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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 8, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> thank you. we're following breaking news. what do you say? let's get after it. announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is tuesday, may 8th, 8:00 in the east and we do begin with breaking news on two major foreign policy issues. the first one, the north korean dictator meeting with the leader of china in northeastern china. just ahead of nuclear talks with the u.s. president trump says now that he is going to speak with the chinese leader this hour. the president tweeting this. i will be speaking to my friend, president xi of china this morning at 8:30. the primary topics will be trade, where good things will happen and north korea, where relationships and trust are building. also breaking in just hours, president trump will announce the most consequentlial national security decision of his presidency, the president is widely expected to end the waiver of sanctions against
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iran, ignoring pleas from some u.s. allies, in effect leaving the deal. ahead of this big announcement, the president is attacking former secretary of state john kerry. mr. trump tweeting, john kerry can't get over the fact that he had his chance and blew it. stay away from negotiations, john. you are hurting your country. let's bring in chris zaleza and john avalon. john, let's start with this conversation that president trump is announcing. what do we think this means for the possible meeting with kim jong-un, what do we think he's going to say to president xi? >> calling xi his friend is probably not the most accurate assessment of the relationship. china's a strategic competitor. trump's putting a lot of stock in personal diplomacy. the chinese don't play that way. they are vitally important to that region. they have been a major benefactor of north korea and any attempt to contain
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north korea is going to need to involve china. on the flip si, take the action against iran today could also make that north korean negotiation more tricky because it raises will questions about the united states constanty in these multi-lateral negotiations. >> chris, one more beat on this and we want to get to what's happening with john kerry right now. the timing of this, so we hear that the president of china is meeting with kim jong-un and the president comes right out saying, i'm going to call him. it fuels suspicion that -- we would assume they would know, right? is that a felix unger assumption or do we believe the timing is relevant? how so? >> well, i usually think that the best way to understand this white house is to assume that he, donald trump, is just saying and doing things and that we are putting a broader strategy to it or his white house is trying to put a broader strategy to it
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when, in fact, the strategy is to do just do stuff. i think and i certainly don't know, i think that this would suggest an attempted orchestration. this would be the kind of thing you would want to have a conversation about prior to this expected summit with kim jong-un, right? he's talking to the president of china, we want donald trump talking to the president of china because china is an integral player in all of this. the problem is that is a very conventional way to look at how diplomacy in the white house and the presidency operates. donald trump is not a terribly conventional politician. i'll just walk away from this if we don't get what we want. this looks like a very traditional buildup to a very fraught, but also real potential meeting. you just don't know -- we're giving too much strategic credit
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to this because it's just, he saw that the chinese president was meeting with kim jong-un. so he said we'll talk to him. >> let's move on because there's still more international breaking news and that of course is that there's announcement from the white house that at 2:00 p.m. the president will be announcing what his thoughts are on moving forward or more likely not moving forward with the iran deal and, you know, once again reinstating sanctions on iran which would make the deal null and void. john, what do you thi this means for the u.s., for our allies? >> not a news flash, donald trump does not like the nuclear deal. he campaigned on it. this has been a main stay so it would be foolish to assume he's going to sustain it any meaningful way of the what i'm listening for is 2:00, is this an ended conversation or a mended conversation. if he reinstates sanctions as a stick which is what a lot of folks want, is it that scuttle the deal entirely or as he suggested standing alongside macron, is this about dealing
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with containing iran's regional ambitions, about containing their ballistic missile program, about containing the most contentious part of the deal which it sunsets at 2025. if it's amended conversation with tough tactics that could end up good if the long run, but it's high stakes because of not only the tender box that is the middle east but the north korean negotiations coming up. >> be very clear, iran has done more since 2015 to be a mally factor if the region but all of these considerations were debated at the time. how do we teal with that part? the perniciousness of their actions and what they're doing to seed discontent and fuel the sunni strive. they thought this was a better move to cap the overall capability to test for trump. the easy part is to get out of the deal because of the leverage he has. the hard part is what will you do that is better? he's choosing a political fight right now at the same time which is with john kerry.
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john kerry, you stink. you missed your chance. stay out of it. is he right, chris? here's some sound from john kerry right now. here's what he says. >> i'm not negotiating with anybody. i have conversations with leaders in the world who are friends of mine and people that i've met when i travel and i continue to have conversations and i've simply urged people to do what is pretty obvious which is, i think the deal is working and i think people should stay in the deal. but i'm not doing any kind of major diplomatic initiative on it -- >> president trump calls it shadow diplomacy. is john kerry ripe for rebuke? >> well, he -- i think is down playing amid controversy -- clarifying what his role is. he's a former secretary of state, former united states senator, he's a former presidential nominee. you think it is normal that as he travels around the world he's going to have some conversations
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and make his views known. the issue and i don't see how he can do this given the difference in their policy views. the issue is if he's trying to cast himself as there's a back channel here that exist that's we can make work, we can end run donald trump. i don't see how that's a possibility. if john kerry wants to have his voice heard, that's fine. i think donald trump is always about winning and losing. if he's up, the other guy's down. i don't think that john kerry is talking about the iran deal around the world as he meets with people. so i think that, you know -- it doesn't have any material impact. it gives donald trump an enemy. he likes that. he likes to attack people. he likes to make an enm and say, see this guy's bad and i'm good. he's getting out of this deal if the start. we're overthinking it. maybe he'll -- maybe he won't
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get out of it. maybe ivanka will change his mind and ultimately he just walked away from it because his basic commitment is to do what he said he would do on the campaign trail. >> the larger commitment, of course, is to the government over grand standing. you may feel the impulse to let the chips fall where they may but you still got responsibility for what comes next. the john kerry being a back channel, back channel to what? he doesn't have relationship or leverage. logan act can be put aside on this one as it always is when its invoked. donald trump should be focused on having a plan as leader of the free world for what comes next otherwise you may try to scuttle the iranian economy in the short run but you give them license to ramping up their nukes and it's hard to say how that's anyone's interest. >> britain's forest johnson says he doesn't see any plan b. >> that's right.
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>> not a huge fan of the deal. thinks there are imperfections, for sure, but thinks it can be built on as as many as of the allies have said. so today if, you know, he pulls out for all untents and purposes, then what? >> we don't know. lyhonest because there hasn't been anything -- you heard emmanuel macron a few weeks ago and angela merkel a few weeks ago all say look, this deal is not perfect but to try to get everybody on board, this is the best thing that we came up with. it's known as compromise. it's how governing has traditionally worked. there's a big difference between campaigning and saying, we got to get out of this. it's a bad deal. we're giving them billions of dollars in cash. you've heard him say that. there's a difference between that and then what does getting out -- the instability created by ending this deal that was what many countries viewed as the best thing they could get, what comes next?
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donald trump is not great -- has never been great as a candidate or as a president on what comes next. he is good at, we need to get rid of daca, we need to do this that and the other thing but the solution is the thing he's always struggled with and that's the case here. >> winning is the mantra. salena zito was just talking about her new book that people should read for an understanding of why trump is president, but we're seeing his biggest challenge also on the economy, he has to say obama was terrible. why? it makes a win for him with the current numbers even though they shadow what we've been seeing at high points for a while. this deal is another example. this deal is terrible. i'll get us out of it, but can you make something better? that's the challenge. thanks, gentlemen. it's primary day in four states, ohio, indiana, north carolina and west virginia. this is officially the first super tuesday of the primary season and now in and extraordinary move, president trump is pushing voters to stay away from one of the candidates
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in west virginia's senate primary because he fears that the man, don blankenship, woents be able to beat the democratic incumbent in november. we have joe johnson live in charleston, west virginia. it's an open question to how strong a candidate he would be in the general. some say he could beat manchin. president trump says he can't win, he's not talking about the ugly things this man is saying and that makes it even more obvious, joe? >> reporter: that's right, chris. the president is not talking about the merits of the race or don blankenship who has ujed harsh, some say, racist language. this is a huge test of the control of congress hanging in the balance. the president, of course, won west virginia last election by 40 percentage points, so the question is whether the voters will follow the president's lead in suggesting don blankenship is not their guy or if the voters
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will go another direction. make no mistake, there are six republicans in this primary but the focus is very much on don blankenship, the former coal executive also ex-convict served a year for conspiring to violate the coal mining regulations. he, of course is running hard here, but when we talk about what's going on in washington, many republicans have a lot of heart burn about the idea of him running against the incumbent democrat joe manchin at the same time the president has been persuaded to come out against this individual blankenship. the big question in west virginia is whether a former coal executive who, in fact, went to jail after 29 people died in a coal mining accident is the guy who they say they want to send to congress or if this is just a redemption
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election for him. >> it will be a very interesting day there, joe. thank you very much for being on the ground for us. so some white house insiders are now complaining about rudy giuliani. is he helping or hurting? we will speak with one of giuliani's former staffer dating back to his days as new york city mayor and whether or not she thinks he's changed and whether he is helping or hurting? (sustained horn honk) advisor: (on phone) jane, this is jim from onstar, i've contacted help and they're on their way. woman: okay. advisor: don't worry i'm going to stay with you until help arrives. woman: thank you. that deer, it just... just came out of nowhere.
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trump's legal team tells cnn that they continue to be concerned about rudy giuliani's media blitz, but the president seems to be sticking with him. >> i didn't speak with him specifically about his feelings about it, but certainly feels that he's an added member -- added value member to his outside special counsel. >> our next guest susan del persio knows the former new york city mayor well. she served in giuliani's administration as deputy commissioner for finance and administration. susan, great to have you here. how long did you work with mayor giuliani? >> i worked in the administration for about six years. >> so you knew him well? >> yeah. >> i guess the question is, is this man that you now see representing president trump, do you recognize this rudy giuliani? >> when i went into the administration in my mid-20s i worked for someone who was so disciplined, methodical and inspiring leader and that's not who i see right now.
5:18 am
that's who i want to see right now. that's the rudy that changed new york, that made changes that throughout -- that affected the country in essence in his policing and the thing that is most disappoint to go see is the lack of discipline. >> how? where are you seeing things that are troubling to you? >> on the messaging. if the mayor was brought in to handle the mueller negotiations for an interview. now he's wrapped up in stormy daniels and what cohen did and what he didn't and he's conspiring with donald trump, two of them are just chatting, that's not discipline to show a message. you're supposed to have a legal p.r. and match it, not the other way around. >> let's just play a couple of things that have raised eyebrows. so watch this. >> they funneled it through the law firm? >> funneled through the law firm and the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't -- he did? >> yep. >> there's no campaign finance law. >> zero. >> he didn't know the details of
5:19 am
this until we knew the details of it which is a couple weeks ago, maybe not even -- maybe ten days ago. >> the facts i'm still learning. this is 1.2 million documents. i've been in the case for two weeks. >> did michael cohen make payments to other women for the president? >> i have no knowledge of that. but i would think if it was necessary, yes. >> even things like repeating the question, funneled money through, that's not a mistake that rudy giuliani, the mayor, former prosecutor would make. this is something that he was very comfortable in interview and he enjoys being a talking head and having a conversation, that is not helping his client, the president. >> you think he's hurting not helping? >> unless the strategy is to completely muddy all the waters so no one knows what anyone's talking about, he's not helping. >> in terms of him being undisciplined, is this rudy having gotten rusty or do you have any larger concerns?
5:20 am
i'm not a doctor, i don't know how to diagnose people, they've raised the question of his -- >> i would never go down that route. i was critical of the mayor when he tried to judge hillary clinton's physical health back in 2016, but i think the mayor is -- he's evolved, certainly, and he's used to being an executive. he's used to being out there speaking about himself, for himself, not on behalf of someone else like he's doing right now. >> you think that this is just a different set of muscles that he's been using rather than when we all knew him as mayor? >> absolutely. he has not had to show that kind of leadership in many years, but again, i don't think this is the role that best suits rudy giuliani. he is bright and purposeful and maybe in his mind he has a strategy that he sees that can work, but it's a different environment. when he was mayor, you didn't have twitter or this kind of environment. i don't think he's up to the challenge in that regard.
5:21 am
>> another person who had worked with him for many years, for those of us who have worked with giuliani 30 plus years ago, it's been sad to see his declining. it's embarrassing to see his recent unhinged attacks. have you felt those same things -- >> i would not go that far. it was disappointing to hear him go after the fbi and comey, but as far as unhinged, i think that's irresponsible. i think we see a different person than what we all knew 25 years ago. >> chris has pointed out he used the term storm troop for the raid on michael cohen's apartment. michael cohen has said they were quite respectful. what's giuliani doing there? >> again, he's moved into the trump model which is exactly what you don't want from someone who's your spokesperson. you're supposed to compliment and temper them, not do -- not
5:22 am
play into their worst attributes. >> for those of us who were not new yorkers but who watched rudy giuliani evolve into america's mayor after 9/11, he was such a voice of -- he was a cool headed voice during that, you know, horrible time, he was a voice of reason, he was a voice of compassion, he was comforting to listen to and so what do you think this new chapter does for that legacy? >> let me just also add, after he left office he would endorse candidates but he would not go negative for candidates for a couple of years because he didn't want to take that vein after serving the world -- >> he didn't want to taint his own reputation with negativity? >> he just didn't want to go down that road. he was not about attacking someone else, so what we see now so many years later -- it is jarring. it's just not the leader that i know and it's almost as if he's
5:23 am
willing to disregard his legacy as mayor which is so much more important in my mind in the things that he was able to achieve and we still see in new york, like low crime. that is because of mayor giuliani. >> but why is he changed? why is he doing this? >> i can't guess to that. i can't guess the state of mind. it is a transition. elected officials are very ego driven. it's usually about them, of course. it's how they get up every day and face the negative stuff as well as the positive. it is very hard to make that transition and most of them really just want to stay relevant in the conversation. >> there you go. relevance, we hear that a lot. susan del persio, thank you for all of your personal reflections. >> thank you. key decisions are going to be made over the next few hours with president trump deciding the potential fate of the iran nuclear deal and a big call with the president of china in just minutes. what is the bottom line? you get it next.
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so we understand that in just minutes president trump is going to speak to with china's president after learning that
5:28 am
the chinese president just met with kim jong-un, nthkorea's dictator. and president trump will announce his big decision on the fate of the iran nuclear deal this afternoon. what's the bottom line? we have political director david chalian, size it up for us. >> huge foreign policy week at the white house. you mentioned two those things culminating with the move of the embassy to jerusalem, so this is a big foreign policy week for the president, chris, but this issue of north korea. have you seen something move so rapidly and we'll see obviously. there are a lot of questions remaining. we'll see the president's teasing that he's firmly decided the when and the where of his summit with kim jong-un. we wait for the reveal of that, but things have been moving a pace here ever since the south koreans came to the white house and president trump seized the opportunity and said, yes, i'll meet with kim jong-un. in large part because of some of the pressure the united states has been applying to china to do
5:29 am
their roll in this which you see in this meeting you're talking about, we'll get the readout of the call between the president and the leader of china but everything here is putting the chess pieces in place on the board leading to what is going to be this historic summit most likely to take place between donald trump and kim jong-un. >> you're so right, david. a problem that had seemed intractable for years and different administrations now every day -- every week we're having some sort of breaking news about this and so what do you think the president is going to say to president xi today? what's the point of this call? >> i wonder if this call is more about listening, what did xi learn from kim jong-un that tease up where trump may find the potential openings in a conversation, this to me feels like president trump preparing for the eventual summit. he got a readout from the south korean leader after kim jong-un traveled there.
5:30 am
this is to me all the folks in the region sort of preparing president trump for his moment in this and we do get a lot of these developments once a week like you're saying. what we don't know is, if it remains an intractable problem or not. it may well remain an intractable problem. president trump every time he talks about this, if this isn't going our way i'll respectfully walk away from this conversation. >> the early reporting based on this call, the call didn't feel right to me timing wise. it they not know the chinese leader was meeting with the north korean leader, how could that be? but this the president's out in front of his staff once again on this. i'm having this call this morning and it does raise a concern. this is good that there's progress on the peninsula. people who don't want to open their eyes to that are playing partisan politics. we don't know what's going to happen and we don't know if the developments are in u.s. interests. south korea has its own unique interest in terms of what they
5:31 am
want out of north korea. the u.s. bid is nukes, what are we going to do about the nukes. there's a lot of unknown there and challenges for the president. similarlily on the iran deal, getting out is easy. no coincidence that instead of talking about what comes next, the president is going after john kerry who gave him some low fruit who happened to be out there that he's talking to his friends out there. do you think john kerry is overstepping and do you think that is a significant window into the stakes with the iran deal? >> john kerry very well may be overstepping a bit here. it's not really his role. he's no longer the chief diplomat. it's not his job to pursue his preferred outcome here. that being said, we know that former secretaries of state doing indeed maintain relationships and talk about world affairs. i don't think we know enough, chris, about precisely what john kerry's been doing in the nature of the conversations but it does seem he's in a lane here at a
5:32 am
time that may be should be left to the current administration one at a time is a time honored tradition in the united states. it's also not entirely clear what exactly president trump is going to say at 2:00 p.m. we know he wants to move down the road of withdrawing from this iran nuclear deal and yet, as you just connected it to north korea as well, we know that a lot of folks are watching how he handles the iran deal to determine how reliable a partner is the united states in nuclear negotiations such as the upcoming ones with north korea. >> back here at home. i can't believe i'm about to use these two words, super tuesday. it's today. we're back here with the first primaries. how are you handicapping all of this? >> yeah, four key states, west virginia, north carolina, ohio, indiana. this really is the midterm season now kicking into high gear. we're just six months away from the big midterm election day in
5:33 am
november. the highest profile contest is that one in west virginia. here's the senate race in a state that donald trump won by 42 points and the democrat, joe manchin should be one of the most vulnerable incumbent democratic senators in that reality there, and yet, republicans in washington are really nervous that don blankenship, the former coal barron ex-con may indeed end up with the nomination and they fear that's going to give manchin a good shot at winning re-election, that he would be the worst possible nominee for the republicans to point up. you have all these nervous republicans in washington and the white house about blankenship coming through this primary tonight. it's going to tell us whether or not the senate is in play for the democrats because if the republicans -- if what they say is true, that this really hands the senate seat that could be picked up to the democrats, this could be a real lost opportunity for them and really put the senate a bit more in play.
5:34 am
>> we already know one thing, it is about winning, the president said that. he can't win. not vote for a man that says this about different races and makes these kinds of statements. thank you very much, david. appreciate it. meanwhile, this story, new york's attorney general resigning last night after four women came forward to say he physically abused them. we have the latest in a live report for you next. you'll make my morning, buty the price ruin my day.ou? complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk,
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new york's attorney general eric schneiderman, a prominent adversary of president trump and a champion for women in the me too movement, resigning last night after allegations of physical abuse came from four women. this is a shocking story. >> it's really shocking. there are police departments that i've been talking to that are trying to figure out where do they go from here stroegt this. but we're talking about allegations of physical and verbal abuse, slapping, strangling to the point two women say they had to go to the hospital. one woman said he called her a whore. the allegations made by four women in total and paint very different pictures of a man who has been regarded as a champion for women in the me too
5:39 am
movement. >> reporter: new york's attorney general eric schneiderman abruptly resigning three hours after "the new yorker" published an article detailing abuse allegations from four different women. two of the women who were romantically involved with him speaking to the magazine on the record saying that the attorney general would, quote, repeatedly hit them often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent. neither woman filed the police report but both say they sought medical attention after being slapped and choked. the women also accusing schneiderman of verbal and emotional abuse. tanya who dated schneiderman from the summer of 2016 until last fall, he started calling me his brown slave and demanding that i repeat that he was property. shifiederman denying the accusations insisting, quote, in the privacy of intimate relationships i have engaged in
5:40 am
role playing. i have not assaulted any one. i've never engaged in none consensual sex which is a line i would not cross. new york governor andrew cuomo called for his resignation and within an hour the attorney general stepped down, quote, while these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office's work at this critical time. schneiderman's ressing nation a dramatic fall from grace for a public official widely considered to be a champion of women's rights. schneiderman was at the forefront of the me too movement leading the legal charge against harvey weinstein and the weinstein company. >> we have never seen anything as disapplicable as what we've seen here. a pervasive pattern of sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination and abuse at the weinstein company. >> reporter: schneiderman has
5:41 am
been a fierce critic of president trump and his policies bringing more than 100 actions over everything from the dreamer program to potential presidential pardons. whe bullies step , you have to step to them and step to them quick and that's what we're here to do today. >> reporter: in 2013, schneiderman sued trump for fraud resulting in a $25 million settlement. the president's allies celebrating his resignation. donald trump jr. retweeting this message predicting that schneiderman is next. is he a crook? wait and see. the manhattan district attorney's office says it has opened an investigation into his conduct. his replacement will be selected immediately by joint ballot. >> this is just breaking. this is nowhere near done. we have to see if he'll be prosecuted and if more women come forward, et cetera. thank you, bryn, very much for all of that reporting. is this another flash point in
5:42 am
the me too movement or is this something different all together? we'll discuss that next. (sustained horn honk) advisor: (on phone) jane, this is jim from onstar, i've contacted help and they're on their way. woman: okay. advisor: don't worry i'm going to stay with you until help arrives. woman: thank you. that deer, it just... just came out of nowhere. that deer, it just... >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at
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manhattan's district attorney opening an investigation this morning into new york's attorney general, eric schneiderman after four women have accused him of physical abuse. until last night schneiderman he was a so-called champion of the me too movement but he resigned last night within hours of these allegations going public. let's talk about all this means. we want to bring in legal analyst areva martin and margaret hoover. margaret, i'll start with you. if we thought that talking about sexual harassment was a taboo subject, talking about sexual violence and domestic violence is times ten. what do you think it took for these four women, all of them prominent women, all of them accomplished women, two of them using their own names to come forward and detail the horrific things they say he did to them?
5:47 am
>> what's extraordinary -- i'm so glad you framed the question that way. the story here isn't another man in power horably abusing his power and victims using the number one man in law enforcement in new york state physically abusing women and then reminding them of his power -- >> i'm the law, when they would say don't do that, he would say i'm the law. >> what is she supposed to do? pull a civil suit against the sitting attorney general? you're exactly right. the incredible courage of women to come forward and detail their stories and these are not stories -- medical records of a burst eardrum and blood occurredled up and dried in her ear. various credible allies and alibis who had be told details of this physical abuse. it's stunning and extraordinary for these women to put their name on paper this morning. >> how do you see it? >> i agree. i feel a sense of a personal
5:48 am
betrayal as well. we were looking for a few good men in this me too movement and to be champions of the cause and we thought we had found that man in schneiderman, so to now learn that he lived this dual life one where he was rallying against bull liz and talking about taking down those who bully and he led this secret thought that he thought would be a secret life of intimidating and bullying women. the power of women telling their stories, we can't underestimate what that has done for women and this movement and forcing men like thiso be held accountable. >> absolutely. every person that comes forward makes it easier for another woman to do so who might have this secret. let me just read just one of these passages. this is a long article in the new yorker. i recommend that everybody read it. this is a woman, michelle barish, michelle manning barish,
5:49 am
this is just one example of what she says he did to her when they were in a romantic relationship. all of a sudden he just slapped me open handed and with great force across the face landing the blow directly on to my ear. it was horrendous. it just came out of nowhere. my ear was ringing. i lost my balance. i strang up but at this point there was very little room between the bed and him. i got up to try to shove him back. he used his body weight to hold me down. he began to choke me. it was very hard. i kicked in every fiber. i felt i was being beaten by a man. that's just one of the stories of choking, of slapping, of degradation that women have shared. >> it's never easy for a new woman to come forward with a story like this especially one as horrific as this. what it does is it shares the prevalence of this and it allows
5:50 am
it for women to take confidence that they will be believed. within three hours of this story hitting, the number one law enforcement official in new york city had resigned his position. that is an extraordinary thing. i hate to comment about new york, but it seems as though in new york there is this pattern of abuse of power from high office. schneiderman, sheldon silver, there have been a number of men who have taken advantage of their -- >> what is that? >> but what is more important here is that because these women had no other recourse, they couldn't file a civil suit or ethics complaint, they had no way, the press, the first amendment and the freedom of the press and the frankly, the power of these journalists, good on them for finding these women and credibly laying out the stories so that the number one law enforcement official had no other recourse but to resign his power and position. >> such a great point. is eric schneiderman going to
5:51 am
face charges? is he going to face jail time for what these women say he did to them? >> alisyn, i absolutely hope he does. i want to pushback a little on this notion that there was no recourse. we know that when women are abused and intimidated they feel as if there's to recourse, if there's anything we can learn from what has been happening in this movement and from the bill cosby verdict is that no one is above the law and even rich and powerful men -- >> but who could these women have gone to? i agree with you. he was the top law enforcement official in the state. >> but, remember, he's one person in a huge office of law enforcement career prosecutors and there are people that are in that office. his office and the manhattan district office that would have happily, i believe, taken the complaints of these women. i'm not trying to in any way suggest that the women did anything wrong because it takes a lot of courage to tell these stories and there is fear about going forward to law enforcement, but we have to keep
5:52 am
in mind. he's one person and this office will continue to operate and we now know the manhattan district attorney's office is investigating these charges and he may possibly face criminal charges and hopefully there will be civil lawsuits filed as well, because it doesn't appear that any statute of limitation has run, particularly with the woman who says these -- this assault happened just last year. so we know that there's a possibility of both criminal and civil actions moving forward and i hope women, those women who were sitting at home perhaps watching this, who have been in similar situations are in those situations now we'll take some comfort in knowing that you can take down even the top law enforcement officer in the state of new york. >> and you're not alone. areva, margaret, thank you both very much for this conversation. chris? you know what we need today, some good stuff and we have it for you next. and when you replace one meal
5:53 am
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5:57 am
have one final dance with a beautiful woman, so a mississippi sor reporty made his wish come true by throwing him a patriotic dance. >> feels good to be with all these beautiful women. >> his daughter could not be more grateful. >> my father, this happy, that this younger generation, appreciates everything he did and sacrificed for so that they could sit here and have fun and have the freedoms that they have. >> on top of what he's dealing with in his own life, how good for him, his family and for these younger kids to realize, helping veterans showing your appreciation. beautiful act. >> the story's also that men don't change even at 80 and 90s. meanwhile, we're captivated by president trump's tweets, are we? the pattern shouting in all caps, the random capitalization of letters, the bad grammar,
5:58 am
here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: he is the king of capitalizing, whether it's wrong or right. >> with the original travel ban. >> reporter: maybe someone should ban the president from traveling to upper case in a single tweet monday, the president capitalized witch hunt, no collusion, coordination, probe, obstruction and fighting back. >> grasmaticly it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: that rule about capitalizing proper nouns. >> it is a hoax. >> reporter: they don't even have to be nouns to get the capital treatment. phony witch hunt. we hunt the for a pattern in president trump's chaotic grammar. >> there is no chaos, only great energy. if this whole president thing doesn't work out, trump would be dope at writing fortune cookies. >> reporter: a twitter account devoted to policing the president's grammar tweeted, dear mr. stable genius, stop capitalizing nouns but president
5:59 am
trump seems to have a capital strategy. these don't seem like mer mistakes. sure comedians make fun of his language skills -- >> if you can't read, you can't be president. >> reporter: business writing instructor mary collin and other experts thinks there's a method to the president's capitalizing madness. >> it would enable them to be easy buzz words. >> reporter: not sure lover say buzz word the president wants to be ak setting, capital letters are the next best thing to shouting in all caps. >> take it from golum. >> precious! >> reporter: capitals are precious to the president. >> the fake news media has never been so wrong. >> reporter: angling for the upper hand, he counts on upper case. there's no such thing as capital punishment in grammar even if the president's grade is --
6:00 am
>> sad. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. it was about time as someone diagrammed those sayings. >> now we get it. time for cnn "newsroom" with john berman and poppy harlow. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. we could be just hours away from a new global nuclear order. shortly the president will announce his decision on the iran nuclear deal and all signs are that he will pull out. this is a deal he's called the worst in history. also this morning, president trump's on the phone with chinese president xi jinping. just hours after he met with kim jong-un, the north korean leader. we'll tell you what we're learning with kim. also the president growing unhappy with the man that he hand selected to handle his counter punch to the russian inveig


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