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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 11, 2018 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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relationship with a woman named stormy daniels? >> remember i used to say how easy it is to be presidential. you'd be so bored. i'm very presidential. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. that's much easier than doing what i have to do. >> good morning to you. so grateful to have your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> trump unplugged, unfiltered and in complete unprecedented rally form. >> good way to put it. the commander in chief took the stage in pennsylvania last night. he was there stumping for a struggling gop candidate rick saccone. he did that for about five minutes. >> yes. >> and then things took a little bit of a turn for about 75 minutes. >> yeah. policy musings, political
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attacks, 2020 campaign reviews, oprah, just about everything on the table except stormy daniels. the president was asked about the adult film star before leaving for pittsburgh. >> mr. president, did you have a relationship with a woman named stormy daniels? >> so jeremy diamond has more. >> the president was on the campaign trail last night offering us all a preview of what to expect as the 2018 mid terms come ever closer. the president faced with the task of boosting a republican candidate strug unwilling a district that the president handedly won in 2016 focusing very much on him several and his own accomplishments and as well as his grievances with regards to the immediate yashgs political opponents including those past and present. that, of course, to you guys means hillary clinton and bernie sanders, for example.
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the president also focused on two of the major headlines out of this week, the ones he liked the most. his decision, of course, to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and the president also talking about his gamble, his high stakes diplomatic gam to belie diplomatic gamble to engage with north korea. the president striking an optimistic tone with regards to that potential meeting. but he also previewed some potentially new policy. the president making the case for the death penalty essentially for drug dealers. >> the only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. when i was in china -- and other places, by the way, i said, mr. president, do you have a drug problem? no. no. no. we do not. i said huh. big country, 1.4 billion people, right? not much of a drug problem.
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i said what do you attribute that to? well, the death penalty. i think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about. don't you agree? i don't know if you're ready. >> and the president, of course, also looking forward to not only the 2018 mid terms but 2020 talking about oprah winfrey who in recent days suggested she is not going to be running in 2020. the president is still prepared. >> i'd love oprah to win. i would love to beat oprah. i know her weakness. number i know her weakness. i know her weakness. wouldn't we love to run against oprah? i would love it. i would love it. that would be a painful experience for her. >> that wasn't all the president had to say about the 2020 campaign for which he already hired a campaign manager. he also previewed his slogan for that campaign which he said will be keep america great! >> all right. don't forget the exclamation point. >> very key.
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>> no problem. thank you very much. so we have a editor from washington examiner and a political commentator and political anchor at spectrum news after all of that sound. >> let's start with what this rally is really about. white house official tells cnn that the president went for five minutes of the scripted copy and then another nearly hour and 20 minutes on all that we heard in that open and from jeremy, if we look back to the luther strange rally, the roy moore rally this rally, they're just not about the candidate. what does that tell us about what we're going to look forward to as the mid terms come along and if these actually work for these campaigns? >> well, you know, it's a fascinating test. just as you suggest, this is in some ways more donald trump doing donald trump's politics than helping the local candidate that he was brought in to try and prop up. in this particular case, they've got a republican candidate who
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the party itself has not quite ba abandoned but disappointed in. rick saccone is underwhelming on the stump. there are a the love folks that think there is going to be an embarrassing defeat on tuesday. you want him to come in and close a deal that is already sort of going in your favor as opposed to embarking on a rescue mission. as we just saw, when you bring him in to rescue, he may decide he has a different agenda and that's what happened yesterday. >> so at the end of this, as i understand it, rick saccone did come out and said to this grand applause, if president trump is in your corner, how can you lose? to which you were mentioning the people that it just didn't resonate there. so what do you say about the power or the potency of this president to go out and help people win in his defense? karen handle did win in georgia.
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you see three others there that he didn't seem to help. >> right. in the last six months we've seen president trump hasn't been nearly as effective as he was in the first six months of the presidency. and that's because we've seen the results of what's happened. the steel and aluminum tariffs are seen as economic protectionism. at least in the heavy red district that hasn't gone democrat since 2003 when tim murphy was elected into that congressional district. but you also have to look at the fact that now democrats are so enthusiastic about opposing president trump and his agenda because they just hate him that much. and republicans right now, the complaisancy set in. cpac was only two weeks ago. and there weren't nearly as many people as there have been in the past. >> so let me ask you this, what if rick saccone doesn't win? >> they'll be talking about the blue wave.
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however, it's not going to be a full on blue wave in november because you still have candidates like o'rourke who in the primaries this past week underwhel ammed in some respects because ted cruz got so many more votes than he did in his state of texas. >> and that texas editorial primary. let's talk about the issues that the president talked about yesterday and that's north korea. legality's listen to the president on north korea. >> well, i'll tell you, we did a great job on the olympics. president said without donald trump the olympics would have been a total failure. it's true. hard to sell tickets when you think you're going to be nuked. south korea came to my office after having gone to north korea and seeing kim jong-un. no, it's very positive. it's very positive. after the meeting he may do that. but now we have to be very nice. let's see what happens. let's see what happens. >> so i ask a north korean
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expert yesterday how the north korean people would receive their leader now sitting down with the man he called a deranged lunatic, a deranged old lunatic. we saw the american counter part of that yesterday where you heard people shouting rocket man after, you know, mimicking the president's words and now the president is trying to calm thinks base down by the end of it they're cheering. >> yeah. let's just hope that a far more serious tone is taken when the two leaders, if they actually meet. you know, i think the hopes of the country rest on a president who's been very erratic when it comes to his speech and frankly irresponsible with the childish nicknames and so forth. nuclear diplomacy has never been done that way before. given the danger and what's at stake, i think a lot of folks are hoping somehow all of this will sort of dial back a lot of
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the rhetoric, dial down the danger and get some sprirz pris release wlod deserve it, americans that are in custody and core evens. if it can happen, god bless him. but my goodness, that clip shows you how far we have to go to get a rational discussion. >> i want to bring up another topic. the president mentioned women and their support of him. let's listen here. >> didn't we surprise them with women during the election? remember? women won't like donald trump. i said have i really had that kind of a problem? i don't think so. but women won't like donald trump. it will be a rough night for donald trump. because the women won't come out. we got 52%, right? >> well, he was correct to some degree there. there is a very important clarification to make. he received 52% of white women's approval. that was according to exit
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polls. and there is a poll out there right now that says his approval rating among women is 38%. his disapproval rating is 56%. these are important clarifications to make, are they not? >> absolutely. oh, yeah, absolutely. when president trump goes on about fake news and he himself throws out a statistic that only shows white american women when the majority of black and latina and minority women did not vote for him, it is obviously, you know, pretty different. what we're seeing is president trump who has now been linked to obviously several sexual harassment and sexual assault and rape allegations and also alleged affairs with former adult film actresses, it's stunning how president trump continues to go on about his, you know, his boastful career with women and how he's done so well with them when obviously the truth tells otherwise.
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>> will any of that, any of this climate that we're in right now, the me too movements and the time's up movement, any of that going to affect this president? >> not right now. i mean, right now the alleged affair with stormy daniels is like back page news. this is the type of stuff that ends presidencies and hardly -- of course, cnn is talking about it. but this is the stuff that doesn't -- i mean we're becoming a european style country in a way. we're becoming like france. this is part of american political culture. we're expecting politicians to already have affairs and be sleazy yet not impact how they govern the country. >> i don't flow if everybody expects the politicians to be sleazy. but we have certainly head down -- >> they call it the storm for a reason. >> we go down in a lane some of the conversations we've been forced to have because of some of the revelations. let me finish with a bit of policy. "washington post" reporting on
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saturday what we heard the president talk about in the evening of rally. and that's the potential of seeking the death penalty and life sentences for drug dealers. we know the white house is look agent it. the department of justice is considering if prosecutors will be allowed to seek the death penalty. how real is this plan and could that come to fruition? >> well, look, these kind of ideas start out as talking points and then if they make it through the policy apparatus then they do become real. it is it startling, it is shocking for the perfect ez to acknowledge up front at a political rally of all places where he introduces this idea that he gets the idea from dictators. he gets it from the philippines. he gets it from the communist chinese leadership that doesn't have to stand for election before the people. a startling kind of development. fortunately, because this is done at the state level for the most part this is going to be a discussion that we have among ourselves as individual states
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and citizens. the federal death penalty has almost never been a real factor. it's really reserved for truly federal cases like terrorism. >> all right. stick around. we have a lot more to talk about. >> thank you, gentlemen. a quick programming note. today on state of the union with jake tapper, ron johnson and elizabeth warren both on that show. "state of the union with jake tapper" at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. "the new york times" says the president is looking into adding an impeachment lawyer to his white house team. plus, former white house chief strategist steve bannon encouraging members of france's far right nationalist party to wear the labels of racism and zeen yoe phone with pride. da, sa and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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"the new york times" reporting that president trump is looking into adding an impeach lawyer to the white house team. the president met with emmitt flood last week. you might remember him. flood handled bill clinton's
3:19 am
impeachment process. >> our political panel is back with us. let me start with you. this doesn't mean that president believes that impeachment proceedings are coming. built he's now realizing when his team told me it would be over by thanksgiving, over by christmas or january or february that that's not happening. that he is now potentially adding someone on for the long haul. >> it's a quote immortal rizza, you best protect your neck. this is something that president trump could see on the horizon, especially with the midterm elections. if the democrats then retain control of both the house and senate, you then have to worry about impeachment proceedings. president trump is well within his right to see what is on the horizon and not like what he is seeing. >> what do you think prompted this? is it the words last week? is it stormy daniels? what do you think? >> ty cobb was brought in for something rather specific which was to deal with a lot of document production. he's not the kind of person
3:20 am
who's connected in ways that are going to serve the president well in this next phase of this inquiry. so they gathered up all the documents. they turned over a the lot of information. there's been talk among the members of the trump team that they need to sort of get ready for the next phase but they also have to think about whether they want to shift the strategy and shift it into one of less cooperation and a lot more resistance. and to do that, you have to sort of walk through a lot of different constitutional questions. you have to do it with the bright lights shining. so this is somebody who has been through an impeachment. that doesn't necessarily mean you want to expect to go through it. but you want to be able to sort of hand will the immense crush of publicity, ins and outs, leaking, white house press corps, all of the different force that's make it very, very tough to get through the next legal phase for the president. >> let's play for everyone what the president's former chief strategist steve bannon said this was at -- in front of a far
3:21 am
right group in france. let's listen. >> let them call you racist. let them call you xenophobes. let them call you nativists. wear as a badge of honor. >> racists, xenophobe, wear atz a badge of honor. he's out at breitbart. he's been banished from the president's inner circle. what is the potency of a steve bannon run like we just saw there? what is the value that he offers now to this conversation? >> right now, not that much. concerning the fact that he's been basically expelled from the white house, the trump circle, breitbart. unless you starts his own media company which he has talked about doing and even buying "newsweek." right now his relevancy is next to none. we've seen co-organizers of the women's march and several democrats and their connections
3:22 am
to nation of islam leader louis farrakhan and his racist anti-semitic views. we have to make sure there is a line of consistency when we see particular individuals who are espousing racist and extremist views, we have to be on our toes and denounce them. >> you know -- >> that's an important point. we should have that conversation. >> go ahead. >> i don't know that any president has invited louis farrakhan into the white house to be his chief strategist. but i hear your point. >> barack obama was pikctured with him in 2005 when he was senator and that resurfaced in the last few weeks. >> that's true. >> those are questionable questions. >> questions and conversation ws we should certainly have. but louis farrakhan never had an office in the west wing. >> and steve bannon did. so when we talk about the connections, i'm wonld federing there is a sense of how much of what steve bannon says equates
3:23 am
to what people believe about this president. is there still that connection despite the fact that he's been banished from the white house? >> it's -- look, you never play that clip and none of us would care what steve bannon was saying with his splendid attire at that rally. nobody would care if he had not been sort of part of the strategy. and i think though the thing to focus on is not so much his closeness to the president but whether or not what he is saying makes any sense and has any political potency. i'm not sure it does. you could hear it is literally lost in translation. this idea of let them call you racist. there is a very familiar pattern, long standing in the united states of people feeling that there is something called reverse racism. that even to call somebody racist means you're the bad person. and it sort of stirs a resentment and creates a backlash. that doesn't translate. what's going on in europe? what's going on with the national front which has been around for decade at this point?
3:24 am
it's a very different kind of anti-immigrant sen anti-immigrant sentment that is driven with a flood of immigrants. they had a much deeper -- i mean former colonial power. it has a whole different history and i don't know that it sells. i think steve bannon is going to find his dream of uniting all of the far right forces around the world is really going to come to naught. >> all right. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, gentlemen. more from president trump's rally last night as well. why he gives china credit for helping with north korea. plus, one of the victims killed by gunman at a veteran's home in california was pregnant. we'll have more details in a moment.
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welcome to sunday. the plan was for the president to come to pennsylvania to boost a local republican in a special election. president trump was happy it seemed to throw out that plan. >> the white house official familiar with the speech drafted for the president says he delivered about five minutes of what had been scripted. here's a look at what he said instead. >> well, i'll tell you, we did a great job on the olympics. the south korean president said without donald trump, the olympics would have been a total
3:30 am
failure. hard to sell ticket when you think you're going to be nuked. south korea came to my office after having gone to north korean and seeing kim jong-un and -- no. it's very positive. no. >> rocket man! >> after the meeting we may do that but for now we have to be very nice. the only way to solve the drug problem is through toughness. when i was in china and other places, by the way, i said, mr. president, do you have a drug problem? . no. no. no, we do not. i said what do you attribute that to? well, the death penalty. i think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about. don't you agree? i don't know if you're ready. wouldn't we love to run against oprah? i would love it. i would love it. that would be a painful experience for her remember i said how he'sy it is to be presidential. you'd be so board.
3:31 am
i'm very presidential. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here tonight. rick saccone will be a great, great congressman. see, that's easy. that's much easier than doing what i have to do. hey, didn't we surprise them with women during the election? remember? women won't like donald trump. have i really had that ind coo of a problem? i don't think so. but women won't like donald trump. it will be a rough night for donald trump. because the women won't come out. we have 252%, right? the new slogan when we start running in -- can you believe it, two years from now, is going to be keep america great! keep america great! >> all right. you just heard the president there at the rally last night saying that the meeting with kim jong-un would be a positive thing. >> he said the same thing on twitter, saying north korea has
3:32 am
not conducted a missile test since november 28th, 2017, and has promised not to do so through our meetings. i believe they will honor that commitment. we got this covered from all side of the potental north korea talks with cnn's senior international correspondent ivan watson and matt rivers live in beijing. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. matt, what is happening there? >> what's going son china and the government are pleased with what is going on with the potential meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. this is exactly what they've been hoping for. the chinese government position has been for a consistently the whole time the only way to sol of this problem is if the united states and north korea sit down in a room together and talk and some of that would, you know, in terms of the chinese government's view, they've been pushing that to donald trump. when president xi and president trump sit down, that is the line coming from china. and what you've seen on the u.s.
3:33 am
side is a reciprocate. he talked about him at that rally last night. >> and i must tell you, president xi of china has really helped us a lot. they really helped us. and because 93% of the goods come in through china, going into korea, north korea. 93%. so that's pretty powerful. and they've been very good. they could have done more. but that's okay. i say to him, you've been great. you could do more, but they've done a lot. >> and so china is very optimistic at this point about the prospect for this talk between president trump and kim jong-un. but they know any potential solution to this crisis is a long way off. >> all right. matt rivers there for us in beijing. thanks so much. let's bring in ivan watson. he's live in seoul, south korea. ivan, the president talked about seoul. he even took a little credit for the safety there at the winter
3:34 am
olympic games. >> yeah, he sure did. and we're learning from the south koreans a little bit more about president trump's approach to this expected meeting with the north korean leader. the south korean national security adviser, he was the one who was at the oval office on thursday with president trump engaged in shuttle diplomacy, bringing a message from the north korean leader kim jong-un. he just got back to south korea and he says that at that meeting it was president trump himself who was pushing for a meeting with the north korean leader as soon as possible. then he says that it was the national security advisers for the u.s. and south korea both himself and hr mcmaster who said hang on. let's wait until south korea's president first has his face-to-face summit with north korea's leader in april and then
3:35 am
can you have your own summit with kim jong-un. why did president trump want this meeting so urgently? that is something that our colleagues in washington working at the white house are going to have to try to pick at. but interesting to hear from a south korean who was in the room and then who was instructed to make an announcement to the combined journalists at the white house afterwards that president trump had in fact accepted the invitation to have a meeting with the leader by may. we don't know where that might take place or when but the south koreans are offering to help with some of the logistics and they're perhaps the ones with the most experience to offer that kind of help because the u.s. has no diplomatic representation in pyongyang. they have no direct face-to-face communications with the north koreans. and the logistics of trying to
3:36 am
put together a summit in less than two months time are daunting to say the least. victor snr. >> and the white house trying to create a little distance between that by may time line and when they actually believe it could happen. sarah sanders back ago way from that late last week. we'll see if it happens within that fim frame. ivan watson in seoul. thank you so much. one of the victims of the california veterans home shooting was pregnant when she was killed. we've got new details on that shooter ahead. also, thousands of students and teachers are planning to walk out of schools this coming wednesday, march 14th. they're doing so in memory of the parkland students killed in that massacre but there are some schools that are saying get ready to be suspended if you do so. ways to lose stubborn belly fat. the roasted core wrap. 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little
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all right. get your brackets ready. march madness is here and teams are punching their ticket to the big dance. >> kristina fitzpatrick is here with pretty good highlights. >> plenty of action from basketball last night. it's that time of year we talk about underdogs and upsets. we all love it. so we'll begin with the america east championship game. top-seeded vermont versus maryland. baltimore county. down to the wire with ten seconds to go. umbc says i got this. as time winds down, he pulls it for three. it's good. he waived off the play call from the bench. he took matters into his own hands. unbc is headed to the big dance for the first time since 2008. marshal and western kentucky battled it out for the conference usa championship saturday. john elmore was a force for the thundering heard. draining it from three all night long. marshal had a 15 point lead with minutes to go. western kentucky tried to make a
3:42 am
comeback scoring 11 unanswered points. but they came up short in the end as marshal punched their ticket to the ncaa tournament for the first time in 31 years! coach d'antoni was clearly excited for. this big win as his team is dancing in march. in the pac 12 championship, arizona's alkins lit the place on fire with this nasty dunk. let's see it again. the crowd goes wild after what was considered a momentum changer for arizona on the way to a second straight title. this one over usc 75-61. they'll find unite who the first opponent is tonight during the selection show. it starts at 6:00 p.m. on our sister station tbs. they're trying something new this year. all 68 teams will be announced within the first ten minutes of the show. so waiting around to see which bubble teams make it in or not. everybody will find out in the early moments of that show. and then see where the seeding goes from there. so should be a good night in college basketball. >> we got our brackets to fill
3:43 am
out this evening. >> yeah. we do. >> with time. >> i'm going to stick with umbc for a couple of rounds. i'm from baltimore. >> there you go. >> he clearly has done his home work. >> that's just watching the one highlight. >> did you no he they were going to be in the tournament? >> i didn't. thank you. >> thank you very much. you helped us far more than you realized. >> thank you. >> all right. listen, stay close. there's an ultimatum for students planning to march against gun violence this week. they say either stay in class or face suspension. we're talking to a gun safety activist. she understands this pain here. she lost her son to gun violence and she is one of the leaders of this walk. stay close.
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ we have new details on that veterans home. jennifer gonzales was pregnant she was killed. the gunman, albert wong had ptsd and treated at that home. sources told cnn he was removed from the program after he threatened one of the victims. all three victims worked at the pathway home counsel service. he served in afghanistan and honorably discharged from the army. plus, police say he had at least seven firearms registered in his name. well this coming wednesday march 14 nl, one month after the florida school massacre,
3:49 am
thousands of students and teachers are planning to walk out of class at 10:00 a.m. and they'll do so for 17 minutes. this is in memory, of course, of the 17 people killed that day. they're calling on congress to take action to prevent gun violen violence in schools and enableds. lucy mcbeth is with us now. she is national spokeswoman for every town for gun safety and running for georgia's sixth congressional district and her son jordan davis was shot and killed at a gas station in florida by a man objecting to the loud music jordan and his friends were playing in their car. so she has obviously a very personal experience with this. tell me first of all what seeing things like this in the news, the parkland shooting, what does that do to you as a mom who has experienced something similar? >> there again, we're dealing with, you know, the extremist gun culture. and to see these children in
3:50 am
parkland being gunned down just as the children at sandy hook were gunned down, we're dealing with an issue and a crisis that has to be addressed. and now the fact that the students are standing up, they're fighting for their lives. they're marching for their lives, we need to be supporting them at every turn. and i'm very grateful to the students for really leading, you know, this leading this modern day civil rights movement. i'm really encourage ld by the fact that they are going to be the ones that really i believe are the catalyst for the change in this country. >> people are listening to students. but i do want to play for you some sound from florida representative elizabeth porter as she was talking about gun control. let's listen to this here. >> we've been told that we need to listen to the children. do what the children ask. are there any children on this floor? are there any children making laws? do we allow the children to tell
3:51 am
us that we should pass a law that says no home work or you finish high school at the age of 12 just because they want it so. no. the adults make the laws because we have the age, we have the wisdom, and we have the experience to make these laws. >> what's your reaction? >> that's a tragedy. that is absolutely a tragedy. to turn away and try to silence the voices of the children is a tragedy. we need to be supporting them at every turn. when the adults, when our legislators are not making sound decisions for the protection and safety of children and teachers in our classrooms and citizens at large, that's a tragedy. >> a lot of people say when it comes to gun legislation that this would be the beginning of abolishing the second amendment. do you want to abolish the second amendment? is that end goal?
3:52 am
>> absolutely not. i mean, myself and others like me, other activists and the work that i do with every town for gun safety, we respect the second amendment. it's not about taking people's guns away. there are lots of law abiding gun owners and hunters and enthusiastists. those are the not ones we're after. we have to understand and even gun owners agree with us. in this country, we have an extremist gun culture that has to be -- it is identified now. it has to be reckoned with. we have to enact safe gun laws that keep these kind of tragedies from happening again and again and again. >> let's listen here to one of the parents of parkland school massacre victim. his daughter jamie was he killed. listen here. >> i ask you a question. if this was put out by a terrorist organization, we would be raising the terror threat level in this country. why are we letting this lobby
3:53 am
have anything to do in d.c.? i don't understand it! >> what do you -- i know on twitter you take aim at the nra itself. what do you want specifically to see happen? and if you could sit down with somebody from the nra, what would you most want them to know. >> i want them to understand that their extremist agenda is causing more tragedy in this country. that, you know, you are 25 times n more likely to die in this nation than in any other developed nation in the world. >> do you think the nra has the power to change that? >> yes, they do. yes, they do. the gun owners that are part of the nra gun lobby, they have the power to change this. they have the power to change the narrative. they have the power to change the rhetoric. but they do not choose to. the nra leadership does not choose to because they are putting their -- they're basically putting profit over public safety. and that's immoral.
3:54 am
>> and this obviously conversation will continue. again, the walkout is the 14th. what do you say to -- we know that there are several schools, a couple in georgia, houston, ohio real quickly, what would you say to those schools who are saying if you walk on wednesday, you will be suspended? >> they're going to -- i would say that you're infringing upon the rights of the children to speak up freely and peaceful protest for their lives. >> i'm so torre abosorry about . we appreciate you being here. we'll be right back. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. at crowne plaza, we know business travel isn't just business. there's this.
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3:59 am
was the host of "saturday night live." >> he did a parody of "this is us." >> millions of americans have tuned into the show that is captivating a nation. >> ben carson, what is wrong? >> all of it. all of it is wrong. >> a drama so unnerving you can't look away. >> this whole thing with the president having sex with a porn star, it just didn't happen. >> the number one drama in the america. >> united arab emirates. is there any way i can borrow $800 million? >> nbc presents "this is u.s." the real life drama happening in our government every day. the show critics are calling like "this is us" but without the parts that feel good. >> baby, i'm scared. >> it's okay. you're going to make a great surgeon general. >> no, i run the department of
4:00 am
housing and urban development. >> that's hilarious. >> entertainment weekly says you'll be laughing without tears except without the laughing so i get regular crying. with loving tributes >> you're growing up just to be like me. maybe even better. >> and, of course, there is this. >> can't cry. i have nothing in me. >> this is u.s. this is real. ♪ keep america great, exclamation point. keep america great. north korea is tough. they are testing nuclear weapons. we may sit down and make the greatest deal for the world. open up


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