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tv   New Day  CNN  March 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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in this about him. but that is a big role. >> maggie, stick around. we have many more questions for you on. we want to thank our international viewers for watching. for you cnn talk is next. for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. >> the president and general mcmaster are continue to go look together. >> they are looking at other people in this administration. >> it is utter chaos and not a recipe for moving forward. >> it looks like that the mueller team is following down trump's money. >> we will continue to cooperate with the special counsel and look forward to them concluding soon. >> there are a lot of dots but so many of them seem to be pointing to russia. >> we heard a loud bang. we looked back and the bridge had completely collapsed. the cars were completely crushed. there was a lot of debris. >> our hearts go out to all of those affected. >> this is "new day" with chris
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cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". the turmoil inside the trump administration. look, you can't see it as anything but disarray. sources say president trump is ready to oust his national security adviser, general h.r. mcmaster. this comes as the president is weighing who else to fire in his embattled cabinet. and a major development in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller has subpoenaed documents from trump's family business, the trump organization. does that cross donald trump's red line on them investigating his personal finances. all of this as the trump administration finally imposes new sanctions on russia for its election interference. let's begin with cnn's abby phillip. she is live at the white house. what's the latest this morning, abby? >> reporter: well, good morning, alisyn. the russia investigation is ongoing. it is h.r. mcmaster, the president's national security adviser, that is the big story this morning. sources tell cnn that he could
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be out as soon as today, even if the white house denies he is on his way out the door. meanwhile, robert mueller's investigation continues and appears to be picking up steam. multiple sources tell cnn that after months of tension, president trump has made the decision to fire national security adviser h.r. mcmaster. the president now weighing potential replacements aiming to have a new adviser in place ahead of his historic meeting with north korea's dictator, which could happen soon. among the names under consideration, fox news contributor john bolton. late thursday, press secretary sarah sanders, again, insisting that the president and mcmaster have a good working relationship and there are no changes at the national security counsel. >> general mcmaster is not going anywhere, as the president said in the oval office to a number of people, he thinks he has done a great job. >> reporter: but mcmaster and mr. trump, sources say, have
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never gotten along and he thinks he has a condescending briefing style. chief of staff john kelly is strongly pushing for his firing and has become increasingly angry as what he views as a prolonged effort to undermine secretary of state rex tillerson. >> there will always be change. and i think you want to see change. and i want to see different ideas. >> reporter: the turmoil in the west wing coming as special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation widens. mueller has subpoenaed the president's family business, an area mr. trump indicated could cross a red line. >> is that a red line? >> i think it would be a breach. >> reporter: investigators asking witnesses recently about a possible trump real estate deal in moscow. a lawyer for on on the trump organization responding, this is old news and our assistance and cooperation with the various investigations remains the same today.
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news that the subpoena coming after the administration amounts it finally imposed sanctions for russia that were overwhelmingly past by congress last august. it comes as the department of homeland security accuses russia of trying to penetrate the u.s. energy grid. the white house is stopping short of declaring russia an enemy. >> is putin a friend or a foe? >> they will have to decide whether they want to be a good actor or bad actor. >> reporter: it is unclear what the breadth of this new mueller subpoena is. the "new york times" reports that the subpoena is something that they did even though they could have simply asked for these documents. but a source tells cnn that it would be what mueller is trying to do here is clean up, that mueller wants to make sure all documents are turned over in the course of the investigation. chris and alisyn. joining us now is "new york
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times" white house correspondent maggie haberman. in your reporting, where did h.r. mcmaster go wrong? >> taking the job. in all seriousness, they never quite clicked. the way he was given the job was all very strange. the president was essentially auditioning. he was upset the first time he met h.r. mcmaster because he was wearing a suit and not wearing his uniform. he wanted him to wear his uniform. this is a big thing for the president, as we know, the military displays. stylistically they have never gotten along. the president interrupts h.r. mcmaster and adding a joke. and mcmaster continues on as if that hasn't happened and that's not the way to win with this particular president. i think there are a couple of issues where he was at odds with the president that had not been
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in his favor. i think what is more problematic of late is who he is around the president. so they have never gotten along in any meaningful way. mcmaster had been seen by kelly, and i have this from four people in the administration, as being part of sort of a broader group of people who were agitating against tillerson. but he was seen by kelly as undermining in an attenuated way. he has been vocal all week. the people that i spoke with believe that the stories last night, particularly the "washington post" story which was very pointed about h.r. mcmaster. it doesn't mean it won't be right in the near future.
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it will be. but we have known for some time the president is done with h.r. mcmaster. h.r. mcmaster also is essentially done with the job. it is not that he wouldn't stay if conditions weren't better. >> it would almost be better that it happens because you don't have policy. >> that's right. what is billed as healthy disputes and battles of ideas and changeover for fresh blood, none of that is accurate in terms of the dynamic. it's firing people and people wondering if they're next. what is striking about comey, or
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frankly with reince priebus, he is rarely that decisive. he lets them fester for months and months and months. in the case of priebus, he did. he was seen as a toxic force. bannon was seen as a toxic force. but the president didn't connect steve bannon. the president liked watching the show. one of his advisers said he can either do the job or watch the show. and almost every time he chooses the to watch the show. >> and you were tweeted to that effect last night. he said if he floats his own story, meaning the president, of what he will or could do, the story amounts to a reality show cliffhanger to keep you until after the commercial. and i think what plays into that is press secretary sarah sanders who said, no, this isn't
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happening. here's what she tweeted yesterday. just spoke to the president. and contrary to reports they have a good working relationship and there are no changes at the nsc. >> i cannot imagine having a worse job than she has in that situation. you are working for a president who likes to stoke his own gossip. in fairness to the "washington post", a lot of people were also saying mcmaster will be gone as soon as today. i don't think it will be today or any time in the coming days. but the president will change his mind just to be contrarian. it is a really important thing to bear in mind. it is why we all face risks, and i have fallen into this trap many times ourselves, when we report something definitively, until he is on the record about
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what is going to happen, gary cohn's departure, you run the risk that he is going to say it's not good. >> he is watching you right now. and if you go too far, he could not make it happen. >> true. >> if they do it today, he has really made it almost impossible for sarah huckabee sanders to continue doing the job. she would have no credibility. she is struggling there anyway with the media. she would have no credibility. if it happens today, you will know either she just lies to promote the agenda of the day, or she doesn't know what's going on. >> i think taking it away from any one specific person, i think two people who get attacked are sarah sanders and kellyanne conway and i don't think that's fair. this stems from the president. that's just where this is coming from.
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when somebody enjoys this level of chaos and enjoys this thing, we have seen a version of this for three years. we have lived through the campaign. his behavior is no different as president. if anything he is becoming bolder about his own behavior. what was striking about what he said in that audio that the "washington post" got, and good on them for getting it in missouri the other night, was not that he allegedly lied to an allie, it was writing that he had lied. that was something he would privately say to friends. he wouldn't even acknowledge that he told an untruth. this is a difference. openly saying on a campaign rally stage that he wants to give death penalty to drug dealers, that is new. this is all him saying the inside part out loud. for whatever reason, he is feeling more comfortable. >> that's fine. but one thing, i agree with what you are saying, period.
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but when it comes to sanders and kellyanne conway, they make their own choices about what they say. i'm sure they get heavy pressure. this is how we put it out. this is what we like and don't like. they make the choice whether or not to echo things. >> i'm with maggie. i think they get more criticism from the public. far more than the guys who go out and also say falsehoods and untruths. >> but like who? these are main players. >> scaramucci. >> we beat him up on this show. >> they are having to go out there and say things that they are being told to say. now, look. this is not compulsary work. they could all work. no question. but when you choose to work there, it should not continue to be a surprise that they are being told by their boss things to say. and i think there has been a difference over and over and over in how the women have been
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treated versus the men. it's just reality. >> and in sanders and kellyanne, i think kellyanne knows what's in his head at a very high level. that is not always a given. >> i think that that's true. but i think that the level of the savagery in some of the attacks. >> saturday is night live when they first went after sarah huckabee sanders how she looked and dressed, that is obnoxious. that happens when kellyanne goes on. that is wrong, no question about it. all right. breaking news this morning as well. the death toll is rising in the pedestrian bridge collapse in miami. emergency crews using search and rescue dogs to find victims right now buried in the rubble. cnn rosa flores with breaking details. we know they have been out overnight, rosa >> reporter: and, you know, chris, tough details for some of the families waking up is that
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they have lost their loved ones. the death toll increasing to six. the cruel irony here is this bridge was designed, it was built for the safety of fiu students. >> it was super loud. >> reporter: shocking new video obtained by the ""miami herald"" captures the sudden collapse of a new pedestrian bridge at florida international university in miami. >> my friend's sister called me. her brother, my childhood friend, was crossing as the bridge was coming down, and it hit him. >> do you know how he's doing? >> i don't know. i don't know. he was rushed to the hospital. i don't know. i'm just so worried. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio tweeting that cables that suspended the bridge were loosened and the structure gave
4:15 am
way. >> we have a report of several people injured at this time. >> reporter: authorities announced the frantic effort to rescue people trapped in the rubble is now a recovery operation. >> the cars were completely crushed under. you could see the front of the car and a lot of debris everywhere. >> reporter: emergency crews working desperately into the night to recover victims in eight flattened vehicles. using search and rescue dogs to look for signs of life. >> we want to do our best to find out what happened here and if anything has done anything wrong, we will hold them accountable. >> reporter: the 950-ton bridge was to give people a safe way to cross the busy highway below after the death of a student last year. >> being under the bridge we were like, oh, this is so scary. because it weighs so much. but we had trust that the people who built it, there was no fault or anything. >> reporter: the structure was just installed last saturday.
4:16 am
the university president touted the new project. >> this new bridge is critical for student safety. we're thrilled they can now have is a much safer passage. >> reporter: the bridge was designed to withstand a category 5 hurricane and was slated to open next year. rest assured, this tragedy will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. we have learned that this investigation involves local, state, and federal officials. alisyn, there are homicide detectives working side by side with engineers, with members of the fbi, osha and ntsb. >> that's interesting, rosa. thank you very much for all the developments from that tragic scene. a u.s. military official tells cnn that seven military members have been killed in a helicopter kra, in iraq. cnn's barbara starr is live at the pentagon with all the breaking news for us. what have you learned, barbara? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the news we never want to report for american military families.
4:17 am
all seven members that crashed yesterday in western iraq are deceased. now the second crew reported no signs of hostile fire. military personnel went to the scene very quickly to secure it and to try and recover the remains. and of course sadly what we know now is the routine will take place. there will be teams that will fan out to the families of all seven fallen, notify them in the coming hours of the fate of their loved ones. and after that at some point, we the public will learn their names and learn what they were doing in iraq. it only underscores that war is a deadly business for all of those in it. this was not a combat mission by all accounts. a terrible accident in western
4:18 am
iraq. chris? >> just a reminder that the involvement isn't over. the sacrifice is great not just for the men and women in service but their families as well. barbara, thank you very much for giving us the information. one of the questions we're dealing with this morning, is vladimir putin a friend or foe to america? the white house cannot say. what does that mean? we ask former director of national intelligence jim clapper next. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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>> it's a really tough situation for an active duty military officer. in this very highly charged environment. so that's point one. conventionally, with everything that's going on, you wouldn't want to make a change like that with this forth coming summit in may with north korea. >> and why not? why not make a change now? what is at stake if he changes his national security adviser before meeting with north korea? >> well, you would like to have as much preparation time for something as momentous as this is potentially.
4:24 am
and the bench on korean expertise right now, as far as i can tell, a little thin with the special envoy just having retired. we don't have an ambassador in seoul yet. now, having said that, i think now director of cia pompeo can certainly forge that continuity. of course i don't know that he will be in place as secretary of state. we shouldn't take for granted the confirmation process. and i do wonder whether confirmation fatigue will set is in in the senate with constant turnover. >> does any of this worry you on a national security level? beyond the politics, beyond the chaos. are there national security concerns? >> well, there are, i think, in just this turmoil and turbulence in the national security
4:25 am
apparatus. that's why, you know, i think the continued presence and continued tenure of secretary of defense jim mattis is so crucial. but having been in that apparatus myself for a long time, it is disruptive when you have the constant turmoil and turnover. even when you don't, wondering what's the next tweet going to say about showing somebody the door in a pretty rapid manner. and just that sense of the unknown cannot be good for -- particularly at the working level. just good for national security. it's too distracting. >> okay. that leads us to our next question, russia. friend or foe, what's the answer to that? >> well, yeah.
4:26 am
well, if you ask me, there's no doubt that they are a foe. russia, first of all, poses the greatest existential threat to this country. and just evidenced by putin's recent speech in which he rolled out five strategic weapons systems of varying degrees of maturity which are designed only for one adversary, and that's the united states. and i think the other dimension, of course, is the information warfare that the russians are waging and have been for some time. which are designed specifically to undermine us, undermine our system. and this all stems from personal animus that putin has for this country and our system. it looks like we will have six more years of him. so in my view, no question they are a foe.
4:27 am
and i continue to worry about the ambiguity displayed by this administration for russia. >> i want to ask about this new development for russia. now the trump administration has sanctioned russia for election meddling. okay. some would say finally. some would say it was belated. but they have followed congress's recommendations and done so. in so doing, department of homeland security didn't know before and that was russia's attempt at this cyber attack to our energy grid. including nuclear, water, commercial, aviation sectors. how troubled should everyone be? >> they should be very troubled about it. there have been public pronouncements about this before. just didn't get the attention. and the danger here is that
4:28 am
russian cyber recon out erred i will say where they implant imbeds to disrupt them at a time of their choosing. that's why this is so serious. it is a good thing that this is, you know, has come out. this is a great concern. i'm in the camp that says, gee, it's about time. the last sanctions imposed by the last administration on on the 29th of december of 2016. so it has been 15 months. and it was in october when congress almost unanimously on a bipartis bipartisan effort passed sanctions. so finally. >> thank you very much for your expertise. >> thanks, alisyn. >> chris? >> perfect he segue. guess who we have this morning? russian-born businessman felix
4:29 am
sater. you know that name. he has been swirling around in all of the intrigue about the trump organization and contacts with russia. is he part of robert mueller's probe? we're going to ask him about everything that is relevant, next. and now i'm going to keep reading. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster could be the next casualty as president trump makes changes to his administration. how is the white house upheaval playing on the world stage? christiane amanpour. ics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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in a cnn skhraoeus iexclusi who spearheaded efforts in north korea, said kim jong-un was surprised that president trump accepted that face-to-face meeting so quickly. >> i think to be frank with you, i think they were a little bit surprised that washington, president trump readily accepted. they thought it would take a little time.
4:34 am
they were not completely prepared. >> well, joining us now is cnn chief international correspondent christiane amanpour to talk about this and so much more. not only was the trump administration, some of his cabinet and public surprised, it turns out the north koreans were surprised. >> yes. . you went on to say he sent a message to the north korean leadership to have this meeting and they could put all of their things on the table. but korea watchers are getting a little bit concerned. why haven't we heard anything from north korea officially? all of this is south korea says and president trump accepted. so they are a little bit concerned as to why it hasn't been formally and publicly mentioned as of right now. >> what do we think is behind that? why wouldn't they be trumpeting it, no pun intended? >> look, who knows? many skeptics believe all they want anyway is a propaganda coup. they want to play psychological games with the united states.
4:35 am
and they are trying to figure out how to divide the united states from their south korean allies, how to wedge the u.s. out of the asia-pacific region which plays into china's happens as well. what we really don't know is did they really say that they would pause their nuclear and ballistic missile testing? did they say they would put their nuclear weapons plan on the table. when they get to the meeting, that all the preparation has to have been dup by the u.s. side. all the red lines and you have to know what you're going to negotiate about. and i guess figure out what the others intend to put on the table or not. is and this is where it gets really tricky. you just had on tapper. and mike pompeo, cia, they do not believe the north koreans are going to denuclearize. certainly not as a first step. you have to figure out are the negotiations going to understand that it is a long process and
4:36 am
denuclearization may be at the end of the road and not sort of walk out if you don't get it immediately. so it's really tricky. and there are no career experts really in the trump administration right now. >> all right. let's segue to sex. it's a natural segue. >> in this odd, odd diplomatic environment. >> so you have a six-part series is coming out starting this weekend on cnn. why did you want to explore sex globally? >> well, here it is. it is called sex & love. here is the bottom line. for 30 years also, i've been around the world covering really extreme conditions. people in the middle of war. people trying to stay alive, people escaping genocide, rape, ethnic cleansing crisis, all of these extreme facets of the human condition. and it just came to me a couple of years ago when i saw these incredibly tragic pictures and
4:37 am
we were reporting on fleeing the savage wars in syria i said to myself, how do these people stay human? the flip side of that extreme survival is your heart, your soul and then your physical happiness and your sexual satisfaction. it all leads into a very, very vital part of human condition. and i wanted to explore that. as a counter part to all the other stuff. my goodness, it opened unbelievable doors. this is an incredible series of people all over the world in various cities that you wouldn't even imagine. muslims. beirut. delhi. we have berlin. tokyo. we have six of these. it is absolutely fantastic. there is something for everybody there. for young adolescents, middle aged, older. the good news is this me too
4:38 am
moment, although it wasn't a gleam in our eye when we started. i found these women not to be victims. they are agents of their own change, their own happiness. and it is really a fun series. >> that is a good perspective. we have a clip. >> oh, good. >> i've never heard my father say i love you to my mother. i think it would be really weird for me to hear that in japanese. it sounds really, really corny. >> yeah. that's the thing. >> it just sounds corny. >> in english, you always say it. >> we say those sorts of things. >> it means more if you say thank you. so i think a lot of japanese people say thank you instead of i love you.
4:39 am
>> fascinating. >> it is actually fascinating. it really is. because you just don't get it when you are a stranger going to this culture. i even have japanese colleagues here. they have never seen hand holding, kissing in public. there isn't words for i love you, as you just saw. japanese is known for its sexless marriages. after the kids are born, husband goes in one direction, the wife goes in another direction. in japan, a huge percentage of virgins. it is quite dysfunction al. that starts the story there. there is the counter side and how that is addressed by the younger japanese and all over the world how this plays out. >> i can't wait to watch it. really, really provocative, interesting, and thought provokeng. >> is and a respite.
4:40 am
>> sex & love. around the world tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. >> geesh. here's another story for you this morning. a homeless single mother's life turned for the better after a traffic stop. this is a story you need to hear in "beyond the call" that's next. ♪
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all right. so listen to this story. a traffic stop in atlanta changes a homeless single mother's life, and for the better. it's all thanks to a deputy police chief who definitely went beyond the call of duty. cnn's victor blackwell explains. >> reporter: a routine traffic stop turned into a life-changing experience for efie rhodes. her license and registration were expired. she had no insurance. she was arrested. the car was impounded. >> i said oh, lord, oh, lord, oh, lord. >> the deputy got a call. on the ride to the police station one officer asked about something he noticed in the back of the car. >> we were getting everything out of the car, a whole lot of bags, clothing. i told him, hey, this is our home. this is where we were living.
4:46 am
>> ebony and her four children were all cramped in her 20-year-old buick regal for six months. >> i was only working at walmart and trying to make sure i'm able to feed my kids and keep gas in the car. i was unable to get a place. >> and complications from a chronic blood disorder forced her to miss some work. >> it was the worst i ever felt not being able to provide for my kids like i should be. because as a mother that's your job. >> i remember turning to my wife and saying, michelle, we have to do something. she said, well, go do something. >> soon after she was released, he called a shelter. >> i said, listen, i have a family of five, including three boys and a girl. he's 17. do you have any room? and he said, he yeah, i have some room.
4:47 am
>> when he called me that day, i just started crying. >> finally, ebony's family had a safe albeit temporary home. >> being in a shelter is not optimum. i considered that to be a short-term solution for this family. >> so he helped them find this apartment and has become a reliable friend and mentor to ebony and the kids. >> i would describe him as a person that helps families get into a better place and not in a bad situation. >> he said it's easy to help ebony. >> it's not like she didn't want to work. when i first met her she had two jobs. she was working at walmart and had a part-time job. she was trying to do the right thing. >> he started a go fund me to make sure they are never homeless again. ebony knows she's not in this fight alone. >> that is my family away from family. the whole a.p. is my family. >> reporter: victor blackwell,
4:48 am
cnn, atlanta. >> great story. so many good men and women serve and protecting. this story about the dog on united airlines. not the one they put in the overhead compartment that died, the one they sent to japan, this german shepherd. the woman and her family were waiting for their german shepherd and a great dane came. what happened? how is this mistake even possible? irgo the dog and his owner will join us live next. plus, they are taking on the news industry. >> the culture of television, including sexual harassment, i left. for many reasons. >> how this group of women are coming together for the first time and they plan to take on sexual harassment in the workplace. that's ahead.
4:49 am
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our next guests both survived an airline nightmare. here is what happened. united airlines mistakenly shipped german shepherd ergo to the wrong destination, actually the wrong country. the familiar think flew out of portland, oregon, expecting to reunite with their dog in kansas city, new jersey. when they went to retrieve their dog, they discovered that ergo was on his way to japan. united airlines flew their dog from japan back to wichita, kansas -- first class, by the way, to reunite with cara and the rest of the family. a total trip of nearly 13,000
4:54 am
miles, more than halfway around the world, but they are reunited. they're together. the dog is okay, and they join us now. there they are. it's good he's not too nervous about the tv appearance. he's laying down, he he's okay. the panting is about heat and not anxiety. fair point? >> yes. >> we're joking around. this was no joke when it first happened. how is he doing? how is everybody with what happened? >> he seems to be doing okay right now. he's a little restless. we're hoping once he get him home he can start relaxing and get him back to his normal routine. other than that, everyone seems to be doing okay so far. >> i know the pet deal well. i have two dogs. did he need meds to travel or did he have meds with him because of his age and his ear infection. >> no, he did not have meds with
4:55 am
him because he was only supposed to be traveling the one day and only a few hours. i had the meds with me unfortunately. so he went about three days out meds. >> so. take us back to the moment. you get there. they're looking for your dog. what happens? >> they brought me back into their warehouse where they hold the ken nells and i saw his kennel, i called his name and up popped this great dane instead. it's been a whirlwind of a trip already. it was instant tears. i didn't even know what to think. i was so worried about where my dog was instead. >> how long did it take them to tell you where your dog actually was? >> i went to pick him up about 6:30 on tuesday. we didn't find out until the next morning, about 2:30 a.m. that he did touch down in japan. they weren't 100% sure that's
4:56 am
where he was. >> oh, my god. obviously, when you love a dog, it's part of the family, and not knowing for that length of time where he was, what was it like for you guys? >> it was horrible. there was no sleep that night whatsoever. we were just so worried about where he was, because they couldn't confirm that he was on his way to japan until that plane touched down. so not knowing for those however many hours was just heartbreaking. he could have been so much closer, but we had no idea until that plane touched down. it was definitely very rough. >> the airlines get in touch with you. they say, all right, he's in japan. how do they handle their mistake? >> at first they didn't. they weren't sure how to handle it. my husband had to literally call them and demand what needed to be done because they were just -- they were in shock still of what had happened and they didn't even know how to get him
4:57 am
back. we told him that there was absolutely no way he was to go in cargo again. so they had to figure out how to actually get him here again without being in cargo. that's what took the longest, is how do we get him back doing what they need us to do. so it was definitely a rough day trying to figure out how to get him back the correct way. >> why was it rough? this was totally on them. so why would it have required any negotiation. they didn't just immediately jump on the grenade, this is terrible what we did, we'll get him back, do it first class. that wasn't their immediate response? >> not at all, no. they were going to send him back in car go on the next plane whenever it was. we said absolutely not. he's to be flying in a cabin. we don't care how it happens. you need to get it done. unfortunately he wasn't able to fly in the cabin for so
4:58 am
logistical reason. that was another hours and hours figuring how to get him back our way and not just how they wanted to. finally after fighting with them for a day, they said we will do whatever we need to do and they put him on united's corporate jet instead. >> really? that's a little bit of something. not enough. what have they offered you so far because of the infliction of emotional distress on your family in dealing with this? >> we haven't talked too much about that yet. we were just so worried about getting him back. so now that he's back and we can all calm down and once my husband gets back from his work trip, we can talk about what is to be done next. >> are you going to sue? will you ever fly united again? >> i will definitely never fly june nighted again. i don't know what we'll do yet. i'm not 100% sure. >> he is okay, but this is a
4:59 am
terrible nightmare. he is a beautiful well mannered dog. i love at 10 he's still nibbling at you to get you to pet him. what does ergo mean? >> we don't know. that was his name when we adopted him at about 4. >> thank god the story has a happy ending. no reason to freak you out more, but we know what happened with that other family and their puppy on united when they put him in the overhead compartment. let us know what happens with this. we'll stay on it. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. we're following a lot of news on this friday. what do you say? let's get after it. >> the president has made the decision to remove h.r. mcmaster. >> there will always be change. i want to see different ideas.
5:00 am
>> someone who bragged about i only hire the best people can't seem to keep people. >> i'm looking forward to the president having the cabinet that he deserves. >> the special counsel is looking now into trump businesses. >> its investigation 101 to follow the money. >> the president believes very strongly there is no collusion. >> there is no individual in the united states who is above the law. >> it was loud. it sounded like a bomb. when i looked closely, cars were squooshed. >> we want to do our best to find out exactly what happened here. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to your "new day." it's thursday, march 16, 8:00 in the east. cnn reporting that president trump is ready to oust his national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster and is considering even more changes


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