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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  December 17, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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landing at joint base andrews. he was immediately greeted with questions of the russia investigation and what he plans to do regarding special counsel mueller. listen. >> not looking good. it's quite sad to see that. my people were very upset about it. i can't imagine there is anything -- as we have said there is no collusion whatsoever. a lot of lawyers thought that was pretty sad. >> [ inaudible ]. >> go ahead. >> [ inaudible ].
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>> helicopter, a lot of noise. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it is the anniversary. hopefully everything will normalize with cuba. right now they are not doing the right thing. when they don't do the right thing we are not going to do the right thing. that's all there is to it. we have to be strong with cuba. they support me very strongly. we will give cuba strength now. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, i'm not. no. what else? what are you surprised? i did speak to cindy mccain. i wished john well. i understand he would come if we
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needed his vote. the word is john will come back if we need his vote. it's too bad. it's tough. he is going through a very tough time. no question about it. he will come back if we need his vote. thank you very much, everybody. >> again, that was just moments ago at the white house he was asked about the ongoing mueller investigation. we will unpack all of this. he was asked about senator john mccain and breaking news on him we know he will not be returning to the hill for the tax vote. we will have much more on that in just a moment. let's talk about this new phone call that happened today. president trump and vladimir putin apparently talking on the phone for the second time in four days. this time the russian president calling president trump to thank him for sharing cia intelligence that helped thwart an attack in
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russia while president trump and other conservatives continue to attack u.s. intelligence agencies and the russia investigation. the latest allegation of wrong doing by the special counsel team comes from the trump transition team accusing robert mueller of unlawfully obtaining thousands of transition e-mails. it claims the e-mails were private property even though they were on government servers and registered to dot-gov addresses. the special counsel is usually tight lipped. this time it is defending its investigation. a spokesman says quote when we have obtained e-mails in the course of ongoing criminal investigation we secured account owner's consent or appropriate process. we have a team of reporters and analysts standing by to cover all of this. let's begin with boris sanchez live outside the white house. boris, you have been speaking with the head of the trump transition team. what are you learning about the
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e-mails? >> reporter: the executive director of the trump transition team maintains that robert mueller obtained the e-mails unlawfully. there is dispute over who had ownership of the e-mails exchanged between several key trump transition officials. you have general services administration which provided e-mail support and logistics for the transition team making the case that because they were on a dot-gov domain they are part of a public record. on the other hand you have transition team saying that is not the case that there was an understanding between the trump transition team and the gsa that though the gsa was providing support for the e-mails they were the property of the trump transition team and therefore the transition team decides who they can be shared with. beyond that went further to put
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distance between the transition team and the white house in light of several comments made specifically by democrats that this is part of a greater ploy that the white house is using to taint robert mueller's investigation and ultimately to fire robert mueller. he is saying that he does not have a relationship with the white house. he told me i do not talk to the white house. he says the reason that the transition team lawyers sent this letter to congress alerting them that robert mueller obtained the e-mails was to maintain integrity. he said they were exploring potential options as to response to the news that robert mueller had obtained the e-mails but has not revealed what the options or what the plan ultimately might be. >> boris sanchez at the white house. now to the new phone call between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. the white house confirming putin called president trump to thank
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him for a cia tip that helped stop a terrorist attack in russia. today's call was the second between trump and putin in four days. they also spoke thursday. let's talk it over with global affairs correspondent. what more are you learning about today's phone call? >> reporter: well, essentially there was an attack that could have killed hundreds of russian citizens. and the cia had given some information to russian intelligence services. president putin was the one that put out the announcement of the phone call first. he said he called president trump to thank him. the white house was quick to confirm. it was certainly very interesting that president putin put that notice out. >> how significant is this shared intelligence with russia given the back drop of the ongoing russia investigation here in the u.s.? >> reporter: i don't think -- i don't think it's really unusual
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that if the u.s. had intelligence about a terrorist attack anywhere even if it is a country that they aren't necessarily allies with that they would share that information and try to thwart a terrorist attack and stop hundreds if not thousands of people being killed. i don't think that is unusual at all. we have to say just because the u.s. shared that intelligence with russia we don't know in what form. we don't know that they gave it along with their sources and methods which is something that the intelligence community keeps very closely. but ink oo it's proper that they did that. whether it means some kind of enhanced intelligence cooperation on the intelligence brought between russia and the u.s. i don't know. president trump said he wants to have a better relationship with russia and a better relationship with president putin. you can see from the statements that both are saying this is the kind of example of what can
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happen when the two countries work together. this is the second time in just a matter of days that president trump and president putin have spoken. they spoke the other day. the white house put out something that president putin president putin had called president trump to talk about how it was praising him in terms of the improvement in the u.s. economy. so certainly playing to president trump's desire to show that he is improving the u.s. economy. >> thank you. let's get more perspective on all of this from our panel. joining us security analyst and former white house ethics czar and former u.s. ambassador to the cheque republic. i want to ask you about the phone call between trump and putin. what do you make of the fact. so much so the two talk about it and share the information. the president doesn't believe the same cia whose intelligence
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shows russia medalled in our election. >> it's a very curious series of events this week. and i don't know the fact that it's disclosed and really unique that putin would come out and say this about the intelligence. but also the white house statement seems very supportive of putin as if everything he says is what we are going to go along with. the past couple of hours and does suggest or at least expose how damaging trump's criticism of our intelligence agencies is because people like me are now questioning what in fact happened. in a world of alternative facts that is what happens. >> this is the second phone call we know in four days. the first one we know president trump thanked putin for his
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compliments on the american economy under trump's leadership. and now we have putin asking trump to express his gratitude to the cia. what does it say about the dynamics of their relationship right now? >> thanks for having me back. i have to agree with juliet that it's odd. you have findings of our intelligence community that russia, led by putin, attacked our democratic processes. you have trump refusing to acknowledge that. and then you have this peculiar bromance. i'm glad we alerted the russians of the terror attack. of course, that's critical. playing it up as they did a weird white house statement. i worked in the white house. i have never seen a statement like the fawning one that uttered today ending with an exclamation point. it was bizarre. so trump is bending over
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backwards to pretend that there is no problem but there is a big problem. as a former diplomat i can tell you it is not good diplomacy to ignore when another country has slapped you in the face as russia has done with us even though it was the right thing to alert them of the attack. >> i have to ask you about the president now saying pretty definitively he is not planning to fire robert mueller. your reaction to that. there has been so much speculation in recent days. >> i was glad to hear the president say in the brief gaggle on his return from camp david that he has no plans to fire mueller. folks still need to be very vigilant. this is not a president who is known for the vurasity of his statements. i wouldn't take that to the bank. we need to continue to be very cautious. i think it's smart of the president, though, to say that
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because we don't know yet if mueller is going to precede against trump personally. above all the president is a survivor and so it -- >> real quickly about the transition e-mails obtained bite robert mueller, the special counsel does it appear to you he got them inappropriately? >> no. absolutely not. i was the deputy general counsel of the obama transition in '08. we told everybody you are putting e-mails on a government server. there is no expectation of privacy in those e-mails. so these legal arguments, we are talking about executive privilege the trump team is. how can you have executive privilege when you are not yet the executive. this is the transition before he went in the white house. even the letter from trump transition doesn't say the documents are privileged.
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it suggests there may be some susceptible of privilege and asks for a legislative fix. this is more of this good cop, bad cop we are getting from team trump as they try to destabilize mueller on one hand and on the other hand the president says he is not firing him for today. >> all right. sorry about our technical difficulties with your shot. we appreciate both of you being here. we have more breaking news tonight. senator john mccain we now have learned will miss the final vote on his own party's tax reform bill. he is returning home to arizona after spending several days hospitalized. he has brain cancer and has been recovering from the side effects of the chemotherapy and treatment he has been enduring. the daughter of senator mccain tweeted thank you to everyone for their kind words. my father is doing well and we are looking forward to spending
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christmas together in arizona. moments ago president trump as we played for you said he has spoken with the senator's wife and that he wished him well. senator mccain is 81 years old. let's go to cnn white house correspondent. what are you hearing about mccain's condition? >> reporter: we are hearing that senator mccain has left washington where he has been for several days and he is returning to arizona. we do know now that he will not be in the senate this week with the vote happens on this big tax plan. that is largely because republicans are now confident they have the vote that gave senator mccain the assurances he needed to leave washington. we do know that he is seriously ill. he is recovering again from the side effect.
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he is certainly not out of the woods. everyone's thoughts are with him as he goes to arizona. the thinking is that he needs the rest and recovery time there. so certainly we heard the president saying that he spoke with mrs. mccain on friday and other republicans have been in touch with senator mccain, as well. the big question a couple of days ago was would he be able to come back for this vote if they needed him. senator bob corker of tennessee who had been against the tax plan, he essentially said he would vote if it. he was given enough assurances so that allowed republicans to feel pretty confident of passage of this bill when it happens later this week. senator mccain will not be there for this. he will be home in arizona. >> thank you for the update. we, of course, wish senator mccain and his family the very best. coming up, we will be talking with the democratic representative who is now running for a senate seat in a red state. the impact of the alabama
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i want to see. learn more at democrats are feeling emboldened after this week's stunning alabamau set. doug jones with victory over roy moore. if a relatively unknown democrat can win in alabama what about other senate seats in red states. a democrat challenging well known republican senator ted cruz. i want to talk about the political landscape. let me ask you about new developments of the russia investigation. we heard from president trump. he said he is not considering firing special counsel robert mueller this coming after what your fellow democratic colleague jackie spear said about what she is hearing that trump was looking to fire mueller. now that we have heard from the president directly does that put concerns you may have on that
2:21 pm
issue to rest? >> bob mueller has to be able to pursue the investigation as far as deep and as high as the facts leave. there has to be accountability and consequences and justice. i'm pleased to see he will be able to continue the investigation. >> what happened in alabama gave democrats who needed hope. you are running against senator ted cruz in texas. tens of millions of dollars races that haven't been successful. why would the outcome in your race be any different? >> there is something really special going on in texas today. felt that way when i was in columbus earlier. we were in woodville, in pineland, in henderson. these small communities many of
2:22 pm
them red where hundreds of people are coming out to see us and take part in doing something important for texas and critical for our country right now. roy moore had a 40% favorable rating. ted cruz has a 38% favorable rating. donald trump wonl only won texas by nine. no corporate contributions or special interest cash in our campaign, it's all about the people that i want to serve and represent and we are all coming together to do something great for texas. we can totally win this thing. >> republicans are about to declare victory on tax reform. republican views are going up. 47% approval to 43% disapproval among republicans. their views of the gop and congress.
2:23 pm
>> i think there is already a very serious reckoning for the tax bill that will add $1.5 trillion to the national debt that will kick 13 million americans off of health insurance. in texas the least insured state in the union. one million fewer covered by health insurance after the tax bill becomes law. and those who are lucky enough to have insurance will see premiums go up $1,700 a year. what tax break and at what consequence? when the break goes to the wealthiest one percent in the country they may be able to pass it. if they do there will be consequences and accounting and an election where the voters of texas can decide whether or not this was good for them and who should pay the price and lead the state going forward in the u.s. senate. >> we have heard the word reckoning a lot. mid terms may come down to women
2:24 pm
voters. you raise eyebrows by refusing to call on democratic senator al fra franken. >> i think there is impunity right now in congress at least the perception and culture where people have been reelected. they have reelection rate of 93%. our campaign about real accountability where i hold town halls across the state and have done that every month that i have been in congress where i have committed to term limits where i am refusing any pack or corporate money. i am listening to those that i want to serve and represent is the model we are listening to everyone including women who are rightfully concerned that this state leads the nation now in the rate of maternal mortality because we made it so hard for women to get access to
2:25 pm
reproductive health care, cervical cancer screening, visit with the provider that will make life or death difference. when we treat everyone with respect and dignity in our state and country everyone does better. that makes this a much stronger campaign when we bring everyone men, women, everyone included into this effort. >> with all due respect you are not answering my question regarding the sexual harassment issues and really your stance when it came to senator al franken. do you still stand by that? >> i think senator franken made the right decision to step down. i think that there is beginning to be accountability in congress after a long period of impunity. that is a very good thing. >> at that time what i knew is senator franken had taken a picture that was disrespectful to the woman involved.
2:26 pm
that woman had forgiven him. senator franken was going through an ethics investigation. we have learned that there are many more additional allegations against senator franken. now knowing what i do it is absolutely appropriate that he step down and resign which he is doing. >> doug jones, the new democratic senator from alabama was on state of the union and was pretty critical about today's partisanship on capitol hill. let's listen. >> one of the problems in american politics is that everybody thinks because you are a member of one party or another you are going to vote a certain way. that shouldn't ever be the case. i will talk to people on both sides of the aisle and try to figure out what i think is in the best interest of my state and in the country. >> where has that strategy worked for you as a congressman? what bipartisan house accomplishment can you point to? it seems democrats versus republicans digging into heels. >> too many veterans can't get into the va especially to see a
2:27 pm
mental health care provider. 20 veterans a day taking their own lives. i wrote a bill to open up mental health care to veterans. i worked with a republican colleague from colorado. we introduced it to a committee. we introduced it on the floor of the house and it passed 435-0. democrats and republicans working together to improve lives of those we serve and represent in congress. that is the bipartisan path forward. the only way to do anything of any significance for this country is to to do it on a bay partisan basis. i will always work with republicans and democrats alike to move the agenda forward. >> real fast before i let you go "vanity fair" wrote an article calling you kennedy-esc. are you planning to run for president in 2020? >> absolutely not. there is a wonderful kennedy
2:28 pm
already serving in congress. joe kennedy iii who is about the best member that i serve with. he is the kennedy. no plans. we are focussed on texas. >> congressman, thank you for your time. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> happy holidays. a very serious sin. why the pope is weighing in on what he calls fake news. excuse me a minute... hi dad. no. don't try to get up. hi, i'm julie, a right at home caregiver. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home. what's going on? oh hey! ♪
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2:33 pm
communication, disinformation or giving just one side. looking for things that are old news and have been dealt with and bringing them to light today. joining us now father edward. thank you so much for being here. what do you think the pope is referring to in those comments? >> he took his 81est birthday to talk to journalists about fake news. it is prelude to world communications day in may. this is going to be the topic. it's concern for pope francis because we think he is talking about trump or cnn or "new york times." this is a world wide problem. last year 17 countries reported that fake news effected their elections. the pope is aware of this. i don't know if you remember in germany they sent 50 arab guys raped a guy and major papers said this and it was made up. it is anti-ref jugeanti-refugee
2:34 pm
really getting to the core of being people who communicate well, honestly, truthfully and make sure you show both sides of an argument. >> it is so interesting because you know this pope doesn't shy away from controversy and controversial topics and putting his stamp on these issues. obviously, we can't talk about what is happening in today's world with the me too movement without thinking about the church's sex abuse scandal. you don't think that that was on his mind at all when it comes to talking about bringing up old news or anything like that? >> he announces in september and we had the big australia report recently. some say because of australia. this came out in september. really they just asked him what is on his mind and he said this is it. i don't think it is necessarily but there have been false
2:35 pm
accusations, too, and i'm sure he is aware of that. it is all of it together, though. i think this pope does make news. he knows the fake news is a buzz word now. this has been since 1965 this world communications day, the second vatican council implemented it. have you heard about it before? >> no. >> all of these years. why this year? >> i am catholic. >> he says fake news, buzz word and we are talking about it. he knows what he is doing. >> we will be tuning in. >> thank you again for coming in. good to see you. merry christmas. breaking news. a blackout now at the world's largest airport has grounded flights ahead of the holiday season. dozens forced to stand outside on the tarmac. what caused the power outage and when will flights resume? next. you're live in cnn newsroom.
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president trump is about to jump into full campaign mode according to washington post report. he is not on a ballot next year but plenty of republicans he wants to see elected are. it is mid term elections. two candidates the president went all in for lost at the polls. i want to get in. two of our political commentators to get in on this. al stewart who once ran communications for is in ted cruz and ben ferguson who hosts his own radio show. i was referring to the special election in alabama. president trump first endorsed luther strange in primaries. he lost but he pulled for roy moore in the election after that and he lost. would a candidate for office want the president's endorsement right now? >> i think that remains to be seen as to how the environment
2:41 pm
looks in 2018. it's also important to remember roy moore was right on the issues for ruby red state like alabama on the issues across the board. he was a tremendously flawed candidate with the allegations of sexual harassment and especially those involving a 14 year old. and the fact that the president wasn't able to pull him over the line is extremely troubling. here is the question. with the president at mid 30s in the approval ratings and so far right now without a legislative accomplishment it might be difficult for candidates to want his help. i do believe we will get tax reform across the board. hopefully that will help to jump start the economy even more and create more jobs and with that i expect the president's approval rating to increase and go up and candidates would want him on the campaign trail. >> let's listen to doug jones. moore is not defeated. doug jones says it is time to
2:42 pm
accept reality. >> i say it is time to move on. alabama has spoken. it was a close election. there is no question about that. elections can be close sometimes. now it is time to heal and move on and go to the next thing. we are ready and starting to put our team together to take over and try to get in there as soon as possible. i would say let's go. the election should be certified in a week or so and i will be ready to go regardless of whether he concedes or not. >> what do you think of all of this? what is roy moore doing by not conceding? >> everybody has moved on by roy moore. roy moore at this point there is nothing else you can say about him than he is just being like a child and needs to grow up and just go away. unfortunately, he is not doing that. i think it makes many voters think they did the right thing in alabama by not voting for him
2:43 pm
because of the way he is acting when he has clearly lost this election. i hope he will hurry up and go away. i don't think he will. i think he loves this center of attention narcissism and craziness to the campaign and wants to hold on to it for every single second and claim he is a victim because he probably believes somehow he can resurrect his career which he will not be able to do even in alabama. move on and let the new guy get there and the people in alabama that i have talked to have moved on. they know who their senator is and it is a democrat who beat him on election night. >> let's look at the new poll from nbc news. the question is who should control congress in 2018? 50% of respondents say democrats. 39% say republicans. this poll is taken right after that alabama senate election. is this poll result what happened in alabama or should republicans really be worried? >> i think what we saw in
2:44 pm
alabama and also virginia is a tremendous back lash. while the president really energizes the base and many in the gop he has proven to be a very effective organizing tool for democrats. that was the case in virginia as well as alabama. i think there is a lot of day light between now and what will be going on as we get closer to the mid terms. as i said, if the economy gets better i think it will be much more beneficial for republicans. it's also incumbent on republican party to elect and nominate good candidates. make sure they check all the boxes on key issues. i know the trump administration has talked to over 100 potential candidates for 2018 and improving the vetting process making sure they are right on the issues such as life and second amendment and immigration and fiscal responsibility. it's also incumbent on them to improve vetting process and do a
2:45 pm
little background check and make sure there are no sexual harassment charges. good candidates mean good results. >> got to go. thank you both for being here. good to see you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. i cannot imagine managing my diabetes without my dexcom. this is the dexcom g5 mobile continuous glucose monitoring system. a small, wearable sensor measures your glucose every 5 minutes and sends the data to a dexcom receiver. dexcom helps lower a1c and improves quality of life. if you're over 65 and you have diabetes, you should have a dexcom. if you get a dexcom, you're going to be very glad that you did. visit to learn more. you're going to be very glad that you did.
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we have more breaking news. this afternoon a major travelers' headache right now at the world's busiest airport. this is atlanta hartsfield-jackson international airport. the power went out at all international terminals about four and a half ago.
2:50 pm
that means in that time no planes have taken off, no one can check in, people who landed are sitting on the tarmac, baggage, all stopped. this is an airport where 255,000 people come and go every day. this is a live image. you see those planes just sitting. joining us right now from the airport is katy hartung. katy, is the power still out? it's about to be nightfall there. >> reporter: an a, the power is still out and there is no sign of it coming back on. we just spoke with a member of the atlanta fire department and they did not evacuate yet but they are trying to shut this place down. no flights will be leaving from the atlanta airport tonight. the question is, where do all these people go especially as it gets darker with nightfall inside that airport? the official assured us everyone inside was safe, there hasn't
2:51 pm
been any injury to anyone throughout the course of the power outage. but we heard different versions of stories from passengers inside. there was in one moment a sense of relief from terminal d earlier today when a passenger could smell smoke, begin to see it. one passenger said it smelled like burnt rubber, like an electrical fire of some sort had taken place. all passengers were evacuated from that terminal, but that's the only emergency we've experienced today. otherwise long lines of frustrated people really concerned, and the other thing has been the lack of communication as people have questions about what happened and very little understanding of what led to this and where to go from here. >> so, caylee, is there a plan b? obviously they're working to get that power restored, but are they bringing in generators? what's going on exactly? >> reporter: right now the plan is just to get everybody out of here, knowing that no flights will take off from here tonight. we've heard all flights canceled by southwest, united and
2:52 pm
jetblue. no official statement from delta yet, but officials telling us nobody is getting off the ground and nobody is landing here tonight. right now the goal is just to get people to safety from here, whether that involves bussing folks to a safe location away from this airport for loved ones to pick them up or for them to hop on public transportation. one thing people do have in their favor, the public railway transportation system in atlanta, the system here at the atlanta airport is working so that's on option for everybody. but they are trying to focus on getting people out of here. >> katy hartung, keep us posted. with us right now is our transportation analyst mary scalvo. mary is with the atlanta fire department. this is an airport the size and importance of atlanta, one of the busiest in the world in a full stop now for more than four hours? how can the power go out and
2:53 pm
stay out for so long at an airport this size? >> well, at an airport this size, the length of time and the extent of the outage, this might be a record. thisprecedent. usually when you have a power outage at the airport, most of the time it's two things. most of the time it's a computer glitch or it's construction. so many times when this happens, there is construction going on, they hit something. it sounds like that might have happened, at least in concourse d, but those are the two reasons. it is usually not something nefarious, although there have been a couple outages caused by sabotage. it's usually not hacking or somebody trying to commit a crime. it's usually a computer failure or construction. >> so, mary, obviously this is going to have a ripple effect, right? i imagine there will be a nationwide impact? what do you anticipate? >> we've already felt it, too. i've had a team here in charleston about to head out and do depositions, obje.
2:54 pm
in charleston, south carolina you change plans in atlanta. those flights weren't canceled right away, so at 4:30, it was still showing they were supposed to get on their plane and fly to atlanta instead of shutting down right away all the flights to atlanta, so there just aren't more and more planes on the ground. the faa has stopped that because in a full ground stop, there won't be additional planes coming in or leaving. but if the power outage is such that it has also affected the really essential services, air traffic control, that doesn't seem to be affected, but, for example, psa, customs, emergency exits. you know, emergency lighting, those will have to have the priority for the power so persons in the airport, while they will likely want to evacuate them, they've got to have a place to go, and there simply aren't enough hotel rooms around hartfield to accommodate all those people. so it will be a difficult night for those folks and the local law enforcement will not put
2:55 pm
these folks on the street. i just can't believe that. there's legal precedence that that's not a safe option, so they might have to spend the night in the airport. >> what a nightmare, not to mention terrible timing with the holidays so close. the star-studded gala is in just hours. we're live on the red carpet with the cnn hero of the year tribute. stay with us.
2:56 pm
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see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to the holidays are all about giving back, right? tonight the 11th annual cnn heroes show ten people giving back in extraordinary ways. in just a couple hours, anderson cooper and special guest co-host kelly ripa are going to see the stars come in. from the red carpet, who have you been seeing, paolo? >> we're at the american natural history museum in the heart of new york city, and this is the night we will honor the top ten heroes, cnn's top ten heroes,
2:59 pm
including awarding the hero of the year, fred. all year long we've been sharing these incredible stories of everyday people not only in the united states but around the world who are working to make their communities a better place to live. tonight, though, the top ten are under one roof. tonight you expect to hear some of the most emotional stories from these people and also potentially how you could help some of these organizations and the big moment when that hero of the year award is handed out to one of these ten individuals. now it's time to not only honor the heroes of the current but also the past, and also even start thinking about possible heroes of the future. start thinking about maybe some of these members of the community that are making that positive of an impact in your neighborhood, because maybe they are the ones who should be walking down this carpet come next year. it's going to be a very exciting night, this night here, fred. yes, there will be celebrities, but the main objective is to honor those people giving back in their own way to make this a
3:00 pm
better place to live, right? >> absolutely. paolo sandoval, you have an enviable job tonight. the next hour of cnn news starts right now. top of the hour. you are in the cnn newsroom. i'm ana cabrera in new york. happy sunday. we have breaking news first this hour. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. a major travel emergency happening right now at an airport, one of the world's busiest airports. it may affect people trying to fly anywhere in the country. this is the trouble. atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport, the busiest on earth, is in the dark right now. no power. the electricity suddenly went off about five hours ago. it has not come back on and there is still no sign that the power will be restored any time soon. that means since about


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