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tv   The White House Correspondents Dinner 2018  CNN  April 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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icoming up the event that might have launched donald trump on the path to the presidency. seriously, washington gathers to celebrate journeyism. >> and no doubt the president himself we saw him moments ago ducking the event. can he duck the punchlines? >> welcome back to our special live coverage of tonight's correspondents' dinner.
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so comedian michelle wolf will take the stage. she is the headline performer tonight and the president will not be in the room for the roast. >> that was clear and political decision and his team. second year in the row skipping it. he said he is going to be with real america. the president spoke for 90 minutes surrounded by his biggest supporters. and this must go on. >> reporter's try to dress up and look nice, they can't stop for anything. >> stripes and checkers. >> he was so offended he threw his pen and left. >> to get watered down drinks. let's check with the white house correspondent and he is at the president's rally. he wrapped up 90 minutes of
6:02 pm
major headlines and a threat to a senator. >> hard to keep up. he kicked off the event saying he was invited to a different event in washington, d.c. not wo township and said he would prefer to be here among his supporters instead of being insulted by phoney people and having to smile about it. nancy pelosi, chuck smchumer an gary brown. and saying jon tester was throwing things out there about ronny jackson and the president saying, quote, i can say things about tester and if i said them, he would never be elected again. the crowd ate it all up. he was discussing about
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denuclearization listen to what the crowd was chanting at the president. [ chanting ] >> that's very nice. thank you. that's very nice. >> nobel. >> the president hearing from the crowd suggesting that he should win the nobel peace prize for his work. the president did acknowledge that it was too soon to celebrate and have to see how things played out in that regard. one final strange note, poppy and john, the president saying that vladimir putin planted the attorney that was in the trump tower, suggested that putin planted her and made her say that she was a kremlin informant this weekend to sow chaos within the united states and create more questions about the
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president moving forward. john and poppy. >> boris san she has in washington township, michigan. back to washington, d.c. where we are and where the political -- are. >> cnn senior correspondent at the red carpet. >> i don't think i'm glittering at you will. >> actually, you are. whole other subject there. >> you were hearing from the president at the rally hearing that the reporters here hate your guts. talking to the voters saying they hate your guts and that is not true. one of the message we will hear in the next couple of hours is what brings everybody together. everybody once a free and fair and vibrant press. relying on the first amenden meant whether it is to support
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the president or argue with him or seek out information about him ft the message about the first amendment that has become a greater e theme because of the president's choice of skipping the dinner. reagan called in and participate the by phone. trump going in a different direction, in my mind it is pole arization. people in the ballroom and the dinner, they are not thinking about him and his absence, but thinking about the great journey lism and talking about the value of the press in this polarized world. >> we are going to hear from michelle wolf and she told cbs news that it is in her words, cowardly of the president not to be there. she would rather make fun of
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someone to their face. >> that's an interesting point. a lot of trump's aides and allies will be here. they are out on the festival circuit showing at the parties. there is a reality. this weekend of parties and events can seem excessive at the heart and core it is about recognizing the role of media in a democracy. sarah sanders is on stage and going to be apart of the event. i will keep an eye on her face as she weighs and makes jokes later. >> we will let you go party now excessively. >> we'll see about that. >> a lot of headlines out of the 90 minute speech in washington township, michigan and north korea -- >> president trump wants thim comedian to play him on
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"saturday night live." >> michelle wolf ready to roast politicians. i have been watching her stuff. she is really funny. we are in for something special tonight. stick around, this is cnn live coverage.
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and if i said them, he would never be elected again. >> president trump in washington township, michigan threatening the democrat of the veteran affairs committee releasing information that he was given unverified information about dr. ronny jackson who was the nominee and the president has been going after tester after dr. skrak son withdrew his nomination. new members of the panel. i want to bring the conservative commentator and accuracy in media. there are two sides. a question about whether jon tester should have released the information and now a question about whether the president of the united states should be going in fropt of a large rally saying i know things about jon tester i can tell you. >> sure, i think that is him thinking in frustration. few look at the record of con fir ration.
6:12 pm
he has seen the fewest number of nominees approved. 61% versus 67% to 80% for others. >> the white house not vetting the nominee first? >> here is the question, did the barack obama white house -- >> no -- >> no, if there was a major possible criminal behavior by the physician, bien didn't the barack obama white house discover that and flaghat moment at that moment. >> it is not previous administration's job to vet the nominee. >> how long was he sitting on the information? >> there is no evidence that he was sitting on it at all. people continue to come forward. we don't have names yet, that
6:13 pm
troubles me t. we should have names on the record. to put this on barack obama, that is ridiculous. >> i want to point out, this talking point how there are too few trump nominees getting through t. is bogus. you have more than half dozen of cabinet members accused of using taxpayer money to office redecorations and spli redecorations a redecorations and flights. they are pushing too quickly rather than slowly. it is not imgrants who need extreme vetting t is cabinet members. >> after barack obama judges were blocked. >> the reality is that the results that these people who have been able to get through is
6:14 pm
remarkable. that's why -- >> nick mulvaney. >> nicky hailey. shall i continue -- >> we are joined by cnn presidential dougl presidenti presidential panel douglas. i know things about jon tester. i know that the president is dating back, not to our first president but every president after that has sharp elbows, i don't recall the president saying i know things about this guy. >> not in a speech like that. if you listen to the nixon tapes there is that information but done -- >> that's an interesting comparison. >> done in a subterranean way. he is a great american and had a great service and beloved by george w. bush, barack obama and donald trump. he became debris in the highway
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of our news culture and the white house didn't vet him. donald trump through him on congress and senator test ergot ahead of himself. tester, i think went after him in a way prematurely. >> that speaks to a level of bias that the white house has to deal with. that is why the harvard kennedy school found that 90% of the press coverage is negative. you want to talk about the president skipping the dinner -- >> you are talking about them looking at the in the first 100 days. >> do you think it has been better? >> i'm not saying anything. it is a big supporter of the president. where do you think this lands with his now, as john brought up
6:16 pm
central question of questioning tester. i know things about you. >> i think that he was right when he talked about how senator tester went after him and calling him the candy man and these attacks. and it plays to a bigger point on how we are in washington, d.c. whether or not we think that admiral jackson should have the qualifications to be va that's what the senate confirmation hearing would have been about. if somebody told you something that you were not able to substantiate. you said the reporters don't have the information and will be named as a source, then why would you go out to the press and say these information without it being vetted and proven to be true and the secret service comes out -- >> there are like 20 accuser -- >> can i just go back. not to be a broken record.
6:17 pm
sometimes in this presidency, things pass and we just lose site of them. the president threatened a senator, i think that's what happened -- >> perhaps to say i can throw out innuendo -- >> hold on guys. -- >> one at a time and to john's point, you are right. it is something that shouldn't be passed, by -- >> it should be the headline. >> to all of us who witnessed it live here. >> the dramatic reading, well,ki can say too and if i said them, he will never get elected again. >> that was a threat put out on the table directly. and look, this president's style is built out of the new york page six, new york post tabloid
6:18 pm
media, fronting and beefing with people and unfortunately for a lot of washington that was a alien thing for a while. the way donald trump approaches the campaign and presidency, the elbows have gotten sharper and going to get sharper still because you don't threaten a u.s. senator. even the opposite side can cause you an enormous amount of friction. >> jon tester is a family farmer, modern democrat, popular in the state. and lost a if i think nfinger i accident. i think president presidetrump g and acting like a thug. >> if this administration can nominate people qualified for the jobs that they are nominated for. ben carson has zero experience
6:19 pm
on housing. he was going to lead one of the most important important agencies that we have, veteran affairs and has no experience. >> that is on donald trump. >> before we go off on another cabinet department. we are going to take a quick break. we have a full, full, full night ahead as the comedian gets ready to take the stage of the white house correspondent dinner. he played donald trump, standby. . just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go!
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we are just a few minutes away from michelle wolf. comedian who is going to bring the roast. if you have been watching her on hbo she is really funny. one person hosting is is darrell hammond. imitating donald trump. i had a chance to talk to him about what it is like to be in the spotlight at this event. >> i'm sorry. is this not a good place to read. >> do you play him differently now? has it changed over time? >> he is different. but you know, for a while i
6:24 pm
wasn't do i think him on stage. i couldn't find a way to stop one side or the other from erupting. i have a joke i did with michael moore on broadway and people like it. >> i'm not going to do it. come see it on broadway. >> i'm not angry over here. >> it is basically how, how confident he is in his own personal vision. sort of launders reality. it comes in here and when it comes out here it is the way he wants to. >> james comey not to get overly serious. one of his criticisms of the president he has never seen him laugh. he is nervous about people who don't laugh. >> i noticedhat. i did a dinner for him and melani was there and the police commissioner. it was like a police athletic thing kind of thing.
6:25 pm
i had a good set. and he would not laugh. you can see him on film doing this going -- like a reverse meow. i have not seen that before. when it is like this -- as far as i have seen him go. normally you can see a candid footage of a candidate losing it and laughing hard. i have never seen that with him. >> people who don't laugh make you nervous? >> i don't understand him. i don't understand the guy. >> when you look back at your experience is there a memory you look back at and say that's the thing -- >> i remember making a big -- with president clinton when i said bill clinton was the only person, and there was an audio gap because you don't refer to
6:26 pm
him by his name. and i said i'm sorry i'm sorry the president of the united states. you know, if you would only take your clothe off and let me see you naked there will be no more racism, i swear. pause, nothing in the room, pause, look at clinton, you see the machinery and click and there was like a bell and he turns to an african american woman sitting next to him, big hug and kiss on the cheek and then eruption in the room. bill clinton just enormous laughter. enormous moment he created and made a miracle out of my mistake. >> final question, the president won't be in the room and sar ray sanders will and conway will, any advice to them how they could react to the humor pointed
6:27 pm
at them? >> everyone tries hard to give it up for the comedy. you try really hard. there's certain ones to just -- you know. certain ones it is okay to lay back and people understand that that is the topic that is sensitive to you. but you have to try and laugh a little bit and i'm sure they will. >> darrell hammond, we always enjoy our time wu. >> i enjoy my time with you. >> he talked about the pressure of having the president in the room. >> it is a real thing when making jokes about the president and he is right there. >> we will see how michelle handles it without the president in the room. she will take the stage in moments. stay with us for continuing live coverage. just listen.
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. because if you listen to maxine waters, she goes around saying we will impeach him. we will impeach him and then people said, he hasn't done anything wrong.
6:32 pm
it doesn't matter, we will impeach the president. i don't think we're going to have a lot of happy people if that happens. it's going to be tough. she goes around and others. we will impeach him. it doesn't matter if you do anything right or wrong. we've got to win the house and you know what? we're going to winn, anyway. doing something interesting. campaigning on impeachment. >> on his own. >> cnn douglas brinkley with me now. donald trump out there, campaigning you know, if you don't put republicans back in the house, they'll impeach me. >> he is not wrong about that. the democrats move to impeach him on different reasons.
6:33 pm
so you are seeing the opening of the 2018 election right now and it is connected to senator test are in the same with a i to pick up the senate seat in montana. >> speak to how remarkable that is lauren. remarkable oment. >> yeah. the democrat it is aren't even talking about that. the leadership -- >> some are, maxine waters. >> you're right about that, true. but congressman al green brought up the original idea, he was beaten back by the leadership and told effectively to be quite. it is not something that is democratic party priority. >> democratic parties i speak to they are pushing democrats to run on healthcare and the middle class left behind. still they say during the trump administration and they say you
6:34 pm
don't have to bring up donald trump or impeachment. the voters you care about, they know that already. >> i covered the virginia house of delegation races, 2017, democrats did well and almost took the house. i didn't see anybody campaigning on impeachment. conor lamb in pennsylvania did not campaign, and doug jones and democrats in the state house flipped forty states from read to blue. nobody is talking about impeachment. they are local and driven by issues. they were afraid that the tax bill had hurt them, has not helps republicans. is there anti-trump rage that animates the akty vifts and get people to vote, certainly. but the leaderships are not ginning that up. >> is that smart strategy for him to do that then?
6:35 pm
>> there is 23 field officers in the state of michigan. talking to a political crowd made up of miss. thousands are there and thousands couldn't get in. it is about turn out. he wants to make sure those voting will turn out. >> i'm not one who got you the tax cuts, so keep republicans in power. >> he is saying come vote for me because they are going to try to impeach me if we lose the house. >> he is talking to a crowd of people who believe that the tax cuts are working. >> he is talking to the nation. this is a televised speech. not just for people in the audience. >> i interviewed congressman in harlem. tom is spending lots of money on
6:36 pm
this network and elsewhere and could be spending trying to help small business owners to build companies and doing it on the campaign to impeach the president. you brought up a smart point about conor lamb and the fact he ran toward president trump and that's a smart strategy -- >> i would -- >> i wouldn't call it -- >> but it is a smart move by the president to take the subject off of him and something else and make that strategy something that would gin up the base. he needs swings. he doesn't need just the base but he has to have the swing voters. >> the mueller report when it comes out was there obstruction of justice? the democrats are going to say that is obstruction of justice. and the democrats taking over congress, they will look into
6:37 pm
impeachment so it is donald trump trying to gin up his base to say, look, you want to get rid of a trump revolution? be lazy and stay home. >> the democrats want to make it about healthcare and the republicans want to make it about anything besides donald trump. so when he is coming to visit your district around the country and says me me me me me impeach impeach that is counter productive. >> pabear in mind, the tax cuts and tax cuts are not selling the way republicans claim they would. >> not now. >> look at the special election in pennsylvania. >> they didn't kick in yet -- >> that is not true. >> they didn't kick in these taxes. >> they have kicked in. people haven't noticed. >> it is up 2.3%. >> that is a different argument.
6:38 pm
>> that is a totally different argument. >> you are starting to see the growth this quarter versus -- >> no literally -- >> we saw the growth of that level last year? >> gdp growth was higher this year. trust me. i know a lot about taxes and gdp. it was higher this year in 2018. >> do you have more money in your paycheck because of your tax cut what are the american people going to say? >> yes. >> they said no. there was a survey on it. they said no. >> he didn't say what he said tonight, if you don't vote for me, republicans they will impeach me. the event is about to begin. the white house correspondents' dinner. go nowhere.
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. live pictures from the floor of the correspondents' dinner. totally to take their seats. >> they are not listening. >> they are journalists. we have an exciting night for the the next hour. >> this is a night about hon norg the first amendment and
6:43 pm
scholarships for young journalists and a wick ed smart like my boston talk. comedian michelle wolf prepared a host of jokes for tonight. she'll take the stage in a moment. the president a what president has been the best at this? taking the jokes and roasting and performing -- >> watch this. i look like a guy rescued from a snow cave just in time. president trump was invited to the white house correspondents' dinner will he deline. >> are you an incoming or out going cabinet member. >> i'm the president of the white house correspondent association. i wanted to see if you made a decision on attending the dinner. >> i would look thin skinned if i didn't show up so i'm in.
6:44 pm
only under the following conditions, i get two scoops of ice cream and i can use jeff as my napkin. >> president trump will attend the white house correspondents' dinner. breaking fox news alert, we can confirm that chris stole his glasses. >> you don't see the central park five inviting me to brunch. >> the press core loves me like southern charm. >> of course i'm going, what am i going to do hold a rally for my ego? >> i would beonored if you wore my clothes. >> is shepherd smith going to be there? >> i can't believe some lucky lady hasn't snatched him up. >> to truly understand the white
6:45 pm
house correspondents' dinner you have to understand where they sat. tables, they didn't always look like this. here is a table from here, looks similar. flag topped leggy things down there. we'll get deeper into tables later. let's talk about what made them possible. the big bang. >> welcome to the white house correspondents' dinner. >> hey, it is donald trump. a source close to the president. a lot of people complained that washington is a bunch of white guys talking to a audience who agrees with him but i like -- saves aamerica. >> the tribune mergers going through. >> we are here to honor great people. maggie, member that lunch at the
6:46 pm
trump grill ♪ you got the scoop on my presidential bid ♪ ♪ and i got the vacant cheeseburger ♪ ♪ where did we go wrong ♪ ♪ you work with bret stevens ♪ there is only so much you can do ♪ ♪ where did we go wrong ♪ maggie maggie maggie congratulations to tonight's honorees i look forward to locking you all up in the coming years. >> ladies and gentlemen once again please welcome
6:47 pm
correspondents' association president. >> thank you. good evening everyone, to those of you in this room and those watching across america, welcome to the white house correspondents' dinner. in this room, we are republicans and democrats and independence. people of all economic classes, races, religions and gender self-identification. i'm the seerns white house correspondent for bloomberg news and proud to serve as your president of the white house correspondent association. before we get too far i would like to thank our cartoon president and steven kober for
6:48 pm
getting us warmed up tonight. i think i can speak for all of us in the room when we say we are sending our thoughts to george h.w. bush tonight. he was, of course, a repeat guest at our dinner and is recovering after the hospitalization and the passing of his wife of 73 years. and i was listening to old tapes as i got ready for the dinner and one of my favorites he is talking about the impersonations of him on "snl" if you remember, president bush took this phone call from someone who he thought was the iranian president but it wasn't. and at the dinner, he jokes that the impression of him was so good and asked him to phone him
6:49 pm
and tell him it was george brush but he said it wouldn't be prudent. so if you are watching, we are thinking of you. i would like to acknowledge our student scholarship recipients in the audience and your honthe journalism award winners. this night is about you. yesterday, we held a luncheon for the scholars and paired them up with men tors. and paul ryan spoke about the snekt generation of the journey limb. the u.s. president welcomed the scholars to the white house and him and his team rolled out a red carpet and in the visit by the german chancellor they gave
6:50 pm
them an insider's glimpse on the back room passage ways to the white house. the china room, diplomatic room took them outside and lined them on the lawn. and invited to meet with the president and vice president mike pence to posefor photos and the president and vice president greeted them and who are you and where did you go to school? the president asked them if they were sure they wanted the president asked them if they wanted to become journalists. but he thanked them. after the president left, i asked the students who they felt, a group of them all responded simultaneously with one answer and they said, that was surreal. and we nodded because we know the feeling. tonight is an important night for everyone who cares about
6:51 pm
good journalism. we're all here, all of us, because we cherish the first amendment. we love the news and we believe in the power of reporting to raise up and better the lives of all people. that includes coverage of the white house, to be sure, and threats like international terrorism or russian election interference. but it also applies to local stories all across the country. it applies to how we cover natural disasters and school shootings and the u.s. jam nisices scandal and me too and pilots who pull off amazing disaster landings and save most of the people onboard. real news is sometimes happy, heart warming, or heart breaking and critical or makes you angry. but we reject efforts be i anyone, especially our elected officials to undermine journalism as un-american. [ applause ] or to cast doubt on the
6:52 pm
relevants of facts and truth on the modern age. an attack on any journalist is an attack on us all. [ applause ] this really isn't about the business of protecting journalism as a business. in fact, our business is has done pretty well in the last couple of years. it is about protecting a pillar of american democracy. the best leaders and public servants champion the first amendment, even when the scrutiny is turned on them and defend it at home and proclaim it overseas because they know that helps democracy and freedom take route in place where violence, repression and fear take over for corruption and terrorism. i want to remember journalists around the world who are killed doing their jobs. i want to mention austin tice, kidnapped in syria in 2012. austin, if you are somehow watching, there are a lot of people working to bring you
6:53 pm
home. i would also like to remember some long-time veteran white house correspondents who we've lost to age and to illness over the past year. for decades, the correspondent association members have invited a cross section of people from public and private life to celebrate these ideals, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and this year we also took our act on the road beginning a new program with presidential libraries to connect with more americans outside the beltway. we began with the truman library in independence, missouri, great place. and we were met with a full house. next month we'll be with the reagan library in to simi, california. if you're out there, we welcome you to join us. i would also mention thanks to the board. we have a new fantastic whca website, live as of just a few hours.
6:54 pm
and we look forward to serving all of you on that website. in the months to come. u.s. presidents have attended this dinner nearly every year since calvin coolidge's days. and that's a tradition we believe will withstand the currents of time. tonight we welcome white house press secretary sarah sanders to the head table to represent the administration. thank you for being here. sarah, we really appreciate your anticipation and your ongoing work with our members to help us cover the white house and to help americans see their government in action. thank you. you guys may recognize her from an i maizing scene in the oval office about a year ago. aya and her husband were arrested by egyptian authorities and bogusly imprisoned for three year bps but she was freed last
6:55 pm
year after sustained media coverage and sustained campaign by u.s. political candidates and the current administration. and her husband mohammed is in the audience with us tonight also continued to advocate for the release of others and they strongly believe that it was the press coverage in addition to government intervention that shed a spotlight on their situation and helped to build the leverage for their release. welcome home. [ applause ] and of course, we have with us a nice lady michelle wolffe, but more on you later. i would also like to call out all of my fellow board members. john decker, judy pace, john carl, and olivia knox. we will do a terrific job. our new executive director has brought his passion for white house coverage to the job. no one can ever replace julie,
6:56 pm
who is in the audience tonight, but steve, with we're so thrilled to have you aboard. and of course, the whc a's attorney who does an amazing, amazing job for us. thank you. >> that's the president of the white house correspondent association. we're going to take a quick break and be right back with our special coverage.
6:57 pm
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>> we're minutes away from hearing from comedian. >> they longed for the promise that america held. my mother was born american but like the current president she was wowed by a young dashing immigrant. [ applause ] >> my father was what i would call a george h.w. republican and my mother was a democrat and they disagreed about a lot when it came to politics. i came a journalist in large part because of those debates that unfolded at the dining


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