stronger relationship between our two countries, china and the united states of america. and even closer friendships and relationships between the people of our countries. mr. president, thank you very much. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello sh everybody.
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live in los angeles. we have been listening to a joint statement from u.s. president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping. well, for our viewers in the united states, after that statement we'll now rejoin anderson cooper 360 already in progress. for everybody else, news from l.a. continues right now. >> not quite that. i found that some peoples' attention was much more clearly focused when they realized that they had criminal exposure and that they sort of sat up straighter in their chair and they answered their questions more directly and that they knew that what they had to do was cooperate because, of course, lack of cooperation means the possibility of further criminal exposure by lying. the thing that is -- but to john's point, the thing that is most unbelievable to me is the tweet of michael flynn jr.,
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saying that in the end when he doesn't go to jail, the suffering that he's doing now will be well worth watching the pain or embarrassment on the face of the prosecutors. that speaks to john's point that some people get stupider and stupider. and i can't understand that comment or how his lawyer, if he knew it was coming, could possibly allow that to happen. >> everyone, thanks. coming up next, one of congress's top russia investigators weighs in. senator mark warner joins us. and later former presidential candidate bernie sappeders on last night's big election win for democrats. the work that he still thinks the democratic party needs to do to kpeelt ahead. so, that goal you've been saving for, you can do it. we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things you want to do today. -whoo!
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before the break former special counsel michael zeldin cited a defiant tweet from michael anyone. we might ask as michael zeldin did why anyone in his situation would keep on tweeting. this is hardly his first combative tweet. the son once spent a lot of time hyping the famous pizza gate story. in any case it is not a
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boeingous conspiracy theory he is confronting now. it's a real investigation. sources tell cnn that his dad is concerned about his son's legal fate. mark warner is vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee. i asked him about tonight's breaking news just before air time. >> this new cnn reporting that the russia investigation has progressed to the point that general flynn is how concerned about the legal fate of his son. i know you can't divulge specifics, but generally speaking, do you believe the flynn family is right to be concerned? >> well, remember, general flynn was fired as national security adviser for not, you know, being forthcoming on his contacts with russians. subsequent to that there have been plenty of press reports about his failure to also reveal some of his contacts and work on behalf of turkish interests. again, i'm want going to comment on the specifics here, but general flynn and his son have clearly been -- have had a lot of stories written about them in
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the press. >> the obvious question is whether the special counsel is trying to put pressure on general flynn to cooperate by investigating his son. if that is a tactic, would you have any problem with that tactic? >> listen, the special prosecutor has a different standard. they've got a credit standard. he has different tools than we have and our committee is to try to foond out whether there was collusion and make clear to the american public how we prevent russia or any other nation from intervening in our elections on a going forward basis. obviously bob mueller has got a different set of abilities and tools. and i think he's been moving quite aggressively in his investigation. >> much like the paul manafort, i guess there are two sort of areas of general questions for general flynn. trump campaign contacts with russians up to and including his own conversations with the russian ambassador and what he told the fbi did those, as well as his own business dealings with foreign officials. what incentive wee have not to cooperate? >> again, i don't want to
9:21 pm
comment on the specific about what general flynn, who he's talked to, who he's not talked to. but, you know, it's fairly unprecedented that you have a national security adviser have to get fired i think 24 days into the job for failing to disclose his contacts with russians. but as we've seen now with mr. papadopoulos and the famous june meeting, there was a concert effort by the raurps to reach out to officials affiliate with the trump campaign to give them dirt or e-mails about hillary clinton, things that would be helpful to mr. trump. we've still got a lot of questions that remain unanswered, and my hope is at the end of the day whether it's the mueller investigation or our committee's investigation, at the end of the day the americans deserve the truth. >> can you clarify what if any contact your committee has had with general flynn or his son or are you simply letting the special counsel run its course? >> listen, we've had contacts
9:22 pm
with virtually all of the key individuals. we have a parallel path separate from the special prosecutor mueller. but it's been our policy not to kind of update where we stand with individual witnesses. >> do you have a sense of -- i'm wondering, what is your take on the speed with which mueller is moving? what's your sense of the speed of this investigation from special counsel? >> well, i think special prosecutor mueller is a consummate professional. that's why he was chosen. that's why i think he has broad bipartisan support. and i think he realizes, you know, that as long as this cloud happenings over the trump administration, it is a challenge for everyone's ability to fully function. so i think he's doing this with all deliberate speed. i hope, again, that he will do this as fast as possible, but at the same way make sure that he's got all the facts. we've now had two indictments. we've had one guilty plea.
9:23 pm
and i believe there will be more to come. >> when the president continues to say that he is not under investigation, is that an accurate statement, do you think, for him to make? >> again, i'm not going to comment on any of the particulars about the mueller investigation. mr. mueller has got his job to do. we've got our job from the committee standpoint to get out all of the facts and to see if there was any cooperation or collaboration between either campaign and the russians. and we're still proceeding ahead on that task. >> do you have a timeline for your committee's work. >> listen, i'd like to get this done as soon as we can finish all the interviews we need. we still haven't seen, for example, donald trump jr. we still need to bring back michael cohen. i believe we need to bring back mr. kushner. we've still got one additional person in terms of the famous june meeting where the russian lawyer came over and offered some information about hillary
9:24 pm
clinton. we want to talk to all of those individuals first before we talk to mr. trump jr. but suffice it to say i want this to be done as quickly as possibility, but at the same time the most important thing is we get the truth ouchlt and my hope is that we continue to do this in a bipartisan fashion. >> appreciate your time. thanks. >> thank you. >> well, when we come back, new cnn polling shows that president trump's approval numbers down almost across every category. we'll get into that next. and talk with somebody who almost ended up rning against him, senator bernie sanders ahead on 360. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning. if he'd taken tylenol,
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fomy doctor recommended ibgard. abdominal pain and bloating. now i'm in control of my ibs. nonprescription ibgard- calms the angry gut. more breaking news tonight. new cnn polling shows declines in president trump approval ratings one year to the day after he won the 2016 presidential election. 64% of americans now say their confidence in president trump suns he took office has decreased. only 40% say he's doing a good job keeping his campaign promises. the new poll also asked how other countries view president trump. only 24% of americans think foreign leaders respect the president. a big drop from 36% in april. and finally, 68% of americans do
9:29 pm
not trust most of what they hear from the white house. these new poll results back up what we saw last night as democrats swept statewide and local elections around the country. i spoke earlier about it with vermont independent senator bernie sanders. senator, the election yesterday obviously a good day for democrats. i wonder what lessons you take away from that and what lessons you think the party should take away from it. >> well, first thought, i think yesterday's elections were really a referendum on the disastrous trump administration, on his temperment, on his reactionary policies. it was a referendum on trump and the trump and the republicans lost. the more than people from coast to coast are frightened of this president and they are tired of seeing the billionaire class get their way. so i think it was a good night for democrats. the other point that i would make, anderson, is that what
9:30 pm
impressed me is not just winning governors races in new jersey and virginia, but the kind of grassroots activism we saw all over this country. probably the most interesting aspect of last night in virginia was the fact that the democrats, they control the house of delegates, winning, i think, some 17 or 18 seats. and those seats were won on which by young people, people who had not ever been involved in the political process. and they got involved and in many cases me won. you're seeing that all over this country. and to me that is the most important thing the democratic party can now do. open the doors, bring people in. and when they come in with the energy and the idealism that they have, you're going to see voter turn out go up and you're going to see democrats win across the board. >> that's something van jones talked about on our air last night as well. a lot of people talk about the fact that a governor like northam is a center right candidate. is that the kind of candidate
9:31 pm
democrats need to be fielding in order to be competitive. >> obviously in that casey personally supported a fellow named tom per i ollie low in the democratic primary. the people in the democratic primary thought otherwise. our job now is to come together to defeat republicans and to move this country in a very different way. >> you talked about this being a referendum on the president. in virginia white working class voters in rural areas again voted overwhelmingly for republicans. are democrats doing enough to reach out to those voters? >> i think we've got to move forward on all fronts. in other words, this is not black versus white versus latino. the african-american community, latino kmoont have particular, very legitimate needs that have to be addressed. but every working person in this country is concerned about the outsource of jobs to mexico and
9:32 pm
china. every worker is concerned about he or she is going to afford health care. they're concerned about how they're going to afford to send their kids to college which in my view is why we need to make colleges and university tuition free. this is bringing people together around a progressive agenda that says in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we don't have to have 40 million people living in poverty. we don't have to see a continuation of the middle class in decline. >> you made it clear recently you're not going to run as a democratic in 2018. you'll run once again as a dependent. does that hurt the democratic party? could it contribute to some of the -- >> anderson, will et me be very honest and not self serving and saying the answer to that is no. and that is we need real reforms in the democratic party. and one of the forms should involve making primaries open, not just limited to registered democrats, in order to reach out
9:33 pm
to independents. right now the republican party is at a very, very low level. democrats are a big higher than that in terms of public approval. and the largest political grouping in america are now independence. people are not happy with democrats. they're not happy with reps. to say to independence, oh, we don't want you, you're the majority faction in america, but we want to close the doors to you, i think that's politically insane. >> i think i know the answer to this, but i've got to ask. if you run for president in 20 twept will you be the democratic -- >> no. i would run the same way if i ran. and believe me i have not made any decision on this. but i would run within the democratic party. >> the tax bill that they're trying to get. i'm wondering what you say to that. >> look, you know, it kbarsz me. i'm not happy to say this. he is the president of the
9:34 pm
united states, but he lies all of the time. this is just one more lie. among many other absurd proposals, revisions in the tax proposal is the repeal of the estate tax. that repeal would only benefit the top two tenths of 1% of the american people. the very wealthiest people and their families in this country. when trump tells you that this proposal that he is fighting for would not benefit him or his family, that is totally absurd and just not the truth. >> and just lastly. the reporting last week about -- donna brazile now says it wasn't rigged. let me ask you, was -- in your opinion was it rigged? >> loork, donna brazile showed an enormous amount of courage in describing the truth as she saw it when she came into the
9:35 pm
leadership of the dnc. i don't think there's any sane human being who doesn't believe that my campaign was taking on the entire establishment including the dnc. but anderson, to be very honest with you, my job, our job is to go forward, is to do everything we can to defeat this right wing agenda of the republican party and the trump administration, not to look backwards. >> appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> when we come back, van jones and theest are of the panel weigh in on the drop in president trump's approval ratings next.
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more now on our breaking news of the new cnn polling shows that president trump's approval ratings fallen across the board in almost every category. 64% of americans say their confidence in president trump since he took office has decreased. only 40% of americans say president trump is doing a good job keeping his campaign promises, which is down from 48% in april. joining us is cnn political director, also two of our political commentators, van jones and ed martin.
9:40 pm
you know, van, the democratic candidate for the now governor elect northam, a center democratic candidate. certainly not from the liberal wing of the party. is there a message in that for the democrats moving forward? >> listen, i think had he won by two points, then i think democrats would say, listen, if you want to have a shot, you've got to moderate because there's just too much trump out there. when you win by nine points, then progresses start thinking maybe you could have ran a -- would you rather have a -- i don't think this settles the debate. but what it does show, though, is when the democratic party comes together, we can win. the big thing that happened was that tom per yellow went out and worked as hard or maybe even harder than the nominee to make sure democrats came together.
9:41 pm
>> was this a democratic win last night or a president trump loss or i guess some combination thereof? >> i'll go with option c, anderson. i do think it was a combination thereof. clearly it was a democratic win to what van was talking about. there just was a surge of democratic voters who showed up at the polls. and it's very clear why they showed up at the polls, in response to president trump. i mean, this is what it looks like when the so-called resistance goes to the ballot box. and there was a little bit of depression in the republican percentage of the electric tort, while democrats were enhanced. that creates a shape of an electric tort that's going to work for democrats. but to think as the white house might suggest that this has absolutely nothing to do with donald trump is to ignore what happened across the entire country last night. this clearly was a response to the one year mark of donald trump. >> so i mean, ed, there was exit polling from virginia indicated that the president was a drag on the republican ticket. does the white house privately
9:42 pm
at least need to acknowledge that or do you think that's just not the case? >> two things. number one, i think every single expert, not me but david and others who know political science, when you have in office, you have power you do experience that drag. i think some of that is sort of natural. i think the difference here and i just would quibble with -- we lost virginia. we tried with trump to get the base out and get the conservatives out. kuch naturally four years ago lost by two and a half, three points. and now gillespie lost by more. we've lost virginia in terms of statewide races. the factor that we haven't seen is whether the trump base turns out. in missouri trump won by 19. nobody has won missouri by 19 before. it wasn't even close. that's where i'm from. so i just don't think we know.
9:43 pm
it's a blue state. >> do you feel establishment candidates like gel less pea, do you go with full on trump candidates. >> republicans are in a tough position. there are a lot of sun urban voters or college educate voters. here is the tough position. it's not unlike what some kapds paced in 2000 tep with barak obama or back in 2006 with george w. bush when his popularity was at a low. you need to grab on and harness that energy he has with the base and yet you need to not turn off the naup trump republicans or the independence that you're going to need in the coming election. it really is a rock and a hard place kind of position for these republicans.
9:44 pm
>> van, you talked about they could have gone with a left center candidate given the margin of victory. i mean, if you want to appeal to some people who maybe are disenchanted with president trump, wouldn't a more centric candidate on the democratic side be more sensible. >> you've identified the big debate inside the democratic party that's going to play itself out until the midterms. this is a challenge for us because some people think that it's the passion of trump, the authenticity of president trump. we ne other people are tell you, listen, trump is scarring people and somebody needs to calm things down and be a grown up. these things don't have to compete with each other but they feel each with each other. the left of our party wants more compassion. the center wants a more responsible approach. we'll just see. listen, if you've got a wave out
9:45 pm
there like what we saw last night, you can throw kerm it the frog up there and you're going to have a decent shot. you saw people with who sat out this last thing that are passionate and going to stay passionate. >> ed, i know you want to disagree with that. do you think if gillespie had embraced the president more, but actually had the president campaign with him if that was an option that he would have done better. >> yeah. a 100%. i believe it completely. as everyone pointed out, the energy was on the other side and when you're out of power, you're fearful. by the way, the ad with the pickup truck was an incredible ad. it was not very nice. but it was incredible in terms of motivating by fear. there's a bunch of people afraid. we have to worry about that. i think ed gillespie should have embraced the president. the war we're going on, the fight in our party is are you
9:46 pm
going to stay with the trump vision on trade and immigration or are you going to moderate to the old gel less pea position. i think that's going to play out for us. as van points out, that engines up our populist edge. the question is whether it turns off others. we're going to see that play out. but remember, in 2018 there's so many jerry manned erred districts, i don't see how nancy pelosi does the bath to flip that house. >> at least you admit that it's not because the ideas aren't popular. you just said it's because of gerrymandering so that even -- >> het me just finish. you can tell me i'm wrong in a minute. let me make my point. we had more than a million more people in the united states voted for democrats than republicans for the congressional race last time, but because of engineer manned erg, you guys still got it. right now you've got one party minority rule. 30 million more democrats voted for the president. one million more voted for democrats to be in the house and you still have one party rule. that's a very shakey foupgs for
9:47 pm
you guys. >> right. but van, you've got sons and kids. i wish i could tell the kids that they could win by playing the rules of checkers, but it's chest. right now republicans are winning more governor ships, more districts and more congressional districts. and i don't see that changing. i don't see pelosi making -- >> just changed yesterday. >> not in the congress. not in the congress. >> we'll leave it there. coming up, why did the director of the kraib meet with a former nsc employee. turnts out the president wanted him to have that meeting. we'll hear from former cia and nsa director michael hayden about that. an clearly see, the updates you made to your plan strengthened your retirement score. so, that goal you've been saving for, you can do it. we can do this? we can do this. at fidelity, our online planning tools are clear and straightforward so you can plan for retirement while saving for the things you want to do today. nana, let's do this!
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mike pompeo, was sent to a meeting two weeks ago, a meeting that the president wanted him to have with a conspiracy theorist claiming the dnc hack may have been an inside job. as you probably know by now the intelligence community has concluded it was russian hackers who broke into the dnc system and leaked democratic party e-mails. the president remains unconvinced and now cnn has confirmed that he sent his cia director to meet with this former nsa employee. joining me now is the former director of the cia and nsa. is it appropriate for the cia director to have this meeting? >> well, it's appropriate for the cia director to do what the president tells him. so i get that entirely. so i understand why at the end of the day director pompeo did this, but, anderson, i've got to
9:52 pm
believe that mike pompeo, this was the last thing that he wanted to do because it put him in such a compromising position with his own workforce. i mean, i think the real actor in this isn't director pompeo, it's president trump, who directed him to go do this and the act of meeting gave some throwaway to this conspiracy theory that it really didn't deserve. and i know in my heart that director pompeo knew that his workforce would not look upon this in any happy way. >> i mean, a meeting like that -- when the president tells you to, if you are the director of the cia, that's something you have to do. >> yeah. no, exactly. but, again, let me return to the prime actor here. this was done for political purposes by the president. i think he was trying to create some sort of political top cover, and, frankly, anderson, the real story here is the president was indifferent with regard to what this would mean
9:53 pm
for director pompeo's relationship with the workforce. just gave him an additional challenge that he did not need. and, frankly, the overall health of the american intelligence community being used in this, frankly, very political way. >> you think it really has a filter down effect into the morale of intelligence officers, analysts? >> look, these guys believe that their job in life is to tell the truth as they know it to be. this was a wackadoodle conspiracy theory. that even the bearer of the theory had members of his own group challenging him. by the way, full disclosure here, mr. binney has accused me of some conspiracy theories as well, so your viewers need to understand that. even parts of mr. binney's own group didn't think this merited this kind of attention and yet the president pushes this in the direction of cia. and, anderson, you know, the
9:54 pm
president hasn't been launching the star fleet out there to get to the bottom of this russian thing. this was a one-off, and the workforce is going to view it as a one-off, for, again, its own political top cover. >> just to argue the counterpoint, is there a -- couldn't you make the argument that if there is an alternative theory out there, members of the intelligence community should entertain it? >> yeah. but the fact is, anderson, they knew the alternative theory. mr. binney had published a paper that described one very thin thread of evidence that he said he could use then to prove that it wasn't an outside job but an inside job for the dnc hack. it wasn't that he had new stuff. it wasn't that director pompeo had to talk to him to learn the facts of the case. and i'd offer you one additional view, anderson, i think if director pompeo had the freedom of action, even if we were going to engage with mr. binney, it would not have been done at his level.
9:55 pm
but, again, as you suggest, this was directed by the president. >> whether it's this or urging the doj to investigate hillary clinton, the democrats, do you think the president understands or necessarily cares about maintaining the impartiality, the independence of an agency like the cia or, you know, the fbi. >> you know, the cia, the bureau, the american intelligence community lives or dies based upon its impartiality. and just very quickly, anderson, when you accuse your predecessor of wiretapping trump tower, you're saying that the american intelligence community allowed itself to be used for political purposes by a political actor in the united states. now, that's untrue, but president trump appeared to be indifferent to the collateral damage to the intelligence community that that unfounded charge would create. >> and just lastly, i wonder what you make of the new reporting by cnn that the russia investigation has progressed to the point that general flynn is now worried about the legal fate of his son. >> yeah, i saw your earlier piece here tonight.
9:56 pm
look, i know mike flynn, and we don't agree on a whole bunch of things but mike flynn's an american hero. he did wondrous things in the pursuit of al qaeda with stan mcchrystal in iraq and afghanistan and i look on this as a great sadness and i hope mike and his family can get beyond this as quickly as possible. >> appreciate your time. thank you. coming up, new reporting tonight in the russia investigation, as we just talked about, involving former national security advisor, michael flynn, and his son. jim sciutto joins us with what general hayden was referring to with the latest after a quick break. it's time for the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during our semi-annual sale, our queen c4 mattress with adjustable
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multiple sources telling cnn that michael flynn, the president's former national security adviser, is worried about the legal fate of his son michael g. flynn. russia special counsel robert mueller is investigating both. the question tonight is he also squeezing the son to get the father's cooperation? our chief national security adviser jim sciutto broke the story. he joins us now. so, jim, explain the latest on the concerns that michael flynn has about his son. >> here's what we're learning. multiple sources familiar with the matter say flynn has