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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 25, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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hosted by anderson cooper. that is it for me. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for tuning in. keep it right here, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. the white house said the president's pick to head the veterans administration was thoroughly vetted. wait, before today? "the lead" starts right now. one day after the president gave him an out, the white house comes to the defense of admiral ronny jackson. how much did the president know about these allegations involving the white house physician? jeff sessions on the spot. would he resign if the president fired those in charge of the russia investigation? his answer given just minutes ago may surprise you. plus -- rare audio from inside of the highest court in the land over the trump travel ban. will president trump's own words on the campaign trail doom one of his most controversial
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policies. ♪ good afternoon, welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tap -- my name. i'm jake tapper. after the president opened the door for ronny jackson to step aside, a source telling cnn the president is now telling dr. jackson, don't go. stay and fight. and this afternoon the white house carried on that fight, asserting that admiral jacks's record is impeccable and claiming he's had more vetting than other cabinet nominees despite allegations, unproven, shared with the u.s. senate and giving republican senators concern. and allegations that burst into the public sphere in the last day that the white house physician casually handed out drugs such as ambien, to the point he was nicknamed the candy man and allegations that he drank excessively including on call for the president. including one incident on a trip during obama that he was so
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intoxicated banging on the hotel room of a door and they feared he might wake the president so the secret service intervened. pamela brown is at the white house. the allegations are shocking, they're being shared with the public by various sources and including on the record by senator jon tester, a democrat. what is the white house's response. >> reporter: well the white house basically is saying that these new allegations made public by senator tester is something that will look it and pointing to the background investigations that dr. jackson had passed as justification for the fact that he was properly vetted even though white house staffers were caught by surprise by these new allegations against jackson in recent days. the president's pick to lead the department of veteran affairs is vowing to fight on. >> i could answer the questions. i'm looking forward to rescheduling the hearing -- >> reporter: despite the numerous allegations over past inappropriate behavior. >> they're very serious
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acquisitions with prescription drug handing out like candy or intoxication or toxic work environment. >> reporter: the veterans' affairs commity saying he was known as the candy man inside of the white house and passed out prescription drugs on international flights. it is something that jackson has spoken about before. >> i recommend that everyone on the plane take a sleep aid at certain times so that we can try our best to get on the schedule of the destination. >> reporter: today the white house calling that claim unfair. >> every year they come in and do review of the white house physician's office on things like prescriptions and every year they said that he's in compliance with what he's prescribing. >> reporter: and also facing an allegation during an overseas trip he was intoxicated and banged on the hotel door of a female employee. according to four sources familiar with the incident -- >> we've confirmed it with the people who told us and quite frankly moving forward we just need to do more finding of sources to finding it out. the bottom line is there is over
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20 people coming forward and active military people, retired military people who actually put their jobs on the line if they're name becomes public. >> reporter: yesterday trump giving jackson a chance to leave the nomination process. >> i don't think he should do it but it is totally his decision. >> reporter: jackson later met with trump and it was decided he would not withdraw. the white house now working to salvage jackson's reputation and nomination. including releasing handwritten notes from trump calling him too strong material and one from president obama in 2014 asking for jackson to be immediately promoted. but republicans on capitol hill are growing frustrated with the lack of information coming from the white house. >> a lot of us had questions about lack of experience, we obviously didn't know about the allegations. >> reporter: and saying the vetting process is partially to blame. >> all i could say is there is a history here of people coming to the hill not very well vetted --
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>> maybe in this particular case a better job should have been done zplfrmt. >> reporter: trump saying he had four independent background investigations during his time at the white house. >> dr. jackson's record as a white house physician has been impeccable. because dr. jackson worked within arm's reach of three presidents he's received more vetting than most nominees. >> reporter: and press secretary sara sanders dodged questions on whether jackson underwent additional vetting before he became the nominee but in talking to white house sources, the president 's insistence that jackson become the v.a. nominee led to a less than thorough vet of his political suitability which of course is a different kind of vet than the four type of fbi background investigations that sanders pointed to today. jake. >> pamela brown at the white house. my political panel joins me. david urban, let me start with you. obviously these are allegations,
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these are not proven facts. but what should the white house be doing if it's not true, then i don't think they're doing him any favors by letting the allegations hang out there, if they are true, then they didn't do him any favors by nominating him without answers to the questions ready. >> that is the tough part here. we don't know exactly what is in the black box again. what is true and in the report and what is the -- in the fbi background report. he's had four stti background checks to be done and with that many presidents and you get a thorough vetting. i think the white house is doing exactly what they should. there is a report that goes up to the hill for him that answers the questions and members take a look at the file. and i'm sure they'll take a look before the hearing. they are answering as they should. >> and nia, you heard lindsey graham, bob corker and other republican senators expressing dismay. this is another example of somebody who is not had their
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background adequately vetted going up to the hill prematurely and again i don't know what the truth is. maybe this is all unfair toe dr. jackson, to admiral jackson. but if it is unfair, the white house is partly to blame. >> yeah. because this was essentially a decision made by the president because he liked his relationship with dr. jackson, he likes the interaction and his presentation on television. and then you had people after this nomination was made, like lindsey graham did come out and say this was a home run and pretty laudtory about this pick and now he's in a position where all of this additional information comes out about -- about dr. jackson. one of the problems is that from the white house you'll hear them say this is a witch hunt, this is partisan, the president in some way said that in the press conference yesterday saying maybe dr. jackson shouldn't stay in the running because who wants to put up with this. it is like 20 people, who come
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forward -- >> 20 background sources -- >> making these allegations and some active military and some retired military. so they're going to have a real kind of problem, i think, suggesting this is some sort of coordinated attack on dr. jackson. >> and kirsten, you worked at the white house. on the charge specifically that dr. jackson as white house physician freely dispensed to white house aides on trips, either ambien to help them sleep or other drug to help them wake up, is that unusual? >> well so i worked in the office of the u.s. trade representative which is one -- >> part of the white house. >> so i didn't travel often with the president but there was one trip in indonesia and i was given some of the kind of drugs they are talking about and i think a lot of it is because you are in a country where you can't go to a country and go to cvs and get a prescription so they have drugs to hand out. i don't know when he was doing this or the extent or passing
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them out on the plane. and i think we have to remember we've become aware of how addictive and problematic these were and doctors were handing out prescriptions too easily and we need to know when this happened. >> and another thing raised is the allegations that he was intoxicated on a trip or had a drinking problem. that he would be drunk on a trip and there is one incident where he was banging on the hotel door of a female colleague and employee and the secret service intervened because they thought he might wake up president obama. what i'm hearing from conservatives if he had problems in the obama white house how come president obama wrote him glowing reviews. here is one from president obama 2015 saying, quote, ronnie does a great job, genuine enthusiasm, he continues to inspire confidence with the care he provides to me and my family and we continue to promote ahead of
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piers. >> and there was a secret service agent talking about how he frequently during trips abroad asked folks to quiet down in the hallway because they would wake the president. so it wasn't unusual. he didn't find that unusual. >> but they did find it unusual given that this is possibly at least this allegation -- >> theoretically it might not have been unusual but drunkenly knocking on the -- >> that is a mere allegation he is drunk banging on somebody's door. >> and it is problematic in this instance because it is t-- the president president's doctor and how does he remain the white house physician for all of these years -- >> look, we've all worked in washington for a while. i think we know this person that exists that is very good at catering to people above them and very mean to people below them. and these people thrive. -- >> and this isn't a white house physician -- he's a doctor that stands next to the president, whether it's president obama --
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>> if anybody knows the president likes him this much they're much less likely to come forward and complain about him. i think that now -- >> listen, i agree in most instances. >> let her -- >> i think now people are feeling empowered about coming forward and making allegations for powerful people and what it you'd e used to be look -- >> like obama. >> and people would be afraid to say anything because they would feel -- they have more power than i am and they're in with the top people, the president of the united states. and if i say something, i could lose my job. >> you don't know anything specific, just saying theoretically -- a similar situation. >> and i would agree. i don't dispute that. this is the white house physician, the person responsible for the health and -- of the commander-in-chief, whether it is president obama -- >> the white house staff secretary -- >> but being in the food chain and power structure, the doctor is outside of that structure. the doctor is there to make sure the president's healthy on the
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trip and doesn't get sick and takes care of the needs and outside of the power structure so i don't think that -- >> one thing we can all agree on is we need to know a lot more and the public needs to know more about the allegations. coming up, stay here. we have more to talk about. did one of president trump's top cabinet members give us a window into how washington works, the speech that one u.s. senator called this the most corrupt administration ever, next.
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so, maybe it's time to upgrade. get more out of your water. get zerowater. in the politics lead, mick mulvaney and the acting director of the consumer financial protection bureau gave a speech to bankers that raised some eyebrows. first he said he didn't want to, quote, run a yelp for financial services sponsored by the federal government, unquote and he wanted to shut down public access to a website where consumers could see complaints about banks and then also in that same speech he talked about his relationship with lobbyists and constituents and said, quote, we had a hierarchy in my
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office in congress, if you were a lobbyist who didn't given us money, i didn't talk to you and i might talk to you if you came from back home and sat in my lobby, i talked with you without contributions. elizabeth warren helped create the consumer financial protection bureau and it was her idea. senator, let's start with the part that has to do with lobbyists and campaign contributions. what do you make of that. >> most corrupt administration ever. come on. this is a man who stood up in front of 1300 people and said, you get to listen -- the congressman will listen to you, but only if you pay. that is called pay to play. and that is just another way of saying -- this joint runs great for those who can hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers and have them make big campaign contributions but not for real people. >> so just to play devil's advocate, is it not possible that mick mulvaney was talking
1:18 pm
about the reality of the washington, democrats or republicans, if you give campaign contributions you'll get to meet with a member of congress. >> look, if he is, he's describing widespread corruption and this is widespread corruption but he described a policy in his own office. that was exactly his description. and that is the part that gets me about this. he wasn't even embarrassed. it is not like he whispered this off stage, he said it to a couple of people and someone secretly recorded it. he is so corrupt that he is willing to just lay it all out there in front of everyone. he said i am a government official ho pays attention to those who pay me and if that is not corruption, i don't know what the definition of corruption is. >> i want to also talk about the part of this having to do with the consumer financial bureau since you helped set it up.
1:19 pm
this data base, how important is that. >> it is powerfully important and right there in the statute. the statute when we created the cfpb said that consumers can file complaints. so just assume you get cheated out of $10 on your checking account and they put a charge in and you think it is wrong and they won't resolve it or somebody won't give you back $15,000 down payment on your house, or your student loan services won't answer the phone or put you in the wrong program, where do you go to fix that and the answer is you could file a complaint with the consumer financial protection bureau. it is and theresy button for complaint and fill out the information and the complaint goes in and the consumer agency sends it on to the creditor you're complaining about and they get resolved. not all of them. not 100% of the time. but they're getting complaints resolved literally and hundreds of thousands of complaints that are getting resolves.
1:20 pm
so that is part one. good for the consumer. but part two, you know me, jake, i'm somebody who wants to see markets work right. and the best way to make a market work right is to get information out there. so you're trying to decide which bank to pick. you can right now go to and go to the complaint section and see which banks get the most complaints or having the most trouble. the agency itself, others can look at it and say, wait a minute, i think there is a particular problem that is starting to emerge. what mick mulvaney wants to do is shut that down. or at least what he said he may do. and in other words, protect the people who are out there cheating americans or protecting the people that kept your $10 or $11,000 and the cfpb is not there to protect those folks, it is there to protect the american people. >> i wap to ask -- i want to ask
1:21 pm
you about other events today, attorney general sessions wouldn't say during congressional testimony if he would resign if his deputy rod rosenstein or special counsel robert mueller was fired. what did you make of that and do you have faith in sessions to lead the justice department? >> look, i just don't know. i don't know what this means with any of these people. the whole notion that they are going to stand up for basic principles and tell this president that no one is above the law and not even the president of the united states, just seems to be vanishing among this current -- jeff sessions to his credit is the one who stood up who recused himself and has stayed in that a.g. spot. but i don't know. i think that is exactly what he's telling the american people. don't count on me if donald trump starts coming after people in the department of justice over this investigation. i think that is the reason that we need to pass a law over here
1:22 pm
in congress to say that donald trump cannot fire the people who are investigating him. no one is above the law. not even the president. >> what do you make of the accusations against the president's nominee to be head of the v.a., dr. and admiral ronny jackson. >> well, look, i'm very glad that jon tester and others are on this. they want to do a thorough background check and being the head of the v.a. is important. but for me, the big issue is an issue around policy. it is who is going to be there to protect the independents of the v.a. i don't want to see a v.a. that is privatized. and all three of my older brothers, military service and all three veterans. i get a very first-hand look at how important the veterans administration is to our veterans and we need to keep it funded and we need to keep it strong and we need to keep it independent and not privatized. >> senator elizabeth warren, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. i want to continue this
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we're back with the politics lead and my panel and words i thought i would never say, president trump just tweeted thank you music mogul kanye west for his support. he tweeted you don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. we're both dragging energy -- that the not a typo. and he is my brother. i love everyone. i don't agree with everything anyone does, that is what makes us individuals and we have the right to independent thought after he was tweeting controversial affirmations for opinions that maybe in the progressive community are not shared. president trump re-tweeted said thank you so much, very cool. it's interesting. this does put him at odds with his wife -- kim kardashian-west,
1:28 pm
this puts him -- she was a hillary clinton supporter. why? why would the president want to bring attention to kanye west saying that he doesn't hate trump and supports him, he's his brother, they're both dragging energy. >> i don't know how to get into his head. i guess he likes -- he likes celebrities and -- and he wants their approval and now he has the approval of one of them. >> i think kanye west is say cultural icon. i went online and tried to get -- i tried with my son and tried to buy a pair. my son would not let me buy a pair. >> he's incredibly talented musician and a controversial public figure. but it is interesting that he is expressing support for the president. it does show the president loves people who love him. >> i think that is right. and that is why you see the
1:29 pm
president saying this is a cool thing, it came up in the briefing. it was not surprising. kanye did meet with the president when he was the president-elect in new york. he also tweeted that he loves hillary clinton and his wife is tweeting back at people saying don't be too hard on my husband and make it seem like he's going through a mental break down which we know he's had mental health problems. >> and i think he tweeted about -- >> that was the accusation and kim kardashian -- she said that when he expressed himself, that is when he's out of his pit. so any way -- we have a lot more to talk about. it is not kanye related. jeff sessions in the hot seat refusing to say moments ago if he would resign if the president decided to fire his number two deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the host of questions this raises next and plus breaking news on dr. ronny jackson. stay with us. so i'm not happy unless my hands are dirty.
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breaking news on the controversy involving president trump's nominee for veterans sect and we have obtained a summary of the allegations about dr. ronny jackson compiled by the democrats and the accusations include more details about his alleged loose practice of prescribing drugs and an incident where he wrecked a government vehicle while intoxicated. lawmakers have not substantiated these details. manu raju joins me. and the senate democrats are providing detail. >> reporter: no question about it. 23 people have come before this committee and have talked to them about the concerns with admiral ronny jackson. 23 former colleagues and current colleagues and according to this memo that has been put together, two page memo by the democratic staff on the veteran as fairs committee, serious allegations, but yes, not substantiated yet.
1:35 pm
perhaps one of the most damaging allegations that is in here is that according to this memo, at a secret service going-away party, jackson got drunk and wrecked a government vehicle. this is all part of the -- an episode of excessive drunkenness on the job. one of the -- not just the only time that he allegedly was drinking excessively on the job but on one occasion, according to this document, he could not be reached when needed because he was passed out drunk in his hotel room. now this goes into specific allegations of his loosely prescribing -- giving away prescription drugs to people, including in one allegation, he prescribed medications when other physicians would not do so. and also it describes in more detail about what is viewed as a hostile work environment that took place under jackson including some people saying he was, quote, abusive and volatile and he had a temper tantrum.
1:36 pm
and this is a very damaging picture from these people who are laying out the allegations. but again, jake, these are not substantiated and we don't know specifics because the committee democratic staff said they don't want to reveal identities to protect the identity of the people involved because they are whistleblower and republicans take these very seriously and need further investigation and one reason why this hearing was delayed for -- for an indefinite period of time and his confirmation prospects are very grim but for the first time we're getting more details about these episodes, even as the white house said he's been thoroughly vetted and they say he is more than qualified for this job, jake. >> and manu, just to reiterate the point, this information is coming from the democratic staff but the reason admiral jackson's confirmation hearing was
1:37 pm
postponed was because of the republicans on the committee who have the power to do that. they are seriously concerned as well. but why would the document not come from both parties, and just come from democrats? >> reporter: well, that is a good question. but the democrats were the ones getting a lot of the whistleblower coming to them and getting the phone calls and investigating this starting last week. jon tester, the ranking d.c. on this committee said that people came to him and as soon as he learned about this he started to fill in the chairman, the jesus christ johnny isakson who is taking these seriously and he won't pre-judge whether these are true or not but also wants to investigate this further. but this is a democratic memo that is being circulated on capitol hill, the leadership office and various committees but enough for these -- for the republicans to decide that they want to put the brakes on this and investigate this further because as one republican on the committee mike rounds told me,
1:38 pm
there are incredible sources behind the information and they want to see if there is truth behind them. >> one last quick question, do we have any idea of what kind of prescription medication dr. jackson was allegedly prescribing or not -- just handing out and called the candy man. it is one thing if it is an over night trip and giving ambien to sleep and another if he is handing out opioids like percocets. >> reporter: it does talk about percocet and it is used for pain through the -- there was missing percocet apparently and it threw the white house military health office -- the office into panic. it turned out that according to the dom, it turned out jackson provided a large supply to a white house military office staffer. and it said jackson also had private stocks of, quote, controlled substances. so that is providing more detail than we had known before. but again, if these allegations are true, very significant.
1:39 pm
but again just allegations, unsubstantiated and we haven't heard whether they are true and ronny jackson has denied doing anything wrong at the moment but significant allegations people are laying out and the handling of prescription drugs. >> manu raju thank you. my panel is here. answers are needed. this gets more needed the more information we hear. >> you feel like congress here is basically raising the stakes in this. you have the white house come out this -- earlier today and say we're standing by. >> fighting for him. >> and he's been vetted all of these times so now it is like your move, white house. your move, ronny jackson. because these are additional allegations. quite disturbing, talking about opioids in this report and writing prescriptions for himself. at this point you wonder, it is maybe not even the nomination that seems to be -- dangling but what about his broader career
1:40 pm
here if any of these things end up being true, would his larger career as a doctor -- >> i've taken percocet after surgery and they are in credibly powerful and not to trifle with and they are powerful -- and these are allegations but davidushin, the white house needs to answer questions. >> this is troubling stuff. death by a thousand cuts for admire am jackson. you will get this until it is answered and there is pressure to provide the answers to the more specific things when it is efemoral it is easy to wave out but when you specific allegations, you have to answer those. >> caitlyn collins just tweeted that the white house said this on dr. ronny jackson today, quote, no reason to believe drinking on the job rumors are true. he's received more vetting than most nominee. we'll not write him off before his hearing, unquote. ker stin, the portrait that you keep creating a narrative for of somebody, as you say who manages
1:41 pm
up. he flatters president obama and president trump, whom ever his boss is and then abusive to people below him. >> and those people are afraid to report it because they think that they could lose their jobs possibly or there might be retribution. this is a theory and something i've seen many times in washington. people who are good at managing up and awful to people below them. i think the alcohol related stuff, whether it is the banging on the door or being too drunk to treat the president or wrecking a car is in my mind is damaging -- >> being too drunk to respond to calls allegedly. >> the idea he may have prescribed percocet to other people didn't think should get it and doctors do that all of the time. people do need percocet. we have to remember that. we don't know the circumstances. if he was just handed out percocet like candy to everybody, then i would say we have a different situation. >> and in his defense, just for one second because elizabeth landers our white house producer just smoke with admiral jackson
1:42 pm
and he denies the allegation that he wrecked a car because he was driving a car while intoxicated after a party for secret service agents he said it is not true and he said he is not withdrawing his nomination and will continue to stay and fight. i'm sorry, go ahead. >> if that is the case, we'll hear lot more of this when he's before the committee. but i would think these are such explosive allegations. keeping a private stockpile of opioids, if that was true, in the past eight, ten years where he's working as the white house physician, this would have come out along the way. so that is why i think it is -- it is strange credibility just a bit. >> and we'll see who the people are. at this point they don't want to reveal their identities, perhaps they work currently in the white house at this point and he might very well end up being back at the white house so we'll see who these folks are and if they have any motive to completely make these stories up or if they're credibility. >> just to reiterate manu raju is saying the democrats on the
1:43 pm
veterans' affairs committee say all of the information comes from 23 different sources. that's a lot of people and not one disgruntled former employee. stick around and also breaking news on the hill today, jeff sessions talking about recusal and chances of resignation and much more. we'll get to that story next. stay with us. your company is constantly evolving. and the decisions you make have far reaching implications. the right relationship with a corporate bank who understands your industry and your world can help you make well informed choices and stay ahead of opportunities. pnc brings you the resources of one of the nation's largest banks, and a local approach with a focus on customized insights. so you and your company are ready for today.
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back with breaking news. dr. ronny jackson, the president's nomination for v.a. secretary saying he is not withdrawing from the nomination. this follows a summary of the allegations surrounding him becoming public moments ago that include more details about
1:48 pm
jackson's alleged -- alleged loose practice of prescription drugs and in an incident where he reportedly wrecked a government vehicle while intoxicated and he denied that. lawmakers have not substantiated the details but they continue to share them. and he denied the claim about wrecking the car to cnn. my panel is here with me. let's start with phil mudd who i want to go to first, he works in the cia and the fbi and he knows about the nomination and vetting process. what is your take on the story. dr. jackson, drip, drip, we don't know what is true and not true but there are a lot of people, 23 according to senate democrats who have some rather ugly descriptions of his past behavior. >> this is an example of why washington doesn't work in -- and for every high school student watching why you should get a lesson in civics and when
1:49 pm
the government fails you. the democrats who leaked this failed. and i've been a nomination before. they go through an expensive process, it doesn't look like this physician did that would have found this information out, information about prescription drugs and about whether is truth behind allegations that there are drunken incidents and those would have come out in a vetting process and somebody at the white house personnel could have said i'm not sure we want to do that and the white house didn't do that and now their stuck. house democrats could have said we did our own research and they didn't need to do extensive research to validate what they learn and could have passed it to the white house and said during the nomination hearing this is the nasty stuff that will come out and instead without giving the physician a chance to speak, they leak it to the press. if you want a friend in washington, get a dog. both sides failed. dishonorable this is. >> i have two dogs.
1:50 pm
phil, you're angry at both the white house for not doing thorough vetting, so as to get ahead and find out actually if, a., dr. jackson, admiral jackson should have been nominated, ugly stuff and give the opportunity to not have this come out assuming it is true, and b., since we don't know what is true and not true, you're mad at the senate democrats for leaking this information and sharing this information with the public since as of right now we don't know what is true and not true. >> that is correct. they're supposed to have a hearing where they ask questions and give the nominee a chance to answer instead what they choose to do is a third-rate kneecap job to try to get the white house to pull the nomination to embarrass the prize. i understand that. that is the cesspool of washington, d.c. and doesn't mean it is honorable or that is the kind of thing we should teach to a kid in high school civics. they should not have leaked it and said if he's going to coming to the hill for a hearing we'll ask pointed questions and these are the questions. if you want to bring them up,
1:51 pm
get ready it will be ugly. >> and let me ask you a question. he has been the white house physician for years. according to the white house he's passed four fbi background checks, and obviously he's gotten the glowing reviews from president obama in these personnel reports. you were an official at the fbi, could he get these glowing reviews and pass these fbi background checks if these allegations were true? >> yes. and the reason is pretty straightforward. let me step you through for 30 seconds what that nomination process is like. it was far more far-reaching than what i witnessed when i got a top secret security clearance. i was a government official, i didn't make money. and they want to know every dime i spent and interview people i worked with. what i'm saying is their review of my financial activities, what my situation was at work and including with people i worked with was more extensive than the security investigation i got. so they would have, i think, in
1:52 pm
terms of just talking to people in his office, rooted out things that might not have come up in a standard security background check. >> dr. phil mudd, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. i want to bring in the rest of the my panel here. according to phil mudd, both the senate drks and the trump white house have failed admiral jackson. >> it is a fair criticism. it is problematic when things come out and people haven't had a chance to defend themselves. at the same time i suspect democrats probably did want to embarrass the president. i'm not saying that is okay, but -- and they probably don't feel like the white house is interested in working with them, but i think he makes a good point. there is something problematic with once they're out there, they're out there. it doesn't really matter -- later when people come back, they need to be able to respond real-time. and so i think i made a good point. >> especially if the allegations are not true. on the other hand if they are true, then the senate democrats, i'm sure they feel, to play
1:53 pm
devil's advocate here, that this is somebody who should not be a v.a. secretary and they want to stop a disaster. that is if the allegations are true. >> just to take a point with what phil said, there are two pieces to any nominee's package going forward. there is the back ground check and the sf-86, the top secret security clearance and then a financial piece of it. the financial piece is invasive as well. and this would come up in the background check for the security clearance which dr. -- which dr. ronny had for many years. so if this had been out there before, this is really true, then this would have come up someplace along the way in his security clearance checks. >> i don't mind leaks. leaks are in some ways the life blood of journalism and people want to talk and think the public has a right know and that is what happened here. and i need a background on this and phil mattingly is
1:54 pm
reporting -- the republicans and democrats were reaching out to the white house about dr. jackson trying to get information, trying to get some conversation going about this nomination and they haven't been very cooperative so in some ways you're seeing frustration spill out not only in this leak from the democrats, but in some of the kind of background and off the record conversations from republicans, just a lot of frustration. >> and not to give jake's pook a too naked applaud, but phil is talking about how nasty it is in washington and i would say -- cut a hat to your book -- >> thank you. >> i downloaded it on audible so i could hear jake for hours and hours, but the book chronicles, the 50s, 60s, 70s and people has -- washington has sharp elbows and dr. jackson didn't expect this to become and i don't think phil is correct.
1:55 pm
thank you so much. that is a lovely plug for my book. i appreciate it. the latest conspiracy drama to hit washington, d.c. coming up next. stay with us. that skills like t, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. and customer service are i'm trying to manage my a1c,. then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes
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anderson coop tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. you could follow me on facebook and twitter at jake tapper and tweet. that is it for "the lead" and i turn you over to wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. enemy targets, cnn larned u.s. intelligence believe spies were among russian diplomats expelled last month and suspected of tracking russian defectors who re-settled here in the united states. it is a cnn exclusive. pretty thorough. the white house insists there is extensive vetting of the veterans' affairs secretary nominee even as more troubling allegations against dr. ronny jackson emerge. new documents allege drunken behavior that could have put lives at risk and can jackson's nomination survive. under