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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 16, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you are watching cnn on this friday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. we heard sarah sanders at that white house briefing. white house official says that the president told his staff today, chief of staff john kelly is, quote, unquote, 100% safe. but that doesn't necessarily settle rumbles about others, specifically national security adviser hr mcmaster. here was sarah sanders a moment ago. >> he said this is something that the media wants to talk about right now. frankly the president has stoked the speculation. just yesterday he said i think you want to see change. he said earlier this week, we're at a point where i'm really close to getting the cabinet and other things i really want. isn't it the president himself of creating this aura, that some people say is chaos, put simply, turmoil. >> taking two sentences out of the thousands of remarks that the president makes and trying to make it look like that's the entire focus of his administration is --
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>> the point where we're getting close to having the cabinet and other things i want, there will always be change, i think you want to see change. >> he nominated two new people to be part of his cabinet. we are getting close. we would like those two individuals to be quickly confirmed and put through that process so that they can take a seat at the table and continue to engage with the president on big issues that actually matter to the american people. >> it seemed to me, listening to sarah, it was almost like, okay, nothing to see here. move along. >> that's right, brooke. this is actually not what happened here at the white house. it's actually very likely that the president was looking to fire mcmaster. now they're trying to tamp down those concerns and sarah sanders said she spoke with president trump last night and he said mcmaster's job was safe for now and she was the one who passed
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that information along to mcmaster. interestingly enough, the president himself didn't tell mcmaster that his job was safe, despite all of these reports. period alexander of nbc news is correct, the president has contributed to a lot of reports that there will be a big staff shakeup here, brooke. the president openly questions and polls his friends, allies and advisers on who they think could be a good replacement for several positions here at the white house, including the chief of staff and the national security adviser. john boldin, a favored contender. they say the media is reporting on the staff shakeups it's because the president is the one polling several people. the president and mcmaster have a great working relationship, she said. she said they had several meetings together today. based on cnn reporting, the
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president and mcmaster have not gotten along during their time here together in the administration and the president chaffes at the way that mcmaster briefs him. he feels he's con descending an instead prefers someone like james mattis. enjoying watching the media report on this shakeup, delights in the conflict. a lot of that conflict here, brooke, comes from the top, the man at the top himself. >> what about, quickly, stormy daniels? the headline today from stormy daniels' attorney that she was physically threatened to stay silent, to sign that nda. listening to sarah a second ago she was saying i can't say much about it and i refer to you outside counsel. is that all we've got? >> very familiar tactic from this white house. they do not elaborate when they come to these questions.
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it's not a surprise that she did that there. when she said that the president won arbitration against stormy daniels, that created a lot of problems, the first time that the white house acknowledged any kind of relationship between the president and this woman. it's not surprising that instead today she wasn't going to answer and go any further on those, instead referring reporters to the president's outside lawyers here. this is continuing to be a story for this white house, as you see here, brooke. it's still being brought up many weeks after it was first brought up. now that stormy daniels has done an interview with 6 "60 minutes" it's not likely that these will go away any time soon. sarah sanders did say there she has not spoken with the president about these claims from stormy daniels' lawyers, which is much different from what we heard from her just last week when she said she had spoken to the president about stormy daniels. it seems they're not bringing that up with the president himself before she comes out here to brief reporters.
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>> kaitlyn, thank you so much. let's talk more about the headlines that kaitlyn perfectly laid out. gloria borger is with me. i want to start with this whole hncht r. mcmaster bit. you were reporting all this material out and now you have sarah sanders a second ago saying she talked to the president last night, that he asked me to pass along mcmaster's job is safe and she was in a meeting with mcmaster today. what was your reaction to hearing that? >> you know, it wasn't just me, brooke. it was me and my colleagues and people at other news organizations were all hearing the same things. and i think that, you know, she had to go in to the president. he put the kcabosh on it. he can say for whatever reason okay i'm not going to do that now. maybe it's because he doesn't have a replacement.
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everything is up to the president. every story is hard as jell-o until the president decides that. is the way it is. we can report and kaitlyn is absolutely right. we live in this echo chamber where we talk to people inside the white house, people who were recently of the white house but no longer, people who are friends of the president. he tends, himself, to muse aloud about, boy, i would really like to get rid of that one or who do you think could come in and be my new chief of staff and on and on. >> but he is enjoying this.
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>> loves it. people are paying attention to him. he looks like he is the man in charge. he thinks. i don't -- i think perhaps what kelly may be saying to him is, you know, we need to kind of let this settle a little bit. although we're also told that the president chaffes when kelly says he can't do things. maybe they settled that for now. we just don't know. >> we don't. gloria, thank you. >> sure. >> i have a really interesting voice i want to bring in, former executive vice president of the trump organization first hired by donald trump to build trump tower. she wrote the book "all alone on the 68th floor: how one woman changed the face of construction." pleasure to have you back. first of all i wanted to ask you, you chuckled a little when you heard gloria mention every
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story is as hard as jell-o. >> that's a funny line. >> it is. you see trump sitting back, enjoying all the conflict. does that sound like the donald trump you used to work for? >> absolutely. he loved conflict. he used to like to pit people against each other. >> why? >> because back in my time it was a divide and conquer kind of thing. if people were fighting against each other they were not getting together to oppose him on the crazy things he was doing. he liked that. he liked the fact -- he wanted to see who would survive, survival of the fittest. he had very strong people, two women that were both in residential sales and had them at each other's back. he loved it. he loved watching it. >> why does he feel like that's good for business, aka, why would that be good, translating it to the white house, good for the country? >> it certainly wasn't good for business and it's not good for the country and i can't imagine why he feels that. i think he puts his
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entertainment ahead of his logic, if he has any. >> you knew him. how many years going back? this is way preapprentice. donald trump as a businessman. you were brought in to help build trump tower. i remember the line, he asked you if you liked candy. >> that was a lot later. >> that was a lot later? >> yeah. >> not the nicest thing to say to a woman. you also said he is the most, what, nonsexist man you had ever worked for? >> i said -- and i was misquoted. >> let's set the record straight. what was he like? >> what i said was in terms of the way he treated me as a person in his employ compared to the way he treated the men, there was no difference. so, in that, he was the least sexist boss. everyone i had always deferred to me. donald did not defer to me. he did not put me on a pedestal or anything else. he did not give me any
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particular respect. he put me down like -- he cursed me out like he did the other men. and he also took, back then when he listened to people, he listened to me and took my advice on things. he really treated me like he treated the men. >> when you say back then listened to people, are you inferring he's not listening to people anymore? >> i'm absolutely saying that, yes. i don't see him listening to people. you can see somebody will go out and say one thing and two hours later, trump has said something completely opposite. >> are you following this whole stormy daniels saga? >> how can you not? >> what do you make of it? >> trump, in my time and experience with him and in watching him, he loves intimidation. while i was working for him i saw him intimidate contractors by taking a picture out of his desk drawer saying he's going to sue you. he loved to intimidate and scare people. after i left and came out against him, i was threatened by
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his dog, michael cohen, for some kind of slander case. i was threatened by his secretary, that she was going to release e-mails that i sent, as if i cared. >> when you say threatened, what kind of threatened? >> a threat like this is a pending lawsuit or i'm going to embarrass you, that kind of thing. >> was it ever because the news today on stormy daniels is the fact that this attorney is saying she felt like she was threatened with physical violence if she talked. >> coming from donald, no, not directly. certainly a legal action that, kind of thing i've seen occur with people who worked for him, doing things that are not necessarily legal. i asked somebody would he kill for him and the man saying yes,
12:12 pm
mr. trump and trump saying again, would you kill for me? nothing is off the plate. anything is possible. >> what do you think of the news that special counsel bob mueller is officially looking into the trump organization? want subpoena these documents? that's how far he has gone. are you surprised? >> not at all surprised, no. i think that, you know, enough information has come out that interoffice communications, e-mails, that kind of thing, has been used and mueller has every right to see what was going on inside the organization. >> when you watch the president how much has he changed? >> i definitely recognize his demeanor the way he carries himself, his ego. what's different for me and this sort of came out during the
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campaign. i had seen a womanizer, someone who valued women by their appearances. i had never seen anything like what we saw on "access hollywood." now with stormy daniels and all that coming out that was a little surprising to me. >> last question, do you think he loves being in the white house or do you think he knows deep down he's in over his head? >> he's in over his head, he doesn't know it and he probably loves it, yeah. >> barbara res, thank you. appreciate it. more on the stormy daniels' scandal. my next guest suggests he could be more worried about the financial impact of this story and not the political impact. stunning new security breach. russian hackers have gained alcohol's to american nuclear, electrical and water systems. it's a serious threat. we'll take you live to the pentagon. plus, we'll play the remark that is causing all kinds of
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we are back with a bombshell allegation that the porn star is calling fact. she says she was threatened with physical violence. >> i'm stating a fact. the fact is that my client was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about donald trump. we had been approached to six separate women. at least two of those women have ndas. we're in the very early stages of vetting those stories. i want to preach caution and restraint. we are not vouching for these stories, investigating them.
12:19 pm
>> republican strategist, political commentator and member of the trump advisory board. starting with all things stormy, rick, you tweeted that trump is worried about this whole stormy scandal because of financial reasons and not political. why? >> he feels like his political base is secure. they've told us over and over they will tolerate any amoral ity, any scuzzy behavior. i do think he is worried now that the nda is looking more brittle and as stormy daniels looks at angles they could litigate on this, it's going to cost him legally, financially and he will have to pay lawyers and take out a home equity loan to cover his daliances with porn stars. >> ouch. >> we have to think about melania's prenup with him.
12:20 pm
there may be a money equation there as well that he's putting at risk. >> if the president -- obviously, he is involved, two trump attorneys connected to keeping stormy quiet here. if the president is innocent why not say so publicly? >> i don't think the president wants to dignify this story, true or false. it's something that's personal and has nothing to do with him as president of the united states of america. it didn't happen frkts allegations are true, while he was candidate for president or while he was sitting in the oval office. this is something that is terribly embarrassing for the first lady. that's what i think about every time i hear these stories. >> but it happened, paris, let me jump in. it happened days before the election and the president on his twieter feed does seem to weigh in on everything else. >> sure.
12:21 pm
i think the payment did happen before the election but the alleged affair -- >> you don't think that's a big deal, the timing? >> okay. can i jump in on this for a second, paris? >> i think the timing -- >> i'm sorry. listen, i've got -- i feel you're struggling here. let me help you out here. >> no, no, i'm not struggling. >> long pattern of engagement with a variety of women to whom he is not married. michael cohen has long been out there doing these ndas with women that are in sksual capacities. this is long-term behavior. are you telling me that they never once brought up the fact that bill clinton screwed his way through arkansas? no. they did it all the time. it wasn't the fact that he did it before he was president. >> that's different because at the time, bill clinton was the attorney general and was a sitting governor of arkansas and
12:22 pm
the claims came via someone who was a sitting elected official. donald trump, these allegations -- >> is your behavior so -- >> let paris finish. go ahead. >> these allegations took place before he was president and before he was a candidate. he was not a public official and there's a different standard. it's totally different. you're comparing apples and oranges. >> paris. >> if, however, something hap n happened happe happened to president trump when he was in the oval office -- >> if your standard is that low, if your standard is that low, you're okay with him screwing porn stars, just say the words, i'm okay with donald trump screwing porn stars. can you say that for me, pair snis. >> i will say that you have no respect for mrs. trump, you have no respect for his children, you have no respect for his family. >> no, i'm sorry. >> because this has nothing to do with him as a candidate or as the sitting president of the united states. you can dig up dirty laundry and i pray to god nobody goes back in your past and picks up something that has to do with
12:23 pm
before your time as a commentator and is rude. criticize the president. >> you guys, you guy, you guys, please, one of you at a time. >> don't go back and criticize him for something that has nothing to do with the president. >> i because of his behavior toward people. don't you dare talk about respect when he insulted the family -- when he inserted john mccain's war service. a man who has no respect for anyone on this earth. the fact that you're defending him on that speaks much more about your character and -- >> i don't know you, rick, but i would advise you to not question my character because you don't know me. if you would like to talk to me about my character -- >> what are you going to do? >> i can have that conversation separately. what i will say is if you're going to impugn the integrity of the president, you may do so -- >> guys -- >> just say it, paris. >> has nothing to do with his presidency. that's all i'm saying. continue to rattle. >> no personal insults, please. let me just jump in.
12:24 pm
paris, here is a question for you. we are talking about the payment coming out days before the presidential election. let me flip it around. if this is hillary clinton, what would happen if hillary clinton's lawyer paid off an accuser days before the election? how do you think trump would react? fair question. >> i think on the issue of a payment, by the lawyer, i think he would have a reaction. absolute absolutely. >> and what kind of reaction do you think that would be? >> it would be negative. i'm certain it would be negative. i'm also saying that that is a separate issue from if she did something while she was a candidate or sitting secretary of state. that is what -- all i'm saying is let's separate apples from oranges. if we're going to talk about the payment and timing of that, that's fair. to bring up the allegation that happened long before he was a candidate or president -- >> but it's connected. listen, i hear you loud and clear. it happened years and years ago. you're absolutely right in pointing out he was private citizen donald trump at the
12:25 pm
time. it is entirely germane because we're talking about the payment and the hush money days before everyone went to the polls to elect him as president of the united states. that is -- you are allowed to connect the two there. >> you're allowed to raise the question as to why michael cohen did that on his personal capacity as his lawyer. at the end of the day there's attorney/client privilege and that's not going to come out. the extra comment of what stormy has to say or not to say is just to embarrass the first lady. her commentary has nothing to do with the presidency. let's have a conversation and let the lawyers figure out if there's something untoward about the payment. did it come from the trump organization, president trump? michael cohen says it didn't. he said he took it out of his own line of credit of his mortgage because he supports the president and didn't want this coming out. that's on michael cohen, not on the president. >> go ahead, rick. i know you want to jump in. go ahead. >> the argument that donald trump's lifelong pattern of infideli
12:26 pm
infidelity, adultery, shattering every vow of every one of his marriages by his own admission and the fact that donald trump screwed a porn star -- i don't think melania trump will be more embarrassed by what michael cohen or stormy daniels has to say than by the fact that a few months after she had a kid her husband was screwing a porn star. you're saying that's okay. i get it. that's part of your moral landscape, good for you. >> rick, i'm not going to tolerate that. you don't know my moral framework. >> you don't tell me what you're going to tolerate. >> i am going to tell you. when it comes to me, you're not going to do it, rick. i'm done here. >> it's okay for donald trump to screw a porn star if he's not the president. >> keep saying it more and more. get it out. get it out of your system. we all know that's what you want to say. >> paris, is that what you're saying? >> you should have more respect for mrs. trump than to continue to talk about this. >> okay. >> about the payment and michael cohen. >> if you were worried about respect for mrs. trump, her
12:27 pm
husband shouldn't have been screwing a porn star. if you're worried about respect, her husband shouldn't have screwed a porn star. >> okay. paris and rick, wow! wow. thank you both for that conversation. ahead here, an alarming new security breach. russian hackers gaining access to u.s. nuclear plants, water and electrical systems. details on the severity of that threat. ♪ i thought i was managing my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. but i realized something was missing... me. the thought of my symptoms returning was keeping me from being there for the people and things i love most. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira can help get, and keep,uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough.
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condemn anyone threatening any individual. i have no knowledge of that situation and would refer you to the president's outside personal attorney attorneys. >> that is how the white house responded to the question of stormy daniels' lawyer's assertion that she was physically threatened. we were discussing this days before via michael cohen to silence stormy daniels, that the two headlines today -- let me begin with the headlines that she was physically threatened to stay silent. what do you make of the allegation and how does that factor into your case? >> it's not surprising at all and is very troubling, depending on the jurisdiction that those threats occurred it could rise to the level of assault or other criminal charge. bad news for team trump. the reason common cause is
12:33 pm
interested in this is because americans have a right to know who is spending money before an election to influence voters that's not even the biggest violation. common cause last week filed a complaint about a team trump violation to the tune of $40 million and growing. no one is talking about that, american first policies is the name of this dark money c4 group up and running and raising and spending dark money in the election. a lot of problems with team trump and hiding information from voters right now. >> the other issue, staying on this stormy daniels story, is that this lawyer that was on says there are six more women, according to him, six women who want to come forward. they say they have very similar stories to stormy daniels, two of whom he says did sign ndas. he's vetting all these people.
12:34 pm
>> if there was a payment involve there had, we're going to be looking at filing more complaints and these two new potential emerging complaints for payments to influence the election by team trump may have violate violated campaign rules. another very similar violation of what's at steak, what's at issue in the stormy daniels matter. >> paul ryan, thank you so much. we'll stay in close contact to see what happens with what you filed. appreciate it. coming up next, interior secretary ryan zinke makes a tone deaf comment to a congre congresswoman as she is discussing this program to honor survivors of japanese internment camps. we'll play it to you and watch the jaw drop of the woman over
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interior secretary zinke with these comments. congresswoman wanted to make sure money would be set aside to preserve the historic site and this is how secretary zinke responded. >> i believe that it is essential that we, as a nation, recognize our darkest moments so that we don't have them repeat again. so, mr. secretary i would like to know, even with the president zero ing it out are you committed to continue the grant programs that are identified, i believe, as the japanese-american confinement sites grants program which were funded in 2017, would we see it funded again in 2018?
12:40 pm
>> konnichiwa. >> i think it's still -- i guess that's okay. >> you couldn't see it, but a woman's jaw just went what? >> corrected his greeting for good morning he gave the traditional greeting for good afternoon. still the comments were viewed as incredibly insensitive. national securi-- to me it's lie this under what was he thinking. >> yeah. it is sort of hard to figure out, brooke. i spent six years in japan. and had he been in a japanese
12:41 pm
setting, it would have maybe made sense but he's talking to americans here. the fact that they're japanese-americans is probably less central to that they are americans and raising an important question, which is what is the commitment to building a memorial to what is one of the darkest moments, i think people would agree, in the american civil liberties history, to intern actual american citizens. and so it did seem to me that it was flip, at best and tone deaf at worst. >> let's move to your reporting in the times about these cyber attacks, how they could have sabotaged or shut power plants off at will. reading your piece, how serious
12:42 pm
is this threat? >> it's a pretty serious threat. if you back off and look at the timing -- so the first intrusions of this particular attack -- obviously there have been other russian attacks, was at the end of 2015. what else was going on at that time? other russian groups were going into the democratic national committee. we had uncoordinated attacks under gone simultaneously. this was an effort to put these implants into american power systems and to do them in a way that the russians would have access. it wasn't used.
12:43 pm
some experts think, in fact, the russians wanted to be discovered because what they wanted to do was send a message if we ever got into a serious conflict with them, they were already inside our system and could flip the switch at will. >> they're big on sending a message, aren't they, with the nerve agent in england and this place as well. what about north korea? the news this week, tillerson is out. outgoing secretary of state. no north korean special envoy and ivanka trump, david, who is meeting with the south korean envoy. this is happening just a month or soish we're hearing now into may for this potential kim jong-un/trump meeting. how is the u.s. possibly ready for this meeting of two men? >> i can't imagine that we are.
12:44 pm
secretary tillerson thought until last sunday that he was conducting this negotiation himself. he was the ones put iting it ou that they were working toward a diplomatic solution. three days before that is looking to be set up, he gets fired. mike pompeo, designee for secretary of state is not likely to be confirmed for another month, month and a half probably, if he gets confirmed. we assume that he will unless the president believes that he is so comfort that he can go in there and wing it and try to set an agreement and principle and leave it to others to sort out the details later on.
12:45 pm
my guess is that's probably a prescription for something going wrong along the way. >> let hope we never have to say the sentence winging it and kim jong-un in the same breath ever again, david sanger. thank you so much. we'll see when this happens, if this happens, according to the white house. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, brooke. >> coming up next here, he wrote an e-mail promising to engineer a trump presidency. a russian-born businessman involved in the trump tower moscow deal is speaking out. what he says trump once asked him to do and that response for the e-mail exchange with trump attorney michael cohen just ahead. so, that goal you've been saving for,
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ir. investigators in plam trying to figure out what caused the 900-ton bridge to collapse on to traffic. at least six people have died and police say that number could go up. search and rescue efforts have now shifted to recovery. >> this is a homicide investigation. that's all it is. that means somebody died. it does not mean there are
12:51 pm
criminal charges looming or pending. is there a possibility for that? there's always a possibility for something like that to occur. >> several of the victims still trapped in vehicles under that rubble. in a new sign that special counsel robert mueller's investigation advancing toward donald trump's red line, mueller is closing in on the heart of the president's business dealings. a source telling cnn mueller's team is seeking business documents. we're learning the as a russian born businessman involved in a deal to try to build a trump tower in moscow is speaking bout this e-mail exchange with trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. our boy can become president of the usa and we can engineer it. i will get all of putin's team to buy in on this. i will manage this process. here's what sater said.
12:52 pm
>> i wrote it to a friend i knew since childhood. michael cohen. the excitement about having worked someone who is now running for president, especially for an immigrant kid like myself. i was beyond enthusiastic about it. i am more than happy for all the proof to come out. i was trying to build a billion-dollar project. >> it didn't happen, right? >> no. >> so there was never money exchanged. never any type of relationship developed in this regard between putin or anyone close to him and the trump organization to your knowledge. >> to my knowledge and anything that i was involved with. absolutely not. >> the idea that you went to russia with trump's children to advance business interests. is that true? >> that is true. >> because that you know the gc, the general counsel of the trump administration says not true. er they were just there at the same time. wasn't coordinated. >> the president asked me to be in russia at the same time as them to look after them.
12:53 pm
>> the president asked you. >> yes, sir. >> directly? >> directly. >> sader wouldn't say whether he was interviewed by bob mueller. still ahead, jake tapper sits down with stormy daniels's attorney as he makes 92 claims that his client has been physically threatened to stay silent. but first, cnn heroes. we want to introduce to you carol rosenstein. after her husband was diagnosed with dementia she started to lose hope until one day he sat down at the piano. >> i was seeing something magical happening before my eyes. the doctor told me we were watching the power of music changing brain chemistry. playing a musical instrument is like a full body workout for the brain. the music actually resurrected him. >> how incredible is that? you can watch her full story of
12:54 pm
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it shows how different cultures and finding love and intimacy. here's a look at the first episode in tokyo. >> reporter: it is a japanese tradition that goes back centuries it is and an accepted way of life. that men can be pampered and pleasured by any number of services for a price. the modern salary man can choose everything from a traditional geishas to women dressed as school girls and hostess bars, guaranteeing very attentive company. but where does a modern salary woman to go get her boxes ticked? in the post bubble economy, they work hard and play hard. but play little time or inclination for relationships. now there are host clubs to indicator to female customers who may be pushing for the boyfriend experience.
1:00 pm
>> again, sex and love around the world. it premiers tomorrow night. and i'm brooke baldwin. stay right here. stay right here. "the lead" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- if you have h.r. mcmaster in your final fourtion you might have your brackets busted. much talk and reporting of more reality show style firing that's could come literally any minute as president trump is said to be toiching clean house. but is treating your national security adviser like gary busey really the right way? and stormy daniels. is there anything in the litany of accusations, you would call