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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  April 22, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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. thank you for being here. and breaking news tonight, a coiler e killer is out there and on the loose from police. it happened near nashville, the small town of antioch. witnesses describe a horrific scene, a man wearholding a rifld wearing a coat and nothing else. >> i dropped to the ground and was able to keep an eye on the shooter from underneath my car. i was just fearful that he was going to come around my car and try to get to me. and as i watched him, he fired a few shots into the restaurant. >> this is the man police are looking for, travis reinking, he got away and police believe he
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is still heavily armed. police in nashville and the fbi just gave out some more information about this suspected shooter, what did they say? >> reporter: you know, anna, what's perhaps most alarming at this point is that he's still out there, and there are two weapons that are unaccounted for. he was on law enforcement's radar, back in july of 2017, he was actually arrested by u.s. secret service for trespassing on the white house lawn, he tried to get into the white house, said he wanted to have a meeting with president trump, they released him. when he went back to illinois, he was interviewed by the fbi, he was interviewed by officials there? illinois and they decided they were going to revoke his firearm registration. they gave them to his father,
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and his father acc/big ten challenge -- has acknowledged to police that he in fact gave that gun back to his son. there are two other guns that are unaccounted for and police are still churching. take a look at what nashville police said. >> he went to his apartment and then put on a pair of pants and then went into a woodline behind the apartment. according to a witness, a shirtless man fitting reinking's description was seen in the wood line. a police helicopter and several police dogs attempted to track reinking, the dogs were tracking along the tba power line, the power grid until the dogs lost the track. but we think he has fled the, that immediate area on foot, at this point, we do not know where he is. >> now director, all of my resources available, including a canine, and our crime
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intelligence center for support and offer all resources available to us, to our partners to make sure that the suspect is found, found swiftly and he has his day in court. >> reporter: now reinking is from illinois, but he moved to nashville in the fall of 2017. last week he was fired from his job, a crane construction job. he got a new job starting monday but he didn't show up. the witnesses say he really didn't say anything, he just started shooting. >> reporter: tell us about that man that police and witnesses are calling a hero today? >> reporter: everybody is calling james shaw jr. except james shaw jr. he was also there, he was with a friend, they showed up, he actually saw the shooter in his truck there at the waffle house,
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thought he was kind of, had a blank look on his face, he said. they went inside, he went into the bathroom to hide when he started shooting. he said, anna, that he didn't feel like he was a hero, but he felt like he had to do something because if the guy was going to kill him, he was going to make him work to do so. take a look at him talk about the story. >> the gun was kind of jammed up and it was pushed down so we were scuffling, and i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him and i threw it over the counter top. and then after that, i was trying to get out the door and i these he was pretty much in the entrance way, so i just took him out with me. >>. >> reporter: and again, he says i did it to save my life, please don't call me a hero, everyone. but nobody's listening. the ceo of waffle house was here talking. he thanked him, they had a big embrace afterwards. during this whole time, james
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shaw jr., he was trying to remain really strong when the waffle house ceo got up and spoke about it and really continued to praise him. he started to cry a little bit, his fraternity brothers were here trying to show some support. but he has not slept yet, so he just went home to sleep for the first time in more than 24 hours, a lot of people here really thankful for him, it would have been a lot worse. diane gallagher reporting, thanks very much for that and we have that on the bottom right on your screen where you can call the tip line if you have any information. obviously this man hunt is still under way. let's get a law enforcement analyst in here. this shooting happened more than 12 hours ago, walk us through what's happening on the ground right now. >> they have him identified as being on foot around the power
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lines between the apartment complex. there's a mental health issue going on. he's arrested at the white house in 2017, he's there just with a jacket on and nude underneath, with an ar-15, so there's some mental health issues involved. it would not surprise me if we found out that there's a possibility that this individual might commit suicide or has already committed suicide. we don't know that yet, but this is a very distinct possibility. this this mr. shaw, did everything he was supposed to do, you run, hide, fight, he waited for the weapon to run out of ammunition, or the weapon to jam. the minute he saw that person look down at the weapon, he jumped him. that's exactly what you've got to do. a lot of these cowards don't expect anybody to attack them, and when you do, you get the drop on him. and mr. shaw is a hero, whether
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he realizes it or not, i think he probably saved a lot more people that could have been shot and killed inside the waffle house. >> circumstances happen, it makes you wonder what would i have done in that exact same situation and that took so much courage, just incredible. are you surprised that this suspect hasn't been picked up yet, given he arrived in a vehicle, but left on foot. >> i think when you're on foot, you have a little bit of an advantage where you can hide a little bit more than you can if you're out on social media or you're driving your vehicle around, you know, a lot of people are looking for this individual right now, he's a young man, so i'm sure he has some social media, he has cell phones, he has computers, i'm sure they're dumping all that type of information to figure out what his motive is, but also to try and locate his exact location right now. but, you know, it's very odd, he took off out back with a pair of pants on, shirtless.
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and you know, it wouldn't surprise me if they located him fairly shortly and possibly not alive. >> we know this guy was subject of a previous fbi investigation was previously arrested by the secret service near the white house. how would freshman aederal and enforcement working together now? >> i know that all the law enforcement, federal state and local have offered up their assistance. it appears he's probably still in the nashville area right now if he's on foot. but you have the feds involved, both from the weapons side of it, but also in case he leaves that jurisdiction and heads across state lines or county lines, then you have federal involvement. so nashville p.d. has every law enforcement asset at their fingertips, i'm sure they have
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infrared cameras up on helicopters and they're scanning where he was last seen. i don't think this individual is going to be free very much longer. >> investigators also seized another gun in his apartment, but there are still other guns, two other guns unaccounted for, a hunting rifle and a handgun, police say, does it surprise you that these weapons were initially seized in 2017 in that secret service incident and they ended up back in his possession. >> well, it does surprise me that they're back in his possession, it doesn't surprise me that they were seized. this happens on a fairly regular basis. if somebody has a court case, or a temporary restraining order where they'll have to turn the weapons over to the police department, and it looks like the fbi confiscated these weapons, they're still that individual's property and i think legitimately they were turned over to the father. my question here is what is the
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father doing turning the weapons over to his son, who he probably knows has some sort of mental illness going on here, and in all these types of shootings, what kind of mental health issues are we talking about here, and if the guns were given back to the father, i just don't know buy the father gave them back to the shooter. at the hour, kellyanne conway, coming on to defend her boss' attorney, michael cohen. plus a family dinner turns tragic, when a father with his 5-year-old daughter on his lap is stabbed in the neck. what police are now reveal irev. stay with us, you're live in the cnn newsroom. for leisure.
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rpz. now to washington, kellyanne conway came on krcnn this afternoon to defend donald trump's attorney michael cohen. here's the exchange, watch. >> i just want to ask you one question, that a lot of people are asking me, probably you too. and that is what is up with your husband's tweets? your husband is a very well respected lawyer and he's been sending some tweets that have been critical of the administration, just an example in response to a tweet he said that the president's aides are reluctant to speak for him because he contra dibdicts them later. and you wrote so try. >> well two things i'll say to you, number one, again, that
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woman who lost on the election whose name i never say on tv anymore. she says white women have to listen to the men in their life for their own political opinions, wrong again. and number two, it's fascinating to me that cnn would go there, but it's very important for the rest of the world to have witnessed that igtt's now fair game how people's spouses or significant others may differ, and i'm very surprised and in some ways gra s gratified to se. >> first of all i would ask you that if you were a man. >> no you wouldn't. >> it's about questioning-publicly questioning what you are doing for a living and with regard to your boss. and it has nothing to do with your gender. >> it has nothing to do with my spouse. >> i'm just asking. >> you just brought him into this, so this ought to be fun
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moving forward, dana. now we're going to talk about other people's spouses just because they either work in the white house or at cnn? are we going to do that? because you just went there, cnn just went there. >> it wasn't meant to be critical -- >> it was meant to harass and embarra embarrass, absolutely. but by definition spouses have a difference of opinion, when one is draining the joint bank account, to support things that the maybe the other disagrees with. so this is a fascinating rubicund moment, and i'll leave it at that. >> it was not intended to cross any rubicund. >> you said i've got to ask you a question that's on everybody's mind. >> it is. it is. it is. i'm sure you hear it too. and it is hard to have two
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adults in a situation like this, but unusual -- >> i'm sorry, it's hard for whom? back it up. it's hard for the two adults, my husband and me? >> yes. >> so you're talking about my husband again? >> kellyanne, here is my whole point. it's that you are a professional working for the president of the united states and your husband is a very well respected lawyer and my point is that we don't often see, in fact i don't remember the last time we saw somebody working for the president in a high profile position when their spouse is saying critical things about them, that is all. >> that, a, is not true, there are other family members of people who work at the white house, who certainly don't support the president privately and publicly. but i will tell you this, there are people who have been in this administration who worked for democrats or gave money to democrats, but all that aside,
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that really is meant to divert attention from the big issues that america cares about. like i said, cnn intends to go there, it's going to be fascinating moving forward. i do want you to clarify for the whole worldwide audience and for me since you raised me. difficult for whom to have two adults -- are you talking about my children who may be watching you right now? they have already seen a double standard for their mother for two years. >> you know i don't believe it's about gender. >> hold on, it's not about gender, there's been a different standard than there had been for me than other people. we bite our tongues plenty. because i work for the president of the united states. so there's plenty that i don't say, there's plenty they don't talk about. >> because you went there, you are always invited back here. i'll just give you an example
2:21 pm
since you asked, andrew mccabe, the president went after something that mccabe's wife did, ran as a democrat. >> the president did something early that everyone else is just now finding out. >> he didn't say that, he talked about his wife. >> you don't know he didn't say that. andrew mccabe has admitted now that he lied four times, at least three under oath, dana. criminal referral just this week because he lied about leaking to the media. this is the number two at the fbi, this should have everybody concerned, everybody should go back and look at what the fbi was doing and not doing while comey and mccabe were in charge of it. and they all thought, if not wanted the other person to win the election and that so politicized their actions and inactions. >> and the inspector general is looking into that and wee'll wat
2:22 pm
on that. >> republican strategist and former communications director for senator ted cruz in his 2016 white house bid. and josh dossy, the white house reporter for "the washington post." dana posed her question again, what is is up with your husband's tweets, in your view, does that sound like it's meant to harass and embarrass like kellyanne believes? >> i think that's a fair question, a lot of people are talking about george conway's details. but there's lots of differences in the history of politics between husband and wife. james madison--i think kellyanne is a very important surrogate for the president, he's defended him on a number of occasions and important situations, when crises really hit the fan. kellyanne is someone he wants out there.
2:23 pm
she was someone he obviously wants out there. i think husbands and wives have a difference of opinion. i think that george conway has taken note of his wife's tweets. the fact that he's goi ee's doi publicly is noteworthy and seems to be sending some sort of message, and i don't think kellyanne is responsibility for whatever her husband tweets. >> and she sercertainly could h answered the question the way you just said, but this clearly hit a nerve with kellyanne. what did she say to you? >> she was pleased to have the opportunity to address this topic, it's something she's been asked about many times, and she was glad to express what she did say, there are relationships, many husbands and wives, they have different opinions, and as
2:24 pm
she says, her husband tweets things that are critical of this administration and he tweets things that are praising the president and this administration. and you have to take it all into context, i think it was important that she stressed that she's not one of those women like hillary clinton who stands behind everything her husband says and does. in my view, she felt as though the repeated questions that dana asked didn't take it too far and she's sure president trump is probably watching this, i'm not going to back down, i'm going to stand by ground and be firm with that. but dana bash is a strong woman and she certainly was going to follow up on that and they could have finished up with a one and
2:25 pm
done question and answer. but it hit the level where kellyanne felt there was a double standard here. zbl >> when you talk about a double standard, president trump tweeted a photo comparing his wife to the wife of a republican rifle, y rival, you remember senator ted cruz, when bill clinton's mistresses and accusers were brought to the debate with hillary clinton, different circumstances clearly, but team trump didn't seem to think that spouses were off-limits then. >> i said then and i'll say now that for president trump and now candidate trump to be tweeteding anything about another candidate's wife is disgustsing and there's no place in politics for that. but that said, he's the president of the united states and he was elected. this is different in my view because kellyanne's husband is
2:26 pm
tweeting things about this administration on both sides and it has absolutely zero impact on her side as sqomeone who is working hard on the opiod crisis, and certainly on tax reform. it has no impact and certainly doesn't influence the work she's doing in the house. i think it's a valid question to say hey, what's up with it, but it's time to move on to more substantive issues. >> george conway was up for a civil post after the election. bad blood there, do you think? >> i don't necessarily think so, i think george and kellyanne are both savvy operators, george conway dates back to the 1990s and the clinton impeachment and kellyanne has worked for hundreds of candidates over the years. i think he disagrees with a lot of what the president says and does, he doesn't like the
2:27 pm
president's attack on institutions, particularly the doj and the fbi, he's made that pretty clear, his president has split a lot of people, husbands and wives don't get along and president trump evokes very sharp feelings among people, and for george conway, he's been troubled by a lot of things that he's said if you take his twitter feed to believe it. and kellyanne conway sees the president a little bit different. she has an office in the west wing and she sees the president a considerable amount and she still supports the president even though her husband doesn't. still to come, a horrific crime leaves a california ocean front community in shock after this father was stabbed in the neck with his young daughter sitting on his lap. what police know about this suspect. next, live in the cnn newsroom.
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it's hard to get all the daily that's why i love fiber choice. it has the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables, all in a tasty, chewable tablet. fiber choice... the smart choice. this is a tragic story out of southern california. a homeless man walks up to a man and stabs him in his neck while his daughter was sitting on his lap. his wife and daughter were not physically injured. jahma jahmahl jackson was arrested after an unprovoked attack. the suspect then charged with first-degree murder. paula sandoval is joining us with more on this horrible story. what is the motive? did he have any idea?
2:33 pm
>> absolutely nothing in this story makes no sense whatsoever. because these two people didn't even know each other, the victim and suspect had no prior encounter here, and police say this was a random act of violence. according to the investigation, the police say that anthony mealy was sitting with his family in a venture county up scale steakhouse when a homeless man, now identified as jahmahl jack ati jackson, stabbed him in the neck, mr. mealy did survivor initially, underwent some surgery but just passed away recently here. so police are charging jackson with premeditated first-degree murder, he's being held on $3 million bond in ventura county saying he did have a prior conviction for burglary, if
2:34 pm
convicted in this case he does face life in prison. your initial question, what was the motive here. > > we simply don't know. what was this individual doing in the area before he allegedly confronted mr. mealy. >> i understand there was a 911 call placed prior to this attack about a man making a commotion and yelling. >> police said they were going to respond, but did not have the resources to respond. but they were watching him on surveillance camera. then police realize ebelieved h a threat and then three hours later, this terrible situation takes place. and for law enforcement, for anyone who had an encounter with
2:35 pm
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jim comey's new memoir is draw drawing criticism. senator susan collins has a problem with the timing of the comey book. >> do you think this will be a disruption to the mueller probe?
2:40 pm
>> i can't understand why a fbi director would try to cash in during an investigation. he should have wailed to do his memoir. >> historian and author of several books, "the road to unfreedom, russia, china, america." the president has been disappointed about this comey book rollout. he's been ee's been on tour wi book. >> it's not that the fbi has been too fast, it's that the fbi has been too slow, if he understand thing back in 2004 the things that he understands now, the whole world might be different. and second, the argument of comey's book, what he's saying, which i think is a valid point,
2:41 pm
this is an administration that doesn't understand law, that would prefer to govern under a plan, a gang. >> what do you mean by comey being too slow? >> i mean that in 2016, the fbi was investigating russian interference in the u.s. elections, but did not treat it as a priority. it's only after mr. trump's victory that mr. comey realized that this was the central thing in terms of u.s. sovereignty that they should worry about. >> he's the president of the united states, he could turn the other way, but he's been on lethal attack mode. >> it's part of is a broader attempt to distract attention away from evaluating the presidency, mr. trump runs the presidency as though it were a daily entertainment company, it's the president's job to turn the question there way.
2:42 pm
it's comey's job to ask how we are govern and is this the right way. and mr. comey's book answers the question, this isn't the right way. >> in these memos, the president seems obsessed with leaks in his conversations with james comey, as he reports them. he even suggests jailing journalists. >> this is slabsolutely fundamental, we live in a country where there are way too few investigative journalists, these people are the heroes of our time. these are the people we should be supporting, whether you like their reporting on someone personally or not is beside the question, to attack journalists is to invite a different kind of regime, an authoritarian regime, this is the most damaging thing a president can do. >> i want to read a quote from your new book, americans today
2:43 pm
are no wiser than the europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism,s th naziism or come anything in the 19th century. >> world democracy is on the downswing, what's gone wrong with us i think, and that quotation points to it a little bit, is that we have forgotten that history is full of possibilities, even we, not just europeans, not just other countries around the world, we can allow states to weaken. what we need to do is take spomp responsibility for the moment we're in now and not wait for people to come to the rescue. >> we saw the funeral service for barbara bush, and one thing that was see striking was to see the political spectrum at her funeral, presenting a yuan nighted front. we are open to the opini--
2:44 pm
>> we need to start thinking of the future, the history of the united states in the next five, ten, 15 years, what kind of country it's going to be for our children and have reasonable discussions about domestic and foreign policy. every day is a kind of cycle where we're elated or outraged and no one's expecting the government to do anything for the future, whether he like it or we don't like it. i think that's the thing that has to change. we need to talk about the last five years, instead of the last five seconds. >> a programming reminder, now you've heard from james comey and his memos and his book tour. it's your turn to ask questions, tune in wednesday for the only live town hall with anderson cooper moderating. live at 8:00 p.m. wednesday night. hundreds brave icy waters to participate in pools that are cut out of a frozen river.
2:45 pm
dr. sanjay gupta takes a look at the annual winter swimming world cup in sweden in this week's "fit nation." >> there's swimming and then there's ice swimming. >> people who do this are crazy. >> that's right, i think you have to be a little bit crazy to go into the cold water and swim in the cold water. >> we tried not to freeze, you swim as fast as you can in the cold water. >> reporter: this is the scandinavian winter swimming championship. one of the coldest swimming competitions in the world. >> there's lots of spectators coming every year, they come from everywhere. >> reporter: studies have shown that swrimming in cold water ca improve mental health and improve circulation but swimming
2:46 pm
in water this cold, especially without a wet suit isn't without risks. >> you swim the same way you do in regular swimming, but you need to keep breathing, so when you get in cold water, you have to train to breathe very quickly. >> you need to remember it's mind over matter, you're not going to die, if you stay in too long, you can get hyper thermic, obviously, but the trick is not to do that. >> it's not as bad as i thought. >> reporter: over 400 swimmers compete in various short distance races. >> it's breaststroke and free style and then you have butterfly. in butterfly, it's special because you're under water. >> the hesitation before you go into the water, where you're telling yourself, no, you don't want to do this, and then you just do it. >> reporter: there's hope there will be a grander stage in the years to come.
2:47 pm
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we need to help more ftocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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welcome back. it will be a busy week at the white house. president trump is welcoming french president macron. the two will have a private dinner tomorrow night at mount vernon and an official state dinner at the white house on tuesday. then president macron will make
2:52 pm
a rare joint address to congress on wednesday. during the visit, the french president is expected to push for france's exemption from the new u.s. trade tariff and it would encourage president trump to recertify the iran nuclear deal. macron undoubtedly hopes his special friendship with the u.s. president will help to establish those goals. >> look, i think we have the behave ri maverick of the system on both sides. probably my election wasn't expected in my country, and president trump's wasn't expected in his country. we are both part of the political system. >> and president trump is predicting a great outcome mostly boarding air force one in florida. president trump said things are looking very good when asked about north korea. and then moments later he lashed out at critics on twitter writing, funny how all the
2:53 pm
pundits that couldn't come close to making a deal on north korea are now all over the place telling me how to make a deal! this morning he tweeted, we are a long way from conclusion on north korea. maybe things will work out, maybe they won't. only time will tell. the work i'm doing now should have been done a long time ago. meanwhile, north and south korea are just days away from the historic summit that could dramatically alter the relation ship between them. but for many ordinary koreans, this change would come too late. paula hancocks has more. >> reporter: quinlan cook deserted the north korean military by 1950. he then joined the u.n. forces for the united states. it would be a matter of days for our forces to take up the north. kwon said he wouldn't have left
2:54 pm
if he knew he wouldn't see his parents or two brothers again. one of millions of families destroyed by the korean war. one of thousands of north koreans who settled here in the village near the dmz so they could move home easily but never did. kwon married in south korea and has four children and nine grandchildren, but he misses his family every day. he checks google earth every day to see satellite images of his home. the closest he can get to see it again. this is my school, he says. my mother and father live there. kwon has little hope the sum mutt between north and south korean leaders will make any difference. during the previous restorations, he left clothes for his north korean family and then threw them away when things
2:55 pm
turned our. there's no joy in life for me. i'm waiting to die. i don't know why, he says, but the older i become, the more i miss my brothers. paula hancocks, cnn, south korea. up next, back to our breaking news. the man police say shot and killed four people at a waffle house in tennessee is still on the run and possibly armed. we'll have the latest on the manhunt after a quick break. atet takes to fight cancer. these are the specialists we're proud to call our own. experts from all over the world, working closely together to deliver truly personalized cancer care. expert medicine works here. learn more at at crowne plaza, we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. a bit of this.
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i'm annika cabrera -- ana cabrera. four people shot dead that the wat waffle house in nashville, temperature. the man pulled up in a pickup truck, pulled out an ar-15 rifle and opened fire. >> i dropped to the ground and was able to keep an eye on the shooter from under beneath my car. i was fearful he was going to come around my car to get to me, but as i watched him, he fired a few shots through the window. and then he stepped inside the restaurant and started opening fire inside the restaurant. >> the killer ran away from the scene. and he is still at large. this is the man witnesses say did it, travis reinking, 29 years old. police searched his home, didn't find him, but did find good reason to believe he's armed with at least two guns. cnn's


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