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tv   New Day  CNN  February 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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direction. >> okay. brandon abz-ug thank you for talking to us. we appreciate talking to you in this entire strategy and we'll be watching on wednesday. thank you very much. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news. let's get right to it. one person didn't do what he should have done. it makes me sick to my stomach. >> whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. >> if we don't fix this now, when will it change? >> we have to end our country of what's happening with respect to that subject. >> i'm hopeful that the president may be willing to take on the nra. if he does there may be a bunch of republicans who will follow. >> the memo was a nothing. >> i'm not surprised that the white house tried to bury this memo. the fbi acted appropriately. >> they are advocating that it's okay for the fbi and doj to use political dirt paid for by one
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campaign. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning. marjory stoneman douglas students are going to return to school this wednesday. lawmakers are returning to washington today. they have a big question hanging over their head, what will they do to stop the shootings? in florida, governor rick scott is ordering an investigation into the police response to the shooting. the sheriff grilled in a cnn interview about the red flags missed defended his office, siting his amazing leadership and insisting he will not resign. >> a new cnn poll suggests that the parkland massacre has changed americans' views on guns in a way no other mass shooting has. 70% of people now favor tighter gun laws as compared to 52% who felt that way after the las vegas massacre in october. we have all this covered for you. let's go to kaylee hartung.
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she's live in parkland, florida. >> reporter: as we continue to learn of warning signs missed and hear disturbing details of immediate reaction to the attack, there is much frustration but the students and teachers of plj marjory stoneman douglas who i've spoken to say they don't want to get involved. their focus remains on changing gun laws, moving forward and returning to classes on wednesday. >> we have to do a thorough investigation and whoever didn't do their job has to be held accountable. >> florida's governor ordering an investigation into law enforcements response to last week's deadly school shooting. amid criticism that broward county sheriffs deputies waited too long to enter the high school as the killer opened fire inside. sheriff scott israel coming under scrutiny as he welcomes the investigation into his department. >> i've giving amazing leadership into this agency -- >> amazing leadership? >> kre, jake.
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you don't have measure a person's leadership by a deputy not going into -- these deputies received the training they needed -- >> maybe you measure somebody's leadership about whether or not they protect the community? >> 73 others sending a letter to the governor sunday demanding sheriff israel be suspended for incompetence and dereliction of dut y-this after florida representative wrote a similar letter to governor consolidate just a day before. >> i oent resign. it was a shameful letter. it was phillily motivated. i never met that man. he doesn't know anything about me and the letter was full of misinformation. >> reporter: sources telling cnn that when coral springs police officer arrived on the scene they were shocked to find three other broward county deputies who had not yet the entered the building. the broward county sheriff disputes this saying it was only the school resource officer and he has resigned. lawmakers returning to work under national pressure to act on gun reform.
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as a new cnn poll shows, 70% of people say they favor stricter gun laws. with congress already looking at a list of options on the table including banning bump stocks, improving the federal government background check system, checking the legal age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21 or an all out ban on the purchase of ar-15 style weapons. ivanka trump weighing in on her father's proposal to arm teacher. >> i think having a teacher who is armed who cares deeply about her students or his students and who is capable and qualified to bear arms is not a bad idea but it's an idea that needs to be discussed. >> amid all the political fallout, a somber first day back on campus as students returned for orientation sunday. their first time on school grounds since surviving the massacre. >> it was really scary. i didn't know how i was going to feel when i went in and saw the fence around the freshman
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building and all the windows were covered. i just can't believe something like this happened. >> reporter: president trump will meet with many of the nations governors this morning at the white house. he says parkland is first on their list to discuss. after a difficult couple of weeks at the white house, a new cnn poll puts president trump's approval rating at 35%. that's down 5% over the past month. chris, alisyn this matches his lowest approval rating since taking office. >> thank you very much for all of that. let's bring in josh green and jeffrey toobin. do you think that that's gets the president's attention the -- 75% -- >> his 35? >> yeah, yeah. >> i don't. i think he's locked in on his position here. he at first said let's raise the age and then he dropped that. let's see if he brings that back. the one idea that he is embraced
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clearly is arming teachers which -- >> and ban bump stocks. >> and banning bump stocks, yeah. it hasn't happened. more guns in schools is his answer. more guns -- he said 20% of -- we have 3 1/2 million teachers in this country giving 20% of them guns is 700,000 guns. that's a very good market for a gun manufacturers. i don't know what it does for school safety. >> josh, it has been suggested that the way that this changes politically is if the democrats make this their hill to die on, that they will work on nothing else with the other side until this gets done. that's relevant obviously because of the filibuster rule in the senate. is there indication that the democrats are ready to go all in on making something happen? >> no, i don't think there is necessarily. we saw a big push after the newtown massacre and that led to nothing. i think the thing to look at is what republicans and what republican voters want to do on
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new gun regulations. these national numbers have come out and made clear that a majority of americans now want stricter regulations but what republican politicians are focused on is what are the people voting for me or for my opponent in a primary going to think and there's no clear indication that there's been a lot of movement there. >> jeffrey, in terms of what law enforcement could have done differently, the sheriff the broward county was on with yt this weekend and jake tried to get to that and the sheriff had a somewhat confusing answer. here's that moment. >> do you think that if the broward sheriffs office had done things differently this shooting might not have happened? >> listen, if fz and butts were candies and nuts and o.j. simpson would still be in the record books -- >> i don't know what that means. there's 17 dead people and a whole long list of things your department could have done different. >> when you look at the list of all the things that the department -- all the signs the
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department missed, what do you think in terms of law that they could have done differently with this gunman? >> it's very difficult and, you know, i thought that answer was bizarre. i don't know what he was talking about. i also think the idea of blaming the cops for this is a little misleading. remember, you had -- you had a 17-year-old in -- 19-year-old with, you know, an assault weapon. >> he had an arsenal, by the way. >> one cop in their, he goes in starts firing, how many -- how many students does he hit? >> i understand. the fact that this kid was known to the broward county sheriffs office, they had gone something like 23 times on house visits over the past decade. he was known so legally what else could have been done? >> but it's difficult to do things when people have not committed crimes. yes, naf gone to the house and he was obviously a troubled,
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disruptive kid. we don't punish people in this country for things they might do in the future. it's heartbreaking to think that we had so much notice about this guy but we have notice about a lot of troubled young people who don't do terrible things. >> but it leads to the politics. here's the irony. right now you're hearing a lot of this, josh, from the right from the nra. they like it because it's not about the guns. when they go down this road because it happens to be a real thing. not to demon cries the mentally ill, they're more likely to be victims than perpetrators, but the problem will be with the democrats. when they go down this road, of yes, we have to vet better, this is crazy. they went to this guy's house and couldn't do anything. it should be part of the calculus of background checks, that triggers privacy controls and suggestions that you will chill the number of people who go to get help because they'll be afraid of being flagged. those are democratic issues and it takes us back to 2013 when
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they couldn't get all democratic members to vote for a gun control legislation then. they didn't have the 60 votes back then within their own party. the democrats could stand in their own way, true or false? >> i don't think that's true at all. that's picking knits with what's on democrats might have said when the larger issue here is the national rifle association refuses to allow background checks. they punish people who vote for those and take a look at trump's -- >> they started the background check system which is untrue. >> but look at the direction of what trump is actually done in proposed as president of gun control. he signed legislation making it easier for mentally ill people to get guns and his own budget released earlier this month would have cut funding for background checks. the problem is more on the republican side when it comes to introducing even cursory measures that would impose new regulations and do things to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people. >> josh, i want to stick with
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you for one second. for the first time we're seeing rental companies, airlines, a bank that are saying we're going to sever our business ties with the nra. what's changed? why is this time different than las vegas or all of the litany of other tragedies? >> what's interesting to me is it's not politicians but business lead prosecutes who have moved quickest in response to the shooting in response to the never again activists like we saw earlier on the show. i think that's motivated largely by the fact that the nra for all its political power is a small organization with 5 million members which doesn't have a lot of sway in the broader u.s. economy. if you look at a company like delta airlines, for instance, which announced last week they're going to sever ties and end their business relationship with the nra. they have 180 million customers every year. against the broad backdrop of american society, people want action on guns. the only thing holding it up here is the political process and the fact that the nra has a
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hammer lock on republican politics that even slaughters like we've seen in newtowns, in las vegas and now in parkland, florida, haven't been able to change. >> do companies matter? >> what's amazing is how companies have become -- you know, corporate america has become a progressive force in certain areas. think about the lgbtq rights, climate change and now -- and now gun issues. it is a incredible flip. >> targeting the understand ra is that the most he have fa okay shus route. here they're targeting the nra members. you members are not going to get a discount on your airline. >> i don't if that counts as targeting. taking away a benefit. >> consider not? >> i don't think it's targeting at all. you have to look at the other side here. there's a lot of americans very angry about the unwillingness of republicans to move forward on
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gun control legislation. these people fly by airline tickets, they rent cars, they stay in hotels and these companies understand. they're not necessarily doing this because they approve or disapprove of some kind of public policy they're doing it because the skroert of the country and the majority of their customers are going to react in a way that hurts their bottom line. >> does it create change is what i'm saying? >> it creates pressure in the sense that it isolates -- further isolates the nra and presumably will make it somewhat more difficult to continue to have them refuse to condone -- >> don't they like playing the victim and saying you're coming after my rights? >> i don't know about that. i think they just want to keep the laws as they are. so the real test is going to come today now ta congress is back in session and under public pressure to do something on gun control. whether they'll move forward on expanding background checks or raising the age to purchase an
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assault weapon. >> look, you're right. this is where the rubber meets the road. jeffrey, you're negative nelliness -- >> i know. >> you've seen this movie before. i'm telling you this is a different version of the movie. look at the public polling. the public polling after las vegas was 52%, today it's 70% of americans want something done so why are you still so possess mystic. >> because the nra's ratings still matter to the vast majority of republican officials. that's why. not because the nra gives campaign contributions because it's the nra ratings and the sway they hold over republican party voters. but alisyn, you're going to prove me wrong. >> yes, i am. >> okay. let's watch. >> yes, i am. starting right now. >> the cynic who is -- >> you're juan dis view over there at the end of the table -- >> if you're waiting for the
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media to make the change you're going to win. josh, i don't see how the democrats don't wind up having to be the ones to do something here. the gop is not going to do it. the nra is apart of that reason but there are a lot of other reasons. that's mcconnell and ryan silence on yet another issue that could be relevant to the american people. the democrats are going to have to make a decision. that we will do nothing -- this is a moral imperative. we won't work with the other side. i just don't know they have the resolve. >> chris -- how is this the democrats job? the democrats -- >> because the republicans won't do. >> the democrats can't control the agenda. >> to your point -- >> i'll take you both on but one at a time. >> democrats are the ones that want to move forward on this issue and republicans by and large don't. the reason this hasn't happened yet is there's a pugh positive
5:16 am
will last year that showed that gun owners are 80% more likely to have reached out to a member of congress about gun policy over the last year. in order for alisyn's prediction to come true, in order for that to change, democrats and their voters and people motivated by these activists need to reach out to their elected official democrat and republican, only then with the status quo. >> exactly what i'm saying what he said. the democrats will have to decide that this is the hill they're willing to die on. their voters are going to have to go to the polls, lawmakers are going to have to say we have the filibuster in the senate. we'll muscle up on this. whatever it is. we are not going to move forward on anything until you address this issue. that's the only way i see anything happening. >> perhaps, but i just think you have it backwards here, that the pressure here is on the republicans to do something about it. the democrats have, you know -- had 48 votes in the united states, 49 votes in the u.s.
5:17 am
senate. not a majority. they're ability -- >> nothing's going to happen. >> that's right. >> unless what? >> unless the republican party changes. >> unless what would make them change? >> public pressure but -- >> and democrats. >> manifested by their voters. >> that's right. >> their voters wind up being democrats voters punishing people as polls, showing they're going to come out. >> i was with you till your last argument. i don't think it's going to be democrat voters or democrat politicians who are going to make a difference here. they are the my jort. >> there are already republicans who have been very vocal about wanting to do something bipartisan and are proposing bill. this week we'll see if the rubber meets the road. >> yes, we will. >> and i'll have you back to eat your hat. >> he'll find a way out of it. a conservative was booed during her speech at cpac. why? here's a little portion.
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so there was some booing at the conservative conference cpac on sunday. a conservative panelist criticized the republican party and the president and that did not go over well. >> republican party endorsed roy moore for the senate in the state of alabama, even though he was a credibly accused child molester. you cannot claim that you stand for women -- >> not true. >> -- and put up with that and the le pen name is a disgrace. her grandfather is a racist and nazi. she claims that she stands for him and -- and the fact that cpac invited her is a disgrace. that panelist mona charen says after that security had to escort her from the building. joining us now is mona charen and she's a senior fellow.
5:23 am
mona, thank you very much for being here. why did security have to escort you out after that? >> that i do not know. i never felt personally threatened but they did -- they did send several burly security people to see me to my uber. >> wow. so listen, they -- that audience didn't want to hear your message, they didn't want to hear about roy moore or hear what you had to say about one of the other speakers, marion le pen, she is the natural heir to grandfather as a holocaust denier. how can you see the cpac audience more on her side? >> i'm not sure where the whole cpac audience is. there was a huge contingent booing me and so we can presume whatever you like about them. i did also get some applause. i do think there are a lots and lots -- millions of conservatives who resist this trend, this movement of the
5:24 am
republican party in the direction of blood soiled nationalism like we are seeing in europe. the le pen family is the an to my knowledge sis of the american conservatism. it stands for racism, xenoophobia and conservatism is about our constitution and limited government and individual rights and treating people with decency and with manners. these are all conservative values that a lot of us still uphold. >> are you saying that all these millions of people like-minded as you are sort of closet conservatives now because those are not the voices that we hear certainly not at big headline events like cpac. >> one of the problems is that the term conservative has now been associated with trumpism and people say if you're very right wing you're a trumpist but that's a very confused message
5:25 am
because, of course, donald trump is not for small government, not at all. he is not for free trade. he's not for many things that are traditional conservative positions. so i would resist the attachment of the label conservative to trumpism. i would call it edge noe nationalism. >> how do you explain what goes on at cpac? cpac has been the years, the gathering of conservative voices but if you're saying it's not the william f. buckley conservatives, let me just tell you some of the lineup. wayne lapierre, dana loesch, david clark, these are the most extreme voices so is that what cpac now represents. >> that is what cpac represents alas and but my point is it isn't what conservatives represent and i just felt if somebody said it we would test the proposition that this is the drift of the entire republican
5:26 am
party and conservative movement and the response to what i did kind of ugt issed, no, it isn't. >> here's what you write in your op ed this the "the new york times" today. for traditional conservatives the past two weeks have felt like a twilight zone episode. politicians, activists and intellectuals have suck coupled. i hear from them. there were even some at cpac. to your first point about the twilight zone episode. what do you think it is about donald trump that has allowed so many conservatives to kind of, i don't know, surrender their old conservative ideals? >> there is -- there has been a tremendous demonization of the left that has gone on for many years. now, i actually have been a very harsh critic of the left and the left has a lot to answer for,
5:27 am
certainly in this country and also around the world. 100 million body count for the communist movement in the 20th century. it's one of the great evils but there has been a tendency on the part of the american info takenment world to suggest that we are in a civil war or something, we are in a death struggle between conservatives and liberals and that, you know, this is the flight 93 election and therefore no matter what donald trump says or does, no matter how unacceptable his behavior, we have to be behind him because otherwise the left is going to destroy us and i think that this is overwrought and i think if you sell your soul then what have you achieved? what have you won in the end? >> when you say the right wing
5:28 am
info tanment. i hear fox news. >> fox is part of it. not you awe of fox. there's still some good people on fox. fox is part of it for sure. also talk radio and the internet, breitbart and it's a broad group. i would say, by the way, though just to be fair that there's tremendous amount of bias and special pleading on the part of the left wing press too and always has been and i've always been critical of it. >> yeah. i guess the point is, fox news originally, the at least mission statement was to counter what they heard as left winged bias. >> that's right. >> and something seems to have shifted in their message. >> now they've become cheerleaders and i think lots of people on cnn have become nothing but critics. the idea of just presenting the news neutral little and letting the viewer decide needs to make
5:29 am
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green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness. a new cnn poll will finds 70% of americans support stricter gun laws after the florida high school massacre. that's compared to 52% after the massacre in las vegas and overwhelming majority also support a ban on semi-automatic rifles but as we've seen, many times in the past, public support for gun laws do not equate with action on capitol hill. joining us now is republican congressman scott taylor. he's an a-rating from the nra. good to see you, sir. >> good morning, chris.
5:34 am
70% of the people do something, will that be enough to motivate action from you and your colleagues on capitol hill? >> i think we should do something. with all the politics and the nra i could careless. i'm just a staunch supporter of my constitutional rights and second amendment. i think there's an equality of desire in the united states both on the left and the right to be able to prevent these things from happening. you can do things. there will be action that's done but i'm interested in things that actually have the ability to prevent some of these things and some of the things that we can control, like school safety, like school security, like getting localities and states and the federal government together listening to all sides and figuring out how we can protect our most precious resource, our children. >> when you're looking at what to do because the reality is just hitting us all in the face. put the poll numbers to the side. the only metric that changes the evaluation of the united states from all of our allies in places around the world is our system
5:35 am
of access to weapons and how many that we have that's why we lead in gun deaths and mass shootings. the question becomes what can you do? school safety is on the table. i understand that. it's concerts. it's stores. it's open air venues. it's movie theaters. it's not just about securing schools and that all seems to have one commonality congressman is who gets weapons and how? >> that's an excellent point, chris, which is why i join with congresswoman gabbard after the military was underreporting folks who should not get guns. we joined together to make sure that doesn't happen. i think you should do things to make -- the people who cannot get guns. earlier in one of your segments they were discussing that all these warnings signs were missed with this guy down in florida and the fact that he didn't do anything illegal necessarily. i think we should have a discussion to say, a lot of
5:36 am
these folks are showing a lot of signs on social media and other ways and what can we do to be able to thread a needle between civil is liberties and make sure those folks don't have guns and perhaps it should be discussed. individual freedom, individual liberty, the folks there on the ground should they have some kind of mechanism to be able to present evidence to a judge to say, this guy or girl, they have a big problem and here's the evidence. maybe there should be a temporary restraining order for them not to purchase guns. >> there have been pushback from the organization and supporter that gave you an a-rating. when trump said -- >> i know. let me say something because i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> please. >> the nra are -- there's plenty of folks in the -- i'm not in the nra. there are plenty of them in my district who are and there are tons of folks that it might not be democrats support to get something done because americans far greater than the nra care
5:37 am
about their second amendment rights and they don't want a knee-jerk reactions. we should do something. we should have a discussion. i'm not concerned about the organization itself. i'm concerned about preventing death. i'm concerned about dealing with the issues that we can control. >> i get it. >> not a boogie man. nra's like the boogie man right now. i'm not sticking up for them. there are people that make up the nra. >> i understand. as an organization as you well know, congressman, they put a ton of money into this issue and they motivate voters to come out. that's why the rating matters so much. >> great point. where do they get their money? where do they get their money, though? >> that's an interesting question. people are looking -- it's not all individual donors. there are a lot of corporate donors and institutional donors that need to be looked at as well. >> free speech.
5:38 am
>> i'm not saying it's illegal but it may shape a little where they're priorities lie. again, would you be in favor of background checks that cover all sales? would you be in favor -- you said you'd be in favor of putting a mechanism in place having it not to be jooded offense. how about covering all sales with background checks? >> so what i am in favor of is a stronger background check, one that takes into account like i said social media, other things potentially. i don't know exactly how that looks like. i don't know have the exact answer. i'm willing to listen to all sides to figure out how we make it stronger to make sure that folks that should not get guns don't get them. >> what about all sales? >> i was going to say, if you want to sell your gun to your son or give it to a son, how do you actually enforce that? the reality is as we know -- >> you have to do paper work and
5:39 am
say here who's bought it and have it processed just like you can do at a gun show private sales all that. if i sell a boat to you and to my son, there's paper work, right? you got to put through paper work. why not put through paper work on sale of a gun? >> i do not think that you're going to be able to enforce that as right now we can't enforce all the laws. i don't think you can do it. i have an issue with it. i'm not supporting it right now. that answers your question. >> but it does frustrate the efforts that kind of resistance because the idea of whether or not you can enforce things. you find a way to enforce laws. >> it frustrates your efforts to what you want to do and look, i'm completely respectful of your opinion. i'm respectful of folks who want to do those things. >> how is it an opinion? how is it just -- >> it is an opinion. it's what your opinion is. >> why would you only have certain sales effected by background checks? i don't get why that's a good
5:40 am
thing. it's hard to enforce. that's not a standard of whether or not you put the law in place. you put it in place and then you figure out how to enforce it. >> i'm not in favor of all background -- >> why? >> because you -- you disagree -- >> no, no. i'm asking you why you don't. why don't you like it? >> sure. i don't agree with universal background checks. >> i heard you. >> i haven't supported it. >> but why? i don't support anything except you answering my question, my friend and i love having you don't want show. >> i just answered your question. >> but why don't you support it? but why? >> i don't support universal background checks. i don't support you coming and me having to have a sale if i'm paper work and stuff like that if i'm giving my gun to my son. i just don't agree with that. >> what about gun show deals? >> i don't agree with gun registration. i don't agree with it. let me -- >> what about gun shows?
5:41 am
>> what about gun shows? >> if it's private sellers and they're not gun shops who have different responsibilities on them, why wouldn't they be -- >> can you point to any -- any -- any issues at a gun show that have resulted in any kind of problems? can you? >> if you're talking about can i link one to a school shooting -- >> assault rifles, it's these are boogie man. let's talk about things that we can control. let's talk about things that will reduce gun death for people who do things illegal little and don't and impede on the rights of people who do things legally. >> i get the idea that you don't want to just burden people who do things the right way in the name of trying to stop people who do things the wrong way. >> that's correct. >> you lost me on the gun show. it's easy to say it's my opinion. it's not my opinion. i don't get the logic of it. >> we have a diversity of opinion. >> that's fine. i'm just saying i also have to ask the questions about understanding and testing the
5:42 am
position. i don't understand how if you care about monitoring who gets weapons and access to them, you wouldn't cover all sales. it doesn't make sense to me. >> again, chris, you and i disagree and that's fine. we can have diversity of opinion and rigorous debate. >> i appreciate you coming on as always. you address the american people. you agree to be tested. thank you for that. >> thanks, chris. >> alisyn? so the president's former pilot is reportedly up for a big job. the position that could land him in washington next. ♪
5:43 am
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time now for the five things to know for your "new day." florida governor rick scott ordering an investigation of the law enforcement response to the deadly parkland school shooting. the embattled broward county sheriff rejecting calls for his resignation and pledging to fully cooperate with the probe. classes will resume wednesday at marjory stoneman douglas high school. students and parents returned to the campus sunday as what officials called a phased
5:47 am
reopening of the school. president trump slamming a democratic house intelligence memo calling it, quote, a nothing. the document written by congressman adam schiff undercuts the republican claims of fbi surveillance misconduct. a report from axios reveals president trump's personal pilot is on the administration's short list to head the faa. it finds the president is pushing for john duncan to get the role. north korea now saying it is open to talking with the united states. a senior north korean official tells south korea that the doors are open for dialogue with the u.s. this follows new sanctions impoeszed by the trump administration on north korea. you want more on the five things to know, of course you do. you go to"new day." why her answer is particular getting backlash online. we have the bottom line for you next.
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all right.
5:52 am
the first daughter ivanka trump sitting down for an interview during her trip to korea. she spoke about u.s. relations with north korea, guns in school. there is one topic she would not discuss. >> do you believe your father's accusers? >> i think it's a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he's affirmatively stated that there's no truth to it. i don't think that's a question you would ask many other daughters. i believe my father. i know my father. so i think i have that right as a daughter to believe my father. >> let's get the bottom line with cnn political analyst david gregory. fair question, good answer, your take? >> yeah, i think it's a fair question, you have to think about when with you're going to do an interview like that what do you expect the person to say and you could have ruled out the
5:53 am
idea that she was going to say, you know what? i really do and this is just awful. this is the president's daughter. she's also a senior adviser, so i thought she very elegantly told him to take a walk in that question, but yeah. i think it's a fair question. you have the president who's accused of all kinds of sexual misconduct who bragged about sexual assault in the campaign, who's threatened to sue all of these accusers to set the record straight. hasn't sued any of them and we're in the middle of a major national conversation about this kind of sexual misconduct, so, yeah, i think fair to ask, fair not to get an answer. >> i guess, except that ivanka does hold herself up as a championing of i am, she has talked about working moms' rights. she does talk about families and so i do think it's a relevant question for her to be asked. i know why it's so dicey.
5:54 am
this is her dad. that makes it complicated but she's also tried -- why shouldn't she weigh in on the me too movement. everybody else is talking about it. >> he wasn't asked about the me too movement. >> it's all part and parcel. >> she was asked about whether the accusers of her father, whether she believes them. he's denied it. this is his daughter. i don't think -- she can have it both ways. she can talk about all these other things and as his daughter she's within his rights to say i believe him. >> it's fine. it's why you don't put your kids in the administration. i grew up with this. i get this. people beat me and my brother over the head on a regular basis. you sign up for it. >> chelsea clinton wasn't part of the administration and she had to face these questions too. >> you have the right not to answer as the child. >> david, she doesn't get to have it both ways. you can't say that you don't believe these 18 or so -- >> which she did say. i believe my father.
5:55 am
i know my father. he has affirmatively denied them. >> she's saying she doesn't believe the women but she's not saying it very clearly. it's a tough needle to thread there -- >> but only because she's in the administration. if she weren't in the administration but she was outspoken about me too, when you ask her about her family, i'm not going to talk about my father. that's why you don't put them in the administration. >> it could be -- it doesn't have to be somebody in the administration. she could have a prominent father and who's not in the administration and it could be somebody who's outspoken on these issues and -- imagine a child of harvey weinstein being asked these questions and they could have the same answer. the point is that she does get away with it because she did get away with it. >> i'm fine with that. her problem is she represents the united states of america when with she goes out on these things and you have a duty to something bigger than yourself and your family. that's why it's a fatal conflict for her. >> and it's relevant to ask somebody a top level woman in
5:56 am
the administration how she feels at this moment with the me too movement, i think that's a fair question. >> yeah. again, i think it's a fair question. all you have to do with that question as the interviewer is think about whether you want to make points with the question or whether you really want to answer. it was pretty clear you were never going to get an answer when a question was -- the question could have been, you know, what do you think about the me too movement or what do you think about women who are coming forward should they be believed. that was not what the question was. >> good free advice there, david gregory. >> from a very good interviewer. >> exactly. thank you very much. >> thanks. cnn "newsroom" with john berman will pick up after this very quick break. we'll see you tomorrow. electrolyte formula, rs® unie corrects the salt imbalance that causes dry eye. so your eyes will thank you. more than eye drops, dry eye therapy. theratears®.
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good morning, everyone. john berman here. in just a few minutes we might find out whether president trump's position last week on new gun laws is president trump's position this week. he is due to address the nation's governors at the white house. he made clear we'll be talking about parkland. less clear exactly what he will push for, what does it mean that he supports stricter background checks. the president seems to have split from the nra on the issue of whether to raise the age to buy a rifle to


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