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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 25, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PST

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egypt's military strikes back in the forth of air strikes after attackers ambushed and killed hundreds of people at a mosque. pakistan, police breakup a two-week long clash in islamabad. and plus, there is some confusion who is in charge of the consumer protection agency after al gore and the president
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picked different successors. welcome to our viewers around the united states, all around the world, we're live in atlanta. i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george howell, 5:00 a.m. in the u.s. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. and we begin in egypt, the egyptian air force says it found and destroyed vehicles involved in from's terror attack in northern sinai, killing at least some of the terrorists thought to be responsible. >> they carried out the brutal well-planned attack at a sufi morph detonating explosives to draw people out and then opening fire as they all ran out. even ambushing ambulances that showed up to help. by the end, at least 235 people were killed, making this the deadliest terror attack in recent history. cnn's ian lee followed the story and is joining us live. ian, the air force said it
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struck several vehicle carrying mitt tants. what more can you tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah, this decision was may by president abdul fatah assi assisi. the military, and the air force combing the desert looking for the people, the military last night said they were able to find some of the trucks that were used, they say in this attack. no one has claimed responsibility. but it does appear that this attack was carried about -- carried out by isis. it bears all the haul marllmark george. >> ian, you have covered the situation relative to the region for many years. i want to get a sense for you, does this undermine the president's credibility, his ability to crack down on the mitt tants or does this put more pressure on him to do more? >> reporter: well, it definitely
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embarrassing the president to some extent, because he came to office. he came into power on the platform of stability and security. and that's something he's been pledging throughout almost four years in office now. and still, we see these massive attacks. this isn't the first time that militants have carried out mass casualty attack in egypt last april. dozens of christians were killed when two churches were attacked simultaneously. and every time we see the president, we see the military come out and say, next time we're going to go harder. we're going to hunt these people down. we're going to put a stop to this. and, george, we still see attacks like this, you know, also with isis losing ground in syria. and iraq. egyptian officials have also expressed concern that those militants might try to find other places to go. egypt being one of them. so, this is a very difficult task for the egyptian president. the president has also been
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criticized by people saying that it's not just going to take bullets and bombs to defeat isis. they have to go after the root cause of it. a lot of people in the northern part of sinai feel marginalized by the central government in cairo. so the government is going to have to not only go after militants but go after the causes, the reasons why people are attracted to these organizations. >> ian lee, we've seen coptic christians attacked before. now sufi attacked during worship. we'll stay in touch with you. thanks for the reporting today. for several years the sinai region in egypt has been a flash point for violence with islamists raging and the government has not been able to quell, as we heard from ian. in july, at least 23 soldiers were killed in car bomb attacks targeting egypt solgtds at a military checkpoint at the sinai peninsula.
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and in january, seven civilian police, and killed by i bomb attack. in october, 2016, armed terrorists attacked a security checkpoint using four-wheeled driver vehicles. a dozen military personnel were killed. so, let's talk more about this threat. chairing the department of middle east studies at the school of economics. he joins me now. thank you for being with us. first of all, why is the sign nine peninsula such a hot bed of militant violence? >> i think you have an insurgency that has been raging for more than a decade. even though the insurgency has been escalating quantitatively since 2016. wee keep talking about isis and al qaeda. there are social the radoots
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behind this. you have bedouins traveling. they feel exclusive. and the major sources of terrorisms are not invested in their area. they feel discriminated against. long before president aazhizhi came to power, since cairo, since 2013, basically, this insurgency now has become more merri militarized and it has bought into this tactic of isis. because of the rise of isis in 2013 and 2014 in the iraq and syria has resonated throughout the region. and the insurgency in sinai is not about local goals. it's about the ideology and local practices of jihadism. and that's why it's very
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difficult and very complex. >> right. and the government has this issue before it, as we've heard from our reporter ian league in the region there that the president is embarrassed when this keeps happening. because he's pledging safety. why can't the government get ahead of this threat? >> i mean, just to give you an idea, nattigata natalie, what w about, we're talking about more than 1,000 operators in the sign nine province or sinai that has taken on ideology in 2014. it pledged allegiance to the so-called islamic state in iraq and syria. 1,000 operators, operatives, highly skilled, fanatical, determined. they have the will to kill. and they have basically been carrying out strategic attacks not only in northern sinai -- remember the downing of the russian plane over the sinai in 2015. major attacks as you have just
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said. coptic christians in the security forces and other places. my take on it is no government in the world can protect every civilian place. neither the american government or the british government where i am. because when you have a major potent insurgency, people willing to kill, i mean, the mosque that was attacked yesterday was in a very small tiny place, about 30 or 40 kilometers away from the capital of northern sinai. and you can imagine, it would have been very difficult to protect every mosque or church in egypt. but the really is, this insurgency is very potent, it's very deadly, because it's deeply entrenched in some parts of northern sinai. you have to find out why they
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have joined the particular insurgency. you can't just throw military might at it, regardless 6 how much military might, knack you may bring out a counter, unproductive threat. the strategy in egypt not only has to focus on the military aspect. you have to focus on the social, economic and political drivers that have powered this insurgency in particular since 2013. >> exactly. that seems to be making much more sense than exacting revenge. that's what we hear again and again, when these things happen. >> you can imagine the predicament of the president. this attack and many attacks over the last three years are determined to undermine this presidency, to embarrass president assisi.
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there are presidential elections coming up in the next few months, the idea of these attacks that president azizi cannot protect his people, cannot protect minorities like christians or worshippers even though they're sufis. they belong to the sufi strand of islam. the reality is, you have a very complex insurgency. in fact, we have multiple encountered insurgencies. we're talking about the sign nine isis, in northern sinai. you have also al qaeda branch. you also have freelancers. it tells you how complex the situation and the defeat of isis in iraq and syria, is not going to bring about the end of the terrorist attacks, in particular in egypt. because egypt has one of the most potent isis affiliates outside of iraq and syria region. >> we thank you, as always for joining us, fawaz gerges.
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thanks. here in the united states, president donald trump is on a working weekt. he addressed troops over a satellite and visited a coast guard station. >> and among it, terrorists, taxes and something else par for the course. here's cnn's jeff zeleny. >> reporter: president trump hitting the links with two the biggest names in golf, tiger woods and dustin johnson. the white house rarely confirmed when the president is golfing but he made the announcement himself on twitter. saying he would be heading over to the national golf club in jupiter to play golf quickly. his visit marking the 80th day he's spent at one of his golf properties since taking office. and his 100th day at a trump branded property. many americans and a few presidents play golf. >> if i win, i may never -- i
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may never see these pieces again because i'm going to be working for you. i'm not going to have time to go play golf. >> reporter: the president also talking by phone today with turkish rescep erdogan. the government considers the ypg a terrorist organization. and the president condemning the attack today in egypt kill more than 230 people and wounding 100 others. he called on the president of egypt to discuss the attack which he also seized upon to push his immigration agenda. tweeting we have to get tougher and smarter than ever before. and we will. need the wall. need the ban. god bless the people of egypt. the president is also turning his attention to the tax plan next week in the senate. he offered a preview during the thanksgiving call from mar-a-lago.
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>> now, we're working on tax cuts, big fat beautiful tax cuts. hopefully, we'll get that and then you'll really see things happen. >> reporter: the president is set to meet with congressional leaders at the white house and attend a lunch on tuesday. the senate republicans still don't have the votes to pass the sweeping tax overall. amid turns over the deficit. >> congress is talks about tax cuts that will add trillions to our national debt and hurt our economy. >> reporter: he's offered his position with senator susan collins, bob flake and lisa murkowski with concerns. as america marked black friday the president's campaign joined in the annual day after thanksgiving shopping rush with trump merchandise marked down 30%. again, the president's phone call with the ejiggs president on the heels of his call with turkish president erdogan
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talking about terror in sear yar. and also with vladimir putin about syria. this working vacation continues throughout the week. he heads back to washington on sunday. jeff zeleny, cnn, west palm beach, florida. there's another story we're following about confusion over who will lead the federal consumer watchdog agency here in the united states. richard cordry stepped down midnight on friday. in his letter he named his deputy director as acting director but the president had other ideas. he named nick mulvaney to the post. as a congressman, mule veinny had voted to do away with that agency. the question now is, who will ron this agency. let's bring in an associate professor of international relations at the university of london and live in the london
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bureau at this hour. good goto have you, leslie. this tweet from elizabeth warren sums it up saying if there is a cpca vacancy, the deputy director becomes the acting director. donald trump can override that. your thoughts? >> that's right, the underdog the deputy director dk become the acting director. to put that in place over the bureau is very important to him and he has the authority, of course torsion appoint a new dir in due course. but at this point, there's a tussle who is in control on monday morning. of course, the person -- nick
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mulvaney can continue to do this job as budget director and run the ferd consumer protectifed c bureau but that is not what is expected to happen with dodd frank. >> there's been a period of kept over the president's tweet with "time" magazine. saying i was probably going to be named man, person. year like last year and i would have to agree to an interview and i said probably is no good and took a thanks anyway. and "time" magazine is incorrect in how we choose our person of the year. but they're questioning whether it even happens, leslie? >> that's right, it's been one of those stories, each time you read a tweet from the president, you think it can't get any more
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surreal that it has in the past. but it certainly did with this "time" magazine story. it just seems to be, you know, more of what we're seeing unfortunately, on many weekends, many holiday weekends where the president is looking for a little bit of attention. and wants to distract from that he's not once again going to be "time's" man of the year. >> all right. another story we're following, mr. trump's daughter ivanka and the global summit she'll be leading in inylead ing in india. what does this is a between secretary of state tillerson stngs and ivanka trump especially who is the face of foreign policy? >> yeah. this is actually quite an important summit in the past, secretary john kerry has attended the summit. it's focusing on women entrepreneurs and ivanka trump is going.
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normally, you'd expect a fairly senior team to back her up but there's this ongoing content of secretary of state rex tillerson who is seen to have the role of secretary of state but one who is not doing so well in terms of his fallout in his own state department. and his sense that ivanka trump is not really supposed to be the representative of the u.s. foreign policy. nonetheless, she was invited by the prime minister of india, and is going, you know, to represent the united states. so, it's not good for the united states to turn up to a major, and a very important summit with the lens on very clearly discontent. disagreement about who will support her. and who's really the voice of u.s. phone policy. so, overall, it's another sign of disarray that's taking place in the u.s. foreign policy appointments that have been made. and who's really in charge. the white house, ivanka trump,
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jarod skusher in or rex tillerson. >> a lot of uncertainty there. >> leslie, thank you for your perspective today. >> thank you. coming up here, there are talks of a final piece in syria. but the violence has not let up. we'll tell you how one town is still suffering at the ahead of the assad ra ream. plus, and the missing a ini again tine submarine. infused with olive oil & olive leaf extracts. it softens and shines for naturally-beautiful hair. garnier whole blends legendary olive. find every blend at walmart.
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90 days of linzess may be right for you. welcome back to "newsroom." president trump made a big promise to turkey's president on friday on the ongoing war in syria. >> according to turkey's foreign minister mr. trump said the u.s. would immediately stop arming the ypg, that's the kurdish militia fighting isis alongside syrian-backed rebels. back in may, mr. trump promised to provide weapons. >> and turkey has long condemned the ypg which it considers a terrorist group. >> for more than five years, the conflict in syria has shocked and appalled the world. this week, the talk among the leaders of russia, turkey and iran was a finding of peaceful settlement. >> but as our nick paton walsh reports some parts of that war-ravaged country is still not
2:23 am
seeing any signs of peace. >> reporter: you may have thought this is over. but it is is not. you may have heard russia, iran and turkey talking about their peace plans. besieg besieged eastern ghouta near the capital. the hunger is so profound it's apparently led to suicide. meals of trash. it means bombs here, relentless over ten days, reported 100 dead. the mortars continuing friday. even the head-long dash to the rescue is deadly itself. you may have heard the starve and surrender, a favorite regime tactic deprived their opponents of the strength to fight on. the bombs that came with it took
2:24 am
the lives of their children here. isis may be done. the savagery is not. neither is the hatred or the need for vengeance. nearly 200,000 are besieged here. so short of food, a single lemon has its price written on it. imagine dealing with nightmares when awake, but also with insane hunger. here, $40 a kilo and a single egg, $1.20. this week, russia and iran declared a conference to settle in syria. the day before, he said the world to know how grateful to moscow he is, perhaps unwittingly with this hug.
2:25 am
guetta's torture went unseen there but its pain amid the painful cries you'll hear in damascus. nick paton walsh. cnn, london. >> it's just surreal how much these people have endured. >> nick paton walsh giving us an understanding what's happening to people. thank you, nick, for reporting. moving on now to argentina, the nation saying it's not giving up hope for the missing submarine. the ara san juan vanished more than a week ago with 44 crew members on board. >> teams from around the world have searched for the ship. but many now fear the worst. here's why a navy official says there is still hope, though, for a rescue. >> the weather thank god is favorable in that search area for scanning and mapping the seabed, hoping for the rapid detection and location of the
2:26 am
san juan submarine. >> well, the submarine has been missing for over a week now. and that's about the time that they may run out of oxygen. fingers still crossed here. outrage is growing after cnn uncovered a horrific modern day slave market. yes. you heard right. as you may recall, our reporting revealed migrants being sold as property in libya. >> the u.n.'s high commission for human rights said on friday the people of african descent are frequently denied their rights. people are taking to the streets. more from the french capital. >> reporter: for the second time in a week, protesters gathered in paris to express their anger and to call for an end to slavery. the trigger, cnn's exclusive reporting on libya's slave markets. >> translator: we talk about the weight of words and the shock of images.
2:27 am
people were able to see for themselves. >> reporter: this is what people were able to see. dozens of men in libya being sold at auction, many for as little as $400. president emmanuel macron wants the u.n. to act. >> translator: it's a crime against humanity. it's one of the forms of trafficking that is the most profitable today and leads to more serious crimes and the terrorist networks. >> reporter: the french president was joined in paris by the head of the african union. he, too, wants more than words. >> we are in a situation where human beings are threatened. imagine you find yourself in a state where human beings are sold to the highest bidder. this is abominable. nothing is accepted. we have to act and act now. >> reporter: that sense of outrage has also been expressed this week in france's national assembly, the great, great
2:28 am
grandson of a slave received a standing ovation when he delivered a passionate plea to parliament to act. and it was the viral facebook post of another descendent of quguadeloupen slavesnd he feels the consequences may be felt elsewhere. >> translator: it has to serve as a wake-up call to african leaders. i think with regard to the pictures there will be a before and after. it's not impossible to imagine that some political systems that some governments in africa may wobble and even fall in the coming months. because there's been an awakening and there's a desire for revolution today. >> reporter: the numbers on protests are down than they were last week but the anger here is undiminished. the organizers say they will continue holding these so the momentum is not gone.
2:29 am
melissa bell in paris. the clash in pakistan. we have a live report. and also zimbabwe's president promises to stamp out corruption. will he do it? we'll have a report when we come back. getting a bad haircut. overcrowded trains. turnstiles that don't turn. and spilling coffee on themselves. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable, switch to directv. and this weekend only get a $200 reward card call 1-800-directv what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪
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2:33 am
and carrying militants thought to be responsible for killing at least 235 people on friday. the u.s. president donald trump took to twitter on friday saying "time" magazine called to say i was proudly going to be named man of the year, like last year. i said probably is no good and took a pass. thanks anyway. "time" magazine later responded. the president doesn't understand the process, and there is skepticism as to whether it even happened. the uvn refugee agency is voicing concern about a new deal between myanmar and bangladesh to repatriate for rohingya refugees. the agreement was signed thursday but there's still no official details how the process will work. 9 u.n. group said bangladesh should not bring any rohingya back to myanmar unless the passage is safe and basic rights guaranteed. new developments out of pakistan. police there say 100 people have been arrested. nearly 100 police and others
2:34 am
have been injured at an islamabad protest. let's go to sophia live in the capital. what more can you tell us about the root of these protests? >> reporter: well, the root has to do with the government. it all goes back to last month in october, when they were according to the protesters, a change in laws with regards to a law made by lawmakers about the finality about the prophet muhammad as the last prophet of god. because this is something very controversial because it has to do with religion and blasphemy. the government has denied it. the president has is ask for them to resign. and that has not been done. there's a constant stalemate in the capital for the past few months. a complete shutdown of traffic, and that has erupted after last night's deadline with a complete
2:35 am
clash between police and protesters this morning in islamabad. george. >> sophia, we're looking at images of what's happening there in islamabad. what more can you tell us about the fact that the pakistani tv station, many of the private stations, have been taken off the air? >> reporter: yes, this is a development that's only happened about an hour and a half ago. there were a lot of images being brought across the country. and the pakistani government sent out a notice calling all cable news channels to resist and sensitively report on what's happening. according to some people in the government i've spoken to, this has caused more protesters to come out. we're hearing reports protesters in karachi and lahore and islamabad, three major cities
2:36 am
across the country. the fact there's a major blackout like this it hasn't happened in at least a decade when the former president musharraf called for a blackout in the country, and so there's a lot of rumors. a lot of unease. a lot of unknowingness of what's going to happen in the hours to come. >> cnn producer sophia saifi live for us in islamabad. we'll stay in touch. in zimbabwe, people are hoping for big changes from their new president emersmerson mnangag mnangagwa. the catholic priest mediated talks about the transition of power. he spoke exclusively to our david mckenzie about this historic process. >> reporter: with each passing day, the calls grew louder, the pressure on mugabe mounted. >> when you hear two bulls wanting to fight, you have to know how to tame both.
2:37 am
>> reporter: and this priest persisted. >> did i feel the pressure? definitely. >> reporter: it was up to them to make sure the sounds on the street stayed silent. and the only sounds that the former president heard were the cries of his people. what did those cries mean to former president mugabe? what did he say? and he listened to them. >> you see the results. that's a sign he listened. >> reporter: did it break him? >> it moved him. it moved him in this sense that he realized they are speaking to say this is enough. >> the goals wenegotiations wer.
2:38 am
>> sometimes, weed go to three different places. >> reporter: but they were always civil. >> there was not a fight. it was a discussion. >> reporter: the generals even saluting the man they look to overthrow. it was during this address that the world thought mugabe was ready to go. the resignation letter was already drafted. but before sending, mugabe asked for just a few more weeks. >> listening of a 93-year-old is not the same as listening of a 25-year-old. >> reporter: adversity said the priest, the cries were heard. stripped of his office, mugabe still hopes there was a more constant transfer of power. >> he said he is available to listen. he's available. he's at his disposal. he does not vanish from life, for life is not dead.
2:39 am
but he's vanished from lime light. >> reporter: a man who ruled with an iron fist. perhaps not willing to completely let go. david mckenzie, cnn, harare. we're joined now by "washington times" jeff hill to discuss the leader change in zimbabwe. jeff, thanks for talking to us. first of all, the off foria that we saw from the people of zimbabwe such a beautiful thing to see. but now it's up to mnangagwa to come through for them. do you think he can and will? >> yes, he did perhaps i'm putting naive confidence in emmerson that i've spoken to many times. emmerson understands what it means to get this country back on track.
2:40 am
words are thought going to do it. he will have so so very quickly this is a change before western countries engage financially. >> that's encouraging you've met him and feel good about his taking over the country. he struck a very inclusive tone in his remarks to the country. what stood out for you? the fact that he said the past was the past. and he didn't want any retribution. and that he wants go inclusively. this is so important. remember the height of rhodesia in the 1970s, but there are now 12 million black people, many of them living in exile. and with the number of clan, he is bringing all of those people together, it is so important. because many have been marge analizan al marginalized during the mugabe rule. >> 90% unemployment.
2:41 am
is the economy job number one and where does he start? >> this is so critical, not just 90% unemployment. mugabe insisted all schools do algebra and shakespeare. you have the most literate country in africa. you can't expect kids who have that education keep goats or grow pumpkins. they want real jobs pns they're on twitter and facebook. and they insist on their voices being heard. the first voice, the loudest voice, we want jobs. >> hopefully, he can start to create that. he certainly reached out to the world saying we're open for business. one journalists, we spoke with, jeff, said she was a bit disappointed he didn't account for his role in the past when he spoke work, alongside mugabe that put the country in the downward spiral. should he have addressed that? >> very difficult because he was involved in the genocide with the people in the south of
2:42 am
zimbabwe. this would have him in the hague especially. you everybody when gorbachev came into power and boris yeltsin, they simply changed the future. >> geoff hill, thanks for joining us. still ahead on "cnn newsroo newsroom", the biggest shopping day of the year. consumers fought lines and retailers fought the competition. stay with us.
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welcome back to "newsroom." so, you know, thanksgiving, you have the turkey. you have everyone together. it's a big 24i7thing. >> yeah, yeah.
2:46 am
>> and then some people jump into black friday. it's the biggest shopping day of the year. retailers offer steep discounts. this year, u.s. shoppers were expected to spend more than ever. >> but brick and mortar stores have seen a troubling trend over the past two decades as more customers move to online shopping. 2017 has been particularly brutal for retailers. nearly 7,000 stores in the united states have closed. amazon is reaching out beyond its online borders. the internet retailer opened up a pop-up store, a physical store in london for black friday. >> but that may seem a little counterintuitive for amazon which makes most of its money, big money online, samuel burke went there to see what it's up to. >> reporter: there is a major shift happening right now, 59% of americans say that they plan to shop online this year. that's the first time that we've seen more people planning to do this in the digital world than the physical world.
2:47 am
even though we hear so much about brick and mortar stores closing up because they can't compete with amazon. that very same company is actually opening up more and more spaces in the physical world. including an amazon pop-up shop. so, paul, it's amazon home of black friday. this is the kitchen. >> that's right. >> reporter: the real question is that amazon was supposed to be a digital space. that's what made you more efficient. you didn't have to pay for a brick and mortar shop. why a place for this kitchen? >> when we first brought black friday to the uk back in 2010, we had 300 deals just on black friday. >> reporter: why spent all the time creating this beautiful kitchen where you guys own whole foods now. there's a whole foods right down the street in london that you can be doing all of this. isn't that why you bought whole
2:48 am
foods? >> because we want to see how these products work in their homes. what we've done is try to create what a home might look like. >> reporter: it is interesting because you see the tentacles of amazon expanding. amazon lockers by my work. and it does make some people wonder where will it stop. is amazon's goal to be in all parts of our lives literally from the living room to next door to where we work? >> i think amazon's goal is to make things easier. for putting a place like this together for people to understand how it works easier, then that's what we'll do. it's all about focused on making it work easier for our customers. >> reporter: as long as they sign up for prime. who are going to be thing with winners here? when you speak to experts it's the places that have a foothold in both the difficultal and physical world. like amazon is doing the way
2:49 am
walmart is with its acquisition. and left in the dust are people like target who can't build up their physical space as well. >> for those who choose to shop online at home, black friday, they can thank jeff bezos amazon's founder. but really, he should thank them. bloomberg set bezos' network rose $2.4 million. >> it peaked at $2.4 billion. i mean, he just made 2.4 billion and that pushed bezos even farther into the top bracket of the world's richest people. rock on, i guess. still ahead here on "newsroom" -- parts of the northwestern part of the united states are under water. this, after a thanksgiving holiday storm. our meteorologist ivan cabrera
2:50 am
has more on what's happening in the pacific northwest. stay with us. just like some people like wet grocery bags. getting a bad haircut. overcrowded trains. turnstiles that don't turn. and spilling coffee on themselves. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable, switch to directv. and this weekend only get a $200 reward card call 1-800-directv
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joined us. both ivan and george have lived in sunny pacific northwest but they've been really getting rain. >> sunny between july and august. we have a little more time with the sun. but, yeah, it's been -- >> it's bad. >> -- it's been pouring there. one of our viewers showing me the seattle marathon on sunday. >> you don't get the sun breaks? >> i don't think so. >> how can they run a marathon with the streets floodflooded? >> they do it this time of year. we're talking about the flood impacting north of seattle, 60 miles to the north there with plenty of rainfall. and the last 24 to 48 hours. and we have this pineapple express situation going on. and it's going to be bringing us more rain. and we call it that because the moisture comes all the way from hawaii. you see that plume crossing the pacific. now coming into california,
2:55 am
blocking high here and all of the moisture is concentrated in seattle and portland. most of the rainfall is across washington state. we'll fly in and show you the latest perspective. still seeing the breaks in showers a little lull in the last few days. here come the clouds and steadier heavy rainfall on the way. and flood watch continues in effect. in fact, for the last 24 to 48 hours in just two days, they've picked up 7 inches of rainfall. in some cases 2 to 3 inches above where we should be throughout the month of november. so, that's something there. and more on the way and that's why the flood watches continue. where you see the brighter greens that's where we have the rivers that have overflooded their major flood stage. but it's there now and the water's receding there. and over seattle, there comes more rain. not what we want to see, by the way, that does include california and sierra nevada
2:56 am
picking up significant rainfall and the cascades as well, seeing snowfall. very cold there because of the higher elevation, look at the record highs, 51. imagine that, black friday, a lot of folks enjoying temperatures that we typically see late summer, not november and almost december here. temps in the 70s and 80s. and that continues as far as the heat going to the south i don't think we'll see 50 record highs but still above average. enjoy that. the heavy rain continues north and west. with everybody heading back home on sunday. this is what you have to expect for today. with temperatures nice and mild. we do have that storm system traveling through the pacific northwest, as we take you back home, i think we're okay. we've been worse before. and just looking at that rain and snow, north and west, otherwise the rest of us -- we're safe, driving or flying. >> ivan, thank you. thanks for being with us on "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen, for our
2:57 am
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showdown at the kwm financial protection bureau, pitching thement against an obama employee. who is in charge of the top u.s. consumer watch dog agency? >> he has very close knowledge of the comey firing and perhaps likely the president's state of mind when he did that firing. based on what


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