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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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trump. because again his republicanation as a deal maker who can get things done behind the scenes and number two, schumer putting a shot across to mcconnell saying we tried to move forward. or i put the possibility out there. when you go into the negotiation over the weekend if the leadership goes to the white house, that's already been put out there for the entire american body politic to see. if i can say one quick thing about mcconnell saying how did we get here? i totally agree that the s hole comment was the straw that broke the camels back. we got here when there was a dream act vote in 2010. and the republicans voted against. a shut down in 2013 and republicans picked up seats in 2014. we know how we got here. again are pushing back. rats - >> thank you all. i have been informed we have another hour to go.
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so, the cnn tonight breaking news. i'm don lemon. it's 1:00 a.m. on the east coast. the second hour of the shut down of the u.s. federal government. the first since 2013. the senate tonight failing to pass a fund bill. here's the vote. it was 50 to 49. they needed 60 votes. now the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will offer a new bill to fund the government through february 8. let's get to jeff at the white house. also phil. on capitol hill. jeff, to you first. what will happen tomorrow when the president wakes up the government is shut down, his first anniversary of his inauguration? >> good morning here in the east. we will see if it's a good morning for the president. certainly he is going to be in new terrain. no question about it. the government shutdown is happening on his watch.
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the white house went to great lengths to call it the schumer shut down. schumer called it the trump shut town. it's an american government shut down. trump owns this. we received a copy of the white house schedule. it's blank tomorrow. they are in a tbd mode. they are going to likely have meetings, likely try to work bay out of this. at this point we don't know if we'll see the president tomorrow on saturday. that one year anniversary of the inauguration. we don't know what his involvement will be with the shut down. he brought chuck schumer to the whitous on friday for a 90 minute meeting. we heard senator schumer explaining all of that. he said he agreed to do a wall funding. in exchange for something on immigration. and he said it was refused by the white house. when all the finger pointing and blame sort of eases, if it does, will it give way to finding a solution a path out of this. there is some discussion of more
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of a shorter term potentially a three week spending plan. senator mcconnell mentioned that earlier. that's something the white house can get behind. the white house does look favorably on that. that is probably a starting ground on saturday. when they start talking about this. the reality is the president was scheduled to be in florida. he has a big fund raising gala saturday evening. almost certainly not going to do that. next week he's scheduled to go to switser lands. he may not take the trip. depending on the length of the shut down. white house came out swinging calling the obstructionist losers. when you need the democrat senators to reopen the government. that's what we're talking about. to be clear. reopening the federal government. >> jeff, what might the spin be from this. maybe they won't respond. this is october 7 of 13.
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at real donald trump. my sense is people are far angrier at the president than at congress. and interesting turn. >> look, i was looking at some of the quotes earlier. or i should say yesterday on friday. and the president then candidate private person donald trump. private citizen. was on tv in several interviews sp said the president owns this shut down. of course president obama. we will see if he agrees with that. that the president owns the shut down. my guess he will not. that's why they're blaming democrats. we have to be clear. this were four senate republicans. lindsey graham, rand paul, senator flake and lee. paul is not in washington. he can't travel because of his health. this was not simply a partisan bill. it largely was. but the white house has work to do on the republican side as
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well. we'll see if cooler heads prevail. if passed the reality is we could be setting in for a long shut down if they don't change course. >> all right. standby. i want to get to phil. we see votes going on on the floor. what's happening now? >> this is the pain that was promised by republicans if democrats ended up blocking this bill. what's happening now you saw a couple procedural votes. senate majority leader trying to set up the vote for that amendment. that would reduce the funding bill time line. by a week. to try to use that to bring democrats on board. you'll start seeing motions to move onto a clean extension of the children health insurance program. or a defense appropriation bill. vote after vote after vote that will make the democrats you have been talking about all night. the ten democrats that are up for reelection in 2018 from states that then candidate trump
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by sizable margins. what the senator majority leader is trying to make this painful. you weren't willing to come on board with a bill the republicans think is reasonable. it's going to hurt for a couple days. at one point after the vote failed the majority leader say lg the government might be shut down but the senate will run. that's the truth. you'll see while behind closed doors, that will be where the negotiations start happening. on the senate floor you'll see the senate in motion. with a lot of the votes. none of them will get them anywhere. none them will be enacted into law. they will all be positioning political messaging votes. and they'll be difficult votes for democrats. >> how long is this going to go on? tonight, or this morning? i'm wondering if i'll be tossing to the morning show and saying now here are the morning anchors. and the president will be up and tweeting about me. by the time i get off the air.
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you have no idea? >> the later part will probably happen. based on the history here. you will not be tossing to morning new day. i have confidence in that. what i have been told is you have a handful of votes coming. they should be done in an hour. none of the votes are to keep the government open. none of the votes are to change anything that happened already. these are votes that are politically pointed. and or setting up things in the future in the weekend. >> thank you. standby. i want to bring in rebecca, david and david road. i want you to listen. we put the tweet up. what the president said in 2013. there it is. he said my sense is people are far angrier at the president than they are congress. interesting turn. and that was during the shut down october 7. 2013. and so this is what the businessman donald trump had to say about shut downs in the
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past. these comments we have been monitoring. >> problems start from the top. they have to get solved from the top. and the president is the leader. and he's got to get everybody in a room and lead. >> if there's a shut down i think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the united states. he's the one that has to get people together. >> okay. that's a few of the comments and the tweet. he says it starts at the top. >> right. he also said president obama golfed too much. and that hasn't stopped him from golfing many weekends during his presidency. there's a little inconsistency when it comes to the rules that apply to him for obama versus trump. that aside, this is important for trump. and his political reputation. not only because he held president obama to that standard but because he has cast himself tried to sell himself to americans as this great deal maker. as the author of art of the
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deal. a businessman who knows how to bring people together to the negotiating table. and close the deal. that's what senator graham the south carolina republican has been telling the president for a week now. close the deal. because that is the language that trump understands and it's the language he uses to promote himself and his political brand. if trump can't get senators together on this, can't get congress together on a deal, then that does hurt his political brand as a deal maker. >> the president will be armed with twitter and watching cable news. what do you think the reaction will be? >> it will be all over the map. again, president trump this goes to what she was saying. his first priority is himself looking good. and then being able to say that members of congress couldn't get the job done or let him down. or he's the one looking out for the people. he didn't say he was the ultimate deal maker, he said
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leaders of the country before him were stupid and stupid all the time. he said that they were incompetent and couldn't get things done. now he's in the situation where he's in charge of this mess. and staying at least arms length away from it. not taking a firm position. because he doesn't have a clear sense really nobody does, of how the public is going to raek. if the shut down goes on through the state of the union. i doubt it will go on eleven days. what if it does. he wants to say it wasn't his doing. it was congress. >> interesting. our colleague maggie and michael sheer. have a new piece in fact new york times. lays out what happened with chuck schumer. they report schumer and trump had cheese burgers together at white house. schumer left thinking they made deal. three or four day extension. and the president called him later and said he thought they agreed to three weeks. what do you think?
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>> here we go again. we're back to s hole and this situation. i want to say one thing in defense of the president. this language of obstructionist loser will appeal to his base. this is not fwoing going to change the deeply po larized country. this will be the latest example -- >> it doesn't help with the democrats. establishing a deal. that's what i meant. >> it doesn't. it's a danger more for independents who thought he was going to change. >> he's in trouble with. >> he's in trouble with them. it will push him down. it sets a tone again for 2018. of a presidency that's maybe we will not say failing. but not delivering on making our government function better. >> david, also in the new york times they report john kelly called him with a long list of objections to the democrat deal. talk about the president staff. how this is impacted his entire negotiations. people are saying steven miller
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had a big influence on this immigration and daca debate. >> so i think this is very how the president has tried to conduct a politics and legislative negotiation. it's the way he conducted himself as a businessman and entertainment and if you talk to people that have dealt with him and read what he said in books, he'll make a deal or propose a sort of frame work for a deal and then he'll change his mind. come back later after the work is done and say that he doesn't want to pay the full bill because he shouldn't have to. that doesn't work in legislative negotiation. i don't think the problem here is so much as what the president wants out of the deal. we can quibble about policy and they'll be differences of opinion about what the right thing to do is. that's part of government and part of politics. the problem and the president has had this prb from day one it caused him problems with healthcare, problems in many other areas is that the
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president has a meeting with people. democrats, republicans. members of his own party. they cut a deal or they basically come to an agreement on the frame work of what a deal will look like. and the president changes his mind. or the president has a discussion with somebody else after his meeting where he's agreed to a frame work and then the frame work is no good anymore. this makes is hard for anybody to trust him and it makes it extremely hard for him to actually close a deal. >> that's the natural sound from the floor. >> so i think as we look ahead to how the president conducts himself in this shut down situation, i don't know it necessarily has to fall on him even though he's the president. >> let me make a point. because that's exactly what i thought. he invited schumer to the white house. they thought they had a deal.
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i kept thinking if chuck schumer believed they had a deal, he brings us back to democrats. aren't democrats going to say, cuck, do you believe this guy? we thought we had a deal? how can we trust him. maybe that is why they said if we don't do this daca thing now it will never get done. because we can't believe the promises from the white house. >> right. that can be part of the calculation. that's an issue for the president to consider. i just think the larger point here is that the president has not been good at deal making in a political setting. and that if his goal is to roach an agreement to reopen the government, if his goal is reach an agreement to take care of the daca kids if that's something he cares about. at some point he has to pick a lane to use the -- he'll have to pick a position and has tho stick to it. no matter what steven miller tells him or john kelly.
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everybody can work around what he believes and corral the vote. and get it done. if not we will end up like we did with the repeal of obamacare. failure. >> can i say one thing in defense of the president? real quick. he is hamstringing republicans by just what you said. by not having a will the of credibility. so when senator schumer goes back the caucus can say did you really strike a deal with the president? what's working for the president is that he is up to about 40% in approval right now. he was only at 45% approval a year ago. he's got overwhelmingly most of the voters are still with him. he has more than three quarters of republicans still with him chl the bottom hasn't fallen out. he knows that. and that's something that democrats have to watch out. >> the bottom hasn't fallen out. so, i mean, okay. everybody stay with me.
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for the next hour or so. senator john tester there speaking on senate floor. here's our breaking news. the federal government shut down. the senate failing tonight to pass a funding bill. now senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will offer a new bill to fund the government through fub february. let's discuss. rebecca burg is here. and david road. rebecca, chuck schumer called this the trump shut down. he said a number of times. he accuses the president of backing off at the first sign of pressure. do your democratic sources think this is a positive? a positive for them. >> clearly they do. because they didn't vote for the measure tonight. at this point they feel like they are in a good spot politically. but that doesn't mean that they will be in a good spot politically in a few days. there is cnn polling that we published today that showed most
10:21 pm
voters do not believe it is worth shutting down the government over daca. they believe that deal should be reached maybe separately. or later. after the government is reopened. so that's some polling that democrats will be looking at. as they're considering where their political position is. of course, there are looking at polling that shows the vast majority of americans do support codifying daca. and support a solution to protect dreamers. they are considering that as well. they feel at this point the base is incredible energized on this issue. and the base wants to see them standing up to the president. asserting themselves against trump. they're giving them that. the question is going to be how long is this tenable for democrats. how long will this be a politically smart thing for them to keep on. >> david, i didn't ask you about chuck schumer saying we put the wall on the table and even then
10:22 pm
they couldn't make a deal. he said they came close to it. but then no. i didn't add the wall thing. that was shocking. surprising at least. >> he said he reluctantly put the wall on the table so it was cheer that he was testing the waters with the president. i think schumer if there was an olympic sport for knife twisting. senator schumer wins the gold medal for tonight. he put those deal points out there in the speech. and turned back to senator mcconnell and said i wrote it down. it's the republicans responsibility to govern, and here they failed. he wanted to make it clear. if i go back to one of her points. totally right. the polling shows that even though the majority of americans want to do something to protect the dreamers from far fewer people it's a votesing issue. it polls narrowly in terms of whether congress should work on
10:23 pm
chip or the budget versus daca. we talked about the democrats. who had to break ranks because they're in tough seats and tough reelection fights. and democrats who are people who are potential 2020 candidates. senator warn, senator harris, maybe murphy. those folks know they can't go on a debate stage in 2020 and say they caved in to republicans. that's not going to go well in a democratic primary. this really is going to be solved by democratic leadership. and by those democrats who are in the middle. neither running for president nor in red states. the middle will decide. >> also i quote he said he accused the republican party, the party not capable of governing. >> yeah. >> i want to ask you. let's talk about this. this is the gop senator john
10:24 pm
kennedy on what's happening. you have chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell saying we have to come together. and work on something, blah, blah. he says i don't think anybody knows what's going on. it's between senator mcconnell and senator schumer and they'll work it out or won't. >> right. when things reach this level, don, that's really where it is. it's up to the leadership to reach the frame work of a deal. and you go back to the members and you sell the deal. and take their temperature and see how much room you have to maneuver. and that's generally the only way this can get done. if you have 50 people in a room trying to work out something that they can agree to, it's never going to happen. that's what the president is so crucial. the president has the most important vote of all. the only person he has to control is himself. if you're senator mcconnell or schumer. whatever frame work you agree to in the room you have to take the temperature of the members and
10:25 pm
go back and sell them on it. hear concerns and possibly tweak things. senator kennedy who is colorful and entertaining. said it just right. i think that's one of the reasons why senator mcconnell keeps saying it's really up to the president. that the republicans in the senate will do in a sense generally whatever the president wants. of course senator schumer tried to make an issue of that. the president can't govern, neither can the rest of them. republicans have to be careful. they feel confident in their position and you can see that by the way they're messaging this, as an issue of illegal immigration versus money for americans. there's a danger if they don't manage this well, voters might get upset with them. for democrats one thing i want to point out is it's one of the first times i have ever seen them in recent history break ranks. in the obama care shut deny of
10:26 pm
2013, republicans thought in the house they might have red state democrats over a barrel. none of them broke rank. when republicans last year pitched a repeal of obamacare. none of the red state democrats that are up for reelection this year broke rank. tax reform, none broke ranks. today we saw five red state democrats break ranks. so it tells you their position on the shut down is a little bit less unified than the past. they have political concerns that this could go sideways. >> yeah. the question is, you think about a year ago, everybody, you know what we were dealing with a year ago, tomorrow. this is the largest inaugural crowd to be watched by -- period. in this political environment where there's so much news in the news cycle spins so fast. are people going to remember this in 2018? we'll talk about that when we come back.
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i use herpecin, it penetrates deep to treat. it soothes, moisturizes, and creates an spf 30 barrier, to protect against flare-ups caused by the sun. herpecin l. breaking news the shut down of the federal government is
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under way. senators fail to pass a deal to fun the government. the vote 50 to 49. they needed 60 to pass the bill. what happens now that the government shut down? >> 850,000 government workers locked out of their offices and left out of their paychecks. that's what happened when the government shut down in 2013. and it would likely be the same this time. many services would be stopped or delayed for the public. the centers nor disease control and prevention for example back down on the flu tracking. even as the nation faces the worst out break in several years. some senior nutrition programs would be paused. 200,000 passport applications went unprocessed during 1995. congress funds much of the science research being done in the country. in 2013, the shut down meant some expeerpts went on hold and suffered costly losses of data. in space that same year, nasa
10:32 pm
put a monitoring system for looking for dangerous asteroids on hold for two weeks reportedly. a big one is expected to brush by earth on february 4. as for the 417 national parks the administration wants to keep limit td access where ever possible. services would be reduced in all 19 of the smithsonians museums would shut doors after this weekend. beyond that, not everybody would be out. for example in the military there's a lot of worry about the impact. there would be some discomfort no doubt for military families. if the pay was delayed. other benefits. but congress has previously gone out of the way to keep that from being to agree jous. and the troops would stay on duty. indeed, roughly 1.9 million government workers would keep at it. since their jobs are essential. air traffic controllers, security officers, food inspectors, prison guards. social security checks would go out as would be expected for the
10:33 pm
senior population. the post office would remain open. in all the cases people would be working without pay, until the shut down is over. that could cause them difficulty. and it could all be pricey for us too. one current estimate shutting don the government cost taxpayers $6 billion. a week. >> all right. thank you. when we come back the federal government has shut down for the first time since 2013. the senate failing to pass a funding bill. the vote 50-49. they needed 60. lounge will the shut down last. what will it take for republicans and democrats to make a deal? . ♪ ♪
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government shutdown is under way. senators failing to pass a deal. to fund the government. the vote was 50-49. they needed 60 pass the bill. host of radio bill press show. you are up late. >> for you, don. >> you're keeping me up.
10:38 pm
>> it's saturday now. let's get some reaction to what people are saying. and what happened. senior military analyst tweeted this. it's 9:00 a.m. in moscow. putin is likely receiving a briefing on the fwovt government shut down. i expect awake and smiling and energized. what will the russia reaction be to the american crisis. >> i mean, i don't know. who knows. we don't look good when we're doing these things. to the rest of the world. but the hope is of course this is a short term shut down. the hope is they come together on an agreement. and we move forward here. obviously the president laid down a marker in white house statement they koent won't negotiate. mitch mcconnell threw down a marker and said the next thing we'll vote on is the three week
10:39 pm
extension. we have clear statements. and it doesn't look like the democrats will ben. something has to give. we'll see when cooler heads prevail. >> what do you think, bill? of the tweet. >> to tell the truth i'm less concerned about what russia thinks than what the american people think. i don't think anybody looks good tonight. we have been here for two hours. in the green room watching ha scene. i think it's appalling. i wouldn't trust this gang to run a 711 on the corner. let alone the u.s. government. it's strikes me the difference between how the republican leadership and the president were willing to put out all the stops to get the tax cuts passed before the end of the year. but they couldn't get their you know what together to keep the government running. it makes them look bad. i want to come back to a poent
10:40 pm
you made. 2013. here's what citizen donald trump said. quote. you have to get everybody in a room, you have to be a leader. the president has to lead. he has to get mr. baner and everybody else in the room. and they have to make a deal. donald trump tonight is mia. he had a deal with the gang of six presented to him. had rejected that. we heard tonight chuck schumer was willing to put the wall on the table. which stunned me. and donald trump wornt go along with that. he's mia. he has to step up to the plate. it won't happen without him. >> i'm sure people at mohome ar saying why does he keep saying that? i said it earlier. people thought i was harping on it. where's the leadership from the president of the united states. people are working. you have the janitor asking did they pass the bill. can i come to work after
10:41 pm
midnight. the lights are shut off and the president has gone to bed. where is the leadership? >> there is no leadership. from the whoit house on this. sarah sanders issued that statement calling democrats obstructionist losers. which is unusually harsh language. not only from this white house but any white house. this is all in the context of presidency where this could have been avoided. last september when september 5 when the president revoked the daca bill. the daca order. that it was something that created unnecessary crisis. september 30 we had the government funding issue because they didn't pass a budget which chip expired. awe the issues could have been dealt with last fall. they waited until lt last minute to deal with them in january. this is not how to run a government. donald trump said in july 2016 when he ran for president and his convention speech, nobody knows the system better than i
10:42 pm
do. i alone can fix it. >> i will say i commend the president for his message discipline. it took a year to get here. i commend him for doing so. the reality is this debate is really not about the budget. >> wait, i'll give you plen it of time. >> on the fact he's not tweeting right now. he's not saying anything. >> wait until six in the morning. >> he's asleep. >> to give him credit where credit is due. no tweets as of an hour and 42 minutes since the government shut down. >> the government is shut down. in the morning i'll see you here. i'll be in d.c. tomorrow. i'm sure you'll be on. and i'll say now what do you say? go on. >> i think the reality is this really hasn't been a budget debate. it's been a daca debate. the fact that the democrats were
10:43 pm
so bhenlt on standing firm and protecting dreamers. that's why we're in the situation we're in. people across america they're going to wake up and they're going to see the morning paper and see the morning news. and see a government shut down. and they'll see it's because democrats held firm to protect dreamers. instead of farmers ask teachers and military. instead of children's health insurance. and they won't be happy about it. the fact an issue such as daca which can be dealt with in march. was a holding point in this. ho look, members should gone first things first. what needed to be done today. they should have dealt with the immediate issue of funding the government. dealing with children health insurance. making sure the veterans have the care they need. making sure the military had the funding that was necessary. putting that to bed. and as they had more negotiations and able to talk
10:44 pm
about daca and more about immigration, which included the key things republicans want. which was -- >> let me jump in here. all right. i understand what you're saying. everyone wants this to work out. to david who was on earlier. on the panel. why didn't people think like this in 2010? when daca was on the table. or came up again and came up again after that. and came up again after that. and what gives democrats an even republicans in washington any lawmaker the confidence to if you make a deal, you sit down with donald trump as a table and make a deal with him that he's going to go through with it? if you say i'll give you this, we'll dpif you mongive you mone wall. and come next time february 8. we'll make a daca deal. what would give anyone the confidence? he said one thing and done
10:45 pm
another so many times. >> we're not certain what exactly did happen in the meeting with schumer today. we heard schumer's side of the story. i would be interested to hear what the president said. >> even beyond that. what give anyone who is negotiating with this person or this president, the confidence he's going to keep his word? in a negotiation. even making a promise to do something at later point. >> you raise a good point. he's had meetings and come out of the meeting everyone was on one page and a few days later, we hear something different from the president. but the reality is, when it comes to daca he has been clear. and republicans have been clear. they're willing to protect dreamers in exchange for funding -- >> republicans have been cloear on daca. many republicans don't necessarily want it to happen. but they think it should happen. >> certainly. that's the will of the people.
10:46 pm
>> i have to take issue with that. i don't think this president has been clear on daca. he laughed at bush about it on the campaign trail. and said it should be a billion of love. using the same language bush made. and wanted to do something about it. and turn around and said no i won't make a deal. how is that being clear? >> i think the key thing is he has been consistent. and republicans have been consistent on what they want with regard to protecting the dreamers. it needs to include securing the border. whether it's a wall. i needs to do away with chain migration. and visa lottery. and more than anything, what he really wants is also to have some type of merit based system for bringing people into the country. those are the key issues that he has been consistent about. >> all of you will get to speak. we'll be right back after this. don't go anywhere.
10:47 pm
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our breaking news, the federal government has shut down. senators fail to pass a deal to fund the government. 50-49, 60 is what they needed. >> i said you get the first word out of the break, bill. there you go. >> it's not true donald trump's been consistent on daca. he has said before, i love the d.r.e.a.m.ers. i'm going to help the dreamers. two weeks ago, he told dianne feinstein he would sign a clean bill, clean daca bill. five months later he changed his mind. last week he told durbin and graham, i like your proposal. the gang of six come down to the white house. agreed to it. they got down to the white house, he changed his mind again. he's been all over the place. number two, remember the reason we're here is because daca was working well since 2010.
10:52 pm
700,000 people, good program, protection for kids brought here illegally. too young to commit a crime. they were toddlers when most were brought here. donald trump scrubbed the program, threw it to congress, he created this mess. that's why we're here. >> can i ask you, something? we keep hearing about chain migration. some people think it's a slur. some think it's what it is. do people understand what that means and that you can bring immediate family members in under a certain age and there is a vetting process? you can't just like bring -- i want to bring 20 people over, my family with me. it doesn't work that way. there's a verying process for family members to come over. sometimes it takes years and years to do it into i don't think people fully understand it. it's along the lines of the other slur anchor babies people use. they're both dericive terms would go against the grain of what america supposedly represents. the idea we're a melting pot
10:53 pm
that welcomes people from different nations. this is a disturbing turn with donald trump over the course confident past year. last year he said america first and he said in his inaugural address that the forgotten men and 0 women would be forgotten no longer. one year later and donald trump had plans to go down to mar-a-lago for his big glitzy $100,000 couple fund-raiser but at the same time, you compare that to what barack obama and michelle obama were doing eight years ago, they were welcoming visitors surprising visits are at the white house and having a mentorship program at the white house for their one-year anniversary. the american people should be disappointed. republicans should be disappointeded with what donald trump delivered compared to what donald trump said he was going to deliver. >> sko's agreeing with everything you said. >> i'm just so glad keith could set the record straight tonight that barack obama never raised a dollar running for president or as president of the united states. i didn't know that. i had been operating under the
10:54 pm
delusion that barack obama broke our campaign finance system with all the money he raised. i was wrong. i want to take issue with something bill said about the daca thing. it has existed under an executive order. the reason the president had to act on this was because at justice department and a federal judge said it was illegal. so the president did throw it to congress. he should have done that because these d.r.e.a.m.ers deserve legal certainty. they had legal uncertainty under an unconstitutional executive order. so the congress does need to fix it. >> then why -- then why don't they fix it? why don't they fix it? >> they are going to fix it. they are going to fix it. >> do it now. >> they don't have to fix it tonight. >> did i miss something? when did a federal court declare that daca was unconstitutional. >> years ago a federal judge said this is most likely unconstitutional? >> most likely? >> there's been no decision, there's been nonruling by any federal court that daca was
10:55 pm
unconstitutional. i don't care about what somebody said. >> you are most likely guilty and maybe you're going to go to jail. >> that's not the way the law, would. >> don, i can say clearly all members of congress want a deal with the d.r.e.a.m.ers and make sure they have some protected status. chain migration, they're bringing in extended families. extended family. >> do you know what the rules are to bring in extended families? do you know what the vetting process is? it's not like you can just call up aunt susie or your third cousin willie and bring it over. that person has to go through a vetting process and show papers. >> a long vetting process. >> it's a long process. can i just want to look at this statement to me. senate democrats own the schumer shutdown. let's put a line through that. you don't need to do that. you can say tonight they put politics above our national security. tonight our lawmakers didn't do the right thing.
10:56 pm
they put politics above national security, military families. democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage. i would strike that line out because it doesn't help with the negotiating process. during thrg politically manufactured schumer -- i don't understand how language helps anything especially when you're trying to negotiate with the other side when i think what the american people want and i think you will agree here, they want people to come together, they want the president of the united states to reassure them that people are going to get paid, the government's going to continue to work even though it may it be shut down and they're going to get their acts together and not continue to divide people. i have a real issue with this statement and it's something we can talk about more because i have to go. we didn't have enough time tonight even though i was on four straight hours see you all in washington tomorrow whoever will be there on the one-year anniversary. >> i'll be here. >> the one-year anniversary of this presidency, this president
10:57 pm
ushers in that anniversary with a government shutdown and there will be protests around the country. we'll cover it all for you right here on cnn. that's it for us tonight. cyril vanier is going to continue live coverage of the shutdown right after this break. known for its perfect storm of tiny bubbles, it has long been called the champagne of beers. ♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer (vo) all right is in the water... all right is in the air. all right says i do, all right says i dare. all right is how you feel... because all right flows here. only in jamaica. the home of all right.
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