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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 8, 2018 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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thanks to a game-winning goal by kuz net solve in overtime. the caps win 2-1. alex ovechkin advances to the conference final for the first time ever in his career. they will now face top seeded tampa bay. huge night for washington. >> sounds like it. >> you can tell that's where i'm from. >> i noticed the enthusiasm. >> been waiting a long time. >> yeah, a huge time. it's like your jets, but we don't have to talk about that. >> except you're actually happy. >> exactly. you have time. plenty of time. >> thank you. so we're following a lot of news. let's get right to it. good morning. welcome to your new day. president donald trump is just hours away from making what could be the most critical national security decision of his presidency. the president is widely expected to end a waiver of sanctions against iran, against pleas from u.s. allies. if he does that, that's basically the give on the historic nuclear deal. if that's gone in terms of u.s.
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commitment, the deal may well fall apart. so the question of whether the president will comply with any requests by the special counsel to come in for an interview is also on the table. and we're hearing it could come to a head soon. sources say some inside the white house are balking at rudy giuliani's media blitz. there's much more news. at this hours polls are open in four states for the first super tuesday of the primary season, including west virginia. president trump in an unusual move is urging his supporters in that state not to vote for the republican, former coal executive and exxon don blankenship. they feel like blankenship could be roy moore on steroids because of racist remarks he made. eric schneiderman, outspoken champion of the #metoo movement resigning after allegations of violence by several women. let's begin with our coverage cnn's abby phillip is live at the white house for us. what's the latest there this morning, abby?
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>> reporter: good morning, alisyn. today the fate of the iran nuclear deal is hanging in the balance. president trump's slated to make an announcement about his decision at 2:00 p.m., but all signs point to president trump withdrawing from the deal and essentially ignoring the pleas of u.s. allies that the u.s. should remain in it. >> reporter: president trump expected to effectively walk away from the iran nuclear deal this afternoon. after criticizing the pact for years. >> it's a bad deal. it's a bad structure. it's falling down. should have never, ever been made. >> reporter: the decision follows an orchestrated lobbying campaign by some of america's closest european allies who have encouraged mr. trump to remain in the deal. >> we think that what you can do is be tougher on iran, address the concerns of the president and not throw the baby out with the bath water. plan b does not seem to me to be particularly well developed at this stage. >> reporter: the international
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atomic energy agency has repeatedly found that iran is complying with the terms of the obama-era pact. and a new cnn poll shows that nearly two thirds of americans think the u.s. should not withdraw. still, the president's supporters argue that leaving the deal is necessary to confront iran's hostile behavior in the middle east. >> the whole premise that this deal somehow guarantees a safer, more moderate iran is wrong. if you got rid of it, the first thing that would happen is you would crash iran's money machine. in which it's pursuing its dream of a conquesting empire. >> reporter: one european dip mat tells cnn that the trump administration appears intent on renegotiating a second deal while working on agreements to address teheran's missile program and iran's support of terror groups. but iran's foreign minister rejecting this proposal -- >> we will neither in and out source our security nor will we renegotiate or add on to a deal
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we have already implemented in good faith. >> reporter: the iran deal front and center at the white house as deliberations over a potential interview between the president and special counsel continue behind the scenes. sources tell cnn that several white house officials are not happy with rudy giuliani's on going media blitz, comparing his performance to that of former communications director anthony scaramucci. for now, officials say that giuliani still has the president's blessing, but multiple outlets now reporting that mr. trump's frustration is growing. giuliani rejecting the characterization telling politico if i'm not up to it, i don't know who is. >> the president pleased with the appearances of rudy giuliani over the last few days? >> i didn't speak with him specifically about his feelings about it, but certainly feels that he's an added member -- added value member to his outside special counsel. >> reporter: giuliani telling the "wall street journal" that the president's lawyers have set a may 17th deadline to decide
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about a potential interview. but sources tell cnn there is no firm deadline, another sign of a fissure within the president's legal team. the journal reporting that during an informal four-hour practice session, mr. trump's lawyers were only able to walk him through two questions due to the frequent interruptions and the president's talkative nature. >> reporter: the nomination battles continue for this administration today, the president's nominee to be the next cia director gina haspel is heading back to capitol hill today for some more meetings. the white house is really pushing hard to sure up some support for her after lawmakers have ek presed concerns about her role in the past cia enhanced interrogation programs, alisyn. >> abby, thank you very much for all of that reporting. we have breaking news now. new york's attorney general eric schneiderman a champion for the women in the #metoo movement, he has resigned hours ago after allegations of physical abuse
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from four women. cnn's brynn gingras joining us with all the details. these allegations are shocking. >> dramatic fall from grace, that's for sure. we're talking about allegations of physical and verbal abuse, slapping, strangling to the point two women say they had to go to the hospital. one woman says schneiderman called her a whore. the allegations made by four women in total and paint two very different pictures of man who until now has been regarded as a champion for women in the #metoo movement. new york's attorney general eric schneiderman, abruptly resigning three hours after the new yorker published an article detailing abuse allegations from four different women. two of the women who are romantically involved with schneiderman speaking to the magazine on the record saying the attorney general would, quote, repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed with neither with their consent. they say they sought medical attention after being slapped
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and choked the article stated. the women also accusing schneiderman of verbal and emotional abuse. tonya who dated schneiderman from the summer of 2016 until last fall telling the new yorker that the former attorney general, quote, started calling me his brown slave and demanding that i repeat that i was his property. schneiderman denying the accusations, insisting, quote, in the privacy of intimate relationships i have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. i have not assaulted anyone. i have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line i would not cross. new york governor andrew cuomo called for his resignation and within an hour the attorney general stepped down. quote, while these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. schneiderman's resignation a dramatic fall from grace for a public official widely
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considered to be a champion for women's rights. >> are we ready to fight against male supremacy in all its forms? >> reporter: as attorney general schneiderman who is not married is at the forefront of the #metoo movement leading the charge against harvey weinstein and the weinstein company. >> we have never seen anything as despicable as what we have seen here a pervasive pattern of sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination and abuse at the weinstein company. >> reporter: schneiderman has also been a fierce critic of president trump and his policies, bringing more than 100 actions over everything from the dreamer program to potential presidential pardons. >> when bullies step up, you have to step to them and step to them quickly and that's what we're here to do today. >> reporter: in 2013, schneiderman sued trump for fraud over trump university, resulting in a $25 million settlement. the president's allies celebrating schneiderman's resignation. donald trump jr. retweeting this 2013 message from mr. trump
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predicting that schneiderman will be next, asking -- is he a crook? wait and see. worse than spitzer or wiener. the manhattan district attorney's office says it has opened an investigation into schneiderman's conduct. his replacement will be selected immediately by new york state assembly and senate via ballot. incredible accusations. >> thank you very much for all of that reporting. let's disus it now with editor in chief of the daily beast john avlon and editor at large chris cillizza. it doesn't get darker than this. it does not. these accusations that these women have lodged against him, with such specifispecificity, s color, they have pictures of themselves after the abuse. they went to doctors because of it. i mean, they have the most credible stories you can imagine. i just want to read one more because three of them were involved with him in romantic relationships. and after a brief courtship then things turned much darker and much uglier and he began to degrade them verbally and
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physically. a fourth woman, here it is, an attorney who held prominent posions in the new york legal community said that schneiderman made an advance towards her. when she rebuffed him, he slapped her across the face with such force it left a mark and lingered the next day. she recalls screaming in surprise and pain and began to cry and says she felt frightened. this is in a category of domestic a i bus. >> yes. >> obviously we can talk about the politics of it and larger conversation, but as somebody who is a champion of the #metoo movement, this is hideous. it's just hideous that this is how his career ends. >> the hypocrisy is stunning. it's a reminder that hypocrisy is and should be the unforgivable sin in politics and applies in the trump era. styled himself as one very tough on trump. this sociopathic streak in our political figures needs to stop. and it seems to be an epidemic. these allegations are highly specific. they are ugly. they are creepy.
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they are cruel. but once this article was published, and not from a conservative agenda driven journalist but the new yorker, he resigned and really -- democrats were demanding it in new york state. that's an affirmation of standards. but, you know, i would like to see some folks reach political office who apparently try to hold themselves in a higher standard in their private life as well as the public life. that seems to be mission impossible. it's pathetic. we're better than this. >> the reaction was completely nonpartisan. snide erpman was making his round of calls how people will react to this in positions of power. he was getting no support, full disclosure the name is not a coincidence. my brother is the governor of new york. it's not like the governor had to precipitate this. it was done as soon as this came out. what's next for schneiderman in terms of legal exposure, domestic violence with two of the girlfriends. that is something that will be
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taken very seriously. this fourth woman who came out the prominent lawyer whose name isn't out there for reasons of fear, that could be an act of criminal exposure. we saw that in his statement, chris cillizza. he gave a statement that would be at best a legal defense. >> yes. >> this was consensual. but it was certainly never going to be acceptable. >> that's exactly right. i think we always have to separate these instances political consequence and legal consequence. the political consequence i read the first five paragraphs of the story and thought if he survives politically the next 24 hours i would be surprised particularly given the hypocrisy and the seriousness of the allegations. i think alisyn used the word grim. it is rough stuff in there. legally you have him saying i'm leaving but i'm not leaving because -- do not take my resignation as an admission. i didn't do these things. this was -- that's the legal piece. he is at least trying and chris as a lawyer you know this better
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than me, he is at least trying to protect himself or set up a legal defense. but politically speaking this was a done deal the second -- that article published 6:47 p.m. last night, 6:48 p.m., it was headed in that direction whether he resigned three hours later or three days later. >> kelly anconway, the president's counselor to top counselor, seized on this. so, when schneiderman had tweeted earlier in his career, you know, months ago, no one is above the law and i'll continue to remind president trump and his administration of that fact everyday, as we said, he was a vocal adversary of the president's. kellyanne conway tweeted last night at 9:11, gotch ya. so i understand the political vendetta that is i guess being expressed there, but obviously there's a larger conversation and there's a larger conversation because let's not forget that president trump that six women accused him of
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forcibly kissing them, six women accused him of groping them. it's not in the category of violence of eric schneiderman, but president trump isn't tweeting about this. but he's having don jr. and kellyanne tweet about it because it's complicated. >> yeah. but they're doing it in kind of a literally gotch ya sort of dance on the political grave way as opposed to taking the high ground and saying this kind of violence against women is unacceptable by anyone. let alone chief officer, this is clearly case of pattern of abuse of power and arrogance of power and presumably they're not taking that tact not because it's not the right thing to do because they're afraid they live in a glass house or at least their principal does. that is pathetic. this demands a response that's bigger than petty politics because the charges, the allegations themselves are really serious and for the members of the white house staff not to take the obvious high road of saying this is something we all need to condemn. >> right. >> itself is a sign of how small our politics have become.
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>> look the idea you're not wrong to call it the high road. since when is calling out arguably illegal behavior, let alone in a domestic situation. we have a cultural stigma where, oh, the domestic stuff, that may be more complicated. that is a problem. it's worse because of the pattern of how people are candidate. >> the idea that these women came guard, all prominent accomplished women. >> yes, absolutely. >> the idea that they came forward obviously risking their own reputations, the shame that is involved in domestic violence, that tells you the level that they got to. in fact, they did it they say because they were so appalled by his hypocrisy as trying to be a #metoo champion. >> you have to do the credible vetting with all allegations. the idea they didn't come forward right away, the delay does not show a hallowness to the allegation the way ordinarily people think in their head.
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let me ask you about something else, chris cillizza. john kerry is no longer an officer of the u.s. government as far as i know. there are a lot of reports not denied by him that he is still doing negotiations, shadow talks, whatever you want to put on it with foreign powers about the iran nuclear deal. the president complained that that's a violation of the logan act. here is something that john kerry said just today. >> the administration can say, look, we don't like the deal, but we're going to stay in it but we're telling you right now you got to deal with these problems and we're going to work with our european friends to make sure you do. and if you don't do it within this period of time, then there may be some consequences. but to play your hand and get out, take away some leverage, give them an excuse to go to other things, that's good negotiation? please. it doesn't make sense. >> he can criticize the politics, but if it's true that
4:17 am
he's been talking to foreign powers about the deal, is there exposure for john kerry? >> i mean, potentially. i don't think that that's anything that's going to get prosecuted in my meaningful way. but i do think that democrats need to take a hard look. donald trump didn't hide his views of the iran nuclear deal during the campaign. i was at a number of events in which he said this is the worst deal it. so if at 2:00 p.m. today he say we're getting out of it -- and there's a lot of polling including our own that suggests most people want us to stay in it -- if he suggests we're getting out, no one should be surprised. i mean, you can disagree with the decision, but donald trump is very -- has been very clear on the campaign trail that that's what he wanted to do. >> yeah. and i think this is clearly something where he's frustrated that in the past national security adviser h.r. mcmaster doesn't back his political instinct. bolten is likely to do so.
4:18 am
it is often invoked never enforced. but i think the key point until 2:00 p.m. today is does donald trump simply dismiss it or does he as he's suggested standing with macron a week or two ago try to take the things that critics of the deal feel are really objectionable. the fact that sunsets is 2025 leaving the iranians open to develop weapons. their ambitions in the region. is this a mend it not end it strategy or a political peak, i'm following through with my promises and let the consequences be damned. >> thank you both very much. we're following breaking news, chinese state media reporting that president xi jinping just met with kim jong-un in northeastern china. this is video from a prior meeting between both leaders in march. we don't have any video of the current meeting. this week's two-day meeting comes as kim is prepare for a potential summit with president trump. there is no date or location
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♪ all right. sources telling cnn that some white house officials are not happy about rudy juligiuliani's recent media blitz and the negative headlines. coming as giuliani tells "the wall street journal" that the president's legal team is aiming to decide by next week if he will sit down with mueller's investigators for an interview. let's discuss. there's a lot of legalities here and a dove tail with political considerations as well. so we have cnn legal and political commentator kim and cnn chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin. let's do a little bit of political dance for a moment. ken, do you think that giuliani's media blitz has helped or hurt? >> overall i think it has hurt. giuliani's gotten incredibly
4:24 am
lucky in that two judges really stepped in to this arena last week with my local judge here in northern virginia being the most forceful. and really giving the mueller team some headaches. but if that hadn't happened, he would have the whole sole spotlight all week on this subject. and i really don't think he helped his client. i do think it was good to get the truth out there about -- or the beginning of the truth about the payment timing on stormy daniels and the money that flowed back there just because i think truth is always better than staying in a cloud of untruth. and i don't think he did it very well. certainly not very artfully. and you mentioned the white house in the intro, they could be mad about simply not having had a heads-up. there's nothing keeping rudy giuliani as the personal lawyer for the president from telling them what he's about to do on fox. nothing is stopping him from doing that, and yet he didn't seem to do it.
4:25 am
>> jeffrey? >> oh, i think rudy giuliani has made a fool of himself. it's been a really embarrassing performance and he hasn't even told a coherent story. i mean, when did donald trump reimburse michael cohen? how much did he pay him? did he -- was this money spent as a campaign expenditure or not? giuliani has gone back and forth on that. what was the reason that donald trump paid the money to stormy daniels? i mean, this has been a fiasco. i don't think it changes donald trump's popularity because nothing changes donald trump's popularity. >> his numbers are about the same, in fact, they've ticked up in several areas that go outside of this in terms of people recognition results from his administration. but, just on this straight making the case on stormy daniels and of course rudy says in his own defense that he's not there to deal with stormy daniels.
4:26 am
he's there to deal with the mueller probe and we'll get to that in a second, but you know, rudy says that he's being shy on details and timing because that's not his job and it's not his burden. he useshe word burden. the prosecutors, ken, you have to show why the president did what he did with stormy daniels and why it was wrong and when it was done that proves that point. this is on you. it's not on him. >> well, that's certainly true. it's absolutely true. but, when your personal lawyer, the head of your legal team speaks to facts, the presumption is you're speaking to facts as understood by your client. and what -- and to jeffrey's point, rudy bounced around on this. and he didn't answer certain key questions like why did this happen when it happened? what was -- what were the specifics of the payback. he's invited a whole another round of questions. and if he wasn't brought on to
4:27 am
deal with stormy daniels, then why in the hell were you talking about it? >> why was he talking about hostages getting sent back home from north korea? >> that's where i was going, chris. that's exactly where i was going. >> it's a little different. >> it's a little different. >> don't talk about that either. >> it's not a typical lawyer/client relationship apparently. so jeffrey, let's talk to why rudy says she there. the idea of a deadline next week, obviously they're not calling the shots about when this happens or not. this is up to the special counsel. can they come out with a position where they decided well we will not talk to mueller in any way. it's not going to happen. move on. can they control that? >> well, they can say they won't talk under voluntarily and then mueller can respond with the subpoena. and the courts will decide whether the president has to answer. so this is not entirely in the trump team's hands. neither trump nor mueller
4:28 am
particularly wants a year-long fight in the courts with a probable victory by mueller, by no means certain. that doesn't really help either trump or mueller to have that kind of fight. so there is an interest on both sides to getting some sort of resolution, but given donald trump's long, difficulty with the truth and his extreme hostility to mueller and the fact that he is a subject of this investigation, they don't want him speaking to mueller. and i think the whole thing could really end with the president taking the fifth because that would be a bad couple days of stories but at least it would end this whole drama. there's nothing the mueller team is not going to immunize the president, i don't think. >> how do you think? >> i think taking the fifth would end the story. >> because i think there are constitutional issues about immunizing the president, forcing the president to testify
4:29 am
when he has so many other constitutionally mandated obligations. i think taking the fifth would be an extreme political embarrassment, but i don't think -- but i think that would end the controversy. >> just a reminder obviously clinton didn't take the fifth. his wife didn't take the fifth in whitewater. she wound up going then as just a counsel to go and talk to different whitewater transactions. ken, unless you have a very strong different opinion from jeffrey, i have an idea. i want to see if we can establish a couple fact. do you have something that is very different? >> my opinion is not strongly different. i think jeffrey may have nailed it right on the head. of course we'll find out in a few months as time rolls forward. >> the first for everything if jeffrey toobin nailed it on the first instance. the first fact is this, the idea of rudy giuliani saying full disclosure, i believe that this is political game playing. i think rudy knows the answer to
4:30 am
both these questions. the first is we want the hillary deal. no under oath. ken, jeffrey, can we all agree that that is a red herring, that is a distraction? if you're talking to an fbi agent f you lie to them, it's a crime. they don't have to put you under oath. this is nonsense. fair point? >> fair point. >> it is -- >> go ahead, jeffrey. >> jeffrey says fair point. what do you say, ken? >> i think it's a split decision on this one. yes, you're absolutely right about talking to fbi agents. they use this under oath language. that isn't how it works. the rest of his statement is where he says we want the report written where we sit down. yes, it's a political attack, but he is reminding people of the rather unique treatment that hillary clinton got in her investigation. >> fine. but it wasn't an on going criminal investigation like we have the special counsel.
4:31 am
the context is different and that would change your process. i wanted to put that out. hey, she wasn't under oath and that matters. he shouldn't either. that's a nonissue. the second one is this, the idea that we know that mueller has nothing when it comes to any crimes connected to any collusion because we haven't heard yet and it hasn't leaked. can we all agree that that is also forwarding a line of b.s., that this investigation hasn't ended. there's no report so there's no way to know what they have and what they don't. jeffrey toobin? >> correct. and mueller's office doesn't leak. we don't know what they have. period. >> ken? >> yeah. i agree that there can be information out there. i find it shocking at this point in time that something wouldn't have come out in one of the other investigations. the senate investigation in particular still on going that nothing would have showed up. i don't think you'll see collusion here. i think the issue for trump is going to be truthfulness in the course of the investigation. >> all right. you know what i'll take it.
4:32 am
that's better than the political dialogue the state of play there any way. there's so much b.s. in the air it's hard for people to keep straight what's true. if we don't agree on what's true, where do we go from there? ken, thank you. jeffrey as always. alisyn. now to this story, new york's attorney general suddenly resigning last night after a bomb shell report in the new yorker. four women accusing him of physically abusing them. we talk to one of the reporters ronan farrow who broke this story next. (vo) i was born during the winter of '77. i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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♪ new york attorney general eric schneiderman resigning just hours after a bomb shell report in the new yorker with allegations of physical abuse from four women. this report is particularly shocking given schneiderman's role as a champion for women of the #metoo movement. joining us now is ronan farrow who along with jane mayor broke this story in the new yorker. ronan, it is the most jaw-dropping story i've read in a long time. we use w thed shocking often, i think, in this newscycle, but this what you've described, what
4:37 am
these four women say that they experienced at the hands of eric schneiderman are soul-crushing stories. can you share a bit what these four women told you? >> these women describe and they produced these fact patterns independently. these are not women who are talking to each other in almost all cases. they described really horrific and serious allegations of abuse. slapping. hitting. choking. bear in mind, this is an individual who was very public champion of women's rights, who, in fact, introduced anti-choking legislation. and he was, according to multiple women in this story, choking them, among other things. i want to make one very important point, alisyn, a significant part of his response to this is to say that there was role-playing in his private life. i just want to relate the message of one of these women and it was a shared sentiment amongst this group that this was not role-playing, that this was
4:38 am
not 50 shades of gray. it wasn't in a gray area at all. this was activity that happened in many cases fully clothed, outside of a sexual context during arguments, in one case a woman wasn't even in a relationship at all with him, alisyn, this was just an allegation that he came up to her at a party. this is a prominent attorney who had worked with him. and came on to her. when she rebuffed him, that he hit her hard. i saw a photo and it was upsetting to see. so the allegation that this was role-playing, you know, is not consistent with what these women said. >> ronan, you have so many illustrations that they give you of what they endured. i'll read one of them. this is from michelle bearish, she was involved with him. so here is just one of the moments that she described to you. all of a sudden he slapped me, open handed and with great force across the face, landing the
4:39 am
blow directly on to my ear. it was horrendous. it just came out of nowhere. my ear was ringing. i lost my balance and fell back ward on to the bed. i sprang up but at this point there was very little room between the bed and him. i got up to try to shove him back or take a swing and he pushed me back down. he then used his body weight to hold me down and he began to choke me. the choking was very hard. it was really bad. i kicked in every fiber i felt i was being beaten by a man. ronan, look, you and i have talked about this before how hard it is for women to come forward, particularly with domestic violence, there's so much shame people say, how could you take it? why would you stay? can you just describe a little bit about why these four women were compelled and were brave enough to come forward and tell you all this? >> well, one, they were reluctant to speak for a long time. some are still reluctant to
4:40 am
speak. not every woman in this story went fully on the record. and the reason for that is first of all that it's hard, as you say, for any survivor of sexual violence to speak out, any survivor of any sort of violence to speak out. second of all, this was doubly hard because this was a prominent and powerful figure in democratic politics. and many of these women were very connected to democratic, political players. these are formidable women with careers that intersected with his in some cases. and a lot of the time they recounted having conversations with friends. we interviewed a lot of people who said, yes, indeed. i was there that evening. >> including doctors. some went for medical attention. >> uh-huh. that's right. and you know, i spoke to one of those doctors and looked at some of those medical records. in that case, a woman was bleeding from the ear in a persistent way afterwards. in those conversations after the fact, a lot of their friends and
4:41 am
loved ones said don't do it. don't speak out against him. and in some cases that was because they feared the risk of reprizeles. they feared him threatening people, using his office and power to say he could wiretap people or come after people. but also in some cases, alisyn, those friends warned them off of talking because they thought that he had the power to do too much good for the democratic party. >> i mean, that's a story in itself of the sacrifices that people think they make for the cause, the personal sacrifices. here is his resignation statement. he says it's been my great honor and privilege to serve as the attorney general for the people of new york. last several hours serious allegations which i strongly contest have been made against me. they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this crucial time. i therefore resign my office effective at the close of business today may 8th, 2018. were you surprised by how
4:42 am
quickly his resignation came after this article? >> you know, it's not for me to anticipate whether people are going to resign or not resign. our focus was to tell these women's story as meticulously and factually as possible. several women did a really brave, tough thing and did it because they thought it could help other women because they saw a pattern of violence here, several of them have gotten in touch to say that it's been gratifying that they feel they've finally been heard. >> the truth will set you free as they say. and i'm very, very happy to hear that they are happy that they spoke out about this because it is such a risk. ronan farrow, thank you very much for your reporting and sharing it with us. >> thank you, alisyn. chris? >> we're on deal watch today. what could happen with the landscape of tv? a cable giant is making a hostile bid for an entertainment
4:43 am
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4:47 am
from their children at the border, even if immigrants have valid asylum claims they may still end up with federal criminal convictions on their record. the new rules went in effect friday. "the wall street journal" reports the cable jiend comcast is making plans to make a hostile bid for 21st century fox's entertainment assets. $60 billion all cash offer that could crash disney's plans for fox. in december, fox agreed to sell disney for $52 billion in stock. comcast is waiting on the at&t/time warner trial before deciding to proceed with their bid. lava, toxic gas continue to threaten people in hawaii's big island. look at that. look what happens to this car because of this molten rock, just eats it up, does the same thing to anything it touches. look at this. lava spewing right next to a house. same deal. anything it touches, gone,
4:48 am
nearly three dozen structures have been destroyed and a lot of those people are working people, the insurance is very expensive. so many of them won't have it. officials say volcanic activity has subsided at all 12 fissures but that could be temporary, and you still have to deal with the hazardous fumes that could sicken people for some time to come. >> oh my gosh. well, primaries are under way in four states today. how will president trump's brand of populism impact these races? we break it all down next. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient. only remfresh uses ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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4:53 am
tuesday of the primary season. president trump's election changed a lot in the playing field, even though salena zito will tell you, donald trump did not create what's going on in this country, he's the result of what's happening. she's here. the author of a new book, inside the populist coalition. do you know who says that this is an important book? no less than the president of the united states tweeting that this is a book that people should read. first of all, congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> always appreciate the insight early on. you were telling me you have to pay attention to these people. trump isn't creating them. they are creating trump. pay attention. >> yep. >> you were right. so, let's do a state of play. west virginia, don blankenship, i'm trumpier than trump. do you agree with his assessment of him? do you believe that he is more appealing to the base than trump might even have been? >> you know what i think is so interesting about all of the
4:54 am
races is trying to outrun each other as being the most trump candidate. so it shows the durability of the coalition because these guys want to, you know, place their stamp and say i'm the trump guy, i'm more trumpier than trump. who says that? that is understanding what the voters are looking for. it's understanding that this coalition is still making an imprint, not just in the ballot box but in almost everything we do. >> so the president comes out and says don't vote for blankenship. he can't win in the general. people around him say, he would be roy moore, the judge from alabama on steroids. he doesn't say, don't vote for a man who refers to asians as china people or as african-american as the negro race or any of the other things that he has done including his felony past. why not? >> because he wants to say the
4:55 am
keyword which is win. win is his operative word, not just for him but this coalition, this is a coalition that believes that culturally they're not respected. so to them and to him, talking about the win as opposed to all the other nuances within the race and the things that blankenship has said that they -- they connect on that word and that's why that was important. >> so now you get into a big question we have all the time that i think you can answer better than most, which is the trump base, okay -- they need a name. they have to be more than trump because their concerns are more than trump. they identify trump as an agent for his concerns. they did not create their concerns. however, they don't care about what he says. they don't care about what he does. they don't care about decency or the old conservative politics of character. they don't care about his sexual behavior. they don't care about anything
4:56 am
and it's imputed to them as an amorality or moral difference. you say we're missing the point. what is the point and they seem willing to ignore in trump? >> what they see is -- they see themselves as not having someone having their back and they decided to be pragmatic and they decided to have in the -- book has seven different ark types that make up this coalition, a variety of very different people and they decided that they were going to be more pragmatic and put the traditional silos of elections and character in a president to be about someone having their back and it doesn't mean they always stay with him. like you said, it's not about them. this book isn't about trump. this book is about them and not just how they're impacting the ballot box -- look at dick's sporting good, look at the nfl. it went from the number one like
4:57 am
most popular brand in this country and i forget what the number is now, but it has fallen. and so they're willing -- not because of him, but because of how they think that the people that live in the super zip codes that make the decisions in everything we do don't respect them. >> he is benefiting from something else, a very low bar about their feelings of donald trump in general. if donald trump were running for pastor, if he were running for a position where they were valuing the morality, valuing the decency, valuing how he treats other people, they might have different feelings about it. we're putting him into the swamp. who are we going to put in the swamp? the cleanest person. not the right agent for our cause. you talk about the seven things and look, here's my pitch on the book, yes salena zito say friend of mine and i trust her and respect her, you need to understand and you're nt
4:58 am
connections and where your fellow americans are. you can't just write off everything you don't like on twitter as being a bot. a lot of these people are just dealing with real hard needs in their lives that are not unlike from anybody else's. that's how they arrived at donald trump. you may not like it but that's the truth. the silos of them -- donald trump is their king cyrus. now everybody will google king cyrus. he took down babylon and he was seen unlike trump as a very fair broker of the people that he did overtake. he would respect their rules and wishes. you're not talking about that part. >> right. >> there are people in the base as seeing this man as delivering them and killing things off that they don't like. you got cultural and economic. how so? >> yeah. so evangelical voters have always gone with the person that's like them, that looks like them. it's like the beer test. this is a guy you can have a beer with, this is a guy who's values i share and there have been a lot of fiscal
4:59 am
conservatives that have said, you know, you guys got to not do that any more because you're impacting our races and so you take a look at this election and i saw this in the primaries. evangelical voters going more towards him because they wanted someone who was going to win and stand up for the two to three things that were most important to them, religious freedom, the supreme court and the second amendment. >> you give us what we want, we don't care who you are. very hypocrisy. >> very pragmatic. they'll admit it. this is not someone they share values is but this is someone that's standing up for them for the things they believe important in their lives and communities and they believe in the country. >> salena zito, thank you for doing the work, traveling all 700 gazillion miles around this country, even though you were seeing it right back at home. >> thank you.
5:00 am
we're following breaking news. what do you say? let's get after it. announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is tuesday, may 8th, 8:00 in the east and we do begin with breaking news on two major foreign policy issues. the first one, the north korean dictator meeting with the leader of china in northeastern china. just ahead of nuclear talks with the u.s. president trump says now that he is going to speak with the chinese leader this hour. the president tweeting this. i will be speaking to my friend, president xi of china this morning at 8:30. the primary topics will be trade, where good things will happen and north korea, where relationships and trust are building. also breaking in just hours, president trump will announce the most consequentlial national security decision of his presidency, the president is widely expected to end the waiver of sanctions against


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