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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  January 27, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PST

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house counsel dan mcgahn to fire last june. >> it's not a bombshell. >> i think that is obstruction of justs and i think that is grounds for impeachment. >> there have been failures at msu. >> asking for an immediate congressional investigation into usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee. >> they knew about what was going on and it went on for too long. good morning to you. welcome to saturday. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. >> always good tahao have you h. it was just a week ago the president was singing his praises and now steve wynn this wealthy c y casino mogul is in middle of a scandal. >> women are saying wynn forced
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them to perform sex acts when they worked for him. the board of directors at wynn's resorts says it's forming a special committee to investigate these allegations. here's miguel marquez. >> reporter: preposterous says steve wynn to charges that he ever assaulted any woman. the blistering statement from wynn himself after a bombshell "wall street journal" report that a manicurist in 2005 was forced to lie on a massage table naked while she claims wynn raped her. the "journal" also reporting that wynn paid the manicurist $7.5 million in a settlement. wynn in his statement said the continued work of my ex-wife elaine wynn with whom i'm involved in a terrible and nasty lawsuit in which she is seeking a revised divorce settlement.
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elaine wynn's attorney told "the journal" that's just not true. wynn the latest high-profile and politically connected man accused of sexual misconduct. "the wall street journal" said it spoke to more than 150 employees and dozens reported a pattern of sexual abuse by wynn. wynn in his statement said, we find ourselves in a world where people can make allegations regardless of the truth and a person is left with a choice of whether insulting publicity or engaging in multi-year lawsuits. it is deplorable for anyone to find themselves in this situation. reverberating in politics where despite a history of supporting both parties -- >> i'm friendly with bill and hillary and i'm a friend of donald trump's. i haven't given a dime to either one of them. >> reporter: wynn is now closely tied to president trump as finance chairman of the republican national committee. democrats are demanding the rnc
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return any campaign contributions from wynn, much the way republicans did with harvey weinstein. allegations against wynn are now being used to put pressure on the republican party. the democratic national committee saying today, the rnc have helped fund the campaign of alleged child molester, blindly supported the gop attack on women's health and supported a president who has been accused of sexual misconduct by over a dozen women and now remain silent amid sexual assault allegations involving steve wynn. one of their parties most senior officials. so last weekend the president had to stay in washington, d.c., because of the shutdown. he was supposed to be at mar-a-lago at a rnc victory fund-raiser. one of the coast hosts of that fund-raiser, you guessed it it, steve wynn. the president sent a video and said singling out steve wynn. cnn obtained audio of that video. >> steve wynn, i want to thank
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you. i want to thank the whole group. the money raised. you're really special people. thank you very much. we'll see you the next time. >> in fairness, the president did mention several other people in that video, but steve wynn was certainly among them and, coincidentally, steve wynn turns 76 today. back to you. the other big political headline democrats looking for a way to protect special counsel robert mueller after reports that the president tried to fire him from the russia investigation. kaitlin collins is at the white house. how exactly are democrats looking to protect mueller? >> they are proposing this legislation and ongoing budget negotiations that are going on on capitol hill after they pass that short-term spending bill and this legislation would protect the special counsel from being able to be fired from the president at his will on a whim and create some sort of protection and some sort of safety net, if you would. this isn't the first time that we heard this from democrats. they actually proposed it back
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over the late summer, early fall when there was speculation that the president could be thinking about firing the special counsel. but it died down because not only the president, but his aides, his lawyers insisted he was not considering firing robert mueller. it wasn't even on the table. and we now know with this bombshell "new york times" report that the president not only made the decision to fire robert mueller but order the white house counsel to do so and only backtracked because the counsel threatened to quit over it. that actually was not true. the president was actually considering it. senator mark warner is a democrat and the leading democrat on the senate intelligence committee. and he actually had something to say about this after "new york times" published this bombshell report. >> i think if the president had gone through with this or tries to go through with it on a going forward basis, we're into unchartered teratir. we're into the real question of the fundamentals of our democracy. are we still going to be a country where rule of law
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pervades and that no one, even the president, is above the law. my hope will become next week that we'll -- the congress will take up bipartisan legislation that was around last year that would protect the special prosecutor from these kind of arbitrary actions. >> now, the president is pretty much alone in denying that this even happened with the special counsel and the white house counsel. his lawyers have largely been silent on this and the president only comment was that it was fake news. but there's no doubt that this is overshadowing washington at a time when the president would typically be in the spotlight after he returned from the world economic forum in switzerland and big state of the union speech on tuesday night. right now all eyes are on what's going on with the special counsel here. >> you're right on that. kaitlan collins, thank you very much. get back to the steve wynn scandal that we have been talking about. columnist for "huffington post" as well as richard painter
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ethics lawyer and professor of corporate law. gentlemen, thank you, both, for being here. kurt, is this situation with steve wynn comparable to the democratic situation that they had with harvey weinstein? >> i actually think it's worse because in this case steve wynn is the finance chairman and he has an official leadership position with the political party. harvey weinstein at the time the allegations came out didn't have that. he was a big fund of the democrats and actual appropriate that the democrats returned those donations. in this case right now wynn is a member of the national committee finance team. and raising money for the republican party. at this point more than a day in it's been crickets from the republican party about this. they have to hold them selves to the same standard that they held democrats and harvey weinstein to. they need to be better than that and more proactive because at this point he's on their team. he's actively involved and
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engaged. >> he was. we don't know how long that will last at this point. richard, and to that point, i want to read a tweet from alexandra, president of the super pac for house democrats. she said, she posted, since he's finance chairman, shouldn't they have to give all the money back they've raised since he's been there? fair question. is it too broad? should he give the money he raised back or the money he donated back? what is your take on that? >> i think all these super pacs and both parties need to give all their money back. the american people are sick and tired of this american campaign system and makes our own elected officials dependent on people like this. people who commit sexual harassment, people who have ethics problems in their businesses and, most of all, people who want to influence our government for corrupt purposes. and that's our campaign finance system the way it is today.
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we have our leaders, dependent on people like this in both parties. it's disgusting. they all ought to return the money. these superpacs are destroying our democracy. that's the big issue here. sexual harassment, fraud, a lot of stuff that people do who get involved in the campaign finance system. we had jared kushner's father go to jail for campaign finance violations. what we're doing is allowing some of the sleaziest people in our country to have an enormous amount of influence over our public officials because we won't clean up campaign finance. that would be my message that democrats and the republicans. this isn't just about sexual harassment and whatever these people do. it is about our elected officials dependent on these type of scum bags. >> so, kurtd, we know that wynn is blaming his ex-wife she orchestrated this, it has to do with a divorce that she is
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trying to revise. with that said, you know, due to these allegations. how much potency, we see economically what they're talking about. how much potency does this really give the democrats? >> until the republican party does anything, he's in this position raising money, keeping the money. every dollar that the rncc, the rnc has and they use in this upcoming election is up for attack. democrats can say, hey, this candidate that benefited from this money, you're tainted. you've taken money from someone who is a serial sexual harasser and an issue they can paint every campaign with as long as those entities keep the money and don't return it. i think it could be a major issue going forward. a huge distraction for republican candidate. i don't know any candidate running in any district saying do you think they should give back the money?
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okay he's still the finance chairman of the national republican committee? they don't want to deal with that stuff. the republican party needs to act quickly and put this behind them because it is unnecessarily causing them harm at this point. it doesn't take more than 24 hours to do the right thing in this case and they need to step up and take action. >> what is your take when you look ahead to the mid-terms. will this, will this affect any republicans who may have taken money from wynn and donate it to charity as democrats did with weinstein? >> i think this is going to do damage. but so is the mercer money, which had enormous influence in 2016 and the koch brothers money and money on the democratic side, too. the americans are disgusted. they're disgusted with sleazy people being able to use their money or their fund-raising skills. the fact that they know rich people in order to influence our politicians. not a democracy any more when we don't get to choose who wins the primaries, who the nominees are
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and when we, the people, don't have a meaningful voice. it's about campaign finances. as much as it's about sexual harassment and the other e misconduct of people who are engaged in the campaign finance arena. and i think the voters, come 2018, are going to be sick and tired of the way both parties are conducting their finance operations making their -- our elected officials dependent on the super rich. that's the core -- not just sexual harassment and not the other things that these people do. >> so, richard, richard from an ethics standpoint, does the president address this? and when do we hear from the rnc? >> i think that he needs to address this. yes, he ought to boot this guy out and make sure he had nuthing to do with the republican party. but the voters are not just interested in sexual harassment
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yip issues. those are serious. he campaigned against this system for the republican nomination. as soon as he gets in there, it's just more and more money, more fund-raising. same thing is going on with the democrats. americans and that's how we get into this situation. >> real quickly, i have to ask you about hillary clinton and this news this morning that she saved, basically, the job of somebody on her campaign in '08 who was accused of sexual harassment. your reaction to how that might affect anything moving forward for the dems. >> again, it is another example of how hillary clinton has a long career of saying one thing and doing another behind closed doors and it damages her standing in being an advocate for the me too, times up movement. the democrats need to move on from hillary clinton. anyone who is holding on can save the party or be the centerpiece, they need to move on from that. she is the past and better off
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building up new leaders like cory booker and looking at people who can build the party forward. they need a break from the past. it didn't work. one person in america who could lose to donald trump. >> before we go, i need to read hillary clinton has responded to this story now and she says on twitter, a story appeared today about something about that happened in 2008. a story appeared today about something that happened in 2008. that we do know that his title was taken away and that this person was moved out of the office, but he did continue on the campaign at the point. we appreciate both of you. thank you. >> thank you. fallout from former msu dr. larry nassar's actions turned the heat on organizations associated with him. why the board of usa gymnastics are now resigning. i tell you what, it is a
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>> michigan state's president and athletic director are stepping down, as well, as for the students, they say, this is the time we need to heal. >> the amount of indifference and complacency that all of them exhibited is unprecedented and disgusting and they all need to leave. >> the most important thing is
4:20 am
to show these survivors that they have a support system and so many students do care about them. >> let's bring in cnn sports anchor coy wire. good to see you this morning, but not on this topic. what are officials saying at this point. >> the hammer is certainly dropping, the fallout from this scandal is going to go on for years. investigations and you're talking lawsuits, civil lawsuits and, as you mentioned before, usa gymnastics entire board after it was demanded by the olympic committee and the focus turning almost completely to university where nassar was a position and the athletic director stepping down and stated the school's football and basketball programs fostered widespread denial, inaction and information suppression regarding complaints of sexual assault.
4:21 am
the sixth ranked spartans basketball team watched their coach address this report after their victory last night. >> still our top priority in this healing process is for courageous survivors. and as the campus community, we do need to come together as spartans to be a part of that healing process and that's going to fall on all of us. as far as the reports today, we will cooperate with any investigation going forward as we have always done. >> now, last night's game the student section about 1,500 teal shirts appear there as a show of solidarity and support for survivors. michigan state's head football coach denying any mishandling of any sexual assault allegations against his players. here he is yesterday. >> we're here tonight to say that any accusations of my handling of any complaints of
4:22 am
sexual assault individually are completely false. i always work with the proper authorities when dealing with the cases of sexual assault. we have always had high standard in this program, that will never change. i'm here for spartan nation. i'm here for my football program and for my family and looked the people in the eye who, i guess, instigated those reports. >> so, these investigations will continue. one thing we will keep an eye on talks widespread with the ncaa. what did they know about michigan state as a whole. their governing body. these reports will continue to come out and we'll certainly keep you up to date. but we have to first, without -- we would be remiss if we didn't mention the courage of the girls who have stood up to -- have been the impetus for these reports and these investigations and hopefully they'll give strength and a voice to others who may be going through some of what they have gone through. >> i am sure they already have.
4:23 am
coy wire, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. well, the white house is quietly dealing with the fallout from a flurry of headlines centered around the russia investigation recently from reports that president trump considered firing special counsel robert mueller to several members of his inner circle being questioned. we'll talk about it. plus, the flu season. one of the worst in maybe a decade or so. what can you do to protect yourself? that's all ahead. prestige creams not living up to the hype? olay regenerist shatters the competition. big hype. big price. big deal. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400 . for skin that looks younger than it should.
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i hope you're getting a little r and r this morning because what a week it has been. frustration, anger and annoyance in the west wing. sources say president trump is fuming about the russia investigation about firing the man supervising that probe. so, another day, another major development it seems. i want to take a moment here
4:28 am
with you talook bao look back a flurry of headlines in the past week. they tried to fire robert mueller in june even though the white house denied this in june. fired the deputy director of the fbi. he didn't follow through because the fbi director threatened to resign. we also learned that the president sat down with mccabe and asked him about who he voted for in the 2016 election. mccabe later called the question disturbing. that was a quote. meanwhile, attorney general jeff sessions was questioned by the special counsel's team for several hours last week making him the first member of the president's cabinet to be interviewed, which brings us to today. and now robert mueller wants to talk to the president about why he fired former fbi director james comey. >> joining me now, cnn contributor adam, cnn political commentators and jack kingston and former white house ethics
4:29 am
lawyer richard painter. good morning to all of you. adam, i'll start with you. all of those developments happened just over five days. it can somehow seem much longer than that. i'm wondering, is this any ifdication i indication or a sign that things are wrapping up? >> i don't think it is a sign things are wrapping up. you have to look at this as several distinct parts. it is expected that mueller will put obstruction at the front. if he is planning on sitting down with the president and doing that interview, that could be a sign that he's looking maybe at maybe reaching some conclusions on the obstruction case, but the sources i've talked to have made clear that as far as mueller's team is concerned, that interview is not the end of anything. as we saw with interviews that were conducted of other key subjects, including michael flynn, the former national security adviser, the interview takes place and it's not for many, many months before any decisions are made by mueller's team. >> all right. that would imply we still have a
4:30 am
long way to go. jack, president trump has claimed the report that he tried to fire mueller was fake news. he's used that before on things that he has not liked reported to the main stream media. but even his favorite news channel here, fox news, has confirmed the report. so is fake news going to cut it as far as the defense for the president? >> well, i don't think he really needs a defense. i think at the time he had a very, very aggressive attorney and mark who probably made the recommendation not only to be pushed back very, very hard but to fire muellerer because ebec conflict and the fact that he was passed over for the fbi job just days before which he apparently really wanted. so, i think there was question about mular's conflict, not to mention everything else we've learned about peter struck and lisa page and memos and misuse of fisa and everything else. so, i think -- >> wait, his argument is that my
4:31 am
attorney put me up to it here? >> i think so. i think -- this is what i understand as very possible that he said you should consider it. mcgahn said it is a horrible idea. if you do it, i would resign. >> the president himself or those that speak for him said, no, i never considered firing mueller. it was because he was told by his attorney to do so. >> i do not know if he did or did not but i would say on the outside, it would be very reasonable for them to have this discussion. and how far he took it. he could say we had the discussion, but i never considered it. i bounced it off mcgahn and i asked him to talk to rosenstein about it. i think all of that is a reasonable conversation for somebody who has a prosecutor who has very obvious conflicts of interest. i think we could all agree that if you look at the team he put together, it was a partisan,
4:32 am
anti-trump team. they gave a lot of money to hillary clinton. he had key people like andrew weisman that showed up at hillary clinton's victory party and later had a memo -- >> we all agree you wouldn't be here because we wouldn't be talking. let me move on before we run out of time. senator mark warner hopes that congress will take up legislation to protect mueller next week. how realistic is that to happen and, of course, the republicans would have to go along in some way, would they not? >> the republicans would never do it. youit's -- i just left there a few months ago. if this president held up a sign that had the letter a on it and told the world it was a letter b half the republicans in the house would say, yeah, the is right. i am not someone who is going to prejudge the investigation. it's going to take us where it is going to take us. i remember years ago, jack, when
4:33 am
democrats even had a sniff of going after law enforcement, republicans would pounce in a second. what we're seeing here today is an attempt to undermine the rule of law. to weaken independent institutions. what makes america strong is our independence and our people. but, unfortunately, today when you go after the fbi and after law enforcement all over on because you don't like an investigation, that is not what makes us strong. that makes us weaker. >> remember, nadeam when the memo, the famous memo, the fisa memo is released, i think you would say even the fbi does have some problem. don't forget james actually said to the fbi, hey, mccabe has a conflict of interest and mccabe resigned a week before the election but he was there the whole time. i think there is a track record and i think you have a few really bad actors in the fbi who
4:34 am
have let their anti-trumpjudgme. >> why not wait until there is actually something that comes down before we criticize what we don't know yet. >> that's exactly right. i think that's the point. that's what the american people deserve to have. >> why not wait? we're waiting on the official. >> if you look at the outrageous behavior and the e-mails between peter struck and lisa page, you would be very uncomfortable if they were the people investigating you and as an attorney, which i'm not an attorney. but if di was, i would advise m cline, there are some people in here that don't like you. >> all right, well, let me bring in richard because i don't want to make this just a two-person conversation. and, richard, i'll start you off with this question. sources now are telling cnn that the president is fuming, angry. telling his aides that he wants to fire rod rosenstein. that's the deputy attorney
4:35 am
general. what happens if he were to do that? >> well, he's got to get thrown out of office. rod rosenstein is his own appointee to that position, a republican. these attacks on robert mueller are disgusting. robert mueller was at the fbi picking up the pieces. after 9/11 a loyal republican appointed by president bush. he is a good man. people accusing him of bias are liars. flat out liars. and i've been a republican for 30 years, but i'm not going to put up with those type of scum bags and my party attacking a good man like robert mueller who is a loyal american, patriotic. he was a marine. he is the straight arrow that we need in charge of this investigation. the fbi should also not be attacked. if anything, the fbi director, james comey, threw the election to donald trump with that letter right before the election. >> richard, do you think -- >> this anti-trump is garbage.
4:36 am
a lie. a complete lie. >> do you think the memo about the fisa -- >> i release everything. >> good. >> i release everything. this memo, you know, it's just like all the noise that people making over hillary clinton's e-mail. we went through it and through it and forever. you know p yxwoknow, if you wans is the fbi and trying to use the fbi to go after political oppone opponents, which went on through 2015/'16. that's not the republican party i want to be part of. >> one other question in place, and that is, adam, let me ask you this, we have been talking about someone who is a loyal, an american. let's talk to someone who is not a loyal american and that is a top putin critic and political rival. and he had this to say about russia's election meddling. >> i have no doubt that the kremlin did everything it could to influence these elections and
4:37 am
that there were, indeed, hacks on the dnc and e-mails. this is something they have been doing inside this country for a very long time. i have also been a victim of such attacks. like documents. this happens all the time. but, honestly, i really doubt it had any impact on the presidential elections. this is a good thing about the authoritarian leaders. whatever they do, they do it ineffectively. of course, they are trying to snick their noses into elections. they will influence situations stirring up conflicts in the u.s. and europe. you shouldn't overestimate the level of this influence. >> so, jack, do you agree with that? there might have been some meddling, but it didn't have any impact. >> you know, we don't, we don't believe it had any impact in terms of the ballots themselves, but, obviously, it had impact because we had a national distraction. but, unfortunately, i think the focus is donald trump instead of russia and instead of putin and stopping the influence in the
4:38 am
future. so, to me, if there is something that really should be a lesson here is democrats and republicans should maybe tone it down in public and say, look, behind the scenes we all want election integrity. how do we get there if you have russia and other nations that are try tie trying to interfere. >> so focused on what the president may or may not have done and we may have overlooked the serious implication that russia was attempting to influence the outcome and still attempting to do so. >> absolutely. we need to focus on protecting our country from foreign espionage, foreign intervention or political system. we need to build up our intelligence infrastructure and we have these dirt bags going around talking about deep state and various conspiracy theories. the only man they're working for is vladimir putin. vladimir putin would love to destroy our cia, our state department, our infrastructure, our intelligence infrastructure
4:39 am
that allows us to defend ourselves against high-tech espionage and other threats to our country. so, we need to unite to defend the united states and these people are attacking the government and the deep state talk, all that. breitbart news and the rest of it. they're the people destroying america. most of us have been with the republican party for years are disgusted with it. we wanted to defend america and that's what this should be all about. >> wae ee end on that note. richard, thank you. we appreciate all of you. thanks. >> thank you. and don't miss the brand-new cnn series "the van jones show." watch the "the van jones show" starting tonight at 7:00 eastern and, of course, it's here on cnn. i know you babysitting at home with somebody who is not
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more than three dozen children have died already from this virus. >> and we know hospitals and clinics are overcrowded and entire school district in florida shut down because of widespread outbreaks there. cnn correspondent polo sandoval is in new york for us. new york took some measures, as we well. >> let's start over the past week already. just over 1, 700 new yorkers an this is hitting countries from california to new york and even some communities forced to close schools because there are teachers and students ill. one example you'll find in the florida panhandle. gulf county school said 20% of their students were absent from class this week and goes for a third of their staff they were either sick or at home taking care of their children that were sick. they ordered the campuses closed for cleaning before students
4:46 am
return on monday. >> somebody once said the sickest school in america, we're not. we're the most sanitary school in america. this was just a great chance, if it were a sporting event, you might call it a half-time in the middle of the cold and flu season. >> federal officials closely tracking the deaths of at least seven more children that were reported this week across the country. that brings the total number now to pediatric flu deaths to 37 this season. the centers of disease control and prevention reporting 86,000 laboratory confirmed cases so far. experts warning that that number could possibly go higher because if you think about it, not a lot of people that go to the doctor and in some cases these practitioners don't actually test for the flu. so, the cdc still recommending the main way to protect yourself is with that flu shot, even though skepticism out there that it possibly may not work. officials including cnn's own san yea gupta saying at least a
4:47 am
30% effective rate much better than zero. >> it could help you recover faster, as well. polo sandoval, thank you. we appreciate it. >> you bet. canadian police saying the death of a billionaire couple berry and honey sherman. after combing through evidence the couple was intentionally targeted. the former and founder ceo and his wife was well-known philanthropist and authorities have not named any possible suspects or persons of interest, but they say that they do have an extensive list of people that they look forward to speaking to. that's a quote, actually. so, coming up at the top of the hour here, this new report by the "wall street journal" casino magnet and rnc finance chairman steve wynn accused of sexual misconduct. we are live in las vegas where the wynn headquarters are with more details. plus, coming up this week, president trump's first state of the union address.
4:48 am
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so the president's first official address this week is a chance for a reset. >> he can use to set the agenda and the question is will he take that opportunity or get derailed by the headlines surrounding the russia investigation. joining us now our presidential historian. tim, nice to see you. i'll start with a simple one. what does the president need to accomplish with this address? >> well, what we expect from presidents is that they will set an agenda and share their vision. state of the unions are also used -- or states of the union
4:53 am
are also used to brag a little bit about what was accomplished the year before. and to lay out a legislative agenda. that is why these speeches can be so on long. they tend to be about an hour, sometimes when president clinton was around, they were about an hour and 20 minute, but that is because they include a laundry list of what the president hopes to achieve with the help of congress over the coming year. what people watching president trump are going to be looking for is whether he has a philosophy of governing. is he -- what people mean by presidential, him looking presidential, is that he is willing to lay out a reasoned approach to achieving his goals. or is he just trying to proceed sproek a provoke and disrupt. we saw something a week ago go when the president came forward with a proposal regarding immigration which was clearly
4:54 am
beyond what his brace would has expected. so the president gave us an indication perhaps, maybe a forehad doeg shadowing of the s come, that he might actually try not to just be the president of the red states, but of all states. so what is possible with this speech is that he is actually going to move beyond where he was in his inaugural address and start talking to a much broader group of americans. >> so i want to talk to you about midterms as we look forward because the hill says there is a major chance here for him to kind of set the agenda with this speech. they write since the era of the civil war, the party that controls the white house on average loses 32 house seats and two senate seats. democrats are obviously banking on history. republicans want to create new history here. what do you think the president will do with that? is he aware of the consequences ever that? >> i'm not in his head, but i'm
4:55 am
sure he's aware of it and i suspect that some of the movement we saw on d.r.e.a.m.ers was his response to the fact that his public opinion poll, polls have been very, very bad to him and it looks a little bit like he was going to get to 40% in approval, which by the way is historically really low for a first term president, but it didn't -- he got up to 40 and it started to drop again. so i suspect he knows this very well and is trying to nudge his numbers up. and by the way nudging your numbers up, it is not just a feel good proposition. it also affects the way people in congress deal with you. if you are a very unpopular president, they run away from you when a mid term election comes. and president trump doesn't want that to happen. and his allies in congress don't want that to happen either. >> kind of the rodney danger field respect. you get no respect. >> true. >> we do appreciate it especially your perspective on this.
4:56 am
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latest man accused of sexual misconduct. preposterous says steve wynn, the casino billionaire. >> i want to thank the whole group. >> closely tied to president trump as finance chairman of the republican national committee. democrats are demanding the rnc return any campaign contribut n contribution. >> mounting evidence of possible obstruction of justice against the president of the united states. >> president trump ordered white house counsel don mcgahn to fire mueller last june. >> fake news. >> it is not a bombshell to mueller. >> i think that is obstruction of justice and grounds for


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