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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 8, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. all right, good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. new reporting that president trump is not pleased with his new attorney rudy giuliani, far from it. he is irritated, he is frustrated because the man he brought in to help end the russia probe may be making it worse for the president, at least on the legal front. >> plus, president trump on the verge of announcing his decision on the iran nuclear deal, all signs point to withdrawing. in fact, we believe the president is speaking at this moment with one of the deal's biggest supporters, french president emmanuel macron, perhaps informing him of what the united states intends to do officially. kaitlan collins following all of
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this for us at the white house. kaitlan, i want to start with your brand-new reporting on rudy giuliani. what are you hearing? >> john and poppy, the tide seems to be turning for rudy giuliani, just 30 weeks on to the job and the president is disappointed with the way that things have been handled. he was initially satisfied with rudy giuliani's performance, especially even after that bombshell announcement on fox news that president had reimbursed michael cohen for the payment made to stormy daniels, but we're now told that the president has essentially soured on rudy giuliani's media blitz. he's done dozens of interviews in the last week or so with several outlets continuing to talk about stormy daniels. we now know that the president is very displeased with what the coverage of that has been, especially since a lot of the coverage is focused on the contradictions and the statements between the president in the past and what rudy giuliani is saying now. we're told he's especially irked by that clip played on a near constant loop since sunday when
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rudy giuliani would not rule out the president taking the fifth amendment and the special counsel's investigation and so the president brought on rudy giuliani essentially because he thought he was going to be this brash, volatile guy, someone who will take a very aggressive approach in the russia investigation. and we certainly have seen rudy giuliani be aggressive in his interviews on television. but it is not in the way that the president wanted. he believes that he's actually caused more headaches for the president instead of somehow bringing the russia investigation to an end, like the president assumed he would. and rudy -- and poppy and john, he has grown disillusioned with rudy giuliani's performance so far. >> kaitlan, big announcement from the white house today, 2:00 p.m. eastern, the president will normally announce his decision on whether or not the u.s. stays a party to the iran nuclear agreement. what more do we know from the white house at this hour? >> we are now reporting that the president is expected to allow sanctions on iran to go forward, which would be the first step in getting out of the iran nuclear deal. he's going to announce that this
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afternoon at 2:00 p.m. and of course as is standard with this white house, the caveat we have been given by many officials is nothing is final until the president himself actually says it. and, of course, all signs lately have pointed to this with the secretary of state mike pompeo saying the president was likely to stay in the deal. the president himself calling it an insane deal that never should have been entered into. we have seen a last ditch effort in recent weeks, especially by leaders of france and germany to get the president to stay in the iran deal. i should note he is expected to speak with the french president, emmanuel macron, any minute now. nothing is final until the president says so, but so far he is expected to move forward to allow those sanctions to go forward. >> kaitlan collins at the white house, we'll let you get back to reporting. want to bring in josh dawsey, white house reporter for the washington post. josh, it is stunning to me that it was just last wednesday, not even a week, since rudy giuliani did his big interview with sean hannity and you heard kaitlan
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collins, josh disappears there, heard kaitlan collins say the president is disillusioned and frustrated with rudy giuliani already. six days in. so rudy giuliani, is he going to turn out to be anthony scaramucci or john kelly thing where he's frustrated with him but it goes on for a year? >> i don't think he'll be an anthony scaramucci. i think the story line is that the president brings in new people, he gets frustrated by the new people when they don't perform exactly how he wants, he vents to people, but he often, you know, keeps them around. i think with rudy giuliani there is a bond between the president and the former new york city mayor. they're of a certain generation of new york types. and i don't think he's going anywhere. but i do think the coverage of the past week with rudy giuliani's contradictory comments from the president, his many interviews, some things he said to walk back or clarify, have proven frustrating to the president. >> but it is difficult to argue that rudy giuliani has made the legal case better for the
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president on the russia probe or on stormy daniels. but a point that john brought up last hour that is a good one is that maybe he's made it politically better for the president, that he's muddying the waters here, that he's helping to add to at least the president's base and conservatives pushing back against the mueller probe. is that possible that he stays on board because he's helpful politically? >> there is a more antagonistic strategy with rudy giuliani. he's frequently gone after the credibility of robert mueller's investigators. you didn't see that with ty cobb earlier, the president's former attorney. you see a different strategy. you see him make accusations of not being fair. you've seen rudy giuliani accuse him of leaking documents without evidence, you've seen lots of going after them with fresh criticisms. whether that makes a better or not, i don't know. it seems like there will be a decision on whether to interview with mueller's investigators and the upcoming weeks and i think that will be the pivotal turning point to see which way we have
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here. is this going to be a fairly quick resolution, maybe the president goes in, answers the questions, and we see something in the next few months or a long protracted court battle over a subpoena and whether the president is forced to interview or not. i think giuliani will be -- will be driving the boat there. >> we are hearing from inside the white house, kaitlan collins is hearing concern about giuliani's performance, some suggesting that giuliani will be pushed to the back burner here. from what you're reporting is, josh, is there a divide between rudy giuliani, the television front man and the people working behind the scenes in the west wing? >> there are deep frustrations last week with his interview because the other lawyers, chief of staff, communications office, none of these people were told what he was going out to say. and people like to clean up afterwards what they saw to be a political mess. the only person that knew in advance was the president. rudy giuliani, as of this weekend, was not clear in his appearances with the press
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office. we reported that. he's a one-man show and that weaves a lot of frustration in the west wing because he makes grandiose announcements or talks about strategy, maybe talked to the president, maybe he hasn't and everyone else around the president has to deal with the ramifications of that. >> josh dawsey, thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it. we're waiting for house speaker paul ryan to take questions at the weekly house gop news conference. this as some members of his party continue pressuring the department of justice to hand over documents related to the russia investigation. what will paul ryan say when he's asked to weigh in on the push to hold the attorney general jeff sessions in contempt? >> joining us now, mike rogers, cnn national security commentator, former chair of the house intelligence committee. mr. chairman, this is a very strange situation here where you have republican house members threatening to hold the republican attorney general in contempt and then you have this lukewarm defense of the attorney
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general from the administration, mark short, the legislative affairs director said i think we're supportive of our cabinet here. what kind of a message does that send from the administration? >> well, it is getting pretty messy in a hurry. the last time this happened, by the way, they tried to hold a cabinet member in contempt was eric holder in 2012. and the house voted primarily on one party lines to hold eric holder in contempt. remember the documents over fast and furious, they didn't think they were coming. a judge ruled in 2014 the criminal side of that was a little bit ridiculous, but the fact that the -- they had to turn over documents. so some of this is tension between the legislative branch, equal branch, and the executive branch. what i think you're saying is it makes it a little odd the fact that you have at 1600 pennsylvania avenue would like to see these documents come to light and that's what is adding
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to the mystery to this event. >> and now you've got two republican members of congress calling on the president to actively step in. our manu raju on the hill, just talked to representative peter king and mark meadows. here is what they said. >> certainly at this point if we don't get the documents, the doj, the attorney general or the deputy attorney general should be held in contempt of congress. >> justice department has to turn over the documents. >> if they don't, though, would you support a contempt resolution? >> we won't get there. the president can order him to do it. i'm counting on the president to do the right thing. >> counting on the president to do the right thing. how much weirder does that make it? >> it is all a little odd. here is the thing, they're fighting -- the white house is now kind of fighting, president trump is now fighting the russia investigation publicly. he's using giuliani to try to discredit the investigation. you have an investigation into the other side of this investigation, meaning the house intelligence committee wants to find that this thing is
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illegitimate. that's their stated premise. now you have the attorney general who is running the department of justice kind of caught in the middle of this shooting match. it is going to be really interesting to see. my biggest fear is that our institutions take a beating in this, and i'll tell you, we need a good and aggressive fbi that is well respected around the country. so we need to get to the bottom of that pretty quickly. i do believe they need to start finding a conclusion to this russia investigation. it cannot go on forever. it is bad for the office of the presidency. it is certainly turned the house into the house of investigations and i just worry about how the public is perceiving the value of these important american institutions to our democracy. that's also something we should talk about. >> one thing rod rosenstein has been worried about was that the house republicans were using their oversight over the justice department to get intelligence they would -- to give back to the president here.
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do you think, really, devin nunes, do you think there is any legitimacy to that fear that he's acting on behalf of the president's legal defense here? >> if you're conducting an investigation in the house of representatives, it should not go back to the executive branch, period. we are the house -- the congress is a separate but equal branch of government. and so if you're using this technique to try to pass information along, they would be in violation of even receiving that information and i think that the department of justice would have a case. but they should make that case. i don't think they should make that allegation without being able to show clearly that it is. until that happens, i do think that the department of justice, you don't have to like them, you don't have to agree with their position, you don't have to agree with where they're taking their investigation. if they issued a subpoena, they should comply. that's what the 2014 ruling against eric holder said. you're not in criminal contempt because you made your case, but
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you should turn over the documents. that's, again, it is weakening every institution including the department of justice when they don't cooperate. if something bad happens, to that information, they take that information, march it down to the white house and put it on the president's desk and he shouldn't have access to that, then now you have a case and you should do something about it. until that happens, they should comply with the law. i think they should provide these documents to the investigative committees. >> chairman, we appreciate it. chairman rogers, thank you. ahead for us, he's -- was one of the most public, prominent advocates for the me too movement. now four women have come forward accusing new york's attorney eric schneiderman of physical assault. he's resigned. so what's next? >> key player perhaps in investigating the president as well. the republicans are on edge, a big primary day, all eyes on west virginia and ex-convict is a candidate there, could he pull off a win? and the scramble is on, the president's cia pick on capitol
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all right, a major political development this morning. new york attorney general eric schneiderman announced his resignation, comes after the new yorker published accounts of four women accusing him of physical assault. >> those women say as schneiderman condemned the likes of harvey weinstein, he had his own past of slapping them, choking them and threatening them into submission. brynn gingras is here with the reporting. stunning. >> stunning on so many levels. the hypocrisy, the political angle, so much going on here. it is really a tremendous fall from grace for a rising politician. and a man who really was a champion for women during the me too movement. this is a man who filed an enormous lawsuit against harvey weinstein and then separately reached a $25 million settlement for students of the now defunct trump university. here's the story. two of the women spoke on the
7:18 am
record to "the new yorker." two other women wanted to remain anonymous. according to "the new yorker," three of the women had romantic relations with the attorney general but none consented to physical abuse in their relationships. manning barish describes the abuse like this. all of a sudden, he slapped me, open handed and with great force across the face, landing the blow on to my ear. he then used his body weight to hold me down, and he began to choke me. the choking was very hard, it was really bad, i kicked, and every fiber i felt i was being beaten by a man. now barish recalls going to the hospital after one of these incidents. another woman, tana selvaratnam said this to the new yorker. quote, sometimes he would tell me to call him master. and he would slap me until i did. he started calling me his, quote, brown slave and demanding that i repeat that i was, quote, his property. the women also claim many times
7:19 am
the abuse happened after schneiderman had been heavily drinking, sometimes on drugs, and say he would threaten to kill them if the women left the relationship. at the time, none of these women went to authorities. schneiderman strongly contests these allegations. he is resigning today. he described the allegations as role playing, quote, in the privacy of intimate relationships i have engaged in role playing and other consensual sexual activity. i have not assaulted anyone. i have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line i would not cross. after the time the article published it just took three hours, three hours for schneiderman to resign. ronan farrow, one of the writers of this article, he was on new day and said this about the women's stories. >> i just want to relate the message of one of these women and it was a shared sentiment among this group, that this was not role playing. that this was not 50 shades of gray. it wasn't in a gray area at all.
7:20 am
this was activity that happened in many cases fully clothed, outside of a sexual context during arguments. >> now, manhattan d.a.'s office is investigating schneiderman's conduct but now new information just moments ago we learned there is an acting new york attorney general barbara underwood, appointed solicitor general in january 2007, argued 20 cases before the supreme court, and she's clerked for justice thorogood marshall. this is moving forward in many realms today as this is just coming out. >> just three hours. the scope of the allegations makes it clear why he resigned so quickly. >> absolutely. thank you. >> thank you very much . it is primary day in key states across the country. west virginia, a fascinating election there. a convict on the ballot with a chance of winning. what the president thinks about that, what the president might do about that.
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. it is primary day in four states. but the lion's share of the attention is on west virginia today. outspoken ex-convict don blankenship has many republican leaders in their own party holding their breath as the former coal executive battles to be the party's nominee for the senate. >> president trump is among the top republican officials who are actively trying to stop blankenship from winning the prima primary, but not because they're critical of blankenship per se, they think he can't win the general election. joining us is joe johns. joe? >> reporter: good morning, john. west virginia has long been associated with the slogan wild
7:26 am
and wonderful. and one of the things certainly about this state is its wild, wonderful politics. this primary race so far is no exception. the incumbent, of course, is joe manchin. he's a democrat. republicans would very much like to knock him off, especially given the fact that control of the united states senate could hang in the balance. there are six candidates on the primary ballot. but the only one people are really talking about much here in the state right now is don blankenship, that former coal executive, as well as an ex-convict. he was convicted and served a year for violating the regulations relating to coal mining. he, of course, is controversial in other ways as well. blankenship has used some very colorful, some say racist language in his campaign. very much a campaign of grievance, if you will, so much
7:27 am
so that some top establishment republicans have, in fact, asked the president of the united states and he has complied, agreed and went on twitter opposing the campaign of blankenship not on the merits, very interestingly because -- but because he says blankenship cannot win against joe manchin, which frankly is something we don't know the truth about right now. blan blankenship for his part has responded to that, being a bit defia defiant, indicating the president doesn't know what he's talking about or not informed. he said in a statement, i will win the primary, i will beat joe manchin. neither of my opponents can beat joe manchin without my support. i will beat manchin even without the support of the establishment. so we have been talking to the secretary of state, they say turnout is steady. they had a large number of people who voted early. so we'll see how all of that pans out. back to you.
7:28 am
>> joe jonze fhns for us in charleston, thank you very much. kevin, i want to start with you, the president's argument on blankenship is he can't win a general election. jeff flake, arizona senator has a different argument here. this is what he says, i think we have it, we'll put it up on the screen, the problem isn't that don blankenship can't win a general election in west virginia, it is that he shouldn't win a general election in west virginia virginia, #countryoverparty. why doesn't senate leadership make that case in. >> i think the problem for jeff flake here is that not many of the voters are -- care about electoral politics in the sense that they're not putting the premium on electability. >> right. >> this is an electorate in west virginia that has come together around two big issues, coal and cultural conservatism. and for don blankenship, who represents, i think, you know, i think he's speaking to the voters on those particular issues and animating them in a
7:29 am
way where we have seen the trend line in the last few days in his -- favorable in his direction, this is something where he's taking all of those together and then just confronting the establishment. and the president, you know, he's weighed in at the last minute, but probably not, you know, time enough. i think it was out of a sense of panic than out of a sense of thought out strategy. that's why we're, you know, we have a lot of these folks like jeff flake speaking out because they do want to spend a message about the overall profile party. question is was it done in time. >> you know what i think is ironic and somewhat hysterical is now donald trump is the establishment. the man who ran against the establishment, the establishment be dammed, now he is being called on as the ultimate republican establishment to try to get things -- >> doesn't want to lose the seat, right? let me ask you, because we have you here, someone who knows new york -- former new york attorney general eric schneiderman very well, he's been accused of physically assaulting four
7:30 am
women, he resigned four hours after the allegations came out last night. in 2010 you said of him, he's always stood for protecting victims of domestic violence and countless other issues when others looked the other way. you campaigned for his re-election in 2014. he went to your wedding. you know the man. what is your response to this? >> i'm shocked. if you said to me, pick someone, in political life in new york, who would have done this, i would never have said eric schneiderman. that said, given what has come out, given the incredible specifics, the consistency of the women, the bravery of the women, there is no doubt in my mind that i didn't know eric schneiderman at all. and not only should he be resigned, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> people should know you run women in need also in new york city, which helps women in the most need in this city. so much of your time is spent protecting women. >> we see, you know, one of the main reasons women end up in our shelter and in our services is because of domestic violence.
7:31 am
and that fear that his victims -- the survivors talked about is pervasive in all people who are survivors of domestic violence. and, you know, one of the things about batterers, they're dine mate a mite actor. they can make it seem like they're two people and eric schneiderman did that well and what he did and how he was a fraud to all of us, those of us that were his friends, and those of us who were his supporters, is really just disgusting and just beyond disheartening. >> the allegations are stunning, the hypocrisy is breathtaking. kevin madden, there is also a larger bigger picture political angle here, if you follow progressives on twitter or on some cable stations here, you know eric schneiderman was the great white hope in investigating president trump. if the president halted the mueller investigation or pardons anyone, people are looking to eric schneiderman to take up the cases and go after the president from state law. is this a setback for foes of
7:32 am
the president. >> i think whoever moves into this position is -- the folks that want to take this position over, the new york attorney general position, they're going to be fighting each other to show how tough -- how tough they are on this particular issue and i think holding the president and others accountable. the thing that i found breathtaking about this was the speed with which it happened, in the space of three hours, you had revelation, resignation. i also think the democratic party is making a concerted effort, at least in this instance, to take the moral high ground, which is they're going to be able to criticize others, hold others accountable, and hold their -- people in their own party accountable because they do believe this is one of the things that is going to help them draw a contrast in their criticism of this president. >> ronan farrow, one of the reporters who broke this story last night, two stories in -- two important stories in the space of 48 hours, yea for journalism on this front. part of the piece that stood out to us, tana sielvaratnam told
7:33 am
friends about the abuse. a number of them advised her to keep the story to herself arguing that schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the democrats to lose. what do you make of that? >> it is heart breaking. it is infuriating. it is enraging. no one is above the law. you don't get to be a batterer at home and a champion for women when you're outside of your home. and what you're doing, hypocritically saying and passing all these laws, it makes what you're doing at home worse, not something that you should be protected for. we heard a somewhat similar refrain around al franken. but the schneiderman charges are, you know, horrendous. i think any democrat who is thinking that, snap out of it! this is violence. this is domestic violence. this is abuse.
7:34 am
no one deserves to be supported by anyone. nonetheless leading democrats if that's what you're doing. as a party, we have depth and breadth and we're not so pa thet make we ha thetic that we have to stand by. >> i think this is not the terrain they want to be fighting on. i'll just leave it at that. not much more -- we shouldn't overanalyze this either. i think a lot of what christine says speaks from the heart. this is a time for those with this platform to do exactly that. the same side of it, this is not a time to be trying to play those type of politics. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. gina haspel, the president's pick to head the cia is on capitol hill this morning, looking to win over some undecided members of congress before her confirmation hearing tomorrow. how will she hold up to the toughest questioning about torture tactics? we'll talk to someone who has
7:35 am
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the president's pick to lead the cia back on capitol hill this morning. gina haspel meeting with key senators before her confirmation hearing which will happen tomorrow morning. >> the president tweeting his support for her again this morning, saying she will be tough on terror, but it is exactly that. her record dealing with suspected terrorists while at the cia, running a black ops site which has many senators demanding more information. with us is raleigh flynn who worked with haspel for decades and is a 30 year veteran of the cia where she served as executive director of the cia's counterterrorism center. thank you for being here. you worked along side gina haspel at the cia and so many people, including many members of the senate know what they argue is too little about her. and they have many, many questions that they will pose at the confirmation hearing tomorrow. you described her as someone with a spine of steal.
7:40 am
what should we know about her. >> i think that's exactly right. she does have a spine of steael. she's a smart person. and she's the kind of person who can do the right thing. she is very ethical, she's also an incredibly nice person. thoroughly experienced. i think she's the most experienced at least in overseas clandestine operations, most experienced director we have had since -- or will have since bill colby back in the '70s. we had career analysts be cia director, but it has been a long time since we had someone with her kind of experience in foreign operations. >> you know many of the questions surround her role in the early 2000s, running the black site in thailand, waterboarding took place, also in 2005 the destruction of cia interrogation tapes which dealt with many of the same issues
7:41 am
there. she's going to be asked about this in an oversight setting, which is the right place to ask these questions. if the question is posed, would you do it again, how do you think she would respond? >> i can't speak for her. but i think it is important to understand, and this has been said before, that she was not an architect of that program. she was a midlevel official carrying out orders. in terms of how she will respond to that question, i've only seen the media reports and in those media reports she says she won't let that happen again. i have to take her at the word. >> the geina haspel you knew an know, where do you think she offered to withdraw herself from the nomination as late as friday? >> again, i've only seen the media reports. i don't know if that really happened. if it did, it rings true to me because gina haspel is the very kind of selfless person who if she thought that her nomination
7:42 am
would undermine the cia or cause the cia any kind of damage, she would do the right thing and withdraw her name. that is so like gina haspel. >> you see what is going on in this country. you see what's going on in washington with the partisanship dividing the government, the members of congress right now. where does gina haspel, do you think, fit into that? how do you think she will respond to that partisanship? >> well, first of all, gina haspel is completely a-political as are pretty much all of the cia officers i ever worked with. i would say 95% of the people i worked with i hadn't a clue whether they were republicans or democrats. and i think that's true -- absolutely true of gina haspel. i could not tell you whether she has a party affiliation. i think she will do what the cia has always done. it is speaking truth to power, regardless of what the policy is, we let the facts stand.
7:43 am
>> rollie flynn, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> could be hours away from a new global nuclear order. this as one official tells cnn president trump will allow sanctions to go forward on iran, marking the first step, really the major step from withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. anyone can get you ready, holiday inn express gets you the readiest. because ready gives a pep talk. showtime! but the readiest gives a pep rally. i cleared my inbox! holiday inn express, be the readiest.
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7:47 am
in just hours, president trump is expected to announce the u.s. will begin the process of pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. what will this mean tomorrow morning?
7:48 am
deputy director at the atlantic counsel and anthony cordesman. nice to have you here. your argument is, look, this is a deal that is untenable. >> the iranians have said that they won't be party to any kind of deal. but they also said in the past that they would be unwilling to put limits on their nuclear program. but when they're put under severe international pressure, they show that they were willing to put limits on the program. so the current deal as you point out, the limits all expire over time. and so just continuing with the current deal will leave us in a very bad place, so we need to either fix it or nix it as some have said. >> so nix it, as some have said, tony, what does that mean for
7:49 am
tomorrow, for next week, is it all of a sudden, president trump announces the sanctions will go back in place what does the world look like in a month? >> i think it is very difficult to know until we hear exactly what he says. he doesn't have to impose sanctions immediately. he can create a 60 day window and put pressure on the europeans. the key issue here is going to be what do our allies do? it is the three european countries, the five plus one, that basically are doing the negotiating with iran, not us. and if they don't join us and the eu doesn't join us in the sanctions immediately we have a confrontation with europe over banking, financial transactions and all their relations with iran. iran can also partially react. it can take a whole wide range of measures and try to put
7:50 am
pressure on the u.s. as well as work with russia, china, and european states. so this is an open game and at 2:00, we'll find out exactly how it starts. >> matthew, if the president does stop waving the sanctions and begin the process of the u.s. pulling out, it is hard to find someone that does not think that iran would restart its nuclear program, restart the enrichment, et cetera. if it does that, the big concern is the middle east arms race. you have saudi arabia, said, look, if iran restarts its program, we will do the same. isn't that a great concern for the region and to the united states? >> we have already got the problem of a regional arms race with this deal. saudi arabia said it will match whatever nuclear capabilities iran has. and is beginning -- well, that's with the deal in place. saudi arabia is looking -- >> would this not at the least accelerate it? >> i don't think so.
7:51 am
the purpose of renegotiating the deal or getting a better deal is to stop iran's nuclear program, not to let it proceed. so if the trump administration pulls out, they need to have a very comprehensive strategy for what comes next. i haven't seen that yet, but the goal would be to increase the economic political military pressure on iran to get a deal that eliminates this nuclear threat, not just kicks the can down the road a few years, which is what the current deal does. >> tony, how do you think iran will respond to all of this? >> well, it is already said it is going to take strong action, basically go back and restore the enrichment capabilities it had before the agreement was signed. it has not said it is going to go on to a nuclear weapons effort, which it may or may not do. and it can do it in a lot of different ways from something that is very overt and public, which would be a dramatic
7:52 am
reversal of its position to something covert. i think it is important to note, too, that technically the agreement does not expire. it basically says indefinitely that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons and it applies for the iaea inspection. this is a critical issue in time. other one i think people are forgetting is this is only one of three threats. iran already stepped up its missile testing program. it has steadily improved its capability it attack tanker, oil shipments, all shipping in the gulf, and it steadily is expanding the influence outside the region, outside the immediate border. we're talking about a much broader issue than simply the iranian nuclear program and when it comes to this arms race, it has gotten a lot of publicity, but so far it is relatively
7:53 am
limited. could it get a lot worse very quickly? yes. in all four areas. >> matthew, anthony, thank you very much for being with us again. the president's announcement at 2:00 today. as you can see, cnn will bring special live coverage. dozens of homes destroyed in hawaii as volcanic activity seems to have subsided at least a bit temporarily. the state's governor warning the threat not over yet. ♪ (woman) one year ago today mom started searching for her words. and my brother ray and i started searching for answers. (vo) when it's time to navigate in-home care, follow that bright star. because brightstar care earns the same accreditation as the best hospitals. and brightstar care means an rn will customize a plan that evolves with mom's changing needs. (woman) because dad made us promise we'd keep mom at home. (vo) call 844-4-brightstar for your free home care planning guide.
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein a short time ago, house speaker paul ryan commented on two issues that had really hanging over the speaker of the house over the last several days. number one, the house chaplain
7:58 am
back at work now. this is after speaker ryan actually asked him to leave and he resigned and unresigned. also the speaker commenting on the feud between house republicans and the justice department over documents that house republicans want in the russia investigation. listen to the speaker. >> absolutely we had a good cup of coffee this morning. we talked about how to improve the services going forward. we're going to keep talking to make sure we can -- i think we can ultimately make improvements so that everyone has access to the pastoral services they're looking for. good meeting this morning, we're going to keep talking and i feel good about where things are. >> are you supportive of devin nunes' quest to hold sessions in contempt? >> i haven't spend to him about it. we have not discussed this. we expect the administration to comply with our document requests as a matter of form for the executive branch and our legislative branch oversight. i haven't spoken with devin about this. we have a thorough process we go through. we expect the administration to honor our document requests.
7:59 am
>> expect the administration to honor our document requests, seems like the speaker is siding there with those who want those documents and maybe those who want to hold the attorney general in contempt. >> in hawaii, volcanic activity has calmed down on the big island. officials warn that lava and toxic gas still threaten residents. look at this time lapse video. lava flowing across a road, burning up a car there. dozens of homes destroyed. the eruptions are likely to continue. >> it is definitely a relaxation to some extent, but i think everyone has been through a volcanic eruption before and they know that it is temporary. and the geologists expects that the eruption will continue. there are signs that it is not over yet. >> officials are warning people to stay away after two people were arrested ignoring roadblocks. gas prices are expected to jump this summer, making it the most expensive driving season in years. it is because of the rise in cost of crude.
8:00 am
oil prices up 1% overnight, close to $70 a barrel. it is mainly due to expectations that president trump will pull out of the iran nuclear agreement. iran is a big oil exporter. new sanctions would lessen the supply in the market. that announcement comes 2:00 p.m. today. thanks so much for joining us. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. the clock ticks and the world waits. just three hours from now, president trump will make the biggest foreign policy announcement of his entire presidency. the future of the iran deal. sources say that he is expected to push ahead on sanctions against iran, which means a first step toward pulling out of the deal. but those same sources, of course, also say nothing is final until the president speaks. so what has he said? quite a lot. >> the iran deal, w


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