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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  December 19, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PST

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lemon. we're live with new developments tonight. the republican tax bill could be on the president's desk on wednesday. if you still don't know exactly how itñr will affect you, you a y why sign a bille1 into law that could hurt you badly with the suburban voters who have been costing republicans elections lately? what will it mean for 2018 andx family, savelpfáe1 millions. plus talk show host tavis smiley fighting back against ?.p&legations about his con >> ie1 can tell you we've had a bit of breaking news in this
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case. >> we'll tell youçó what that i. he says his side of the story tonight on this program. i'm going to ask him what about those troubling allegations. let's begin with thexd gop x bill and what it could mean to you.xde1e1 here with me . good the toe1 see you, gene, here's the president talking about thee1 tax plan today and then we'll talk. >> we are days away fromt( passg historicq tax cuts for american families and businesses. it will be the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. >> youe( reaction? we problems we have people worried about the middle class, economi( inequality, insecurity, there's
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so much we could have done with $1.5 trillion. we could have done something on infrastructure. cut taxes just for workingñr pressed. [kzlls, free community college. and instead, we're goingxd to ge the major bulk of thisxd to the largest companies, to foreign investors, to the most well off investors in pass through, such as real ñrestate, thec trump family. there's going to be no conditions, it's not going to b1 tied to job creations -- >> you call it a wasted opportunity? >> it is a wasted opportunity. if we are going tosv4 do someth major on tax reform, here's an idea if you're going tojf spend $1.5 trillion, why not give it all to the working families that need it most. this is a bill that puts working families so last that it sunsets so by 2027, the last year of the plan,t( 82% of the benefit goeso
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the top 1% and everybody under 90,000 is goingw3 to get a tax increase. >> i want to go tofá wayn"p this bill, it was rushed through both houses of congress at lightning speed. what kind of xdunintended consequences do you think might be hiding in the bill? >> two things. ai] narrative from people who haven't been paying attention for the last five years. if the press has not covered>c what ran through the entire house program and worked out many of these issues, the hearings the house and senate had and all these discussionse1 over the paste1 years. the press in the last couple weeks has gone there's a tax bill and haven't paid attention to what's in it.e1t( down,e1 discussed and put in legislative language -- >> let me stop you there.
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is that thexd same bill that ca out of conference? the administration just started talking about this bill, republicans just started talking aboutq this bill, most people have not had a chance to readxd the bill and i'm talking about lawmakers.xd >> you have two bills. there's a house bill and a senate bill. these have been in the works for, fjpt(r', more than five years.4jsñ-the camp bill which these ideas come out of us put forward in thexd house and went through the committee procezc!a couple years ago, this is another it 2@;rjz of that. the idea this is rushed through or secret is people that don't choose to look at it -- >> a lot ofxd bills have parts other bils, it doesn't make it the same bill. let's just be honest pcuú this bill is a new bille1 from both e congress and the senate and from this administration. just as this is a new administration. this isn't a bill that came from
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this ó01administration.q you're talking about the camp bill. that's from a timexdc gone e1by. >> okay. that's -- camp is two years ago, okay, three years now. this was the republican congress. thee1 republicans had the congrs and the senate for quite some t.u and they've been working on these issues. and i work with them on it, so it's not a surprise to me because i pay attention to what the ideae1 we have a 35% corpore income tax and the reste1 of -- the europe e1yens are downxd in 20s, china is downfá at 25, we' at 35. even obama ti;uu this was ae1e1 problem. talked about bringinge1 the rat down, he said 28. $e didn't think that was a give away to anybody. thee1 idea letting sou-tk keep money they earned is giving it to them strikes me as an odde1 understanding of who owns your life. when you walk by the street and a mugger passes by,xd youe1 did
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give him youre1 wallet -- >> gene keeps talking about other bills. >> this is the bill that is going to become the law of the land, that people are going to live by, be punished by. it's beenñi rushed through.e1 this president talked about he "9q going to come in and drain the swamp. when these bills come ñre1throu it's only the swamp that knows what's in it. you don't know what the last-minute changes are. groover is part ofok one thing, was part of president obama's team, we thought you could bring down the corporate rateseg. bu were going to do it in a wayxd that it wasn't going to costq taxpayers, affect the deficit. so tot( bring a bill that's goi to explode the deficit by as much as $2 trillion,5a that brs a tax cut -- a tax reform plan
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by its tenth year,fá with thing scribbled on the side,ñr virtuay no hearings, the process is terrible. it's again, the only people are it before anybody else does. that's exactly the opposite of what president trump talked é[upthat'sjf going to disappoin workers. it doesn't help working jf families. >> i want groover to respond. you talk about the other bill the last-minute change in the planeipá specifically benefits real estate businesses as e1w3w. that wasn't in the camp bill was kd8>> no, it was in the house b. there's a house version of how you deal with pass throughs and a senate version.lp accepted the house version dealing with real estate and then the senate version. and thenñr theyt(i] say some se snuck it snin,e1 which was a li.
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the idea that somehow corkerñr ( switq9q" his vote,e1 corker's bn for the bill since the beginning. he came up withe1 a 1.5ç!bájt how much taxxd reduction we're going to do in tonyears. i spoke to him for half an hour -- he ended up voting against it because they wouldn't let his idea in, not the republicans they were happy to do that. of course, he's going to vote for it, he's a republican, he's a reagan republican. so when you talk about the senate and the house get together and the senate version or house version gets picked there aret( dozens of decisions that go into it.i] we take the business taxes down for companies which even the democrats agreed ought to be w3 done. we also dook it for subñi chapt, this iseq$u$e 28 million pass through companmk small businesses generally, every timk you raiseq the rate -- >> we're running out of time.
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i have to get gene to respond, quickly if you can. >> the truth is thisw3 taxw3 cu jju @&hc national corporations. there's a difference because it is a giveaway it doesn't ask them to give up tax expenditures, it just increases the deficit.  money they spent on corporations and pass throughs that areg come at the expense of middle class families not getting a ant tax cut and comes at the expense when republicanse1 t medicare, medicaid, and social security -- >> i am out of time. thank you iñr appreciate it. president trump makinge1?; appearance at disney world today.oke1çó disney world revealing theirfáq lifetime versionlp of donald trp today. >> from the beginning america
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a natione1 defined byxds people. >> joining his predecessors in the famous halle1lp of presiden1 exhibit.e1 disney world suggested thatñi h hadn't recorded his dialogue, which is why it didn't open in june. president trump said he won't fire special counsel mueller but that's not causing his allies to trye1 to discredi robert mueller. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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e1 cnn çóexclusive. the president thinks he'll get a letter of exoneration in the russia investigation. let'slp discussok that now. good evening to alyo three of you. john, you first, president trump was asked yesterday if he is planninge1 toxd firing robert mueller, his answer was no, i'm
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not. for the white house, they're discredited mueller and his team even better than -- is that even better than firing him? >> i think it's of the same thing. i think if trump was allowed to be trump hec would have fired hm ages ago and i think that's always a possibility. i think they convinced him byçó attacking mueller ine1 any way they can, maybe they'll diminish his effectiveness or make him go away. >> how can you attack him and expect to be exonerat!÷ >> we're talking about mr. trump. problems. look at the letter they did with the gsa. they sent it on a saturday so it's on the sunday talkw3 shows and they don't go to court and complain about it. you know, all of it ise1 pretty transparent. they ask t to have thefá judiciary committ p attorney general to thn investiga+- i thinkfá it's allfá a policy o
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obstruction. it's more subtle than flatout firing someone but i think the option is always there.e1 if they can't tie trump to a wall he will firefá mueller. >> i listen to everything and watch everything from left to çu right-wing media has been trying to i]discredit mueller for mont. i want you to watch qthis. this is janw.#fá piero on her f show. >> there's a core groupxd of aid grant, corrupt and lawless individuals that felt they and not we should decide a presi÷e7q% election.e1 and when they failed they conspired to create the falsee1 narrative to notq just muddy ou choice for president butxd to bring down his presidency and his family as lpwell. the only thing that remains is whether we have the fortitude to notlp just fire these people out.diately but to takexd them
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>> judge, right? it's probably a good thinge1 shs not practicing anymore. but listen, her show is saide1 she's even visited the president at the white house. how dangerous are comments like this? >> dangerous for a couple of q reasons. one, if she wants to be an objective journalist and offer opinions you would think she would want to hold theñi presidt himselfw3 at a littleok more á< arm's length. but as you said and was reported they chitchat offline and talk to each other and compare notes, at least that's what the reporting said. you just played pip know that wasn't the entire thing, but at least in that clip she doesn't specify any situation or any fact she says the mueller investigation hasñr gotten wron or any procedure they haven't followed. she's talking in this5açó swir the president's enemies are out to get him. if that's really the case, if
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breached where someoneñr didn't follow protocol, why flynn's plea dealfázv is wrong or e1mas indictment is wrong. i'm not sure that mueller isp, going to be fired if for no was fired is when the public's attention wasfá focussed on the russia investigation. you have to think the white house staffq is saying if we fie mueller this turns up the heat on this thing all over again. but this campaign you're seeing in certainfá media outlets and from some people in the governments and some of the trump team's lawyers to lp discredit or throw the mueller teame1xd off, has whereat chrat past couple weeks. >> i'm sure thefáñi words soundd to the president and the
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viewers. instead of saying what is actually -- >> there's noe1 specifics. >> that's what i xdmeea$f there no specifics and there are no facts there.fá which is very, very interesting. go ahead. >> the prize q&8 you get to go o ha lovese1 this. this is his night life tot( repy her. she's as much an ego maniace1 a he is. >> it's not a personal attack, i'm just noting -- >> i think it's a personal attack. >> you can see it all working, t viewer loves to hear it, the president loves to hear it and qe1 attention and th"1 accolade.tion and th"1 trump transition lawyers sayw.ñc that mueller's teamouunlawfully obtained thousands of e-mails from thee1 transition a5team.u in a rare moment, mueller's team
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pushed back saying we haveqq accident occurred the accou secured the account owner's consent or appropriate criminal process. >> these e-mails are on a government server and there were contracts signed by the transition team saying there is noxd expectation oft( privacy te e-mails. that ends this from añcbyu%ez amendment perspective. if you don't have an expectation of privley no one needs a warrant.e1 it's like for example when you're using your employer's computer, for example, you know when you're usingzlcnn's computer, don, youre1 employer n go throughfá it. here they were using the transition was using a government computer. they signed documents saying there was no expectation of privacy, that ends it. they wrote a letter, if you're a lawyer and read it, they
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essentially admit that. they write the letter, i think as john mentioned a moment, on a saturday to congress and not to a court. there's really nothing there. it's more trying to undermine muller. i thinkq instead of making a decision to fire muller, what the trump team has decided it's in their beste1 interest to kee mueller around,tp)$sqpáu for now and try to qskrept credi>%credi it's led to the rhetoric we just heard, very dangerous rhetoric. that's where it's leading. >> how significant is it -- quick answer if you can -- how significant is it that mueller wasxd forced to defend himself here? >> i think he's feeling the pressure. and i wouldn't be surprised iff we see an indictment before the end of the year to signal this is very serious.
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i was surprised by that. ould have said if yu had anything you would have tried to take me toxd court or written to me personally. they talk about oklawyer, what lawyer? he wasn't yet the executive, so what executive xdprivilege. 8 intendedxd o make, we were talking about the sound bite there, most of the people on thee1 transition team these are people appointed by the president of the united states or republicans or career people who were in there. so how is it that there is some sort of coup or something that's happeninc[ from people david tt the president appointed himself. >> if you recall, don, when mueller was first appointed in may -- this was only 7 or 8 months ago. you had republicans on the hill, you had republican notables like former speaker newt gingrich, speaking about how mueller was a man of the highest and we gri5a fi, they thought it was a good pick, he would get to the bottom of things and now the investigation has dragged out and bogged the administration
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down, now you're seeing a situation where more supporters him. i would point out real quick, shoe is going to drop and the administration is going to crumble, i think they're going to be waiting a long time for that. similar for the president'sfá supporters -- the president himself who thinks this is going to wrap up neatly in a fewi] wes we'll wipe our hands, move on, nothing to see here,ó[?h'either side is going to have that. mueller is going about it in a methodical way,w3 not talking t the press, we will find out how things develop as we have ov%$ the past several months. >> that was the smartest thing that was said here. i agree with you one1 your enti point you said, david, it's not side. when we come back, cbs has dropped tavis xdsmiley's show
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prosperity at home cannot protect its interests abroad. a nation that is not prepared to win a war is a nation not capable of preventing a war. a nation that is not proud of its history cannot be confident in its future. and a nation that is not certain of its values cannot summon the will to defend them. >> there's a lot to discuss this. angela, let's take the last line where he said a nation that is
12:53 am
not proud of its history cannot be confident in its future. what do you think he means by that? >> i have no idea. i can tell you what is most concerning to me is i have no real clue about whether or not donald trump understands what our true history is. i don't think that there's a requirement that we have to be proud of everything in america's past to be able to move forward, right? i think that's actually assign. there are a number of things we should not be proud of. and i think the most important thing we can do to take a step forward and ensure that the country is putting its best foot forward is recognize the many challenges in our history. the facts he talks about borders, a lot of the ideas are circular and ridiculous. i think even the america first ideology is ridiculous. donald trump has demonstrated
12:54 am
that self-preservation is most important to him, even if it means scapegoating people on his team. i hardly think that foreign policy and national security agendas will work. >> a lot of folks have been talking about this. this is donald trump jr. posted this picture of himself and senator ted cruz with a cookie that appears to show the face of barack obama. the capacity says with friends like these some good friends decided that while my birthday is not for two weeks they would get me an early 40th birthday cake. and what birthday is complete without an obama cake? i figured it was so good that i would have to share it with ted. >> i'm proud to sooe see the evolution of the cruz relationship with the trumps. we've gone from president trump-to-accusing his dad of
12:55 am
anas nating jfk. so if it did one thing, it brought cruz and the trumps together. good for them. >> the cake looked more like tavis smiley. that does not look like barack obama. sorry. did you see it, don? >> i saw it. >> roll it back. maybe grant hill. >> looked like grant hill. oh, well. you all are crazy. >> you give up. you're like forget about it. who is that on the cake? >> i can't see why junior would make that face and send it out. >> that's another issue. >> are you some sort of cake boss cake artist i don't know about? it's difficult to draw a picture on a piece of paper, let alone a cake. >> are you really fighting it like it's a big deal, number one? we're laughing at it, it's not that serious. because it's red, white and blue
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doesn't make it barack obama. >> we are going to have our cake and eat it, too. i didn't know what else to say. bye, y'all. good night. that's it for us. i'll see you back here tomorrow. s at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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sglncht train was traveling at 80 miles an hour. >> an amtrak train it going three times the speed limit when it jumped the tracks in a deadly e derainment. new questions about a safety system not yet activated. the republican congress poised to pass an extensive rewrite of the tax code. this bill is widely unpopular. we'll break down what the final members need. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans.


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