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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  April 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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comey making his witness criticizing the president who fired him. there is a new interview and james comey said that the president is morally unfit to be president and a stain on those around him. comey suggesting that president trump may have obstructed justice when he asked him to let go of the michael flynn investigation and that it is possible that russians have dirt on the president that could be used as leverage. >> the president launching a twitter attack ahead of the comey interview calling comey slippery, not smart and saying he is a slime ball. the president's focus between comey's accusations and investigations. cohen will be in court later today for a hearing on records seized by the fbi in the searches last week. some legal analysts say that could be a bigger legal threat to the president than even the mueller probe. let's begin live at the white house. what is the latest at this hour?
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>> i'm not sure we have ever seen anything like this where the former fbi director is publically attacking the sitting president. to be clear, james comey and president trump have been feuding for a while now. >> i don't think he is medically unfit to be president. >> fired fbi director james comey unleashing scathing criticism of president trump's character blasting him as unfit for office and a stain on those around him. >> a person who sees moral equivalence in charlottesville and who treats women like pieces of meat and lies constantly and insists the american people believe it, that person is not fit to be president of the united states on moral grounds. >> reporter: on his first
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televised interview since the president fired him. >> do you think the russians have something on donald trump? >> it strikes me as unlikely. i would have been able to say with high confidence about any other president i dealt with, but i can't. it's possible. >> comey reflecting on the february meeting when he says president trump asked him to drop the investigation into his former national security adviser michael flynn. >> should you have said i can't discuss this with you? you are doing something improper? >> maybe. if he didn't know why did he kick out the attorney general and vice president of the united states and the leaders of the intelligence community? why am i alone if he doesn't know the nature of the request? >> trump denies he made the request but comey believes it bears weight in special counsel robert mueller's investigation. >> was president trump obstructing justice? >> possibly.
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>> what will it mean if president trump tries to fire robert mueller? >> it would, i hope, set off alarm bells that this is his most serious attack yet on the rule of law. >> reporter: when asked whether mr. trump should be impeached? >> i hope not because i think impeaching and removing donald trump from office would let the american people off the hook. people need to stand up and go to the voting booth and vote their values. impeachment in a way would short circuit that. >> reporter: comey comparing the president's behaver to that of a mob boss. >> said i expect loyalty. i need loyalty. i just stared at him and had this narrative with myself insi saying don't youar move. don't even ink. >> why not say no? >> because i was caught totally by surprise. >> reporter: comey says president trump dominated the
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conversation talking about himself the whole time. >> constant series of assertions. his inauguration crowd was bigger than that of president obama's inauguruation. that is not true. it's just a lie. >> are you thinking president trump is a liar? >> yes. >> reporter: comey recalling his infamous handshake from trump. he says even his family knew how uncomfortable he was. >> they know that is my oh no face. >> comey revealing how it felt when he discovered he had been fired. >> i don't remember being angry. i thought it was crazy to fire me. investigation of russian influence and in particular whether anyone had coordinated and conspired with the russians. >> reporter: comey reflecting on his controversial decision to inform congress that he was
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reopening the hillary clinton e-mail investigation days before the election. >> what did it feel like to be james comey? >> it sucked. i walked around feeling beaten down. felt like i was totally alone, that everybody hated me and there wasn't a way out because it was the right thing to do. >> the fired fbi director adamantly defending his handling of the clinton probe. >> if you knew it would elect donald trump would you send it? >> i would. down that path -- if i ever start considering whose political fortunes would be effected by a decision we're done. >> the white house hasn't said yet whether or not president trump watched that interview last night. we'll likely find out soon enough whether on twitter or when the president leaves the white house. he is going to south florida for a tax cut event and spending the rest of the week as he waits on the japanese prime minister to
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come into town. >> thank you very much. let's bring in cnn political analyst david gregory. i'm a little surprised. here we are 15 hours into the show this morning and still no word from the president about what happened on tv last night. >> he got out ahead of this pretty well over the past few days. >> he has had like nine tweets about it. last night was the main event. >> no doubt. i'm sure there will be more to come and there will be a lot more. i think what we have to remember is what is still a devastating fact against president trump and it comes from him. he fired jim comey because he didn't like how he was investigating. that is clearly inappropriate. i think that is what makes jim comey so vitally important potentially to robert mueller's probe i looking into obstruction of justice and other
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questions about russian influence in the 2016 campaign. there is a lot about the interview that i didn't like. just to focus on one example of it, i have a hard time with jim comey who talks about how surprised he was that the president demanded his loyalty and that he was flummoxed by the fact that he wanted to meet alone with him. it was clearly inappropriate. this is the big, bad fbi director who made a big show of the independence of the justice department during the bush administration over wire taps to protect the attorney general from the encroaching executive. he can't handle this reality star turned president who wants to do something inappropriate and couldn't say that's just not appropriate. that's what sat with me from last night. i have a hard time with that reaction. >> let's listen to that moment. let's listen to the reaction to the loyalty request. >> did you cross a line when you
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promised him loyalty? would it be fair for him to think i have a deal here? >> i don't think so. it was a compromise on my part to try to avoid a really awkward conversation, get out of an awkward conversation. >> was it a mistake? >> i don't know. maybe it would have been better to be more explicit saying i can't promise you loyalty. in the moment it didn't occur to me. i wanted to get out of this conversation without compromising myself but in hind sight i probably should have done it differently. >> he talks aboutust wanting to get out of an awkward nversation. i think we can all relate to that not that we are all the head of the fbi. >> i thought that was a genuine human reaction both to stephanopoulos and to describe his emotions at the time. i have a lot more problems with other things he did. his whole explanation for why he
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reopened the hillary clinton investigation publically on october 28 was completely nonpersuasive to me. i think today what really matters is -- david made this point is that he is a very strong witness that the president obstructed justice. >> i just want to ask you about that. he says things like it is possible. >> i think he is not drawing the legal conclusion. but when the president of the united states says lay off michael flynn after he has told everyone else to leave the room, that is devastating evidence. >> was there something about what he said last night? >> with all respect to abc and his publishers, i don't think there was that much news in all of this. comey at least had the decency to testify fully before the senate intelligence committee last year. that was devastating, important
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testimony. the book is basically an elaboration of his testimony. >> you can't take him at his word right now about whether or not there is obstruction. he is a witness in the case. he says i'm a witness in the case. i can't talk about whether it is or isn't. he is qualifying it there explicitly. here is something interesting, david. the president of the united states has made a decision to attack jim comey. there is tons of reporting that they are mounting and significant and coordinated effort to destroy this guy as well as they can. rip him apart is one of the quotes that comes out of the reporting. right move? >> not the right move because all you have to do is play the video tape from the president who says i fired him because he was investigating. i didn't like the investigation. that is all the special counsel needs because that is what is so devastating. i think jim comey is credible when he talks about his
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interactions with the president which i find appalling and even supporters of the president should find appalling. it's not just that he didn't know. it was just contempt for the independence of the fbi and of the rule of law in the country. let's also remember once we established that that is what matters, jim comey is yet again offering himself up as a characr witness against the president of the united states. he is cooperating with this production with the music and the role of him writing the book. that's what they do to sell books. it's all fine. that's what network news does. you know, he did yet again inject himself into politics. he is doing it here. his explanations about hillary clinton were just preposterous, the idea that he didn't want her
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to be ilegitimate if she were president. he constantly projected himself and injected himself into the political process and tried to manage the fbi's media standing and political standing. and it just wasn't appropriate. and now he is doing it again by i think inappropriately spreading this about this dossier and saying it is possible that the russians -- it's the kind of stuff he did against hillary clinton that i thought was inappropriate then because he never charged her. i think it is inappropriate now. >> and says unfair things about loretta lynch in the book and says i know secret things that are bad about loretta lynch. i hope i'm not being unduly cynical here. when donald trump took office his approval rating was about 40%. despite everything that happened his approval is about 40%. i don't think jim comey's book will make any difference.
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>> what he is doing in florida. the president is down there talking about his tax cuts. at the end of the day if people feel he made more money in their pocket and made them feel better it will outweigh all of this stuff absent charges. >> the tax cut didn't change the numbers particularly. >> i'm saying in terms of things that hurt him. the tax cuts have to play out and measure impacts. >> i think it's a mistake. we have made clear what is really important in the investigation and what the president has done and we'll see where that plays out. i think it is a mistake for the likes of jim comey and others in their positions to get in the mud with the president because this not only strengthens those who makes the preposterous argunt about deep state. if there defending independence of the institutions don't think they ought to be in the political fray. >> mueller has not leaked. mueller has not said anything.
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the contrast between the two is certainly noticeable. >> the point is i think maggie told us earlier this week that she believed comey's book and interview would be a test for based on where they go into it. just judging from social media in terms of how people take the interview, if you don't like donald trump you believe everything jim comey just said. if you like donald trump you think jim comey is a big liar. >> i think if you are really being fair and looking at this you can hold opposing views in your head at the same time about comey. >> you can. i'm not sure that everybody can. but thank you very much. so we will hear a lot more from james comey this week. comey will talk to jake tapper live on thursday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. >> the president is not just letting jim comey talk. he is not rising above this. there is a concerted effort to
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we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you think the russians have something on donald trump? >> i think it is possible.
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i don't know. it's possible. >> that's stunning. you can't say for certain that the president of the united states is not compromised by the russians. >> it is stunning. i wish i wasn't saying it but it is the truth. >> fired fbi director james comey suggesting the russians may have blackmail on president trump. the rnc and allies of the president are going after comey's credibility. here to discuss that and more is the chair woman of the republican national committee. good morning. >> good morning, allison. >> so what is the plan this morning to discredit james comey? >> we just want to remind the american public of james comey, the things that had happened during the 2016 election, him inserting himself, some of the testimony he g that he hadn't leaked when he had to a friend to give infmationo the press. we want to put a counter narrative out there because we know he is putting his opinions
5:20 am
out, his versions of the truth. i think it is important to push back. >> we have i think an e-mail, an image that you have sent out in an e-mail to i guess supporters and it says here james and the giant breach obviously a play on james and the giant peach. that is an awfully playful take on some of this. what are you hoping to accomplish with an e-mail like that? >> it is important to point out james comey's record. he has discredited himself. i think you have discussed that today extensively on your show, the fact that he inserted himself into the election and broke fbi long standing protocol that now he is writing a tell all book for millions of dollars. i think it speaks for itself and it is important to take this as one man's opinion, one man's version. the president pushes back on a lot of thijs and we are here to put that narrative out there because he is doing his media
5:21 am
rounds and getting his attention and trying to sell his book. it is important that the american people see both sides. >> are you concerned that the former head of america's law enforcement agency does say things like that he thinks that president trump is morally unfit to lead the country? that he does talk about how president trump did ask him for a loyalty oath? what most worries you? >> i think james comey put his opinion out. i think millions of americans who voted for president trump would disagree when you see our economy humming, when you see record unemployment acros hi, aspicican-american communities. when you see the decisive actions he took with syria over the weekend to put assad in his place, to call him the monster that he is to push back on chemical weapons when you see him strengthening our military, taking care of our veterans. the actions of this president show that he had a moral leader
5:22 am
because he is working for the american people and pushing back on monsters like bashar al assad. >> do you think it is possible that by going after james comey and talking about him that you are actually helping him sell books? >> i think he has his media rounds. he will be on cnn this week as you have advertised. he had the big interview with george stephanopoulos. we will sell his books. look at the salacious details he has put into excerpts. this is somebody who wants a pay day. he has taken private conversations with the president and monetized them. i think that is something that is discrediting. we will pushback. i think that is important for the american people to see both sides. democrats and republicans have called out james comey. it's the one thing we have had bipartisan agreement on in the past year and a half. if you go to the website all of the criticism is from democrats. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi,
5:23 am
tim cain. this is somebody who really lost the confidence of our country as fbi directors. >> as you know the latest polling shows that more americans trust james comey. this is taken before the interview than they do president trump 48% to 32%. >> i don't think most amerins have paid attention to james comey. that is part of the reason why we have done this campaign. you have heard loretta lynch say james comey is misrepresenting that he broke traditions of doj protocol. you have seen the op-ed saying james comey is a liar with the way he handled the trump investigation. this is something that is coming from across all corners. i don't think the american people have dialled in. the president gets a lot of media coverage. not all of it is positive. james comey is somebody who is relatively unknown. >> are you more worried at the
5:24 am
rnc about james comey or michael cohen? >> i am worried about the mid term election. i want to make sure we keep this comeback for the country. the country has turned around under president trump. i saw it in michigan. people who had lost hope and feel like they were stuck and wages are going up and paychecks are bigger. jobs are coming back to this country. manufacturing is coming back to this country. i want to make sure we keep majorities that continue to keep this comeback alive. that's what i think about every day. that is my focus is these mid term elections. >> i have to ask you about what has been going on with the finance committee. michael cohen who is being investigated by the fbi in terms of his payments to this porn star stormy daniels. steve who was an important official at the rnc in terms of fundraising, he is being investigated. he lost his position because of
5:25 am
so many sexual harassment claims against him. this guy elliot brody who impregnated a "playboy" model while he was married skpu ranged this $1.6 million to try to keep that quiet. what does this all say about the culture at the rnc? >> well, i think you're calling out three cases. elliot and steve resigned. obviously, the charges were troubling. we have hundreds of fundraisers. 500,000 small online donors for this president. we are focussed on the mid term elections. i am the key fundraiser along with our president. we are out there every day keeping eyes on the mid terms. nothing will distract us from our mission. >> in this me too moment what does it say that your finance committee is embroiled in this? >> this is something that is across party lines. democrats have had the issue. republicans have had the issue. we need to make sure that we
5:26 am
take swift action which we did with steve and elliot who resigned. i'm sure democrats have fundraisers with similar issues. this is about the american people. it's across party lines. this isn't just a republican issue. the me too moment is effecting republicans and democrats. >> i'm just saying this is something with the culture. >> the number one fundraiseror the rnc is me. am out there every day raing money for the mid terms. nothing is distracting me from our mission because i look how far our country has come. i look at people in my state who see jobs coming back. military being funded. veterans taken care of. that is what i think about every day. this is just a distraction. i think main street america is more focussed on is my paycheck bigger? how is my family doing? >> is michael cohen still a part of the finance committee?
5:27 am
>> michael cohen is under investigation. i believe in due process. i am sure you do, too. we'll see what happens. >> he is focussing on some other things. i'm out there fundraising every day to keep our majorities, put resources on the ground. we have a national day of action and volunteers across this country. we are in the best position we have ever been as a party going into mid term. we have made more voter contacts. we recruited more volunteers. that's what i think about every day. >> you are saying at this moment he is still part of that finance committee? >> he is. >> thank you very much. appreciate you weighing in on all of this. >> thank you so much. we have been waiting and now it has happened. the president has tweeted a response to jim comey's interview last night. next.
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president trump reacting to james comey's interview. he tweeted moments ago saying comey drafted the crooked hillary exoneration long before he talked to her then based his
5:32 am
decisions on her poll numbers. >> joining us now cnn contributor and former nixon white house counsel. great to have you here. what do you think has changed this morning after hearing james comey publically make his case of interactions with president trump? >> very honest in his demeanor and style. he had no reason to distort anything. i think he told it the way he remembered. i thought it was a good -- >> let me ask you something to go to the substance of the president's tweet. clearly he wantso aack comey. hean just insult him or try to make a case. he seems to be trying to make a case. he exonerated clinton long before he talked to her. strat true? >> we don't have the full five
5:33 am
hours how much he said but investigators often do reach conclusions before they reach the end of the investigation which he indicated. >> the second one is he lied in congress to senator g, grassley i believe he is talking about. i believe he is referencing the testimony that comey had to correct. the testimony he had to correct wound up being favorable to hillary clinton. he said she had been passing along classified information. he had to then go back and say there weren't as many as we thought there were. does that help the president's case? >> not at all. i think comey is an honest man. he will be a good witness. what worries me most is he is going to be questioned an awful lot between now and when he has to testify and he is very likely to spin something one way, spin different another way. it's just human. we are not reporting machines
5:34 am
and we don't come out the same way. that will be used against him in cross examination. >> this is something you have had a personal experience with. everybody in the white house has a story to tell. everybody in previous white houses has stories to tell. so why do you think he did so now when you held off on writing your book? >> he obviously had publishers knocking at the door with attractive offers. >> opportunity. >> opportunity, exactly. when i was confronted with the same situation after i left the white house i waited about two years before i published. i actually ended up with better material in many ways having gone through all the trials and what have you than i would have just with the white house story. >> jim comey is handcuffed right now and can't put meat on the bones of a lot of impressions and assertions about what he says is possible because of the ongoing investigation. do you think he should he wait snd. >> i think it would have been a
5:35 am
better book to hav all the experiences to go through what he is going to go through with the president. >> you said a couple of weeks ago on our air that you believe trump is nixon on steroids. >> i did say that. >> what does that mean in. >> i said stilts and steroids i believe. he is a little bit taller than nixon for one thing and serving more aggressive in many ways than nixon. nixon was behind closed doors. we wouldn't know nixon but for his tapes. he was polite and shy in public. trump is right out there. >> you don't mean in terms of legal, vulnerability or pushing the envelope legally? >> i don't think trump understands the presidency as well as nixon did. he knew where all the levers were and knew how to push and pull the right things at the right times. trump's learning. so nixon was more experienced in
5:36 am
that regard. >> lawmakers keep saying from both sides of the aisle president should not get rid of mueller. when we ask what are you going to do about it? there are some bills where you put legislation in place. they say we don't need to do that because we don't think he will make this move. obviously, common sense tells you if the president were to make a move it would be too late for legislation. do you think there is a chance that the president does that, tries to stop the investigation by removing rosenstein and would that be a mistake? >> i think if he removes rosenstein it will not end the investigation. that will go on. if he removes muellerll he'll do isave a hicp in the proceedings and a new special counsel will be selected and it will go forward. >> how do you know? >> it is just the way the nature -- there is too much momentum now. too much interest. too many years spent on this investigation just to put it on the shelf and make it go away. rirts not going to go away.
5:37 am
>> great to get your expertise. thanks so much for being with us. there is certainly a war of words going on here. jim comey had his say and the president is not going to stay quiet. he just tweeted there is a counter offensive going on and one of the soldiers in that army is senior counselor to the president and she is joining us next to make her case to you. 'o show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? ♪
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. time for five things to know. james comey says donald trump is morally unfit to be president and a stain on those around him. comey saying if trump tried to fire bob mueller it would be his quote most serious attack yet on the rule of law. >> the treasury department can announce new sanctions against russia today. more thab a dozen entities are being evaluated. >> the bush family surrounding former first lady barbara bush as her health detearierates. the 92 year old is opting for comfort care at home. seven inmates are dead after hours of fighting at a maximum security prison in south carolina. this was at the lee correctional institute. starbucks ceo kevin johnson in philadelphia to offer a face-to-face apology to two
5:42 am
black men arrested i one of the compans coffee shops. more protests are expected after dozens of demonstrators. >> you can go to for the latest. president trump is reacting to the comey interview and there is a coordinated response. we will see a lot of people coming back on comey. one of them his senior counsel, kellyanne conway next. not in this house. 'cause that's no average family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up kraft mozzarella with a touch of philadelphia for lasanyeah! kraft. family greatly.
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is donald trump unfit to be president? >> yes. but not in a way i often hear people talk about it. strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who is tracking conversations and knows what is going on. i don't think he is medically unfit to be president. >> fired fbi director james
5:47 am
comey says he does not believe president trp is fit to lead. the predent responding on twitter saying, quote, comey drafted crooked hillary exoneration long before he talked to her, lied in congress to senator g and then based his decisions on her poll numbers. he, mccabe and the others committed many crimes. joining us now is kellyanne conway. it's good to have you this morning. important day to have you. is it true that the president watched last night and what did he think? >> the president thinks that jim comey is engaging in revisionist history. if he objected to anything witnessed in his limited few meetings with president trump he should have said so. why not run out of the oval office and say come back? why not swing the door open? why not ask who else is coming to dinner if you don't want to have dinner alone with the president? jim comey loves to be in the
5:48 am
center of power. he loves to divert the spot light to himself and be in the center of power. the president is correcting the record because there were two people involved in the conversations. you can't say that mccabe is a credible person when we just learned in the report from friday that he lied four times three times under oath. they were running an fbi of honorable men and women. at the tippy top people in charge of the clinton investigation were clinton people. this was a hot mess and jim comey was too busy running out to the cameras on july 5, on october 28. you were tweeting pretty heavily last fall that jim comey has made himself more politically relevant than any fbi director has done and created controversy with apparently no good cause. so i saw a man last night very shaky and unsure to answer
5:49 am
questions. we know when he was under oath that he had a very difficult time telling the truth. the fbi had to clean up the big lie about how many confidential e-mails. >> it wasn't a lie. he was wrong. the president has that in his tweet, also. he corrected it. it was less. i think it is interesting that you and the president call that a lie which it obviously isn't but also it benefitted hillary clinton. so the president is upset that testimony in a way that helped hillary clinton? >> we are pointing out and i have on your network and other places over the course of the year pointing out that when he testified the fbi immediately had to correct the record. >> it wasn't that big of a deal. when you make such a big deal about it saying the new e-mails will change everything that's why the democrats are mad at comey. >> the democrats are mad at
5:50 am
comey for lots of reasons. i saw jim comey last night and i said this guy swung an election? he struggled to answer basic questions. he also admitted that he is fbi director injected partisan politics and his belief that that person that lost the election should have won that he believed that she would win. he was operating under that premise. and then he tells george stephanopoulos he didn't -- she hurt herself. christopher, she was never at 50%. >> certainly higher than trump was. that is not the point. comey wound up disclosing the existence. >> don't just throw out sound bytes to go viral without letting me finish the sentence. >> when comey came forward it was undoubtedly damaging to hillary clinton. >> over 50% on october 20.
5:51 am
before comey came out show me the swing states. show me in wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania and iowa, nevada, new hampshire show me where she was above 50%. there are states that president obama carried twice. >> it has nothing to do with comey. >> it's about whether or not it hurt her. it certainly hurt her in terms of media exposure alone. if you think about it comey hurt clinton and helped trump because he refused to disclose the probe on him. so he was quiet about trump and loud about clinton. >> trying to relitigate the 2016 election. >> you brought it up. >> talking about the 2016 election. here is what we will talk about. while this man is president the fbi director took two months to go visit the president-elect at trump tower. if you are that concerned about alleged russian interference you can't get on the shuttle or walk
5:52 am
to new york? >> what's the relevance? >> he is sitting fbi director. he wanted to keep his job. brief the president-elect before that. it took him two months. >> you come when called. >> it took a year for him to say that he is clearing his conscience. if you have vital information in the national interest you come forward before your book. this man had no political instincts. he was wrong about the election as were many people. last night he tells george stephanopoulos i didn't vote because the fbi director should be independent. you can't cast a private ballot in the mail? he didn't vote because he thought hillary clinton was going to win. >> it does matter because last night he gave a free political commercial. >> by no one's measure helpful to her. had he done the same thing to donald trump you would have been going nuts about it. >> she had no message.
5:53 am
that's beside the point about what comey's role was. >> like a couple hundred people. >> that's besides the point. >> she ignored wisconsin and michigan. >> i think those are fair points but beside the point of comey's influence. let me play something else for you that he said last night that i want your take on. >> at least in my experience he won't criticize vladimir putin even in private, even in a meeting with three people in the oval office he is arguing that he gave aoonswer when he said essentially we are the same kind of killers that putin's thugs are. and that struck me. >> so this is from a different interview with usa today. jim comey is making the point that the president of the united states donald trump has a built in resistance to saying anything negative about vladimir putin even if that winds up meaning he will put the united states on
5:54 am
even footing with russia when it comes to being killers. >> i will not finish you it is so ridiculous. the graphics that cost you tons of money and that -- comey is basing that on a meeting he had last february. this man has been in the presence of the president of the united states less than five times, a handful of times. he had three or four engagements with the president, two alone very briefly in a span of six weeks and we had a book over that is supposed to be compelling about what the president thinks about russia and putin. he expelled 60 russian diplomats last month. on april 5 put sanctions on russia that hurt them financially more than almost anybody anticipated. >> took a long time to put the sanctions in place. >> it took you a long time -- let me tell you something in
5:55 am
addition this weekend this president did precise, decisive strikes against syria. that puts russia and iran on notice, also. russia tried to embarrass the united states i think when you and i are citizens of. tried to embarrass our country and blew up in his face. the u.s. had everybody else standing with them. >> the criticism stands that the president rarely mentions vladimir putin by name. >> sanctioning finances. it's a fact. you want facts first. >> the fact is that he talks about putin in the negative by name very, very infrequently. that was what jim comey was echoing. >> can you tal negatively about jim comey like you did in tweets? >> let's stick to who matters. i'm just asking questions. >> there were parts last night where i was trying to grasp the relevance. i am in the oval office more in
5:56 am
a day than this guy was in his limited career. >> he was conducting an investigation that gave him a lot of insight into a lot of different things. >> who was in the investigation? >> he often was put off by the president and he was avoiding him because he was worried about the president trying to compromise him again like asking for loyalty. >> he would have invited somebody else. he loved the taste of power and you know it until he didn't have it anymore. there he was at dinner alone with the president. >> he was asked by the president to go to dinner. are you supposed to say no? >> should i bring my wife? should i bring andrew mccabe ? should i bring peter and his wife? should i bring these people at the highest level of the fbi who are investigating hillary clinton and who were for hillary clinton against donald trump? >> they announced an investigation against her twice, once in the last two weeks of
5:57 am
the campaign. they were really trying to help her out. >> she was already losing and you know that. >> you can't have it both ways. either that is what they were doing and that is what mattered. you talk about doing the right thing. should the president have asked about loyalty? no. >> the president has denied that. the president said he never -- >> doesn't mean it didn't happen. >> comey says so. >> comey has contemporaneous notes. >> as a good person, as a father, let me ask you if you are comfortable with the fbi director headed into the gutter when it comes to what he was looking for in his first meeting with the president. the length of his tie, hand sizes. >> i think it is stuff the american people don't need to hear. >> what he said may 9 the deputy attorney general when he said
5:58 am
clearly that jim comey has violated the obligation to preserve, protect and defend the traditions of the department of the fbi agreed to by former attorneys general and deputies attorney general and he said he broke every fbi and doj protocol when it came to how to respond. why didn't you just say we declined to prosecute? he had the pipe. >> made it deceptive in terms of whether they should have prosecuted or not. >> he is very skilled at one thing, at diverting the spot light on to himself. it's unfortunate that people think he has a big story to tell. he had limited interaction. >> it's not about his face-to-faces. it's about what he knew about the investigation. >> you are raising a great point here. rosenstein very important to the president. hand picked, wrote this letter. fundamental in building the
5:59 am
case. can you assure the american people that rod rosenstein and special counsel are safe, that the president will not move on them until the work is complete. >> they have umplied with everything theyere asked to do. it is over 20 individuals and thousands -- tens of thousands of pages of documents and you know it. >> i don't know it but i will take your word for it. >> you should take our word for it. >> not all the time but this time. >> i work with him very closely on a couple of matters here. i think he was the man last may 9 who wrote this scathing indictment of jim comey -- >> rosenstein. >> he did. everybody should read it. you guys covered it for a second. your colleague rolled his eyes at me. you guys have a big digital platform. do america a favor and remind them that the deputy attorney general that you want to stay in this job, a man of great
6:00 am
integrity as you are saying and i worked with him on a couple of issues, go and see the letter he wrote. >> you do the american people a favor. can you ensure that rosenstein is safe in this job? is he safe or not? >> the president makes the decisions around here. >> i am saying you want to say kellyanne struggles to answer the question. is your job safe at cnn? >> it's very safe. i have a contract. >> how do you know they have confidence in you at cnn? >> my boss says he has confidence. he says i'm very safe. >> let me say something. >> the president has control. i don't want you to duck this question. do you believe there is a chance that the president will remove rod rosenstein


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