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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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e building a better california. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. it's 11:00 p.m. on the east coast live with breaking news tonight on a white house in chaos. first the president and the porn star, stormy daniels who says she had a, quote, intimate relationship with trump, is
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suing the president to end their alleged hush agreement. claiming he never signed it. in the affidavit or in the lawsuit i should say the attorney for stormy daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford states that intimate relationship with trump began in 2006, continued well into 2007. much more on that in just a moment. plus the latest member of the trump white house to resign. his top economic adviser gary cohn. he quit today after clashing over his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. joining a long, long line, a long list of those who have left team trump. and in a tweet that could come under the hashtag don't let the door hit you on the way out, the president says many people want the job of chief economic adviser and prom easies to choose wisely. house intel committee that the president's lawyer michael cohen was provided secret information
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about intel committee testimony from another witness. a violation of committee rules. to recap, no chaos. there is nothing to see here. i want to bring in sara sidner and laura cotes with more on the stormy daniels lawsuit. sara good evening to you. a porn star is suing the president to end the hush agreement she entered into before the 2016 election. what more do you know? >> this is really, don, the first time there are public court documents that allege donald trump knew all about the hush money paid to adult film star and director stormy daniels before the presidential election. we looked at the dates, ten days before the presidential election. what's interesting is on the first page there is interesting information. you see all the aliases there. stephanie clifford is also known by her stage name stormy daniels. everybody knew that. but she is known by peggy
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peterson, a pseudonym they wanted to use in this particular thing, an ailius. look down further when it says plaintiff versus donald j. trump. he had an alias of david dennison. the consultants llc, the "wall street journal" reported earlier that's linked to mr. cohen. what's interesting that mr. cohen is not named as someone in this lawsuit. but he is mentioned quite repeatedly in the lawsuit itself. there are lots of different things. they have mentioned the $130,000 that has been reported that was paid to stormy daniels. the one thing that nobody did know is whether or not donald trump actually signed this agreement. now, these court documents show that he did not sign the non-disclosure agreement. and that gives him potential plausible deniability, saying maybe just his lawyer knew about
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it. dd was for david dennisonen or donald trump and p.p., the peggy, the name you just saw. but what's signed is stephanie clifford, the real name of the adult film star stormy daniels. we also know that michael cohen, there is another page showing he signed the agreement as well, don. >> okay. so let's bring in the lawyer and get some lawyerly advice here. laura, this case boils down to the fact that trump never signed the nondisclosure agreement itself. if trump's attorney signed it, why would it matter if he did? explain that. >> well, of course you already know if there are these allegations that if he was involved in a contractual agreement to have hush money issued a week or two before the election in 2016, it raises red flags and questions to think, well, did the president of the united states have an actual land in this, or was this some type of rogue operation by somebody who was a loyalist to the president of the united states?
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and we already know that michael cohen is already being investigated by mueller's team and there is reporting necessarily about whether he had some ties to the ukraine and other pro-russia organizations and his role in that. and so as a natural outcome or evolution of that investigation it seems this raises additional red flags. although we don't know if mueller is looking into this particular stormy daniels issue. we know he is looking at michael cohen. if he is, certainly his ties to the campaign, his ties to donald trump, and what he was willing to do to try to protect donald trump if these allegations are true are going to raise the attention of mueller and his team. >> okay. so, does that void in contract that he didn't sign it? >> it doesn't necessarily void the contract. again, if it was intended to be this person donald dennison or -- >> david. with
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children peg bundy person in there. i knew that was part of it. but if that's part of it -- if he was supposed to be part of it then it could have potential to void it. but the bigger issue is about the non-disclosure. what really voids these agreements is if somebody breaks their end of the bargain and starts talking about the issue. and according to stormy daniels and her counsel the statements made by michael cohen that we're talking about even the payment of itself is the larger issue for the court to figure out if that voided it in and of itself. >> okay. >> the signature is almost a secondary issue at this point in time. >> it's easy to remember. d.d. and p.p. so listen. sara, the president has denied the affair ever occurred. the white house seems to downplay it process. this suit goes route right out and says they had a relationship. do they offer proof? >> they say the proof is in the non-disclosure agreement, the documents. why sign nondisclosure agreement if nothing happened. and they also talk about the fact that it was signed and you
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see the date on there, literally ten days before the election. and that is, don, where we should definitely talk about why this matters. because some people say, look, donald trump was being donald trump. and he was with this person. and who cares? there are supporters that will say that as well. what does this have to do with anything? it has to do with federal election campaign finance laws. according to common cause who already filed a complaint with the fec saying if donald trump knew about this and this was and it was intended to make sure it didn't come out before the election, it was tampering before the election. and if there is money paid he knew about this is a serious violation of the laws. what could it mean for donald trump? it could mean fines if the fec ever decided to pursue the case, which they often do not. and it could mean -- this is highly unusual thing that would happen, that it would go to the department of justice and that they would prosecute, and that could mean jail time.
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but that's almost an impossibility. we have not seen that happen ever. >> sara, laura, thank you so much. now i want to bring in mark mckinnen, a former adviser to george w. bush and john mccain. and mike murphy. mark, i have to ask you because this moments ago, we were talking about the porn star stormy daniels. your show is called "the circus." doesn't get more circusy than this. >> if we proposed this as a fictional feature to showtime with these events, they would have thrown us out of the office. it's a maddening dizzying circle of news keeps getting disclosed. this is only one of many stories today. and maybe the least important of some of the larger stories that we'll be talking about. >> it's amazing. >> right. >> michael, what do you think of stormy daniels? what does she do next? >> for work? >> first of all, the president
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should have come up with a better phony porn name than david dennison, he should have been orange olson. this is a big distraction when you run a reality show presidency. but frankly he has bigger problems right now than whatever horrible things he was you want to there and maybe he is going to be liable potentially for fec fines. but it's like a speeding ticket on the way to the bank robbery with some of the problems he has with bob mueller and now potentially a trade war. >> what's the biggest problem? mike, what do you think the biggest problem is? you said he's got bigger problems. >> i think his bigger problem is the mueller investigation and another big brick falls every day into what could be a wall of legal trouble. we don't know all the facts yet, but we know there is a very aggressive investigation by a highly competent p
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spectrum of law enforcement with the investigatory power of the fbi behind it. every day we seem to learn another route of inquiry that looks promising. now it's the mystery foreign funder and meetings in the seychelles, turning into a novel. this is like rust, it never sleeps. we have to see where it lands. but it's a huge distraction. the second problem he has is he has done the first crazy thing on economic policy, which is why gary cohn is jumping out the window at the white house. a trade war will cause a civil war in the republican party. >> we'll talk more about that but i'm interested in mark's reaction. >> given the latest u.a.e. investigation. i'm interested in talking to mike about this. because he is a smart strategist in the business.
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mike, what in your estimation are the two possible scenarios? what's the worst that could happen with the mueller investigation and what's the least that could happen? >> well, thank you for the compliment. i think the worst that could happen is mueller goes after direct family members. you know something that could involve his daughter or son-in-law. and starts connecting financial favors to the family from overseas. and maybe even money moving into the campaign. i think that could be criminal and catastrophic for the president, in addition to the political side. i think the best thing that could happen is what the white house is kind of spinning for, which is the most aggressive investigation in the history of the world, and it turned out there were a couple of knuckle heads in the campaign that the president never knew and got in trouble. and we've been certified clean. >> and the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of all of that. but you bring up a good point. because the family members, the kids, many people feel have sort
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of gotten off easy when it comes to the mueller investigation so far when it comes to being interviewed. some are saying, mike, that they may be saving the best for last. i don't know if that has anything to do with his family or his kids. >> it could be. normally the investigations build toward the principal. they start with the supporting characters and work through and get a ton of information to confront the principal targets with. but look it's not rocket science to wonder why he never released the tax return. he has been incredibly defensive about political -- excuse me his personal financial stuff. that generally doesn't happen without motive. i'm speculating here wildly. everything i know about donald trump's business history in atlantic city and new york real estate he is a guy that doesn't want a federal x-ray. >> and he threw a huge red flair about it when he said please don't look over there mr. prosecutor.
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that's out of bounds. you can't touch that. >> let me ask you about since you are jumping in. yes, collusion, it's not a legal term. everybody saying no collusion, no collusion, you're not going to be charged with collusion. of course not. it would be money laundering, conspiracy. >> i think collusion is the least of his worries. >> right. >> i think it's much deeper. >> that's a talking point from the white house and from his supporters. that's the only reason. >> but they're knocking down the least his problems if that should come to bear. because there are greater problems with money laundering transactions, influence and now starting -- by the way, what we're seeing in today's news, this goes beyond the campaign, into the transition, into influencing government action itself, which could be much more serious. >> the president was asked today what was being done to prevent russians meddling in the
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elections. watch this. >> we're doing a very, very deep study and coming out with some very strong suggestions on the '18 election. i think we'll do very well in the '18 election. historically, those in the white house have a dip. but i think we'll do well because the economy is so good and because we're protecting jobs -- our jobs are being protected finally like with what we're doing with the tariffs. but the big thing would be the tax cut and the regulations cuts. also, the judges. >> he started with russian influence on the election then he pivoted to the talking points with the -- about voting, the gop how the gop would be voting in 2018 and the 2018 election. how concerned are republicans with the president and the midterms? >> deeply concerned. they are hanging hats right now on the top hope that the tax cuts as well as just some kicking in with general economic news and jobs -- there is a lot of good news on that front.
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which could be completely handicapped by the tariff news. you know, the tariff thing is the most mind boggling thing i've seen from this president on a policy front, not that we didn't have warning. he said it during the campaign. he talked about 45% tariffs. but as a once former democrat who crossed the bridge 15, 20 years ago, a big part of the attraction for me was i was sick of democratic protectionist trade policy and i was attracted to true trade policies of republicans. the orthodoxy that drew me to become a republican is now being completely reinvented by this president. so i think for people -- republicans like mike and myself we look around and say this is not the republican party that we were initially attracted to. >> mike, he did run on this. excuse me. cohen and others i think in the administration were against these tariffs. a lot of people are. who does he listen to? does he tell his base, i know i ran on this but the economy is
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doing -- what does he do here? is he making the wrong decision? >> on a policy thing it's disastrous. politically, it's disastrous, as well. he did run on it, but look, the tweets are all crazy, just ignore them. the policy the white house is putting out is great. judges, tax stuff, fighting isis. so don't worry about the crazy tweets. this trade decision, the guy writing the tweets is the guy forcing policy through the white house. none of the republicans, or very few on the hill are for this. what happened is the wall of economic sanity and the white house, when rob porter got tangled up with the spousal abuse sins he committed, he was justy ejected from the white house, now cohn lost the fight and he's leaving. so trump is running amok.
12:17 am
and now we have an example of bad policy. he looks like he just left the meetings i've been to at republican pollsters where they're looking at the floor and sitting at the desk with nothing but a bottle of whisky and a revolver. we're hoping the tax cut will provide a turn around, but we'll see what happens in pennsylvania in a trump district. >> that's quite a picture that you painted there. listen, thank you. >> that was a forced joke i wanted to get to. >> guys, i love this conversation. thank you. listen, i want to remind you that the chaos continues at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, and remind you that the circus continues at 1600 virginipennsylvania area, e circus" on show time continues in april. when we come back, a source telling cnn michael cohen was
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provided testimony of another witness. that's next.
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cnn is learning tonight that the president's lawyer michael cohen was provided secret information about house intel committee testimony from another witness. and there is a lot more breaking news tonight on the russia investigation. joining me now a member of the intelligence committee, democratic congressman eric swalwell. congressman, good'veing. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> another individual with ties to the president is cooperating with robert mueller's investigation. george nader attended secret meetings during the presidential transition between the united arab emirates and trump associates and is now
12:22 am
cooperating with the special wh? >> well, i'm excited for our country's sake to see the fbi so doggedly pursuing the witnesses. because it's the opposite of what we see on the house intelligence committee. but, don, this shows that the only way to get to the bottom of this is you have to do a lot of work. you have to subpoena records, travel records, bank records, communication logs. and then you can confront a witness and then you can get their cooperation. it looks like that is what is happening here. i also want to add, i'm wondering if eric prince was straight with us. you go back and read his transcript. i don't remember hearing anything about him talking about george nader when he testified to the house intelligence committee. i want to bring him back in if we could to clear that up. but also, is this another example of trump family seeking to enrich themselves with the dealing was foreign governments? it looks -- it sure looks like it. >> the reason is because he apparently attended a meeting in
12:23 am
the seychelles that also was attended by vladimir putin, eric prince, who is betsy devos' brother and informal adviser to president trump. >> again, if this story is true, eric prince has further explaining. because in his testimony, he said he met with the prince from the uae and the russian banker. that was it. if there is more to it it wouldn't surprise me, don, how many individuals haven't been straight and lied about contacts with russia or surrounding russians. but it shows that if we're not willing to subpoena the records we're not getting the truth. >> a russian close to putin. not putin. >> that's right. >> appearing along side with the swedish prime minister president trump was asked about the russian meddling in the 2016 election. here is part of what he says. watch this. >> well, the russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever. certainly there was meddling. and probably there was meddling from other countries
12:24 am
and maybe other individuals. i think you have to be really watching very closely. you don't want your system of votes to be compromised in any way. and we won't allow that to happen. we are doing a deep study and coming out with i think some strong suggestions on the '18 election. >> what is your reaction congressman when you hear the president waffle on russian interference on our election? >> no, there is probably no other country that worked to undermine our election. it was russia. it sought to help donald trump. and if that affects his ego or affects how big he think the win was, i'm sorry. but we have a democracy to protect. if he didn't do anything wrong, the best thing to do is cooperate with the investigation and impose the sanctions that are already in place against russia. to tell every one of his intelligence chiefs to do everything they can to defend against russia interference, and unite our country.
12:25 am
because i think a lot of republican obstruction on the intelligence committee is because of behavior at the top. he has an opportunity to unite us so we have a stronger shield into the 2018 election. >> cnn is reporting tonight an attorney for president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen was provided with secret information about house intelligence committee testimony from another committee witness. what do you -- what do you know about that? >> well, don, either you're working for america or you're working against it in this investigation. we have seen prior leaks from republicans to the "washington examiner" where they are reporting before we even learn about witnesses or evidence in our investigation. last week the republicans did not deny reports that they had leaked out mark warner's text messages. i can't say too much about this. but again, you should be working to protect america. we should all be doing that. and if you are working to give witnesses in this case information that hurts our investigation and our ability to protect the ballot box. >> a spokesman for the leading
12:26 am
republican on the investigation representative mike conaway told the daley beast this. any accusation gnat testimony was shared with another witness of their lawyer is unequivocally false. how concerned are you that someone from within the house intel committee could be leaking a key -- leaking two key -- to a key figure in the investigation? >> i hope mike's right. i hope it's false. but, don, we have already seen a willingness by the republicans on the intelligence committee to give subjects of this investigation evidence. that's what they did with the memo. when they turned that memo over to the white house, the president, the president's lawyer, they showed them evidence that existed in the case that they did not know about before. so, again, either you are working to protect america or you're making us less safe the next time we go to the ballot box. i think there is time to work together on this and put aside the partisanship. >> thank you, congressman, i appreciate it.
12:27 am
>> my pleasure. >> when we come a porn star sues the president. a to the economic adviser calls it quits. and that is just the last few hours. more on what president trump calls great energy at the white house next. you won't see these folks at the post office they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again
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gary cohen, just the latest in a parade of people leaving the trump administration. with the ranks of senior staff thinning, the president insists there is no chaos, only great energy. joining me now is my panel. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> good evening. >> steve, you first, we hear from the president that all is fine at the white house. is that because he is approaching this with the mentality of a reality television producer or with the biggest audience ever, saying everything is great, there's no chaos here. in the meantime, one person after the other is leaving. >> listen, don, first of all i'll concede, it's better to
12:32 am
have less turnover. i'll admit that. the rapidity of turnover is troubling. and it giving ammunition to the critics. but here is what's more important. most americans don't care about palace intrigue. they just don't. it dominates newsroom in new york. thesal ops -- the salons of the lobbyists. what most americans care about is personal prosperity and security. and on every measure, that's what they care about. the president is delivering on his promises of a secure border, better wages, growth in our country, lower taxes, judges on the court. so on every measure of what he promised he is delivering. if there are some personnel shenanigans going on so be it. that doesn't matter to regular folks who elected the president. the blue collar workers in the mid western states who have been forgotten but no longer. >> i keep hearing about that the
12:33 am
blue collar of mid western states. whatever, that's fine, they should be heard and identified appear all that have. but there are people who are americans beyond this mid western blue collar worker that i hear so much about. actually people on the coasts who are americans, people down south who are americans, people up north who are americans, more than just this mid western person, and i don't know why you guys hang your hats on that so much and talk about this mythical person as if other people are not americans. >> of course they're all americans. it's not mythical, these are real people. i'm saying those are the ones that changed the election. that's why they're very important. >> pennsylvania was on the east coast. >> pennsylvania is not quite on the coast. >> on the east coast what i'm saying. >> all right. well, not quite on the coast. but regardless of -- >> pennsylvania is not a northeastern state.
12:34 am
i'm not saying it's on the ocean. you know what i'm saying. wherever middle class people live, they have struggled in recent decades. by the way, i'm every bit as critical of republicans as i am of democrats. what has happened in this country is there has been a globalist crony system that has been created for the self-aggrandizement of the -- >> i understand what you are saying i want i don't want to get off track because we have limited time. all i'm saying is there are other americans besides living in the midwest. >> i'm saying middle class anywhere. >> not that there is anything wrong with that, because i lived in the midwest, i lived in st. louis, chicago. i know about the midwest. but i think it's insulting to a large portion of the country when you talk about those people as the only true americans. that indeed is not so. >> i didn't say that. >> that's what you insinuating. >> no, that's not what i said.
12:35 am
>> the president will miss the support of hope hicks. gary cohen is leaving and sources are saying that of all things in will cause more trauma. mccaster leaving as well. even jared kushner having issues. take off your partisan hat where does this leave the president? >> oh my god without anybody. i get gary cohn is so happy to get out of there. his reputation is in tatters. i don't know who the president will recruit the next round. but can i say as the governor of a mid western state, a lot of those mid western states, they care about jobs, the price of cars, and the fact that steel is going to go through the roof as a result. that's going to impact them, too. so it's jobs all across the board, steve. but let me say about this huge exponential leaving of the white house by all of these people, what a horrible leader donald trump is.
12:36 am
why isn't anybody talking about what leadership is. leadership is not bringing people in, making them clash, making them spinout. the fact that he can't keep a single person in the white house is something that real people are looking at, in addition to all of the scandals, this is a sign of terrible leadership. >> but what he's saying, though, the ends justify the means. the chaos is happening at the white house, it doesn't matter. but it justifies the ends. stormy daniels, it doesn't matter. >> right. i know, that's what we've been saying about the evangelicals and everything, why are they turning a blind eye to all of this horrible stuff? why is it okay? it's because he put somebody on the supreme court that will, you know, will potentially, if they have a chance, redefine a woman's right to privacy and take away the right to choose. that seems to be the issue that is justifying all of this terrible stuff that has caused america to be in the cellar of
12:37 am
global and national opinion. >> steve, i have to ask you this, this is the last point, please. and if you can do it quickly, just for time here. there's a lawsuit with this porn star, stormy daniels, incredible details of hush agreement. is this not the very least undignified for the office of the presidency? >> look, don, i think the president is at his word. she's contradicted herself many times. i don't take her at her word. but i don't think any of us on team trump believed that we were electing a same to the office. >> do you take the president's lawyer about his bank statement for $130,000? >> we were electing a businessman, someone with clearly an imperfect past. what he did 10, 15, 20 years as a hollywood celebrity isn't that important to me. what's really -- >> the voters didn't know this, though. steve, the voters didn't know this. this just came out.
12:38 am
>> but we knew lots of accusations about salacious accusations, okay? that was well known so we can't act like the american public was hoodwinked, that we believed donald trump was mother teresa. what they did believe was this was a builder and outsider and someone that is going to drain the swamp. >> let me ask you this, you think it's okay for you and if evangelicals knew that the president, let's just say it is true, maybe it's not. the president possibly or allegedly slept or had an intimate relationship with a porn star and his personal attorney paid her off $130,000 and signed a nondischoelosure agreement about it, and changed the names, it wouldn't matter to you or any of his supporters? >> that's a hypothetical. i take the president at his
12:39 am
word. what matters to me and most christians for that matter, you mentioned evangelicals here, whether you're catholics or evangelicals, this is a president protecting life, religious liberty, putting judges who protect the constitution on the court. i think the -- >> but cheating on his wife and having an affair doesn't matter at all? >> i didn't say that at all. i said i take him at his word that he said it didn't happen. and i also believe, i don't think anybody said that donald trump, as i mentioned, was mother teresa. he's a man with a storied past. >> okay. you're repeating yourself. i understand what you're saying. thank you. thank you. we'll be right back. (bright music) - [narrator] whatever event you're planning, custom ink has customized apparel to make it extra special. (bright music)
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together, we're building a better california. all right i want to bring in now cnn political analyst. the editor and chief of the daley beast within, and the author of washington farewell within, and a member of george w. bush white house staff. i want to talk about kellyanne
12:44 am
conway accused of violating the hatch act twice during of a interview talking about -- during interviews talking about alabama. what do you think? >> i mean this is a 1939 law designed to keep government nonpartisan. the president has the discretion whether to enforce this against kellyanne conway. did he violate the letter of law? yes. are there going to be repercussions? don't hold your breath. >> i don't think the president is going to enforce anything when it comes to this. >> no, and i mean it's -- there is a bit of relativism instilled in the actions of the white house. if anybody from the obama white house or the bush white house i served in had violated the hatch act in this way, gone on television and used the position of the white house to promote the candidate of a party in an election you were just running in, that would have been an entire news cycle. we aren't talking about two months afterwards because of the
12:45 am
nature of the news cycle with this president. >> you remember, this is the first time she danced around it. remember she told people to go out and buy ivanka trump products when people were boycotting them and getting rid of them. >> another example of how things are normal. you're using the old rules where things had a degree of decor up and decency we're out of that zip is code. >> this is what the president released or the white house released. kellyanne conway did not advocate for or against the election of any particular candidate. she simply addressed the president's obvious position that he had people in the house and senate who support his agenda. is that a good defense? >> i mean that's the only defense that they have. but that's not -- that's not true. that's not what she said and what she did. she explicitly said that the president wants to have doug jones -- not doug jones, republicans in that seat. yes to further the agenda. she explicitly used her position to promote the gop candidate. which by the way every white house staffer at a junior level gets the briefing. when i was a staffer it was explicit that i was going to
12:46 am
attend the republican national republican convention in new york, i had to take days off, go without pay. there is no mixing and mingling that you're and that's very cle. it's always clear. >> yeah, at the same time there is a little bt of poor reflectiction here, because thes politics in the white house. of all the things the folks in the administration seem to have be doing wrong processes this is letter of the law wrong. >> where does this rank. >> stormy daniels just totally normal went, a president sued by a porn star days before the election that could have affected the outcome. it's tuesday. only tuesday. >> yes. thank you both. i appreciate it. when we come back, a story that will make you smile, the 2-year-old in awe of michelle obama. i'm going to ask her and her mom about that. that's next.
12:47 am
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a 2-year-old girl capturing the heart of the nation and the former first lady. a photo of parker curry fascinated by michelle obama's portrait in the smithsonian national portrait gallery going viral last week. this is obama reaching out to
12:51 am
parker and her family and inviting them to her washington office for what turned into a dance party. ♪ ♪ look how adorable that is. joining me, guess who, parker curry and her mom jessica. hi, parker. tell her i said hello, mom. >> don said hello. >> hello! >> how are you doing? >> he said, how are you doing? >> good! >> i just saw you dancing with the first lady. how did she like it? >> how did you like dancing with michelle obama? look, look, look! did you like dancing with her? >> it's her! >> it's her. >> i miss her very much. >> you miss her very much? >> yes. >> she's made a new friend. >> so, i mean, how did that feel? that must have warmed your heart to see her doing that.
12:52 am
>> it was amazing. did you like to meet michelle obama? >> yes. >> yes. we had a really great time. >> michelle? >> yeah, michelle obama, she's really down to earth. really sweet. we had a good time talking to her. her and parker chatted and they hung out, parker got her out of her shoes, got her up and dancing. it was just like a really surreal moment. >> that photo of her being awestruck -- that's okay, let her talk. that photo of her being awestruck by the portrait of the first lady, it went viral. she's caught up in the rapture, right? >> yes. totally caught up in it. also totally unbothered. i mean, she's been all over the place so far. she got to meet michelle. she's just been her sweet, usual self, honestly. the parker that you all are seeing is the parker that she is
12:53 am
every day, all day. >> we like that. we like her being a kid. i'm going to read this from the former first lady. she said, parker, i'm so glad i had the chance to meet you today and for the dance party, keep on dreaming big for yourself and make one day i'll proudly look up at a portrait of you." what do you think of that, mom? >> yeah, it's just -- mind-blowing, you know what i mean? i just feel so honored and we're so excited that she got to meet michelle, she got to see that portrait. >> it's michelle obama! >> it is michelle obama, i know. >> it's her! >> hopefully the portrait will continue to inspire other little ones just like parker. hopefully our visit will inspire other parents and other moms to take their kids to museums. because we have so much fun at the museums. >> how did the meeting come about, jessica? >> michelle reached out to us. she really wanted to meet parker.
12:54 am
and of course we were going to make that happen for her. >> you said before that parker believes michelle obama is a queen. does she still think that? >> parker, is michelle obama a queen? >> uh, yes. , she is. >> i guess that suits it. she's a superhero. she should be -- maybe she should be in the "black panther" movie, she's a superhero. >> right, right. maybe michelle obama should be in "black panther" because michelle obama's a superhero? >> no. >> no? what is she? >> she's a queen. >> she's a queen, nope, don, you stand corrected. she's not a superhero, she's a queen. >> she's right, whatever parker says is right, i'm totally fine with that. you said that parker loves michelle obama, but doesn't understand the former president is her husband. >> no, not at all. >> she doesn't get it. >> she knows michelle is married. but she doesn't really know that
12:55 am
it's to barack. she doesn't know that barack is our former president. >> what do you think is going to happen when she grows up to realize the moment, what actually happened? >> man, i think -- i think she'll be inspired all over again. that she inspired so many people. i think she'll be absolutely amazed. look at that, look at that. >> aunty! >> that's your aunty? >> yes. >> now that's her aunty michelle, hey. >> what does parker want to be when you grow up? >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a queen. >> you want to be a queen? >> she wants to an queen just like the former first lady. tell her i stand corrected. and if i'm going to be corrected by anyone, it would be her. and we're so proud of you, so proud of her. thank you so much for coming on this evening. give her a big hug and kiss for all of us. >> don said thank you for coming. can you say thank you? >> say thank you. >> bye, parker! >> bye, don, bye! >> bye!
12:56 am
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i like conflict. i like having two people with different points of view. i like watching it. i like seeing it. >> a cage fight has now cost the president his top economic adviser. gary cohn is out after getting overruled in the battle over new tariffs. stormy daniels is ready to talk. she's suing the president over their nondisclosure agreement. she claims it's void since he never signed it. and from a stormy to a storm, a nor'easter, part two. major snowfall coming to


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