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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 1, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn on this tuesday afternoon. we have some breaking news regarding president trump and his former personal doctor. this is coming from nbc news. they're reporting dr. harold bornstein claims the president's long-time personal bodyguard alo along, plus a third man raided the m.d. office and took off
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with the president's personal files, this happening in february afters electi the elec. he said he felt quote, raped, when lawyer schiller shold up and took all the files. this is what he told msnbc. >> what exactly were they looking for? >> well, medical records, his pictures, anything they could find. they must have been here for 25, 30 minutes. they created a lot of chaos. i couldn't believe anybody was making a big deal about a drug that's to grow his hair, which seemed to be so important. and it certainly is not a breach of medical trust to take somebody they take propecia to grow their hair. what's the matter with that? >> let's go to our national political report aer and former
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justice department prosecutor. jody, you first. on what authority could they even go in and raid this doctor? >> joe, are you with me? live tv. >> look, hi. sorry about that. >> no worries. >> the legal right belongs to the client. so much like the client of a lawyer owns his or her lawyer's files, the patient owns his federal files. there are certainly appropriate and inappropriate ways to obtain possession of those files. never one for settubtlety, if t president did send several large men to rummage through and pull his files, that's troublesome. not so much for the president's own files but what other patients they could have rummaged through in the process. was there a violation of those patients' medical files. that's the real question i'd be concerned about.
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>> we remember that the doctor said trump had astonishingly help. he's kind of an odd duck. tell me more about him. >> this is like the perfect reminder for us that before there was ronny jackson, there was harold bornstein. as you said, this was a doctor who really made headlines during the campaign for going to extremes and describing the state of donald trump's health. he said he was unequivocally fit to be president, he would be the healthiest president in the history of the country, he is astonishingly in excellent health. now he's saying there was an incident in february of 2017 where these men came in and raided his doctor's office so they could procure the records of donald trump. remember, this man has been donald trump's doctor for many decades. >> which is also timing-wise, as you heard in the sound bite two
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days after this doctor had prescribed donald trump some sort of medication for hair growth. >> obviously we would be predicting or speculating that we said it was related to that but it is noteworthy that the time line is such. but he's using pretty strong language in this interview with nbc news and how it made him feel. he said he felt raped, frightened and sad when donald trump's bodyguard came into his men and took these documents and that it created a lot of chaos. i think on a more serious note, he claims they didn't actually sign the necessary forms to take these medical records from him and obviously that's a pretty serious issue and that any time that you're talking about medical documents, medical records, yes, there are certain procedures that are in place, presumably for a president as well, to make sure that those documents are handed over in sort of a proper way. and of course sort of the talk
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about personal doctor for donald trump right now is particularly interest because of all of headlines that we've seen doctor ronny jackson, who is no longer donald trump's physician. >> right. we're getting to this later. m.j. thank you, joe moreno, thank you as well here. just a heads up to all of you, we may get the first on-camera reaction from the white house on what is the most in-depth update on the russia investigation. we're talking about the 49 questions robert mueller hopes to ask donald trump. the "new york times" has obtained the list. as can you see them on your screen here confirming cnn's previous reporting about inquiries about james comey, michael flynn and for example, what discussions did you have during the campaign regarding any meeting with mr. putin? did you discuss it with others?
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that contradicts the president's tweet earlier today, "so disgraceful that the questions concerning the russian witch hunt were leaked to the media. no questions on collusion. i see, you have a made up, phony crime that never existed, an investigation that began with leaked, classified information. nice." he said "it would seem very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened. witch hunt." to the white house we go. jeff zeleny, first and foremost, the questions did include collusion. there is within the realm of possibility that whoever leaked this could have been someone on the trump team. >> reporter: certainly, brooke. that's a very big possibility. this was not a verbatim list from bob mueller's lawyers handing it over. it was a compilation of a
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conversation that the trump lawyers had over the last several weeks and months. it's very possible this was leaked from someone on the trump's side. the special counsel's office very rarely leaked. it essentially showed this is a deep, broad investigation that's still very much alive, that is still very much going on. we are going to be hearing from the president just to really shortly here, the press pool was just called into the oval office and he was meeting with folks in there, the passengers and pilot of that southwest flight from that accident a month ago. as we stand by for that. of course this is a central focus here on those questions. so we are going to hear from sa sarah sanders. is the president going to answer
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the volum voluminous question? >> we'll wait for the pool report for the president meeting with the southwest plane survivors and sarah sanders at the podium. coming up, what do the questions say about the size and scope of the investigation. there's a lot to talk about with regard to this white house press briefing and sanderrah sanders. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we're back in a flash. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor,
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some incredible people behind me. i want to just say that i'm honored to have the heroic crew and passengers of southwest flight 1380 at the white house today. i also want to thank secretary of transportation, elaine chow, doing an incredible job, by the way. really fantastic job in so many ways. while i'm en route from new york and they were -- i've taken that route many, many times. i've landed at laguardia many, many times. they went from laguardia to dallas last month. an engine failed crippling the aircraft piloted by pilot tammie
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jo shultz. tammie did an incredible job. and first officer, did he do good? >> he did. >> our hearts break for jennifer riordan. we send our prayers to jennifer's husband and beautiful children. we ask to hold them close as they lost a beautiful mother and wife. see looked like a really fantastic woman. we're joined by catherine sandoval and the crew members
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who helped make an emergency landing in philadelphia. fantastic job. you were a little bit nervous up there? >> not at all. >> you knew who was piloting the plane so you had no problem, right? that's a fantastic job. they said you were calm and strong and cool. thank you very much. capta captain, i especially want to commend you for your life saving actions. everyone is talking about it. i understand you were one of the first women ever to fly tactical fighter aircraft in the united states navy. you drew from years of training and safety and you knew how to land that plane. we salute you and every member of this crew. thank you very much. thank you. finally, we're indebted to the passengers aboard the flight, including kim mcginty, andrew
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neeum and peggy filluphillips we also with us. they risked their safety to pull jennifer back inside the aircraft. and while there was nothing more they could do, these americans responded with tremendous bravery and everybody's talking about it. so your bravery, your compassion, we really appreciate it. thank you all. the actions of the crew and passengers of southwest flight 1380 show the great character of our nation. we're very, very proud of them and god bless you all and thank you very much for being at the white house. it is really an honor to meet you all. thank you very much. >> thanks, everyone. we're leaving now. please exit. please exit.
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>> nobel peace prize? i think president moon was very nice when he suggested it. the main thing, i want to get peace. it was a big problem and i think it's going to work out well. we're setting up meetings right now and i think it's probably going to be announced over the next couple of days, location and date, but i thought it was very generous of president moon of south korea to make that statement and i appreciate it but the main thing is to get it done. i want to get it done. thank you all. thank you very much. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you. >> i may, i may. i'm not sure. >> thank you. thank you. please exit. >> all right, the president flanked by the heroes, the survivors of that southwest flight just a couple weeks ago. a bit of news regarding that upcoming sup mmit between kim jg
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what robert mueller's questions involve and what they say about his investigation. jim sciutto is here with me in new york. you have a bunch of full
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screens. starting with like general headings, themes of some of the questions for trump. >> you look at the big picture here and it makes clear none of the big lines of inquiry are closed, assuming these questions are valid. obstruction of justice certainly a question based on the kind of things he's asking about, the firing of comey, whether he interfered on the flynn investigation, and 2016 campaign investigation, including the evidence of collusion. there's one in there that raised eyebrows. he asked about paul manafort and outreach to russia for help with the campaign. we don't know what kind of help he's referencing. is it financial help? is it forewarning of stolen documents or e-mails to be released? >> so the notion that the president tweets this morning and says there are no questions
11:24 am
regarding collusion? >> all had you to do was read the "new york times" piece to belie that one. and the final one, business dealings. >> start with comey. >> all those issues we talked, about the things he talked about and testified about, these come up in this list of questions. a loyalty pledge. what did he mean when he asked when he was talking about loyalty when he met with james comey. what was he trying to do when he said to james comey, let flynn go, let this investigation, implying he was putting pressure on him to let the criminal investigation of flynn go. and also what did he mean, intriguing question, what did he mean when he told the russians in the oval office to say that took a lot of pressure off me.
11:25 am
>> and the supposed dirt they wanted on hillary clinton. >> and two lines of inquiry it seems here. one is the issue what did you know about this meeting? >> donald trump jr. said i never told my dad this meeting is coming up. they ask him point blanc whk wh did you know about it because they were told they were going to offer dirt on hillary clin n clinton. what was the nature of that? was that cooperation? were you expecting help from the russians? the other was the president's involvement in the response to that. the initial white house explanation was extremely misleading. it said it was all about adoptions. and we know that the president apparently took part in drafting that. so did the president intentionally try to obscure the facts. >> the next piece is interesting because everybody keeps talking about collusion and obstruction. lost in all of that is business
11:26 am
da dealings, real estate deals, russia. >> and we reported on this on friday, some were in the house intelligence committee report, back and forth between russians tied to president putin, many of them, and the trump campaign during the trump campaign about trump tower and moscow and ways they could in effect do business together. a potential further follow-up question may be was there any offer, you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. that's been an issue that some particularly democrats on the investigating committees have raised. >> jim sciutto, thank you for laying some of that. we want to get into the analysis of this. is this a strategy, was this a message to the white house at all? the white house blaming a clerical error in language concerning iran's nuclear program. how could this have happened?
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questions special counsel robert mueller wants to ask president trump and what it all signifies, questions about the firing of former fbi director james comey and national security adviser michael plflynn. was list was leaked to and made public by the "new york times." author of "matrix" and joe moreno is back with you, former prosecutor for the department of justice. gentlemen, garrett, let's keep
11:32 am
thing off with you. jim sciutto and i ran through some of the questions. you've soeen the list. starting with questions about osama bin lado obstruction, what's your takeaway. >> >> these questions are just starting points. in a normal interview, you would expect all these questions to be followed up, probably in an aggressive manner. they're effectively what you and i, brooke, as outsiders in this investigation would probably have come up with if we sat down to ask about these and to sort of think about this. what we would imagine mueller has is the answers to most of these questions and that over the course of the follow-ups he would go through documents, e-mail, testimony from other witnesses that would get much more specific and sort of zero in on the president's thinking in each of these cases. >> so these are the guideline
11:33 am
questions, there would be follow-ups. there was also a response from the president this morning via twooet tw twitter you can't obstruct justice if there's no crime. you obvious disagree. >> so many of us wonder why the president doesn't put down the phone. so many of his injuries are self-inflicted. that's not going to happen. he's going to take this list of question, regardless of who leaked it, and try to -- he's going to say there's no collusion because the word doesn't appear. i think we're not going to see the president just sit back and let the evidence play out. he is determined to drive the narrative and he's going to keep doing that. >> yes, and i don't think he's putting his phone down any time soon. if you look at this and if you think no crime was committed, if
11:34 am
nobody nefarious has been done, then how do you explain the president's behavior? >> yeah, and i think that is what is somewhat shocking when you look at the totality of these questions. is the extent to which, you know, when it's all in one long list, you realize just how many troubling questions there are about the president's behavior in his first year in office. you know, even before you get back into the campaign, even before you get into the transition, you know, there's a lot still unexplained that we don't know about why the president did what he did in response to this investigation. and has we were just talking about, one of the challenges in this is that it's clear in that this is one of the themes of this question throughout is it's the president's own actions and
11:35 am
public statements that are likely going to cause him some of the biggest problems in this investigation as it continues. the president's own words are being used against him on a regular basis. >> on the trump campaign, whether it is the trump tower meeting or jared kushner's back channel efforts, joe, what do those sorts of questions from the mueller team tell you? >> well, they tell us that the idea of the special counsel looking into collusion is still very much a live issue, and that that's an area that he can probably prove with the evidence that's out there. he doesn't need the president to speak to him in order to decide if collusion was present or not. it shows that this investigation is still broad. it shows that it is still wide ranging and the idea that months ago we said collusion is off the table is absolutely not true. he is still looking into those
11:36 am
areas. and in some regard i think those are more troublesome than the potential obstruction avenue that this investigation is also going in. >> just quickly also, we don't know who leaked these. we just know that they came to -- the trump team was listening and talking to the prosecutors, the mueller team, taking all these different notes. if the leak came from a trump lawyer, garrett, what do you think the underlying motivation would be? >> there's an obvious motive here which is that there a lot of people around the president who don't want him sitting down to talk to bob mueller, that they don't think he's going to be able to not get himself into a perjury trap in the course of speaking with bob mueller. mike smith, who wrote this story for "the new york times," this morning in the daily podcast with the "new york times" made a more specific and sort of
11:37 am
intriguing theory and obviously he is likely to know what the source is, he said he thought these leaks came from people concerned about the president's behavior and thought that the president was out of control. that's sort of an interesting lead of where these leaks might have come from. >> hmm. one possibility of several. garrett and joe, thank you both so much on all those questions. ahead here on cnn, he says he didn't call the president an idiot but reports indicate that the president's chief of staff, john kelly, isn't exactly on great terms with his boss. and the relation shape between the president and his chief of staff likely to be asked of sha sarah sanders inside the brady press room. back in a moment.
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a one-letter mistake. one letter on an official white
11:42 am
house statement has sparked all kind of question about official u.s. policy toward iran. it was around 7:30 last evening white house press secretary sarah sanders sent out a statement to reporters declaring newly unveiled statement was that iran has a robust clandestine nuclear weapons program. two hours later a quiet statement changing has to had. best case scenario, is that gross incompetence?
11:43 am
>> yes. some people would say what are you doing, nit-picking a typo? but yes, that's gross incompetence. either you don't know the intelligence assessment for what exists right now. at worst you're playing with the facts on the ground as the community understands them. to me, some folks will say you're being ridiculous, you're chalking this up to a typo, this matters. these are communications from the president, from the white house for the whole world to see. if it didn't matter, they wouldn't have corrected it. >> the white house truly wanted to bolster the prime's position, netanyahu's position saying that the information, quote, adds new and compelling details about iran's efforts and he doubled down today saying iran could still build nuclear weapons if
11:44 am
they want. and information saying there's no evidence that iran tried to build nuclear weapons after 2009. where's the truth? >> since the deal was made, that was a political power point. that was to make a point that netanyahu wanted to keep -- to urge the americans and urge trump to get out of the deal. meanwhile, our allies, germany in particular but also france, as we saw last week, are urging us to stay in. so a typo is actually not a typo. i'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to the white house because do i wonder whether they weren't politicizing the intelligence and got caught and changed. i'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it was a mistake. even if it was a mistake, how careless are we?
11:45 am
the world doesn't want careless. our troops don't want careless, our intelligence that are figuring out covert action don't want careless. >> it's about precision. >> i think it's a lack of respect that not just us and our troops and intelligence agents are doing, it's a lack of respect, a carelessness, which is unforgivablunforgivable, ass it was careless. >> maeve, i want you to weigh in. more on the news today, the president's former long-time doctor said members of the president's team raided his office and took all of the president's medical records. first, chris harron beat heroin.
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chance to review those questions, digest them and what does he think with the line of questioning? >> as of all questions of this nature, i would refer you to the
11:52 am
president's outside attorneys. >> can you tell us what the president's confidence is for john kelly and is he being considered for the v.a. secretary? >> no, he's not being considered for the v.a. secretary. both the president and johnson k -- general kelly are happy with his position. i spend more time with the president than anyone else hand we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship. he always knows where i stand and he and i both know this story is total b.s. i'm committed to the president, his agenda and our country. this is another pathetic attempt to smear people close to president trump and distract from the administration's many successes. >> you described iran statement
11:53 am
as a clerical error but it's a significant editing error that has policy implications. can you state what the white house believes is the current state of iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon and if it's in full compliance? >> we think the biggest mistake was the obama administration ever entering the deal that you referenced in the first place. the typo was noticed and immediately corrected. >> but you astasert what that says, that there is no current program in iran and it's in compliance with the deal, as least as negotiated, right? >> the deal was made on a completely false pretense. iran died on the front end. they were dishonest actors. so the deal that was made was made on things that weren't accurate and we have a big problem with that, particularly -- particularly the fact that iran's nuclear
11:54 am
capability were far more advanced and far further along than they ever indicated, which if this nuclear deal maintains as it is right now when the sunset provision hits in seven years, they will be much further along in the process and able to make a nuclear weapon much quicker than they've ever indicated before and that's a big problem. john? >> reporter: thank you. i wanted to ask you about the reprieve that the eu, canada and mexico are receiving a 30-day reprieve on the tariff on e aluminum. what are the chances of that being made permanent for mexico? >> we are extending those negotiations because we've seen some progress. i'm not going to get ahead of what that may look like but we have 30 days to continue in
11:55 am
those negotiations and hopeful that we can get something that works for everybody. >> reporter: if i may, i wanted to ask you about something that took place last week involving the president's personal attorney, michael cohen. he in court documents asserted that he would assert his fifth amendment rights in the stormy daniels lawsuit filed against both him and the president. you may recall that in september of 2017 the president at a campaign rally said "the mob takes the fifth" and also said "if you're innocent, why do you take the fifth amendment." do those comments apply to michael cohen? does he stand by those comments? >> i can't speak for michael cohen. >> reporter: the president said to the tweek -- leak was
11:56 am
disgraceful. >> i can't answer anything about those questions. >> reporter: it was a specific question about the white house being involved in it. >> it was specific to the president and i'm referring you to the president's attorneys who can speak on that matter. >> reporter: is the white house concerned as congressman adam schiff has said point to obstruction of justice? >> we can at the white house tr never to be concerned with anything involving adam schiff. >> reporter: wilbur ross said if we're going to impose it, we're going to have to do it soon or people will start gaming the system. does the white house agree with the commercial secretary that you're going to have to move forward with this pretty soon? >> it's a 30-day extension and we expect for those negotiations to be completed at the end of
11:57 am
those 30 days. >> reporter: will this be the last of the 30 days, then? >> i'm not going to get ahead of the process but we're working on making a deal during this 30-day time period and we'll keep you posted. >> reporter: if lonnie jackson is no longer the doctor's personal doctor, why not? >> he's still a navy doctor assigned to white house. but an acting doctor was put in his place and dr. connolly will remain there. >> reporter: why in the bring him back in that role? >> dr. connolly had already assumed that role but dr. jackson continues to be an active navy doctor assigned to the white house. >> reporter: does the president has anything to say about the
11:58 am
stormy daniels def may amation ? >> i have no comment of that. >> as a standard practice, the white house took possession of the president's medical records. >> it was called a raid. >> reporter: the president has tweeted about it. he's talked about how none of these questions relate to collusion. but that's not true. over a dozen of them do. we've talked about accuracy from the president in the past. why is he mischaracterizing these reports? >> once again, i'm not going to get into the back and forth on matters involving the special counsel -- >> reporter: it's not a question involving the special counsel. >> it certainly has implications with the special counsel and i'm not going to get into a back and forth. >> reporter: there are some today who are essentially saying what has happened with the
11:59 am
president's former personal doctor was a burglary the way keith schiller -- >> i think there's one, not some. >> reporter: what's your response to that characterization? >> once again that it would be standard procedure for the president, newly collected president's medical records to be in possession by the white house medical unit and that's what was taking place is those records were being transferred over to the white house medical union the as requested. >> reporter: there are some allies of the president's on capitol hill who are apparently drafting articles of impeachment for the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. is it the president's belief that the rod rosenstein has committed a high crime or misdemeanor? >> i'm not aware of any belief of that. >> reporter: does the white house not endorse that? >> i haven't seen the specific document but we don't have any personnel announcements and we're continuing to move forward with the department of justice. >> reporter: there are two
12:00 pm
questions. there is -- there are questions percolating about james shaw jr. and the president. has he called him? is he planning on meeting with him? he's talking to heros. he had the heroes of the southwest flight in the oval office today. you said something about james shaw jr. last week. but is the president himself going to reach out to him? will he come to the white house? >> my understanding is that there has been an outreach effort to bring him here to the white house and i'll keep you updated on that as i have more information. >> reporter: chaos, hush money, russia trolls, comey e-mail investigations on the eve of the election, allegations of collusion. do these issues give support to those who say -- who offer questions about the president's legitimacy? >> i'm not sure i follow the question but i think the fact that millions of americans came out and voted for and continue to support