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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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facial hair sand on end. >> not so much, sugar buns. here we go. >> jeanie mos, cnn, new york. >> and thank you for joining us. ac 360 starts right now. >> we begin with breaking news in the russia investigation. as you know by now the president calls eight witch hunt, says there was no collusion with russia. his defenders say at worse this is about the minor league misdeeds of his campaign chairman paul manafort and rick gates. in short, they say it's much ado about nothing. tonight for the first time, cnn is learning a key figure in the investigation, a key figure as a cooperating witness is helping mueller make the collusion kachls i want to underscore those words. he is helping. that witness is rick gate, tonight for the first time, we know how he's helping. for a time, it was believed mueller was manly using gates for information about manafort,
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his closest associate. now cnn is learning mueller is not primarily interested in what gates has to know about manafort. mueller is seeking information ability gates about the central question. did members of the trump campaign work with a hostile foreign power to win the election. evan perez is one of the teams of professionals that broke the story. he joins us now. explain what you are learned. >> this is fascinating. this is all in discussions happening last year, months before rick gates decided to plead guilty. in those discussions with the prosecutors from robert mueller's office, gates was told they didn't need him to flip on paul manafort to provide information against paul manafort, instead, what they needed him for was their core mission, which is looking into possible illegal coordination between trump campaign and russians, what people called collusion. and so this is a big deal, simply because despite what you hear from the president, despite
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what you hear from the white house, it appears robert mueller has not given up on the question of collusion, the question of collusion is very much what he wants rick gates to perhaps help his prosecutors come up with a case on. so, again, what we hear from the president, what we are hearing now from people who were close to these discussions with rick gates, appears to show a different picture that very much paints a picture that robert mueller is not done with the question of collusion. >> and are there categories how this is playing out exactly with gates? >> we are beginning to see a little bit of. that earlier this week, there was a file og after separate case involving a lawyer who had done, whose law firm had done some work for the manafort company and in that filing, the government just dropped a line that said that rick gates was in frequent contact with someone that they assess to be a russian intelligence agent. they didn't name the person, but we know that person to be the
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man who worked with the manafort company if you crane and russia. and again the government doesn't, hasn't made that allegation directly in the manafort case. but it's the first time we've seen them making a direct connection between manafort, the trump campaign, and alleged russian spies. that's a big deal. >> so this person who is working for manafort in ukraine, my understanding is has a residence in ukraine as well, as in moscow, was formerly what with the gru or russian intelligent service? >> right. he had some training according to his bio. he has some training from one of the russian intelligent services the gru. now, he has told the washington post he doesn't have any association with russian intelligence or any intelligent service. the question here now though is obviously, they told one thing, the prosecutors cold one thing to rick gates during these negotiation, but we'll see whether, when this trial against
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paul manafort, he is facing criminal charges and could go on trial this summer, whether rick gates is needed in that trial. >> i understand the question. it's what kind of information might gates have hadding as is to that mueller would be interested in. >> reporter: right, exactly. there is a lot we don't know about. we know gates worked very closely with paul manafort. even after paul manafort was ousted from the trump campaign, rick gates continued to work with the campaign. he even stayed on, into the inauguration for donald trump. so there is a lot that he was there. he wasn't exactly close inside the inner circle of donald trump, but according to people we've talked to, he very much liked to keep tabs on the comings and goings, he was definitely still associated with the campaign at the time of that trump tower meeting. the meeting where paul manafort was meeting with russia to allegedly get dirt on hillary clinton. so there is a lot he could have for the mueller team.
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>> evan perez, fascinating. we want to bring in jeffrey tooken, elizabeth hooltsman and paul colin . it's interesting. this whole time people were assuming rick gates role, essentially he made a plea deal in order to in return to bet the person above him, who was paul manafort, but this is a whole other -- >> right and i'm certain he will be an important witness against paul manafort. >> he can be called. >> if you read the indictment of manafort, it's virtually every paragraph says manafort and gates did this, manafort and gates did that, he will be an important witness in that case. obviously, he has his eye on the ul ba. it's not the manafort case, it's the trump campaign, did they work with the russian interests to win the election in gates was involved with the trump campaign and he was as evan reported in contact with someone who is a
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russian intelligence agent. what they said, what the exchanges were, was there a quid pro quo, we don't know that, it is a significant development. >> we can fight back against what the white house has been saying the president's supporters have been saying, pundits on tv have been saying. all of the alleged ceo imse that manafort and gates were being accused of by mueller had happened a long time before the campaign, before any involvement with donald trump, according to this latest reporting. rick gates is being asked about conversations he may have had with this alleged russian operative, even during the campaign. >> well, republicans sadly have been trying simply to obscure what's going on and try to divert public attention from what's really the real issues are. the question is, as you both have been saying, did the trump campaign, did donald trump collude with the russian government to undermine the u.s.
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election? and gates has a lot to say about that. gates might even know, well, gates might even know what happened at this infamous meeting with donald trump, jr. in which the russians came, he held the meeting in order to get dirt on hillary clinton. everyone said, nothing happened at that meeting. manafort was at that meeting. likely he told gates what happened at that meeting. so there is a lot of information gates could have. one about these contacts with the russian intelligence agent and about manafort and other actions in the company. >> in order for gates to have got an plea deal, can you just explain how that sort of works? there is a proffer session, isn't there where essentially he's asked to say everything that he would potentially say, it's kind of a free pass for that day. >> it's a free pass for the day. as a matter of fact, they used to calm it queen for a day. for that day, anything you say will not be used against you in a criminal case, except for one
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thing. if you lie to the prosecutors or the fbi during that session, you can be prosecuted for that. so a proffer session obviously occurred and my bet is that in that proffer session, gates revealed, russian connections. because the manafort indictment indicates that the road to russia leads 32 you the ukraine, where manafort had a lot of connections. when those connections started to close down, they were russian connections, because it was a russian government in the ukraine at that time. and those connections led back to russia and, you know, i think that mueller saw that right away. i mean, he wasn't sent out to indict manafort for money laundering. he targeted manafort because he knew manafort had information about the russian connection and it's now finally developing i think through gates and this proffer session that you asked about. >> jeff, what do you make of the fact gates made this plea deal. paul manafort is fighting this in court. >> paul manafort is in desperate, desperate trouble.
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he's filed motions saying that mierl doesn't have the authority to bring these cases. it's outside of his jurisdiction. but i think he is in an almost indefensible position. i don't know how he's going to defend this case at trial. i think a guilty plea from manafort is far from out of the question at this point. i think, you know the trial is months away, but i just have a lot of doubt that that case will ever go to trial. >> unless he thinks he can get a pardon from the president. >> he can get a pardon after pleading guilty, too. so that's, you know, it's not necessarily either or, but you are right, if he doesn't want to cooperate. if he doesn't want to talk a pardon is certainly his -- >> it's preceding the guilty plea, they'd be looking for information about trump. if word gets back to trump about that, maybe trump doesn't give him a pardon. so that might be a reason for him to wait until the trial is over. >> it's a rather interesting nugget here.
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which is the russian intelligence agency that this person allegedly worked for was a gru, which is the military intelligence. fast forward to roger stone. he admitted conversations before the election with someone called guccifer. >> guccifer 2.0. >> he is allegedly a part of this, too. so this may suggest some kind of deep connections that we don't really know but that mueller is probeing and may know the answer to. >> i'm wondering. do you see when you are involved in the entire watergate, investigation. do you see differences? >> well, it's hard to know. because, well, what i would say is what strikes me and struck me from the beginning was the thing we discovered? watergate, when we listened to the tapes, was richard nixon was
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orchestrating the coverup from the get-go. it wasn't his aids. he was giving the direction. you go to the cia, tell him to stop the fbi investigation. that was nixon talking. we see hints here that donald trump, himself, is taking a lead on some cover-up aspects. for example, riding the press release, involving the sons meeting and the trump towers. so we see firing james comey. we see an intimate involvement. he's not remote, removed, he's deeply involved in people very close to him are deeply involved with various aspects of this. >> thank you as well. >> that won't be the only russia-related item for the president to pondser or stew over the other centers on a decision from his least favorite cabinet member and punching bag attorney jeff sessions. the president and right wing
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talk show hosts sob pushing for sessions to look into what they call the real election scandal misconduct they say by the fbi. they did not get their wish. the attorney general did not differ what they and the president wanted. so talk about this decision from the attorney general, jeff sessions. >> well, anderson, attorney general jeff sexes is trying to offer something of a delicate compromise here stopping well short of the appointment of a special counsel that his party as you said has demanded for months, but tapping a career federal prosecutor with essentially all of the same powers to investigate a range of republican claims that the fbi engaged in misconduct within it came to investigating hillary clinton and wrongfully they say obtained a under surveillance warrant on trump campaign aid carter page. the man now at the center of this partisan struckle is john huber a federal prosecutor who received bipartisan support in the past, serving under president trump and obama as the
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utah attorney. he's been a mystery man for months. sexes said he had someone looking into all these allegations, today sessions confirmed he will rely on huber to tell him if he needs to appoint a special counsel down the line, anderson. >> do we know why sessions made this decision and made at this time way he did, not through a special counsel but do it this other way? >> well, republicans have repeatedly said a special count sell was needed. because the justice department's internal watchdog, the inspector general couldn't bring formal criminal charges. it was a real need for someone independent to investigate allegation of bias. in a certain respect, you can say sessions appears to have answered that call with a solution that uses someone outside of washington but stopped short of a mueller-like appointment used twice this history and was supposed to be reserved for extraordinary sessions. it's interesting, anderson, so far no major public blowback from republican lawmakers.
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the real question of course, how will president trump react to all of this? >> one other quick legal note, today a judge ruled against stormy daniels by her attorney to depose the president and his attorney, michael cohen. the judge called it premature, no doubt, there will be more action on that in the days and weeks ahead. da secretary david shulkin is now calling it a toxic and subversive. he is speaking out about his departure. i'll ask him about the non-partisan inspector general's investigation to put a cloud over his tenure. he joins me coming up. later the president's later claim about the border wul, even though the facts actually say something completely differently. how about that? we'llle keep it in mind ahead on 366. down? from the world's number one conditioner brand... new pantene light-as-air foam conditioner, full of rich pro-v nutrients...
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. the president left washington before tonight's russia news broke, whatever he does at mar-a-lago, he will be doing it without director hope hicks nearby. today was her last day. she leaves with the president's warm wishes. our next guest does not, david shulkin was the last obama appointee in the administration. they will discuss the controversy and the probe by the inspector general.l word about his replacement. ron ronny jackson. he is perhaps best known for his effusive praise of his parent's
5:19 pm
good health. >> i think he will make it for duty for the remainder of this term and the remainder of another term when he's elected. >> how does a guy that eats mcdonald's and all those diet cokes and never exercises is in as good a shape she? >> it's get genetics. to answer your question, he has great genes. >> the president was impressed with his performance and how he handled himself on camera factored into getting on the job, which is managing 123e7b9,000 employees, providing health care to millions of veterans, something the outgoing secretary david shulkin grappled with for better or worse. i spoke to him before air time. mr. shulkin you said you accomplished a lot in your time president va, you said you thought you got let go because of your time to privatizing the va. how do you sigh that?
5:20 pm
>> i think since i have been secretary we have gotten a lot done in a bipartisan way. i believe strongly, anderson, when it comes to va and national security, we can't make this a political issue. and i have been running this department trying to work with beau sides of the aisle. there were political appointees in my administration that didn't see it that way and really wanted us to take a much harder stance, i wasn't willing to do that. i stood up against them. >> you think it was trump appointees in the va? >> yes, i do. >> the inspector general investigated found among other teams the wimbledon tickets you send was an improper gift. a large porn portion were for personal reasons, your wife's travel shouldn't be paid for by the va. how big a part has that been in your dismissal? >> i have been clear, this has been a trip of the five allies, we have been doing 43 years.
5:21 pm
every va secretary attends. my mooif wife was invited. she's a physician. every other had invited their wife's. it was pre aprochltd there were no surprises here. it was a single coach airfare. when the inspector general had concerns six months later, i wrote a check to the government. so i think this was an issue that clearly had been dealt with and it was used in a political way to try to limit my effectiveness. >> do you think the investigation was political? it's the va's inspector general, which is a political office their responsible to provide fair oversight. do you think it was politics? >> no, i'm not making any type of statement like that about the inspector general. as you said, it has as its mention to investigate. i think that's totally appropriate. they had certain findings. i think the way they were used
5:22 pm
were used in a political way. not by the inspector general or the appointees. >> cnn reported you received warnings not to go on that trip. who warned you and why then did you go on the trip? >> well, it's simply not true. everybody knew about this trip. we had notified all the national security agencies the white house, everybody in my organization knew ab it. this was not a surprise trip. it had been on the books for close to two years, in fact, that's how often these five allies got together. there was never anybody that raised a concern. everything was pre approved. >> you said it was appointees behind this, can you name them? who, in particular, are you talking about? i read you had problems with the communications department there. you didn't feel that they were representing you well. >> well, look, you know, fortunately i'm not in office. i don't need to play this politics.
5:23 pm
i have no axe to grind here. but all of the political appointees involved in this they are all, their names have been in the newspapers. their memos, where they plotted to get rid of me as sergeant my chief of staff, my deputy secretary, that's all in the public domain, this isn't anybody making this up. there is all documentation about this. look, my focus and where i hope the department of veteran affairs goes, is to get back to its business it needs to be focused on, which is fixing this system. our veterans need it. >> you know ronny jackson, the man tapped to replace you. i want to introduce you toion brennan, he tweeted, i personally know and respect ronny jackson as a navy officer, however, he has neither the experience and credentials to run the complex va, it is a terrible misnomination that will hurt both a good man and our veterans. is he right? >> well, i also know
5:24 pm
dr. jackson. i have considerable respect for him. he's a great public servant. i will do everything i can to help dr. jackson succeed in this position. this is a tough position. no doubt about it. this is one of the most complex organizations anywhere to run. >> he's a management role here, we're talking hundreds of thousands of employees. >> we're talking about. yeah, 375,000 employees, a budget of close to $200 billion next year and a very complex organization. and so it is going to be a challenge for anybody to take. fortunately, we have a process where senate nom nasdaqs are required and all these questions will be brought out. look, i have confidence that dr. jackson is a person who is honorable and cares about our veterans. >> can somebody without management experience, dr. jackson or somebody else, without managing a large organization as you say hundreds of thousands of employees can they do this job? >> this is a tough job for
5:25 pm
anybody to do. what the successful secretary needs to do, needs to build a team around them. to work very collaboratively with veteran service organizations and congress. >> secretary shulkin, i appreciate your time. thank you. >> just ahead, we will take you to the border wall that president trump says is well on its what i to being built. only it isn't. keeping them honest ahead.
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12k3w4r6r7b8g9s. on his way to florida for the easter week. president trump stopped in ohio to gave his aids said were a speech on enfrom structure. he talked about his plans to build that border wall. here's part of what he told a crowd. >> we started building our wall. we started. we have $1.6 billion. we have already started. you saw the pictures yesterday. i said what a thing of beauty and on september 28th, we go further, we are getting that sucker built. >> he referred to pictures there. this is what he meant a tweet he sent out saying quote, great briefing this afternoon on the start of our southern border wall, accompanied by these photos trying to prove his point
5:30 pm
the problem is they don't show the.of the a new border wall. this is the second we know of the administration is trying to claim new construction of the president's border wall is going on when, in fact, it's not. last year you might remember bucket director mulvaney showed photographs of construction at two locations he said proved that stuff as he called it was going up because president obama wasn't fulfilling his promise to build a wall. we sent gary tugman to check this out, here is a part of that report. >> reporter: construction workers tell us this is the exact portion of fence where the pick was taken. the opening in the fence is closed with na gate. interestingly the picture was taken from the other side of the fence on the mexican side the mountains that you see in the background are the mountains here in new mexico. the bucket director declared quote this stuff is going up now because the president wants to make this country safe. but keeping them honest, this stuff has nothing to do with
5:31 pm
president trump. daphne griffin works at a restaurant right near the boarder. >> this particular wall came from the bush administration. >> reporter: is that common knowledge in this area? >> yes, absolutely. >> so mulvaney's claim was wrong the fence was actually repaired to a wall built during the george w. mush administration. you can imagine to our skepticism when the president tweeted these pictures him we sent gary tugman toic chet out. he did. here's what he found. >> reporter: when the mayor read the president's tweet claiming a fence in her community was the start of a southern border wall. she wasn't happy about it. >> we all as a community want to make sure the people out there in this country know california is not the beginning of a wall project for the trump administration. it is completely different. >> reporter: the director of international affairs for the neighboring city of membersicale was an diplomat zplik we few it was a lie. >> reporter: the picture were taken here, we are standing in
5:32 pm
imperial county, california, in the city of calexico, on the other side of this fence, membersicale, mexico. the fence here is new. but it's a long awaited replacement fence. you can't get very close to the construction on the security conscious american side. but on the mexican side, you can get right next to it. close enough to talk to the american workers. i want to ask a qui question, have you been told this is the start of the southern border wall? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you don't know if it is. how long is the project? the construction worker said he was not permitted to answer questions. just feet away the mexican police officers monitoring the construction did talk to us. all saying the same thing. there's always been a fence here, this is nothing new. do you remember a time when there was nothing here? >> no. >> we've always had fence or a
5:33 pm
barrier of some kind, as long as i can remember. >> reporter: this portion of old fence replaced was put up two decades ago during the clinton administration. as far as the 19 vents, there was a chain link fence, the replacement fence is being paid for by a white house that has no congressional mission to build any of the pro to deep walls the president has inspected. in addition to this not being the start of a southern border wall the president with his tweets highlighted a relatively skippy project. the border is shy of 2,000 miles long this replacement fence will be about 2 miles long. about 2 miles long and nowhere close to a real start of a new border wall. so, gary, that is white house responded to what you found, basically the president was wrong in his tweets? >> yeah, we reached out to the white house this morning, anderson. with awe asked them why he said this was the beginning or implied it is, we haven't heard
5:34 pm
any response from the white house. i do want to tell you, this has long been a popular place for people to illegally cross, frankrily, that's why there has been a barrier here for several years. there is at love terrifying news we saw two miles in that direction to the west on this dirt road, we saw the border patrol looking inside this canal, they found the body of a man who could not survive trying to get into this country. as we speak that man is in the morgue, anderson. >> appreciate it. one of the teenagers that survived a shooting massacre david hogg did not get into college, why? a fox news personality decided to mock him for it. the story and how fox is responding after advertisers started running away when we continue.
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another fox news personality is facing fleeing advertisers. laura ingram in a moment. a staffer sued the network and others pushing conspiracy theories about his death.
5:39 pm
police say it might have been a botched robbery, it doesn't stop hannity from claims. it started night after night until he started losing advertisers, now laura ingram is feeling the wrath of advertisers. >> reporter: laura ingram took aim then fired a off this tweet. david hogg rejected by four colleges two which he applied and whines about it. her tweet linked to a conservative news site which described him as a gun rights provocateur, a survivor of the parkland shooting. that was wednesday morning, by thursday afternoon, another tweet and wildly different tone from the fox news host apologizing in the spirit of holy week to the brave victims of parkland. why the about-face? because hogg who has a 4.2 gpa had been tweeting, too, calling for advertise torres boycotted ingram's fox news show. at least three brands now
5:40 pm
promising to cut ties with ingram. after ingram apologized, hogg said he would only accept her apology if she would denounce how her network treated parkland survivors. hogg took heat from breitbart and info wars after his speech at the march for our lives. >> and we will change the world. >> that image led hogg's corrects on the right to falsely suggest it was a nazi salute. info wars actually edited it in hitler's voice over hogg, but hogg wasn't the only student with a conspiracy their ris, parkland survivor emma gonzalez took heat from the right about the cuban flag patch sewn on to her jacket at the march for our lives. it represented her cuban heritage. congressman steve king, a republican from iowa, posting on facebook, your ancestors fled the island when the ticktate
5:41 pm
zorship turned cuba into a prison camp. after removing all weapons from its citizens, hence, their right to self-defense. gonzalez walzer accused of ripping apart the constitution, it turns out the fake image was made from a pick of her in teen "vogue request itself in which she ripped up a paper for target practice. it was promoted on the alt right alternative to twitter and the hits keep coming the conservative blog red state questioned openly whether or not david hogg had been at school the day of the shooting. easte even though this video of him hiding inside a closet during the shooting. later the writer admitted the story was incorrect. an aid suggested hogg and others western actually students but crisis actors. >> i'm not a crisis actor. i'm somebody that had to witness this and live through this. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn,
5:42 pm
new york. >> joining me, host of cnn "reliable sources" brian stelzer. when you actually meet them, they are teen agers. >> still just teen agers. >> 16, 17-years-old. >> i was reminded of this yesterday spending time with the parkland students, reminding they are high schoolers. they are trying to figure out how to speak out and use the platform that they've tragically been given in order to do good and make change. yet they are still high schoolers. i think today remind us of that. yesterday, david hogg started promoting against ingram's show, seven advertisers say they don't want to be associated with their show. that's notable within 24 hours to see that impact. it's another reminder how politically powerful these students are. some of the attacks reminds us how politically powerful they are. >> on the one hand, they've
5:43 pm
entereden the adult fray. you can agree or disagree. they have the adult arena of politics and yet se same time they're still going to school. >> they're thinking of prom and looking forward to spring break. >> he didn't get into some colleges that he wanted to get into. >> exactly. spring brake the students are off on college tours, they're thinking about their futures. they're going to make some missteps along the way. we should be candid about that. some of these students in their rhetoric, i would argue they go too far, there are times they do a disservice, at the same time some on the right are going too far by attacking these state of the union and in some cases promoting conspiracy. >> this happened to hannity when he was meddling false conspiracy theories object seth ridge and the connection to dnc and why he was murdered and they say it was a botched robbery, it was unsolved at this point. do advertisers come back? do they come back to hannity? whether they come back to
5:44 pm
ingram? >> hannity is the one program on fox i have been told has trouble holding on to advertisers, despite having high ratingles. it's unique on that sense on the fox schedule, we'll see if that has an impact on ingram after today and tomorrow, but i thought the speed of her apology tells you all you need to know, that she was taking perhaps the advertiser messages seriously and the conspiracy minded thinking, it's a live book on the right and the left, semi-lon the right. it's a sustain. it's a kind of form of pollution that all of us in a kind of a society, it's almost a society need to work against. that's why it's so interesting to see it play out in the courts right now. >> we seen it against the parents in new town, it's not just against kids, who said the parents were crisis actors grieveing. >> now to see three lawsuits, going after fox and otherles. it's interesting to see people trying to seek justice in the courts. >> parents have said the rich's brother filed a lawsuit. coming up, grief and outrage in
5:45 pm
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there are more protests tonight in sacramento and the attorney representing the family stephon clark is calling for them to be peaceful. today was a funeral for 24-year-old stefan clark. he was killed by police who fired at him 20 times in his grandmother's yard. the killing captured on police body cameras. >> come here, drop your gun! shots fired. suspect down. >> police say they thought he had a gun. no gun was found, only a cell phone. reverend al stephen harperton spoke at his funeral. he represented something sarah sanders when the president was asked if he had anything to say about the police killing african-american men? they say it was a local matter. >> the president's press secretary, says this is a local matter. no, this is not a local matter.
5:50 pm
they have been killing young black men all over the country and we are here to say that we are going to stand with stephon clark and the leaders of his family. we are putting aside our differences. it's time for preachers it's time for us to go down and stop this madness. >> i wonder what it's been like for you watching in your hometown? >> well, it's heartbreaking, man. i'm straight out of glen elder in south sacramento. as you know this has been going on for so long. i come from a people been terrorized and traumatized for hundreds of years.
5:51 pm
we have to be strong and we have to acknowledge that we got a white house that really doesn't give a damn about black people, especially young people. that's true for most muslims, gays, lesbians and trans. you have genuine freedom fighters. you have brother kevin carter. then you have major, brother stienberg and i'm convinced he's a decent brother and will have a openness with how you come to terms making sure police are accountable. at the same time we need decency and elected office.
5:52 pm
the police turned off the microphones it's not an illegal thing to do. what did they feel should not be recorded. >> there's the sense of them not being accountable. this is the human thing. we just have to make sure that people understand that black
5:53 pm
lives are precious. those who take away the lives go to jail. >> the idea this is a local matter. this is a president obviously who certainly has not shied away from commenting on so called local issues. what do you make of him choosing not to comment on it and the white house not commenting? >> we should have no expectations of donald trump when it comes to issues of justice. we should have no expectations. we shouldn't get hyped up about it. we have to proceed where we are. if we black people have been hyped up about how wonderful or the potential of slave holders or jim crow heads or jane crow heads and zero in on what we can do, come together, bring
5:54 pm
together people of all races about justice concerned about these young black men and women getting killed. that's the crucial thing. as i said before i think sacramento can actually teach the nation something because major steinberg and police chief can come together with black lives matter say we're taking this in a zone we never have before. we're going to take stand, the most vulnerable of our citizens. keep in mind, brother anderson, this is weekend of martin luther king jr. i was 14 and my brother had just won the mile. 50 years later, here we are with the legacy of martin king. he was assassinate.
5:55 pm
jesus, christians like myself. jesus bounces back on sunday. martin luther king's legacy, will it bounce back strong with substance? that's up to us, brother. that's up to us. >> it's been three and a half years since michael brown in ferguson. do you think with all the attention that has been paid to this issue and one can argue is it enough, has it been too much. some people would probably argue that. do you see progress being made when it comes to relationship between the african-american community and police forces in communities around the country or do you think we're still in the same place that we were? >> there's always isolated pockets where you have courageous and passionate and decent people coming together. i think overall we're making very little progress. as malcolm reminds us even when we make the progress, we don't stab folks in the back and
5:56 pm
celebrate your progress. we have a long way to go in terms of coming to terms with white supremacy in terms of how it relates to black girls and black boys and men and women. even under our dear brother barack obama who was so much better in donald trump but at the same time he didn't come through the way he should have. eric holder didn't come through the way he should have. that's why the police remain unaccountable. let us never forget the rich legacy. >> dr. kor they wicornell west.
5:57 pm
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