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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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thanks. president trump says he would have rush in the to stop the florida gunman even if he weren't armed. his military classmates who served in vietnam could not be reached for comment. he's thrown out dozen of ideas, bump stocks, what exactly president trump is pushing to get done remains a big if. especially as congress returns to work today. the florida school resource officer defending himself today after people all the way up to president trump citizriticized for staying outside the building instead of running in. the deputy says he was following his training. she may be a first daughter but she is also a resident. do ivanka trump's family ties to the oval office mean some questions should be off limits?
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>> we begin with the politics lead. president trump is pushing ahead on his proposals to try to prevent any further mass shootings and he is railing against the police handling of the parkland tragedy. today president trump said the school officer on the scene choked and he declared that he, the president of the united states, and former military academy student who repeatedly sought defermentes to avoid service in the vietnam war, he would have run into the building, even if he didn't have a gun. those comments came while president trump ald gathering of the nation's governors, that he is willing to take unilateral action. and he said not to be afraid of the nra because they're, quote, on our side as he shared that he broke bread with three leaders over the weekend. he also spoke with paul ryan about gun violence. jeff, the president spoke before a bipartisan gathering of
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governors today and one of the democrats this had a rather pointed suggestion for the president of the. >> democrat was governor jay ensley of washington state. he looked at the president sitting across the dining room and he said first grade teachers don't want to be pistol packing. clearly going after the presses's proposal to arm teachers. he wasn't alone. we caught one rick scott and he said he too opposes the plan but he said he believes the president is committed to action. >> president trump questioned the val or of the police officers at the florida school shooting insisting he would have stormed in unarmed. >> i don't know. you don't know until you test it but i believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people would have done that, too. the way they performed was really a disgrace. >> with multiple investigations underway about, how authorities responded to the valentine's day
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shooting that killed 17 people, the president didn't hesitate, weighing in with a meeting with the nation's governors. >> they weren't exactly medal of honor winners. the way they performed was frankly disgusting. >> the president renewing his call to arm school teachers who he said love the students and can do a better job protecting them. visiting the white house, rick scott, a republican, disagreed. >> you believe articling school teachers is not the way to go. >> i think, what i'm going to do many florida, i am going to make sure there's significant law enforcement in all the schools so law enforcement will protect these schools, along with hardening. i want the teachers to teach sflfl the president also got an earful, including this. he also offered this advice to
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mr. trump of the. >> i just suggest we need a little less tweeting, a little more listening and let's take that off the table and move forward. >> the president also said, he wouldn't be afraid to go against the powerful gun lobby. >> they're so afraid of the nra. there's nothing to be afraid of. and do you know what? if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while. that's okay. >> first lady melania trump also taking the rare step of weigh go in of the. >> i have been heartened to see children across this country, use go their voices to speak out and try to create change. they're our future and they deserve a voice. >> certainly, gun policy discussions aren't on every one's mind. here from the white house, capitol hill as well. one thing president did not say during an hour-long discussion on guns, he did not revisit the change of the age limit from 18
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to 21 to buy guns. as he mentioned last week, we know the nra is strongly opposed to that even though it is being opposed by rick scott. the president still supports it but he is not talking about it, at least in public. >> thanks so much. let's bring in my political panel for more on this. it was such a stunning statement. i want to play it one more time. president trump criticizing the response on the shooting and the sheriff's deputy and talking about what he would have done. >> i really believe. you don't know until you test it but i really believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon of the wi weapon. >> does he really think that? does he really think if he would have been there, he would have run into the site of a school shoot go, even if he weren't armed? do you think he really believes that? >> i think he likes to think that. the press secretary said he wasn't saying he would have been able to use a firearm. when jim acosta asked him, but
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he wants to think he would have done something courageous. he's hampered sheriff's deputy, calling him disgusting for not entering the school. i can't personally speak to the president's courage in a situation plifblgt he said you don't know until you're tested but he likes to think that's something he would have done. >> i won't defend the deputy but i wonder about the comments a normal president, if i can put it this way, would have praised the others who acted heroically. >> another policemen, army, soldiers and marines who acted heroically here and at hole. remember the case in the bronx this december when someone ran into a burning building and saved four lives when he was offduty back home. that would be what a normal president -- he wouldn't make it about himself. >> you brought up the army. so i hate to do this but i think the reality is donald trump can't talk about the army and being courageous because that leaves him very vulnerable,
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right? we know that he skirted military duty. i'm interested to know what he would do running into a situation. >> he sought deferments. >> absolutely. i wonder why we think he would run into an active scene. an active shooting scene when he ran away from military duty. regularly we see him running into conflict with it is electronic but run go away from it when it is real life. so i don't know what record we have to stand on. >> let's talk about one other point on that. you know an awful lot of young marines and soldiers and i know a few. your son is one of they will. it is the last thing anyone would say. a person who has done it. >> let's talk about where this is going in terms of legislation. minutes ago, sarah sanders was asked about the president's proposals on gun legislation. it seems rather under clear. >> the president did not mention whether he actually wants the age limit still lifted to 21. and yet previously he spoke about it.
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can you clarify his position is this. >> it is still being discussed. a final determination and legislative piece has not been determined on that front yet. >> does president believe that back ground checks should apply to gun shows and internet sales? >> the president believes we should look at strengthening background checks. >> does this sound at all like he's back wag from these things? >> she wouldn't even say that the president still supports it. we're get go to the point where the white house is going to have to offer specifics on what legislation they want to see and we have no specifics. they're now, not even what he wants the background check system to look like. they couldn't say explicitly that he still supports raising the age limit to 21. and should i note that he had
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lunch with several officials from the nra on sunday who had roundly rejected that idea. they couldn't say that. so far his biggest idea has been arming teachers in schools with guns and they haven't been able to offer specific what's that would look like. the president admitted during that meeting with governor that's he doesn't think there are p.that many people are qualified. so there are many, many questions. republicans on capitol hill are wondering what the specifyings will be. >> speaking of republicans on capitol hill, will the extraordinary response by the high school students cause congress to act? phil, now senate republicans say they are trying to fast track a measure that will strengthen background checks. does it have a chance? >> no. not because of the substance. this is a bipartisan measure. to clarify it, it is an
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comprehensive universal back ground check bill. it is better come blins the existing system. why this doesn't have a clear path forward tonight, is twofold. there's a couple of republicans, i'm told, who have issues with the legislation but there are also democrats. most notably, chuck schumer, who says this isn't enough. schumer who is a co-sponsor says passing the bill would be only an abject failure given everything else that needs to be in this debate. democrats want much more full, a debate that invos a lot more specific proposals, wider range propaganda pose always, and republican who's have a great sense of where the president stands, are looking for more limited responses. where does that leave things? that's a very open question. obviously, republican in addition very different place than democrats. if they can't agree even on this small board proposal, it raises
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questions about any pathway forward in the coming days. >> let's look at some new polling that shows new support for gun control laws. 70% of the american people polled favor new stricter gun control laws. 27% oppose. after las vegas, it was 52% support. and the 70% clause majority of people who live in a gun owning household as well as gender, race and other categories. there was a big push in the clinton years for the brady bill and the assault weapons plan of the. >> it is very clear the american people are shifting, bagsed on the number of tragedies we've seen. i don't know what the tipping point was except for the brave kids. the fact that they can take time out of their grief to say enough is enough. we don't want to lose anyone else. even if they're people we don't
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know. what is unfortunate about this, instead of the nra saying you can you know what? maybe we need on press into this. maybe we've written big checks to support candidates how normally support our policies isn't enough. maybe we need to take another look. and i think the fact they don't have a real pulse on where the culture is is problematic. just because you lobby for specific interests doesn't mean you can't ever change course when it is costing lives of the will. >> among those who say gun control is extremely important, that's gun policy, not necessarily gun control. 62% are democrats. 40% are republicans. this is a complicated issue for red state senate democrats. up for re-election this year. who traditionally vote against gun registration. >> the senate democrats voted
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against legislation supported by president obama. i mean, the conventional wisdom would be, you show it now and right after parkland, democrats say they care a lot about it. at the end of the day, nra members and gun rights advocates would be the ones to vote on the issue and the huge number would vote on the economy and other issues i'm not sure that hasn't changed. i agree, maybe it is different now. i guess we'll see. the administration does, if you want something to happen, they have to take the lead. the congressional process is unlike i to produce legislation. it is complicated. i would have thought the age little of 21 is the one thing you would have come to agreement. on it is already federal law. to say you should be 21 to purchase a semi-automatic rifle wouldn't seem like such a big step. >> and president trump keeps on saying, even though he didn't mention raise go the age limit, he keeps talking about disagreeing the nra when they're
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wrong. he did mention. i think there's part of him that wants to be a deal maker and would have liked to have teen the nra on one issue. but there's also part of him that appreciates loyalty. maybe he's really torn here. >> he certainly does feel the urge to do something here. that is very clear. he is eager to do something. and it is interesting to see if he is going to put the nra into a corner. he keeps saying they're good people, they're on our side. they want to do something. so what will happen when it comes to a head and he proposes something like raising the age limit, seriously proposes it, and they disagree. they don't expect agreement with the nra on everything which is an interesting thing for a republican president to say. and today president echo that had same sentiment. he doesn't know if they'll agree on and everything if they don't, he'll argue over it. >> there is a photograph with president trump and a 17-year-old survivor of the rt
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parkland shooting. in an e-mail that does ask for donations to the trump campaign, bill, any thoughts? >> we wish that the politicians and clearly the president didn't use those photos, or those kinds of appeals in e-mails for campaign donations. i suppose they work. to your point, you think about i. there are two big issues whenner the president has shown some instinct to want to compromise and maybe, retreated before pressure from what he cause his base. immigration and guns. both are pending. daca, which remains an issue that could be dealt with. and now on guns. it will be interesting to see which way the president goes as a political matter and a substantive matter. >> i want to give you a chance to respond. >> it is absolute i disgusting. there is no place where that's appropriate. i'm just grateful to the teen who was a close friend of that survivor saying i don't appreciate you use go my friend's photo this way on
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twitter. thank god for the courage of these young people who are challenging us to stand up and be our better selves. >> up next, more on the school resource officer, the deputy who never went into the school. we're hearing his side of the story for the very first time and that's next. sometimes you. i got it. and sometimes those experts need experts. on it. [ crash ] and sometimes the expert the expert needed needs insurance expertise. it's all good. steve, you're covered for general liability. and, paul, we got your back with workers' comp. wow, it's like a party in here. where are the hors d'oeuvres, right? [ clanking ] tartlets? we cover commercial vehicles, too. i think there's something wrong with your sink. we cover commercial vehicles, too. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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you or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. for the first time since the parkland, florida high school shooting, we're hearing the defense for the deputy who did not enter the school as the massacre began to unfold. today, the attorney explained his client's thoughts that the gunman was outside, not inside. yet he's been asailed. he is fighting for his own job but also by president trump who today called his actions disgusting. martin, this report comes almost two weeks after the tragedy. that's quite a while. >> reporter: it is quite a
1:21 pm
while. we got to hear from two voices, actually for the first time since this tragedy happened. one of them, a recovering victim. the other, scott peterson. >> i would like the say that i'm so grateful to be here. >> less than two weeks after she was shot, at least three times, stay tuned maddy wilford sending her love and thanks to first responders. >> my mom said times like these that i know we need to stick together. and i've seen a lot of positive posts about what's been going on in the school. and i just love the fact we're sticking together. >> reporter: a contrast in controversy over what the deputies or did not do. >> i've been a school resource officer for 25 years. >> reporter: the officer scott peterson paints a very different one than this one from the county sheriff. >> it makes me stock mach that
1:22 pm
didn't go in. >> i think there are a lot -- >> >> reporter: in a statement from his attorney, peterson said he received the call of firecrackers, not gun fire in the area of 1,200 building. peterson said he ran to the 1200 building and heard gunshots but believed the gunshots were originating outside. from outside of any buildings on school campus. the statement goes on consistent with his training, he took up a tactical position between the 700 and 800 building corridor. the attorney also says his client did take action. saying that he was the first to notify the sheriff's office of shots fired and initiated a code red lockdown of the entire campus. the attorney also says the former school resource off her the presence of mind to tell authorities the review the school's security cameras to locate the gunman of the let
1:23 pm
there be no mistake that he could have prevented this. he was pressed on whether the sheriff didn't tell family sooner the fwrams at the scene at town hall and you could have disclosed -- >> that's not -- >> i couldn't disclose it then. there was no corroboration. no confirmation. >> peterson's attorney said any talk of his client not meeting the standards of police officers are patently untrue. >> fred, whose daughter jamie was murdered in the attack, said peterson's statements and the fury changes nothing. >> i don't have sympathy for anybody right now. that unfortunately they didn't do what they needed to do to save my kid. >> reporter: and scott peterson through his attorney is saying that he looks forward to testifying and talking with the fdle, the florida department of
1:24 pm
law enforcement that is investigate go the whole police response. >> martin savidge, thank you so much. phil, the attorney for peterson says that he originally got a call for firecrackers, not for gunfire. and he thought shooter was outside. do you buy his excuse and explanation? >> i don't buy it or not buy it. i don't care about the sheriff saying he provided amazing leadership. i don't care about the excuse via a mouthpiece with what happened with the individual on the scene. if you're involved with a crisis like this, there are 17 souls looking down saying there's a simple question. it didn't work what are you going to do? instead, less than two weeks out saying, i didn't do anything wrong. i provided leadership. i didn't do anything wrong. i thought it was firecrackers. those children are dead. it didn't work. it will take time, probably months, and determine what happened inside the school. i didn't buy any of it. >> peterson's attorney making strong accusations against his former boss, scott israel.
1:25 pm
saying that the sheriff omitted facts about the response. i'm going to ask if you that makes a difference when we come back.
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for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. we're back with the first defense of the sheriff's deputy. despite the calls to resign, sheriff scott israel is defending his position. >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercised my due diligence. i've given amazing leadership to this agency. >> amazing leadership? >> yes, jake. >> your thoughts? >> i'm not sure what to say to this. there are 17 dead people. and what i saw yesterday, what i witnessed in the interview, test me he has to go. not because you can guarantee that in an event like this somebody won't storm the building. what would do i? i'm not sure. when i saw that interview
1:30 pm
yesterday, the comments, going forward, when you have to look face to face at the families and say we must do better, the answer yesterday was instead, we've got amazing leadership. i think he should go for one simple reason. as you go forward, how is the county, the parents and children, going to move forward? the answer is, there are dead children is that it didn't go well. we have to figure out how to do better. >> the sheriff said they omitted facts of the either way, it is just a fact peterson was there to protect the students and he didn't go into the building of the. >> i think in these situations, in the fog of these situations, you have to step back and ask simple questions. he is going to say they're firecrackers. i thought there was an exterior shooter. i had training to do x, y and z. the fact is nobody went into building the during the time of the incident. this is why state and federal
1:31 pm
leadership, including the president is so important. you have three questions. guns, the security of a facility, and what to do when you have a mental situation with a young person, or an older person and whether you can remove the gun. that's why the presidential leadership or lack there of. should we put people together, teachers, students, law enforcement torsion say how do we do better? instead we have everybody saying, i didn't do anything wrong. and the deputy saying they told me to stay out of building. not the right answer. >> when you look at the red flags. the warnings to the fbi, multiple calls from the shooter's house, multiple calls and warnings that the shooter to the broward county sheriff's office. the call to the palm beach the county sheriff's office by a woman had a had taken him in and he had put a gun to somebody's head. and the deputy came out and they
1:32 pm
said, oh, no. it's no big deal. we've resolved it all and he leaves of the isn't at this time obligation of the law enforcement officer to say i'm sorry. that's a felony. i'm have to charge with you a felony. you're not allowed the put a gun to somebody's head. if that that happened, maybe he wouldn't be able to buy the gun. >> i think we're looking at tactical responses. what the lawyer says, what the sheriff says. there's a simple question americans to have face. they'll give you different answers depending on the day. if you show signs of mental illness, what is the right responsibility of a mental health proefessional? when do they violate your privacy and tell the state and locals that he shouldn't have a weapon. that's the debate. not some lawyer for an officer saying he thought it was firecrackers. >> chief of staff john kelly revoke the security clearance for the president's son-in-law?
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top republicans drawing a line in the sand when it colonels to the russia investigation. many expected the president's unreleased tax returns might shed some light his or his family's relationships with russian power brokers. but today, the committee said they have no reason to look into it. the one exception to our inquiry, the senate intelligence committee which has no plans to but will not rule it out. joining me to discuss this is eric swalwell of california of the house intelligence committee which is of course investigating russian interference, as well as possible collusion. democrats in your committee have asked for subpoenas to deutsch bank as well as to jared
1:38 pm
kushner. is looking at the president's finance as legitimate line of inquiry? if so, why? >> good afternoon, thank you for having me back. certainly the president's family have had longstanding contacts with russians and russians have used contacts like these in the past to exert influence and recruit individuals, and that russia interfered in our election. i think we've met the standard to look at these contacts. especially knowing that the tumultuous financial situation of donald trump through the decades has been in. to know that deutsche bank which has been fined before for laundering money, it is worth looking into and saying that we took a look. and if it is not there, it is in his interests to be clear. the larger issue is that we're not using any subpoenas for anything. this is a take them at their word investigation. witnesses come in and they'll
1:39 pm
make declaration and we have not shown the willingness to corroborate it or contradict it. >> what do you say to republican who's are pushing back saying president trump is an international businessman. a big time real estate developer. of course he would have relationships with russia and banks all over the world. >> he may be all those things but one thing he has not been is a straight shooter. he and his family routinely have failed to disclose prior relationships with russia. it makes you ask, why have they not wanted to be forthcoming with that? if that's the case, we must assume it may be for a good reason and we should find out ourselves. >> the white house would not answer questions about whether interim security clearances, like the one jared kushner had, had been revoked as the chief of staff, john kelly, said he would do in the wake of that whole controversy with rob port he. there's the whole question about whether kushner might receive a
1:40 pm
waiver from his father-in-law. what would your response be if the president decides to grant his son-in-law the waiver? is there anything you would do? anything congress would do? >> congress shouldn't have to govern by each grievance that occurs at the white house. or each incident that occurs. but we may have to seek answer to prevent a family member to clear another family member. jared kushner should be side lined until his issues are resolved just as a nonfamily member should be side lined with outstanding issues. >> so you thi until his issues are resolved, he should be on the sidelines have handling classified information. >> you know a lot more about this investigation than do i or than our viewers do. how do you read the tea leaves when it comes to the deputy
1:41 pm
attorney general rod rosenstein who supervises the investigation, reaching out to the white house to talk to them about the security clearance? >> he needs to have independence and he needs to oversee bob mueller's investigation in a way that it is not impeded. i do have an issue. if any information would be given to the trump campaign or the trump white house about facts that are only known to the investigation. we already did that. we know that with the republicans sending over a memo. you allow witnesses who have not been interviewed yet to see some parts of the evidence that may be used against them. i think it is a problem when any investigator shows a witness close hold evidence of the will. >> discussions are ongoing between the legal team and robert mueller for a possible interview of the president of some sort. according to the "wall street journal", the president's lawyers want to limit the scope of the inquiry to prevent the
1:42 pm
president from recalling minor details had might result in perjury charges. if you were advising the special counsel works those be acceptable terms some. >> this is not who wants to be a millionaire. you don't get to phone a friend or get multiple choice. just shoot straight with the american people. come clean and let's get this over with. that's what i think most americans expect there any president. >> eric swalwell of california, thank you. coming up, the question ivanka trump got while in south korea definitely she consider it inappropriate? stick around.
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sticking with our politics lead, ivanka trump is a senior adviser to the president, her father. she has traveled around the world on business, most recently in south korea, celebrating the olympics and american athletes and even meeting with president moon. she promotes equal pay for workers. she's voiced support for various workers accusing various men of foul deeds. keeping all that in mind, i want to you listen to her response when asked by a white house gornlt the myriad women alleging sexual harassment and assault against them by her father. >> do you believe your father's accusers? >> i think it is a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter. if she believes the accusers of her father when he is affirmatively stated that there's no truth to it. >> i bring back my panel.
1:48 pm
>> well, can i ask her that question as senior adviser to the president? if not as a daughter? >> i see how it is uncomfortable as a daughter to be asked about allegations against your father ranging from sexual assault, but to take a paycheck and who flies around the world on a taxpayer-paid plane. she is supposed to be a champion of women's rights in this west wing and she end joys all this but she thinks she should be spared from tough questions would be asked any other white house official those questions. sarah sanders has certainly faced them at the briefings. so someone who holds a title of senior adviser and adviser to the president. >> we should point out, she did ultimately answer the questions. take a listen. >> i believe my father. i know my father.
1:49 pm
so i think i have that right as a daughter to believe my father. >> so she believes that all the women are lying. >> so i think what is interesting about this, the response on social media which is, no other daughter would face these types of questions. you've already raised they will. both of you raised the questions that she serve in addition role that's taxpayer funded. no other president has been recorded saying things like i just kiss them. >> we get it. we remember. >> the reality is you can't treat this as a normal presidency for the reasons that bill said at the top of the show. this is different. it requires a different response. you're on record saying these things. perhaps you forgot that your dad says he has this compulsive relooks the recording to do these things to women. i'm not sure what she believes or why but there's evidence to support something very different. >> in 2008, chelsea clinton was
1:50 pm
asked by somebody at an independent town hall a similar question. take a listen. >> wow, you're the first person that has ever asked me that question. in the, maybe, i don't know, 70 college campus that's i've now been to. and i do not think that's any of your business. >> the specific question was whether or not her mother undermined her own feminist credentials during lewinsky scandal. should i point out i don't think it is inappropriate either. >> we're talking about what's normal or not normal. it is not normal to have your daughter and son-in-law as senior white house staff members. it is normal to use they will for ceremonial occasions and send them abroad sometimes and they have a quasi government status for the three days they represent you at the olympics. but there's a reason we have anti-nepotism laws. i'm still unclear why maybe
1:51 pm
those didn't apply after bobby kennedy was the deputy attorney general and people realized that's a problem. she has a stake in it. jared kushner has two business interests and debts and he is dealing with people as a government official that he has business, has had. i just think the degree to which that has all been sloughed over, honestly because people think maybe correctly, that the two of them are kind of the sanity in the white house compared to some others. and they've got a little bit of a, i think a little bit of a past. >> yeah. >> i want to ask but jared kushner. what is his status right now? we were told that john kelly, the chief of staff was eliminating all interim security clearances. if you haven't gotten it by last friday, i think it was, that was it. it's monday. has anybody even seen jared kushner at the white house today
1:52 pm
in. >> not so far that i've spoken to. but he is left twisting in the wind. he wasn't actually at the governor's meeting today. there was a chair for him. he is at an impasse. this went into effect on friday that if you were on an enter i will security clearance as of june 1 or earlier, chess, that you would no longer have access to that highly classified information clflt did he. he was one of the top white house officials who requested the most classified documents. and a lot of people who have been in the intelligence agencies before say they don't see how it is possible for him to move forward with the foreign policy portfolio that he has without a security clearance of the. >> when you think about it, dealing with mexico and who knows what law enforcement situation is going on behind the scenes, in mexico, dealing with the israel and the palestinians, how can you do that job without a high level security clearance? >> you shouldn't. and bill, you are mentioning this about the anti-nepotism
1:53 pm
laws, congress has ethics rules in place for nep at this. . congress has flools place for people hanning classified information. when i needed to see classified briefing documents, i had to go into a skiff. i love -- >> i have to translate. i have to translate washington-ese for our viewers. >> and i had to have a security clearance. and you have to file an application. i don't understand why they get to go around these things but i'm glad the interim -- i didn't even have one of those while i waited for my clearance. >> there does seem to be a showdown between kelly and kushner. >> yeah. the fact rosenstein called over, placed the call for kelly is that then talked to the white house counsel saying we have a problem here. we won't be able to complete kushner's. >> because the fbi is in charge. >> yeah, normally they would say we need another month to look at the financial transactions. the fact rosenstein calls, it is
1:54 pm
speculation because of the mueller investigation and the material that has been turned up there that they don't feel they can clear kushner. that means he won't get a clearance. >> so what does dough? would he leave? >> that's a great question. >> it has been reported that kelly has told associate that's he wouldn't mind in ivanka and jared go back to new york. he certainly wouldn't mind. they thought this restraint that he was going to impose on the west wing wouldn't necessarily apply to them in the manner that it has. and they have certainly soured on john kelly. so i'll sure he wouldn't blink twice if they left the white house. >> ask not for whom the bell tows. it tolls for kushner.
1:55 pm
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be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter. that's it for "the lead" today. i turn you over to my friend and colleague, wolf blitzer, right next door in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. in the line of fire. president trump slams the initial response to the florida high school massacre saying he would have rushed in even without a weapon to protect students from the shooter. the president tells governors not to worry about the nra, saying, and i'm quoting him now, they're on our side. investigation red line. cnn learns the gop committees in the russia probe are drawing a red line when it comes to family finances while democrats say, follow the money. duelling story lines. the house intelli c