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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  April 20, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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babies on the senate floor. >> good for her. >> a veteran, double amputee, and the toughest woman in congress. >> cute baby. thanks for joining us. happy friday. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you next week. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is your "new day". it's friday, april 20th, 6:00 here in new york. alisyn is off. erica hill joins me. and i will need your help this morning. >> a lot going on on. >> news falling on top of us. our starting line has changed just as we go on air. we know what was in the memos that fired director comey wrote about his interactions with president trump. cnn obtaining 15 pages of partially redacted notes with details on how he tried to influence the, panned russia investigation. he said the president had,
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quote, serious reservations about the judgment of his now fired national security adviser michael flynn and salacious claims that vladimir putin bragged to the president about russian hookers. the kremlin just put out a statement denying that putin ever said anything like that to trump. now, another headline. former mayor rudy giuliani is back in the game, joining president trump's expanded legal team. giuliani tells cnn his focus will be on interfacing with special counsel robert mueller with the goal of bringing the russia investigation to an end. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein assuring president trump in a meeting last week he was not a target of the michael cohen investigation. the president is csumed by the co hen probe. and a bombshell report on president trump. a former forbes reporter said he was lied to about his wealth to get onto the forbes 400 list.
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we hear him posing as his john barren. it is a very busy friday morning. let's begin with abby phillip live in west palm beach, florida. abby, good morning. >> reporter: well, hi, erica. president trump is claiming he's vindicated after the comey memos have been finally released. but while the memos paint a picture of a president who is consumed with this russia investigation, president trump tweeted late last night that there's no collusion and no obstruction of justice. personal memos from fired fbi director james comey obtained by cnn detail conversations comey had with president trump. >> i think what folks will see, if they get to see the memos, is i've been consistent since the very beginning right after my encounters with president trump. >> reporter: comey revealing in his memos, the president said he had serious is reservations about former national security
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adviser michael flynn. during the infamous dinner with mr. trump at the white house where comey says the president asked for a loyalty pledge. comey writing, the president pointed his fingers at his head and said the guy has serious is judgment issues. comey also describing another meeting he had with the president a couple of books later in which he says the president kicked everyone out of the oval office, including attorney general jeff sessions. he then returned to the topic of michael flynn, saying that flynn is a good guy and has been through a lot. he said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting flynn go. he's a good guy. i hope you can let this go. i replied by saying i agree he's a good guy but said no more. just days after he was fired he then is asked me if this was a private conversation. i replied that it was. he then said he wanted to ask me a question and i could decide whether it was appropriate to answer. he then asked, do you have a
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fisa order on michael flynn? that same day comey says he met with mr. trump, who suggested he spoke to russian president vladimir putin. the president said the hookers thing is nonsense but that putin told him we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world. comey addressing the salacious claim last night. >> he told you that he had had a personal conversation with president putin about hookers? >> yes. >> did you believe him, or did you new he was speaking hyperbolically? >> didn't seem to be speaking hyperbolically? >> do we know if the president had had conversations with president putin at that point? >> i can't recall. he had spoken as a welcome, congratulations on taking office at that point. i'm not suggesting they talked about how beautiful the hookers were in russia. i know there was at least one publicly recorded conversation.
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>> reporter: president trump repeatedly denied having a relationship with putin before taking office. but comments over the years raised questions about their ties. >> i expect undirectly and directly with president putin, who could not have been nicer. >> i have never spoken to him. >> reporter: hours before the bombshell memo is surfaced, rudy giuliani announcing he's joining the legal team. he said, it needs a little push. well, all of this is happening as a white house source tells cnn that the president is actually consumed by a different investigation, the one into his personal lawyer michael cohen. according to the source it is causing, quote, significant turmoil in this white house. we learned that the deputy attorney stkwrerpb attorney general rod rosenstein
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that he was not the target. >> josh campbell and former federal prosecutor laura coates. good to have you both. counselor coat he coates, let' with you. >> a lot of people have been wondering all along what was the basis of the book? whether he had any information. did he actually keep these memos and what were they going to rehe veal? not only did he keep them, he had a lot of his guard up with respect to the president of the united states. is and he was trying to somehow document this for posterity or maybe to, in some way, ensure that his investigation, if there ever was one, would be comp hence and i have complete. we already know what comey has said and it bolsters his credibility. >> josh, as you look at what we're learning in these memos,
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one of the things that sticks out is what we see consistently from the president in terms on of a clear focus on what is happening not only with the investigation, a focus on andrew mccabe and a misunderstanding, i would say, of how government works in certain respects. this was early on for the president, obviously in 2017. but we're seeing consistently questions from him and even from his staff in terms of reince priebus that are not always appropriate and show perhaps that lack of understanding, josh. >> you're spot-on. i think it's important at the outset to step back and just look at what we have. these are con temp rainous observations of one party to the conversation. it's fair to point out this isn't some new source is of information. a lot of this is coming from the same person, jim comey. we want to caution against what the fbi calling circular reporting. you think this corroborates what
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we know before. however, there is a lot there. # it will be up to the the american people to decide what they believe. it is he said/he said. the thing that struck me the most out of everything. obviously there's the issue of i hope you can see your way to letting the flynn investigation go, which is highly appropriate. as you mentioned, with reince priebus asking the fbi director whether there was a fisa surveillance warrant on the national security adviser is beyond in property. >> right. >> and the issue there is that a lot of people said you have a new administration coming to town. they don't know government. they came from the business world. not reince priebus. this is highly inappropriate. >> we have style versus substance. the main thing he believes the comey memos show is no collusion, no collusion, no collusion. comey can never saw any proof of collusion. when asked by jake tap or, this is the nice thing about having a second bite of the apple.
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with george stephanopoulos, do you think the russians have something on him? it's possible. his possible is weak with respect to comey. we know from the memos and the interview with jake where he has never seen any proof that the russians have anything on the president. how powerful is that for the president's position? >> it is very powerful to help his narrative that the idea of collusion is too nebulous a term to even have a definition. it is one in which he is trying to have shelter under that. however, it's misleading to say that there is absolute evidence of it at the time comey was in a position to actually be the fbi director. for a lot of it, it was in its infancy. there would not be all the tell tail signs of collusion or anything that comes under it. since comey left the fbi, 19 russians have been indicted. you have rick gates, paul manafort, both key to the
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campaign. you have others who testified and pled guilty, including michael flynn. at the time comey was aware of the information, in the unique position, he didn't see evidence of it. it does not speak to what has come out in the comprehensive investigations. so i think that in a way the president is focusing on one moment in time at a static point that no longer is relevant. it's what has come out since his departure. for a lot of it, his actual end of his tenure is where the case truly began to pick up speed. >> it is somewhat of an assault on logic. on one instance, you have the white house saying, well, comey is a liar. and another saying, well, what he said we believe because it proves our case that we are not guilty is and did nothing wrong. both things can't be true. >> fair point. the other thing that comes up too is this preoccupation with the dossier. james comey talking about the fact that he explained that all
3:10 am
three agencies agreed was relevant and portions were corroborated but other intelligence as to make the case for. this is why i'm telling you mr. president why we're talking about this. >> very important point. defenders of the president and the president himself keeps saying the entirely phony dossier. that is a gross mischaracterization. some of the stuff in there they couldn't prove. but some of it they did. that was an important thing to come out. >> as we look moving forward, how does that play out more? >> well, it's important to think about the fact that when you are looking into this investigation to collusion, when mueller has his probe, when legislature is trying to have their investigation, they are all trying to figure out where were there points of susceptibility. where were their points of potential blackmail, exerting undue influence in the 2016 election? so the dossier, as salacious as
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it may be, was one of the starting points to say this may have been the russian entree into interference here. you have it supported by the intelligence community. what you see is a fixation on on the president saying this is on the sexual is aspect of it instead of the over arching theme of did somebody have you under their thumb. you hear the president in the memos and time and again has not pucks ated on the overall theme and what is the problem as opposed to the self-interest, which is ironic, chris and erica, because they are saying comey is act anything a self-interested way rather than the larger issue of what it says to the integrity of one of our systems. isn't that happening with the president right now as well? >> right. laura is spot-on. we go back to the distance of time in the dossier. this is not a finished intelligence product. this is not something that both
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sides have looked at and corroborated. this was raw intelligence. and at the time, whenever the intelligence community leaders and then director comey met to provide this defensive briefing to the president-elect, it was to let them know this was out in the ether and to give them a heads-up so they weren't call the off guard. it is is either all true or all not, i think it is a little bit of both. >> to laura's point about what the president cared about had an obvious intention, which was he didn't like the golden shower, all the stuff about what might have happened with prostitutes and him in russia. he talked to comey about it all the time even when it wasn't brought up, to say it wasn't true. he said putin told him he had the most beautiful prostitutes in the world or something like this. now the kremlin comes out with a statement about the nature of that conversation.
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>> the kremlin is saying this morning o, president putin could not say such things and did not say to president trump taking into account they had never communicated before trump before became president. which calls into question was there a conversation with president beauty or was there not? we found reported of president putin talking to reporters at one point and saying this had never happened. they hadn't talked. but, oh, by the way, we have the most beautiful hookers, to paraphrase there. this is a fascination. >> if you look at any statement coming out of the russian embassy or the russian foreign ministry, we see this word salad, right? either did you something or you didn't do it. when you ask add extraneous words, it raises eyebrows. >> we have had so much salad these days, laura, nobody should have a fiber issue. it's a reminder politically,
3:14 am
vladimir putin is not donald trump's friend. there may be a soft tons try to manage to make the relationship better. every opportunity that vladimir putin has to embarrass him and expose the president of the united states, he does it. >> and he capitalizes on it, of course. that's one of the reasons people have been, including james comey, to why this president of the united states continues to be supportive or not antagonistic to vladimir putin. he raises issues that have not been up. he tells people don't picture a pink elephant. that's all they ever see. putin is exploiting and reciprocity is not returned to youment it is odd as an investigator to see this. >> laura, josh is, thank you both. another big development, it
3:15 am
is true that the president has been trying to widen his legal team. it is true he has been reaching out to get help. and his call has been heeded. rudy giuliani is back in the game, joining president trump's legal team. you don't know the connections that rudy has, the relevancy he could have. even rudy is saying i'm brought in to end this investigation. the impact, what we'll see going forward, insight next. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. and sometimes, i don't eat the way i should. so, i drink boost. boost high protein nutritional drink has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d. boost high protein be up for it
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a high-profile to president trump's legal team. rudy giuliani one of three new lawyers joining his team. he plans to push for an end to the special counsel's probe. this could be a short-time assignment for him. he believes his acquaintance with robert mueller could h elp move things forward and get this ball to the end. laura, realistic is that possible? is he going to influence robert mueller to wrap this up? >> no. he's presumptuous and arrogant to think the reason this has not been concluded yet is because they haven't had the right lawyer to come and grease the wheels.
3:20 am
the idea that he would have this quick end to this investigation is is really a fantasy of both donald trump, of rudy giuliani and everybody else who believes that it should be quicker. we are not even a year from when james comey was fired, erica. we have an investigation that is ongoing. it must be comprehensive. what giuliani can heaven with is perhaps the terms of that voluntary conversation with mueller and the investigative team. remember when john dowd left, he was the one attorney of the entire camp who had been in constant communication trying to decide whether they're going to have it be in person, whether it's going to be recorded, whether it's going to be limited on the questioning. that's what he can try to influence. it depends whether mueller will decide to subpoena him. they can't be in the room when the grand jury listens. >> that road can get off short if he takes the fifth. mueller would have to give him
3:21 am
immunity. first points of disclosure. i have known rudy giuliani a long time. john, you worked with him many years as a speech writer. we know him better than many people who will be in this conversation. laura is making good points. however, there is a counterperspective here. rudy giuliani knows he is respected by bob mule ser and knows the system better than everyone else the president has involved to this point. >> rudy has the advantage of being an institutionalist when it comes to the justice department. he was in the regan administration before he became u.s. attorney. he has a decades long relationship with mueller. he is uniquely positioned as someone who has confidence of the president and bob mueller, someone who can bridge that perhaps. houfrp he can accelerate, that is ultimately mueller's determination, the timeline of
3:22 am
this. rudy is an institutionalist. he can make the focus less frayed and more focused on the investigation. >> john said that. you're right. that should be emphasized. everybody is meeting donald trump for the first time unless they watched him on tv. if you have known him and seen hum work for decades, the idea that when somebody tells him you need to slow down. you need are rethink this, this is a small group of people. rudy giuliani is one of them. i got moved to the outside a little bit for that. but now he needs his expertise. >> he does respect him. >> absolutely. laura, go ahead. >> the fact that he is respected perhaps and is able to advise the president of the united states speaks nothing to whether he can advise robert mueller, who i'm sure is more than
3:23 am
capable of compartmentalizes his permanent interactions with people in this probe. i'm not making light of the fact that perhaps rudy giuliani is influential and that his reputation will proceed him in this case. but whether or not they can accelerate a position where we do not know where the targets are. we heard only two weeks ago the president was not a target, was perhaps a subject in some respects. i think it's a fantasy still. even with reputation, can counsel, a chance that he would accelerate the end on of the investigation. it is very far reaching. and he does not have power of counsel over, including manafort, michael flynn and others. >> true, true. what about the political implications in all of this? the memos came out. they were theoretically leaked to bolster the president's position having some republicans in position of power, saying the public needed to see these
3:24 am
memos. how do you think they played? >> i think they tracked closely with comey's recounting in the interviews and books. you see comey's eye for detail in these contemporaneous memos. that was fascinating for me. they are fascinating. if this were to discredit comey, i'm not sure that is perceived. the president is charming, aoe rat you can, impulsive and of n often. >> it still casts him in the same negative light. it is baked in at this point in time. everything built in is public information. things we already had contemplated with the president.
3:25 am
it shows this fixation. we never saw a detail where the president of the united states wanted to say how do we fix this problem? >> right. >> how do i make it less about myself and more of what this means, even though i am denying what has happened, i can't deny what they have said about interference. >> very well argued. thank you for rich epping up the perspective this morning. jo john, see you soon. >> no thank you to john avlon. >> he doesn't do it for the thanks. the "washington post" out with a stunning report on president trump. a former forbes reporter said donald trump lied about his wealth to get onto the forbes 400 list. that reporter joins is us and you will hear the audio ahead. you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou?
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two florida sheriffs deputies were killed in gilchrist, florida. a man walked up to the window where the officers were eating and opened fire on ramirez and taylor lindselindsey. the alleged shooter, john hubert highnote, was found dead near the scene from a gunshot wound. president trump expressing his condolences to the families of the slain officers. southwest airlines owe on posed recommendations by the engine maker and faa for annual fan blade inspections. polo sandoval is live with more. polo? >> reporter: erica, you know, we often hear the stories of brave firefighters putting their lives on the line. he did that at 30,000 feet.
3:31 am
he was on that plane when it experienced catastrophic engine failure. he looked at his wife, got a nod. it was his cue to spring into action. >> god create aid servant heart in me. and i felt the calling to get up and do something, stand up and act. >> reporter: andrew needham recounting his experience on that flight after an engine failure smashed a window. he ran into action to sa save a woman who was partially sucked out of the window. >> i'm no different than any other firefighter in this country. for some reason, reason that is, it was me that day. >> i just knew at that moment that someone else needed him much more than we did. and that's what his calling is, is to help. and that's what he did. >> reporter: needum was seated in the eighth room with his two children, wife and parents. awe few rows back, tim mcginty
3:32 am
ran to the 15th row where jennifer reardon was sucked into the window. >> tried and tried and tried and just couldn't. andrew came over, just trying to get her back in. >> reporter: the two men were able to pull the mother of two back into the plane. then nurse peggy phillips took turns trying to resuscitate her. >> we started cpr which we continued for about 20 minutes. we were still doing cpr when the plane landed. >> reporter: the medical examiner said she died from blunt trauma to the head, neck, torso. >> i feel for her family. i feel for her two kids, her husband, the community lived in. i can't imagine what they're going through. >> holly mackey praised the heroism of fellow passengers. >> it was excellent teamwork to
3:33 am
try to get jennifer back in and safe and keep everybody else safe at the same time. >> reporter: southwest sent passengers a check for $5,000 and $1,000 travel voucher and hopes that will restore confidence in the airline to all passengers. the faa ordering the immediate inspection of the same model engine that was on this flight. this southwest airlines company saying they hope to accomplish that in the next month, chris. clearly a move to prevent something like this from happening again. >> yeah. that's the key. got to respect the heroism that took place with the pilot and others on that plane like that first responder. we also have to stay on top of efforts to either cut corners on safety or do the right thing. we'll stay on it. polo, thank you. the "washington post" is out with a very interesting report. donald trump on tape pretending to be someone else. a man named john barren, his fictional publicist. you have heard this before if
3:34 am
you have been following the news. but you haven't heard it this way before. we have a reporter who spoke to him and said he got dupedy trump in his efforts to get on the forbes 400 li. you will hear it for the first time as we are joined by the reporter next.
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a former forbes reporter said donald trump lied to him in order to get on the forbes 400 list. this is a story about how trump did this. we hear the proof in a new audio released by the "washington post". it is the first known publicly available sound of mr. trump posing his vice president of finance john barren. the audio is from 1984. the repter is jathan greenberg. take a listen. >> most of the assets have been consolidated to mr. trump because you have down fred trump. and i would like to talk to you off the record if i can. >> okay sure. >> use donald trump now and you can consolidate i think. last year someone showed me the article. and 200 and the other has been
3:39 am
consolidated. i also think somebody mentioned that you had asked about that. and it's been pretty well consolidated. >> jonathan greenberg joins us. thank you for taking the time to dig back into the annals of painful memories. people could say how could you not know this was donald trump. this was before tv, before he was such a national person. we weren't used to hearing him the way we are today. what made you look back at this? >> i had heard him, chris. i had interviewed before he called as john barren the year before. no one could imagine the unimaginable. no one can imagine someone would do this, call as their own pr person. i guess i am something of a pack
3:40 am
rat. i said i would like to see those tapes as the forbes 400. i looke and i was like, wait a minute, this is john barren. when i heard hum i thought this were much better crafted lies than i thought. that led me to further research about how much was he really worth in '82, '83, '84. and it was under $5 million. i put him down for $100 million. he should never have been there in the first place. >> you got duped. what made him successful at doing this in your opinion? >> you know, he is a consummate con man. he figured out what he had to do in order to deceive me and get onto that list. and he did it very well. and he maintained that persona of just sort of talking about his assets without any sense of debt and lying about it. he had roy cohn call to lobby
3:41 am
for him about his net worth and lie for him. he was there back then. he was calling "forbes" magazine and talking about fictitious income statements. so he knew where we cooperate go. and he went right there and deceased me. >> so you have this so what value of this. people have heard this. they haven't heard the tapes the way they will now because of what y have discovered in your own memory bank. but why should people care about what donald trump did to try to reestablish his financial prowess all the way back in the '80s? >> you know, he really tkr-- it shows what he did to the media or journal issists early in his career, he also did to the banks. he lied and deceased to get his net worth up to borrow money, which led to the first bankruptcy and the collapse of
3:42 am
$3.5 billion that he borrowed and then collapsed. and he has done as president, he has in -- just like we weren't prepared for him as the media, i don't think the media was prepared for him as a politician. we weren't prepared as a businessman. no one is prepared for the level at his decision. i used to be proud, chris, i was the guy who kept him in check. he said he was worth $500 million. he was only worth $100 million. he moved the guideposts. he knows how to change the question. not whether he should be on the forbes 400 but where he should go and stopping him from his claims that he is at the very top, worth more than any other real estate tycoon in new york city. >> jonathan, you know me. you know ordinarily i may be hammering someone in your position. i can't. you know why? too00 critical. i was
3:43 am
abc news and he was coming into full flower as trump the tv icon. we did a net worth story about him. and he talked us into a situation where we were only comfortable going to air with what his net worth was if he agreed. he wound up going up 50% every phone call i had with him. didn't even need to have awe fake persona. he wasn't even pretein to be someone else. he is very persuasive. people will look and say, okay, he's good at it. guys like cuomo and greenberg are dummies. this is what you have to do to get there. fake it until you making it. >> that's funny. there's one thing about exaggerating and another on totally lying. he lied about 25,000 apartments in brooklyn and queens.
3:44 am
there were 8,000 apartments in brooklyn and queens. he lied about his father that he owned all of his father's assets. he borrowed gets his father's assets. which supposedly were his and had been consolidated. he didn't own any until his father died in 1999. so banks loaned money. it is hard to business could be built on this deceit and that banks could lend on the same inflated assets with no sense of debt. what we did learn, chris, the new jersey casino control commission in 1981 in a document no one saw for 20 years, did know what he was worth that year. and in fact, it was like he had a million dollar trust fund and 400,000 dollars in the bank. it was completfabrication. >> he deserves credit for building himself back up in an unprecedented way. but it begs scrutiny now that he
3:45 am
is the most powerful man in the world. he won't show his taxes? why? lots of excuses. we know none of to be true. very important to focus on the nature of the man in power. thank you very much for giving us this window into your own experience. >> thank you. it's been a pleasure, pressure. >> all right. erica? we will continue to break down what you just heard. why is president trump so concerned with inflating his status. not just wealth but being in magazines. we dive in next.
3:46 am
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it's hard to get all the daily that's why i love fiber choice. it has the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables, all in a tasty, chewable tablet. fiber choice... the smart choice. the "washington post" out with this new bombshell report and audio of a forbes reporter. donald trump could get onto the forbes 400 list. jonathan greenberg said he was tricked by trump himself posing as john barron. you can hear it for yourself. >> most of the assets have been consolidated. i would like to talk to you off
3:50 am
the record in this case. >> yeah that's fine. >> use donald trump now and you can just consolidate it. last year someone showed me the article. i think you had 200 and 200. it's been pretty well consolidated now. i also think somebody mentioned that you asked about that or somebody had. and it's been pretty well consolidated, okay. >> let's bring in michael dantonio, biographer and author of the truth about trump. how much of the truth are we hearing about donald trump in that audio? >> you are hearing the absolute truth about his method. this is the most successful con man perhaps in history. he uses superlatives. i'll use them too. it began in the early '70s with him tooling around manhattan in a chauffeured car that his father owned with a person who was armed.
3:51 am
he was very much like robert redford. he started building this image that is completely false, and it continued to this date. it is hard to have any reality when you deal with donald trump. >> fake it until you make it. he was down and out. >> he was not down and out. at certain parts he was down and out. >> he had to go to the russians and the chinese. that was unheard of in those days. >> fake it until you make it. power positive thing. norman vincent peale stuff.
3:52 am
>> there is what floor does he live on. if i tack a few extra floors on there. yes is, indeed it is. what does this say too about the fact that he has for decades from the very beginning been consumed by status and what it could potentially bring him. >> well, he understands the way
3:53 am
that the modern world works. what's fascinating about donald trump is at every moment when the media platform changed, it went from tabloid newspapers to tabloid tv, to online presence and social media, he captured it. he was so far ahead of everybody else in understanding that the surface was all anybody was going to see. it is not gold letters that say trump. it is polished brass. but it doesn't matter. everybody thinks i'm midas. it is i'm worth $200 million, $400 million. he was always there with his wealth that could bail out donald until he died.
3:54 am
he is saying in the '80s that he controlled all of this money. he didn't. 1999 when he got his inheritance was the moment. >> i want to give you some context and take it from there. people have heard some of this before. they have read your book. they have heard you do it. my question is very simple is. why don't you care? we tell you these things. you have never heard anything ner. this. thetime.ple lie in politics all you have never heard of anything like what we hear about consistently about our current president. but they don't care the people that support donald trump. if they did a poll after today, his numbers would be the same. maybe even up. a point for creativity. >> he said he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and his core would still support him. >> what has he tapped into that is more powerful. >> his polling is pretty consistent. 28%. 28% of the american people stick
3:55 am
with him through thick or thin, no matter what, because they feel he has been unfairly attacked and he's been a great leader. some narrative like that. 28% is not anywhere close to a majority. i do think we are watching -- you reap what you sow. this is about celebrity culture meeting the imperial presidency. we are all complicit to some extent. he played it incredibly well. used to say politics is perception. donald trump understood that early on, even before he was in politics and parlayed it into some kind of real success. >> all right. john, michael, appreciate it, as always. we've heard all about them. now you can read them for yourself. what am i talking about? the comey memos. details of interactions between the former head of the fbi and the president of the united states, what attempts were there to influence the russia probe, how were they reported at the
3:56 am
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i tried to be transparent throughout this. >> the president wasn't such a big fan of mike flynn after all. >> he asked if there was a fisa warrant. >> i don't think congressional allies did any favors by these. >>. >> rod rosenstein told the president he is not a target of the investigation. >> his main goal is to help bring the investigation to an end. >> he has been hired more as a lobbyist. >> i tried and tried and couldn't. andrew came of and tried to get her back in. >> i felt a calling to get up and do something. >> we made every effort to save this woman's life. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota.


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