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tv   New Day  CNN  March 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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seoul with the breaking details. this is a surprise step. >> reporter: it is a supp prize step. a few months ago we had a hydrogen bomb test and an icbm test. so north korea looks like, chris, it's adopting a different strategy. there are conditions here and there are buts. it does say it will suspend all provocative actions while there are talks between the u.s. and north korea on denuclearization. they say they are now open to an open-ended dialogue on denuclearization. they also go on to say they would denuclearize if they could have their safety guaranteed, and the threat would be disposed of. guarantees of safety would most likely mean withdrawing u.s. troops from south korea. it looks difficult to see how
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the u.s. would agree to that, certainly at this stage, chris. there are conditions, but they are talking and it is important that there is going to be a summit between the two korean leaders. it's also going to be in the pan moon jhung peace house in the denuclearized zone. there were two summits in the past, but in the denuclearized zone. north korea, yes, there are buts, yes, there are conditions, but they are agreeing now to talk. >> all right. appreciate it. so let us know if there are anymore developments on that. the president is up and tweeting, but not about north korea. instead, he's focusing in on reports of chaos in the west wing. cnn's abby phillip live at the white house with the breaking details. a little surprise, i got to be honest, that he's not seizing on what outwardly seems like success for his administration and instead talking about something that he will never dispro disprove.
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>> reporter: that's right. the north korea story is a big one. but the president is responding to allegations that his administration is in a state of chaos e specially when it comes to personnel. this tweet says the new fake news narrative is that there is chaos in the white house. wrong. people will always come and go and i want strong dialogue before making a final decision. i still have some people that i want to change, always seeking perfection. but there is no chaos, only great energy. it's unclear what exactly the president is talking about, perhaps some of the reports of chaos around this tariff decision or perhaps this other big story that's been swirling in the last 24 hours, a former trump aide sam nunn berg talking at length about his interactions with the special counsel and claiming he is going to defy the special counsel and not cooperate with that investigation. that report has left the white house in a state of surprise and shock, a series of bizarre interviews that flun berg has been giving in the last 24 hours. former trump campaign aide
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threatening to deny a subpoena to testify this friday and daring special counsel to arrest him. >> they want me over at the grand jury. screw that! why do i have to go? why? for what? >> mueller's team has subpoenaed all communication nunberg has had. later signaling he may be open to complying. >> i was thinking to save time, i've been advised against this, maybe i'll just give them my password, my e-mail password. >> so then you're going to comply. >> so you might comply? >> i have no problem complying in itself. what i'm not going to do is sit, erin, for 15 hours -- >> nunberg making a series of explosive claims about the investigation. >> trump may very well have done something during the election with the russians. they know something on him and
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jake, i don't know what it is. and perhaps i'm wrong, but he did something. >> reporter: in other times nunberg insisting that trump did not collude. >> the idea that we were were the manchurian candidate, gloria, we were a joke. everybody was laughing at us. >> reporter: nunberg making this unsubstantiated claim of president trump's knowledge of a june meeting between don junior and russians promising dirt. >> president trump said he knew nothing about the meeting. do you think that's true? >> no. >> you don't think that's true? >> no. jake, i've watched your news reports. you know it's not true. he talked about it a week before. >> reporter: nunberg seemingly referencing these remarks from two days before the meeting. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of
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next week and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i think you're going to find it very informative. >> reporter: that speech never materialized. >> is that because the trump tower meeting didn't produce what he hoped it would produce? >> reporter: the ranking democratic on the house intelligence committee telling cnn he hopes to interview nunberg about the claim. but the republican leading the investigation signaling otherwise. >> to your expectation this is winding down? >> as i said earlier, we're closer to the end than we are to the beginning. >> reporter: earlier the white house rejecting nunberg's allegations. >> he hasn't worked at the white house. so i can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge he clearly has. >> reporter: inside the west wing, sources tell cnn multiple officials were closely watching nunberg's free wheeling interviews calling them bizarre and nuts. he even attacks the white house press secretary in another interview. >> if sarah huckabee wants to start defacing me, she's a joke.
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okay, fine, she's not attractive, she's a fat slob, okay, fine. but that's irrelevant. the person she works for has a 30% approval rating. >> reporter: cnn's erin burnett asking nunberg very directly about his mental state. >> talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well, i have not had a drink. >> you haven't had a drink? >> no. >> because it is the talk out there. again, i know it's awkward. let me give you the question -- >> my answer is no. i have not. >> anything else? >> no. >> no? >> no, besides my meds. antidepressants. is that okay? >> reporter: president trump just reacting seconds ago on twitter to the north korea news, retweeting a report about the latest out of north korea. he said we will see what happens. we're still awaiting an official white house statement this morning on that subject, and
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we'll also see president trump this afternoon when he has a press conference with the speed dish prime minister. sal sin and chris. >> abby, thank you very much. let's bring in cnn political analyst david gregory and chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. david gregory, man of few words in the latest tweet about north korea. he had a lot of words this hour about something else on his mind, about what's going on in the white house. i'll read this to you and you can compare and contrast. >> sell it. >> the new fake news narrative is that there is chaos, all caps, in the white house. wrong, exclamation point. people will always come and go. i want strong dialogue before making a final decision. i still have some people that i want to change, always seeking perfection. i could psycho analyze that. but i'll move on. there is no chaos, capital, only great energy. >> the whole capitalization subject -- >> i agree.
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>> i was thinking the same thing. even with the auto correct where sometimes when you text it capitalizes for no good reason, i don't think it's the same issue on twitter. >> don't you think if he feels that way, if there's only great energy in the white house, tell that to your staffers who keep talking to reporters and telling them how demoralized they feel by the chaos. >> the best way to show that it's not chaotic is to actually act that way and to have a west wing that is more functional than this one is without leaking, without an erratic president. so taking to twitter to deny chaos doesn't do anything to quell this, only keep it going. i just think it's just indisputable that you have not just an erratic, impulsive president, but the fact he can't keep people in their roles, a shoddy security system and this
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issue of securing clearances because of the nepotism in the west wing has gotten out of hand. he may love to sell the idea that we get great results through creative energy. i don't think that's going the fly. >> also, look, it's a great window into one of the on going points of frustration for americans which is, boy, are you being too negative on president trump? let's look at just this moment in time. he should be tweeting about what just developed with north korea. >> he's missing an opportunity to take credit for it which lots of people are giving him. >> it matters because it's a potentially extensionist tensio progress. length is strength to him, so he's going to talk more in-depth about what actually matters. he cannot disprove the chaos, only add to it by what he's doing. the facts are demonstrable that he has a problem with who he picks, how he manages them and the results, he's not going to deal with that. he tweets about daca and
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misstates the pox and the state of play saying it's all about the democrats and they don't want to make a deal. one you have a judicial proceeding. his party is split, and that's putting it gently. who is creating the criticism of the president? he is by going out too far on chaos. that is true and he's denying, misstating the daca deal and underplaying north korea. he's relying on us to pump up what the administration just did and that's his job. >> let's talk about daca for a second. these young people are still at risk. that's a very important point to make. there was a march 5th deadline that the president himself created. it's worth remembering that the president created the whole daca crisis in the first place. if he hadn't overturned president obama's executive order, the daca people would be at rest. however, the courts have now said it is not clear that the president withdrew daca
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correctly, but there is no doubt the president has the right at some point to get rid of daca. so daca is on borrowed time. we don't know exactly how much time they have left, but the daca issue is not settled in the courts by any means. daca is still going to be withdrawn at some point, and the question now is does anything replace it. that's really on the president and the majority party far more than it's on the democrats. >> he should be reminded he was the one who agreed with dianne feinstein when she said let's just do daca in a clean bill, save these kids and adults and deal with other things. he said i'm good with that, and heads exploded around him from the gop. that's what got us here. it's not about progress. it's about political perception. >> republicans want to tie daca to the border wall, increase border enforcement. that's a political dispute that has to be resolved. but no one should think that the
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courts have solved the daca problem. the fate of the dreamers is still very much up in the air. >> just remember, too, that the president could have gotten funding for a border wall, solved the daca process, and he could have had that, a signature promise, but walked away from that because it didn't go even farther than some of the conservative hardliners wanted on this issue of family immigration and all the rest. >> let's move on to north korea. if you take what's happened this morning at face value and we're cautioned not necessarily to. but the statements coming out of north korea are truly remarkable. north korea told south korea it would freeze its nuclear and missile testing while dialogue is on going. and they are having dialogue with south korea and maybe will with the u.s., another point to bring up. the north clarified its commitment to denuclearization of the korean peninsula and
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clarified there's no reason to retain their nuclear. if the military threat to north korea is resolved and north korea's security is resolved. obviously big ifs, who knows how that will is interpreted? will there be inspectors allowed to go in? however, the fact that they're stating that and codifying it in a statement to the south is remarkable today. >> it is very important. it's always a good idea to pay attention to dived sanger from "the new york times" who was on last hour, this is about a lot of groundwork that south korea has done. would the united states agree to end joint exercises with the south? how much assurance will the united states give to a north korean regime that it doesn't face any peril if it gives up nuclear weapons and how do you verify that. that becomes very important. south korea and china are always the important players here. china doesn't necessarily want a
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government unified that's friendly to the united states in its sphere of influence. at the same time they don't want a failed north regime and certainly don't want one that's engaged militarily with the south and with the united states. so there's a lot here that has to be looked at, but you have an administration that's taking a very strong stance, that's forced them to back down on weapons tests, and that's significant. >> indulge me for one second just because i believe that this is a good moment we're having here that is just a clear illustration of what drives the news cycle the way it does, and it starts, emanates from the president. his first tweet of the morning was about the chaos. it was first, but it's also getting pickingup at a rate greater than the three that followed. what were they? the next one is daca is on the dems, which isn't true. he had a deal on the table. he didn't take it. the next is we're getting it done, in reference to a drudge report thing about the usa becoming the world's largest oil
5:15 am
producer. literally one line about it. the next one is about north korea, and in response to drudge again -- drudge is one of the few outlets that his follows. kim jong un hosts seoul envoy first time since taking power. we'll see what happens. you see where the emphasis is. for any other president, it would all be north korea this morning. they said it couldn't be done. obama couldn't get it done. he didn't do the sanctions, couldn't work the policy the way we are, couldn't get the south involved the way i did. now we're going to have history. i may be in the same room with kim jong un, this was seen as impossible before my election. why is he focusing on things that further divide? >> he's 71 years old. he's not going to change. >> i got passed in a triathlon a few months ago by a guy who was 73. >> that's because you're weak.
5:16 am
>> donald trump's personality is his personality. he is someone who is obsessed with the news cycle in the united states on cable news, and at 71 he's not going to change. >> the other point is, i don't think we should criticize the president -- >> you have no problem with what he said about me. look at your smile. contain yourself. can we rerack that. >> while we rerack that to show our viewers again -- i don't think we should criticize him for having appropriate restraint. this could be a good sign, why don't i wait to talk to my advisers on this issue. i think jeffrey is right, he's really fueled by the cable news cycle, but we've had our priorities straight here. that's important. >> all right, gentlemen. david gregory, jeffrey toobin -- >> i finished very high in my age group. >> i'm sure. you'll do very well when you're
5:17 am
in your 70s. >> you've cut me to the quick. >> hardly. nothing but admiration. former trump aide sam nunnberg can't stop talking about his subpoena. republican congressman charlie dent joins us next on this and more. ways to lose stubborn belly fat. the roasted core wrap. 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some rare side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you and visit today... for your chance to win a free treatment.
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a whirlwind of accusations %-pg about the mueller investigation in a series of cable news interviews left many people scratching their heads. >> i didn't know what caused it, because he decided to give an interview to lester holt the day after he fired james comey and decided to have the russians in the oval office. you have to explain that one to me because i'll never understand it. >> let's discuss this with republican congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> great to have you. what do you make of sam nunberg's comments? >> that's just beyond bizarre. to see that erin burnett interview where she had to ask if he was drinking, it seems to me somebody needs to stage an intervention on his behalf. he's got enormous problems. he acknowledged his own lawyer
5:22 am
will probably fire him. he should never stand in front of a camera. i tell my staff, if i'm about to do something destructive, tackle me. he needs a tackler right now to get him off the camera. it's clear to me this man has a lot of o problems. i don't know if what he is saying is true or not. he doesn't want to supply with a subpoena. who does? most people comply because they don't want to go to jail. >> here is the point. it might be ill advised to go and do cable news interviews, robert mueller thinks he's integral to something, he sent this subpoena and thinks he holds the key to something. he wants to see all of sam nunberg's communications. >> i'm sure director mueller has reasons to interview him. i heard mr. nunberg say he was not a subject or target. maybe they want to talk to him as a witness. if i were mr. nunberg, i would comply. i'm sure it's costly and time consuming to search for the e-mails. he's not a target by his own
5:23 am
admission. he's a witness. i suspect he might have some information that might be useful. i don't know what dr. mueller knows. maybe mr. nunberg is trying to protect someone or maybe he's got something to hide himself. it could be all of those things. >> in terms of the investigations into russian meddling, you're right, we don't know as much as the mueller investigation as we do about the house intel committee investigation. i know you're not on that committee. but it sounds like they are really deadlocked in a kind of partisan way, that the republicans are saying it's time to wrap this up, we're done, and the democrats are saying, whoa, time out. we have lots more people that we want to interview and get much more information. what do you think is going to happen on that end? >> as far as the house investigation on russia, it's gone off the rails very early on. the senate has had a much more constructive approach on the russia investigation, but at the end of the day, it really matters what director mueller says. that's the real criminal
5:24 am
investigation. i'm not holding out a lot of hope that house intelligence committee is going to come up with a bipartisan report under any circumstances. i think we'll have to leave that to the senate and director mueller. >> some other business being done, the president is set to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel. what do you think? >> into the city of bethlehem, pennsylvania. we don't make steel in my district anymore. i'm telling you that we do not need to impose these types of tariffs in this kind of scatter shot matter. this represents crony capitalism of the worst time. protecting a few at the cost of many. we're going african da. canada is not a security threat. they're our friends. they're the biggest exporter of steel and aluminum to the united
5:25 am
states. aluminum -- these aluminum tariffs will directly affect my congressional district. irpt hershey, pennsylvania, sweetest place on earth. they use aluminum foil to wrap those hershey kisses. 70 million kisses produced in my district every day. the point i'm making, this is going to have a direct impact on my district. if the trump administration were smart about this -- by the way, i had a conversation with secretary ross about the aluminum tariffs months ago, about how this would have a negative effect. i agree there is overcapacity in china in metal, steel, aluminum and cement. if we want to deal with china, let's deal with china and target them. why go african da, south korea, kbra sil, germany and other countries, japan, countries that are friendly to us that are not national security threats on steel or aluminum. i think this will raise costs
5:26 am
for consumers, not be in our nation's interest. we're already hearing about retaliation. for the president to one up this and say i'm going to go after their cars, i guess he's referring to german automakers. bmw, volkswagen and mercedes are the largest exporters in cars with the united states. why go to war with the german automakers? makes no sense to me. >> there's a special election in your state of pennsylvania one week from today. why haven't you endorsed republican candidate rick saccone yet? >> i support the willing candidate. this is a district that donald trump won by 20 points. all i know is whoever wins this special election is not going to live in this district for the fall election because the state supreme court threw out the whole map. the whole pennsylvania map is in chaos right now, the field is
5:27 am
completely scrambled all over the state. so this special election won't be the end of this discussion. >> congressman charlie dent, great to have you on, thanks so much. we have huge news on north korea. the president has just tweeted about the oscars ratings. check it for yourself. he's also talking about ramping up the rhetoric against democrats over the fate of the dreamers. he's saying there's a deal to be made and he's blaming the democrats. is that the truth? senator joe manchin is a democratic and integral to that process. he joins us to make the case next. price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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so the president is up and tweeting robustly this morning. good morning, mr. president. he just tweeted about the oscars and saying they're terrible ratings because we don't have stars for hianymore, except for. just kidding. he's blaming congress for what he calls total inaction for striking a deal for dreamers. joining me now is senator joe
5:32 am
manchin of west virginia. senator, are you democrats refusing to help the dreamers when there's a real deal and a chance on the table? >> i think everyone stepped to the plate, all the democrats on our spectrum. we have a pretty wide spectrum. everyone seemed to embrace the deal. wanted it to go much further but accepted the conciliatory deal. i thought there was a pathway forward that came down about the parents, and i thought they worked through that. at the end of the day, nothing was accomplished and nothing got done. it's truly a shame. the 2013 bill we had was a tremendous bill. it was a total overhaul of the immigration policies we have in our country. someone needs to face that. the president has unusual power, unusual power with his base and also with a lot of the people in the senate and in the house on the other side that would follow with his cover that he would give him. i'm hoping he steps forward on that.
5:33 am
>> one, it's refreshing to hear a politician admit that many of you down there are on the spectrum. we suspected that ourselves, and it's good to have it out there. two, the president had trouble holding his own party together, to be honest. the hard-liners on the right wanted things that he had never really articulated himself. couldn't get him to close the deal. the question becomes, do you think there's any chance that progress can overwhelm the political desire to be proved right in this instance? >> someone has got to have the courage, chris, to look at it. let's look at the hastert rule on the house side. what it means s if you have the majority, which republicans do, you need to pass it with all republicans supporting something. sometimes that's impossible. if you have to cater to the far extremes of the right or to the far extremes of the left, you're not going to be able to fulfill that. you can't keep everybody. why not pick those off that are
5:34 am
moderate on both sides and craft something that most of america would accept? you know why? people still run their lives from the center, from the middle. you don't run your life from the extremes. you don't run your show from the extremes. you run it trying to find the balance. up here it almost penalizes you. >> let's take a step deeper into it. you know, when you ask people what are you as a voter, how do you describe yourself? as many people say independent as say democrat or republican. now, you don't have independents in congress. i know you have angus king and you have bernie sanders. >> bernie. >> they're really caucusing with the democrats most of the time. independents haven't been made manifest by virtue of the party system. isn't that the reality, people are going to play to the edges. that's how it is. >> let me tell you, when they asked me that, they said what's your politics, you've heard that, haven't you?
5:35 am
what's your politics. i say why do you care. why don't you ask what my purpose is? why do i want to be in public service? what am i trying to accomplish? i'm not going to be against something because it's a republican issue. i'm trying to accomplish something that moves the ball forward, for people to have good jobs, good opportunities, good education. on and on and on. my goodness, people are saying what side are you on like it's a ball game. are we winning or losing? >> the teams seem to be broken within their own teams within the team. look at gun control. you're from west virginia, you come from a gun culture, a sporting and huntsman culture. you have part of the democratic party pushing for an assault weapons ban. then another part of the party. it's not just joe manchin. if people go back and look at what happened with an earlier vote, democrats couldn't control their own caucus either. you had a number of people who weren't in favor of the mainline democratic position as it was understood. so where is the chance for progress on any of this stuff? >> well, i'm not going to -- we
5:36 am
had four democrats who did not support the manchin-toomey bill we had. i wrote the bill back in 2013. had tom coburn working with me. i lost tom's support on that. then pat toomey came forward and pat worked with me. it's reasonable. it's not gun control. it's simply gun sense. all we said in our bill was treat me as a law abiding gun owner. i'm not going to do something gun because i own a gun or want to buy a gun. i'm not going to commit a crime. i'm not going to sell my gun to a stranger, someone who is a criminal, someone who has been adjudicated insane. don't you think it makes sense if i go to the gun show or someone goes to the gun show and nobody knows them, and they go to one of the tables that's not a licensed dealer that has to do a background check, don't you think you ought to shut that down? >> common sense tell you that, yet republicans say to you you can't enforce that kind of rule so why even have it? >> we can enforce that. we can enforce that.
5:37 am
also, the fix the nics bill, we have that in our bill, very stringent. we penalize states and communities that do not turn in their records properly. we do that. it's a good base bill. we're hoping the president would take it and use it as his base bill and do something common sense. most americans support our bill. over 70% of the strong gun owners support our bill. you have 80% to 90% of the general public. it's a good piece of registration. >> let's see what happens on that. let me ask you one more thing while i have you. we've been covering the west virginia teachers strike. it's admirable you have management as the state proxy as the state legislature, you have the teachers filling up bags, making sure the kids get fed. you always wants kids in school. but you've got a quarter of these kids living at or below the poverty line. they need that breakfast and lunch. for many of them, the best chance at eating they'll have all day. what can you do, you're in the
5:38 am
federal level. what can you do over a battle of 10 to 13 million to get the teachers the money they need? is it going the happen? >> being a former governor, it ooh es near and dear to my heart. i love everybody in that state and we try to work with them, democratic or republican, whether they agree or disagree. this is about our children. the children should be in the classroom. the educators want to be in a classroom working with their children. the service personnel, this is one time i've never seen before where you have all the superintendents, all the administrators and all the educators, all the service personnel said enough is enough. you've got to do something. if you want a strong economy, you want to offer good jobs, you want to make sure people have opportunities in west virginia, you better have a good education system. they won't come unless you can educate their children. with that being said, we're at the point now where we have a republican administration as far as the governor is a republican, the house is a republican led
5:39 am
and so is the senate. the governor put a proposal. the house of delegates confirmed it with democratic colleagues working with them. the senate republicans for whatever reason have dug in and said no, we're not going to concede on this. you have all the democratic senators agreeing we'll confirm what the governor wants to do and what the house wants to do. the leadership of the republican senators don't want to do that. when you have control of all three branches in the state of west virginia, you should be able to come up with a reasonable solution. >> especially when you're dealing with the difference of 4% and 5%. >> it's 1%. 1% is keeping the kids out. >> we'll stay on it. >> please do. >> we'll stay on top of what's happening down where you are. >> let's get the kids back in the classroom. >> nine days they've been out. thank you for being with us on "new day" as always.
5:40 am
alisyn? okay, chris. comedian jon stewart accuses the trump administration of screwing 9/11 first responders. we have a live report on this next.
5:41 am
5:42 am
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5:44 am
comedian jon stewart accuses the white house of screwing over 9/11 first responders. stewart and a bipartisan group of new york lawmakers attacking a proposal they believe threatens treatment for thousands who got sick during recovery efforts at ground zero. suzanne malveaux is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: this is about a case if it's not broken, don't fix it. that's the message from jon stewart who has been fighting for this program for 15 years, as well as republican and democratic lawmakers. there's a fear and anxiety here that this bureaucratic budgetary move is going to impact the ability for these first responders to get health care. >> if you want to stand up and say we love our first responders in this country, we love our veterans in this country, stop screwing them. >> reporter: comedian jon
5:45 am
stewart slamming white house budget director nick mulvaney for the proposed restructuring of an agency that provides health care to 9/11 first responders. >> this program was fought for for 15 years by firefighters, police officers, first responders, veterans and survivors that has finally come to fruition and is finally working well. it's a special kind of incompetence to want to turn that upside down. >> reporter: the world trade center health program provides treatment for more than 80,000 individuals suffering from illnesses related to the recovery efforts at ground zero. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: congress passed the bill in 2010 and reauthorized it in 2015 for 75 years, a fight championed by stewart and the bill's bipartisan co-spon rs. the trump administration's budget proposal would separate that program from the national
5:46 am
institute of occupational safety and health, something advocates fear will make it harder for survivors to receive treatment. >> the expertise of the men and women of niash have saved lives, eased the suffering of these injured heroes. why on earth would we change it now. >> reporter: the white house denying that the restructuring will impact the program's funding or services telling politico there will be zero change in the benefits our heroes currently receive and wholly deserve. the proposal simply attempts to align long-term needs of a reimbursement program. stewart calling on the president to intervene and blasting mulvaney for by passing congress. >> they'll have to rewrite school house rock as to how a bill becomes a law and one guy screws everything up. that will be known forever as pulling a mulvaney.
5:47 am
>> reporter: mulvaney's office continues to insist it won't impact the funding. at this point it's just a proposal, just a plan, as this public relations battle is full on full-court press. we'll have to see how this all unfolds. >> people have feelings about jon stewart, whether you're on the left or the right, you'll see it differently. tomorrow we have p.j. rycoff from one of the largest veteran organizations. he's going to tell you what the reality is of the promise to support the troops. what could be a major breakthrough, north korea agreeing to halt nuclear and missile testing. they have a condition. what is it and how realistic is it? next. zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job.
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that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® ♪ ♪ build and run apps anywhere you like, while keeping your competitors at bay. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. we have breaking news. north korea vowing to halt missile testing while dialogue is on going. this comes as kim jong un met with south core renal delegates. let's bring in cnn political and national security analyst david
5:52 am
sanger. he has report extensively on north korea for "the new york times." great to have you back with us. tell us the significance of this announcement that the north has told the south and the south has announced it, that the north will freeze nuclear and missile testing while dialogue is on going? >> the great news out of this, alisyn, this is a pathway off, at least for a while, of what appeared to be a march to some kind of military confrontation. the north koreans, if you can believe the south koreans representation of it, are not putting any conditions on this for the initial talks other than the united states has to get engaged in talks. the importance of this for the north, it puts the onus on president trump who appear to be rejecting diplomacy. so the conversations will get going. if history is any indication, at
5:53 am
some point the north koreans will say what they said in all the previous talks, which is we can get rid of our nuclear weapons and missiles if we feel we've got complete security, all the security guarantees we need. president clinton gave some of those, president bush gave others. but the north korean idea is that the u.s. pull out of its troops out of south korea, a treaty ally, that it stop all military exercises with the south, basically they try to fracture the alliance between south korea and the united states. so far no one has been willing to do that. >> that's a good sense of the promise and also the caveats. how about who is motivating this? does the administration deserve at least an initial pat on the back forgetting an apparent breakthrough we certainly didn't see during the last administration, or do you think china is driving this? does it size up what their
5:54 am
earlier recommendation was on how this should move forward? >> certainly the chinese have wanted the u.s. to get engaged with the north koreans. they see that as the best way to maintain the status quo which is the ultimate chinese goal. they don't like north korea having nuclear weapons, but they certainly don't want to see the u.s. get involved in a confrontation that could ultimately lead to the destruction of the north. i think the president here goes to president moon jae-in of south korea who initiated the olympics diplomacy, got the senior officials from the north to come down to the olympics and then immediately followed it up just within days of the time the olympics were over to sending this delegation. it's the first group of foreign who are have ever met kim jong un and engaged in negotiation with him. the administration was along the
5:55 am
way for this, but wasn't driving the train. it was trying to keep the south koreans from keeping the u.s. from going through with this. now the question is, are we into something different, echoes of what happened in 1994 and two or three times in the bush administration and once in the obama administration. all those times the talks collapsed. >> david, in terms of giving president trump the credit, don't you need to rewind the tape back further than the olympics. he during his campaign, during the transition, he was already saying things that were unorthodox. >> he was. >> he was saying he would sit down and negotiate. didn't that sort of set the table for the south and the north to then have this olympic moment? >> that did, and one other thing did, alisyn, which was that the imposition of truly deep sanctions which the u.s. stepped
5:56 am
out to enforce, i think probably gave additional motivation to kim jong un to realize he had to get into talks that would relieve that pressure. i think president trump deserves enormous credit for ratcheting up that pressure and making sure the sanctions were real. there was no reason that the obama administration couldn't have done that, and they didn't. the question is, does president trump's rhetoric get in the way of this or does it help the process? >> it's an interesting discussion. even sources in the state department are divided on the, well, it's hamg because of what he says versus despite what he says. david sanger, appreciate the perspective. thank you. cnn "newsroom" will john berman will pick up after this break. we'll see you tomorrow. but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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