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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  April 2, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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means to see and to cherish. this will be a moment that the notre dame fans will cherish for a very long time. >> i just love seeing that reaction, and, by the way, that sanjay picture, that was priceless. young at heart. you go, sanjay. andy scholes, thank you. have a great day. thank you for joining me today. i'm ana cabrera. "at this hour" starts now. hi there. i'm brianna keilar in for kate bolduan. we begin with breaking news. an aide to vladimir putin says president trump invited the russian leader to meet at the white house. cnn's kaitlan collins is at the white house for us. we know this is all unfolding as we speak. what can you tell us at this point? >> reporter: well, we just got a statement from the press secretary sarah sanders after multiple inquiries were made about this potential meeting and i'm going to read it to you in full. she said that as the president himself confirmed on march 20th, after his last call with president putin, the two
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discussed a bilateral meeting in the not too distant future at a number of potential venues including the white house. she adds we have nothing further to add at this time. so two things there, she is saying they did discuss that meeting, the same time when president trump said after that march 20th phone call they could be meeting soon. she said a venue has not been selected yet. she said they have not spoken since that call. no further developments have been made on this. that was the very contentious phone call in the headlines for days. president trump congratulated vladimir putin on his election victory even though his team advised him not to do so. he faced several severe blowbacks on that call. and doing that from senator, people like senator john mccain who says president trump should not be congratulating a dictator on a sham election victory and also during that call when the president did not raise russian meddling in the american election with putin and also did
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not raise the poisoning of that former british spy, something that also has been in the headlines several times. very contentious phone call, but for right now, the meeting between trump and putin seems to be something that the president has floated, the two of them discussed. there is nothing definitive yet, but it does seem to be on the table here, brianna. >> kaitlan collins at the white house, thank you. let's get the story from moscow where we have matthew chance joining us live. matthew what is the kremlin saying about this potential white house meeting? >> it is increasingly difficult to get a straight answer out of the kremlin, even though the issue was as simple as this. we started off with the kremlin statement that first announced that the content of this conversation was raised, that there would be a meeting or meeting had been proposed between trump and putin at the white house. the first time the suggestion was made that the meeting take place in the u.s. capitol. i then approached the spokesperson for the kremlin and
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said, look what is all this about a meeting at the white house, can you confirm this to me? he said, hi, no, nothing specific yet. contacts on this issue are yet to start, if ever. he cut off communication and refused to answer any follow-up questions that i had. so it seems that the kremlin went out there and said, look, yes, this issue, we're meeting at the white house was raised, but subsequently in that contact i had with dmitri peskov, he seemed to play down the idea that the offer of that meeting was being taken seriously by the kremlin at this stage. and, of course, it is understandable why not. a lot happened. a lot of water under the bridge since the offer was made if it was made, not least the expulsion of 60 russian diplomats from the united states over the spy scandal. >> matthew chance, thank you so much in moscow. i want to bring in cnn national security analyst and former communications director for u.s. national intelligence shawn
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turner and cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief at the daily beast, jackie kucinich with us. what do you make of the news, and we should be considering, of course, that as matthew just reported, the kremlin is sort of all over the map on this. the white house is acting like, no, no, trump said this was what was going to happen, but not to this degree we understaood what he was saying. >> i think the fact that he invited vladimir putin to the white house, i think that's not terribly surprising for this president. we have seen him kind of shoot from the hip and make kind of off the cuff invitations. i think as matthew pointed out, what really mattered here is what has happened since he extended that invitation. i mean, the fact that the administration took a very strong position on russia last week when we made the decision to expel 60 diplomats and the fact that some 24, 23, 24 countries have done the same thing, sends a strong message
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that this administration will push back on russia's behavio. f if this goes forward, one thing that is still very confusing is exactly where this president stands on vladimir putin and the kremlin and our attitudes toward their behavior. >> how do you make sense of this? if it is just the president sort of blowing smoke in a way where he's congratulating putin and then at the time, we know that there were discussions under way for the expulsion of russian diplomats from the u.s., the closing of a facility. how do you make heads or tails of what seems to be an offer for an invite and then we'll unpack exactly if that meeting actually happened, what it would look like. >> the other thing reported out of the call is the president was supposed to say something about the poisoning of the former russian spy and he didn't. so the fact that president seems to go out of his way to avoid offending vladimir putin to his face and then on the other side of this call, there was the expulsion of the diplomats.
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it is why -- if there is a russia doctrine out of the white house, it is very confusing what it is. they drag their feet implementing the sanctions that were implemented for sure. so it is hard to make heads or tails of it to your point. what to think here about the relationship between the president and vladimir putin. >> it is unclear to you if this meeting would actually take place, right? because so much, as matthew said, there is so much water under the bridge since the phone call and we know this president likes to ad-lib. it is very hard to understand whether a meeting might actually happen. >> it is. one thing i think is certain is that the president's national security team will almost certainly advise against a bilateral meeting with have vladimir putin. one thing we need to be really concerned about is what that meeting looks like if it does go forward. we know the president tends to like to go off script in these sorts of meetings and to engage in a way that is in the always
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consistent with the best interests of our national security. so i think that, you know, this really will come down to whether or not the president is going to listen to his national security team. and i think also -- it is the case that because he's got some new members like bolton and others coming on board that it is a little unclear to us too what that device will be. but it is certainly the case that if you are a russia expert, if you are someone who works in this space, you know that right now is not a good time for a meeting between the president of the united states and vladimir putin. >> is it hard for you to imagine a scenario where this would go forward? >> it is -- it is hard for know predict what this white house is going to do. this is all so after the president -- vladimir putin had a presentation, showed a missile hitting florida, which is where president trump, of course, has a home. so, again, it is hard to say because the president shows so -- it is so different when he's in front of a leader, a world leader. look at what happened with president xi in china, when talking about trade, he's very
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bullish. talking about president xi, he says they have a great relationship. it is hard to predict what the president says to someone's face versus the policies out of the white house. >> this statement from the white house press secretary sarah sanders, keeping in mind that -- after the president met -- or sorry, after he spoke on the phone to vladimir putin, he's in the -- he has a live availability and he talks in an ad-lib style about what happened and he says he congratulated -- he said that out loud, i congratulated him, he said we will probably be meeting in the not too distant future. that's what he said. that's the quote. sarah sanders saying, as the president himself confirmed on march 20th, hours after his last call with president putin, the two had discussed a bilateral meeting in the not too distant future at a number of potential venues including the white house. that is sort of something she added. the president did not tell us that at the time. keeping that in mind, what do you think about the disconnect between the communications and what is really going on with the president? how hard is this for that office
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to deal with? >> they can't predict, even the communications office has keeping up with the president sometimes. we have seen that on a range of issues. which is why that shop -- there is no communications director now because hope hicks has left. this is why that job in particular is very hard and why sarah sanders has a hard job because they are trying to sort of blur the line here of what the president actually said or what the president actually meant. it is hard to anticipate that. which is why the president ends up being his best spokesperson for knowing what he means. we have seen this when it comes to nikki haley, the president will say something different. same thing with rex tillerson, you know, may he rest in texas, so it really is -- it maybes their job difficult. you have to go to the president at the end of the day to find out what he actually means. >> thank you so much to both of you. breaking news out of the pentagon this morning, we're learning some new information about the american and british soldiers killed last week in syria.
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cnn's barbara star has details on this. what can you tell us? >> well, we are now just able to confirm that when a u.s. and british soldier were killed on friday in northern syria, they were not on any kind of patrol. in fact, on a classified mission, looking for a so-called high value target, looking for an isis operative. master sergeant jonathan dunbar of the united states army and sergeant matt tenrow, a british soldier, both killed on this mission, five others injured when they were hit by an ied blast in northern syria. why this is so significant, of course, is because for one reason president trump talking about paulling u.s. troops out f syria and the isis mission. the president talking about it at the same time. manbridge is an area in northern
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syria where basically u.s. troops have largely publicly been focused on going on patrols and showing that they are there. but this underscores there is a classified mission in that area of syria. we now know that u.s. army master sergeant jonathan dunbar was assigned to the u.s. army's very elite, very secretive delta force, that he was part of a delta force mission along with the others that day to go look for an isis operative in northern syria when they were killed in combat. very tough business, of course, for the army, and for the british. their families in deep mourning. they are expected to be laid to rest in the coming days. brianna. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you so much for that. coming up, china strikes back after the country slaps new trade penalties on the u.s. overnight. we'll tell you where they could hit american companies. and workers the hardest. live pictures coming to us right
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right now, teachers are staging massive walkouts, shutting down schools in two states. they're rallying in the capitals of oklahoma and kentucky. oklahoma teachers are pressing for better wages and better funding for classrooms. cnn correspondent nick havalenc is in oklahoma city. we have polo sandoval in frankfurt, kentucky. nick, i want to start with you. tell us why oklahoma teachers were rallying, even though they got a pay raise last week. >> reporter: simply put, it is because they didn't get what they wanted and they thought what they were asking for was pretty reasonable. they were asking for $10,000 increase for the average teacher
8:17 am
salary. what they got was a $6100 increase. they identified in their proposal about $900 million in additional revenue to be appropriated toward education, what they got in this legislative bill was half that, about $447 million. speaking to teachers here they don't see a financially viable future as an educator in this state, not least as an educator in america. they say it is among the worst here in oklahoma, teachers ranking average salary with mississippi being worse, average funding per pupil is near the bottom. i spoke with a group of teachers who say it is getting more and more difficult to be a teacher in this state every day. >> we're asking victim devos to come to oklahoma, see how badly needed funding is for our classrooms. we're doing this for the kids today. it is not about us. it is about the kids. funding our classrooms, getting adequate textbooks, getting qualified, highly qualified teachers in the classroom, and the resources that enable us to do our job more effectively. >> it is extremely frustrating. we would rather be in our
8:18 am
classrooms teaching today, but the truth is i need to be here fighting for them because those in this building seem to have a hard time getting them exactly what they need. >> reporter: it has gotten so difficult in some of these school districts in the state, they have gone to four-day workweeks, because they can't keep the lights on in some of the classrooms. other teachers are saying they have to work second, third jobs to pay the bills. on top of that, there is a teacher shortage across the state, 25% of the teachers in oklahoma left the profession after 2017. they haven't gotten a pay raise here in ten years, and we saw what happened in west virginia, took nine days for them to get that they wanted eventually. and they say here the teachers, they have the resolve and commitment to get going as long as necessary. >> it does seem like you're seeing that trickle down effect from west virginia teachers being effective and polo in kentucky, with the pension reform measure that has upset teachers so much, how is that affecting them to the point where they're saying enough? >> reporter: you know, brianna,
8:19 am
that pension reform bill is what brought teachers here to the steps of the capitol. what is keeping them here is this issue of funding. right now, there is legislators in that building, essentially debating and discussing the next budget for the state's public school system for the next couple of years. so the teachers who have been speaking to out here are genuinely concerned that that could mean cuts in the education system. perhaps for textbooks, transportation, or maybe even the hiring of teachers, including diane young, first year teacher, as you're about to hear from her. you were telling me a while ago, this is more than just about the pension, it is about funding. you started as an educator. what concerns you now? >> it is an outright assault on public education. community, states need public education. instead of finding logical sources for funding, they want to cut and take away and it is awful. our kids deserve better. our state deserves better. >> what do you think should be the message for legislators, with the pension reform behind now, and the budget ahead, where
8:20 am
are you right now in terms of messaging for lawmakers? >> they need to find funding. they don't need to take away. i'm a first year teacher. i've spent a couple of thousand dollars on my classroom taking care of my kids. if i can do it, they can find funding. >> do you think this will drag on to next month, next week, possibly? >> if they don't do the right thing, absolutely. see it in the long-term protest. as teachers, we care about our pension, but we care a lot more about our kids and we care about the future of kentucky and seems like we're the only ones. >> diane, thank you so much for talking to us. brianna, what we have seen now is a movement that perhaps west virginia, we were there, and now has been seen in several states including here in kentucky. and important to point out, a majority of the districts or counties in kentucky were scheduled to have school closures today because of spring break. however, the concern here is if these teachers don't feel like they're getting anything from the legislators, or the governor, then perhaps it could drag into next week when school is back in session.
8:21 am
>> all right, we'll be watching. that is stunning, i will say, first year teacher who spent a couple of thousand dollars on her classroom, really bringing it home there. thank you. we appreciate your report as well. still ahead, president trump launches a new twitter attack this morning on immigration and declares that daca is dead. our chief white house correspondent jim acosta just asked him about it. we're going to show you what president trump said next.
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8:26 am
borders with proper border legislation. democrats want no borders, hence drugs and crime. the presidential blast coming in a burst of tweets attacking democrats, immigration laws, mexico and the caravans of central american migrants heading to the u.s./mexico border. he went so far to say, quote, our country is being stolen. just moments ago at the white house easter egg roll, the president spoke to cnn's chief white house correspondent jim acosta about this. >> the democrats have really let them down. they have really let them down. they had this great opportunity. the democrats have really let them down. it is a shame. now people are taking advantage of daca and that's a shame. it should have never happened. >> i want to bring in our panel, jason miller, former senior communications adviser for the trump campaign and maria car dona, democratic strategist with
8:27 am
us. jason, it is easter. what the heck? why is he talking about -- the message and the tone does not fit this holiday weekend, which continues today. >> well, this is one of the president's big priorities, shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. he ran his entire 2016 campaign on immigration, trade, taxes, and defeating radical islamic terrorism. for him to continue talking about the need to secure our southern border, i think that fits right in the -- >> easter? that was my question. >> he's the president. so take advantage of every opportunity that you have and go and push your message. he also put out a strong easter message, strong passover message. >> what is he talking about? he's creating this -- the country's being stolen, he says, border crossings in 2017 down by half. the specifics do not match reality. >> it is still a massive problem. i think the president is exactly spot on when he points out the
8:28 am
fact that democrats walked away from putting together some sort of daca deal. and this -- democrats would rather have this be a 2018 midterm issue rather than actually going and solving it. the president has said very clearly, he wants to build a wall, and chain migration, get rid of the visa lottery and come up with a real plan to fix daca. he said not just the 690,000, he would have gone up to 1.8 million. the fact that democrats wouldn't take that deal shows they don't care about this issue. >> maria, what is your reaction? >> the president doesn't only not care about this issue, he's completely clueless when it comes to facts regarding immigration policy. he doesn't care about these kids. he never has. he's only there to use them as pawns, he talked about them during the campaign many times, i agree with you on this, has been a priority for this president, but he's talked about deporting them. and building a wall. this was never about having a bill that was full of heart, the way he talked about. he's always been about using these kids to placate his anti-immigrant base. what he did this weekend was i
8:29 am
think just completely heartless, which, again, goes to what his personality really is. he had dinner apparently with sean hannity and listening to ann coulter who has been bashing him because she's criticizing him on being weak on immigration. that's what he's responding to. he's not responding to the facts. you're right, brianna, border crossings are down. and immigration has been net negative, not just now, since trump has taken office, but it has been net negative for the last four years of the obama administration. >> i want to listen to sarah sanders talking about this. she said that this was a political ploy. >> i think it is because we're getting close to an election, they don't want to see the president continue to win like he has for the last year and a half, and they're going to do everything they can even if it means hurting people across the country, if they think it takes a hit at the president. >> this is an issue, jason, to be clear, that most americans
8:30 am
back. a large percentage of americans say that there should be protection for young people who are brought to the u.s. by no fault of their own, but here they are, and the only country they have ever known, for all intents and purposes are americans, even though they're undocumented. it is going to be an issue. clearly president trump is, you know, he's got a hold on his base, but coming here into the midterm elections, there are a lot of republicans who do not. there are a lot of voters where this issue is going to matter to them. what do you think about what that is going to mean for the president's agenda after november? >> well, i think it is also important to point out that most americans think we need to have a secure southern border as well. you can't go and completely split off daca from the issue of securing your southern border, building the wall and all the other immigration reforms that the president wants to put into place. what the democrats want to do is go and say, hey, let's go ahead and legalize 700,000 people and give them a pathway to citizenship now, and then wink,
8:31 am
wink, nod, nod, we'll come back and talk about border security later on. that is complete -- that is -- >> the president -- why did the president say -- >> he walked away. >> chuck schumer offered the president $25 billion for his border wall. >> he wouldn't do anything about ending the visa lottery. >> $25 billion for his idiotic border wall that frankly the majority of republicans don't want. >> they walked away. >> they gave -- they offered him $25 billion. in exchange for citizenship for the 1.8 million. >> maria. >> president trump said no. those are the facts. i know you're on the rnc and the white house talking points, but -- >> you need to call chuck schumer. >> he said no to $25 billion for the border wall. that tells me he wants these kids to be a pawn, and you're right, going into the midterm elections, this is going to be a huge problem for republicans who are now in all of these swing states, where the ma generajori americans want these kids to
8:32 am
vei have a solution, he promised a bill with love, the one who -- >> maria, the president -- maria, you need to call chuck schumer and say come back to the table. >> he offered him the $25 billion on the border wall. so, no, let's not talk about who wants to blow up this deal. you said democrats -- you said democrats don't want -- >> right they don't want -- >> democrats offered him $25 billion for a border wall that they don't want. >> won't do anything about chain migration. >> let's talk about the border security, let's do the border wall, and then give them 1.5 million -- >> there is always -- there is always an excuse for democrats. >> for trump there is always an excuse. here's the problem with what you're saying -- >> no, the pro be blem is you k walking away from it. >> the deal on daca was always a deal on daca. >> this is where trump supporters -- maria, hold on one
8:33 am
second. >> this is what it would say and that's what he wants. he doesn't want a deal. he doesn't want a deal. >> didn't work for hillary clinton in 2016 and doesn't work now. >> what are you talking about? >> trump supporters -- it is the same kind of logic -- >> no argument because -- >> you guys, you guys -- >> no. >> all right. >> the facts are $25 billion, president trump said no. >> people don't agree with that position. >> maria, thank you so much. jason miller, thank you so much. i love how animated you both are about this issue. the next story we're going to be talking about is david shulkin, the former va secretary, did he quit or was he fired? he says the white house claims that he stepped down are wrong and we'll tell you why it matters, how he departed next. the dow dropping triple digits this morning after china levels new trade penalties on the u.s.
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david shulkin joining the expanding club of former trump cabinet secretaries, but was he fired or did he quit and what difference does it make? the white house said that shulkin resigned as head of the veterans administration, but shulkin told cnn he got a pink slip or in this case a pink tweet. >> general kelly gave me a heads up that the president would most likely be tweeting out a message in the very near future and i appreciated having that heads up from general kelly. >> the tweet fired you? >> yes. >> cnn politics senior writer juana summers here with us now. explain to us why it is important why he resigned or whether he was fired, even by tweet. >> in that tweet last week, when
8:39 am
the president announced that david shulkin with a no longer leave the va, he named a replace. he said robert wilke would replace him. here is where this gets interesting. he bypassed secretary shulkin's deputy secretary top bowman and that breaks open an interesting legal question. federal law says the president has broad authority to name a temporary replacement in situations like these in a couple of cases. it says if the person holding the job dies, if they resign or if they're unable to fill their skr job duties. what happens here is that he was fired by the white house, he says he did not resign as the white house that he did and the law isn't as clear as to whether the president then can actually make this change. that could set up a situation where people could actually press a legal challenge to actions taken by robert wilke while he's serving. which means the efforts to modernize the va could get
8:40 am
caught up in all of this. >> or privatize part of it, all of that could be challenged, if he does anything bold, it could be challenged in court. that's interesting. let's talk about the epa administrator scott pruitt. he had a condo deal with an energy lobbyist, former new jersey governor chris christie, who for, you know, about a minute, was part of the trump transition, spoke out about this yesterday. here's what he said. >> this was a brutally unprofessional transition. this was a transition that didn't vet people for this type of judgment issues and i don't know how you survive this one. >> if he has to go? >> it is because he never should have been there in the first place. >> can scott pruitt survive this, do you think? >> i think it is important to remember that this isn't the first time that scott pruitt has made headlines that have been unflattering for the white house. he's one of the number of cabinet officials. this is the second negative stream of headlines we're seeing about him. we know based on our reporting they don't want to keep seeing
8:41 am
the cabinet secretary names popping up in this manner. it is a question of if there is more to this story as we reported about his travels, you taking a security detail to disney and other places. so i think it just remains to be seen what more there is to this story. >> the condo thing is a problem. it allowed him $50 a night, just for the night he was in d.c. and an energy lobbyist who rented him the property so then it creates this sense of is that really what he should be doing. >> absolutely. this particular sense it really ties back to the heart of what his agency's function is. that's why this raised a new level of alarm within the white house and those involved in the matters and running the cabinet officials day to day. >> thanks so much. up next, the dow is way down this morning. we're talking about 500 points. the big drop coming as china hits the us with us $3 billion worth of new tariffs. we'll tell you how it could affect american companies next.
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beijing delives on its threat and retaliates against president trump's stiff new tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum. china announcing tariffs of its own on 128 american imports. global fears of a trade war between the world's two largest economies rattling nerves in markets as you can see right now on wall street. the dow is down just under 500 points. and cnn's alison kosik is joining us with the latest on this. what do you make of the big drop we're seeing? >> i say pick your poison. we have president trump attacking amazon on twitter, so that's creating this big worry from the investment community, could there be this antitrust enforcement going on here.
8:47 am
could the president go ahead and change tax rules for one of the biggest companies in this country. then, of course, you got this threat of an ongoing trade war. that's also weighing on the market as well. so you don't see many positive reasons for investors to go ahead and buy in today, especially as we hear that beginning today, china is going to go ahead and make good on its trade threats. china is going to go ahead and slap tariffs on 128 u.s. products. 25% tax will go on eight americans good like pork and recycled aluminum. 15% tax will go on 120 other products including fruits, nuts, wine, steel pipes, you look at the bigger picture, though, $3 billion is actually a small portion of the hundreds of billions in dollars that ship between the u.s. and china each year. 23 you look at the tariffs, they are politically strategic. here is an example for you. pork, the pork producers council warns that this is going to have significant impact on rural americans and on the top ten pork producing states. eight of these states voted for
8:48 am
trump in 2016. now, clearly these tariffs are retaliation against president trump's duties, on foreign steel and aluminum. those tariffs went into effect two weeks ago, china has said, though it doesn't want a trade war, but says it will take full measures if necessary, so this is just one more move in the escalating tensions between china and the u.s. and here is the thing, brianna, this may get worse. the president says that there could be a second wave of this. he may look to place tariffs on $50 billion worth of chinese goods. and if that happens, the big worry is that china may retaliate even more and place tariff s on items we export to china like soybeans. that's a huge industry in this country. >> alison kosik, thank you for that report. how do you deeply move a reclusive dictator? you put on a good show. state media in north korea reporting that kim jong-un and his wife attended the concert in
8:49 am
pyongyang by south korean musicians and they were deeply moved by the crowd's response. kim even thanked the group and took a picture with them. this marked first time in more than a decade that south koreans have performed in the north. cnn's paula hancocks has more details from seoul. how is the south reacting to this. >> some surprise. you look at the official south korean reaction, they're delighted that the momentum is continuing, that there is this thawing in relations between the north and south koreans. you come from an expert point of view, there is a fair bit of surprise, that the northern korean leader kim jong-un is deeply moved by a k-pop concert. this is the sort of south korean pop culture that if north koreans are caught watching, smuggled copies, smuggled, they're put into prison. some defectors suggest that these imprisonments can lead to execution in some cases. so there is severe punishment for watching this kind of thing
8:50 am
that the north korean leader kim jong-un was sitting and enjoying according to the state run media. there is some surprise, but there is a fair bit of cynicism, there is also some hope that this is yet more momentum building ahead of that summit between the south korean president moon jae-in and kim jong-un at the potentially, of course, that meeting between mr. trump and kim jong-un. but certainly it is not the sort of thing that you would have expected, but south korean officials say they will continue with this, they will continue with the cultural events. there is another one, and they will continue with sporting events to continue this south korean relationship. brianna? >> thank you so much for that report. up ahead, tensions are rising with broadcast groups and
8:51 am
local affiliates to report promos of media bashing.
8:52 am
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that's more speed than at&t's comparable bundle, for less. call today. if you live in an area where broadcasting giant sinclair owns a tv station and the company owns or operates 173 of them, you might have seen this. local news anchors reading a corporate written script bashing so-called fake news. the dead spin website edited dozens of these editorials across the country. the faces are different but the message is the same. >> false news has become all too common on social media. they say things that aren't true without checking facts first.
8:56 am
unfortunately, they have their own personal bias and agenda to control what we watch. this is extremely dangerous to our democracy. >> sinclair mandated that the stations run these editorials. critics say they are doing trump's dirty work and pushing it is talking points. host of "reliable sources" brian stelter is with us. brian, you learned that some sinclair employees are pretty upset about this. >> reporter: that's right. sinclair staffers came to me. they were concerned about these scripts they're being forced to read. now they're on local tv and dead spin did such a great job editing all of these together, you almost feel like the anchors are robots, having to read these scripts word for word. what's notable is sinclair and its politics are now on display. it's come to a boiling point
8:57 am
over a long period of time. they have been forced to run certain segments, kmcommentarie and other pieces that are favorable to the administration. this talk about fake news and bias in the news, it can seem innocuous, except when you think about the company's political slant and how stations have been told to tilt the news in a certain direction. that's why these promos were so offensive to some of the staffers. that's why they're saying they want to quit over this issue. it's something that's definitely coming to a head now. >> when you think of how large sinclair is, right, it's the biggest owner of local tv stations in the u.s. they own or operate 73 local stations. what kind of impact does a promo like that have? >> it's because they're coming from trusted anchors that they have so much impact. some anchors have told me honestly that they feel like their credibility, which they worked hard to earn, is being corroded because of this.
8:58 am
here's a memo from sinclair announcing the initiative. it says, of course, trust is the most fundamental issue when connecting with news consumers, and we are a trusted news source. they went on to say, that's why we're moving forward about these anchor messages about journalastic responsibility. please produce the attached scripts exactly as they are written. this copy has been thoroughly tested and speaks to our journalistic responsibility as advocates to seek the truth on behalf of the audience. there is something similar going on with sinclair's promos. they're saying trust us, we're the ones that are honest, don't believe the others. that's sort of an echo of president trump's anti h-news
8:59 am
messaging. they compare them to nbc and other networks. he's essentially making people choose or choosing for them news outlets he does approve of and news outlets he doesn't approve of. certainly sinclair san approvis approved news source. >> what happens if the station doesn't run these promos? >> it's interesting, they've been told you have to run these. jobs are on the line if you don't. essentially stations are going along with it. it's a mandate but it's definitely added tensions to the management and these local stations. i've spoken to a couple journalists who is they want to quit, they may resign over this. we'll see if that comes to pass or not. in this trump era we see the argument about fake news, this term "fake news" being exploited, being misused, and in this case trump is saying sinclair is on my side.
9:00 am
>> brian stelter, thank you so much. before we go, we're keeping an eye on oklahoma city. we have some pretty amazing pictures coming in. tens of thousands of teachers who are marching on the the sta state capitol. they're demanding higher wages and school funding. there are similar walkouts today in kentucky for funding and pension reform they are doing there in that state. thanks so much for joining me. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump says any hope for a deal to protect the dreamers is dead. his tweets show several supportive acts, but he also shows his advisers in his thinking and his tone. also they may be planning a meeting with vladimir


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