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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  March 15, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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since 2012. losing sales to walmart and target and amazon. it declared bankruptcy in september. it tried to shed debt, but turn around did not work. putting 33,000 jobs at risk. it is bad news for toy companies. toys r us is the last mega store dedicated to toys. would toys -- without toys r us, 10% to 15% of toy sales would be lost forever. >> and think about the exposure of the toys. >> i wonder if small toy stores will make a comeback? >> brands. >> neighborhood toy stores. >> we are toys r us kids or were at one point. "early start" continues right now. making up facts and threatening to pull troops. audio suggests the president is
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going to great lengths if he feels slighted in trade disputes. the confirmations in jeopardy. one key republican says he won't get behind them. the pentagon acknowledging a second attack on soldiers in niger last year after the deadly ambush by isis fighters. this is just now coming to light. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm bigeldave briggs. we will discuss the national walkout in a moment. what a strong showing of kids across the country. we start with some eye popping comments. donald trump on trade suggesting how far he is willing to go in talks with american allies. two major admissions and at a private fund-raiser in st. louis. >> the president said he made up facts with canadian prime minister justin trudeau.
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retelling a stoiry he told before. he said the u.s. has a trade deficit with canada. he admitted he did not know if that is the case. >> for the record, the united states has a trade surplus with canada. the president launched an attack on close american allies, including south korea. including that country ripping off the u.s. for decades. the president appeared to threaten pulling american troops stationed in south korea if seoul does not make concessions on trade that he wants. >> trump said we lose money on trade. we lose money on the military. we have right now 32,000 soldiers on the border with north and south korea. let's see what happens. for more on that story. let's bring in david mckenzie live in seoul. this is a president who, you know, was elected to rock the boat. in terms of the korean peninsula he is doing that. >> reporter: that is right, christine.
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he said from the moment he was brought into office he wanted to get hard on south korea when it comes to trade. get tough on the issues. to include the many u.s. troops at the demilitarized zone just 38 miles to the north of me is a controversial move even in private. president trump is now looking toward the high stakes meeting with kim jong un, the leader of north korea. and to throw trade and troops in the mix may complicate the mix with south korea. the foreign minister on the way to d.c. to have meetings with the acting secretary of state because rex tillerson was fired and meetings with ivanka trump. the longer there is awa wait on word, the more nervous the south
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koreans will get. there are meetings in sweden and they hold interests at heart with north korea. a lot of behind the scenes momentum. the comments potentially won't be seen as useful in the korean peninsula right now. >> david, thank you so much. >> joining us here is the senior correspondent for >> glad to be heere. >> this is the fear when the president talked about the direct meeting with kim jong un. shooting from the hip and pulling troops from the korean peninsula. that brings feel to people in the ridegion. how important is this issue? >> it is very important to the south koreans and u.s. and the military and families. as you noted, it comes at an
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intense time with the u.s., south korea and north korea. while these meetings are planned and negotiations as to what pre-conditions will agree to and all of that is hashed out, this is a powerful remark. on the heels of a few of the remarks the president put out. >> kim jong un wants a drawdown. the president is dangling something beneficial. >> everything they want. >> you watch the president on the diplomatic front is interesting. as justin trudeau and his story where the president walks in and says we have a trade deficit with canada. we don't. we don't. it makes it difficult to figure out how the president is negotiating and the deals he is making when the basic facts are not right. >> christine, it mays it difficult for reporters and difficult for his staff. it makes it difficult for our allies meeting with the
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president. he said exemptions can be offered on steel and aluminum tariffs. we see the meeting with trudeau how the meetings go. the president's view is america first. what that means is he has a view and he says allies are here to serve the united states. you see him pulling away and saying this is not in the american trinterest. this is something he has been doing for the last 14 months. >> if the president is getting a better deal on nafta, he will look good in the end. if there is no trade war. >> exactly. if there is no trade war. that is a big if. >> that's the carrot. this is something i'm looking at with the appointment on larry kudlow. he agrees these can be a tool. negotiating better deals in the interest of the united states. they have different opinions
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there. as we see shakeups in the white house, you have to wonder how many opinions are left in the inner circle? >> the voices brought in are like-minded opinions or yes men. >> the president was elected to rock the boat. he is rocking the boat. i think and i'm surprised on the trade war front and people believe he would not do some of the things. you look at boeing. boeing fell. it is the proxy for trade war. the president was at boeing when the shares were falling because of his policies. >> the president sees this as what he was intending to do and voted into office to do. we saw his confidence on the campaign trail. we saw how he spoke to voters and for voters. that empowered him. he has confidence. when he shoots from the hip, he is saying his impulses are the best way forward. we are seeing more people around him in high level positions echo that thought. >> we want to talk about a piece you wrote about the national
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walkout we saw across the country. one month after the shooting at parkland at stoneman douglas high school. it was incredible to see the students take action around the world as we reported. the question being how do they turn this into action? they have the march for our lives on march 24th in d.c. how do they turn this into policy? congress member be care about come l dollars and cents and votes. >> so many wanted to tell me about walking through the streets. the signs they were holding and shirts they were wearing and how pedestrians stopped and took photos and cheered them on. i saw this all. the question is what happens next. they point to the march on march 24th. they are getting buss to bri bu ohio. you see the enthusiasm. you see the enthusiasm around the efforts closer to home. another walkout on april 20th.
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politically, i'm hearing more act sicivism activism. they are pairing voter registration. these students are young and a number of them are old enough to make political decisions. they are well versed on policy. not just the students on the air, but students on the street corners. it is impressive. >> they know the white house school safety plan calls fore m for arming teachers. more needs to be done. we will talk more about that in the next half hour. >> this time is different. the momentum is real. i think it is the young voters who will make all the difference in the world. erin, thank you. come back. this week marks ten years since the collapse of bear sterns. the senate voted to roll back rules adopted in its wake. reform of the banking reform. the senate bill repeals parts of
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dodd-frank passing 67-31. dividing democrats here. progressives oppose easing regulations. they point to a cbo report that says the bill could trigger another financial crisis. many say dodd-frank hurt community banks and regulations were stifling lending. it raises the threshold from $50 billion to $250 billion. shielding more than two dozen mid sized banks leaving wells fargo and jpmorgan chase to face the annual stress tests and providing plans to dismantle if they fail. this is not just bank oversight. other issues are important. it expands free credit freezes. lenders can no longer default when a signer dies. banks that originate $500
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million or less no longer have to report racial data. critics say that could free up lending, but tougher to police discrimination. that has been a problem in the past. breaking news. the pentagon forced to acknowledge u.s. troops came under attack a second time last year in niger. it happened in december. two months after the ambush by isis militants which killed for american personnel. 11 militants from the different isis group died in the december fight. no americans were killed. this raises questions about why american personnel were still vulnerable after one deadly ambu ambush. the u.s. has 900 troops in niger training and advising local forces. two navy pilots died wednesday afternoon when the fa-18 fighter jet crashed off key west during a training flight. the navy says they were attempting to land and ejected. the cause of the crash is under
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who's the fun one now? made with real cream. reddi-wip. instant greatification. the sister of the charleston church shooter arrested and charged with drugs and weapons at school. morgan roof was caught with a knife and pepper spray and marijuana. she posted a disturbing message on snapchat. south carolina governor says the quick reaction avoided a tragedy. roof was given $5,000 bond. thunited airlines apologizi for another blunder with a pet
2:17 am
on a flight. united flew her 10-year-old german shepherd ergo to japan instead of kansas city. she was traveling with her two young children when she tried to pick up ergo from the cargo facility, but the dog was not found. in its place was a great dane that should have been on a plane to japan. >> the little boy is adorable. kids and dogs. ergo was flying for the first time. he had no food or water on the flight. united is flying ergo back to kansas through denver with a human escort. the airline concedes an error occurred. it is following up with the vendor where the pets were kept to see what went wrong. as we reported yesterday, a family dog dying in the overhead bin on a flight. the flight attendant said it did
2:18 am
not know the dog was in the bin. the pet owner said there was an animal in the carrier, but claims the flight attendant did not hear or understand her. the airline will issue brightly colored tags with pets beginning in april. united states senator john kennedy, wants to hear from united. he is on "new day." >> have you flown with pets? >> no. >> i'm surprised how many people fly with animals. >> i think fewer will be in the future. today, hope your brackets are done. march madness kicking in high gear. we have the "bleacher report" with coy wire next. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family.
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today, folks, kicks off the two best days of the year. the first round of the ncaa tournament. there was action last night. >> coy wire has more in the "bleacher report." >> the play-in games wrapping up. seyracuse and arizona state. it was a long night. up past 11:00. taking on syracuse. last night marked the first time ever he coached the orange as an 11 seed. late in the second half, tyus battle knocked down the big three. back and forth with seconds remaining. syracuse has a chance. evans? no. syracuse puts the sun devils to
2:24 am
sleep. they play tcu on friday. asu grads lost sleep they will never get back. texas southern started the season 0-13. they did not get their first win until january 1st. the season starts in november. the first time in school history, the tigers get a win in the ncaa tournament. jefferson led his team in scoring. no fluke. he led the conference in scoring this season. texas southern steam rolls north carolina central. advancing to try to take down number one seed xavier tomorrow. oklahoma freshman led the nation in scoring this season with 27 p points a game average. the sooners barely made the tournament. losing 8 of the last 10 games. a lot of talk after selection sunday why they did not deserve to be in the tournament. yesterday, he wasn't having any of it.
2:25 am
>> the regular season and we are not worried about it. everybody is 0-0 now. everybody in the field is capable of winning games. we have to come in with the mind set of compete hard on both ends for 40 minutes and hopefully get back to the way we were to start the season. >> all right. have you picked your march madness brackets yet? former president obama said because i have nor tihave more watch games doesn't mean they will be better. undefeated uconn winning the women's tournament since his bracketology was complete. you want to take down briggs, romans, myself or other crew members? go to and see if you can go toe-to-toe with us and put us to sleep.
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>> i finished mine yesterday. >> and surprise, we had the same national champion. we will not reveal yet. >> we do. i know. >> i like it. >> coy wire, thank you. 26 minutes past the hour. leaked audio shows the president boasting about making stuff up and threatening to pull troops from south korea. all over trade disputes. more next. oyments q. m gratefula was able to take care of my family while i was overseas serving. it was my very first car accident. we were hit from behind. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles and we're usaa members for life. see how much you could save with usaa by bundling your auto and home insurance. get a quote today. if yorheumatoid arthritisevere and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication,
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2:31 am
powerful rallies coast to coast demanding actions on guns. the surveillance video from parkland expected to be released at noon. could that change the c conversati conversation? i'm dave briggs. welcome back to "early start." >> i'm romans romans. eye popping comments from president trump on trade suggesting how far he is willing to go with talks with american allies. a private fund-raiser with audio op obtained by "the washington post." >> he retold a story he told before with a new line. the president says u.s. has a trade deficit with canada and he did not know if that was the case. >> for the report, the u.s. has a trade surplus with canada. accusing the country of ripping off the u.s. for decades and poaching the american work
2:32 am
force. >> trump said quote we lose money on trade and we lose money on the military. we have right now 32,000 soldiers on the border with north and south korea. let's see what happens. for more on that story, let's bring in david mckenzie live in seoul. david, is that not the fear if the president walks in with kim jong un and negotiates away our presence on the korean peninsula? >> reporter: i don't know if that is the specific fear, dave, but it certainly is a fear that president trump might get into the meeting and take those discussions in a direction which becomes a wild card situation. as we have seen, the president changes his mind and brings up trade when the primary southern many would say right now -- primary concern many would say right now is foreign policy with south korea. south korea is a key partner in trying to figure out how to
2:33 am
bring stability back to the region and end the nuclear program of kim jong un. everything is done backwards. normally you have low-level diplomats and it moves up the chain until the commander in chief signs something with with the other side. these meetings that trump agreed to would be the first time that kim jong un is meeting with an american president. it is unprecedented it would go to such a top level so quickly. diplomats will be skrcrambling make this happen. no secretary of state right now. the foreign minister on the way to d.c. to meet with the acting secretary of state and ivanka trump today. >> south korea has no comment this morning as they don't react to reported comments or tweets like this one. david live in seoul. thank you. >> usually problems are worked out by diplomats. there is no ambassador to south korea. a big transition in the state
2:34 am
department. outgoing secretary of state rex tillerson expected to sit down with his replacement mike pompeo. senior officials say there is no bad blood between the men. tillerson assured pompeo he will work to make sure the transition is a success. the path to confirmation is complicated for pompeo and the woman named to replace him. gina haspel. >> two senators who supported him for director say they have concerns about him being elevated to the head of the state department. republican senator rand paul opposes pompeo and haspel. >> i'm perplexed by the nomination of people who love the iraq war so much that they would advocate for a war with iran next. my opposition to her is over her direct participation in interrogation and gleeful enjoyment of suffering of someone being tortured. >> senator paul's announcement
2:35 am
doesn't block the path to confirmation. if paul votes no on pompeo, republican leaders could move it to the floor without committee approval. the pentagon forced to acknowledge u.s. troops came under attack a second time in niger. it happened two months after the ambush where isis militants killed four american personnel. 11 died in the december firefight. no americans were killed, but the attack raises questions about why american personnel were still vur ne-- vulnerable. a vote of use of military force could come as soon as next month. senator bob corker, chairman of the senate relations committee says they are close to agreement. allow makers are struggling to define the legal authority. a majority of republicans prefer
2:36 am
not to make changes. breaking news. two navy pilots have died after the fighter jet crashed off key west during a training flight. the navy says the pilots attempted to land and ejected and crews recovered them from the water. the cause of the accident is under investigation. t president tweeted join me in our thoughts and prayers. and records show defense department employees charged more than $138,000 at trump branded properties in the first 14 months of the trump presidency. this is evidence that taxpayer money flows to trump businesses. that violates ethical norms and possibly the u.s. constitution. >> personnel spending most of the expenses on food and lodging at mar-a-lago.
2:37 am
it is the time president spent in florida from the inauguration to 2017. hud is struggling to explain e-mails that contradict claims secretary ben carson and his wife had no involvement in the purchase of the $31,000 furniture set. the hud spokesperson blamed it on a career staffer. e-mails obtained through the freedom of information request showed carson and his wife selected the furniture. >> the assistant shows printouts show mrs. carson picked out the furniture. the spokesman said when presented with options, mrs. carson par atiecipated in the selection of the styles. president trump crediting the democrats in the special election in the trump-like campaign. the president said in st. louis that democrat conor lamb ran a
2:38 am
smart race in the district because he sounded like a republican. gop leaders echoing the comments. >> the candidate that wins is the candidate that runs as a pro-life anti-pelosi candidate. >> the republican rick saccone's campaign instructing the counties to preserve ballots and voting machines. the first step in potential recount following the apparent razor thin win for lamb. andrew mccabe faces process of getting fired and losing his pension. the termination decision stems from the justice department watchdog report. saying he misled investigators to thorough officials to speak to the media about the probe. >> a representative declined to comment. the final decisions belongs to
2:39 am
jeff sessions. president trump repeatedly bashed mccabe on twitter before mccabe was on leave in january. and president trump offered larry kudlow the job on tuesday. he has spoken out against trump's tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. that is the reason for gary cohn's resignation. trump said kudlow has come around. kudlow champions the other achievements of deregulation and tax cuts. a study finds a trade war would erase all of the economic benefits from the tax cuts. that is according to the university of pennsylvania. the president's alma mater. the trade war would hit the exporters hardest. boeing. the president visited st. louis yesterday at boeing. it was happening as the stock
2:40 am
tank tanked shaving 100 points from the dow. it is seen as the proxy for a trade war. boeing vulnerable to a trade war. it imports steel and sells 80% of planes abroad. think china. the most u.s. manufacturers face higher costs due to the metal tariffs. that juxtaposition got me yesterday. how great the u.s. economy is and tax cuts and the boeing shares falling sharply. >> not good optics. emotional and powerful day as students nationwide take to the streets demanding changes to gun laws. what can they do next to get some action from washington, d.c.? we'll discuss next.
2:41 am
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surveillance video from outside marjory stoneman douglas high school expected to be released today. this comes a day after the students nationwide with the walkouts from coast to coast demanding actions on guns. >> students had not planned to walk out for more than 17 minutes to honor the 17 killed. as crowds swelled nationwide, some students kept it going. in new york city at laguardia high, students filled up a half a block during the 17-minute sit-in. >> and at washington, d.c., students held up names of the students and victims. and students in burlington, vermont, participated as not
2:46 am
even heavy snow stopped them. and students in california spelled out the word "enough" on the financiootball field. >> students walked out in solidarity across the world. we have more from reporter from this feels different to me. this feels like activism. it feels different from the recent protests. >> i agree with you. the students i speak with will tell you that. if you asked them what made parkland different, some will tell you this could happen in their schools. we have seen 200 school shootings since sandy hook. the interesting thing is students see themselves in the activists who have emerged from parkland. instead of sitting back and saying that could have been me when they see violence.
2:47 am
they are jumping into the conversation. they are raising their hands and making signs and shouting at the top of their lungs saying that could be me too. i could be the force for change. that is a big difference from the last few years. >> what is next? surveillance video to show what the officer did not do. march 24th is the march for our lives in washington, d.c. kids from across the country expected. i'm a skeptic. we saw school violence policy will put more guns in the system. how do they turn this into action? they did in florida. how do they do it across the country? >> it is important to remember they are working with important coalition. adults call themselves allies. they don't want the spotlight. the main group that is backing the students and helping to train them and helping to coordinate is the women's march coalition. that matters because when you look at the goals of that group
2:48 am
which spelled out and uniting student groups. they are saying universal background checks and assault weapons ban. that is a non starter in congress. when i asked students what do you twoowant to achieve? most are pragmatic. they want to be a counter force to the nra. we want to sign people up to vote. they are not go all-in on changing legislation. they know the limb limits of t political will. >> the students outside peacefully protesting. the nra tweets all control my own guns, thank you. #2a, #nra. that infuriated students. especially when you talk about honoring 17 kids killed by that very weapon. i think companies already know this is happening. kids and companies are the next leader. i think when you look at the
2:49 am
conor lamb election, a younger 33-year-old -- >> second amendment supporter. >> when you look at some of the activists, they think they want younger people in congress. they rejekcted the grown ups there right now. you are seeing a difference. this younger generation will make a difference. >> think about what congress said. we will take this up with urgency. democrats forced to shut down. we are not talking about that now. last big bill to leave the house floor is going to be the spending bill at the end of march. don't expect anything to happen before the mid terms. that matters too. they are seeing inaction by the congressional representatives and they are angry. >> you can be a second amendment supporter and support getting guns out of school. >> you can be the second amendment supporter. >> single issue voters on guns and immigration. they go the other way.
2:50 am
>> view people are single issue voters. >> thank you, erin. good conversation. the sister of the charleston church shooter charged with drugs and weapons at school. morgan roof was caught with a knife and pepper spray and marijuana. she also posted a message on snapchat alarming students. the governor says the swift reaction of students and teefrper teefrp teachers -- teachers avoiding another tragedy. and a passenger of united airlines says united flew her german shepherd to japan instead of kansas city. the dog was nowhere to be found in the cargo area. in its place was a great dane which should have been on the plane. >> she said the dog was flying for the first time with no food or water.
2:51 am
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attack on two people in the united kingdom using a military grade nerve agent. we take no pleasure to constantly criticize russia. we need russia to stop giving us so many reasons to do so. >> strong words from ambassador nikki haley after the poisoning of the russian spy in the united kingdom. russia and the uk locked in a bitter dispute. prime minister may retaliated and now the russians responding in kind. nic robertson has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. lavrov, the foreign minister, speaking at the press conference. asking if you will expel british diplomats. his answer is absolutely. the question when? the answer soon. the elections coming up this weekend in russia. we can expect the russians will continue to take a tough position on this issue. no one expecting president
2:57 am
vladimir putin to fail to win a fourth term. you can expect russia to play a strong and tough role. here in the uk, the prime minister speaking with others today and they will go to nato to put britain's opinion there. meanwhile, several thousand troops vaccinated against anthrax. not because they fear a threat, but because they want to be ready and prepared and putting millions more dollars in chemical weapons defense here in the uk. >> we watch to see if russian assets are frozen in the uk. nic, thank you. a check on "cnn money." global stocks higher after just stocks -- after u.s. stocks fell thanks to boeing. it fell 2%. now down 9% from its high. boeing is vulnerable to a trade war. it is the proxy really in the market for concerns about trade. especially with china.
2:58 am
boeing's second largest market. president trump wants steep tariffs on china. kids love iphones. that is a problem for apple. investors are blaming apple for not doing more for the children smartphone addiction. apple offers parental controls. it has a new family page rounding up the ways parents can control how kids use apple devices. tracking location and monitoring purchases and filtering what they see. they are not rolling out new features. it is putting them together so parents know how the kids are using the phones. speaking of kids. remember this? ♪ i don't want to grow up because baby if i did ♪ ♪ i canouldn't be a toys r us kid ♪ >> not another generation of toys r us kids. the iconic toy stores will close. it hasn't made a profit since
2:59 am
2012. losing to walmart and target and amazon. it declared bankruptcy in september. 33,000 jobs at risk here. it is bad for toy companies. toys r us is the last mega store dedicated to toys. without it, 10% to 15% of toy sales will be lost forever. that jingle. >> i'm a toys r us kid. >> it brings me back to braces and bubble gum. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. i don't want to now our closest allies will not know whether the president is speaking from fact. >> why did they ban together to screw the united states on trade? >> these documents suggest that the trump organization has been


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