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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 5, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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all right, good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. happening now, president trump lashes out at president obama for not doing enough to fight russian election meddling, while he addresses what he sees as a huge global threat. canada. global fears of a trade war as the president shows no signs of backing down from controversial tariffs inside the white house, pure madness. that's according to "the washington post." one senior adviser says we haven't bottomed out. all this as the president took a fresh jab this morning at president obama, over hillary clinton and the election, the election that was 482 days ago. kaitlan collins at the white house, a hub of trade activity and confusion this morning, kaitlan. >> reporter: yeah, a hub of trade uncertainty, certainly, with the president bringing nafta into this saying that maybe if mexico and canada bend to the will of the united states, they may not have to
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face these proposed tariffs after all. the president tweeting, saying, quote, tariffs on steel and aluminum will only come off if new and fair nafta agreement is signed. goes on to say, that mexico must also contribute to this by stopping the pouring of illegal drugs into the united states. so, john, we're getting a little bit of a bird's-eye view into the president's mind here where he might be using this as leverage. as you know, the tariffs have not been implemented yet and we're actually not getting a lot of clarity on when they will go into effect, if they do go into effect. the commerce secretary wilbur ross saying he can't say with complete certainty that they will go into effect, but saying the president's trade adviser saying they expect them to be implemented this week and next week at the latest. still, a lot of uncertainty because that same trade adviser said in countries would be excluded from these tariffs, but the president seems to be saying something different on twitter this morning, john. so not a lot of clarity over these tariffs ever since the president first announced them
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in a hastily arranged meeting last week. >> on the subject of twitter, kaitlan, the president with an official statement this morning, on the subject of russian election meddling and what has not been done about it. >> reporter: he's calling a bigger scandal than watergate, switching gears from trade to say, quote, why did the obama administration start an investigation into the trump campaign with zero proof of wrongdoing, long before the election in november? wanted to discredit so crooked hillary would win, unprecedented, bigger than watergate, plus, obama did nothing about russian meddling. now, of course, the president has been bringing up the obama administration's role in the way they reacted to that, of course. his administration is also being criticized for not doing enough to confront potential future russian meddling in the elections. and, john, i should note this tweet comes one year and one day after the president first accused barack obama of wiretapping trump tower before the election, a claim he made that was never verified, of course, and the president later
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backed off of, but all of this comes as the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu and his wife are set to arrive at the white house in the next hour or so. the question is on everyone's mind, if jared kushner is going to participate in this visit. the white house is telling my colleague that jared kushner will be participating in those meetings with president trump and prime minister netanyahu, something that was up for question after, of course, jared kushner was stripped of his top secret security clearance last week. but they are saying he will participate. certainly the first high profile visit for him since all of that went down, john. >> he'll participate. how much, will he have to leave the room at some point, who knows. kaitlan collins, thank you so much for being with us. joining me now, patrick healy, steve cortez, and christine quinn, former new york city council speaker. i want to start with you, steve, with what i think is one of the most ambiguous statements ever from a u.s. cabinet secretary,
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the secretary of commerce, wilbur ross, one of the architects we have been told of the trade in tariff policy. basically went on tv and said, you know what, the president is going to do everything he said he's going to do unless he doesn't. listen to this. >> whatever his final decision is is what will happen. what he's said he has said, if he says something different, it will be something different. >> so dissect that for me, steve. what did he just say there? >> i think what he means is there is room to negotiate. and that is the point, really. i look at tariffs, don't think tariffs are a good thing. tariffs are to international trade policy what military action is to diplomacy. military action is not worth anything if you're not willing to ever use it. there are times you have to. in trade, there are times you can't just threaten tariffs, you have to actually institute them, when countries are treating the american worker poorly. you talk about being ambiguous, donald trump was unambiguous as
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candidate trump in 2016 promising american people better, fair irtraer trade deal. america has been abused for decades in international trade, we don't have reciprocity and fairness and we have our property stolen in regards to china. this is our first salvo of saying america is not taking this anymore, we demand fair, real trade and use tariffs if necessary as a punitive measure. >> it is an odd way of getting back at china, slapping canada. he's going to abuse the heck out of canada for transgressions he sees china doing there. and this morning among other things he said a trade deficit with canada, well, you know, u.s. statistics show that in 2015, 2016, there was a trade surplus with canada right now. this is an issue that does split some democrats. i've seen a lot of democrats, joe manchin, tim ryan of ohio, and others, sherrod brown of ohio saying they support these tariffs. do you see democrats being unified here? >> i think tariffs have been an
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issue where you see splits in the parties in different people based on where they represent. i think this is a different moment, though, because as wilbur ross so clearly said, by not saying, the president doesn't have a position and it might be this and it might be that, which isn't really negotiating. he didn't put out a or b. doesn't really seem like negotiating when the president is saying, well, now, for canada and mexico this is linked to nafta. but then his lead trade adviser goes out and says, absolutely, positively line in the sand this is happening. so i think democrats and republicans, because we're seeing a lot of republicans in the senate and the house speak out against this, are going to be very careful about supporting any of this, because what is it, why are we doing it, and why are we doing it this way? the president has not articulated any of that, he's only articulated more confusion. >> you know, patrick healy, that gets to a separate issue. you can argue trade and tariffs
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if you want. it is hard to argue right now there is a certain uncertainty, a certain level of upheaval inside the west wing. steve will say it is not as bad as what you think it is. but he says something different, it will be different. again, the guy who is supposed to know what this policy is, not knowing what the policy is, it does tell you that there say lack of uncertainty, a lack of uncertainty. >> completely, john. it was stunning the commerce secretary was being put in the hot seat yesterday to articulate the administration's policy on trade, something he's been focused on from before the -- before the election, when he was advising donald trump and after basically a year and a half, it comes down to, well, whatever the president's final decision is, it will be. his comments, john, were so interesting yesterday, wilbur ross', he tried to sort of frame it as the administration's been spending more than a year on this interagency review regarding trade, tried to sort
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of convey this very logical thought through process, a normal policy review and process that a typical presidential administration would have, and it all sounded very logical and very familiar to how government usually works. and then he just veers off. the way the president trump does, and basically says, well, for all of that interagency review, it is going to be whatever president trump finally decides on a thursday or a friday, who knows. it just -- it goes to the culture inside the white house now with so many high profile departures and the president reading some of these headlines over the weekend about chaos and the white house. and he decides to wake up this morning and starts sending tweets about, you know, about nafta. i mean, as you pointed out, this is so much about china and other countries and the broader sort of trade war and now he's trying to sort of veer in a different direction. >> it is interesting. one other thing he's writing about this morning, i don't know if we have it, but the tweet
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where he says the obama administration started the investigation into the trump campaign long before the election in november, to discredit, he wanted to discredit the trump campaign so crooked hillary could win. steve cortez, to you, again, if he wanted to discredit the trump campaign, the obama administration, don't you think they would have made public that the fbi was doing these investigations instead of making very public that they were reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails? >> i think they would have gladly done so, had they found anything. i think the good news for our country, certainly the good news for trump partisans is despite an intense investigation that began even before the election, well before the election, continues to this very day, we still don't see one reasonable shred of evidence of collusion with any foreign power, much less with russia. >> again, i don't want to interrupt, but when you talk about no evidence of collusion, collusion is not a legal term in this case, there is evidence because people have pled guilty to various contacts with russia lying about meetings and what
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not, indictments about russians from meddling in the election and donald trump jr. admitted to holding a meeting when he was promised russian dirt on hillary clinton. so, if you want to use, you know, a small collusion, that happened, that happened, robert mueller hasn't weighed in on it just yet. >> wait, i disagree. what was the collusion? >> donald trump held a meeting with russians because they promised dirt on hillary clinton. so i guess it was attempt at collusion by your definition. >> i think that was a mistake to hold that meeting. but nothing came of it. absolutely zero. worthless meeting. no follow-up. so that's not collusion. >> let's wait and see what robert mueller has. you know, christine, to you there is one interesting thing the president gets to at the end of the statement, he says that president obama did nothing on election meddling. you obviously were big hillary clinton supporter during the campaign. as you look back, do you wish the obama administration had done more and done more
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publicly? >> certainly i do. big fan of president obama, obviously. but there is no question that thick thi things were going on, that meddling was going on in the presidential race and other races in a real way. and i think it was a frustration for all of us close to the clinton campaign, towards the end, and after the election about why the president didn't move president obama, move more quickly and aggressively. i think to contradict steve, i think he was overly concerned about looking partisan, overly concerned about looking as if he was helping hillary, not what he says about overly trying to help hillary. i will say there is one thing that the president has said that i think is true, though he might mean it differently. i do think the mueller investigation could end up being bigger than watergate. >> all right, steve cortez, christine quinn, i think you and steve will disagree on what that is all about. patrick healy, terrific to see you as well. a new angle in the russia
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new this morning, the special counselor robert mueller reportedly looking into whether the united arab emirates tried to buy political influence. the investigation centers around a business man, adviser to the crown prince of abu dhabi, a frequent visitor to the white house last year. joining me now is mike quigley of illinois on the house intelligence committee. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. a lot of us read this article and said, wait a second, the special counsel looking at possible influence from the uae? not russia? is this an issue which has crossed your desk in the house intelligence committee? >> well, here's what i would
7:18 am
tell the american public. this is exactly why the investigation has to go on. you reference whether this is bigger than watergate, it is far more complicated than watergate. if watergate was algebra, this is calculus, because it involves not just russia, but other foreign counterparts. the money laundering that took place in eastern europe and cyprus, as far as the uae goes, here is what i can talk about, erik prince meets in the say shells with the uae. he refuses to answer about his past dealings with the uae. he also, by the way, when he's there, meeting at a bar in a hotel with the uae, despite the fact he lives there, oh, by the way, this is another russian finance chief that you should talk to as well. and he refused to answer questions in detail about what all that was about.
7:19 am
so the american public, don't let them shut this down. this is just an intro into how much more is involved. >> congressman, i know there is certain things you cannot discuss because it is classified, much of the information that you learned in your committee, but as we look at this, is it reasonable to think now that the special counsel's investigation, not to mention various congressional investigations, are focused on the possibility it wasn't just russia trying to meddle in the elections, but other countries have also been trying to exert influence as well? >> i think there were several countries trying to gain influence over the upcoming administration. there were other countries attempting to compromise members of the on coming administration. and i think some of them were witting to this, trump associate and some were unwitting. i will tell you, they were extraordinarily naive, but willing to do business and
7:20 am
that's why the house, senate and mr. mueller must be allowed to kin. >> axios reporting this morning that a witness who has appeared before the special counsel received a subpoena for communications that this person had with a number of people within the trump campaign, the trump organization, and ultimately the white house. some of the names on this list, carter page, corey lewandowski, donald j. trump, paul manafort, rick gates, steve bannon, these are many central figures in trump world, in the trump campaign, and now also the white house. what strikes you about that list? >> it is not surprising, what is a common theme is that most of those people have appeared before my committee, and all of them there that are involved with the white house are now under a gag order. so as this investigation expands and mueller gets closer to the
7:21 am
central core of trump world, we're being shut off. the house select committee on intelligence majority, the republicans, are going along with the gag order. so a lot of the names you just heard are people who are saying that they're following the instructions of the white house, not to tell us what happened, what influence the russians had attacking the democratic process. it is very scary right now. if i had to predict in the next month they will shut down the house and senate investigations, and i would imagine they would cheer on the white house attempt to shut down mueller. >> so you're saying they will shut down the house intelligence investigation, which you're a part of right now. is the house intelligence investigation as currently constructed achieving anything? >> i think we made progress. my republican colleagues have said they were upset that there was a nine-hour interview last week. here's a way to solve that.
7:22 am
quit going along with a gag order by the white house. make the witnesses tell us what happened. if they want this investigation over, they should swing the doors open, and tell the white house we're going to subpoena these people, we're going to make them answer questions. it is simply not happening right now. so, sure, i'm frustrated. but to end the investigation now would just be helping president trump obstruct. >> again, the question is, as currently constructed, with devin nunes in charge of the committee, not the russia investigation per se, because conway is in charge of that, is it achieving anything? republicans may want to shut it down. you want it to keep going, but as it is going, are you finding anything out? >> we are extraordinarily slow, still reviewing documents, getting more just last week that are of special importance. i guess what i'm trying to say is the middle ground here. i think mr. conway is doing what he can to help us. but the man still is pulling the strings.
7:23 am
the man who still signs subpoenas and refused to in many cases is the committee chairman. so it is not for us to give up and say, well, it is just not working. it is for us to let the american public know what's happened and to push as hard as we can. >> congressman mike quigley, thanks so much for being with us. >> anytime. >> historic meeting on the korean peninsula as kim jong-un meets face to face with top south korean officials. we're live from seoul next. it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave.
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7:28 am
live from seoul in south korea with the very latest. >> reporter: john, it is extraordinary to think that kim jong-un has been in power now since december of 2011. this is the first time that he has actually met senior officials in any sort of official effect from south korea. that south korean delegation arrived in pyongyang this afternoon. there was a meeting with kim jong-un, we didn't know what the agenda was going to be. there was an assumption and expectations that kim would appear in some form, but he held meetings with them, and then hosted a dinner with them as well. what we know is the delegation handed kim jong-un a handwritten letter from president of south korea. we don't know what was in that letter. we don't know what was discussed. what i with say is before the south koreans left seoul, they said they wanted to talk denuclearization with north korea, they wanted to talk about furthering inter-korean
7:29 am
relations, john. i want to talk about north korea, speaking more, getting more involved in talking to the international community, particularly to the united states. that, of course, is the thorniest of all these issues by a long way. >> it is interesting, andrew, president trump seemed once again to suggest that north korean denuclearization is a precondition to a meeting. what does north korea have to say about that? >> reporter: yeah, trump was very firm on saturday saying that we will not talk to north korea unless they denuke in the president's words. the north koreans came back and as expected came back pretty strongly saying it was a preposterous idea to think that this should be a conditionality of any talks between the u.s. and north korea. you have this massive gulf between the two. and south korea is -- i wouldn't say in the middle, but threading a line, it does more to see warmer relations with its neighbor across the most heavily
7:30 am
fortified military zone in the world. and there is an expectation that they would like to see a summit between the two leaders. but south korea's most important ally is the u.s. as we know, and in fact the leader of the south korean delegation, john, is a man known to be close to the u.s. who will be going to washington to report about this meeting. obviously south korea is very, very aware of upsetting the u.s. as it goes towards this sort of reconciliation move with north korea. >> and great to have you, live from seoul, this morning. joining me now, cnn's john kirby. with the comments that the president made, he was at a gridiron dinner, giving a speech, it was a comic speech, but talked about policy when talking about denuclearization, he said a couple of days ago the north koreans called and said we
7:31 am
would like to talk and i said so would we, but you have to denuke, you have to denuke, let's see what happens. it is news that the north koreans called and said they wanted to hold a meeting and news that the white house responded. but most news is he once again is setting as a precondition to meeting denuclearization and it seems like they moved back from that. >> as andrew rightly reported, setting denuclearization as a precondition to talks is a nonstarter for kim jong-un. not going to happen. he's not going to come to the table with that as a promise. denuclearization should be the end goal of what negotiations are. i think this meeting here, in pyongyang, is important. i think it is noteworthy. and i think it is probably a sign that there are talks about talks going on. that's where this is going to start. it is going to be very incremental. not going to be denuclearization at first or maybe after the tenth or 12th meeting, you have meetings about confidence building measures and that
7:32 am
means, john, that we're going to have to be willing to compromise a little bit on our own. maybe ratcheting down the exercises or changing the posture on the peninsula, there is going to have to be some give and take to get to that endgame. >> so, phil, something else, the president said over the weekend, caught people's attention. the chinese leader xi jinping has basically removed any barriers or term limits. can be president, leader of china for live and the president was making a joke about thatted aa fund-raiser in florida. let's listen to what he said. >> john is great. xi is a great gentleman. he's now president for life. president for life. he's great. look, i think it is great. maybe we want to give that a shot some day. >> look. some people looked at this and said the president wants to be president for life. i'm willing to believe that was a joke, he's not going to try to
7:33 am
change the constitution and make himself president for life. however, there is another aspect to this, which isn't a joke, which is that the chinese could look at this and say, hey, you know what, xi just made himself president for life and donald trump doesn't have a problem with that. you spent your career in a lot of shady places around the world dealing with various strong men and different countries. how do you think they will interpret what the president said right there? acquiesce consolidating power? >> i think if you look at what the chinese are doing and the president's comments, the chinese will look at this and say we're going to have an opportunity long-term to win because america presidents can't compete with us in terms of setting up a multidecade strategic plan to counter how china is moving in latin america, moving into africa, obviously extending their military power and building islands in south china sea. if you look at what the president is saying, i interpret it his remarks as a joke. i would want to be president as
7:34 am
life for well. it is a great job, but second more seriously, if some people talk about this as china century, how do you counter chi china, i'm not arguing we should have presidents for life, as a chinese leader, i say the presidents change every four to eight years, in china, you say we're around for 10, 20, 13 years and we supplant the united states in places ike euro s lik asia, and africa. >> we'll have to talk about that at a future time. i want to get your take quickly if i can on russian election meddling. denis mcdonough, chief of staff during the obama administration, on tv this weekend talking about what democrats have talked about before, mitch mcconnell stood in the way of full disclosure of what we knew to be the russian effort back during the election. listen to what he says. >> president asked that foreign leaders in a bipartisan meeting in the oval office to join him and in asking the states to work
7:35 am
with us on this question. it took over three weeks to get that statement worked out. it was dramatically watered down you can ask harry reid and nancy pelosi. >> and watered down on the insistence of mitch mcconnell? >> yes. >> and nobody else? >> yes. >> so mcconnell's people put out a statement basically saying that mcdonough called the letter a success later, and also bragged about the facts that democrats were handling this in the right way. and you were in the administration at that time, how do you see it? >> i wasn't party to the discussions over that statement, and i think it is a fair thing to go back and do the forensics about whether president obama did enough. you have to remember he was in a difficult spot there, not wanting to put -- not wanting to be seen to put his thumb on the scales. mcdonough is a straight shooter. if that's his account of how it transpired, i have no reason to doubt that account at all. problem was that the entire issue of russian interference in
7:36 am
our election was politicized from the very beginning. no way i don't think that it was not going to be politicized. i think that the claims by mr. trump that the obama administration was actually trying to tip the scales in hillary clinton's favor, just don't back that up to the facts. >> looking back, in hindsight, should the obama administration done more? >> i'm not sure they should. one snapshot, let's rewrite history and have the president of the united states, president obama come out and say there is election meddling and it favors the candidate trump. what do you think trump would have said then. i think he would have said the president was acting completely inappropriately. >> he was already saying the election was rigged even before that. admiral kirby, phil mudd, thank you for being with us. every public school in west virginia closed again for the eighth straight school day. the teachers on strike, looking for a pay raise. what might get them back in the classroom if anything?
7:37 am
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new this morning, public
7:41 am
schoolteachers in west virginia on strike for an eighth straight day. this after state lawmakers were unable to come together in a deal over the weekend that would have given teacher a 5% pay raise. paulo sandoval live. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: hey, john. right off camera here, to show you with this massive crowd that has come together in charleston, west virginia. we have been on the ground for a week, an impressive turnout, does not compare to what we're seeing today. large amount of state employees and teachers who have come here to charleston to have their voices heard, including amy lopez who drove here five hours to be here. today, extremely important day with the committee taking up this issue. you will not leave here without a victory. >> i hope not. we need a victory in this. we deserve it. we need it. not just for me, but for every teacher in this state of west virginia and every state trooper in west virginia and all public employees. >> reporter: your message, eight days now without the public
7:42 am
school throughout the entire state, some perhaps getting a little frustrated. but you are feeling support. what is your message to them? >> that mitch carmichael is the big bad wolf in this story. the speaker of the senate, he needs to, i mean, just suck it up. give us the 5%. it is what the governor and the union leaders agreed on, it is what should happen. >> reporter: thank you for spending time with us, best of luck to you and your colleagues. >> thank you. >> reporter: that really is a very complicated story here, but all boils down to at this point to this, you have the governor and also the house of representatives here in the state that want to give teachers a 5% raise. you have the senate, the committee formed to try to come up with the decision here and submit a report to the rest of the lawmakers, but here is the issue, if there is at least one republican on the committee that will not be swayed, then this has -- this legislation has potential to die. that is why it is so crucial for these teachers and other state employees to be here now, putting pressure on these lawmakers to try to get that 5% raise, that's a small battle.
7:43 am
the larger war is for better benefits for not just teachers, other state employees and also other folks that they work with, john. >> eight days with no school for the kids of west virginia. thanks so much. this morning, immigration activists plan to march to capitol hill, they are marking what was the deadline set by the president for lawmakers to fix daca. congress did not meet that deadline. however, before that time, the courts had already stepped in. cnn's sara sidner has the latest. >> reporter: these are the faces of dreamers. christine is one of 7,060 recipients born in south korea. oscar is one of 544,150 recipients born in mexico. monday was supposed to be doomsday for the program that allows them and nearly 700,000 others to be in the united states legally. president trump set march 5th as the end of the deferred action for childhood arrivals program.
7:44 am
>> i have a love for these people. and hopefully now congress will be able to help them and do it properly. >> reporter: but they didn't. he says he has a heart. but then he ended the program. what does that tell you? >> he has a heart that beats, but that doesn't mean anything. everyone's heart can beat, but can he relate to us? >> it almost feels like we're just a game, like, this is one big chess game for them. >> reporter: according to a lawsuit filed in new york against the department of homeland security, the march 5th memo would have meant 1400 daca recipients would lose their legal status every working day. but the supreme court stayed out of the dispute, which allowed a federal court ruling that the memo cannot be enforced to stand while the case goes through the courts. it means daca recipients are left in limbo. paul has been the family translator, a second mother to her sister and income earner all while attending college and dealing with pain. >> like, people think just because we're here we have all
7:45 am
these benefits and we're leeching off the government. but we don't have medicare. half of my mouth is rotting. >> reporter:'s daca recipient, she's not eligible for medical insurance programs or federal financial aid for school. >> i'm emotional because some days it feels like our sacrifices aren't enough. and our trauma isn't enough. >> reporter: oscar was his high school class president, but then his father got deported. since then, he's had to work up to four jobs at a time to help his mother feed a family of six. >> i worked in the taco stand, i worked in a food restaurant, just about anything, just to make sure my family has food on the table. >> reporter: now he manages work and college. when do you sleep? >> hardly ever. >> reporter: christine got into the college of her dreams, her father tried to pay for it, but that dream eventually died with no financial aid. >> he wanted me to be there and every time i see him write the amounts on the check, just
7:46 am
seeing that, i just couldn't anymore. >> reporter: at 25, she now works at the korean resource center, hoping to make a better life for other immigrants like her. she says politicians have failed them. >> it is tiring, exhausting, seeing how people are playing with your life. >> reporter: and when we asked them when politicians had failed them, a couple of them said both democrats and republicans. they are frustrated, they have been brought into this country. and now they're just in limbo, they have been in limbo for many, many years now and they just want to fix. and if you look at the polls, john, all the polls show more than 80% of americans also want a fix for these daca recipients. but congress has yet to act. john? >> a lot of people caught right in the middle. sara sidner, thanks very much. one of the more controversial wins at the oscars, kobe bryant takes home a
7:47 am
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frances mcdormand honoring women while she received her best actress award. >> i'm hyperventilating a little bit. if i fall over, pick me up, because i've got some things to say. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight, the actors, meryl, if you do it, everybody else will. come on. look around, everybody. look around, ladies and gentlemen. because we all have stories to tell and projects we need
7:52 am
financed. >> me too and time's up movements were center stage all night. three of harvey weinstein's accusers were presenters. diversity also a winner last night. jordan peel, of "get out," became the first african-american to win for best screenplay and guillermo del toro, "the shape of water" won four oscars including best picture. and kobe bryant won an oscar as well. andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> kobe told reporters that winning the oscar feels better than winning a championship. that's how much that award means to him. this bleacher report brought to you by the new ford f-150. it was based off the poem announcing his impending retirement from the nba. when accepting his oscar, kobe taking a shot at a fox news host
7:53 am
who said nba players should, quote, shut up and dribble. >> as basketball players, we're really supposed to shut up and dribble, but i'm glad we deal with a bit more than that. thank you, academy, for this amazing honor. >> kobe's win was met with congratulations from many, but also a fair amount of criticism in the midst of the me too movement. kobe was charged with sexual assault in 2003 before the case was ultimately dropped. temost exciting in the big south championship game, the three at the buzzer to send radford to the big dance for the first time since 2009. chicago, loyola, murray state and michigan also punching their ticket to the big dance this weekend. conference tournaments, they continue later on today. phil mickelson turning back the clock to get his first tournament win since 2013 yesterday and mexico championship. but it wasn't easy. justin thomas, check him out
7:54 am
here, holing out on 18 from 118 yards out for eagle. he and phil would go to a playoff with phil eventually winning it. phil played 101 tournaments since winning the 2013 british open. this one extra special for him, his younger brother tim was his caddie. and at 47 years old, phil said afterwards this will not be his last win of his career. finally, shaquem griffin putting on a show at the combine over the weekend. the linebacker out of central florida running a blazing 4.38 in the 40 yard dash. fastest time for a linebacker at the combine since 2003. also benched 225 pounds 20 times while wearing a prosthetic left arm. griffin had his left hand amputated when he was 4 due to a birth defect. griffin just showing everyone that even if you have a disability, it won't stop you from achieving your dream. just inspirational performance for him. >> that's amazing. good for him. excited to see what happens for
7:55 am
that young man. phil mickelson, i watched the end of that, classic phil. he was hitting balls from everywhere, deep in the woods. >> ready for the masters. >> andy scholes, thank you for being with us. president trump about to set down with one of america's biggest allies, a leader who is facing an investigation of his own and we are told jared kushner will be part of this meeting, despite having his security clearance level reduced. stay with us. ♪ life goes on, yes, life goes on... ♪ i've always wanted to share a special moment with my mom. i think surprising her with a night ski trip would just be the biggest gift i could give her. let's make that happen. she's gonna be so excited. ♪ take me where i want to be. ♪
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hi there, i'm brianna keilar in for kate bolduan. over the weekend, top administration officials doubled down on upcoming tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and warned that even america's closest allies won't be spared. this morning, the prospect of a presidential reprieve is dangled by twitter. we have large trade deficits with mexico and canada. nafta, which is under renegotiation right now, has been a bad deal for usa, massive relocation of companies and johns. tariffs on steel and alum number will come off if new and fair nafta agreement is signed. canada must treat our farmers much better, highly restrictive. mexico must do much more on stopping drugs from pouring into the u.s. they have not done what needs to be done. millions


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