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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  January 20, 2018 12:00am-1:30am PST

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[camera shutter clicks] [whistling a tune] smokey just gave me a bear hug. i know. i already posted it. welcome to viewers here the u.s. and around the world. we continue the breaking news this hour. three hours and counting in the u.s. government shutdown. where we are and where we go next. i'm george howl. >> i'm natalie allen. a procedural vote needed 60 votes to pass. it fell short by ten. with five democrats voting with the majority republican. and four republicans voting against the measure. >> also this day amilestone for the u.s. president. saturday a marks the first anniversary of his presidency.
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and now since the shut down we have not yet heard directly from the president. however the white house did release this statement. kicking off the blame game. i'll read it here. it says senate democrats own the assum schumer shut down. they put politics before national sdurt. military family, vulnerable children. we will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands. >> this marks the first shut down in history where one party holds the white house, the house and senate. after the vote was final, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer took to the floor. >> what we have just witnessed on the floor was a cynical decision by senate democrats to shove aside millions of americans for the sake of
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irresponsible political games. the government shut down was 100% avoidable. completely avoidable. now it is imminent. all because senate democrats chose to filibuster a non-controversial funding bill that contains nothing. not a thing they do not support. nothing they do not support. perhaps across aisle some democratic colleagues are feeling proud of themselves. what has their filibuster accomplished? what has it accomplished? the answer is simple. their very own government shutdown. >> republican leadership can't get to yes because president trump refuses to. mr. president, president trump. if you are listening, i am urging you, please take a yes
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for an answer. the way things went today the way you turned from a bipartisan deal, it's almost as if you were rooting for a shut down flt now we'll have one. and the blame should crash entirely on president trump's shoulders. this will be called the trump shut down. >> or the schumer shut down depending on who you're talking with at the time. it was a dramatic evening and evening of gif and take. >> it was a great deal of arm twisting involved. phil was there. and tells us it went down. >> on friday with the clock ticking towards that midnight deadline it appeared according to to some democrats there was an opening to prevent a shut down to prevent the republicans in congress the democrats in congress the president, republican donald trump in the white house. from actually seeing things totally fall apart.
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senate minor leader chuck schumer to the white house for a one on one meeting with the president. schumer said he put money for the wall something democrats have been opposed to on the table for a potential deal. it was a deal that would never come. even furious lobbying at the last minute after the government had already shut down. into saturday morning on the senate floor in live view for eeryone. there was no solution. no resolution. and one clear fact. things are probably going to get worse before they get better. instead of trying to figure out the path way forward. democrats and republicans framing who is to blame. for senator schumer there's one answer. >> every american knows the republican party controls the white house. the senate, the house. it's their job to keep the government open. it's their job to work with us on a way to move things forward. but they didn't reach out to us once on this cr.
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no discussion, no debate, nothing at all. it was produced without an ounce of democratic input and dropped on our laps. >> pr republicans it's clear. they believe and they're conferrable aids tell me in the current position. idea a house passed a four week spending bill. that is where they stand. they are unlikely to move off of that. maybe they trim a week off the length. that's about as far as they'll go. compare that so where democrats are. they have made it clear. daca the dreamers. a huge issue for them. they want agreement on what happens next with that issue. they want actual policy proposals on the table before they agree anything. the divide between where the parties are, is immense. the question is what's going to bridge it. the answer at least according to to some people could be president. nobody is sure what his role will be going forward. obviously the meeting with schumer didn't lead to anything.
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schumer saying president needs to take yes for an answer. white house in statement before the vote was final, calling democrats obstructionist losers. clearly there's a long way to go. and no clear resolution. >> phil, thank you. that statement from the white house. will that help to bring the discussion push the discussion along. because there is a big divide right now. on where these two sides stand on this. the government shutdown will effect a lot of people. deeper bite once we get passed the weekend into monday. >> on the front line hundreds of thousands of federal workers. we take a closer look. >> reporter: 850,000 government workers locked out of their offices and left out of their paychecks. that's what happened when the government shut down in 2013. and it would likely be the same this time.
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many services would be stopped or delayed for the public. centers for disease control and prevention for example would back down on the flu tracking as the nation faces the worst out break in several years. senior nutrition programs would be paused. 200,000 passport applications went unprocessed during 1995. in 2013, the shut down meant some experiments went on hold and suffered costly losses of data. in space that same year, nasa put a monitoring system for looking for dangerous asteroids on hold for two weeks. a big one by the way is expected to brush by earth on february 4. as for the 417 national parks the administration wants to keep limited access where ever possible. services would be reduced in all 19 smithsonian museums shut dors after this weekend. not everybody would be out.
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for example in the military there's worry about the impact on the military. there would be discomfort for families if the pay is delayed. congress has previously gone out of the way to keep that from being to egregious. and the troops could stay on duty. 1.9 million government workers would keep at it since their jobs are considered essential. air traffic controllers, security guards, social security checks would go out as would be expected for the senior population. post office would remain open. in all of the cases, people would be working without pay. until the shut down is over. that could cause them difficulty. undeni undenial. shutting down the government costs taxpayers $6 billion a week. >> all right.
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tom fore monman, not a pretty picture. >> mike pence is out of the country. he stopped in ireland on his way to the middle east. >> he heard from him about the crisis in washington. let's listen. >> there had been good faith negotiations that have taken place. over the last several weeks. president and i are convinced that a few more weeks we can resolve the issues. related to the budget. we can resolve issues related it board e wall, chain migration, diversity lottery. daca. now is the time to remember we have troops in harms way. we have these soldiers headed down range. we have soldiers in the field today. and they deserve better. >> all right so that statement from the u.s. vice president. very different from what we heard from the white house. a very blan focus statement from the white house.
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the vice president saying that good faith negotiations taking place focusing on resolving the issue. focusing on troops who would be affected by this. a lot to talk about. let's bring in democratic strategist. and republican consultant john thomas. good to have you with us. look, nothing to smile about this day for sure the u.s. government shut down. democrats blame republicans. republicans blame democrats. let's start at the top. the issue of leadership. before he became president of the united states, trump spoke out about how leaders should handle a shut down. let's listen. >> problems start from the top. and have to get solved sfr the top and the president is the leader. he has to get everybody in a room and lead. >> it there's a shut down i think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the united states. he's the one that has to get people together. >> from the president's mouth. john to you the question, this is happening. under president's watch. your thoughts.
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>> there's no doubt about it that the president tried to bring chuck schumer together to come to a deal and was unable to do that. what we're forgetting is you have to count to 60 in the senate to get this done. i didn't see democrats voting to keep the government open. this rests on their shoulders. i understand they want to see other things inclouded in this bill. but it just wasn't going to happen. and they felt it was worth holding the government in the american people hostage over a daca negotiation. that isn't even set to expire for weeks. >> what do you make of the fact that mr. schumer did work with the president today to try to hammer out a deal. and according to to the democrat he put the border wall on the table and there was still no deal president trump. >> we don't know exactly what the specifics are. >> go ahead. >> i threw that to car line.
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>> chuck schumer put it on table. he went there anyway in good faith effort to get something passed. and as you point out, the republicans knew they needed 60 votes. and they knew that the democrats weren't going to do it without daca. which 87% of the people in the united states support. so this is a wildly popular program. it should never have been rescinded and the democrats ka iminto this and said republicans did two things that are very bad. what is rescinding chip funding. and rescinding daca. we want both of them. and it's not negotiable. you don't put children up against 800,000 children brought here and should have protection in the united states. it was unethical to be pitched like that. and democrats stood firm and said we don't cast aside the 800,000 people. >> the question republicans are pointing out, they wanted a
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clean agreement here. without daca being tied to the terms. is there a sense a concern as republicans are suggesting that democrats over played their hand? >> well, i think the republicans according to to three polls i looked at are going to be blamed more than the democrats. half of americans approximately blame republicans and trump. about one in three blame the democrats. according to to the american people this is not an issue that the democrats have put on the table. to say they want a clean bill, budget bills are never clean. there's an issue of priority. that's a tricky way of saying we don't want to include that. we don't prioritize a issue that nine out of ten americans want addressed. >> there was nothing in this bill that anyone disagreed with. there was nothing in the bill. it was that schumer and pelosi wanted to add something that was controversial. among both parties. that is what we keep losing track of. there was no disagreement in the billment they wanted to use it
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as leverage to get something else in in addition. >> why isn't chip passed? earlier this week. >> it was included in the bill. >> the republicans retracted it almost 120 days ago. and could have passed it at any point. >> it was included in this. >> yes. it is disengeneral yous to say it's a clean bill. they added it in. and we said no. you made two messes. daca and chip. we want both fixed. it's not enough for the american people -- >> daca hasn't expired, has it? >> the democrats have the leverage they need to push the issue. >> the question now, americans are watching this. they see what happened there on the senate floor. they're seeing the back and forth the blame game. they're tired of it. what happens next. the question looking forward, what has to happen? how do the sides come together. >> who fixes this? who is president trump in this?
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>> it's a waiting game. several senators in states trump carried. it was minutes after cnn released a poll that showed almost 60% of americans value keeping the government going. over a daca deal. so i think the question is who's going to break first here. i suspect the democrats end up caving because trump seems to be stubborn on this. and he's open to daca negotiation. just not in this particular bill. >> has he waffled on daca? john? >> he has. but he will work with democrats on this issue. if he gets something meaningfully done on the wall. we don't know what chuck schumer offered him on the wall. my hunch it was something that was just not tangible.
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i think trump would have jumped at the first opportunity of a bipartisan solution to the wall. >> i want to go back to something. a tweet. this is a tweet tr from president trump. well before this. it's focusing on the topic of a shut down. do we have that? show is full screen. i'd like to talk about this. and get your thoughts. the tweet basically suggesting that a shut down would be a good thing. let's talk about this. either elect more republicans in 2018 or change the rules. now to 51%. our country needs a good shut down in september to fix mess. >> trump is just consistently displayed he doesn't know how government works. a shut down is nothing to be celebrated. nor is the 51% in the senate. >> a lot of people are affected.
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>> $6 billion in taxpayer funds a week. 850,000 employees furloughed. it's nothing to celebrate. the 51% is really troubling. we have had senate rules in place for 240 years. that mean that we have to come together. it requires 60 votes from major policies. so donald trump is just being wildly reckless in terms of noft only what he's suggesting for government and his understanding of the basics of government and democracy and how it works. >> i think the president wanted to with that tweet was meaning if he do get a shut down at the hands of democrats and that will show the american people where democrats priorities are. which means more will give us more votes in the midterm election. because republicans are trying to keep this open. and democrats are playing partisan politics. and willing to shut down the government and cost billions of dollars in the process. >> the question though, how did that affect people who want to
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know what happens next for them? >> we already know what the americans think of congress. what are they going to think now? thank you so much. did you notice on that tweet by president trump 69,000 liked it. when he said what we need is a good government shut down. clearly remembers of the base support the president. no matter what he says. >> thank you for being with us. >> no surprise the blame game from both parties started quickly on twitter. >> paul ryan tweeted senate democrats have let down our troops, our children and all americans. all of this is just unnecessary. it is reckless. senate democrats have brought us to a shut down. >> democratic congressman. writes quote republicans control all the government. there can be no disputing who is responsible for the grossly irresponsible work of shutting down the government. >> democratic senator calls the shut down avoidable. she writes the white house created this crisis. and the gop leaders in congress
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refuse to negotiate with democrats. she adds we must pass a bipartisan solution. americans expect and deserve it. >> that's where we are right now. stay with us. we have more on the u.s. government shut down. rae reaction from washington and what steps are next. we'll look at how things stand one year after he took office. a live report from moscow. hi, i'm bo jackson.
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at this hour. thousands of u.s. government workers are on furlough. and the won't report it work on monday. >> the u.s. senate could not pass a deal to fund the u.s. government. that triggered a shut down at midnight saturday. republicans and democrats blame each other for the closure. the white house called democrats obstructionist losers. lawmakers plan to meet separately in the coming hours to figure out what to do nerks. democrats call it the trump shut down. republicans call it the schumer shut down. so blame on both sides. going wac and forth. >> americans are doing double thumbs down. at washington right now. the government shut down begins at president trump reaches a milestone in his presidency. saturday marks one year since he was sworn in to office. and he begins this second yore with a government shutdown. he campaigned on improving ties
12:24 am
with russia. and russia has been a center piece of this first year for all the wrong reasons for president trump. matthew chance is hive from moscow. having a better relationship with russia. an elusive goal still for the president. >> it absolutely is. and you can touch the disappointment in moscow when you speak to russian officials. they anticipated they were told that this was going to be a president who would transform the relationship between russia and the united states. donald trump spoke about various issues between the two countries in a positive way. they the kremlin felt this was a man, this was a businessman turned president. who they could do a deal with. but it didn't turn out that way. and in fact the kremlin now says that the failure of the u.s. russia relationship has been the biggest disappointment for them
12:25 am
in 12 months. >> it didn't take too long for the high hopes to fade. toward trump in russia to really set in. >> reporter: you may have been portrayed at the kremlin preferred candidate. his vision of bter relationships with moscow never materialized. a witch hunt according to to frustrated russian officials. >> stop spreading lie and false news. >> are you concerned the investigation into russia will turn up more secret meetings? >> stop the spreading lie and false news. >> you are fake news. >> reporter: it's not just insults. russia and trump shared. despite denial of contact, the details emerged a private meetings of russian nationals and trump campaign figures. >> why did you arrange that
12:26 am
meeting between trump jr. and the russian lawyer? >> reporter: set up by a representative of a russian pop star. donald trump jr. released his own e-mails showing he has been told the meeting was to pass on damaging intelligence about clinton. did the russian authorities did your family, information pass on. >> talk to my lawyer. >> he said you wouldn't comment. >> wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia? wouldn't that be nice? >> reporter: it was that promise to transform u.s. -- russian relations that a consistent cam tan theme. his criticism of nato. and hints at ending sanctions made him russia's preferred candidate. trumps failure to deliver and
12:27 am
amidinvestigations into collusion and tightening sangs all all the more disappointing to the kremlin. despite meetings and phone calls between the leaders. >> do you sometimes sit in your office in the kremlin thinking about how badly u.s. russia relations are going and regretting the day trump was elected? >> merely the growth of antirussian hysteria. and yes i gret it. it's a pity. acting together we are able to solve the acute problems that exist in the world. >> a year on from trump inauguration and the grand celebration held in moscow as he was sworn in, that dream of a u.s. russian partnership seems more distant than ever. >> there's no real sign of it getting any closer. in the next few woks the u.s. congress is expected to consider ratcheting up economic sanctions on russia.
12:28 am
which could plunge the relationship between washington and moscow into an everyone deeper crisis. we'll watch that closely. >> one step congress can make. both countries unified on one thing. blaming fake news for the problems. when we come back. more on the breaking news of the u.s. government shutdown. what the white house has to stay about it. plus the war of words between u.s. president trump and the leader of north korea. kim jong un. seem to be a running --.
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you are watching cnn news room live from atlanta. >> following the breaking news this hour the u.s. government sdhou shut down in the united states. >> procedural vote late friday night needed 60 votes to pass. it fell ten votes short. five democrats voted with the majority republican. four republicans voted against the short term funding bill. it's not known how long the shut down could last. the house and senate both return to work on saturday. throughout the day on friday
12:33 am
there were signs a government shutdown might be avoided. >> as the hours ticked away all hope of a deal faded away. cnn jeff zelny explains. >> on the one year anniversary of the inauguration a federal government shutdown. the senate failed to pass the house passed version to keep the government open. that funding deadline expired midnight friday. president trump will be waking up saturday here at the white house. now presiding over his first government shutdown. not since 2013 has there been a government shutdown. then of course it was president obama. a 16 day government shutdown. to be exact. at that point, then donald trump private citizen donald trump said tfrs the president's responsibility to lead the way out. now indeed it is this president's responsibility to do the same. of course oo predictable fight broke out friday evening between republicans and democrats. white house called it a schumer shut down.
12:34 am
of course referring to chuck schumer of new york. senator schumer called it a trump shut down. regardless it is an american government shut down. the white house came out with a blistering statement at the stroke of midnight about the shut down. white house press secretary said this. senate democrats own the schumer shut down. tonight they put politics above national security, military families, vulnerable children and the country ability to serve americans. again going after democrats. the white house press secretary. what they fail to mention were four key republicans also voted against this in the is that the. lindsey graham first among them. who had been close to the president. now the path way forward is unclear. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell proposing a three week solution to february 8. president trump will weigh in on that. the under lying issue remains the same. immigration. the central issue here that neither side has been able to
12:35 am
agree upon. democrats were pressing for immigration to be included in the measure. that's why the shut down is happening. president trump starting a second yore in office here in washington was scheduled to fly to florida. next woke supposed to be in swir switzerland. >> donald trump has put his unique spin on it. often going against established precedent. >> we look back at mr. trumps debut year on the international stage. >> it's going to be america first. america first. >> reporter: it was a reallilying cry of donald trump's campaign. slamming what he called bad and unfair international agreements. >> please raise your right hand.
12:36 am
>> reporter: in the year since mr. trump was sworn in as president, america first policies have changed global governess. the u.s. from a net work of alliances and pacts on key issues ranging from the environment to defense, to trade. >> the first one is withdrawal from the of the united states from the trans-pacific partnership. >> days after taking office, trump unravelled the tpp deal. set to reshape commerce through the pacific rim. it shocked asian allies. considering a trade deal with china instead. another trade deal that could be on the president's chopping block. nafta. the agreement between the u.s., mexico and canada has been law for a decades. he'll scrap it if it can't be renegotiated the way he wants. >> we'll see what happens with nafta. i have been opposed to it for a long time. >> reporter: in may.
12:37 am
trump alarmed european allies by attacking nato members of being free loaders. >> perhaps the largest blow came in june. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate. >> trumps decision to quit a universal and blinding climate change treaty isolated america. near unanimous global support for the accord continued anyway. making the u.s. the only country in the world that will not participate by 2020. in october an international pact to limit irans nuclear program came under threat when trump who had been highly critical of the deal punted the issues to lawmakers. >> the years final diplomatic break was the most combustible.
12:38 am
>> today we finally acknowledge the obvious. that jerusalem is israels capitol. >> reporter: the u.s. recognition was praised by israel. but sparked violent protest. rebukes from foreign leaders and international condemnation from the united nations. >> the united states will remember this day. in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador words to the un at the end of 2017, maybe an indication of the year to come. as america reshapes its historic role in global diplomacy. >> as she reported. donald trump is taking a different approach to international relations.
12:39 am
in his dealings with north korea and its leader. mat rivers live on the border in north korea. in dan dong china. and seoul, south korea. we have seen rhetoric between the north korea leader and president. talks are happening. what's the perception about how the year played out? >> it's interesting. if you look back just before the inauguration, there were official comments by north korea rejoem members who were saying we would like a new kind of relationship with the united states. potentially we can talk to the trump administration. and appeared to be hope that the u.s. and north korea could become closer because there was a new u.s. president. clearly that hasn't happened. it could not be more different. the fact that in the new years day address the north korea leader effectively sidelined the united states when it comes to
12:40 am
negotiation. he turned his sights to the south korea. discussing going to the winter olympics next month with a joint flag. with a joint women's hockey team. certainly it's a very big change. the rhetoric from the u.s. president there have been personal insults calling kim you jong una rocket man. and relations between the two couldn't be worse at this point. that has changed significantly from just before he was brought into power. there were hopes they could be a breakthrough. but clearly now the north korea are are not locking to the u.s. they are looking to the nuclear
12:41 am
program. certainly that relationship is dire. >> thank you. let's switch to mat. what a difference a year makes, right? fewer trucks across the bridge behind you. with the new and strong sanctions that the u.s. president has been pushing. >> yeah that's right. that's an example of frankly the cooperation that the united states and china had been able to engage in. three different round of sanctions. increaseingly tough against the kim jong un regime. the china is enforcing those sanctions. that is no small feat given the disagreement that the united states and china still have. over the best way to deal with the ongoing crisis across the border. there behind me. despite the sanctions, you hear the trump administration and president trump himself telling everyone after the sanctions
12:42 am
there's more bejing can be doing. so if you look at 2017, and what happened there. it really kind of gives you a window into what might happen in 2018. assuming north korea continues with the provocation. and united states wants further sanctions. be beijing sign onto those. and haven't tipped their cards or hand in any way. to suggest that they might. one other thing we should look toward to that didn't come up in 2017 will be trade. the trump administration could levy tariff. does that limit the ability to cooperate. >> live in china. we're following the story in seoul, south korea. thank you both for your reporting. >> another story we're following. coming up emotional testimony from young women athlete abused by the u.s. team doctor.
12:43 am
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again our breaking news if you're just waking up your government is shut down. shutting down many services after the senate failed to avoid the closure. >> the procedural vote late friday night needed 60 voetds to
12:47 am
pass. the vote was 50-49. with five democrats voting with the majority republican. and four republicans voting against the measure. congress will get back to the drawing board to find a way to fund the government. >> another story we're following closely. army of survivors. that's what calling lt girls and women who have been testifying against larry naser. >> the former gymnastic team doctor admits to abusing the young athletes. 120 of his accuser are expected to address him at his sentencing hearing. so far we heard more than 90 powerful victims impact statements. hoo here's the heartbreaking words. >> larry, you do realize now that we this group of women you so heartlessly abused over a long period of time are now a force and you are nothing.
12:48 am
as for your letter yesterday, you are pathetic to think that anyone would have sympathy for you. you think this is hard for you? imagine how we feel. you are so sick i can't even comprehend how angry i feel when i think of you. imagine feeling like you have no power and no voice. you know what? i have both power and voice. and i am only beginning to just use them. >> everyone though i'm victim, i do not and will not live my life as one. i worked so hard and managed to achieve my goal. >> larry is a monster. i will never forgive you what you have done to me. you're a coward and a sickening man. >> because of you, every time i hear someone call me kid do. i think of the face you made when you were abusing me. >> you stole my innocence, voice, trust and joy. years of my life i won't get
12:49 am
back. so many times i contemplated ending my life. because at least then i would have control over the pain. >> what he did is affecting my whole life. it's hard to see into the future. and think this will not affect me forever. part wants to believe this is all just some horrible nightmare and everything is okay. the other part know that's what grooming does to you. second guess yourself and question reality. >> i will never be able to get back what you have taken from me. i'm leaving the dark place i have been in for so long. you cannot take advantage of me anymore. >> today i ask that for the rest of larry's life, by receiving the maximum sentence possible, he thinks about how he changed all of ours. because i'm not pretending it didn't happen anymore. >> my parents, who had my best interest at heart, will forever
12:50 am
have to live with the fact that they continuely brought their daughter to a sexual predator. and were in the room as he assaulted me. and while we all are moving mountains, you, larry, will have no choice but to sit in prison and wait to die. >> and those are just some of the accusers. she pointed the finger at the u.s. olympic committee as well. we'll be back in a moment.
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the u.s. government is officially shut down. the senate failed to pass a short term spending measure friday night. it needed 60 votes to pass. it got 50. >> a handful of republicans and democrats voted against party lines. the white house calling democrats obstructionist losers. the senate and house will be in session in a matter of hours. we have yet to hear from president trump. since the government shutdown. >> democrats are calling it the trump shut down. republicans call it the schumer shut down. the blame game continues. the question though, where does the president of the united states stand on this critical moment in the united states? >> pope francis now.
12:55 am
what's being described as a pilgrimage of peace and union di in south america. he's in peru. he took a strong stance against human trafficking and violence against women. >> he stood up for the people and environment of the amazon. >> the heat and humidity can be felt in the amazon region of peru. so can the fur vur for pope francis. 4,000 people flocked to see the pontiff. the emotion could felt in the arena. where this encounter happened. there was dancing, there were people who were crying tears rolling down their eyes. with emotion. i talked to one woman who said that it was the deforestation in the amazon that brought so much emotion to her. as expected, pope francis talked about the themes in his
12:56 am
environment. speaking against deforestation and illegal mining and taking it beyond that. saying that it's not enough to just take care of the environment. you have to take care of its people. and saying that it's not okay to normalize violence against women. >> let us not pretend to be distracted. and let us not look away. there's much complicity. >> a culture. should not turn a blind eye to the contributions of women. our breaking news continues roigt after this. back to the top story. the government shutdown. nosed w, searching for answers may feel overwhelming. so start your search with our teams of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
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we continue with the breaking new this is hour on cnn. now, into the government shutdown. this is where we are and look at what's next. i'm george howell. >> i'm natalie allen. the u.s. government officially began shutting down. >> the senate minority leader, chuck schumer went to the white house to speak one-on-one with the president, donald trump. >> that was a day filled with drama, arm twisting and political posturing.
1:01 am
democrats wanted to use their leverage to get a deal on the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. republicans wanted to get funding for border security. >> after 10:00, senators started casting their votes. >> the measure needed 60 votes to pass, it got 50. four republicans voted with the democrats. >> the white house blamed the outcome, calling democrats obstructionist losers. senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, also criticized the democrats. >> almost everybody on both sides don't understand how we ended up here. most of the stuff, we agree on. there's only one reason we ended up here. it's shoe horning. illegal immigration in this
1:02 am
debate. >> that was the majority leader. we also heard from democrats. they are calling it the trump shutdown saying the republicans have control of the executive branch of the house and senate. it took almost two hours for the vote to become official. that is almost unheard of. >> through that time, it was a foregone conclusion, but the arm twisting continued. we have how it all went down. >> reporter: at one point on friday, with the clock ticking, it appeared, at least to some democrats, there was an opening to prevent a shutdown, the republicans in congress, the democrats in congress, the president, republican donald trump in the white house from seeing things fall apart. senate minority leader, schumer to the white house where he said he put money for the wall, something democrats have been opposed to on the table for a deal. a deal that would never come.
1:03 am
furious lobbying, after the government shutdown, into saturday morning on the senate floor in live view for everyone, no resolution and one clear fact, things are going to get worse before they get better. instead of trying to figure out the pathway forward, republicans and democrats framing who is to blame. for senator schumer, there's one answer. >> every american knows the republican party controls the white house, the senate, the house. it's their job to keep the government open. it's their job to work with us on a way to move things forward. but they didn't reach out to us once on this cr. no discussion. no debate. nothing at all. it was produced without an ounce of democratic input and dropped on our laps. >> reporter: for republicans, it's clear.
1:04 am
they believe and are comfortable in the position the house passed the bill, a six-year extension for the children's health care program. that is where they stand. maybe they trim a week off the length. compare that to where democrats are. they made clear, daca, the d.r.e.a.m.ers, huge for them. they want agreement on that. they want actual policy proposals on the table before they are willing to agree to anything. the divide between where the parties are right now is a mess. the question is, what's going to bridge it. the answer, at least according to some people could be the president. nobody is sure what his role will be going forward. he had a meeting with senator schumer. schumer saying the president needs to take yes for an answer. a statement. before it was finalized, calling them obstructionist losers.
1:05 am
there's a long way to go. no clear resolution. phil mattingly, cnn, capitol hill. based on the last government shutdown, this will be expensive for taxpayers costing $6 billion a week. >> that's why they are coming back to work to resolve this. there's confusion over what happens when the government quits. here is tom foreman. >> reporter: 850,000 government workers locked out of their offices and left out of their paychecks. that's what happened when the government shut down in 2013 and it would likely be the same this time. many services stopped or delayed for the public. center for disease control would back down on the flu tracking as the nation faces the worst outbreak. senior nutrition programs would be paused. 200,000 passport applications
1:06 am
are shut down. congress funds much of the science research done in this country. in 2013, the shutdown meant that some experiments went on hold and suffered costly loss of data. in space, nasa put a monitoring system looking for dangerous asteroids on hold. a big one is expected to brush by earth february 4th. the 417 national parks, they want to keep limited access. services would be reduced. all 19 smithsonian museums would shut their doors. beyond that, not everybody is out. for example, in the military, there's worry about the impact. there would be discomfort for military families if their bay is delayed. congress has previously gone out of their way to keep it from
1:07 am
being too egregious and troops stay on duty. air traffic controllers, security officers, food inspectors, prison guards, social security checks also go out as is expected for the senior population. the post office would remain open. in all of these cases, people would be working without pay until the shutdown is over. that could cause them difficulties, undeniably and it could be pricey for us, too. one estimate costs taxpayers $6 billion a week. >> tom foreman, thank you so much. this shutdown punctuates a milestone for this president. it's his first year in office. put this in perspective. the professor of international politics at city university in london live at this hour. let's start with this news of the hour. this government shutdown here in
1:08 am
the united states. you see democrats blaming republicans and republicans blaming democrats. with regards to leadership, the u.s. president actually had thoughts on leadership in the face of a shutdown before he became president. let's listen and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> problems start from the top and have to get solved from the top. the president is the leader and he has to get everybody in a room and lead. >> if there is a shutdown, it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the united states. he's the one that has to get people together. >> from the president's mouth. some are asking about the president's leadership and where it is now. >> we know from president trump and citizen trump's style, he's flip-flopped, depending on the situation and always going to put himself in a good light as having provided the best possible leadership and anybody who disagrees with him, there's
1:09 am
got to be something negative about them. i think, when we look at the back and forth of the blame game which has now started, we see the rivalry between the two parties and so on. actually, we rise above and look at it from a higher perspective. what we see is a great deal of agreement between the two sides on a range of things. the mexican wall, which is deeply unpopular, the democrats are offering $18 billion over ten years for that to be built with an immediate down payment close to $2 billion. they were offering support for thousands more i.c.e. agents and extra spending on the military budget. so, what this seems to be pointing toward is less of a disagreement but a ramping to the right around an agenda around both parties.
1:10 am
even if the democrats are holding out on the d.r.e.a.m.ers. the fact is, the republicans and president trump are going to even more extreme lengths to remake what is an american? what is their attitude toward immigrants at all? we saw last week from the remarks reported, president trump prefers norwegians and people like them as opposed to areas like africa and haiti and so on. >> hmm. so, again, the breaking news at this hour, certainly the government shutdown. this day, in particular gives us a chance to look at a year in review of president trump's year in office. let's look at how the rest of the world looked at this. his approval rating across 134 countries at a low of 30%. let's look at the graphic, if we have it. significantly below the two
1:11 am
presidents that came before him, 2008, george w. bush, 34%. let's talk about the u.s. influence around the world. germany, now the top rated global power, china edges out the united states by a hair and russia trails by a few points. so, a year in review with the snapshot of global leadership. your thoughts? >> president trump made it very clear during the campaign, there's a clear line from the address a year ago, then the speech to the u.n. general assembly in september and the national security strategy in december and actually, yesterday, general mattis with the national defense strategy. that is the united states sees a large part of the world, including china and russia as enemies and revisionist powers and they have declared america first and they are going to extract and transact as much business as possible to extract
1:12 am
their vital interest. they have, basically, put forward a powerful military style and militarism and down played diplomacy. when you look at the status of, for example, rex tillerson, the state department, ambassadors unappointed, so far is gone. hard power is back. i'm afraid people have reacted. nations of states and people reacted and decided the united states is not that interested if you like incorporation as much as extracting their own value from relationships. they are now looking to other leadership, looking far more after their own interests. i think this loosens up the national system in various ways, except for the military aspects of it, which appear to be tightening around what the united states is doing in east asia and europe and the middle
1:13 am
east. it is important to point out the president's supportive of the things we have been seeing playing out over the last year. so, certainly, we'll have to see how it plays out. thank you so much for your time live for us in london. the north korean threat loomed over donald trump's first year in office. coming up, live to asia to see if maybe year two will be any different. plus, we look at the impact of the trump presidency on u.s. ties to russia. we push on after this. say, i love the new place. oh thanks. yeah, i took your advice and had geico help with renters insurance- it was really easy. easy. that'd be nice. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." phone: for help with bookcases, say "bookcase." bookcase. i thought this was the dresser? isn't that the bed? phone: i'm sorry, i didn't understand. phone: for help with chairs, say "chair." does this mean we're not going out? book-case. see how easy renters insurance can be at
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one year ago, donald trump came to office promising a hard line on korea. >> from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. >> and the president ratcheted up diplomatically via speeches and twitter. he fired verbal missiles at north korea, among other things, calling him little rocket man. >> he helped get the u.n. sanctions to the response to the two dozen rockets launchedover pyongyang. >> that brings us to today where athletes are one step closer, who would have thought it, to
1:18 am
competing. >> olympic officials gathered at headquarters to decide whether they will allow the athletes to take part. regulation deadlines to participate have passed. officials agreed to include north korean athletes as an olympic diplomacy. >> paula hancock is following it from seoul, south korea. he has olympic ambitions, but holding to the nuclear ambitions as well. >> reporter: that's right. i don't think anyone is surprised by that. he's being fairly consistent in the message, he will continue to push forward on the nuclear missile program. what we have seen, though, is a difference from north korea in the way it is dealing with the united states. a year ago, before the u.s. president donald trump was inaugurated, you heard u.s. officials say they were looking for a different relationship, a new relationship with the new,
1:19 am
incoming trump administration. almost seemed to be hope there could be a breakthrough and they haven't launched any missiles for three months between the election and the inauguration. then, of course, it degenerated quickly. there were more missile launches, personal attacks by the u.s. president and quite remarkable statement at the united nation's general assembly. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but, if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocketman is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the united states is ready, willing and able, but hopefully, this will not be necessary. >> reporter: not only did the
1:20 am
relationship between washington and pyongyang deteriorate significantly over the year, also the personal relationship between the leaders, the fact there were personal insults mr. trump was using, little rocketman, bringing that up in tweets and speeches. you had an unprecedented response from kim jong-un, rebuffing everything he said. it's remarkable how bad the relationship got between the u.s. and north korea. no diplomatic ties between the countries. from the beginning of the year, the hope there could be a different relationship to where we are today, where north korea is sidelining the united states when it comes to negotiations. they are looking to south korea, let's discuss the upcoming winter olympics. as i said, the u.s. being sidelined. >> absolutely. both leaders criticized for
1:21 am
their antics toward one another over something so important as nuclear weapons. paula hancock in seoul, thank you. we want to go from the korean peninsula to russia. president trump campaigned on having better ties with moscow. one year into his presidency, where are things now? >> the trump campaign faced accusations of kremlin collusion and russia was hit with new u.s. sanctions over the role in ukraine and the u.s. election. >> let's bring in matthew chance, following the story live from the russian capital. matthew, good to have you with us. one year on the books now. are things better off or worse off than before? >> reporter: it's certainly
1:22 am
true. literally, they cracked open bottles of champaign on the floor of the russian parliament because they believed this wasn't just a victory for donald trump and the republican party, a victory for them as well. as a candidate, donald trump voiced opinions that were very much in step with the opinions of kremlin like nato expansion and the war on terrorism. trump hinted at recognizing crimea, which russia annexed from ukraine in 2014. so, they thought this was going to be a transformational presidency when it came to the u.s./russia relationship. in fact, it didn't work out that way. what the kremlin says is the failure of the u.s./russian relationship to improve has been one of the major disappointments over the past 12 months. >> didn't take long for it to
1:23 am
fade, trump and russia to set it. >> the eccentric, donald trump. >> may have been preferred as the kremlin's candidate, but it never materialized. empty russian media witch hunt, according to russian officials. >> stop spreading false news. this is good advice for cnn. >> reporter: are you concerned the investigations into russia are going to turn up more meetings? >> stop this. >> reporter: it's a question. >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news. >> reporter: it's not just insults russia and trump shared. despite denials of contacts, details emerged of private meetings between russian nationals and trump campaign figures. when did you arrange the meeting between donald trump jr.? >> come join me tonight.
1:24 am
>> reporter: i plan to. a russian pop star, donald trump jr. released his own e-mails saying he was told the meeting was to pass on damaging intelligence about hillary clinton. information to pass on to the trump administration? >> talk to my lawyer. >> reporter: i talked to him. he said you wouldn't comment. >> so i won't comment. >> wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia? wouldn't that be nice. >> reporter: it was one of trump's consistent campaign themes. the criticism of nato and hints of ending sanctions, russia's preferred candidate. trump's failure to deliver, investigations into collusion and tightening sanctions was all the more disappointing to the kremlin despite two meetings and numerous phone calls between the
1:25 am
two leaders. >> do you sometimes sit in your office thinking of how badly u.s. relations are going and regretting the day that donald trump was elected? >> translator: what we see is merely the anti-russian hysteria and, yes, i regret it. it's a pity. acting together, we are more able to solve the acute problems that exist in the world. >> reporter: a year on from trump's inauguration, the grand celebrations held in moscow as he was sworn in. that dream of a u.s./russian partnership seems more distant than ever. george, there's no sense in which it's getting closer, either, that dream. the u.s. congress is expects to consider ratcheting up the economic sanctions against russia. that could plunge the difficult relationship between the two countries into a deeper crisis.
1:26 am
back to you. >> snowy day there in moscow, matthew chance. thanks. the u.s. government is shut down on the one year anniversary of the trump presidency. ahead, we'll have the first reaction from the white house. as the shutdown begins, so does year number two. a look ahead at what to expect from the second room as newsroom pushes on after this. thnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states around the world. we are live in atlanta. i'm natalie allen. >> i'm george howell. following the breaking news, if
1:30 am
you are watching coast-to-coast, the u.s. government is shut down after the senate failed to clear a critical vote on spending. >> a vote friday night needed 60 votes to pass. five democrats voted with the republicans. four republicans voted against the short-term funding bill. >> it's not known how long the shutdown could last. each party, one blaming the other. >> i think our friends on the other side took some bad advice, really bad advice. i would hate to have to be trying to explain this, myself. ignore the governors, including seven democrats who wrote congress begging us, begging us, to extend s-chip for 9 million children. >> tomorrow marks the day president trump took the oath of office on the steps.


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