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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 30, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good monday morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> indeed you are. great to have you back. >> a standoff at the u.s. mexico border. a highly politicized standoff designed to get attention perhaps on both sides. it's a standoff with dozens of suffering human beings caught in the middle. dozens of central american migrants who travelled some 2,500 miles are at the u.s. entry point so close yet so far from the moment that all present a chance but only a chance to live in the u.s. legally. >> each of these migrants has planned to seek asylum. despite orders to stop the so-called caravan each of them will likely be allowed to make their case to immigration officials eventually. at the moment officials say they don't have the capacity to process these 150 migrants. it's important tahave perspective. what does that number really
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mean? more than 115,000 people applied for asylum to this country in 2016. we expect the president to weigh in again this afternoon because he will hold his third joint press conference in less than a week. this time it is with visiting president of jinearia. we will carry that live. let's go to tijuana for the latest. >> reporter: let me show you because right now some of the migrants are starting to wake up. what you are seeing is what we have seen overnight. we have been here for hours with them in the dark. the sun is starting to come up and you are starting to see some of them wake up. they have blankets and tarps. many of these women and children outside. this is what anyone can see from just the streets in tijuana as we approach the border. inside there are also women and children on the ground, same type of scenario but they have
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been stopped at the door by u.s. officials with what you just said claiming they do not have the capacity to process those requests. i have reached out to homeland security to get clarification as to what that number is, how many people are in their facilities, how many or when that will change. i am still waiting for those answers. in the meantime as we have been here this has been a long journey. we have been with them as they have been on trains, buses, slept on the floors of shelters and so for them this is excitement but also a lot of the mothers very nervous about possibly being separated from their children. that is the number one concern i have heard. i did speak to immigration officials about that. they say they will not be separating families unless the child is believed to be in danger or they don't believe the adult has proof of being the
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legal guardian. the other thing that is sort of a consensus here when they were stopped at the door as a group they decided we stay and we wait. we have come this long. this is the last stretch because they do plan to do it the legal way, what u.s. federal law allows to go to a port of entry where we are right now and seek asylum. even though the government, the united states government including the attorney general has said they are sending extra resources down here, they are waiting and have not been allowed to cross the door where the u.s. officials are. >> at the border, thanks very much. the white house wunts it put the spot light on this. vice president mike pence will be nearby. this is clearly something they want to highlight. the president has not commented on this this morning and hasn't put out a statement on twitter. he talked about it a lot over the weekend. >> caitlyn collins is at the
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white house with more. >> reporter: the president has been silent on this so far but that is only today. he has not been silent overall. he repeatedly tweeted about this using it as a means to justify his calls for a border wall saying it goes to prove how laxed the u.s. border security truly is. he was even talking about it just saturday night during a rally in michigan. >> we need security. we need the wall. we are going to have it all. we come up again on september 28. if we don't get border security we will have no choice. we will close down the country because we need border security. >> so that threat there in reference to some spending bills that will come up in september whether or not the president uses that to justify getting money for the border wall in there. so far in the immediate future the president used this caravan as an excuse to deploy and
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attorney general jeff sessions has been on board. you can bet we can likely hear more on this today potentially during the press conference as the images of the migrants continue to play out on cable news. >> meanwhile dr. ronny jackson is back working at the white house as a doctor but apparently not the president's doctor. what is the latest? >> of course, when dr. jackson was nominated as the nominee for the veterans affairs secretary he stepped down as the white house physician with someone else taking over for him. since the allegations derailed his nomination he has returned to the white house medical unit but not as the president's personal physician. the white house is continuing to defend jackson against allegations made against him, numerous allegations using documents that they say exonerate him from allegations that they wrecked a government
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vehicle after leaving a secret service party and distributed pills. they say both things are not true. the president going after democratic senator saying he needs to resign because he released that document with all of these allegations in there that they say were from current and former colleagues. the white house so far continuing to defend him. it is unclear if dr. jackson is going to retire and unclear who the president is going to nominate next for the veterans affairs secretary. before dr. jackson was nominated they struggled with finding someone to replace david. it doesn't seem they have been able to find anyone to take that place just yet. >> thank you so much as she just explained it's a mess overall of this about what led to his nomination in the first place and that is raising big questions over the entire
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selection process, vetting or not really vetting of these folks. >> joining us now white house reporter for the washington post, cnn analyst and award winning as of saturday night reporter. your piece that came out overnight says there is a white house official who told you that the president's nominating process is ready, shoot, aim. what does that mean? >> what we have been able to discern is the president often decides he wants someone on a whim and will announce that person and then the vetting process can begin. as reported on ronnie jackson fbi check was not done when the president announced him. there have been a number of other times, rex tillerson the president had a meeting with him and decided to announce him as secretary of state. what the president does often with senior level hires is he makes a decision. with agency employees and other folks across the government there is vetting on whether he
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posts anything negative on twitter or social media. kind of two different standards here. one where the president says you are going to run this and a different level for other folks. >> as you note in your piece a lot of folks don't make the cut simply because they tweeted nuvly durinuv negatively. people who are not vetted they make it through. there is an office that is supposed to be at the head of doing all of this and that is the office of presidential personnel. why is it not work sng. >> the white house would contend that it isn't working. our reporting shows that the office often is fix ate on folks loyal to the president. but some of the more traditional checks are not always done. the white house would say they often vet on most employees. most the times when the president decides to tweet
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something the office doesn't have much of a chance to do anything. last year everyone woke up when the president tweet whood the new fbi director was and the traditional processes of going through and the forms, interviews, a lot of different things that happen sometimes these things take months. it's hard to do that when the president decides to make an announcement. >> so many people quoted on your piece. republicans saying help us help you. the way he is doing this puts them in a difficult position. >> the president with ronnie jackson, some of the allegations have come into dispute whether he wrecked a car, how many pills he prescribed. before all of that a lot of republicans on capitol hill were concerned that he didn't have the experience to lead the second largest agency and were caught off guard. you didn't see support from the veterans leader on the senate
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side. you didn't see quick support from mitch mcconnell. they are saying you have to give us people to confirm. you think you have a razor thin majority you have to struggle unless they get democratic support to get people through. when you bring someone who has noticeable issues to the hill it makes it even harder. >> important reporting. congrats on the reward. very well deserved. >> thank you. joining us now senior political correspondent for the hill. nice to have you here this monday morning. it's nice to be back. immigration. this is clear ahead of the mid terms the president is jumping on, tweeting about talking about the caravan. is this purely to fire up the base and make immigration a galvanizing issue? is this just purely strategic?
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>> this is a dream for him. in comes the caravan. he spent the entire campaign campaigning on a border wall and the crowds loved it. and he is going back to that time and again. earlier this month he did it again. this is what he wants. he wants to kind of raise this. he thinks this is a dog whistle to his base. it is a signal that he hasn't forgotten about them and he will continue to talk about it. >> it is 150 people, 150 lives and 150 stories of suffering. i think there is one border crossing that gets about 50 people a day. >> they have to prove they are being discriminated against and their lives are in danger. you look at the images and women and children, i'm not sure how you can parlay that into drug addicts and drug pushers and rapists. this works for the president. this is his sweet spot however
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i'm not sure how it sits with traditional republicans as they are approaching the mid terms. it doesn't seem to be the number one pressing issue as far as reaching out to their constituents. that's where you see the disconnect, something the president definitely puts as issue number one, not necessarily the case for many other republicans. >> over the weekend when the president did not attend the white house correspondents dinner and held the rally in washington township, michigan. he outright threatened a sitting u.s. senator. listen to what the president said. >> i know things about tester that i could say, too. and if i said them he would never be elected again. >> we don't know what those things are, if the president actually knows them. this is because he is furious with tester for what he sees as
6:13 am
the single person who scuttled the nomination of dr. jackson. there are a lot of republicans who are spoesing teupporting te sarah huckabee sanders, how is she going to handle this? >> i think she needs to say -- she is obviously going to be pressed on what he has. i don't know if he has much. i think this is something the president does. it is a tactic he uses to kind of rally his base. he knows that jon tester is in trouble in montana and he will keep poking at him until that works. >> no briefing today. the president will have to answer questions. >> how uncharacteristic this is for a president to be threatening. i would consider that to be a threat, sitting u.s. senator and something we saw him do during the campaign and something he did with james comey. so this definitely falls into characteristics we have seen the
6:14 am
president -- this is something that she does repeatedly. i think it is worth noting how uncharacteristic it is. >> on the issue of ronnie jackson in general which i continue to think is a strange case. the president is on the attack upset that the nomination was pulled. senator langford was on tv saying that he has concerns there and standing by jon tester. >> absolutely. and the fact that he is not going back to being the president's physician. something is up here. >> you have republicans who have said that they actually appreciated tester coming out and being the fall guy here because they agreed with him. they did have concerns and the irony being that the president supported ronnie jackson to the extent that he went out before any vetting was done and threw him under the bus in a way where had that not been done behind closed doors perhaps he could still continue to hold the job
6:15 am
as the president's physician. >> ready, shoot, aim. >> on another topic we know that the president is going to address the nra this week at the end of the week. this comes two months after the horrific shooting at the high school in parkland, florida. in the wake of that the president was supportive at least he spoke about being supportive of stricter gun laws and said basically more people need to stand up to the nra. people are too afraid of the nra. how does he go before the nra? what does he say given the movement that has really begun from these students? >> i think he was trying to have his cake and eat it too. you will remember he cozied up to the nra at the same time. this is an organization that donated $30 million to his campaign. he needs to kind of stand behind them and show them his support ahead of the mid terms, ahead of 2020. this is something he needs to do. i think he was trying to comment at the time he saw the mood of the country and saw the students
6:16 am
coming forward. no one actually thought that this would happen and that he would take it seriously and push this legislation. i think he is going back once again to sort of rally his base and back to where he thinks he belongs. >> anything of a moment where he goes to the nra and says he needs to change. >> i can't imagine him doing it now. it is a tactic that the nra has used. that's where you lay low and let time go by. i can't imagine the president now after all these months coming forward and saying here is an ultimatum. >> great to have you here with us. thank you very much. we are weeks away, maybe a few weeks away from the president's meeting with kim jong-un. the president hinting at where he wants the high stakes meeting to happen. the fired fbi director has one way to describe the house intelligence committee's russian
6:17 am
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behr marquee, #1 rated interior paint. guaranteed in 1,000 plus colors. find it exclusively at the home depot. just in from the white house, a nonclarification on the status of dr. ronnie jackson who was the president's personal physician. we just got a statement that reads ronnie jackson is on active duty assigned to the white house as deputy assistant to the president. there are no personnel announcements at this time. the reports have been that dr. jackson is working at the white house but not as the president's doctor so the statement clarifies nothing. >> we will have the reporter who broke the news last night on the program in just a little bit. maybe the white house will clarify a bit more. the president is pitching possible locations for his meeting with north korea's
6:22 am
meeting kim jong-un. >> this is the statement the president put out on twitter. he writes numerous countries are being considered for the meeting but with peace house freedom house be a more representative, important and lasting site than third party country? watching all of this for us maybe putting it up to asking the american people where they want this meeting. >> absolutely. it's certainly possible that the meeting would be at the dmz especially after what you saw last friday. the picture perfect made for tv moment that was summit so clearly president trump has been watching that. we also have more details about that meeting from last friday. we are hearing that kim jong-un said he is going to close down, shut down the north korean nuclear facility, the testing
6:23 am
site that all six tests have been carried out. bearing in mind may starts tomorrow. that could be quite soon. he will invite experts and journalists from the u.s. and south korea. he also rejected reports that that site has become obsolete because it collapsed saying there are two tunnels there that nobody knew about and they are in very good condition but he is going to shut that down. also kim jong-un said he is not the kind of person who would launch a missile, a nuclear missile against the united states. we are seeing a very different kim jong-un here because clearly that is what north korea was threatening just a matter of months ago. >> thank you very much reporting for us from seoul. let's talk about this big picture. good to see you, kim. you have some at least verbal concessions from kim jong-un saying they will shut down the nuclear test site in may. on friday he said as paula just
6:24 am
reiterated i'm not the kind of guy who will shoot a nuclear weapon. he is not the kind of guy that you just take his word for it. at this point before this meeting before president trump and kim jong-un what guarantees are necessary? >> reporter: at this point there are no guarantees in place. everyone i have spoken to who has negotiated these types of deals in the past say show me. the good thing is walking into this you do have the president meeting kim jong-un if all goes well. and it really is only at that level that these kinds of decisions can be made on the north korean side. in other arms deals you would have a lot of lower level officials meeting to decide on the deal before the two leaders meet. it does make a lot of sense in the north korean context in terms of who has the right and responsibility to make these kinds of calls. but multiple times in the past
6:25 am
in the bush administration and the obama administration it looked like you had a deal and then somebody did something to lose the trust of the other side. so this point the questions will be what facilities will international inspectors have access to? will they have continuing access? what has to be destroyed in terms of capability before the u.s. and international community accept this as a real deal and step down sanctions? >> national security adviser john bolton says there is historical precedent to learn from here. he says it is libya. listen to him. >> we have very much in mind the libya model from 2003-2004. there are obviously differences. the libyan program is much smaller. that was basically the agreement that we made. >> if you're kim jong-un and the
6:26 am
libyan model is what this is based on you have to be thinking i'm not sure i want this. moammar gadhafi ended up dead. >> the difference is that north korea has china as a garrenter. what kim jong-un is managing to do is get the momentum, get people hopeful for possibilities and almost get them out over their skis so it is hard to stop. so the ball is almost in the u.s. court but it is also going to be, could be blamed on trump if this fails. >> that is a great point. it's what we wanted to ask you next which is does this peaceful rhetoric, these images out of the meeting between president moon and kim jong-un box president trump in meaning how can president trump go back to fire and fury little rocket man,
6:27 am
my button is bigger than yours? >> it's almost like one of the woven finger traps like the more you get in when you try to pull out the tighter it is going to get. it is going to be tougher for the u.s. to use the threat of military action and it is also possible that because of the south korean party on the ground that is in power and their propencity towards unification with the north that they will be able to be convinced and convince their own people that this is better than always having the threat of multiple artillery shells raining down on us from the north. >> great to have you with us. thank you very much. james comey with a new critique. why he says the house intelligence committee is in shambles.
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this morning jam ing james >> did the house intelligence committee at all serve a good investigative purpose during all of this in your observation? >> not that i could see? >> totally too politicized. >> wrecked the committee and damaged relationships with the intelligence communities. it is just a wreck. >> joining us now cnn national security commentator and former chair of house intelligence committee. if you will set aside your current opinion of james comey. is he wrong?
6:33 am
>> clearly both reports coming out from democrats and republicans are slanted partisan leaning reports. there is probably good information in both. i have been reading the republican report. they have all started with a premise and a conclusion that there either was or was no collusion. i think they tried to fill it in on the back side of it. i never think that is always the worst way to conduct an investigation. >> given that you say this is a finding that already had a premise and a conclusion before it was found and put on paper and distributed to the president should he be resting his defense on these findings? he is tweeting look what the house intel committee found? >> we are not going to know. what the president is doing now is he is trying to set the stage for whatever trouble may or may not happen. again, mueller could say i
6:34 am
didn't find any collusion. that is still a real possibility. i think the president is trying to create the narrative that he would like to have happen. i think it is a terrible use of his time. when it comes to both of the reports i don't think you can say they are definitive. they both were undertaken with a very partisan slant. to me that is not helpful. i agree with jim comey it did serve i think to break the committee. they did create a problem in this. they have created a strain with the community of which they are supposed to oversee. in the regular order of the important business that happens in a classified setting is not nearly to the level it should be when working together with a national security issue. i blame the senior republican and adam shift for that. >> tray goudy retiring
6:35 am
republican who can speak with a strange degree of honesty now. listen to his assessment of the committee and the investigation in general. >> i can't say what is in the university of witnesses we have not talked to. i have always maintained i am awaiting the mueller investigation. they get to use a grand jury. they have investigative tools that we don't have. executive branch investigations are just better than congressional ones. so we found no evidence of collusion. whether or not it exists or not i can't speak to because i haven't interviewed the full witnesses. >> so why have the congressional investigation? there are a purpose these can serve when done well. what is it? >> i think getting facts to the public to make a determination and congress can refer to the justice department for criminal activity. there are time and circumstances where i think congressional investigations can and should be
6:36 am
done. unfortunately, now it's like an olympic sport about who can get my version of the facts to you before the other person. that's just never helpful. this is from chairman goudy who is chairman of the benghazi committee. it just shows the nature of the plitization of it. >> it is disappointing that the only time we can get this refreshing is when someone is on the way out. that aside, do you -- when has it worked? you bring up the benghazi investigation. you bring up this investigation. when has it worked well? where is a model and example that this committee can get back to when it has worked to the benefit of the american people? >> when i was working with my counter part a member from maryland, still a member of congress on the armed services appropriations committee, we were able to do investigations
6:37 am
that were classified that never leaked out in a classified setting. in other words, there are issues that need the full attention and investigative ability of the committee like the intelligence committee. it didn't become public because it should have not become public. you don't see very many of those or hear about very many anymore. that's unfortunate because that is the real work of the committee. you need to make sure those facts are in front of the policy makers who can make the changes and mediate to make sure they get it right and are following the law. >> we don't know if the president is going to speak to robert mueller's investigators. what is the political fallout if it doesn't happen? if there is a definitive no i'm not going to do it what happens then? >> i'm not sure there is a political fallout. think of the environment in which we live. it is ramped up. it is intense.
6:38 am
you are either all hating in on the guy or you love the guy or there doesn't seem to be a lot of room in the middle for what is left. i just think that that is going to draft right into whatever your position is. so you are going to -- if the democrats say he is not talking then we should impeach him immediately and republicans say the whole thing was a sham and shouldn't have been doing it in the first place. i don't think there is much fallout other than every occasion on every bit of information we get on the russia investigation today. >> i think that poll came out saying now for the first time 61% don't think the mueller investigation is fair. a lot of folks on both sides gave him a long run way ahead of this. it seems like the view is changing at least among some conservatives. thank you. >> thanks. a deadline to impose tariffs on u.s. allies is just hours away and the whole world is watching to see if president trump will actually spark a
6:39 am
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this morning a deadline just hours away. if it passes president trump could put tariffs on u.s. allies that were given treemporary exemptions last month. >> they make up nearly half of the steel imports to the united states and very soon within hours they could face big tariffs, 25% tariff on steel, 10% tariff on aluminum. christine romans is here with more. question is he going to do it? >> trade negotiators are working hard to figure out how this doesn't happen. 25% of steel, 10% aluminum. they went into effect but a bunch of people got exemptions and those expire tonight. we are talking about eu, argentina, south korea. south korea has since turned
6:44 am
temporary exemption into a permanent one. the other countries are very concerned. together the eu and united states account for a third of global trade. some of those negotiators feel offended that they have been given this blanket statement by the united states and that a negotiation has not really been fruitful. the european union should be ready to decisively defend its interests within the framework of multi lateral trade rules. we are going to fight back. we are going to retaliate. there has been talk that maybe the eu could drop tariffs on american imported cars except under the global trade architecture that could mean lowering tariffs to including maybe letting chinese get the footwork. it's not just one move and then it is over. each of these moves we have nafta that we are trying to figure out and u.s. trade negotiators are going to china this week to talk about those
6:45 am
$150 billion. this is a complicated trade situation. >> i remember this is the reason why they lost. >> i think he will be going to china with two basically trade hawks and two globalests. will they speak with one voice? >> thanks very much. we have breaking news out of afghanistan. icesis claiming responsibility for a pair of blasts. among the dead at least eight journalists. officials say a suicide bomber disguised as a cameraman detonated the blast. i think it was his deposition really where he admitted to giving these to
6:46 am
women. >> that is harrison snyder saying he never watched the cosby show and didn't know anything about the allegations against cosby until he was picked for the jury. he says after seeing the evidence he has no doubt that the jury came to the right verdict. his sentencing date has not yet been set. a developing scandal and cover up across two continents. what are president trump and president macron doing? they are planting a tree. they are shoveling dirt over a tree. that tree was a gift of france. it was planted on the white house lawn last week. reporters noticed the tree was gone. it was missing. what happened to the tree? it turns out the french now say the tree is in quarantine taken off the lawn which is standard procedure when replanting any kind of foreign item like a tree. my question is why were they
6:47 am
planting it? they fake planted a tree. >> why are you so up in arms? >> because this is fake. this didn't really happen. they shovelled dirt and then took the dirt off. they fake planted a tree. where is the outrage here? three days of washington being up in arms about comedy and not one peep about horticulture. this is ridiculous. they are shaking hands about how well they fake planted the tree. they are looking at the tree they fake planted. >> are you sure they knew it was a fake plant when they dug the dirt? >> what did they know and when did they know it? >> that is the key question, sir. >> what if the tree knew? it is a night for celebrating the first amendment which i just abused. the main headline from the white house correspondents dinner, controversy. from gillette...ade quality yot affordability you might not.
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we are graced with sarah's presence tonight. i have to say, i'm a little star struck. i love you as aunt lydia in the hand maid's tale. i actually really like sarah. i think she's very resourceful. she burns facts and then uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye. like maybe she's born with it, maybe it's lies. probably lies. >> so you saw the reaction on sarah sanders' face. this morning, the president is railing against that performance by comedian michelle wolf at the
6:53 am
white house correspondents' dinner after she took aim at the press secretary, ivanka trump and many others close to the president and the president himself. he calls the performance a total disaster and embarrassment to our great country. >> he called wolf a filthy comedian. interesting given the source. late last night, the white house correspondents association seemed to reverse its stance. putting out a statement about the act saying last night's program was meant to offer a unifying message to our common commitment, not to divide the people. unfortunately the entertainer's monologue was not in the spirit of that mission. joining us now, senior media correspondent brian stelter. brian, i think this was very predictable in many ways. what happened, the response to what happened, the response to the response to what happened here. so who are the winners who are the losers? >> i think president trump is a
6:54 am
winner and michelle wolf is a winner. she has a show on netflix next month, getting a lot of attention for it. president trump is calling this dinner embarrassing, playing into that and telling his base this is evidence of what he's been saying for 15 months. ever since running for office. the president over the weekend at his rally said they hate your guts. presumably talking about the media saying they hate your guts to the voters. he's pointing at this rally as evidence of that. >> here's the thing, michelle wolf is not a journalist. she's a comedian. however, she was invited by a big important group of journalists, the white house correspondents association. >> now debate going on within the association about whether to have comedians at all. i spoke to the next president of the association who takes over in july, he said we'll have a wide ranging discussion about what to do in the future. >> to what extent do they need to own this? >> i think this is symptomatic of a broader issue involving the press and the president. this president has declared war on the media. he says he's at war with the media. journalists pretty much say no,
6:55 am
we're not at war with you, but he says he is. on a night like this where you have this comedian up there acting like she's at war with him, attacking sarah sanders, making funny jokes but also some jokes that may have felt inappropriate into the room, it plays into the idea that we're at war with the president. in this moment of conflict and tension, maybe the dinner has to change. >> i have to say, i hope they spend time talking about other things than if they invite a comedian to the dinner. there is pushback to the pushback or pushback to the pushback to the pushback, i lost track here. matt slap was on "new day," he walked out over the jokes. listen to this exchange. >> did you feel the same way when president trump said in an interview with rolling stone, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that? would you have walked out of the president's speech when he -- if he said that about carly fiorina? >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember.
6:56 am
he's going, i don't remember. >> should the people behind him have walked out in. >> i don't think it is clear to this day what he meant by doing that. >> president trump has changed everything. i really think these conversations are so different than they were two or three or four years ago because of the president's rhetoric. i think michelle wolf performs at a comedy club in new york, people would have loved it. but the white house correspondents' dinner is different and i understand the controversy. at the end of the day, isn't it supposed to make people uncomfortable, make people think, well, she definitely did that. >> brian stealther. >> she did indeed, thank you. you have 150 migrants waiting outside a u.s. border crossing in mexico. they spent weeks and weeks traveling through mexico, trying to get asylum in the united states. the president does not want to roll out the welcome mat. the details ahead. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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