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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 4, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hello, i'm erika hill in for brooke baldwin today. the vice president is there in dallas, the president is there as well. there's good news for the president on an economic front the nation is edging towards full employment according to the late jobs report. yet today that good news is once again overshadowed by the president and his remarks on a payment to porn star stormy daniels. keep in mind the president had
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previously denied knowing about the payment and then seemed to confirm he did know about it. now take a listen. >> rudy is a great guy but he just started a day ago, but he really has his heart into it, he's working hard, he's learning the subject matter, and he's going to be issuing a statement, too. he started yesterday. he'll get his facts straight. he's a great guy. >> reporter: mr. president, why did you change your story on stormy daniels? >> we're not changing any stories. all i'm telling you is that this country is right now running so smooth and to be bringing up that kind of crap and to be bringing up witch hunts all the time, that's all you want to talk about -- >> reporter: you said on network television you didn't know about the payment. >> you go back and take a look
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at what you said. >> but you said when i asked you. >> take a look at what i said. >> the statement from rudy giuliani is "this is intended to clarify the views i expressed over the past few days. first, there is no campaign violation. the payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation. it would have been done in any event whether he was a candidate or not. second, my references to timing were my understanding of these matters. third, it is undisputed that the president's dismissal of former director comey an interior director officer. it further confirmed the wisdom of the president's decision, which was plainly in the best interest of our nation. as we wait for the president to take the podium in dallas, we have even more discussed than we thought we would. joining us cnn white house
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reporter kaitlin collins. we're hearing all these things from rudy giuliani. part of what he's trying to do is clarify some of those comments we heard over the last 36 to 48 hours or so including when he alluded to the word funneling and also said imagine how bad this would have looked on october 15th, 2016. >> i'm not sure what rudy giuliani is clearing up with the statement here, especially the second one you said where he said the references to timing were not describing -- he did use the word funneling and said the president made those payments to michael cohen on a monthly basis throughout 2017 and maybe 2018, which would raise slew of questions. that payment to michael cohen
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was made before the election even happened. and giuliani drew a line between those two things. i don't think this does a lot to clear it up but we can see why rudy giuliani is issuing the statement, especially after the president essentially ran him over with a bus this morning saying he did say he was a great guy but said that he was still learning the subject matter, he wasn't familiar with the facts, he wasn't going to be issuing this statement soon, seemingly under the direction of the president. but even amid all this confusion, we have to go back and point out that rudy giuliani did meet with the president before and after that explosive interview with sean hannity and he said afterwards the president was not upset with him about what he said and he made that bombshell announcement the president had known about the money paid to stormy daniels because he had reimbursed michael cohen for that $130,000. so rudy giuliani here trying to clear this up. also trying to make clear this was not a campaign finance violation. of course that has been the
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central question about this ever since michael cohen did first admit to making that payment. also he's referencing that other bombshell from that interview where he said that the president fired james comey because james comey wouldn't make a public statement that the president wasn't under investigation, something that james comey says he private lily told the presid but didn't want to say publicly. so really rudy giuliani just two weeks on the job here, erika, since he's been announced as the p president's latest lawyer already having to issue a statement clearing up himself comments. >> or making them clear as mud as you pointed out. i want to bring in our analysts. paul, i want to start with you on this. just to go back to what we just got from rudy giuliani, the counsel to the president, right? so counselor, that second part, which i have to say stuck out to me as well as it did to kaitlin,
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my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but my understanding of these matters. >> that is a bizarre statement. if you watched the hannity interview, he was clear as a bell in answering the question as to when the president knew and how the payments were made. ironically, you know, giuliani became famous prosecuting the mob, all the big mob bosses in new york. one of those mob bosses was named vinny "the chin" and he used to wander around greenwich village in a bathroom looking confused and that was the defense, he couldn't be running a mob outfit. i think giuliani quoted the president exactly and accurately initially and wasn't confused at all. >> josh, how much of this could be, in fact, quoting the president accurately, following up on a conversation that rudy
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giuliani and the president had had because we saw the president follow up on twitter and then the president realizing that maybe this didn't land the way he wanted it to. perhaps now he's backtracking. >> one concern in describing his conversation with the president and giving the president's recollection of the facts is attorney/client privilege and discussing your private conversations with your client could endanger that for rudy giuliani, the mayor and obviously the president's main lawyer now. that could -- i know it caused consternation in the white house that he on public televisiotele. rudy giuliani basically put a new reason in there, is that he wouldn't tell the president he wasn't under investigation. if you talk to people inside the white house, that read as close to accurate or was one of the
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precipitating factors. but it was startling to see him say that on television. it seems there's a bit of a clean-up here. he gave two fairly explosive and news-filled, news-packed interviews on fox. now you have rudy giuliani and the president watching how this plays out. with this president, he'll have news coverage and come back and try to recalibrate. you're seeing meeting with lawyers, talking with confidantes, associates, he wanted rudy giuliani to go out and correct some of the things he said. he made that clear this morning. >> let listen to more what he was saying this morning. take a listen. >> rudy knows it's a witch hunt. he started yesterday. ah, he'll get his facts straight. >> he'll get his facts straight but here's the issue. rudy giuliani said a number of interviews, spoke to our own
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dana bash, said there's no daylight between me and the president, we have agreed on all these things. now the president is saying he'll get his facts straight. the story keeps changing. >> rudy giuliani did not start yesterday. he started two weeks ago, as kaitlin said. so even in that president trump can't get his facts straight. i think that circles back to the central question in all of this is where does the president's credibility stand right now with the american people, with the voters who are going to decide on control of the house of representatives and possibly the senate in 2018. i mean, the real problem here is not even just how messy rudy giuliani's clean-up has been and his initial statements but the fact that, you know, they completely run against what trump himself said. and trump has, you know, has conflicted -- has been conflicted about his own statements all week this week, just confusing everyone.
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and i think that we're at the point where the president has lied so many times throughout the course of his presidency that he's just facing a massive credibility crisis. >> and that is something we're going to continue to dig deeper on. for folks just joining us here, i want to put up on the screen for you now this statement from former mayor rudy giuliani. the president told us we'd be getting a statement from him. here it is. "this is intended to clarify the views i expressed over the past few days. first, there is no campaign violation. this is in reference to the stormy daniels payment, repayment. second, he writes my references to timing were not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but instead my understanding of these matters. third, it is undisputed that the
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president's dismissal of james comey an inferior executive officer, was clearly within his pow power. all of this stems what we heard initially from an interview with sean hannity. take a listen. >> i was talking about the $130,000 payment, the settlement payment. the only violation is was there a campaign finance violation, that was money that was paid by his lawyer the way i would do out of his law firm funds or
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whatever funds. >> that was part of the explanation we got there. there's a couple of things there that stick out. number one, he worked obviously in the southern district here. he knowes it es it's not a stor trooper issue. he said the biggest issue here would be a fine. is the biggest issue that there could be a fine from the sec and a slap on the wrist and now we move forward? >> no. there could be the impeachment of the united states. >> over this? over a payment? >> this is part of a picture that could lead to obstruction of justice charges and other thanksgiving th things that might support impeachment. the trouble i have with the giuliani statement is having represented many people charged with crimes the lawyer sits down with the client and says what
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happened? you're very met particult metic knowing all of the facts of the case. giuliani knows it's a big announcement because he says to hannity i'm going to surprise you with something. obviously this was a carefully discussed statement and then he makes the statement. now he says, well, it's my understanding of what -- of the situation. well, his understanding is based on what he was told by the president. what else would it be based on? so what he's really saying is the president can't communicate with him the date that he knew a payment was made to an ex-porn star? i mean, it would be kind of a memorable thing i think for most people, $130,000. >> one would think. >> so this is a fishy story. he accuses the fbi of being storm troopers. he isn't those same fbi agents out and rousted white collar criminals in new york. he was notorious for being a vicious, tough prosecutor.
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this is deep hypocrisy for him to be attacking the very fbi agents he used to arrest people when he was u.s. attorney. and that's what giuliani is doing here. >> still to come, much more on our break being newing news, abg about and possibly talking with the special counsel. all as we await the president to take that podium there and address the nra. to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. it's a quick 10 minute treatment given by a doctor to reduce those lines. ask your doctor about botox® cosmetic by name. the effects of botox® cosmetic, may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions,
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we are waiting to see vice president pence there at the podium in dallas. he's addressing the annual meeting of the nra. we're waiting for the president to take the podium as well.
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as we wait for that, i want to bring back in my guests. we continue to hash through what's happened not only in the last 18 minutes since we went on the air with a statement from rudy giuliani but also what's happened even just this morning. i want to take a closer look at some of what the president had to say this morning about rudy giuliani. take a listen. >> nobody wants to speak more than me. in fact, against my lawyers because most lawyers they never speak on anything. i would love to speak. because we've done nothing wrong. there was no collusion with the russians, there was nothing. there was no obstruction. i would love to go, i would love to speak, but i have to find that we're going to be treated fairly. it is a very unfair thing. if i thought it was fair, i would override my lawyers. >> there we have the president talking about how he really want to talk to robert mueller. nobody wants to talk to robert mueller more than this president. paul, i know we've asked you
11:20 am
this question a number of times, if you are the president's attorney, do you advise him to go in there and have this discussion? we know not every attorney who has worked for him has given him that advice. >> every time the president makes a statement about a subject, he changes what he says about it. there are always five different versions of everything. you do that under oath to a federal prosecutor, you've committed a crime. the president can speak publicly at a press conference and say whatever he wants. he's not going to be prosecuted for that. but if he testifies falsely before a grand jury, he's in trouble. he's facing potential criminal charges or impeachment first before there would be criminal charges. >> when you look at that giuliani interview, the first one that he gave to sean hannity, he kind of set that up. he said we think this is going to be a trap, we don't think this investigation is fair to begin with, setting up the parameter to which they could deny this. you can see just in the past 24
11:21 am
hou hours the way in which the president can't get his own story straight, that would set off alarm bells whether he should sit down with the special counsel if he can't get the story straight on the payment. >> this is yet another example of why that's a concern. in terms of parameters, in caitlin's point, you have rudy giuliani setting very clear messages in that interview with sean hannity, just like you have the president sending this clear message lake he has in the past. i'm putting the narrative out there that i would love to speak with robert mueller. if i don't do it, it's just because of my lawyers and they won't be fair to us. >> he has to make that case in order to keep his base with him, keep the narrative going that this is a witch hunt, that he
11:22 am
has nothing to hide, that he's willing to speak to investigators. but of course if you are president trump's lawyer, you don't want to put him in front of mueller. we know from that very specific list of questions that the "new york times" published earlier this week that there are so many areas in which there is legal peril for the president. and it's hard to see what he would gain beyond a p.r. victory with the public in going in and facing those questions and those follow-ups. >> when we look at it in terms of messages that we got about the special counsel, the other thing that really stood out from rudy giuliani was this very clear message, do not go after ivanka trump. jared kushner, he's kind of disposable. but the minute the special counsel turns its focus on ivanka trump, that's when we really get serious.
11:23 am
it pr it's pretty tough to ignore that was a direct threat in many ways. >> it almost seemed like giuliani sat down with the president and the president said i want you to make it clear, send a message about leaving ivanka alone. all of us are critical of the president so nobody can criticize him for wanting to protect his daughter. but it also suggests that maybe the president's true fear is what would be found out if there was a detailed investigation of the trump organization or ivanka's businesses. that's what he's worried about. and a message is being sent to mueller don't touch her, don't go near her. >> and we also got a statement from rudy giuliani where he talks specifically about james comey and writes "it is undisputed that the president's dismissal of former director comey an inferior executive
11:24 am
officer -- was clearly within his power. >> it clear's clearly one of ths that are most dangerous for the president. president trump has said lots of conflicting things about the firing dating back to that original interview that he did with lester holt. so i think that this is an area clearly that investigators are looking at and that the white house needs to get much clearer on their set of facts here. but giuliani in general, that statement is just so confusing. it's like a rubik's cube. you can't even figure out exactly what he's trying to say.
11:25 am
i'm not really sure that's going to help the situation much today for the white house. >> you know, there's another, as we were all waiting and watching to see what would happen once rudy giuliani was brought on a couple of weeks ago and we're seeing some of that and its aftermath, there were still all of thieves questions about john kelly and the relationship between him and the president, which the president also addressed this morning. take a listen to this moment. >> general kelly is doing a fantastic job. there has been such false reporting about our relationship. we have a great relationship. he's doing a great job as chief of staff. i could not be more happy. so i just want to tell you that. >> it's an absolute privilege to work for a president that has gotten the economy going, we're about to have a breakthrough, i believe, on north korea. the jobs report today. everything is going phenomenally well, attacking the opioid trie crisis. it nothing less than brilliant what's been accomplished in the
11:26 am
last 15 months. >> what's brilliant is how general kelly changed the narrative there. >> all any wants to talk about is this payment. john kelly said look at this bright shiny object over here and how well they're going. >> and they're standing right into each other so they can't really get into their personal relationship there. you could see john kelly trying to take the reins here, trying to shift the president's and the public's away from all of this. we're in the middle of a republican primary season right now where you have a lot of republican candidates and republican voters who are very much sympathetic to the president and his views about this whole thing being a witch hunt and a distraction from things like at economy and from things like north korea and other things that the president claims as successes, we have to note, however, that the president continues to talk
11:27 am
about this in a way that helps to overshadow a lot of what republicans on capitol hill would rather him be talking about. i think the giuliani and trump kind of strategy in that interview and taking that aggressive stance against mueller was the sign that the two are them are keeping everybody else at the white house in the dark. sarah sanders herself said she didn't know that trump knew about -- made this repayment until she saw that actual interview on television. the white house of course according to reporting caught off guard by the whole thing so it shows the limits. >> you know what the strange thing about it is, though? giuliani is now using trump speak, which usually lawyers are precise in their expression of what's going on. he's now talking like trump. this could be this, it could be that. >> maybe the president had a hand in drafting this. so many questions that we have.
11:28 am
we do need to take a quick break. we're waiting for the president to take a podium there in dallas. a federal judge today issuing a remarkable rebuke at a hearing for paul manafort. it wasn't for manafort. this was for the special counsel's team. plus a cnn exclusive on the republican chairman of the house intel committee who has been on a rampage about the russia probe. now we're learning when he gets those documents he doesn't read them. that's next. when you combine ancestry's with its historical records... you could learn you're from ireland donegal, ireland and your ancestor was a fisherman. with blue eyes. just like you. begin your journey at no one thought much of itm at all.l people said it just made a mess
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and target weeds more precisely, right down to the root. roundup. trusted for over 40 years. a federal judge in virginia today delivering sharp criticism. a judge is presiding over trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort's bank fraud case which was brought to him by mueller's team. the judge unleashed his anger and skepticism at a court hearing this morning.
11:32 am
jessica schneider joins me with more on what happened. walk us through. what happened in that courtroom? >> it was quite remarkable, erika. the judge, tchlkts .s. ellis, so reprimand the lawyer here. paul manafort is facing 18 counts, including bank fraud in federal court in virginia. that's on top of the counts that he faces here in washington, d.c. and the criticism from his lawyers is that these charges, they don't relate toot c the campaign and go too far. so the judge echoed some of paul manafort's lawyers concerns. he said this in part while on the bench today in federal court. he said you don't really care about mr. manafort's bank fraud, the judge told michael dreeben.
11:33 am
he said they were only interested in manafort because what he could provide that would lead to the president's, quote, prosecution or impeachment. that's what you're really interested in. the judge said we don't want anyone in this country with unfettered power. it's unlikely you're going to persuade me the special prosecutor can do anything he wants. this was a hearing on paul manafort's motion to dismiss the entirety of the virginia case. he contends the special counsel went too far in charging him with crimes that don't directly relate to the campaign. the judge will rule on that in a later date. in the meantime, the judge will get access in this case to that unredacted august 17 memo that
11:34 am
spells out the special counsel's authority. the judge will be getting this. however, the memo will remain sealed so only the judge will be able to see it. that will no doubt cast a little bit more light for this judge on just how broadly the special counsel's powers are. we got a glimpse of this memo. it did say explicitly the special counsel could examine manafort's lobbying work in ukraine and whether he included with russian officials during the campaign itself. the judge will get a look at that. but a stern rebuke from the federal judge today in that case. >> i want to bring in our cnn legal analyst. paul, when you get a look at this, how usual is it for a judge to be so blistering in court? and is this within the power of
11:35 am
the special counsel? >> we don't see judges excori e excoriate -- >> i'm going to stop you there. the president is taking the podium in dallas to address the annual meeting of the nra. questions of whether we'll hear the president talk about other topics of the day. earlier today he weighed in on rudy giuliani, told us we'd be hearing soon on that meeting with north korea. could the president reference the latest jobs report? let's listen in to the president in dallas. >> thank you, chris. thank you.
11:36 am
thank you very much. we love you, folks. we love you. not bad. thank you. thank you, folks. it's a great honor to be here. i want to thank chris, so many people who have done such an incredible job. these are real patriots. they really are. and they don't get the kind of adulation but really they do and we know that. i want to thank wayne lapierre. i want to thank my friend, our great vice president mike pence for his terrific remarks.
11:37 am
i also want to recognize our great texas leaders. we love texas. do we love texas? governor greg abbott, my friend. where's greg? governor greg abbott. and he's running and i've done it but i will tell you, greg, i fully endorse you, you are endorsed. he has done a great job. i'll tell you, you had your water just pouring down on top of you, just coming and coming. he kept cammilling and calling, need more money, money, money. and you know what? we gave it to you. fully endorsed. attorney general ken paxton, tremendous guy. and by the way, ken, you have my full endorsement. and angela, your wife, has my full endorsement.
11:38 am
she just had a big victory. senator john cornyn, been with me right from the beginning. john, thank you. thank you, john. full endorsement for this man, ted cruz. where's ted? where's ted? thank you. boy, that was very rousing. that's a good sign. congress pete sessions and
11:39 am
congressman burgess, great friends. we joined by dana love, diamond and silk. where are they? where are they? they're so great. mark geist, richard hutchins, pete brownell and leslie rutledge. finally, i want to thank all of you, the true american patriots of the nra, who defend our rights, our liberty and our great american flag. thank you. thank you very much. the people in this hall have never taken our freedom for granted, never. and you have never stopped
11:40 am
fighting for our beloved constitution. incredible people. thank you. you give your time, your energy, your vote and your voice to stand strong for those sacred rights given to us by god, including the right to self-defense. and now thanks to your activism and dedication, you have an administration fighting to protect your second amendment and we will protect your second amendment. your second amendment rights are under siege, but they will never, ever be under siege as long as i'm your president.
11:41 am
thank you. all of us here today are united by saying timeless values. we believe that our liberty is a gift from our creator and that no government can ever take it away. we believe in the rule of law. and we support the men and women of law enforcement. we have pride in our history and respect for our heritage. we put our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance, and we all is proudly stand for the national anthem. we proudly stand.
11:42 am
[ crowd chanting "usa" ] >> what people. what great people. and this is your record crowd. you know, a record crowd. you do know that. we love our country. and we believe our citizens deserve a government that shows them the same love and loyalty in return. for the last 15 months that is exactly what we have been doing.
11:43 am
we are all finally putting america first. and we are seeing the incredible results, as a result of our massive tax cuts and everybody is benefiting and everybody is happy. and the democrats are very concerned. you watch how well we do in '18. you watch. you watch. get out and vote. don't be complacent. don't be complacent. you know, history says when you win the presidency, you get complacent. do you know the feeling? do you all know the feeling? not too many. like 90% of the time you win the presidency and for whatever reason you lose the mid term.
11:44 am
we can't let that happen. the word is complacent. you think about it. you win, you take this great breath and relax. they're fighting like hell and you get complacent. we cannot get complacent. we have to win the mid terms. because since the election, we've created 3.2 million jobs. unthought of. if we would have said that three years ago during the campaign, people would have said what a horrible exaggeration. that's so terrible. they wouldn't have believed it. 3.2 million. the unemployment rate, we saw that just today, just fell beneath 4% pore tfor the first since the beginning of this century.
11:45 am
you know, i heard it was about 19 years. i said wait a minute, the beginning of the century sounds better. so i say the beginning of the century. more beautiful. african-american unemployment has reached another all-time in history record low. in history. and, by the way, kanye west must have some power because you probably saw i doubled my african-american poll numbers. we went from 1 1 to 22 in one week. thank you, kanye. thank you.
11:46 am
when i saw the number, i thought there must be a mistake, how can that happen? even the pollsters thought it was a mistake. i'd come into big rooms, big audiences. i said what do you have to lose? because the democrats have always had their vote. i said what do you have to lose? and they voted for me and we won and now the numbers are much higher than they ever were with african-american and we're happy. >> and the same thing with hispanic american unemployment, which is also at the lowest level in history.
11:47 am
unemployment, lowest level in history. and women, unemployment, women, many women, is at the lowest level in almost 20 years. think of that. so we have the best employment numbers we've virtually ever had. and yet all we hear about is this phony russia witch hunt. that's all we hear about. so just when i'm walking on the stage, a highly respected judge in virginia made statements. it says "wall street journal," it says judge questions mueller's authority to prosecute manafort. now, paul manafort's a nice guy. he worked for me for a very short period of time. literally for like, what, a couple of months? little period of time. then what happens? he worked for ronald reagan, he
11:48 am
worked for bob dole, they worked i think as a firm for john mccain, they worked for others. does anybody say that? no. but he's out there fighting on fake news cnn -- i think nbc may be more distorted and worse but -- no, but on cnn they have a headline "judge in manafort case says mueller's aim is to hurt trump." do you believe it? it's called the witch hunt. i just said give me that article, i want to read it. just happened a few minutes before i walked on stage. a federal judge questioned special counsel robert mueller's authority to bring tax and bank fraud charges unrelated -- unrelated. nobody knows that. unrelated to the 2016 election
11:49 am
against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort, who was there for a while, but who is a good person. judge t.s. ellis, who is really something special i hear from many stand points, suggested the charges before the u.s. district court for the eastern district of virginia were just part of the mueller's teams designs to pressure mr. manafort into giving up information on president donald trump or others in the campaign. i've been saying that for a long time. it's a witch hunt. then none of that information has to do with information related to the russian government coordination and the campaign of donald trump. it doesn't have anything to do. it's from years before. then how does this have anything to do with the campaign, the
11:50 am
judge asks? let me tell you, folks, we're all fighting battles, but i love fighting these battles. it's really a disgrace. what's happening to our country is a disgrace. thank you. can you imagine if we ever called for a rally in washington, d.c.? there wouldn't be enough room. there wouldn't be enough room. we have a lot of love going on. people doesn't realize we have great love going on in this country. great love. it's right here. and, by the way, you just saw the recent poll. it came out the rasmussen, 51 or 52. it's the highest level i've ever been at. how does that happen when you only get bad publicity?
11:51 am
how does that happen? that's because people realize -- that's because people realize that a lot of what you read and a lot of what you see on television is fake. they realize it. the people are smart. the people are smart. so you have a battle also. you have a battle to keep your rights and we're going to keep those rights. you're going to be so happy. you have to say. you weren't sure that trump was going to win but you all went out there. you all went out there and you voted. you voted. and there were times that put up that trump, pence, trump, pence. there were times you're saying a week before they were saying -- i remember they came out with a lot of phony polls. you know what that's called? suppression. they convince you that you're wasting your time.
11:52 am
why should you vote? >> to a movie instead. go home and watch the results. very few of the people in this room and in this country did that. and we really had a big night. remember they said there's no way electoral college, there's no way to 270 for me. there is no way to 270. and they were right. but 306 was okay, right? 306. so we had a great time and i think we're doing better now than ever before. i think we're more popular now from the standpoint now we produce. you know, when i was running, i say we're going to give you tax cuts. by the way, we are decimating obamacare. we got a bad vote the evening that we were going to terminate
11:53 am
obamacare. we got a bad vote. you know about that, right? that was not a nice thing. that was an unexpected vote. but if you look at the massive tax cut bill, we also got rid of the individual mandate, which is the worst part of obamacare. right? i don't know in the people in texas are going to like this, but we also got anwar and la alaska. i called energy. when we were running, i'd say we're going to do this, going to do that, a certain person that is not a very fair person notine media said i have to say trump
11:54 am
has actually delivered more than he promised, which is the probably the first time people have ever heard that statement. we actually delivered more than we promised. and let me just tell you this. we're really doing well with north korea. we're really doing well, okay. >> we're doing real well. remember they said, oh, we're doing terrible. they were actually saying -- i won't use the rhetoric. now i'm trying to calm it down a bit. he goes "use it." i know you come from texas whoever the hell you are.
11:55 am
look, for years, for years they've had this problem and everybody has said, oh, don't talk, don't talk, please don't talk. the last administration had a policy of silence. don't talk! you may make them and him angry! don't talk. if a horrible statement is made about the united states, don't say anything, we have no comment. please, please, oh, my god. same thing with iran, remember? we're signing that horrible deal and they're marching in the streets saying death to america. i said who signs the deal when they're marching saying death to america. who marches? they're saying death to america
11:56 am
and we have the former administration as represented by john kerry, not the best negotiator we've ever seen. he never walked away from the table. except to be in that bicycle face where he fell and broke his leg. that was the only time. i said don't tell him you broke your leg, stay inside. and i learned from that. at 73 years old, you never go into a bicycle race. you just don't do that. i'm not 73, he was, okay.
11:57 am
but i'll be there. but we have great things going on. and, you know, with respect to north korea, remember how strong it was and they were saying this is going to be nuclear war, we're going to have it -- no. you know what gets you nuclear war? weakness gets you nuclear war. being weak gets you nuclear war. so let's talk about guns, shall we? paris, france, has the toughest gun laws in the world. the president just left the white house. nobody has guns, nobody. we all remember more than 130 people plus tremendous numbers of people that were horribly,
11:58 am
horribly wounded. nobody ever talks about them. they talk about the people that died. they never mention that 250 people had horrible, horrible wounds. i mean, they never mention that. but they died in a restaurant and various other close proximity places. they were brutally killed by a small group of terrorists that had guns. they took their time and gun thunderstorm them down one by one. boom, come over here. boom. come over here. boom. if you were in those rooms, one of those people and the survivors said it just lasted forever. but if one employee or just one patron had a gun or if one
11:59 am
person in this room had been there with a gun aimed at the opposite direction, the terrorists would have fled or been shot, and it would have been a whole different story. i mean, right? right? we all know what's going on in chicago, but chicago has the toughest gun laws in our country. they're so tough. but you know what's happened, it seems that if we're going to outlaw guns like so many people want to do -- democrats. you better get out and vote. and you know what i'm going to say. we are going to have to outlaw
12:00 pm
immediately all vans and all trucks, which are now the new form of death for the maniac terrorists, right? they take a truck and they run over eight people and wound 60, like what happened in new york and what just happened. it's happening all over. so let's ban immediately all trucks, all vans. how about cars? let's not sell any cars. i love you, too. thank you. i recently read a story that in london, a once very prestigious hospital right in the middle is like