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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 15, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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republicans. could they lose this fight as a result? the president, meantime, is back home from what he is declaring a long but successful trip across asia. he is planning a trip to kmcapil hill tomorrow, to try to sell his tax cuts. let's go to capitol hill. suzanne malveaux is there and christine romans is here with the details, the important details on what this means and for whom. suzanne, to you first. what's happening right now. >> reporter: the chair of the senate finance committee, orrin hatch, is going to be gaveling that session, day three of the markup of this bill. that is going to happen in just a few minutes or so. and then really all of these amendments are going to be introduced, potentially hundreds of amendments, to see how this changes. this is really kind of must-see tv, if you want to know how the sausage is made here on capitol hill. but essentially, this was a bombshell republican -- the senate republicans introducing this idea that, yes, they're going to go ahead and try to repeal the obamacare mandate, individual mandate to get this done, to afford to be able to
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get this thing done, to have it cost no more than $1.5 trillion so they can pass it with a simple majority. so there are different plans on the house and the senate side. as we said before, with on the senate side, you've got the repeal of the obamacare mandate. not included on the house side, on the house side, in terms of tax brackets, reduced to four income brackets. on the senate side, that is a little bit more expansive. seven income brackets. on the house side, calls for a full repeal of the estate tax. a little bit different on the senate side, doubling the estate tax examination. a and then on the house side, reducing the corporate tax cut. and then on the senate side, delaying that and facing it out a little bit. on the senate side, we'll see wait until after thanksgiving for a vote on that. there's still some questions whether or not they can convince folks who were against repealing obamacare, replacing that. senator john mccain was one of them. he says, yes, he could possibly,
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potentially go for the senate plan here, but we're still waiting to hear senator lisa murkowski, as well as susan collins, those are still big question marks as to whether or not they would be able to sign on and get that simple majority. on the house side, we're seeing a floor debate that will take place. and tomorrow, as expected, the vote will happen and then we will wait after the holidays to see whether or not they can reconcile these two different versions. at the same time, democrats are not waiting for this fight, not waiting for this battle. at noon, we're going to see the house democratic leader, senate democratic leadership holding a rally with progressive groups to say, look, this is not going to happen. not tolerated. and as we saw, it worked the last go-around. that is the strategy this time. poppy? john? >> all right, susan, thanks so much. christine romans, repealing the individual mandate. that's a big change in this bill. what exactly would that mean? >> that's the glue to the affordable care act. you take the glue away and premiums would start to full
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apart. right away, you would see about 4 million people uninsured. that's likely because young and healthy people are going to say, forget it, i'm not going to buy obamacare, i'm out. and by the year 2027, you would see 13 million. the point here is this adds $338 billion to the tax plan. that's what they need. they need the money for tax cuts. what do those tax cuts look like? they're packaging this as middle class tax relief. here are some proposed middle income tax brackets. 22, 34, 32%. but those expire by the year 2025. i want to be really clear about this. that middle class tax relief is temporary. it expires. the individual tax cuts expire. the pass-throughs also expire. those are the small and medium-sized businesses. but the corporate tax cuts are permanent here. and that's what's so key here. a 20% corporate tax rate would be a huge tax cut for business and it would be permanent. now, the white house has been selling this, gary cohn, the president's chief economic adviser, has been really selling this as you give relief to companies, and that's going to help people.
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because companies are going to take that money and build factories and hire workers and they're going to expand. listen to gary cohn with a group of ceos yesterday, when though ceos were asked, what are you going to do with this money. >> if the tax reform bill goes through, do you plan to increase investment, your company's investment, capital investment. just a show of hands, if the tax reform goes through? okay. >> why aren't the other hands up? >> that's gary cohn saying, why aren't the other hands up. there were one or two hands went up in that room. when you listen to corporate earnings calls, you hear these ceos asked again and again. so if you get a corporate tax cut, if you're allowed to bring cuts back, many ceos say it will be share buybacks and dividends for their investors, not necessarily -- it's no guarantee it would go to the middle class. >> recent history shows they've done in the past. >> so that awkward moment there with gary cohn getting a lot of play this morning. >> it is a corporate tax cut that is factual, whether or not it gets passed down to workers,
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that is theoretical. >> a permanent tax cut in the senate bill, but a temporary middle class tax cut. >> joining us now to discuss, cnn political analyst, ryan lizza, brian fallon and doug heye. doug, to you, we suggested, so crazy it might just work, adding, obamacare repeal, which they couldn't get through before, to a tax reform plan, which is difficult to begin with. but, you know, look, overnight, there seems to be some optimism that you're hearing, percolating in the senate. what do you think? >> you're starting to hear that from a lot of senators, members of congress who have been talking to folks in the senate as well. look, i think that the gop on capitol hill knows, and certainly what i've heard time and time again, is that this is their elvis presley moment. it's now or never. if we can't pass this, whatever the details that we can certainly argue about later, if republicans can't pass some kind of meaningful tax reform or tax cuts, they're going to have a very hard time going back to their base voters, who they need. they're going to have a very hard time going back to their donors. and that's the thing i hear the most from congressional
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republicans. their donors, people who have been there forever for them, since their first race, city council or state house or state legislature seat are saying, if you don't pass something, we have nothing to hang our hat on and we're going to walk. that's a real problem for them. >> ryan, in the midterm re-elections, how will republicans defend against attacks from democrats that we know will come that will sound something like this. you substituted permanent corporate tax cut at the expense of health care for 13 million americans. you and i know the counterargument, but is that a tough narrative for them? >> i think it is, but as doug has pointed out and almost every republican you talk to, they believe politically that passing nothing is far worse than passing something that will make them vulnerable on some of these attacks. i think most republicans think that they can defend themselves from those kinds of attacks. tax cuts is a bread and butter issue for most republicans. and it's far better for them, they believe, to, you know, defend against those traditional
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attacks than to go into a general election, having no legislation passed whatsoever. but, you know, brian can probably speak to this. the details do matter, right? and as that report pointed out, that christine did, making a corporate tax cut permanent and the middle class tax cut, you know, going away after ten years, i would -- i find that very hard to believe that's going to end up in the final legislation. i don't think most republicans want to defend themselves on that. that's very difficult to explain. >> well, they might have to. they may need that to make the numbers work. doug heye suggested this is an elvis moment now, it's now or never. for democrats, are you all shook up, continuie ining with the metaphor. >> oh, yikes, john. >> i know. >> look, i think we have to break down where this pressure is coming from on the republican side. doug is right and ryan is right when he channels this fear that
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exists on capitol hill among republicans that if they don't get anything done, then they're really screwed. but where is that pressure coming from? it's coming from their donors. people like lindsey graham has said it out loud. it's their donors that are telling them dwoe, don't call m again if you don't pass this corporate tax reform package. it is actually running against their interests in these suburban districts that is going to dictate control of the house next year. you have one of the lead provisions of this measure is getting rid of the deduction for state and local taxes. that will croak taxpayers. more affluent, suburban-dwelling taxpayers in places like southern california, orange county, where there is a swath of districts, republican-held districts, where democrats think they have a real chance to take those seats. upstate new york, new jersey, where leonard lance new jersey seven. suburban philadelphia. these are the places that are going to determine control of the house of representatives next year. and the democratic challengers in these districts will be able to go to those voters and say, these republicans, in order to provide a permanent 20% top tax
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rate for the corporations in this country that are already doing, recording record profits, in exchange for that, they raised your taxes, because 47 million households in the united states of america, according to the tax policy center, will see a net tax hike under this bill. to me, it's political suicide. the only pressure that they're really responding to here is from their donors. >> can i throw out one dynamic that i think is being overlooked, that i think is really interesting in the senate. you have two republican senators who have decided to retire, right? bob corker and jeff flake. and they in their retirement speeches, they basically said they're going to spend the rest of their term being a check on donald trump. and i think when you're lacking at the vote counting in the senate, one of the questions you have is, how did two senators who believe and vhave said that trump is basically a threat, how do they position themselves on this tax cut debate? >> because corker likes it. corker likes it, because of the math.
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and because of the deficit. >> they're republicans. and you would think that they would support this tax cut just for policy reasons alone. on the other hand, they have to know, by voting for it, they're giving the president that they have said is a threat, an enormous political win, putting him in a position that would be stronger for re-election, and sort of strengthening the white house. i think one of the questions for those guys is, now that they have said that they are so in opposition to trump, can they justify giving him their vote on a core issue in a way that they know is going to strengthen him politically, even if they agree with the underlying policy. >> jeff flake has not said that that's his goal. jeff flake has actually said conservatism is his goal. and bob corker has specifically said on this, the deficit is his concern. i would be surprised for them to go against what they consider to be their conservative republican principles here, just to stick a finger in the eye of the -- >> we actually saw with mccain and with health care. >> regular order. >> doug, quickly, doug, your
7:11 am
thoughts on that? because i see it slightly differently. i'm wondering devil's advocate here, than ryan. isn't they argument exactly the opposite of that? isn't their argument, do what you believe is fundamentally right, not politically exneed i can't yent. . >> that should always be the argument. republicans are in a very difficult spot. they have an existential problem. it truly is, they're damned if they do and they're dam ned if they don't. >> the risk they're taking here, if it does pass, what does it mean if the voters that brian fallon is talking about. and does it come to affect before 2018. guys, stick around. we have a lot more to discuss with you. >> was that fun to say "regular order." >> i love "regular order." it is no secret, top republicans want roy moore out of the race knain alabama. but what does president trump want? we don't know because we haven't heard from him. plus, elections are chaotic. that's the defense from attorney general jeff sessions.
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this morning, roy moore is still in the alabama senate race, but national republicans are telling him to drop out because of the on the record statements from women that he molested a 14 year old girl and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old. the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, he has an idea who he thinks he would like to get in the race. watch. >> the name being most often discussed may not be available, but the alabamian who would fit
7:17 am
that standard would be the attorney general, who was totally well known and extremely popular in alabama. that, obviously, would be a big move for him and for the president. >> our nick valencia is in gaston, alabama, roy moore's hometown, with more. what are you hearing? >> reporter: hey, there, poppy. conservative leaders are increasingly abandoning ship on roy moore, even while he maintains some support here throughout the state. you have conservative leaders drawing into question moore's character, asking him to explain the inconsistencies of his defense of these sexual assault allegations. other conservative leaders asking him to flat-out withdraw. it was yesterday we heard from attorney general jeff sessions who says he has no reason not to believe the women who are alleging sexual assault. and we're also hearing from top republican, mitch mcconnell, who drew into question the character of roy moore, also suggested that sessions might be a good write-in candidate.
7:18 am
and it's moore who's punch back on mcconnell in a tweet he sent, questioning the leadership of mitch mcconnell. saying, mitch mcconnell is attempting to subvert the will of alabamians, yet again attempting to help elect a far-left candidate. we also heard from roy moore yesterday at a church calling this a spiritual war, remaining defiant, and saying that he in one case didn't even know the woman accusing him of sexual assault. >> after 40-something years of fighting this, i'm now facing allegations. and that's all the press want to talk about. but i want to talk about the issues. i want to talk about where this country is going. and if we don't come back to god, we're not going anywhere. >> moore's supporters have done a lot to try to discredit the women that have come forward with stories of either sexual assault or relationships attempted by moore with these young women. and this race is growing tighter, as more is just in a few points ahead of his democratic challenger, doug
7:19 am
jones. and that says a lot, guys, considering the last time a democrat was elected to senate here was about 20 years ago. poppy, john? >> nick valencia reporting for us. roy moore says he wants to talk about the issue. an issue is multiple allegations on the record of sexual assault. >> sexually molesting a 14-year-old might be an issue for some people. >> that's an issue. that's an issue. our panel is back. gentlemen, thank you for being here. doug, to you, overnight, the rnc's poll and sean hannity said something that surprised a lot of folks. he's one of the only journalists -- >> journalists? >> one of the only figure who is interviewed, thank you, roy moore. and now he's saying -- he's turning on him. listen to this. >> for me, the judge has 24 hours. you must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies that i just showed. you must remove any doubt. if you can't do this, then judge
7:20 am
moore needs to get out of this race. this country has way too many issues and problems. >> so, why cut the cord now? i mean, this is mitch mcconnell, this is the rnc funding. this is sean hannity, who, obviously has the president's ear. the president hasn't said anything yet, but why the turn now? >> well, i think it's becoming clear in some of the private polling that we're seeing that doug jones would win, roy moore would lose. and obviously, republicans don't want to lose the senate seat. but for me, it's -- you know, so many people have said, gosh, it's amazing that we're going to this point where we may have to potentially unseat a senator who's just been elected. and if you look at what's happened with republicans over the past five years, i don't know why anybody is surprised. we had christine o'donnell, sharon engle, the bush tax cut failure to pass the extension, the government shutdown, eric cantor's loss, which i kind of remember a little closely, john boehner's retirement. we still have more to go before we finally hit rock bottom, which is crazy when you consider that we have the house, the senate and a majority of governors. but that's the armageddon that
7:21 am
we're potentially heading into for next november. >> so, brian fallon, the jeff sessions notion, jeff sessions maybe put him in there as a write-in candidate. the big questions there are, would he do it? could he win? would the president want him to do it? and what would be the implications of that if the attorney won? >> they won. >> donald trump, obviously, the opportunity to pick a new attorney general, one presumably that wouldn't have to be recused from the ongoing mueller investigation. so i think that that prospect is quite dangerous. but i think the idea is not even a sure thing for republicans. because as much name i.d. as jeff sessions does have, anytime you're waging a write-in campaign, running against another republican whose name is actually on the ballot, you have the potential to split the vote on the republican side. it may make doug jones' chances in alabama, the democratic candidate's, all the better. i think -- i don't often have too many nice things to say about mitch mcconnell, but i think you have to give him a nod.
7:22 am
48 hours ago, it was not at all clear you'd see the likes of the rnc and sean hannity abandoning roy moore, but when mitch mcconnell came out and said, "i believe the women," that was a turning point. i'm sure he has his alternative motives, he wants to keep the seat, he's in a long-term war with steve bannon who has backed roy moore, but he did do the right thing here. and it's potentially made this seat more vulnerable. and you can't underestimate the stakes of how important control of this seat is. but watt retirement of jeff flake in arizona and the vulnerability of dean heller in nevada, if the democrats can pull off this upset in alabama, you would have a legitimate chance next november to actually take back the senate, which no one would have thought possible a few weeks ago. and unlike sometimes when the democrats are caught unprepared not having a good candidate in some of these deeply red stakes because they're not expecting it to be competitive, dick jones is a great candidate. former federal prosecutor who tried a big civil rights case from 50 years ago, arson case involving a church bombing down in alabama. and so, and the national democrats are handling this just right. they're staying the heck away, not allowing republicans to try to nationalize this race down
7:23 am
there. he's doing a good job and this might create a real serious pickup opportunity that might have ramifications for control of the senate next year. >> ryan lizza, i want to address something else. theth just took to twitter to make a statement. do you think the three ucla basketball players will say "thank you, president trump." they were headed to jail for ten years. obviously, he had conversations with president xi of china. they were being held in their hotel room awaiting trial. they are home on u.s. soil. what do you make of the president writing this? >> it's classic trump. if he does something that he thinks he deserves appreciation for, he's usually the first one to point it out. other presidents might just allow the appreciation to come naturally. i'm sure there would be a lot of discussion in the press about how he was responsible for this. i'm sure the ucla players are appreciative that -- if he had something to do with this, which it seems like he clearly did. but trump does not have any
7:24 am
unventilated thoughts and one of the things he likes is a claim for actions he believes he deserves a claim for. so, classic donald trump. i think we would be surprised if he wasn't tweeting about this. >> do we think this is happening in a vacuum for his ongoing feud with my athletes in multiple sports over the last month? >> huh, i hadn't thought of it that way, john, to be honest. maybe that's in the back of his mind, but i think when he does something, he gets very agitated if he does not get an outpouring of support and a claim. you know, sometimes my title here is political analyst. sometimes you need a psychological analyst for trump. but he does seem to have a -- be very needy when it comes to appreciation and praise for something he believes he did that deserves it. >> and john and poppy, i'm wearing my north carolina tar heels tie, and i would tell you unless it's congratulating the
7:25 am
tar heels for winning the national championship, donald trump, please don't tweet at my al mamart. >> doug heye and ryan lizza, thank you so much, gentlemen. all right, the attorney general, jeff sessions, we were just talking about maybe his next job, but what about his current job? and did he lie under oath when he was trying to get it? we're going to talk to a key member of congress about that, next. ♪ [vo] progress is an unstoppable force. the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first
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attorney general jeff sessions, he is fighting back against accusations that he lied under oath. this is after he forgot and then remembered a meeting that he held with trump campaign advisers that dealt with russia.
7:30 am
>> this as the president's son, don jr., admits to sending a few messages with wikileaks during the campaign after u.s. intelligence officials say the site leaked hacked e-mails from the dnc and from hillary clinton's campaign manager. you saw the details of that when it broke yesterday. here to discuss all of this, taxes, a lot, republican representative, chris stewart. he is a member of the house intelligence. it's nice to have you here. and we have a lot to get through. let me just get your assessment on the don jr. wikileaks correspondence, because your republican colleague in the senate, chuck grassley, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee yesterday, when asked about it, called it, quote, very innocuous, this correspondence. with wikileaks, the cia director, pompeo, has called a non-state hostile actor, acting at the behest of russia. do you see this as very innocuous? >> i don't see it as something that's terribly meaningful. i mean, if you think this is going to lead to the impeachment of the president, i think that's very unlikely. and you know, mr. sessions, i just have to say, if you watch
7:31 am
his performance, if you listen to him, i think most honest people think that he's very sincere when he defends himself. he was asked a question that he interpreted as being something related -- did you -- in some type of format of the campaign or talk with the campaign with russian officials. and he very clearly said no. that didn't mean he'd never met any russian officials. i think he's a very sincere man. >> this dealt with the meetings with ambassador kislyak. that was the first statement he made he had to correct. the second one had to do with the meeting where he sat before george papadopoulos. he had to correct that also. he said he just didn't remember that. and when he was told about it, it jogged his member, and then it did remember. it's just a pattern, what some democrats and analysts point to here, it seems to conveniently forget every point of contact he's had with a russian over the last 18 months. >> look, maybe you and i will
7:32 am
just disagree on that. i've asked people that i meet, that i genuinely don't remember in the course of our campaign in our work, we meet literally thousands of people. and i don't think mr., you know, the individual he was talking about was a terribly important figure in the campaign. i couldn't really understand why he might not remember that conversation. >> why is it not -- to come back to the don jr. correspondence with wikileaks, why is it in your opinion, congressman, not terribly meaningful if don jr., the fact that don jr. was having these correspondence with wikileaks. and then 15 minutes after wikileaks asked him, would you do something? would you put out our reporting, our information, stolen information, right, based on stolen information from the united states, that the president, then candidate trump, tweeted what they wanted. 15 minutes later. why is that not meaningful? >> well, once again, i just don't think that taken in its totality, it leads to criminal behavior. it leads to conclusions that there was actual collusion, that
7:33 am
there was actual efforts on the part of the campaign to collude with russian agents. >> and i didn't ask you that. i just asked you, does it bother you? does it matter? should it happen? >> i guess it bothers me in the sense that it's questions that we have to pursue, that we want to understand. it doesn't bother me in the sense that if i think it's going to lead to the impeachment of the president -- >> that's a pretty high bar. you keep saying -- not everything leads to an impeachment of a president. in fact, it's only happened twice in our president. that's a pretty high bar you're sitting right there to be of concern. >> well, with you knyou know wh something that i hear all the time, though. in the last few days, we've seen examples of democrats calling for his impeachment. and not just one or two. i read an article just yesterday by some of my democratic colleagues saying that was their goal. >> but we're not ask about that. >> we didn't ask that. >> all we're asking about is having a conversation back and forth with wikileaks is
7:34 am
something that you, a sbrers interested member of house intelligence, were concerned about that? >> i think i've answered that. i think that's some questions we should pursue and try to understand a little bit better. but i don't think it's going to carry this narrative forward very far that the president colluded with russian agents, which is kind of the heart of what many people have been looking at. >> let's talk about taxes. or shall i say, health care reform or kind of both of them. and what's happening on the senate side here, including a repeal of the individual mandate in their tax reform bill. sort of at the last hour. you said to our colleague, chris cuomo, a few days ago, i think most members of congress, we look at these as very different challenges, is it too risky for republicans to be doing this? to be putting them together and hoping this thing passes? >> you know, i think there is some risk to it. and i think even if at the heart of it, it's something we can defend, i think for a lot of americans, it does kind of muddy the waters a little bit. if the senate were to include that, i think most of the republican colleagues would still support it. would i feel more comfortable
7:35 am
separating them? yeah, maybe. but once again, it's important to note that we're not changing any of the dollar amounts. we're not changing or affecting any of the subsidies that go to low-income people who need it. it's just simply saying, you're not compelled to do this and you don't have to pay a penalty if you don't. i think that's an argument that a lot of people would accept inside the tax framework. but once again, it is true that it does make it a little harder to explain and it takes -- it takes a little bit more effort. >> congressman, can i ask you about something that just happened? we just heard from the president of the united states, he put out a statement, he wrote it on twitter. he said, do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you, president trump. they were headed for ten years in jail. now, look, it's almost definitely in true, they should thank everyone they should possibly thank for the fact that they're on their way home right now. but is it odd for the president to write that himself? isn't doing your job thanks enough, as president? and then a separate question is, i just read that, i'm like, huh. if these weren't athletes with whom the president has had a
7:36 am
little bit of a baffeck and for the last month, would he be saying this? >> yeah, does it surprise any of us that the president tweeted that? it is, as i think, one of your previous guests said, kind of classic trump. i don't think it surprises many of us. and by the way, the last place i want to spend the next ten years of my life is in a chinese jail. so i think those athletes probably are very grateful. i think like you said, they're going to thank a lot of people, and i think that should include the president among them. >> if we could, just before we go, to get you on the record on this. the last time you spoke out about roy moore, the alabama senate candidate, is when you said, if the allegations are true about the sexual abuse and assault of a 14-year-old and 16-year-old, then he should step down. does that change your position at all? >> we made that statement within a few hours of some of these accusations. and i think that was a fair thing to say at that poitime. we needed to evaluate and collect more information. i think mr. moore should absolutely withdraw his name. i don't see a pathway forward for him to be a successful senator, regardless. i think he needs to step aside.
7:37 am
>> okay, thank you. >> congressman chris stewart. thank you so much for being with us. good to be with you, sir. >> thank you. all right, what looks like an apparent coup in a key african nation. we're talking about zimbabwe. the country's president confined to his home with troops at the door. stay with us. ( ♪ ) ♪ i feel like fire ( ♪ ) the 2018 cadillac xt5. ♪ worship me beauty, greater than the sum of its parts. come in for our season's best offers and drive out with the perfect 2018 cadillac xt5. get a low-mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $379 per month. $107.00 at...doggie lovers warehouse? [woman] an alert from wells fargo?adillac xt5 no. i would never.
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7:42 am
our david mckenzie joins us live from zimbabwe. what can you tell us? >> john and poppy, it certainly is a tense situation here in the capital of zimbabwe. we were out on the streets. there are troops moving through the capital and also holding key strategic points. they've taken over the state broadcaster in a dramatic early morning statement. they got on national tv here and said this is not a coup, but, in fact, everything that we're seeing is that this is a de facto coup, takeover of power. the 93-year-old president robert mugabe, who's ruled this country longer than most people have been alive here, is holed up in his residence, we believe, under detention. this is all part of a factional b basil in the ruling party. the u.s. embassy is closed today. they're asking for american citizens here to shelter in place. a very tense time and a lot of questions still remain unanswered. john, poppy?
7:43 am
>> david mckenzie for us in zimbabwe. david, thank you very much. also for us, following president trump's visit across asia, the time he spent in china with the focus on the tension in north korea, china now says it will send what it's calling a special envoy to north korea on friday. it is also on the heels of the time the president spent there urging the chinese leader, xi jinping, to do more to pressure north korea, especially economically in order to try to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons program. what that envoy looks like, what it will mean, we're waiting for more details. we are watching new jersey very, very closely. a jury is deliberating. the same jury that said it was deadlocked over the fate of democratic senator bob menendez. can they reach a verdict in his corruption trial? we'll get a live update, coming up. how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it?
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low rates and no hidden fees. find your rate in just two minutes, and take on your debt at happening now. the jury in the corruption trial of democratic senator bob menendez back deliberating after they told a judge on monday that they were deadlocked. >> our laura jarrett is outside of the courthouse in newark once again. so, they said they were deadlocked. the judge said, go home, think about this, come back, keep deliberating. what else? >> well, the big question right now, poppy, is whether this jury is headed for a mistrial. the one person who certainly does not want that result is the judge in this case, who as you said, has told this jury, keep going, keep talking to each other, keep re-examining your thoughts here. and that's what they've been doing. we haven't heard a peep out of
7:49 am
them since monday when they reported that note saying that they were stuck. but the defense counsel in this case has proposed that the judge should essentially instruct them that a hung jury is a legitimate outcome. he has not gone for that yet, and i have to tell you, this jury looks absolutely exhausted. they shuffle into court, as they did this morning. no notes in hand, no questions, nothing. they look absolutely beat. >> 11 weeks now that they've been at this, laura. so, if there is a mistrial, what happens? there's a legal path there. there's also the political implication of what happens here, among other things. it just means that bob menendez stays a senator for a lot longer. >> that's absolutely right. so if the judge officially declares a mistrial this week or wherever, the justice department has the ability to re-file the charges against him. they can choose to drop count osser change the presentation of the trial, but they can certainly do this all over again. but as you mentioned, the political ramifications of that,
7:50 am
for senator menendez, in an election year, next year, as he's campaigning with yet another trial looming over him, would be a tough road ahead. john? >> and one other thing, laura, i believe it was the prosecution that came forward to the judge and wanted him to present once again to the jurors that there could be sort of a partial verdict here, right? guilty or not -- you know, guilty on some counts, not on others, et cetera. is that right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. that's going to be a bit of a mess, given the number of counts that these two defendants are facing. menendez is facing 12 counts, and what i think the prosecution is trying to say there is, look, if they're deadlocked on some of the counts, for instance, the bribery, but perhaps not deadlocked on some of the others, for instance, the failure to report these gifts on his senate disclosure forms, then the jury should report what they can do. and then we'll deal with the rest later. >> all right, laura jarrett for us in new jersey, watching this very closely. look, i think it's reasonable to expect this jury to come back and maybe soon to tell us what
7:51 am
they actually think. laura, thank you so much. >> so three college basketball players back on u.s. ground after being accused of shoplifting in china. president trump is asking them on twitter this morning, will he be thanked for intervening on their behalf? we'll have much more in the bleacher report. last thanksgiving about 2 million people tried to deep-fat fry their turkey. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪ work keeps me busy. so i've asked chase sapphire reserve cardmembers to find my next vacation. rome, show me something. i'm having breakfast at the pantheon. what an amazing view... of your finger. ♪ ♪
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so moments ago, president trump asking to be thanked, or i guess wondering out loud if he will be thanked for helping push china to release three ucla basketball players arrested for shoplifting there. the three players did return to the united states overnight. >> andy scholes joins us with the bleacher report this morning. they are back. i guess we'll see what consequences they face here. >> yeah, that's right, guys. good morning, john and poppy. the pac-12 commissioner, larry scott, did thank president trump for helping with the situation, speaking to chinese president xi about the ucla players. but as you said, john, apparently president trump wants a thank you for the players themselves. tweeting this just this morning. "do you think the three ucla basketball players will say "thank you, president trump"? they were headed for ten years in jail". well, the thank you may be coming later on this afternoon. ucla is holding a press conference at 2:00 eastern. the players won't be fielding any questions, but will likely just have a prepared statement to apologize. now, the players return to los angeles last night to a chaotic
7:57 am
scene at l.a.x. the big question now is, what kind of discipline will they receive from the school and from the ncaa. all right, there was a big game in college basketball last night. number one duke taking on number two michigan state. the blue devils wearing shirts with the word "equality" on them during warm-ups. and grayson allen says they wore the shirts in response to the national anthem protest and it comes from the pledge of allegiance. as for the game, allen played every minute, scored a career-high 37 points. college football playoff committee releasing its latest ranking class, alabama returning to number one. undefeated miami making its first appearance in the top four, coming in at number three. their potential matchup with second-ranked clemson looms large. oklahoma ranked fourth right now. undefeated wisconsin, the first one out, followed by auburn. the final playoff rankings come
7:58 am
out sunday, december 3rd. in the nba, khiry irving wearing a mask after suffering a broken bone in his face. he said the mask is a little uncomfortable, but didn't stop him from scoring 25 points and the celtics beat the nets for their 13th straight win. khiry was wearing these special shoes in the game who was dedicated to his mom who died when he was just 4 years old. there they are right there. you can see, it's got the word "mom" on the tongue instead of kyr kyrie's special logo. and then he took off those shoes and his jersey and walked over and gave them to two members of the united states armed forces who were at the game. awesome deal there. and this bleacher report was presented by the new 2018 ford f-150. and john, those service members, they looked like they were as happy as you would be if kyrie walked over and gave you his shoes and his jersey. >> the guy broke his face and
7:59 am
started last night and the celtics won. and then gave his shoes away. you got to love him. >> you got to hear his giddy laugh sometimes. >> it was awesome! >> does anything bad ever happen to you guys? >> never. never. andy, quickly, is there any expectation that ucla will sanction these players for what they did? or will they be allowed to play? >> i got to think some punishment is coming down for them. whether it's a three to five-game suspension. some experts even think they could be suspended for the entire season. and you know, one of the questions is, john, we don't really know how bad the situation was in china. you know, there were reports out there that they were caught shoplifting in multiple stores. if that was true, who knows? but i have to believe that some form of punishment is coming down, either from the ucla, pac-12, or the ncaa. >> you've got to think, look, they're just happy to be home. thank you, andy, gad to see you. we'll see you tomorrow. thank you all for joining us. i'm poppy harlow.
8:00 am
>> i'm john berman. "at this hour with kate balduan" starts now. thank you, john, thank you, poppy. hello, everyone. i am kate balduan. it's no secret that republicans in washington want roy moore out of the alabama senate race and nowhere near washington. senator mitch mcconnell even floating his own idea for who he would like to see as a write-in candidate now. >> the alabamian who would, you know, fit that standard would be the attorney general, who is totally well known and extremely popular in alabama. that, obviously, is -- would be a big move for him and for the president. >> so, is jeff sessions a possibility? >> we don't know. but he fits the mold of somebody who might be able to pull off a write-in. >> so no secret there. but what is a secret, though, still today, where the president stands on all of this. he's back from his overseas trip. he was up early, very clearly, just check his twitter feed. and while taking time to tout the success of


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