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tv   New Day  CNN  April 3, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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calls our nation's weak border laws. it is his tenth tweet in 48 hours about immigration and it comes as the white house is making a new legislative push aimed at strengthening border security. let's begin with cnn's shimon prokupecz in washington with our top story. the collusion question, as far as the special counsel's investigation is concerned not closed. >> not at all. in fact, i think this memo just filed in court lays out the scope of the special counsel investigation which was authorized by the deputy attorney general, rod rosen stein who is overseeing the probe and has been criticized by the president. this president was written in august, three months after bob mueller was appointed to run the investigation. in a significant move, the special counsel made parts of this memo public. here it reveals the allegations that mueller is investigating against manafort. one of those is an allegation that he committed a crime or crimes by colluding with the
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russians. the second one, it says that mueller is authorized to investigate manafort for money he received while working for the pro-russian leader of the ukraine. as we know, manafort has been charged with money he made from that work. his attorneys are arguing that mueller overstepped his jurisdiction because it has nothing to do with the russia investigation. the three-page memo is notable for what we don't see. parts of it are blacked out. in fact, most of it has been blacked out. it appears to indicate other allegations and people that the mueller team is investigating. now, the memo's existence has been classified up until now and it was released as part of mueller's response to manafort's motion to dismiss one of the indictments against him. jim, certainly this memo shows that any notion that the collusion investigation is over and that man no fort isn't facing russia-related charges
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clearly is not true. >> sure to disappoint the president. president trump tweeting about immigration policy ten times in the last 48 hours. this as the white house makes a new legislative push on immigration. cnn's abby phillip is live at the white house with more this morning. good morning, abby. >> good morning, jim. the president this morning making a hard pivot to his base and a hard pivot to hard-line immigration policies with a new tweet about these alleged caravans of immigrants coming into the united states from central america. he wrote a brig caravan of people from honduras now coming across mexico. had better be stopped before it gets here. cash cow nafta is in play as is foreign aid to honduras. congress must act now. this is one of the few times president trump has specifically mentioned threatening foreign aid to countries like honduras for allowing this to happen. that so-called caravan is actually a group of immigrants coming to the united states or
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seeking to come for asylum purposes, not exactly just flowing across the border as he mentioned. this is the tenth tweet, as you just mentioned, the president has made this weekend on this issue. it started when he was at mar-a-lago over the weekend. he was surrounded by friends and outside advisers who pushed him to get tougher on immigration, saying his base is softening on it. he was surrounded by a few senior aids. one is stephen miller who also pushed him on a hard line on immigration. the president and the white house planning to push congress to do more on immigration laws. there are two main things they want to talk about. one of them is removing the protections that prevent them from deporting children as soon as they get to the united states. they also want to be able to detain families for longer periods of time. congress is in recess right now and it's really, really not clear whether they have any interest in taking on these new hard line immigration policies
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that the president wants them to and has been tweeting non-stop about for about three days now. >> therein lies the question, whether this will turn into policy. abby, thank you for the reporting. we're joined by cnn political director david chalian and cnn legal analyst paul callan. david, let me start with you. the past 48 hours we've seen the president take a quite different tact, at least rhetorically in terms of what he wants to be done with daca and with the dreamers. this sounds very different than the bill of love he talked about in the past. what's going on? >> it sounds very different. think about if you were just watching the news over the last four weeks on immigration. you're a conservative trump supporter. you saw him in a bipartisan meeting in the cabinet room. you saw him talking about a bill of love. you saw him say, yeah, we can do that, we can do dreamers, the full comprehensive immigration reform. very different tone and tenor than you saw from president trump on the campaign trail, the
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fuel of his fire that delivered him the nomination and on to the presidency. this weekend we know from our reporting he was around a lot of fox news personalities. they were telling him that there's some concern perhaps out there in the country. ann coulter going around and expressing dismay over his rhetoric on immigration. what have we had for the last 48 hours? nothing but throwing out red meat, because he clearly walked away from weekend conversations feeling a bit off-kilter. donald trump doesn't like to feel off-kilter from his base that delivered him the white house. what we've seen for 48 hours is constantly pressing the buttons that enthuse, engage and excite that base. >> david, is it possible no deal is made on daca, this expires and these 800,000 or so, close to a million people are in limbo? >> it is possible that we live
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in this limbo, exactly as you say, jim. right now because of court orders, renewal applications are happening. the process is going forward despite the fact that the president said it was rescinded and would be gone by now. it's not because of the courts. obviously if you talk to republicans or democrats on capitol hill, nobody thinks this limbo is a good and proper way to deal with this issue. but i don't see a path to a deal here. >> what do you think john? >> i think it raises the stakes. not only the president doubling down on the rhetoric, as david said. but there's actually policies being put forward. one of the real questions, getting tougher on children and families. that's something we heard late yesterday, an increase by the doj on requiring judges to meet quotas on deportations and how that could impact things if dreamers remain in limbo. >> that's part of a major
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assault on immigration policy by the trump administration. what people don't realize is the immigration judges who hear these cases, they're not completely independent judges like the federal judiciary which is a separate branch of government. they answer to the president and to the justice department. the justice department is saying we want those judges to have quo quotas. we want them to have to hear a certain number of cases in a certain amount of time or they lose their jobs. this is happening at the same time the administration is saying we want you to hear a lot more cases because we want to deport a lot more people. instead of giving more judges into the system, staffing it up to deal with it, they're saying we want you to hear more cases faster. it's a very, very strange proposal, and a lot of people say one that has no justice attached to it. >> paul callan, about the caravan of asylum seekers that are headed to, we think, the u.s. border, going through mexico, what happens when they get to the border?
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the president has made it sound in tweets that there's a her rauding ban. >> sounds like a scene out of mat max that they they're going to attack the border and take it. they're not going to go into the desert and infiltrate into the united states. all of this is to change the topic from stormy daniels which has been done effectively by talking about this caravan. >> it's interesting. even the language of quotas, that harkens back to a different time with u.s. immigration policy. you have to go back decades to when there were actual quotas, particularly for particular groups and so on. i know this is not the same thing. by setting a quota like that, you limit the number of folks who can come in. >> chalian, let's talk about the -- what we now know from this newly released classified
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info -- memo about what robert mueller was tasked with from rod rosenste rosenstein, the deputy ag in terms of scope. >> i'll be curious what others think about this. to me i feel like this is now part of a drip, drip, drip out of mueller that seems to be direct messaging to paul manafort and trying to apply greater pressure to manafort to consider perhaps flipping in this investigation. because everything that is coming out of the mueller operation right now, every filing, you can read in there as if it's like not-so-hidden message from bob mueller to paul man ford, i'm coming for you. i've got all this coming your way. >> a couple weeks ago we learned rick gates, it's not just about getting to paul man fofrt, it's
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about his contacts with russian intelligence. with paul manafort, it's not just about his business dealings prior to the time on the campaign, it's about the open question of collusion. the scope of this investigation remains very broad. >> it started with the russian connection. it looks like it's going to end with the russian connection. what's interesting about this is manafort's lawyers are taking this very aggressive stance and saying, you know what? mueller didn't have the right to investigate the money laundering aspects of the indictment of manafort. if they did, it's a blank check. it's like saying the special prosecutor could investigate anything. so everything should be dismissed. the response to this by the justice department has been no, that's not at all true. he had an authorization that said, if you come across crimes relevant to the russia investigation, they, in fact, can be investigated and certainly the money laundering, the connection to the ukraine highly relevant because the road to russia leads through ukraine.
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that's where manafort had connections. those were the early trump administration connections. >> people act like ukraine is this orbiting planet. he was working for the pro-russian government. >> that's right. russia influenced their election. there's a pattern there. what i think is also significant is manafort's arguments that collusion hasn't been authorized, that investigation, that's off the table. trump and manafort need to confront the fact that trump's own justice department has sanctioned this area of investigation, direct collusion. so that i think is really significant. in addition to the "wall street journal" reporting that they're looking at roger stone and potential connections with assange. >> they're hoping in the end to turn manafort. it's clear as day that mueller always thought manafort was the key to everything, to the russian connection. now manafort is facing the rest of liss life in prison. he could still turn and give
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president trump is on a twitter tear about immigration with ten tweets in the last 48 hours. he's venting about weak border laws, dreamers and insinuating caravans of immigrants are about to cross the u.s. border. he tweeted hours ago, big caravan of people from honduras now coming across mexico and heading to our weak laws border. better be stopped before it get there. cash cow nafta is in place as is foreign aid to honduras and countries that allow this to happen. congress must act now. joining us is the congressman from new york, the first former undocumented immigrant to serve
5:17 am
in congress. welcome congressman. >> thank you, alisyn. >> how do you hear the tweets that have come out in the past 48 hours where the tone seems to have shifted in terms of immigration. >> it's more of the same. every time mueller puts up the heat on him, he pivots to immigration. when he has another stormy day with stormy daniels, he pivots to immigration. this is a way of scapegoating a good part of the country, 800,000 dreamers. i think he goes back there -- >> you see this as a distraction rather than what has been suggested which is that over the weekend we know he dined and hung out with lots of fox news hosts. ann coulter has been on a bit of a tear about him disappointing the base, not building the wall. do you think it's a distraction or do you think he feels under siege from the base about this? >> i think both. i think he wants to throw red meat. it's like caligula at the coliseum throwing red meat to
5:18 am
his base. at the same time he wants to underestimate the importance or the seriousness of the mueller investigation or the current crisis of the day. so he goes after these 800,000 young people that most americans, 80% of americans feel should stay in our nation including 70% of trump supporters in red states and blue states in democrat districts and republican districts. >> in that tweet he mentions cash cow nafta, seemed a threat there to hold nafta hostage to a deal on the border wall. >> well, i'm surprised he hasn't blamed the chinese on the dreamers. he's entering a trade war with china. he's now entering -- holding a new debate about nafta and beating up on mexico and canada, our two neighbors. we really don't know where he lands every morning when he tweets in the middle of the night. i think what we do know is he pivots back and tries to blame
5:19 am
dreamers on everything. >> congressmeacongressman, a fe ago, chuck and nancy came over with chinese food and walked out with a deal to build the wall, ending chain migration. it would have allowed the dreamers to stay here. dipped you support that bill, and if not, what would you support now to help the dreamers get on board with the rest of the country, the same success story you've had. >> first of all, i have to respectfully challenge the language. i don't think in chain migration. i think it's family reunification. i think we should take up the d.r.e.a.m. act on its own because the american people want that, 80% of the american people feel their young people on their own merits should stay here, we should resolve that matter on their own. we have five crs, continuing resolutions in the last only bus bill. at each point the president went back again to the dreamers and
5:20 am
held them hostage on these budget deals. every single time -- we have three bipartisan bills right now. the u.s. aid act, the dream act, as well as the framework given to us by the senate, three republican senators, three democratic senators. he hasn't even taken that up. if the dream act went to the floor, it would pass. >> congressman, just to be clear, republicans control congress. you believe a clean d.r.e.a.m. act could pass a republican congress? >> if it hits the floor, i think it passes right now. it is extremely popular among all -- 80% of america is supporting it. if it went to the house of representatives it would pass. certainly if it went to the senate, it would as well. by the way, several of these proposals have border protection provisions in them, but he has not taken it up. he wants to go back to the dreamers every opportunity he has to use them as bait for another issue, whether it's a budget issue, whether it's the
5:21 am
mueller investigation or whether he has another stormy day with stormy daniels. >> the president says it's the democrats' fault that daca is dead, that you didn't care or act and it's your fault. >> we have acted. as i said earlier, we had the heard aguillar bill, the d.r.e.a.m. act which is a bipartisan piece of legislation. >> and then they wouldn't be voted on? >> leadership would not take it to the floor because they know we have republicans and democrats that would vote for it in the house of representatives as well as the senate. >> i know you've been critical of what you call the president's anti immigration agenda. when you read these tweets and the language that the president uses about immigrants -- demonizing immigrants. i would say dog whistle. there's really no dog whistle here. it's like a bull horn. how concerned are you about this rhetoric in this environment? >> this rhetoric, it's not only inflammatory, but i think thank
5:22 am
god for the courts. had it not been for the courts, we probably had 800,000 young people and their parents go under ground. is this what this nation has gotten to, close to a million young people that are part of our armed forces, they're teachers, they work, they go to school, and their parents have to go underground because they feel there's a massive deportation machine that is going to snatch them out of their beds. i think it's very fearful and i don't think that speaks well for america. >> as a former undocumented immigrant yourself, what do you say to the people who say illegal, you got here illegally. this is a country of borders. we need to enforce our borders. >> we didn't land here from mars or pluto or neptune. there are people without documents. the only difference between you and i, alisyn and those dreamers is a piece of paper. they dream in english. they wake up every morning trying to make america a better place. they're doctors, nurses, members
5:23 am
of our armed forces. they're fighting for democracy in our nation. what is more american that that? to categorize them as illegally think is a bad term to use. i think they're just folks that don't have their documentation and they should be given a shot. >> congressman, thank you for joining. >> thank you. >> coming up, a new book claims a trump confidant you've seen on "new day" is the number one leaker at the white house. what's the proof? we'll ask him next. ith botox®. what if you had fewer headaches and... migraines a month? botox® prevents headaches and migraines before they even star. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month,... each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® injections take about 15 minutes in your doctor's office and are covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread... hours to weeks after injection... causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing,... eye problems, or muscle weakness...
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so who is the number one leaker inside president donald trump's white house? a new book out today claims it is kellyanne conway. that book is "the trump white house, changing the rules of the game." joining us is the book's author, ronald kessler. thanks for joining us this morning. kellyanne conway, this revelation caught a lot of our attention in part because she's been one of the biggest
5:28 am
attackers of the media, fake news, et cetera. yet you're saying she's one of the biggest sources. >> i think she does a very good job on tv. when i interviewed her at the white house and it was recorded she apparently forgot she was on the record and started attacking reince priebus, saying the nastiest and most obviously untrue things about him, so damaging that i don't want to repeat it. i didn't put it in the book because i thought it would be unfair. she also went after jared and ivanka saying they leak against steve bannon. aides have told me that they have seen text messages she has sent to journalists leaking, attacking her colleagues. it's just the truth and that's what i try to do in this book. >> you're saying in addition to being a leaker, she is leaking lies to the media. >> lies and distortions, major source -- the major source probably of leaks from the white house. >> she refutes that.
5:29 am
she was on fox yesterday and here is her response to you. >> the president and i talked at length about a number of issues, talked about that very briefly. he knows and has said privately and publicly who is the leakers and liars are. very happy there's a lot less leaking. those of us who have the privilege of having access to him and working with him every day, inspires jealousy and back fighting itself. one day, abby, i will have my say. >> i wonder when that day will be. mr. kessler, the point is, just because she criticizes her colleagues doesn't make her a leaker. >> the text messages do show she is leaking. if you wonder how come there's all this turmoil in the white house, part of these attacks that are emanating from her against her colleagues. you see stories about reince trying to swat a fly that donald ordered him to kill.
5:30 am
that sort of thing. i have to laugh at a previous segment about the question of weatherman nhether manafort wou against trump in this collusion investigation. in my book i cite a "washington post" story, "washington post" not being the worst place in the world. i used to work there. august 14th of last year citing e-mails that have been turned over by the white house to congressional committees between manafort and other aides in which papadopoulos tries to get all of them to go to russia and meet with russian leaders. this is in e-mails. manafort says absolutely not. gates says absolutely not. they say we have to warn trump not to do this. they say we have to assign another guy to make sure nobody responds to this. >> what does that have to do with whether he'll turn on
5:31 am
president trump? >> because there's nothing to turn. what if there are no beans to spill? that's what this proves, that, in fact, they wanted nothing to do with russia, nothing. that is a fact. it's been totally ignored by the media, but "the washington post." a lot of stuff in this book like that on both sides. i also side with the fbi on some of these issues and say there are a lot of holes in the allegations about the fbi. >> you do say in this book you believe the russia investigation is basically bogus and it is a very flattering portrait of donald trump, someone you've known for 20 years, he was a major figure in a previous book of yours. >> i've known him for 20 years. i have a lot of insights into melania which are endearing because she has tremendous influence. she actually sits in on meetings. she expresses her opinion. she summarizes what other people have said. she comes up with new strategy. on the record i quote a lot of the white house people saying
5:32 am
her judgment is impeccable. >> i've heard this as well. i've heard they have a real relationship and at dinner they have real exchanges. she is a more substantial person than sometimes we see depicted on tv. how is she coming forward with the women who have come forward? >> i think she was upset. i do say when they first started dating she found out donald had gone back to see his previous girlfriend, karen young, and she broke up with him. she didn't care about the billions of dollars. she ordered her clothes sent back from mar-a-lago. a week later he wooed her back. so she had some -- >> so now what? >> -- experience with this before. again, if you look at the way they are together, and i saw them, for example, the night before new year's eve when i interviewed him for the book, and this is the only interview he says he has given or will give for a book, as you say,
5:33 am
they have a tremendous bond. they discuss everything. they're very much in love. you simply can't act and cover up when you see what they're like together. >> other members of his family, specifically jared and ivanka, don't come across in as good shape by your telling here. you say the president has under -- understands that jared and ivanka are a problem and he's repeatedly told the couple they made a mistake by joining the white house. >> in fact, he's hinted that they should go back. not only better for them, but better for him. he can't fire people and isn't going to fire his own family members. >> by tweet. that would be awkward. >> thanksgiving, christmas, awkward. question for you, you've known trump for a long time. you seem to have a close and cordial relationship. in 2015 you said several years ago he told me the gop will
5:34 am
never win if it comes across as mean spirited towards immigrants and i happen to think that's the real donald. >> do you still think that's the real donald? >> i think it's the real don't but he is a politician. he's like a prize fighter, fainting and counterpunching. he will say different things on different sides to get the result he wants. >> to be fair on immigrants shlgts he has a very consistent anti immigrant message going in. >> now. but previously he said something else. in the book i quote norma foyer, his top aide for 26 yearsment when she joined the organization, he had only seven other employees. he said there are two donald trumps, one is the one you see on tv who makes these outrageous comments to get attention for his brand and now of course for his presidency and there's the real donald who is quite the opposite. anyone who has met with him says, wow, he listens, pays attention, he's respectful.
5:35 am
that's the difference. you see this acting that goes on. you have to actually look at the actions. >> that's what's confusing for lawmakers, they think they have a deal. when they meet the one-on-one in-person president, they come out thinking they have a deal and then something blows up on twitter. immigration is just the latest example. >> in the book i say he's going to be seen as one of the greatest presidents. >> based on? >> results. economy, stock market up, lowest unemployment, lowest black unemployment, foreign affairs, almost getting rid of isis, about to meet with the north korean leader,ing missiles into syria to show we're not going to be messed with. on and on and on. in the end people are going to look at that, they're not going to remember the tweets, not going to remember the outrageous comments. it just takes real intellectual prowess to separate in your mind what he's doing, what the results are, versus some of the very bizarre things that we see.
5:36 am
>> it's hard to imagine a future where we don't remember the outrageous comments and the tweets. >> you're right. >> ronald kessler, the book, "the trump white house," thanks for sharing part of it with us. >> thank you. >> the market is on edge after president trump's repeated attacks on amazon. will the whiplash on wall street continue? we have a preview next. this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go! looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino!
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come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. oh. so, that means no breakfast? i said there might be breakfast. i was really looking forward to breakfast. i know... voya. helping you to and through retirement. it's time for "cnn money now." we're less than an hour from the opening bell. investors have a message for president trump, stop attacking amazon. the president's war on jeff bay soes is creating a sell off on wall street. alison kosik has more. >> i think all the read you see on the board, not just a message to president trump to leave
5:41 am
amazon alone but not start a trade war with china. the sell-off we saw yesterday has president trump's fingers prints all over it. his actions on trade, his twitter attacks on amazon, that really rocking wall street in a big way yesterday. the dow falling 459 points, all the major indices in the red for the year. his attacks on twitter against amazon hitting the tech sector hard. amazon shares fell another 5% yesterday. yesterday and throughout the past self days president trump has been attacking amazon, accusing amazon of scamming the post office and not paying sales taxes. neither is true. amazon pays sales tax in every state that charges one and amazon pays the post office. you look at the post office delivery service, it's booming, up 11% last year and even added sunday delivery in a rt pa ship with amazon in something the
5:42 am
post office is calling mutually benefici beneficial. you could be seeing an attack against jeff bezos who also owns "the washington post" which president trump often criticizes. time now for the five things to know for your new day. number one, a newly released classified memo details the skoeb of robert mueller's investigative mandate. rod rosenstein authorizing miller in part to investigate whether paul manafort colluded with the russians to interfere in the 2016 election. >> the president's shift back to ard ha line immigration stance sending a signal to his base of a renewed crackdown. he's tweeted ten times about immigration in the past 48 hours. a source says scott pruitt's jot is in jeopardy after reports he rented a room in washington from the family of a prominent
5:43 am
energy lobbyist. congressman elizabeth estes says she won't run for re-election. the connecticut democrat has been under fire for keeping chief of staff tony baker on the payroll after a former staff member alleged he threatened her. villa nova winning their second college basketball championship in the last three seasons. the wildcats beat michigan 79-62 in the national title game in san antonio. >> it is the best story of the day. for more on the five things to know, go to >> that was the easiest five things i've ever done. i only did two of them. that was fantastic. >> we're here to help. villa nova's big win isn't the only big ncaa story. wowing fans with buzzer beaters. we'll speak to her live next. as a control enthusiast,
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college basketball champions, one of my favorite stories of the day. but it is a player from the women's championship that has everyone talking. in the final moments of the nail biter check out this shot with less than one second on the shot. notre dame's arike ogunbowale nailed this three-pointer capturing the ncaa title. believe it or not it was a repeat of friday night's buzzer beater when ogunbowale made a game winning shot with a second left in over time. it's incredible. arike who was named the tournament's most outstanding player joins us now this morning. thanks so much. i've got to ask you, are you still living off the buzz of those two great moments? literally we researched, you're the only player in men's or women's ncaa tournament to hit
5:49 am
two consecutive last-second buzzer beaters. >> it's been pretty crazy. a lot of media attention. it's a little overwhelming. i'm blessed to be in this position. >> how many times have you watched that shot on replay on video? >> i think i get tagged about every second. i've been watching it each time. >> it never gets old. from where i sit, it's like you went unnecessarily high with that shot. you didn't have to shoot it that high. >> i didn't, but i felt like the ball was in the air for years. i don't know if it's going to go in. it felt like it took forever. >> you ever extend it on slow mo. >> i think every speed, every angle. >> it's incredible. >> we've been reading up on you. i love the fact that your mom was your coach in grade school. how much of an influence was your mom and your father? >> they're super competitive.
5:50 am
them being with me every day and making me competitive. my older brothers are competitive, too. >> i'm around my daughters every day. they're in seventh grade. they play basketball. i don't see them making shots like that. what do i need to do? >> soon, soon. >> okay. seriously, how many times have you practiced that shot to perfect it? >> i mean just -- i wouldn't say that specific shot. but in the gym i do a lot of crazy shots when i finish my workouts. you never know when you'll be in that position. workouts and being able to do the off-balanced shots will help. >> when we were all kids, we dreamed of hitting the winning shot and you kind of play that out in your mind. of course, i never got the chance to hit a winning shot. i did dream about it. when you were a kid, do you kind of kick back and throw up a shot from the corner and imagine yourself winning the ncaa championship? >> definitely always dreamed of this position. never thought it would happen once, but twice. it's unreal. i can't even really wrap my head
5:51 am
around it. >> living the dream, it doesn't get much better than that. you're a junior right now studying business. are you giving thoughts into what's next, wnba or going into business or some other field? >> i haven't really thought about it much. like you said, i still have one year left. i think once the time goes down, i'm going to start to think about my decisions. >> are you strutting around campus just sort of big woman on campus, getting lots of kudos, not going to class? that's what i would be doing. >> we had off yesterday. today will be my first day of class. i'm going to be normal, regular student. >> that's a mistake. you can hold it over everyone. >> we hear that celebrities are tweeting. you're a favorite now. who wouldn't want to in light of what you did. i love that your name nigerian, it means something you see and cherish.
5:52 am
i bet your parents are thinking even more now they named you the right thing. >> they're super proud of me. they're really excited for me. >> what celebrities are you hearing from? >> i heard from kobe after the friday game and on sunday. j.j. watt tweeted about me, dwyane wade, gabrielle union. >> that's high praise, d. wade and kobe. too often the women's tournament doesn't get the attention the men's tournament does this time of year. man, if two consecutive buzzer beaters by the same player yourself doesn't do it, i don't know what will. just a great achievement. >> definitely. even the semifinal game with louisville and mississippi state there was a buzzer beater going into over time. it was three gait games of basketball. it's great for women's basketball. >> jim was saying if that happened in a men's game, that man would be nominated for president. >> probably, which is sad.
5:53 am
>> what's your message to young girls? >> just keep doing what you're doing. i think women's basketball is going to come up there with equality with men's basketball. a great sport, super competitive. it's real basketball on the women's side. >> i tell you. we've been studying how to pronounce your name right. but i think america is going to learn your name and have it on their lips for some time. incredible achievement. we're proud of you. thanks so much for taking the time with us. >> thank you so much. >> keep it up. great to talk to you. more good stuff is coming up next. alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. it is time now for "the good stuff." wait for this. you're about to meet a teenager who isn't letting anything get in the way of his dreams. this is luke terry, a catcher for his middle school's baseball team in tennessee. first glance, appears luke is doing a little trick, catching and throwing with the same hand. in reality, luke had his right arm amputated when he was a baby due to an infection. last summer luke even threw out the first pitch at a baltimore orioles game.
5:58 am
this new video is going viral inspiring people all over again. i got to tell you, it's incredible. my son play's little league. he plays catcher. catcher is ard ha position to play. >> that is inspiring. >> it's beautiful. it's baseball season again, that means spring is here, time for renewal and that means hope. it's such a beautiful example. reminds me, also, of a major league pitcher named jim abbott who pitched a no-hitter. he was pa yankee. an example of how these examples carry forward and inspire generations. >> obviously overcoming any challenge. we have more good stuff. congratulations to one jim sciutto. he was honored by the white house correspondents association. our jake tapper, adam perez and contributor carl bernstein also share in the award for their reporting about the intelligence community, briefing president
5:59 am
obama and president trump. thanks to this investigation, the dossier is now part of the lexicon. >> thanks very much. i worked with a great team on this, jake and evan and carl bernstein. we worked really hard to get the facts right. this was a story -- i always tell people, i've never involved with a story where there's been greater teamwork. i'm proud to be part of the team. >> people talk to me all the time about the need for good journalism right now. you guys exemplify that. it's in challenging times when journalists are not always the most popular. >> you might have heard of some people throwing rocks in our direction. even some this morning. you keep at it. >> great to work with you, jim. >> thanks for having me. >> and you as well, john avlon. >> sort of. >> you made it super easy. great to have you here. thanks so much.
6:00 am
time for cnn "newsroom" with erica hill. >> good morning. i'm erica hill in today for john and poppy. we're an hour away from a very big first in the mueller investigation. the first sentencing of a defendant who flipped. we'll go live to the courthouse in just a moment. first, a bombshell from the special counsel himself. a memo written last august attached to a brand new court filing which shows mueller was specifically empowered to investigate former trump campaign chairman paul manafort, and not only for manafort's possible collusion with russians during the campaign. cnn's shimon prokupecz is in washington. what more are we learning? >> you never see this kind of filing by justice department officials. the memo really just lays out exactly what the special counsel was authorized to investigate by the deputy attorney general rod rosen stein who was overseeing the russia


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