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tv   The White House Correspondents Dinner 2018  CNN  April 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. all right. welcome back to our special live coverage. two big events happening simultaneously right now, hundreds of miles apart, though. the president is skipping the annual white house correspondents' dinner, a tradition that of course honors the freedom of the press, the first amendment, and the white house press corps. instead, for a second year in a row, he is holding a rally this time in michigan. but clearly the white house playing politics and strategy here, in washington township, michig michigan. >> meanwhile, in washington, d.c. at the white house, our kate bennett is on the red carpet with the governor of
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ohio, former presidential candidate and future dot dot dot, who knows, john kasich. >> thanks, john and poppy. we're here with the governor. the president is just doing his rally in michigan. folks in the audience were chanting obel, nobel," for the nobel prize. what do you feel about president trump being nominated for a nobel peace prize? >> it's a long way between the lip and the cup. here is the situation here. i must tell you i have a lot of people coming up to me and saying, i'm a democrat and i like you, or i'm a republican. i say we don't have time for that anymore. we need to find people who are going to be rational, who are going to be search for the truth, who will be objective. the people at the extremes, at the poles, they're not the ones who can call the tune. it's got to be us, the ocean. those terms are old. we need to come together as a country. secondly, tonight this is a celebration of the first amendment, of the freedom of the press, the journalism, of finding the truth.
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so with the press we cannot have, you know, hits with clicks and trying to make money off that. find the truth, be thorough, be disciplined, because you're a very, very important part of america. one of the most important institutions that supports our country. >> do you think the president should have been here tonight? do you think that -- >> i'm kind of glad that he didn't come. because it was easier for me to get here tonight. i've been here for many presidents and it takes forever and traffic jams. tonight it was really easy, that made my life easier. >> do you like the less star-studded dinner? >> i think the press needs to understand, you know, how important they are. and to be able to be together and work together and to talk about the future is really important, because the first thing that happens in a country is the press gets demeaned or dismissed. that's not the way it can be. the press does things i don't
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like. i'm an elected official, 30 years in public office, even though i'm so impossibly young. but the fact of the matter is, they matter. they preserve our liberty. and so tonight is a getting together of the press to recognize and realize the things that are critical in our country. but again, no more democrats, republicans, liberal, conservatives. we're americans. and people who are extreme will, we'll come back for them later. >> if you are president one day, dot dot dot, would you come to the dinner? >> oh, i would be here early. i would be at the cocktail reception. they say that reagan, before the state of the union, used to have a little cabernet just to get a little rose in his cheeks. i had a little cabernet, how's it looking? >> you're good, governor, you're looking shar >> godless you. >> thanks, governor. john and poppy? >> kate bennett, thanks so much, with ohio governor john kasich. >> he's a comedian.
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>> also addressing his constituency, guaranteeing them he'll be at the white house correspondents' dinner if he's president. he's saying we should all come together, democrats, republicans. moments ago president trump, speaking in washington township, michigan, went after the ranked member of the senate veterans affairs committee jon tester, who has been in the middle of the spotlight this week because of the nomination of dr. ronny jackson to be the va secretary. senator tester released some of the information that he had been told about dr. jackson. let's listen to what the president just said. >> well, i know things about tester that i could say too. and if i said 'em, he would never be elected again. >> all right. president trump saying he basically has dirt on senator tester, now threatening senator tester for what he has done.
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we'll talk about the situation with dr. jackson. that is a little bit of a separate thing than the comments he just made about the senator. >> i think this is kind of gross, you know. it's not tester's fault that they didn't vet their va nominee. it's not tester's fault that they didn't get ahead of this story. >> right. >> and to be fair, even if all of these accusations about jackson turn out to have been completely wrong, first of all, he still would have been unqualified for the job. but second of all, it's unfair to jackson to not have gotten ahead of this story, to have not found out what accusations were out there so that they were ready to go out the door to disprove them. i think they did a huge disservice to jackson if in fact he's innocent of all of these allegations. >> and kevin, this is bipartisan concern. i mean, you have republican senator johnny isakson of georgia coming out and supporting tester in this. you've got 20-odd people who say that they witnessed this and came forward, who served with or currently serve with admiral
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jackson, to air their concerns. and now you have the president threatening him, essentially, saying i know things about tester. >> tester did still bring this on himself because some of of what he said isn't true or hasn't panned out. >> we don't know that. >> if you're going to make those allegations, you have to have it locked down otherwise you give an inch to critics and this president and he will take a mile. and let's remember that this -- >> you're saying -- >> this nomination was not going forward, you're right. so why is it -- >> your beef is that tester came forward with it rather than waiting for the confirmation hearings? >> sure. john boehner taught me one of the best lessons in politics. if your opponent is about to jump off a bridge, don't push him. this no place wasnmination wasn forward and now tester has his fingerprints on information that wasn't verified and could look like a personal smear. >> we need to acknowledge two things. our reporters are continuing to
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report out this story. and they are continuing to hear from sources who back this stuff up. i don't know about the wrecked car. you're right, that's out there. >> all you need is one little thing. >> let me finish. what the president did was thuggish, that was gangster behavior, "i know things about you," i cannot imagine a president in our history saying something like that, at least on camera. that was dirty. >> hold on a second. >> if it turns out that the information is not accurate, that tester put out, that's hugely problematic. of course the bigger problem, as you said, is that dr. jackson is not qualified. but still, i mean, it is not fair to put that out and then it's inaccurate. >> i agree. >> and he doesn't get the chance to defend himself. >> to your point, the president saying "i could say things about tester that could make him not get elected" -- >> i don't think that's what he
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said. >> "i know things about tester." >> "i know things about tester that i could say." the president could say things. if they're unsubstantiated and he went ahead and said it, like tester did, that would be problematic had of what is despicable and indefensible is how washington, d.c. continues with the politics of personal destruction. >> why was johnny isakson part of this, why are so many republicans concerned about these allegations? i agree, it's problematic if they're wrong. >> when it comes to politics of personal destruction and this president, there's a simple way to -- if the white house is so confident that he's been wronged, put his nomination up again. >> right. >> do it. >> send it back to the committee. if they think this is a complete scam and a lie and tester is doing this off the top of my head, they should put it back before the committee. >> you're missing point. >> what can he know about tester? maybe tester's private attorney paid a porn star $130,000.
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>> this is the problem. remember what happened with the senator from alaska, they came after him and years after he died -- >> ted stevens. >> ted stevens, he was exonerated. we destroy people's credibility. we tear people down. you be substantiated facts. stick it out there and it may or may not be true, give me a break. >> did you like when ted cruz' dad killed jfk? >> lock her up. >> hang on. the leading 33,000 e-mails is -- >> oh, stop it. no. >> guys, it's been investigated to death. >> if we're worried about lowering the quality of the dialogue and personal destruction and everything else, donald trump is a cat 5 -- i almost said it -- a cat 5 disaster for american political discourse.
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>> hang on. you had -- >> my parents are on national television on this program. don't you dare talk about president trump or anyone else. you need a soft pillow. >> you need some character. >> okay, guys. i want to stem bap back, if we . >> we're going back to switzerland. >> the situation with dr. jackson has been odd from the very beginning. i haven't seen anything quite like it. you know, jon tester did come forward with information that was unsubstantiated. that was unusual. however, the multiple sources, the dozens of sources that he says he had there, the fact that johnny isakson didn't step in the way, the fact that no republicans really in the senate at all stood up to defend him, it was weird. and jon tester also, he is not, you know, the leftiest of lefties and a partisan guy. the fact that it came from him, it was strange.
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also obama officials standing up for his character. it was the kind of circus we haven't seen before. >> the tweets and accusation and innuendo, andhen what was happening behind the scenes, from the second this nomination went up to the hill, it was met with skepticism for the main fact that this was about a nominee that they didn't think was vetted and the qualifications of the huge administrative task of leading one of the largest and most important bureaucracies in the government. that was very problematic and was taking place much more quietly than what was going on on the surface. >> where is the president taking this now? >> this is revenge. >> saying "i know things about tester i could say too," that was a threat. what's the strategy? >> i know of revenge when i see it, i'm an irishman. that's what this is. no matter what you say about
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ronny jackson, the president had very strong personal relationship, a strong affectation for him. coming up, can the president make peace? the crowd in michigan just chanted "nobel, nobel." we'll discuss. >> the president is speaking live in washington township, michigan. journalists are sitting down for this big glitzy dinner in washington. the president says he wants none of it. we continue our special live coverage next. stay with us. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go!
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nobel! nobel! >> that's very nice. thank you. that's very in case. nobel. ha ha. >> people have been saying they haven't seen the president smile or laugh. >> and a little chuckle. >> when the crowd in washington township, michigan, chanting "nobel," suggesting the president should get the nobel peace prize for attempting to strike some kind of deal with north korea. clearly the president eating it up. but it's a hopeful moment with north korea. >> i'm very critical of president trump on many issues. i do hope that he succeeds on many things including this. i'm a little skeptical given that north korea has signed multiple denuclearization deals
5:17 pm
before, and then didn't hold up their end of the bargain. just because there's a meeting happening, just because there seems to be progress, doesn't mean that we should get overly optimistic here especially when it comes to what happens on the peninsula but also with president trump. >> we have, phil, defense secretary james mattis saying this is the most optimistic he's been in the last 50-plus years, that this could actually be something. >> you get a nobel for what you did, not what you hope to do. as i learned when i was in the cia, hope is not a plan. president obama got the nobel, mistak mistak mistakenly. that was a mistake. president trump gets the nobel for showing up at a meeting? my question is who else is involved in putting on pressure on the north koreans, what did the chinese tell him, what did the south koreans tell him people people who opposed
5:18 pm
decades of racism in south africa deserve it. and you want to give somebody a nobel for hope? obama didn't deserve it, trump doesn't. hope is not a plan. >> i think we need to know what he's done to deserve the nobel. i think it's kind of a crazy thing to be proposing right now. we have no idea if this deal will come to fruition. i'm going to be happy to go to bed tonight believing we are farther away from nuclear war. and if donald trump really is responsible for that, i will give him credit. >> he should get some credit for this. this is fairly clear that the president should get some credit for this. the pressure is on. all of a sudden we get this unbelievable peace deal. nobel, we're not there yet. certainly he should get some credit. >> it's one of those issues where you say we're further away from war, who cares who gets the credit? if ultimately there is peace. >> it's huge. >> if north korea denuclearizes
5:19 pm
and it doesn't come at the cost of our security with south korea. >> the president said today it has to be irreversible denuclearization. >> there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, as they say. there's no reasoo believe donald trump has alter the fundamental character of kim jong-un in some way. if it goes to the previous pattern, they will exploit this, get their trade opened up a little bit, they'll get imports of coal and food from china, and then they'll start to cheat. it's been their pattern for 40 years. >> under different leadership. it is stunning to this of where we were months ago, fire and fury, little rocket man, to where we are today. >> the president said today, he hopes to meet with kim in the next three to four weeks, end of
5:20 pm
may, beginning of june, it looks like this is going to happen. paris? >> all along this has been part of the president's strategy on engaging with north korea. the reason why he was so tough with maximum pressure is he knew it could get him to this point. one quick point, you see how everyone is discrediting the president, we don't know how -- >> did you just hear lauren, she said he deserves a lot of credit. >> i'm saying in general, the media, a lot of people, pundits alike, they won't give him the credit that he deserves now for what's happening as a catalyst for change. >> nothing has actually changed at this point. there is a meeting which north korea has been requesting for bad bazillion years. >> it is a big deal, we are giving him credit, he should get credit, and quite frankly, i mean, this is a good moment, paris, enjoy it, come on, man. >> let's be clear, there are a lot of good moments that nobody
5:21 pm
gives him credit for. >> give me some examples. >> hbcu funding, there are a lot of good things the president is doing. you wonder why people outside of washington, d.c. say, you see, that's what they do, they don't give him the credit, we sit here and nitpick. >> you're nitpicking us, you're saying we're not giving credit, i'm sitting next to you. >> take the win, paris. >> you're totally dismissive of the president's actions. >> for the america first president, there was something that stood out to me that he said at the press conference with german chancellor angela merkel. he said, this is certainly something i hope i can do for the world, this is beyond the united states. that's the opposite of the trumpism we often see. >> everyone is being intellectually honest and giving
5:22 pm
him credit. it's the historical trends we've seen with north korea. but i think you're right, the president is reaping the fruits of his labor when it comes to pursuing this policy against a lot of criticism, and is very confident in some of the working relationships that he's had. we saw him talk efusively and praise president moon. he's built a stronger relationship with chancellor merkel even though that started off -- >> there was nowhere to go but up. >> exactly. >> fair point. >> with that comes some progress and even folks like joan walsh who were critics, offering some level of credit. >> even joan walsh, the new standard. >> i'm sure the president is very aware of joan's comments. >> we'll also say that kim jong-un now seems to have a lot of missiles that can shoot far and also new nuclear weapons, also factoring into this progress. >> progress is progress.
5:23 pm
>> progress is progress. stand by, everyone. the president is making more news. he just made a big promise about the midterm elections and talked about what would happen if he is impeached. dup for lawns has arrd to put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. so draw the line. roundup for lawns is formulated to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming a single blade of grass. roundup, trusted for over forty years.
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my most memorable experience happened on the second week on
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the job for me covering the white house. there was a background briefing of chief of staff kelly. after five minutes the door swings open and lo and behold it's president trump. breaking news, president trump speaking to reporters moments ago in a surprise question and answer session. >> he was just freewheeling. fortunately we were already recording on our phones so we were able to capture everything. >> do you want citizenship for our dreamers? >> we're going to morph into it. >> are you going to talk to mueller? >> i'm looking forward to it actually. >> this president is unpredictable. just a background briefing with his chief of staff could create worldwide headlines by the president bargainiing in. >> white house correspondent pamela brown. we are in special live coverage. quite a night, the president speaking in michigan and the white house correspondents' dinner. let's go to the red carpet.
5:28 pm
cnn justice reporter laura jared is there. white house correspondent kate bennett is there. i'm excited because comedienne michelle wolf will host, she's freaking hilarious. what can we expect in the next few hours? >> one thing we've seen, john, several members of the cabinet, of the administration, coming out in full force, from kellyanne conway to white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, gary cohn. we asked them how come they came this second year when last year many of them did not show up? they said they were actually encouraged to come by president trump, even though he is obviously not in attendance tonight, he's at that rally in michigan. but they all seem very supportive of the evening. >> the other thing that was odd in this sort of fever dream that is the white house correspondents' dinner arrivals, michael avenatti was here,
5:29 pm
stormy daniels's attorney. i asked him, do you think you'll be joked about in the routine tonight by michelle wolf? he said it's possible. i mean, anything is possible when you've got avenatti standing next to kellyanne conway, standing next to the press secretary. he also says there is a natural tension. everyone likes to put aside politics and nerd prom it up. but avenatti did say there is this sort of undeniable tension in the air. however, suggested, the president himself apparently encouraged several members of his staff to come tonight. and they turned out, the first one on the carpet, this was omarosa, and she was out here fluffing her dress, doing her red carpet thing. and i think, again, like michelle wolf should have some fun with the attendees, they will know they're certainly up for fodder, they're up to be made fun of, it almost becomes a roast tonight. >> one of the things you hear a lot, it's really an evening about reporters and it's about
5:30 pm
journalism. the money that is raised at the dinner tonight goes to journalism scholarships. at the end of the day it's really a celebration of the first amendment. >> i'm glad you brought it back to that, because that is what it's all about tonight, guys, thank you very much, we'll check back with you in a moment. someone who is talking politics a lot today in another washington far, far away, is the president. president trump holding this big rally in washington township, michigan. he just talked about the midterm elections. listen to this. >> to keep the house, because if you listen to maxine waters -- [ audience reacts ] -- she goes around saying, we will impeach him, we will impeach him. people said, but he hasn't done anything wrong. ooh, that doesn't matter, we will impeach the president. so i don't think we're going to have a lot of happy people if that happens. i think it's going to be a little bit tough. but she goes around, and some
5:31 pm
others, we will impeach him. it doesn't matter if you do anything right or wrong. they want to do that. we've got to win the house. and you know what? we're going to win anyway. but we're going to win the house. >> interesting. >> we've got to win but we're going to win anyway. >> and if we don't win, i'm going to be impeached. three separate messages there all being delivered to an audience. kevin madden, it's a strategy we're seeing now from republicans to raise the stakes and say, look, if the deputies do take back the house, the president could very well be impeached. is that selling? does that resonate with voters in the districts that >> well, let define districts that matter. >> ght. >> for base voters in districts that matter, it does matter. the problem is the reasons there are districts that matter is there are not enough base voters to win those districts. >> right. >> so it's i mating issue for t
5:32 pm
voters, and it's not. just real quickly, what it does is, it makes the midterms a referendum on donald trump. a lot of these candidates, what they want to do in order to win in these districts, get out of the national jetstream and localize it. >> you even see prominent democrats running against running on impeaching the president. >> nancy pelosi has warned against it. >> rahm emanuel. >> people know it's dangerous and divisive. of course it's on the table, if it's proven he's done something wrong, if robert mueller comes back with a long list of findings that are disturbing, no one should take it off the table entirely, no one can take it off the table. no democrats are -- my friend maxine waters is, but most democrats are not doing that, wisely, i think. so he's making this up to please his crowd.
5:33 pm
>> we'll have exchancampaigning. most democrats aren't campaigning on it. is it unfair to suggest there's a zero percent chance impeachment will happen if the republicans hold the house, but not in the democrats win the house. >> what we've seen so far, this has not been a core issue in the special elections, it's been about health care, economic issues, both republicans and democrats have been talking about that. republicans are talking about how much they love trump, of course. but they're not saying, you've got to elect me because otherwise the president will get impeached. again, this is the subtext of all of this but it's not really the rallying cry. >> once you get into that space, as kevin correctly pointed out, in the 25 to 45 districts that are swing districts or contested districts right now, normally it would be 25, because the landscape looks so bad for republicans, about 45 seats that are really in play.
5:34 pm
once you're playing a base-only game in those districts, you're at a disadvantage if you're a republican right now because base won't get you there. base will get you to 42, 44% in a lot of these places. what we've seen in the 40-plus raises in '17 and '18 is democrats will crawl over broken glass to vote against people who are supporting donald trump. they're more active and energized right now than republicans are. if you end up with that being the qualification, it's saying to democrats, yes, this is going to keep us motivated and keep us moving forward, and it's going to say to republicans, we're only speaking to the tribe, we're not trying to get outside of our base, we're not trying to get outside of the core. >> we'll go back to the red carpet at the white house correspondents' dinner right now. someone who just wrote a story on this very subject, the issue of impeachment, how it's being used by republicans heading into the 2018 elections, jonathan. >> yeah, it's extraordinary that you're seeing the president
5:35 pm
invoke the prospect of his own impeachment, john, at a rally here. but this is kind of where we're at with this president. he and a lot of folks around him believe that this is one of the best ways to rally . it's the left that has more energy and enthusiasm, if you raise the prospect of his impeachment that can get out the trump loyalists who support conventional gop candidates and can be the motivating tool he needs to get fired up this fall. >> is that a winning strategy for the president? is this the beginning of more moments where the president talks about his own impeachment. >> absolutely. he used the line about maxine waters about four times in the
5:36 pm
few weeks. this is not a new thing. you see it creeping up in campaigns. ted cruz mentioned the possibility of impeeachment. and it is going to be more and more closer to the summer and fall. it is called donald john trump. republicans need something equivalent. and this is by the way, the problem that democrats and obama had in the last eight years. how do you get people fired up when the president is not on the ballot. how do we get our votes out? the tax bill does not have the punch as of right now that a lot of folks from the party thought it would. so what's the alternative? scare folks about the possibility of an impeachment trial is one way. >> before we let you go, this is
5:37 pm
a black tie event. who are you wearing tonight? >> it is a really great designer. brook's brothers. they are hot and big in milan all over the run ways these days. you think me and my reporting red carpet is what comes to mind. >> typically. >> john is wearing checkers and stripes. >> thanks john. >> 1978 monday night football called and wants his jacket back. >> and if i hagive order was a running back. >> the red carpet and the watered down drinks, the dinner is about to begin. and the president holding this rally in washington township michigan weighing in on the russian lawyer at the center of the infamous trump tower meeting
5:38 pm
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welcome back, newly surfaced e-mails emerged about the russian lawyer who was at the center of the trump tower meeting back in 2017, you will remember that trump campaign officials including donald trump
5:42 pm
junior were in the meeting and they met with her on the premise she had dirt on his father's opponent hillary clinton. initially, she said i'm a private attorney, nothing to do with the kremlin or the russian government. now the "new york times" reports that she was acting as an enforemant with close ties to the kremlin. the top democrat adam shift revealed different details about the meeting and a mystery phone call. >> don junior prior to the meeting, when this is being discussed by e-mail because it is of the sensitive nature and don't want to be by e-mail. calls her. this is the son of the oligarch closed to putin. and they are separated by a third call to a blocked number. we sought to find out is that block number donald trump's
5:43 pm
because we found out during the investigation that he used a block number. we asked to subpoena the phone records and match up. did he receive a phone call at the same time to find out if the president's son seeked the president's permission. the republicans refused and didn't want to know. it tells about what the fundamental head seriousness that the gop took. >> there's a new shift. the president weighing in moments ago. >> have you heard about the lawyer? for a year, a woman lawyer, she was like oh, i know nothing. all of a sudden he is involved with government. you know why? if she did that because putin and the group said, you know, this trump is killing us, why don't you say you are involved
5:44 pm
with government so that we can go and make their life in the united states even more chaotic. look at what has happened. look how the politicians fallen for this. russian collusion, give me a break. >> this russian lawyer, we should go around the table and say it at least once. >> you showed me up there. >> it will be a drinking game once the correspondent is other. this news comes on out on the day puts out the conclusive report saying there is no collusion. as if ire any. >> it is huge that it came out in this way. >> the campaign chairman and the
5:45 pm
meeting was a russian informant. you can tell with the president what really truly bother him. it is the thing he brings up and sticks on and talks about again and again and again. a huge development and took the news out. >> he thinks it undermines his win. it comes back to that. here is what she said to nbc. she said i'm a lawyer, and an informant. i have been actively communicating with the russians. when she was asked that question six months ago her answer, do you have anything to do with putin or the kremlin and her answer was -- >> and now you are showing off your russian. >> i don't think it is relevant to the investigation. >> why change her story? >> if i'm the russians, this guy
5:46 pm
has been friendly and the secretary of state hasn't been and the president has been courteous and the past few weeks rougher. you can draw a conclusion that says why do they decide to embarrass don junior, cry me a river. i don't care what her background is. if you are a federal official or a campaign official involved in a campaign, and you are meeting a foreign adversary with the idea that you are going to get dirt. if she's an informant or your mother-in-law, you know don't meet her. i don't care about the details, do not talk to you about a russian offering dirt on the campaign. done deal. >> it is interesting that you bring that up rick wilson, so often over the last year and a half, we forget what the agreed upon facts are and how stung they are in this case. whether or not she was an official russian informant to a high-level kremlin official, we
5:47 pm
know donald trump junior held a meeting because she was offered dirt on hillary clinton told it was from the russian government because he was told that the russian government wanted to help donald trump. we know that because of the e-mails that donald trump junior released. >> correct. it is important to understand one thing. this tension is up because the oligarch class surrounding putin is under pressure by the sanctions. donald trump had to be be dragged kicking and screaming into deploying against the russians after the ouvert nature. and it is important to remember that the russian oligarch class and intelligence service they are all of the piece. seeki seeking rev raj they can play. they would go in and say we will get you in the toe and then put your toe and knee and under water and beholden to the russians. this is a classic part of their
5:48 pm
recruitment methodology. from the outside it doesn't look like -- to me, it doesn't look like coincidence. it looks like the russians are making a play. it wasn't to talk about adoption but a trade off for dirt on hillary and a relief. it was a quid pro quo, dirty. and steve bannon thought it was a bad idea. that's like a gold standard of detecting bad ideas. he stands at the top buck naked saying this is a bad idea. >> this brings this meeting even the attendees would admit it is a bad idea to have. with this information that she was not a private toerp and acting on the kremlin. >> what you see happening is which he is. they say what president trump and the administration and they
5:49 pm
say we have one on you and we'll do something here and say this. it seems the investigation is overtly politicized in my opinion with the republican documents and the democrat documents and it is all political. at the end of the day, if this investigation is about russia, collusion in the 2016 campaign, be it with trump campaign or clinton, let's let the mueller investigation run its course and come to a conclusion and do it quickly. what the russians, we know what they want to do and that is sow discord. drip drip drip and -- >> the president said in the last 24 hours that there should have never been a special council. >> you said let him run its course. >> just because i said let him run his course doesn't mean he should have one. >> we saw it with the kim
5:50 pm
investigation. it is not going to narrowly tailored to what it was about. >> the house intelligence committee was corrupt and what we learn is that they refuse to subpoena and go after just basic witnesses. they try to cover up and not to look for evidence to cover up evidence. so the fact that this comes out and steps on their message of no collusion, again, there is no coincidence. >> the president has been talking about the russian investigation in public to his key friends and allies. the president wants this comedian to play him on "saturday night live." >> the white house correspondent's dinner begins in moments. you see the room set with 3,000 attendees. and getting ready to roast politicians and the media alike. coverage continues. next.
5:51 pm
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we are in between giant moments. the president wrapped up a 90 minute speech in washington
5:55 pm
township laura i want to ask you a question. 90 minutes the president spoke and saw highlights here. what part do you think will leave a mark and have a lasting impact? >> i think the nobel thing people will remember. the attack will be other thing and he attacked tester already that was old. the thought about north korea is human. i thi -- huge. it is a win for him. >> rick, to you the headline tomorrow morning about the rally, is the crowd chanting nobel? >> it is probably the crowd chanting that and the classic phrase of getting ahead of your skis. it will come back to bite him if it doesn't succeed. the headline for tomorrow and the bigger headline of this is a president who doesn't want to be in the washington area for a
5:56 pm
night where he had his delegate ego dinged a little bit. >> you think he won by not being here in washington. >> i don't think people match the sound bites against each other. it is the president is out in washington with his reporters and the elite is here in washington, d.c. washington, d.c. >> part of the reason is it is not a battle. two sides fighting one another. washington, tonight specifically is focused on itself is we're going to see that coming up. >> michelle wolf a brilliant comedian going to be the main headliner tonight and the special coverage continues after this. ♪ better than all the rest ♪ applebee's new bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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icoming up the event that might have launched donald trump on the path to the presidency. seriously, washington gathers to celebrate journeyism. >> and no doubt the president himself we saw him moments ago ducking the event. can he duck the punchlines? >> welcome back to our special live coverage of tonight's
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