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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 29, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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strength is going to keep us out of the nuclear war. what jon tester did to this man is a disgrace. well, i know things about tester that i could say too. of course, trump isn't here if you haven't noticed. i would drag him here myself. >> is this better than that phony washington white house correspondents dinner?
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russian collusion. give me a break. we will impeach the president. i don't think we are going to have a lot of happy people if that happens. >> a lot of people want trump impeached. i do not. just when you think trump is awful, you remember mike pence. ♪ >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. good morning. 7:01. you saw the politics and punch lines that everyone most likely is talking about very possibly arguing about at some point today. president trump dodging those jokes at the annual white house correspondents dinner as he rallied his base in michigan. >> while the crowd at the dinner in washington, d.c. gave the comedian mixed reviews, the crowd in washington township, michigan, was all in for the president's message. watch their reaction here and
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listen to it when the president raised or rather praised himself for the progress with north korea. >> one of the fake news grips this morning. no, they were saying, what do you think of president trump had to do with it? i tell you what. like, how about everything? >> go back! go back! go back! >> that's very nice. thank you. that's very nice. nobel. >> cnn sarah westwood and thank you for sticking around, ladies. president trump full steam ahead when it comes to his upcoming meeting with kim jong-un.
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what have we learned it other than the time line he gave yesterday? >> president trump was eager to talk about his upcoming meeting with kim jong-un during that campaign style rally as we just saw very friendly crowd met his mention of the subject with chants of nobel as in the peace prize. he brushed those off saying he wants to get the job done, he had no job claiming credit for progress of south koreans and north koreans have made towards talking more and the moves that north korea has made toward denarization and saying his meeting with kim jong-un could come up within the next few weeks. newly minted secretary of state mike pompeo has already traveled to pyongyang to lay the groundwork for the meeting. the administration is searching for a neutral location for the meeting to take place in. trump admitted during his rally he has no idea what will happen
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when he sits down with kim jong-un and a lot of questions about what his strategy is going into the meeting. but it's clear that the summit remains a high priority for the administration and we know it will happen within the next month. >> so elise, south korea is saying that north korea has agreed to more concessions and haven't done anything yet but rhetorically they are opening themselves up to more transparency. >> that's right. i mean, listen. it's a lot of little things and that also some big commitments to each just today, they said that they are moving their time zone to be more with south korea. they are talking about ending their nuclear program. he said at the summit apparently that kim jong-un he is willing to give up his nuclear test site and abandon the nuclear test site and make it unoperable. he also said, you'll see as i go to more trust with the united states as we move towards
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nonaggression. he has always said this policy that was in response to what he called a hostile policy from the united states. so he said you'll see when i don't have this hostile policy any more, i am not the type of person that wants to or use nuclear weapons against south korea or the united states and making big commitments saying he'll get rid of this nuclear test site by may and we will have to see if that happens. >> thank you, ladies, both. stay with us. >> the president used his rally there in michigan to attack democrats who are calling for his impeachment and he did address the latest developments in the russia investigation as well. take a listen. >> we have to keep the house because if you listen to maxine waters. what? she goes around saying, we will impeach him! we will impeach him shra slam
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and people said he hasn't done anything wrong. that doesn't matter. we will impeach the president. so i don't think we are going to have a lot of happy people if that happens. i think it's going to be a little bit tough. she goes around and others and says we will impeach him. doesn't matter if you do anything right or wrong. they want to do that. we have to win the house. you know what? we are going to win any way. but we are going to win the house. have you heard about the lawyer? for a year, a woman lawyer, she was like, i know nothing, i know nothing. now, all of a sudden, she supposedly is involved with government. you know why? if she did that, because putin and the group said, you know, this trump is killing us. what are you saying that you're involved with government so that we can go and make their life in the united states even more chaotic? look at what has happened. look at how these politicians have fallen for this junk.
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russian collusion, give me a break. sarah westwood is back us and cnn political analyst julian zeleny as well. good morning to both of you. i want to touch, first of all, what the president was saying about impeachment, you know, that we will impeach him and every time he said we will impeach him he got a reaction from his crowd. the base does latch on to that. with that said, sarah, does the verbiage he is using? then he goes into the fact they have to win the house, does the verbiage of impeachment, does it serve him well and get people to the polls at the end of the day? >> certainly it's a tactic that i think the president and a lot of republicans may use to try to preserve their majority in the house which is to get republicans to the polls who might otherwise be complacent this election by raising the prospect of impeachment and that is, obviously, a more likely prospect but it remains if democrats take back the house.
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another thing that a lot of republicans in the white house fear if and when democrats do take back control of the house is that in the hands of democrats, a lot of congressional committees will begin opening more and more investigations into this administration and yielding more evidence that could be used in any potential impeachment proceeding. this is certainly something i think you'll see the president and republicans talking more about as we get closer to november to try to motivate those republican voters to go to the polls. >> julian, the other thing he mentioned might have surprised a lot of people when he was talking about natalia -- all right. the name always takes me a minute. talking about he said that lawyer, that woman and then he said this was interesting. he said you know why she came out and said she was an informant? i'm quoting him because putin and the group are killing us what are you saying some you're involved with government so that we can go and make their life in the u.s. more chaotic.
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help me if we are understanding this improperly, but it sound is as though the president's assertion was corresponding and acknowledging what intel was saying as well. >> it's not a total surprise he said that. president trump hat ability to take any potentially bad story and spin a narrative that is favorable to him. and to explain it away. that is exactly what he is doing. he is now acknowledging a lot of what intelligence has been saying, news reports have been saying and he has been denying but when he acknowledged it he is using it to explain he is actually been very tough on russia which goes against a lot of the facts. but that is the kind of way he deals with this kind of news. so it wasn't totally a surprise to see him talking about it that way. >> did you expect him to talk about it in a different way? >> yeah. the other alternative is just to
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say it's not true. it's one of the two. and so that is probably what was more predictable. it was just part of the russian collusion story and part of the, quote/unquote, fake news. my guess is this is solid enough, at least within his inner circle he needs to deal with it. this is the way he is doing that. >> okay. sarah, let's talk about north korea because there is some news this morning president trump, as we just said, talking about the fact that he believes this meeting with kim jong-un will happen in the next three or four weeks and north korea saying a nuclear test site will be destroyed and they will invite international journalists and international people in the community to come and witness the destruction of what they say is an operational site there. but i want to listen to bill richardson, a former u.s. ambassador and governor of new mexico, we talked with him yesterday. he has had his own meetings and
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conversations about north korea. here is what he said about moving forward with the u.s. and north korea in this meeting that is coming up. >> i think this is the real thing. i'm hopeful but a lot of risks and i just hope we are prepared because i know those north koreans. they are prepared and relentless and they have something up their sleeve. >> a lot of questions about the authenticity of what north korea is trying to put out there that they want to denuclearize. what do you make of bill richardson saying the u.s. has to be prepared and how should they be prepared? >> we don't know a lot about what specifically president trump is asking the north koreans to do in exchange for relief from the sanctions the administration has imposed against north korea. for example we don't know the level of verification the president trump administration is seeking in terms of denuclearizing and how to push
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north korea to denuclearize the next ten years or two years? not something the white house has been clear on. the fear from critics is that president trump could be so eager for a legacy item for the photo opportunity that he won't push harder to achieve the kind of things that would lead to real denuclearization as opposed to just a symbolic gesture from north korea, a north korea who is hurting economically and want to see the sanctions lifted. >> julian, more news this morning. both south korea and head of intel and president administrator of japan saying, quote, denuclearization should be resolved in a peaceful way. do you get a sense that is each possible? >> it is possible. these discussions and the opening that happened this week are very real. and even if we don't have the details yet and each if there is any many questions about the ability of president trump to carry through on a good deal or
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how the north koreans will follow through on promises, all of that exists but there are negotiations that are now going to take place. that gives the possibility of a peaceful resolution to conflict that has been going on since the 1950s. there is a lot of work to do. the negotiations will have their own dynamics and we will see how president trump performs. >> are you confident that president trump can make it happen differently this time? >> i'm not confident at all. we have gone through this many times before. it's failed. bill clinton experienced that. george w. bush experienced that. there is reason to believe that it won't work. but that doesn't mean that it won't. president reagan was able to achieve a breakthroughs which the soviets that no one thought was possible. thus far he has not given any evidence to know or willing to
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engage diplomacy so the pressure on is president trump to prove people wrong. mike pompeo is on his way to the middle east. if the iran deal cannot be fixed, the says the president has said he will leave that deal. earlier this month, pompeo met north korea's leader as you remember these photos ahead of president trump's impending meeting and in an exclusive interview with abc news, pompeo says that kim is prepared to work towards denuclearization. >> we talked about serious matters. he was very well prepared. i hope i've matched that. we had an extensive conversation on the hardest issues that face our two countries. i had a clear mission statement from president trump when i left there, kim jong-un understood the mission exactly as i've described it today. and he agreed that he was
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prepared to talk about that and to lay out a map that would help us achieve that objective and only time will tell if we can get that down. president trump said he might meet with kim jong-un in three to four weeks. mixed reviews of the white house accordance dinner. did michelle wolf deliver low blows or did she hit it right on target? >> just a reminder to everyone, i'm here to make jokes. i have no agenda. i'm not trying to get anything accomplished. so everyone that is here from congress, you should feel right at home. brad's been looking forward to this all week, but how will his denture cope with... a steak. luckily for brad, this isn't a worry because he's discovered super poligrip. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in
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all right. the president -- president trump designed a counterprogramming of his own against the white house correspondents dinner. >> he held a campaign rally in washington township, michigan. this is what was happening in
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washington, d.c. >> it's 2018 and i am a woman so you cannot shut me up. unless you have michael cohen wire me $130,000. michael, you can find me on ven mo under my porn star name reince priebus. people call trump names all the time. but he has heard all of those and he doesn't care. so, tonight, i'm going to try to make fun of the president in a new way, in a way that i think will really get him. mr. president, i don't think you're very rich. trump is so broke. >> how broke is he? >> he has to fly failed business class. >> all right. so those were some of the -- >> cleaner? >> yeah.
4:21 am
i call them tapioca jokes! i don't know if that is right reference but what comes to my mind. the question is was this a political gift for the president? was this too far? let's bring in julian zeleny. he is back with us and dean is a contributor to and host of his own show, appropriately named. good morning, dean. >> thanks. >> welcome back, julian. what did you think? >> i was in the room there and i thought some of the jokes were funny and some don't. unfortunately, people don't laugh when they agree with the politics of the jokes. you look back at the dinners year after year and people upset with the jokes and some too mean and too cruel. last year before that larry wilmore and the list goes on. overall did a good job. it's a tough job but i think she did well and ruffled some
4:22 am
feathers but that somewhat it's about going after people in power and making it uncomfortable and what she did last night. >> julian, do you think this year was any worse than past years in terms of the criticisms and maybe some of the -- some of the people who might say, that does not sit well with me? >> i mean, you always have historically this kind of criticism. i think it's more of the environment and so tensions are so high and the feelings not just in that room but in the country are so divided that i think the reaction to any comedy, any event like this is going to be triply intense. she was hard hitting and went after the administration the same way the administration goes after a lot of people and she also went after democrats and the media. it was political comedy and that is what we should expect. >> let's play some of the racier, not the racest jokes because it is sunday morning. but some of the more controversial jokes.
4:23 am
watch. >> of course, trump isn't here if you haven't noticed. he is not here. i know. i know. i would drag him mere myself. him here myself. but he is the one you're not supposed to grab. then we have sarah huckabee sanders. we are graced with her presence tonight. i have to say i'm a little star-struck. i love you as aunt lydia on the handmade tail. mike pence, if you haven't seen it, you would love it. there is ivanka who was supposed to be an advocate for women but it turns out she is about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons and done nothing to satisfy women so i guess like father, like daughter. dean, the president just tweeted a a couple of minutes ago about washington, michigan, and thanks for the love and all
4:24 am
of that. did michelle wolf give the president a reason to, i guess, do what he did last year, was not go and not send any of his team? >> i think after the dinner, i saw people who were on the left and the right both say trump is never coming to this thing. that was because of the way michelle wolf really hammered the administration. look. donald trump did not show up and it's a bigger issue. that is about cultural norms and not bracing the first amendment. did the room feel bad for sarah sanders and you could feel that. i think donald trump made a big mistake not attending and this and i think he could make more likeable and make the base love it because he is mocking the media to his face. donald trump, i'm not a fan but can deliver jokes pretty well so i think he made a mistake not attendsing. >> i thought the same thing,
4:25 am
dean. you think about to his routine at the al smith dinner doing the campaign he was funny for a portion of that. >> he was funny. >> he got a little mean at some portion. >> he really could do a good job and i think he is make ago mistake not doing it and continue to double down on his base and forget the rest of america is not a winning strategy, objectively speaking. >> julian, does it serve him to show up here and as dean was talking about, i mean, i cringed for sarah sanders. >> yeah. >> i don't like seeing anybody get in an uncomfortable position and just who i am and that is why he is laughing because he knows that is too. >> i don't mind an uncomfortable position. >> i wonder as we understand it, trump was saying you go, you go. he was encouraging them knowing that this is what we they were going to be dealing with. >> right. i mean, the administration knew what was coming and, frankly, it's fair game and every member of the administration, including sarah sanders, has been incredibly hard hitting about
4:26 am
really serious issues involving social groups around the country. i think it's a bit disingenuous all of a sudden for them to feel badly and be defensive about hearing a comedian make comments about them and about other institutions. i think the president should have come. i agree. i think staying out of the room is probably the worst strategy rather than being there and being able to offer a response to use comedy as a way to disarm people. but this fits a longer pattern. he has been very, you know, he has created a wall between himself and much of the media so there is no reason to expect he would want to come to the white house correspondents dinner. this is his staj and this rateg approach with much of the press. >> thank you, gentlemen, for with being bus this morning. president trump going after senator jon tester at that michigan rally last night. he claims he has dirt on him after tester opposed white house
4:27 am
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supporters there from washington township, michigan, last night. this statement from the president. great evening last night in washington, michigan. the enthusiasm, knowledge, and love in that room was unreal. to the many thousands of people who couldn't get in, i cherish you and will be back. > he minced no words at this rally. he touted his impending meeting with north korean's leader and had choice world for journalist and went after montana senator jon tester. >> you may have heard i was invited to another event tonight, the white house correspondents dinner. but i'd much rather be in washington, michigan, than in washington, d.c., right now. if we would have said where we are today from three or four months ago, remember what they were saying? he is going to get us into nuclear war, they said. no. no, no.
4:33 am
strength is going to keep us out of nuclear war. not going to get us in. so we are doing very well. i spoke to the president this morning of south korea for a long time. they just had a very good meeting. he gives us tremendous credit. he gives us all of the credit. senator jon tester of a really great place, montana, who voted, by the way, in favor of sanctuary cities and weak on the border and didn't vote for tax cuts. tee a gentleman who is a truly high quality human being. tester started throwing out things that he's heard. well, i know things about tester that i could say too. and if i said them, he'd never be elected again. >> let's start right there.
4:34 am
jack kingston is a cnn political commentator and brent is a former democratic aide. gentlemen, welcome back. jack, do you believe the president knows something that could end jon tester's career? >> knowing the president you don't know what that means. it might mean he did vote against repeal of daca, the tax cuts and reopening the government, things like that. or maybe there is something more. i frankly think a lot of that is just rhetoric. >> because this is not a president who has been, i guess, praised for exercising restraint in this arena. if he knew it, he'd say it, right? >> probably so. i think what has now happened is that the tester race is one of the national races. montana, the president won by 20 points. up until now, really his opponents forte is a house member. zeke went to be a secretary of interior. and then fox dropped out or
4:35 am
declined to run. so rosendale is now a national republican cause. i think that that is what the president is doing as much as anything else is nationalizing this race. >> let's talk to you, brent, about this, and the issue as it relates to ronny jackson. the secret, according to the white house documents shared with cnn, disputes at least the single claim about dr. jackson having wrecked a government vehicle. that was one of the claims that was spread by, not made by, but spread by senator tester. doesn't very to answer for that if, indeed, not true? >> well, i think it would be good if all of the facts come out on all of the different allegations. the republicans are afraid they could lose control of the senate now, as well as the house. the president is taking the veterans issues as another partisan issue. jon tester is a strong courageous heroic fighter not only for working people but particularly for veterans.
4:36 am
he is an advocate of veterans for montana and nationally. the chairman of that committee, the veterans affairs committee in the senate, is johnny isaacson who is a good man on veterans issues and he works closer with senator tester, the lead democrat on that committee. they treat veteran issues as nonpartisan. >> let me jump in here. if jon tester sent out this release with a long list of accusations from 23 currents and former coworkers or colleagues, i should say, of dr. jackson, should there have not been an investigation into the validity of those claims no matter if they had been repeated? at least in the infancy to even check with the secret service records before he released those claims? >> oh, i think we need to find out all of these facts. let me emphasize when these were presented to the committee leadership, senator isaacson,
4:37 am
the chairman, his staff was in those meetings with jon tester. senator isaacson had his people release a statement afterwards. this is a republican saying he had no problem with the say senator tester handled it. i think if president trump wants to, he can reappoint him. >> hold on, jack. >> hold on a sec. the reason the nomination was withdrawn is overwhelming opposition to dr. jackson to republicans, as well as democrats, who agreed when the president, himself, said he lacks the experience to hold a job as important and huge as the veterans affairs department -- >> that is why the debate should be. it should be on his management and not on false allegations. an allegation he was drunk and wrecked the car is outrageous. secret service denied it. the allegation he was knocking on a hotel door and disturbing
4:38 am
president obama is outrageous allegation and secret service denied it. i think he should do when clarence thomas did when he was passed out of commit and anita hill accusation came up. he said i will go back through the grueling process. i think dr. jackson should have said this is washington. severing a fight. everything is politics. everything is political. i'm going to go ahead and go back through the process and let's see who is lying and who is not. >> the president has said he wouldn't do it. that was the day before the dr. jackson pulled his nomination saying he wouldn't go through it so that the president's su suggestion. let's listen to this from the crowd in washington township, michigan, last night. >> that's very nice. thank you. that's very nice.
4:39 am
nobel. >> in reference to the nobel prize. jack, has the president earned those chants of nobel? >> not yet. i actually think that the expectations are very high. i think we should all be enthusiastic. the world is watching. however, it's not done yet. the president is saying i will walk away if nothing gets accomplished. that is a big statement right there but they do need to sit down. so far, everything is great and every american and everybody in the world is hoping for the best. but i don't think it's done yet. >> brent? >> i actually agree with what jack just said, strangely enough. there is nothing accomplished yet except the atmospherics when are positive and which are important. what really happens here is president trump frightened the south koreans as much as the
4:40 am
north koreans and president moon from south korea who was threatened by trade recently on trump and attack rex tillerson for wanting to have negotiations. president moon toot initiative. let's hope that this works. this will be trump's moment if he wants to seize it, he will have to say things and agree with things that he has criticized before to get an agreement. we will have to watch whether the north koreans can pry the south koreans away from the united states and that is their strategy. finally, when the president recently said that kim jong-un was very honorable and very open, that was a ludicrous and inaccurate statement and probably the cia equivalent in north korea was telling kim jong-un, i think we have a sucker here. he wants a deal too much and he is praising you and unbelievable thing he said. >> i think those are -- >> i do want to wrap this up with a reminder of the president's predecessor who was
4:41 am
awarded the nobel prize in 2009 and this is atmospheric in terms to nuclear weapons saying the following. so the atmospherics appear to be enough for president obama. we will see if it justifies a nomination or a win for president trump moving forward and what becomes of all of this. thank you both. life along the u.s./mexican board, what do people on both sides of this think of the border about a wall between them? guess what. we know somebody who went to the
4:42 am
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tonight, an all new season of the cnn original series "yut" "united shades of america." he heads to the u.s./mexican border. >> back in mexico to check out a place that reveals a human cost of america's immigration policies and a chat with a father. >> where provide two meals a day and mostly to deportees. >> is this first welcome back to mexico? >> tell rah is, essentially. we provide food, clothing,
4:47 am
passions of work and critical work on the border. >> are people coming here who have been in the states for years? >> yes. we are seeing an increasing number of people who have been elizabeth in the united states for a long time deported. >> some people thought their life was set up there. then, suddenly, they are deported and they find themselves in this room. >> sometimes almost overnight. >> so we asked him what struck him most about both sides? >> is there two things. one, you know, there is this sort of narrative around the country how terrible mexico is and it's filled with crime and it's not saying mexico doesn't have issues and crime and america does too. when i was on the mexico side, it's much more lively in the city i was in and more people and more business. on the american side in arizona, there is a lot of businesses that have been closed and not a lot of people there. and it's because of border security. in the old days, like 15 years
4:48 am
ago, people from mexico could cross the border easily and go lunch in america and become to mexico and it's not happening right now and it's strangles border cities. >> you talked about people who try could cross the border and don't. >> i talked to one of the priest who runs that and i got to meet people after coming off the bus after being deported. some of those rb in america for years and some trying to make it across the border and you see people in that moment as they come off like what happens now? to be clear some of those people are not all from mexico and some from central america. they all seemed to be dealing with it. it was very impactful. >> i know you toured parts of the wall that exist. >> is there a wall, everybody!
4:49 am
breaking news! breaking news banner, there is a wall, yes! >> i went on a ride-along as i understand it with members of the border patrol. what do you think is something that is an image ma maybe most americans have about border patrol or how the whole things works that might be false? what are we misunderstanding here? >> the two guys i were with seemed to have their hearts in the right place. i know as a black man i'm in a difficult position with but i know their hearts are not the hearts of the border police. we have a clip in the show of different border police throwing water out left for people looking for water. not all border police are the same but on top of that i asked him about the wall they are not excited about the trump wall either. everybody we talked to, not a scientific survey but not everybody yes this is a wall will help this. people think the more difficult
4:50 am
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4:55 am
anxiety. with improv you have to act in the moment. >> it is for people with anxiety. a lot of times you want to avoid the thing that makes you feel that way. even making eye contact was hard for me. as i got more fit, more engaged, i got a promotion wall work.
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