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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  April 26, 2018 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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when he saw her, trump said i've never been more attracted to anyone in my whole life. >> that is a real picture from instagram of a spanish woman. >> all right. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. we are pushing ahead with this nomination. ronny jackson has denied the most recent allegations. >> one of these allegations was intoxicated, drove the deposit car and wrecked that car. >> someone ought to at least give the gentleman a chance to defend himself. >> if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? >> we have a sitting president's personal attorney taking the fifth amendment. >> the president could wind up
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being was implicated in had. >> there isn't a person in the world that thinks he's guilty of collusion with the russians. >> giuliani was hired as a michael cohen replacer. he's a fixer. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is your "new day". it is thursday, april 26th, 6:00 here in new york. and hoarse our starting line. the white house is preparing for the possibility that president trump's embattled pick to head the v.a. will withdraw his nomination. dr. ronny jackson meeting with officials last night. the president is beginning to wonder aloud whether jack is son should step down before things get worse, is the quote. this comes amid explosive of new allegations in a document compiled by senate democrats detailing what nearly two dozen current and former colleagues of
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jackson say was up proper behavior. being abusive to them, wrecking a government car while intoxicated and loosely dispensing prescription opioids. >> and long-time attorney michael cohen is asserting his fifth amendment rights to avoid being deposed in the stormy daniels case. daniels's attorney calls this a stunning development. sources tell cnn rudy giuliani met with robert mueller to discuss a potential interview with the president. abby phillip is live at the white house with our top story. good morning, abby. >> reporter: well, good morning, alisyn. the president's nominee to be the v.a. secretary, dr. ronny jackson, says that he's going to hold on and that he looks forward to talking to reporters in the coming days, but there are growing questions this morning about whether his nomination can survive the latest allegations. >> this is, as the president said, dr. jackson's decision. we stand behind him 100%
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depending what he decides to do. >> reporter: white house officials insisting that withdrawing his nomination for v.a. secretary lies with dr. ronny jackson. prident trump has wondering aloud whether jack son should step aside "before things get worse." white house aides are preparing for the fact that he could withdraw. he may remove his name from consideration. a source is tells cnn that the white house was blind-sided by a range of allegations within this two-page memo released by democrats on the senate veterans affairs committee. the memo, which cites 23 of jackson is's current and former colleagues, claims that on at least one occasion, dr. jackson could not be reached when needed because he was passed out drunk in his hotel room. at a secret service going-away party, jackson got drunk and wrecked a government vehicle. the document alleges that jackson is was abusive to his
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colleagues and would prescribe medications when other physicians would not, earning him the nick name candyman because he would provide whatever prescriptions they sought without paperwork. jackson addressing the allegations wednesday. >> where are all these allegations coming from? >> i have no idea. >> you have no idea? are you withdrawing your nomination? >> no, i have not wrecked a car. so i can tell you that. that's easy to deduct. >> a number of former obama administration officials defending jackson amid growing questions about the white house's vetting process. >> all i can say is there's been a history here of people coming to the hill not very well vetted. >> there's been, again, a pretty thorough vetting process down by the fbi, as well as three other independent investigations. >> reporter: leadership at the v.a. in question. as president trump's long-time attorney, michael cohen, indicates that he will assert his fifth amendment right
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against self-incrimination regarding his involvement in a hush money detail involving president trump and stormy daniels. >> this is the first time in our nation's history that we have a sitting president's personal attorney pleading the fifth amendment against self-incrimination. i do not think the magnitude of this can be overstated. >> reporter: cohen's decisn coming despite thepresident's past criticism. >> if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? or >> reporter: the cohen raid caused a seismic shift in mr. trump's willingness to sit down with an interview with special counsel mueller. the newly appointed lawyer, rudy giuliani, discussed is the matter with mueller face-to-face this week. >> i can guarantee you this, when mueller is finished, no matter what he does, he will not have a stitch of evidence that he colluded with the russians. >> reporter: the scrutiny on president trump's v.a. nominee
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comes as scott pruitt is headed to the hill today. >> appreciate it, abby, very much. joining us now is white house correspondent maggie haberman. so what do we make of these developments? we're on ronny watch right now. by big part of the white house spin is what we heard from raj shah. they didn't want to vet him the way you would politically. office of government educate eugs, walter reed, doing the prescription analysis, not the same as making phone calls. they clearly didn't do it. if he wants to step aside, the president supports it. it suspect up to ronny. it's up to the president. how big are the stakes? >> that you are big, and i don't think they will collapse. i don't think he will be the nominee by the time this week is over, although it is certainly possible. look, you could hear in the president's voice when he got asked the question the other
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day, why would you want this? a lot of people believe he was projecting in part about himself and how he fools about the job and p o it is the president doesn't like owning putting somebody in the spotlight when they should not be there and the heat lamp is on on them. but it is is reflective of the fact that he has picked jackson. it deals very little in substance at least in its output. does not think more about how these things will come off. again, this is where you have people caught between the president and -- staff caught between the president and reality. the president just put this through. almost even in the white house, as i said it, said to jackson and the president, this is awe bad idea. even before this came to light. this is not going to end well. whether they had specifics, i don't know. i think it was clear jackson was going to get picked apart just
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based on lack of managerial experience. i don't think anybody had a clue about the looming allegations of his conduct, or most people didn't. >> the argument now is he has been more vetted because there's been three or four fbi background checks than many other people. that should have sort of given him the green light to move forward. here's what raj shah was telling erin burnett about that last night. >> did you do any vetting at all beyond saying he passed background checks from the fbi? >> so, first of all, he has passed three separate background investigations. and for anybody in awe sensitive position as his -- >> no, i understand. >> erin, fitness -- no, there arous issuvarious issues about veterans issues. to the point he is being nominated for, there is a thorough background chemical in which you interview
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subordinates, previous bosses. >> so you are saying you did that separate from an fbi background check. >> no. the fbi does that. it came back clean. >> huh. well, somehow there is now 23 former staffers and current staff, according to the democrats who have a leased this document, who have come come forward to sound the alarm. here's our list of the allegations against dr. roppy jackson right now. improperly dispensing prescription drugs. we have heard about the ambien. that is not that big of a deal. but we heard about the percocet. so an opioid. intoxicated on duty we heard a couple of times, including possibly wrecking a government vehicle. and oversaw a hostile work or environment. the story of him pounding on a female staffer's hotel room door so that's the stuff that the fbi background check did not unearth. >> and it apparently was
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knowable because it had been presented for internal review. i don't know if it was app i.g. report or a form of it. but that was certainly something the white house could have found. it is worth noting, these are allegations and have not been proven yet. one thing about this process is whatever happens with dr. jackson, and there were a lot of reasons why people had issues with him getting this nomination in terms of his experience, he will now be tagged for life for all of this. >> can he stay as white house doctor? >> i think it is going to be very difficult. one of the things that causes whiplash, you talk to some people around obama examine former president bush who knew dr. jackson, there are such split pictures of him. particularly when he got the nomination, when he was talking about president trump's health. there was a glow of this is a reputable man. we have all worked with him. these are previous government
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officials. we have now suddenly crept into a different territory. i don't know if everyone praising him was aware of it at the time. clearly the medical office within the the office is written in the same level of dysfunction that has plagued a lot of different government offices. this stuff goes back prior to president trump. a lot of factualization and in-fighting and high school like behavior. i think it will make it hard for him to stay. >> it would be hard to believe that the president knew dr. jackson had any kind of stink on him involving opioids and his efforts to get another staffer to get help for the opioids because there was pushback. i think he would understand that to be a hot button. how much of a digging in is a function of a hedge as to what may also happen with pruitt? you don't want to have two go down in the same week. pruitt, two different panels he'll be in front of today.
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neither nominally about the open investigations against him. but they are certain to come up. how much trouble is he in in. >> this is a big day. a lot whether he can go forward depends what he does in these hearings. the white house staff has been not completely but overwhelmingly open with pruitt. the audience on of one and the person whose vote counts, the president, has not lost faith in pruitt as far as i understand. he is annoyed. he feels he is dinged up. he is in high regard with all of this. he is seen as getting a lot done. but if he goes in, and one person said if he goes in and is defensive as he has been in some of these media interviews, he gets his backup when he gets questions. that will be very bad potentially for him because it will play very poorly in these hearings. >> all right.
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so the "new york times" has apparently obtained this internal document that shows what his talking points will be in front of congress. >> right. >> good news, he says he now flies coach. that's one of the things. >> that is good news. >> good news for everyone. >> and also he is going to say his staff was responsible for trying to get the promotions and the raises for these two people that he had lob idbied for on h staff. let's move on to kanye west. >> what's trifecta? jackson, pruitt, kanye. >> kanye is a fan of president trump and vice versa. >> he's been a fan for a while. he went to trump tower during the transition. there was a photo of him. when donald trump was considering running for president in 2011, it was right when charlie sheen was having his moment and talking about
3:13 am
tiger blood. >> as opposed to dragon energy. >> i thought i have seen this before. >> two celebrities desperate for attention and finding ways to get it, whether positive or negative. >> we have seen kanye displays as before. it's usually been under times of duress. the last time is when his wife was robbed in a hotel room in france. i don't know what is is prompting this other than it does get attention. for president trump, it's a welcomed sign of warmth. you saw him and a lot of fans embrace it. it was funny on twitter there was a bit on of an explosion, this is a big cultural shift. this is not a big cultural shift. he has been a trump fan for quite some time. >> supposedly his follower number has dropped. he had people unfollow him. you never know. there are so many fake accounts. and he also recently said he missed tour dates reportedly because he was struggling with
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his own opioid situation. so you have to factor that into where he is. >> at least he's been honest. but sit an important back drop for all of this. now to michael cohen. he is invoking his fifth amendment rights in the stormy daniels case. we dig deeper, next. stuffy nose? can't sleep? enough. take that. a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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president trump's personal attorney michael cohen asserting his fifth amendment rights in the stormy daniels case. joining us is maggie haeub or or man and special assistant to robert mueller at the doj, michael zeldin. did he have any other choice? would you have advised him to plead the fifth as well? >> yes. most any american lawyer would have sruzed his client when you have parallel proceedings, civil and criminal, to assert the fifth amendment in the civil is proceedings until you understand the scope of the criminal investigation. it is appropriate for cohen to have done that. it doesn't necessarily mean what avenatti said, that he will get adverse interest drawn against him in a later proceeding. >> again, michael we have talked about this before, avenatti is very impressive to the media. we like to have him o on. he says provocative things.
3:19 am
but we don't know what was on on that cd. we don't know what's behind any of his pleadings. now he has the fifth amendment admission to wave around. this is not a no-brainer tactic legally. but he has to deal with what his boss has said about the fifth amendment in the past. here's the president. >> have you seen what's going on in front of congress? fifth amendment, fifth amendment, fifth amendment. horrible. horrible. if you're innocent, why do you take the fifth amendment? >> when you have your is staff taking the fifth amount, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted, i think it's disgraceful. >> how does that factor in? >> it's not great. it's not great as a political and media issue, to your point. it is tape that is going to be played over and over again.
3:20 am
it is the visual equivalent of the tweets that happen for president trump. it will be thrown in his face. this is not a p.r. problem. and i think part of the issue for president trump and then by extension a lot of people around him, including members of his family and including michael cohen, people who have worked for the trump org, people see it as a media problem. this is a legal problem. to michael's point or your point, whatever avenatti said it is meant, it is not necessarily what it meant. it is getting him to respond. anybody would tell their lawyer to stop talking. but you saw michael cohen looking to engage in that. that is clearly not going to be the way to win here. >> michael, does this stimy the investigators of the so you were district of new york in their investigation since michael cohen pleads the fifth? do they need him to talk? >> no. in fact, i don't suspecthey
3:21 am
thought he would. he is saying essentially i don't need to respond to this request for discovery or otherwise because it may implicate my fifth amendment rights. so please, judge, in the federal case in california, stay that proceeding until this new york case is, you know, resolved. in new york, i think that the prosecutors there do not expect cohen to testify. this is normal for a target of a criminal investigation not to be speaking to them. so i don't think it slows down their investigation. the only thing that is slowly down new york is the determination of how those documents which were seized in the raids will be reviewed. >> we know there is a lot going on with that. the document production and what gets perceived as privileged versus not. that is going to be a very heavy issue within the main investigation, which is the southern district one. so then you have the "spectre" of what this is all about, the russia probe, the admission of
3:22 am
rudy giuliani. him making good on his promise, i am here to work with the special counsel. he respects me. sure enough, we have heard that he has spoken to him. how what rudy was saying coming out of it? >> look, it was a start. what rudy said was less significant at least in these news accounts, including our own, is what a bunch of us were hearing about the meeting from people who were briefed on on it, which was it was productive. previous meetings have not been that productive. there was a lot of listening going on. one thing giuliani got a lot of credit for is sitting and letting mueller folks talk, which did not happen a ton previously. that said, this is just one day. at the end of the day, if they can't get to an agreement whether this is an honest approach for an interview on the scope of the questions, on what types of potential jeopardy the president might be putting himself in, there's not going to
3:23 am
be an interview. there is not union anymority. this is a serious thing. i think that there are some people on the president's team who believe an interview is a terrible idea for a variety of reasons. others think the only way to wrap this up is to get dealt with. they want it done. the president is tired of the probe. critics say any time it gets mentioned, that's because he's guilty or whatever. a, he maintained there was no collusion. b, this would be hampering for any president, hindering to any agenda. but it has been particularly slowing for president trump. >> it is interesting to see rudy giuliani back in the inner sank item. he's the liaison with mueller's team. is that because president trump was having a hard time finding
3:24 am
lawyers to join the team or he has a long relationship with rudy giuliani is and he's the man for the job? >> i think it is both. he has had trouble drawing big name lawyers to his team. they were or ready to roll out two very good lawyers but not new york and d.c. lawyers, not known names. in&that i think did not sit great with this president who likes having awe big bold faced headline. so giuliani became the big bold faced headline. we will see how it goes. giuliani has a law firm that he is taking a leave from who was not thrilled about him doing this in the first place. but for now it seems to be working. >> trump was paying eight different law firms. michael, you said there was another addition when giuliani
3:25 am
came on that may be morrell vanity to the legal strategy. what was the name you were referencing? who did you think was more important to keep track of in terms of counsel for the president? >> jane and marty raskin will be doing the heavy lifting on this. i think rudy giuliani is a short-termer. since he joined there has been more leaks in the trump strategy than the previous year. that will sit badly with the president and the lawyers who will try to do their work. so we have 15 minutes of fame here for rudy giuliani. and i think he's going to recede into the woodwork and the hard labor will fall to the raskins, and per casey might join the raskins. they will do the hard work. they will advise the president has to the advisability and the availability of not taking an
3:26 am
interview with mueller. it is not clear they have a legal basis to refuse that interview. so for all the posturing about what they want from giuliani, he wants to see whether mueller is objective and what his thinking is about comey. all of that is not relevant. he wants to proceed with this intervi interview. and he has the legal right to do so. >> the second thing is what will happen with this legal effort to protect mueller. we don't know enough now. muck connell is saying he won't put it on the floor. let's put more meat on the bones and we will come back to you in terms of its significance. north korea's duck taeurt kim jong-un about to meet face-to-face with south korea's president. this is very meaningful. not only is it a historic summit but has big implications to the united states's role with both of these cups. we are live near the korean dmz next. ♪[upbeat music]
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the southern dmz in a matter of hours he will sit down with south korea's president. cnn's paula hancocks near the demilitarized zone. one, what does this mean for the north and the south. two, what does this mean for the u.s. involvement with both? >> well, chris, the main question that south koreans want answered on behalf of the americans as well is what exactly does denuclearization mean to kim jong-un? that is what moon jae-in will be asking. 8:30 eastern we will see the
3:32 am
north korean leader walking to the mdl. he will step over a lip of concrete, the actual borderer between north and south. he will be welcomed by south korea an guards from the navy, the air force. he will have an official welcoming ceremony, signing the guest book, all that sort of stuff. then they get to the hard work to find out if north korea truly believes that denuclearization means complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization as the americans believe. i have yet to meet an analyst who believes kim jong-un will give up all of his nuclear weapons. they will plant a tree together and have soil from north and south korea. they will water it with water from north korea and south korea. of course the devil is in the detail. by the end of the day, we should have some kind of on signed agreement, possibly announcements from the two leaders. we're hearing it simply depends
3:33 am
on how it feels as to whether they want to speak publicly about it. >> of course full coverage tomorrow on "new day". thank you very much for setting all of that up for us. back haorbg the senate is poised to confirm cia director mike pompeo as the new secretary of state. senators will hold a vote ending debate today, followed by a final vote. he has enough support to be confirmed with every republican senator and at least four saying they will back him. >> the president's travel ban, remember that, trump kept sawing it wasn't discriminatory against muslims. courts were saying it is is wrong. now we have the big legal moment. that ban is in the hands of the u.s. supreme court. and we already have some pretty decent clues about which way the justices appear to be leaning. answers next. with itching, burning and stinging. being this uncomfortable is unacceptable. i'm ready. tremfya® works differently
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so several supreme court justices yesterday appeared to side with the trump administration on the president's travel ban. the question is whether president trump's anti-muslim statements on the campaign trail
3:38 am
should be considered. joining us now is cnn supreme court analyst who was in court during the arguments. joan, great to have you here as our fly on the wall for the supreme court. let's listen to a couple of snippets of audio from a couple of justices that give us clues, we think, as to how they're leaning. the first is from justice alito. let's listen to his question. >> i think there are 50 predominantly muslim cups in the world. five pro dominantly muslim countries you are on on this list. the population of the predominantly muslim cups on on this list make up about 8% of the world's muslim population. if you looked at the 10 countries with the most muslims, exactly one, iran, would be on that list at the top ten. >> joan, what does that tell us about how he's leaning?
3:39 am
>> i'll tell you, samuel alito was going to be going in that direction for sure. he is very strong in terms of favoring president trump's initiatives. and i think we were going into this hearing believing he would certainly be a vote for it. last december you might remember the court voted 7-2 to let it take effect. he was in the majority. the people we were watching was justice kennedy, who is always in the middle of these things. even some on of the more liberal members who might be open to this only because they were among those who voted to let it take effect in december. that would be justice kagan and steven briar. they asked scrutinizing questions on of both sides. but i would say overall seemed more sympathetic to the president's position. right now, just soup, they will
3:40 am
vote on friday in their private conference. we will not see the ruling until june. much can happen behind the scenes during that time. but i would say, alisyn, at this point it looks like president trump has a majority. i don't believe we will see the kinds of tweets we saw after the lower court earlier ruling saying the so-called judge or that ruling was ridiculous. i have a feeling he would like this one. >> unwise for him to be tweeting right now about this. let's contrast what we just heard from a leta with justice kagan and the questions and points. she drew an analogy. let's listen to that. >> okay, great. >> let's say in some future time a president gets elected who is a viement anticipa pviement ant.
3:41 am
what emerges is saying no one shall enter from israel. this is an out of the box kind of president in my hypothetical. >> what does that tell us, joan? >> she then transitioned ask and made it hypothetical about someone who might be anti-muslin. but the lawyer representing the government said in individual circumstances if people can demonstrate individual discrimination based on religion, they might have a claim. but he said specifically to elena kagan's question talking about an outright ban, if a candidate had said those kinds of remarks, had been -- said that anti israel remarks during the campaign and then became a president after taking an oath, he really stressed the oath being a marker. you can't think about candidates. his bottom line message was
3:42 am
don't think private citizen donald trump, for example, think of president trump who has taken an oath who may be standing for something different. he encouraged elena kagan and the other justices to draw a line between statements saying at the campaign and afterward. and then talking about if an individual could claim discrimination, that person could probably appeal and get an exemption to the ban. she was quite firm with that hypothetical and others picked up on it. >> that was an interesting argument the lawyer was making against that hypothetical. we shall see what happens in june. joan, thank you very much. >> thank you. james comey had a tough night at the cnn townhall. he rejected the president claim that releasing his memos were illegal. we have highlights of the tough questions that came from you, citizens, there in attend answer at william and mary, next. kevin, meet your father.
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james comey facing tough questions at a cnn townhall last night, clashing at times with anderson cooper ask and defending the release of his memos on on his interactions with president trump. comey rejecting president trump's claim that he broke the law. cnn's sara murray is live in
3:47 am
washington with more. how did it go, sarah? >> well, former fbi director was at his alma mater william and mary as he was fielding questions from students and faculty. he offered a pretty devastating view whether trump is fit to be in the oval office. >> i don't believe he's morally fit to be president of the united states. >> tpeurd fbi director james comey reiterating his scathing criticism of president trump. >> his only reference point is internal. what will bring me what i need? what will fill this hole in me, get me the affirmation i crave? that's deep concerning. >> reporter: and asking a stpreupbd to release details of one of his memos, memorializing conversations to the media. >> do you think there is any credence to the claims that you broke the law? >> i don't. i think he's just making stuff up. >> if you tell somebody don't give them the document but tell
3:48 am
them what's in the document, that is still a leak, no? >> well, not to get tangled up in it. leak is unauthorized discloche of classified information. >> really? that's it. >> that's how i looked at it as an fbi officer. >> i gave it to a friend. as awe private citizen i could do that and did that. >> and he announced days before the 2016 election that the fbi was reopening its you probe into hillary clinton. >> you can't conceal a huge change in facts when you have told them the opposite is. as between bad and catastrophic, you are always going to have to choose bad. >> the former fbi director addressing new reporting related to the so-called russia dossier that shows trump stayed in moscow in 2013 despite allegedly deny to go comey that he stayed overnight. >> it is always significant when
3:49 am
someone lies to you, especially about something you're not asking about. it reflects a consciousness of guilt. >> he revealed is he's embarrassed gop hasn't done more to challenge the president's behavior? >> where is that commitment to character and values? if people convinced themselves we will trade it temporarily for a tax cut or supreme court justice, that's a fool's bargain. the values are all that you have. >> comey, who president trump reportedly called slippery and a slime ball, choosing not to return fire. >> i don't have anything for him. i call him the president on the united states because i respect the office. we should root for our president. that doesn't mean we should fail to hold eupl accountable, especially when he threatens our core values. >> the white house is not buying into his line that he is neither a liar nor lear. he has been cast as a
3:50 am
disgruntled ex employee. and insisting he has a casual relationship with the truth.
3:51 am
let me go through some of what she said. the first being when she said that jim comey wanted hillary clinton to be elected president. she told me that last night during this interview. is and i think democrats across the country were clutching their chest is and probably yelling at the screen. a lot of them feel slighted by some of the decisions made. secondly, this cloud, this negative cloud they put over this person who she says is comey's friend, who i don't know, by the way. >> kellyanne says the man that jim comey gave the memos, e-mails, word documents to, whatever you want to call them
3:52 am
to leak to the press was an fbi employee and part of the clinton probe. and that's not something that comey disclosed. is that true? >> i don't know. she said that about six, eight different ways but didn't answer the question. what does it mean? it's an accusation, i guess. i don't know if they are just making an observation. what does that mean? that's what i don't understand. i hope we understand that. the issue we have here is that people can disagree with jim comey's decisions. you look back from 2016 up to the election and beyond that and say i disagree with x, y. i didn't agree with everything he did, nor did everyone who surrounded him. those who go out and attack his character, calling him a liar, which is that is an interesting to lob that accusation against someone and to say he is a leaker is puzzling. you see what happens. it doesn't take app fbi agent to notice this. she will take the last two words
3:53 am
and respond to your question and then quickly change it to what she wants to say. it is an unfair thing to do. call him a leaker. this investigation that is going on right now, this inspector general investigation, which it should. they will get to the bottom and find out did jim comey violate policy. she says he's a leaker while the investigation is going on. almost in the same breath, shortly thereafter when you ask about the v.a. secretary she said this is being looked into. >> it is called having it both ways. >> that's right. >> comey put himself in this position, one with his controversial moves with hillary clinton. i don't know how you can argue that didn't hurt hillary clinton. i thought that was one of the weaker points kellyanne tried to get past us last night. he said he's not a leaker. he's a leaker. he leaked the information. was it confidential can, was it unauthorized, those are separate issues. when you take something that is arguably not yours to take normally, that's not the case with comey because he was the
3:54 am
ultimate arbiter. but when you take something like that and s.e.c. rete it to the media. >> i would disagree. >> the term leak has a very -- >> i know. that's parcel. >> you're in two different businesses. >> he put himself in another business when he decided as a private citizen, as he points out, josh, to leak this, and he did it through a third party, that is a bad fact or for james comey. he should have done it himself if it was so clean and honest. >> can we stipulate for a second get the word leak off the table and talk about releasing information. i think that is fair. >> i will not stipulate to that. you can make that case. >> i will make that case nonetheless. when you say the word leak. you have this very secret, sensitive information. >> you can't say i don't know. >> the information is going to get on out there. >> it matters because it shows -- here's my counter.
3:55 am
it shows intent to be be secretive. and if this was so simple and open and clean, you don't use a third party. >> that's fair. i think what his argument was he said that he had press that were camped outside his door. again, i'm not defending his actions. the ig will look into that and determine whether this is something that fell within policy or not. that is in disputable. this attack on him personally, leaker, slime ball, that's not acceptable. >> consider the source. when kellyanne conway or the president is saying he is not telling the truth, people will always look to that as a measure. >> what is the status of dr. jackson's no, ma'am nation f no? we have all that next.
3:56 am
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behind him. >> if allegations are true, his nomination should be withdrawn. >> there's been a history of people coming to the hill not very well vetted. >> michael cohen asserting his fifth amendment rights in a stormy daniels hush money case. >> when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, i think it's disgraceful. >> when it fits his defense, he will go to it. when it fits somebody else's, he will go on the attack. >> rudy giuliani sitting down to discuss a potential interview with the president. >> the president's mind on testifying has changed dramatically since the cohen raid. >> not going to have a stitch of evidence that he colluded with the russians. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". dr. ronny jackson met with senior white house officials late


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