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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  May 11, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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to st. stevens church on thursday found to look to be an exploded package which caused minor damage. >> the fbi and atf assisting local police. the director of the church saying we are blessed no one was injured and it has made everyone nervous. two weeks ago, a suspicious package found at starbucks in the city and later found to be an explosive device as well. beaumont police advise residents not to handle anything suspicio suspicious. beaumont is 250 miles east of austin where a seriarial bomber targeted businesses in march. and the gina haspel's nomination for cia was met with a despicable response from inside the white house. an official tells cnn white staffer kelly sadler says he's dying anyway. the official says sadler meant
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it as a joke. the official said the joke fell flat. sadler runs surrogate communications at the white house. >> asked for a response, the white house says we respect mccain's certiservice to our na. the source says sadler called the senator's daughter meghan mccain to apologize. unclear how she stopped. the senator's wife tweeted may i remind you my husband has a family of seven children and five grandchildren. >> mccain did not back gina haspel after she said she would not say torture is immoral. and this report from fox news. >> and john mccain said he would not endorse haspel also and in part because she believes in torture and she thinks it works.
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>> john mccain. it worked on john. that is why they call him song bird john. >> that is just not true. s that-- that's conspiracy theo. john mccain did not go home when offered a chance to go home. he wanted to stay back with his fellow hostages. hostages. the host tweeted an apology to mccain and said he missed the remark in a moment. >> a spokesperson for fox says the general will no longer be invited on fox news. on a more positive note, senator graham visited mccain in arizona. he said mccain is getting stronger. >> joining us is sara westwood.
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welcome. good morning. let's start with the senator john mccain issue. look. it is appalling that it could be joked about inside the white house. on fox business to have someone say something like that. what does it say about the state of politics today that someone like john mccain, a war hero and national hero in the troubling time for his family could be joked about in such a manner? what happened to politics? >> great question. political discourse has been on a downward trajectory for a while. when you thought it could not go lower, we see people attacking a war hero. someone who is an american icon at this point. there is bipartisan support that is outpouring from all over the country for mccain since his diagnosis was revealed. at the white house, the tone is set at the top. president trump has gone after mccain before. not just for his politics, but for his war record. it is difficult, i guess, for
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trump and senior white house staffers to come out and criticize this relatively lower level aide kelly sadler for making remarks that is not that different from things that president trump said and been criticized for in public. obviously this is the last thing the white house wants to be dealing with. they have a controversy related to michael cohen and the russia investigation going on. they are trying to get attention to the foreign policy agenda. this is not something they were prepared to deal with this week. >> for you on social media, john mccain really has oddly become a divisive topic for conservatives and litmus test. it was candidate trump who said i like people who weren't captured. perhaps he is the one who started this tone long ago on john mccain. i want to talk about the president last night in the rv capital of the world in elkhart, indiana. he was in full campaign mode.
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here is what he said about the democrats and 2018 mid-terms. >> the democrats they fight against the borders. they fight to raise your taxes. they want to rise your taxes. they fight for all of the things that we don't stand for and we're going to have a great victory in '18. we will have a great victory. >> it was a full really felt like a campaign rally as we start to look forward to 2018. you wrote about this issue. do you think the central issue is the tax cuts and how they played out or foreign policy? >> i think president trump is turning his attention to foreign policy because the legislative agenda has stalled. a lot of the things he tried to do through kpeexecutive orders e been challenged by the courts. foreign policy is where the president has the greatest unilateral power. that is where he is focusing his attention now. the attention to the foreign
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policy agenda is starting to raise the approval ratings for him which he takes a lot of pride in. that may be where the president is focusing attention. republicans, however, want the conversation to be about tax cuts and they want to draw that contrast with democrats who have gotten themselves in a bit of trouble by railing against the tax cuts. nancy pelosi calling them crumbs when a lot of americans did get significant amounts of money. republicans want to draw a contrast with the tax cuts. >> the trick is if democrats can position the tax cuts as corporate welfare and show it is hundreds and billions of dollars to companies and just hundreds to workers. we were talking about gas prices risi rising. gas prices rising this summer to take a third of the tax cuts away from working families. will that matter? is that a problem in 2018 for republicans? >> it absolutely could. the old saying is people vote with their wallets. that is not going to be any
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different this year. historically the deck is stacked against republicans and president trump remains unpopular in large swaths of the country. it is difficult for democrats to hold on to their seats. president trump facing headwinds although the tax cuts are more popular. >> $3 gas. not $4 gas. remember $4? that is brutal. >> sarah westwood, thanks. dhs denying the "times" report that kirstjen nielsen considered resigning after an explosive argument with president trump during a cabinet meeting on wednesday. a source with knowledge of the incident says the president erupted over immigration. berating nielsen in front of the group for not doing enough to secure the border. the secretary, we're told, standing her ground citing the law to the president more than once. >> according to "the times,"
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nielsen drafted a resignation letter. now nielsen says she shares the president's frustration on the border. president trump in indiana last night taking a victory lap following the release of three prisoners held by north korea. at a rally in the vice president's home state hours after greeting the detainees in person. president trump says the efforts are ensuring america is respected again. >> they were saying he's going to get us into a nuclear war. he's going to get us into a nuclear war. and you know what gets you into nuclear wars and you know what gets you into other wars? weakness. weakness. >> the location and date are set for president trump's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. for the latest on that, we turn to cnn's paula hancocks live in
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seoul. good morning, paula. you talk about singapore. any sense of why? >> reporter: dave, it is intriguing. it is one the u.s. officials around trump and inner circle were favoring for some time. one reason is security and it is a neutral location. we know the u.s. president was thinking about the dmz after he saw the north/south korea summit and the optics of walking across the demarcation line. u.s. officials were not happy about that because they thought it was showing a conciliatory gesture of going to kim jong-un's backyard. they wanted somewhere neutral. it is a close ally of the united states. singapore. from the north korean point of view, they are happy with it because they have an embassy there. they don't have embassies in that many countries. the leader there of the country welcoming it saying he hopes it
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can move things toward peace on the peninsula and around the region. everybody is welcoming the summit. the south koreans would have liked it to be at the dmz. they knowledge eacknowledged th. they want to have a trilateral summit after the bilateral summit. >> thank you, paula. out of 180 victims of press freedom rankings worldwide. it is an interesting back drop for the world's media. you litter there, you go to jail. prescription drug prices always rising. can the president fix it? he lays out his plan for lowering drug prices. that's next. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor.
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of the world's worst was the disastrous iran nuclear deal. we're putting the harshest, strongest, most stringent sanctions on iran. >> the president is hoping for a better deal. no escalation in the violence overnight. the situation is volatile. iran is condemning the strikes on syria from israel. israelis say it was retaliation. we have diplomatic editor nic robertson with the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: good morning, dave. people are trying to analyze because president trump was pulled out of the jcpoa, have the hardliners got a deal now and have they got a restraint? israel have struck at a number of positions inside syria over the border they feel are
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threatening israel. iranians hadn't done anything up until now. that dynamic appeared to change after president trump pulled the united states out of the jcpoa. does this mean the hardliners decided to drive the ship, if you will, in tehran? the moderate president of iran rouhani has said that the european countries part of the jcpoa only have a short space of time to prove the jcpoa can actually work. as we heard from president trump speaking there right now the indications are they will find that difficult. european diplomats are not sure they can make the jcpoa work because they expect that there will be additional sanctions put on european companies that might try to do business in iran. that undermines the stability, if you will, of the moderates in iran like rouhani. that puts the hard dlliners on ground in syria in control. if they left edlifted that rest
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that means we will see an increase in violence over a period of time. it might not happen now, but this problem really hasn't gone away. >> nic robertson from a quiet jerusalem for the moment. thank you. in the wake of president trump's decision to quit the iran deal, former president george w. bush warning of the isolation. accepting an award from the thinktank, bush invoked the words of churchill. >> the price of responsibility. one cannot price to be in many ways -- one cannot rise to be in many ways being in the civilized war without being involved in problems and inspired by its causes. if this had been proved in the past as it had been, it will become indisputable in the future. people in the united states cannot escape world responsibility. i wholeheartedly agree. >> the former president thanked
2:18 am
everyone for their prayers after the death of his mother. he says his information george h.w. bush misses mom, but his health is good. president trump says he has a plan to lower prescription drug prices. american patients first plan promises to reduce costs and renegotiate and incentives. making it easier for gentlemeri drugs to hit the market. an idea the obama administration supported. the president is abandoning one campaign promise. negotiating with drugmakers directly. removing government rules preventing medicare from getting better deals. this is the first big move on the promise to cut prices. experts say the propose als wil have a modest impact. he is expected to slam foreign
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the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. game seven. two of my favorite words. two of the best words in all of sports. >> lindsay czarniak has more in the "bleacher report." >> so much at stake in game seven. predators thought after losing to pittsburgh last year this was their moment. their hopes ended early. eddie george and sheryl crow firing up the crowd in nashville. known for a terrific atmosphere for catfish thrown on the ice. they struggled from the start. renne was pulled in the middle of the first after allowing two goals. the jets taking advantage and
2:24 am
cruising to a 5-1 win advancing to the winner conference final where they face las vegas. the predators season ending in disappointme disappointment. one team knows what that feels like is the washington capitals. they were knocked out in the second round by the penguins. they flipped the script. they face game one against tampa bay lightning after beating the penguins in overtime on monday. ovechkin has waited 13 years to get past the first round. he told me what was going through his mind the moment it happened. >> my memory is delete it. we are going to play the stanley c cup. it is something special. >> game one of that series in
2:25 am
tampa tonight. phil mickelson here in florida rocking that long-sleeve button down shirt. here is what this is famous for. the 17th green. it makes guys do this. are you kidding me? it is so hard to land the ball on the green. it is nearly impossible. rickie fowler is trying. he finds the water. in all, 24 water balls on day one. that is the most since 2007. >> i want to try. >> we will see if today is better. you know who retrieves those balls? they have a scuba diver that goes in. true story. this is what it does to every golfer. and you are about to see the worst ceremonial first pitches. former linebacker akbar gbajabiamila. guys? really? that was tough.
2:26 am
that was before the game in philly last night. >> he is off the mound or off the grass? >> it looks grassy. he tweeted i think somebody deflated my baseball. >> is it worse than 50 cent? i think it is. >> we should do a split screen. >> i think it is the worst of all time. >> there is so much that goes into it. pressure. >> you have to practice. >> thank you, lindsay. 26 minutes past the hour. breaking overnight. explosive device causes damage at a texas church. the second explosive found in the city of beaumont in the last two weeks.
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need a hair smoother get super fruit moroccan argan oil. with fructis sleek & shine. hair is super sleek, even in 97% humidity. no parabens. garnier fructis sleek & shine. super fruit. super hair. garnier. this despicable remark from inside the white house. don't worry about john mccain. he's dying anyway. that from a white house aide. that is the latest in the embarrassing leak. and on june 12th in
2:31 am
singapore i'll be meeting with kim jong-un. >> the summit is set. president trump meets with kim jong-un in singapore next month. and iran condemns the israeli strikes inside syria. all signs point to the hardliners taking the lead in iran. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. it's friday. >> i'm dave briggs. 5:31 eastern time. all those stories in just a moment. first, breaking news. feds investigating after a texas church damaged by a package bomb. the second explosive device to target beaumont in the last two weeks. the police were called to st. stevens church and found a package that caused minor damage. >> the director of the church saying we are blessed no one was injured adding it has everyone
2:32 am
very nervous here. two weeks ago, a package at a starbucks in beaumont was found to be explosive device. beaumont is 250 miles east of austin where a serial bomber targeted homes and businesses in march. to politics. now senator john mccain's opposition to gina haspel as cia director met with response from the white house. at a meeting, staffer kelly sadler said of mccain, quote, he's dying anyway. the arizona senator is battling brain cancer. sadler meant it as a joke, but the official said the joke fell flat. sadler runs surrogate communications at the white house. >> as for a response, the white house had a more respectful response. we respect his service to our nation and he and his family are in our prayers. sadler called the senator's daughter meghan mccain to
2:33 am
apologize. the senator's wife posted it. may i remind you my husband has a family. seven children and five grandchildren. >> john mccain urged his fellow senators to reject gina haspel after she declined to say torture is immoral. mccain's move prompted this response from fox business commentator retired general mcirnerny. >> mccain will not endorse haspel in part because she believes in torture and she thinks it works. >> it worked on john. that's why they call him song bird john. >> side note. that's fake news. no evidence torture got mccain to betray the country. the host tweeted he missed the remark at the moment. >> fox news says the general will no longer be invited on fox
2:34 am
business or fox news. mccain will address the comments on "the view" today. on a positive note, senator graham visited mccain and said he is getting stronger. joe biden, former colleague of mccain, was there the week before. john mccain has read parts of his books coming out. he talked about reflecting on his life. it is a tough moment for that family. there's no question that john mccain is an american hero. >> and back to being the maverick we remember. joining us to discuss this is cnn white house reporter sarah westwood live in d.c. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. >> it is odd. john mccain is preparing to say good-bye and is the most divisive issue in the republican party. i want to show you a tweet from a conservative column any of thth the -- columnist. he tweeted all of the self
2:35 am
described conservatives wishing to piss on his whole life to prove their love of trump are debasing themselves. it is grotesque. if you are on social media, he is the divisive issue in the republican party. what does this is a about the state of the trump republican party today? >> obviously the state of the trump republican party today was already chaotic and disarray and full of rival factions. the episode of john mccain and who he wants to attend his funeral exposed nasty politics in the age of trump. mccain is a bipartisan figure here at the end of his life. one of his final moments in the senate, obviously, was to sink republican efforts to repeal obamacare. that endeared him to the left in new ways and certainly no disputing he is an persamericano and contributed to american life
2:36 am
over the last several decades. for a white house staffer to attack mccain revives memories of when president trump was attacking mccain which was a controversial moment for trump, but it exposes when the tone is set the top of being so critical of someone like mccain and able to say offensive things and get away with it. this is what happens with the rank-and-file in the white house. >> you remember trump said i like people who weren't captured. that is what he said on the campaign trail. continuing that up is down and day is night. real news, fake news world. >> the tribalism of today. disagreements used to be welcomed. no longer. >> let's listen to mike pence, the vice president, he is saying it is time to end the mueller investigation. this is what he said. >> it has been about a year since this investigation began.
2:37 am
our administrationdocuments. we cooperated with it. in the interest of the country it is time to wrap it up. i would respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion. >> as graham said on cnn, that is not his call to make. this is the investigation that will be wrapped up when it is wrapped up. this is mueller's deal. >> exactly. it shows how effective president trump's campaign and campaign of the allies the ability to undermine mueller. pence has not been implicated or dragged into the scandal and how he can be saying things that may be more suited to president trump's twitter feed. it shows how far the administration has gone. refusing to name him in public. saying they welcome the investigation and now going on offense dictating the terms of the interview for example and pushing back on the need for the
2:38 am
special counsel as president trump's rhetoric is more aggressive toward mueller which filtered down to the rest of the administration. >> indeed. the president for the most part stayed away from the mueller investigation last night in elkhart, indiana. the rv capital of the world. >> have you driven through elkhart? >> i have not. >> acres of rvs. >> he turned to a really political rally for 2018. here is what the president said last night. >> the democrats fight against the borders. they fight to raise your taxes. they want to raise your taxes. they fight for all of the things that we don't stand for and we're going to have a great victory in '18. you watch. >> the president coined a new nickname. sleepy senator of indiana. what is the central issue for
2:39 am
republicans ahead of the 2018 mid-terms? >> it is not clear what the president wants the central issue to be. one point you think it is i immigrati immigration. he is frustrated that they have not done enough to make progress to fill fulliulfilling the prome border wall and stricter immigration laws. and at the same time, president trump is focusing more and more of the administration attention on foreign policy because he has seen the fact that extending te olive branch to kim jong-un in south korea and gunning -- north korea and gunning for the summit and ripping up the iran deal. that has boosted his approval ratings. that is something the president cares about a great deal. >> he is a brander. he is frustrated they cannot sell his accomplishments. sarah westwood, thank you. we will see how the tax cuts work with rising gas prices
2:40 am
heading into the mid-terms. that would be interesting. >> it will make nancy pelosi a central issue. dhs denying a "new york times" report that kirstjen nielsen considered resigning after an argument with president trump during a cabinet meeting on wednesday. a source with knowledge of the incident said the president erupted over immigration and berating nielsen for not doing enough. the secretary standing her ground citing the law to the president more than once. >> according to "the times" she drafted a resignation letter. macneill now shares the president's instruments administration -- macneill now shares the presidents -- nielsen now shares the president's frustration on the inaction of congress. and the president was attending a rally in the vice
2:41 am
president's home state. president trump said his efforts are ensuring america is respected again. a location and date are now set for president trump's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. for the latest, we turn to paula hancocks in seoul. good morning, paula. >> reporter: hi, dave. we know it is june 12th. we know it is singapore. the reason we are hearing singapore was the location that they landed on was for security reasons and also for neutrality reasons. u.s. officials and those really in the close circle around the u.s. president trump wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be the dmz as mr. donald trump tweeted he would like to go there because he had seen the optics of the north/south korean summit saying it would be a conciliatory gesture to kim jong-un. trump going to his door step. we are seeing it will be in singapore. it is a close ally of the united
2:42 am
states. from the north korean point of view, they appear happy with it because they have an embassy there. they have a connection with the country as well. now certainly we are hearing different rhetoric from both sides from trump and also through north korean media kcna, warm terms of the trump administration. >> paula live for us. thank you. ten-ton boulders flying as far as half a mile. rain laced with toxins. serious warnings for what is on the rise for the keilar kilau-- kilauea volcano in hawaii. as much as technology wise. and i would say i had nothing. you become a school teacher for one reason, you love kids. and so you don't have the same tools, you don't always believe you have the same... outcomes achievable for yourself.
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among the many brave national security blunders of the previous administration, one of the world's worst was the disastrous iran nuclear deal. we're putting the harshest, strongest and stringent sanctions on iran. >> noes an -- no escalation in the violence overnight. the situation is volatile. iran condemning the israeli strikes on syria. israel saying it was retaliation. nic robertson wrote a great piece on all of this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dave. what people are asking right now
2:48 am
is has iran suspended its ext strategic patience and desire not to strike back at israel? if you look at the past few months, israel has struck iranian military assets inside syria. it is believed it is threatening the sovereignty and security in israel. it killed iranian forces in syria. until now, until president trump withdrew from the jcpoa, iran hadn't struck back at israel. then they did. so what does this mean? does it mean that the hardliners on the ground inside syria, iranian hardliners are there? does it mean president rouhani in tehran who said the european countries, germany, france, britain who helped negotiate the jcpoa have a short timeframe to
2:49 am
show the jcpoa can work? european diplomats feel that is unlikely. we heard from president trump talking about strong sanctions on iran which is likely to damage european companies ability to do business in iran which is what president rouhani needs to show iranians the country can benefit and the jcpoa going and that keeps him over the hardliners. everyone looking to see who will win the hardliners, moderates? the strategic resistance and patience, if you will, has that gone? because if it has, that makes a bigger conflict more likely right now. >> indeed. for now, a quiet jerusalem. nic robertson. thank you. a check on cnn money. bye-bye net neutrality. official date to end it on june 11th. repealing what the fcc calls unnecessary harmful regulations introduced in 2015.
2:50 am
the fcc repealed net neutrality in december. the obama-reera rules provided free internet. preventing providers from charging more for content. facebook and apple oppose the revised rules. it is a win for internet providers say it stifled investment. they pledge not to block access after the rules expire. many are concerned here. more than 20 states filed lawsuit to file an appeal. and democrats pushing to overturn the decision next week. global stocks mixed. wall street closed higher. eased fears of faster interest rate hikes. apple hit a record high. close to being the first company worth $1 trillion. value of $958 billion right now. quite a winner. is $100 oil on its way back?
2:51 am
bank of america thinks so. forecast world oil prices to hit $100 a barrel next year. u.s. oil $94. exports could be cut off after major oil producers are slowing production to nudge prices higher. gas prices are up 21% over the past year and rising. a typical family can spend $200 more on gas this summer. that cuts into the extra cash in your pact because of the tax law teixeira pocket because of -- pocket because of the new tax law. it wipes out a third of the direct savings from tax cuts. ahead, the catalog of bad ceremonial pitches. we may have a new winner. a former nfl player and host of "american ninja warrior." we will show you how that ended next. into retirement...
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does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see who delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way.
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we let calls from any of your devices come from your business number. them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. all right. approaching midnight in hawaii. scientists warning about the explosives of biblical eruption. it could fling ten-ton boulders as far as a half mile and columns of choking ash miles in the sky. the last time that happened was nearly a century ago. the volcano national park will close indefinitely. the toxic gasses in the kilauea volcano eruption has a warning of toxic rain.
2:57 am
and two-thirds of all flight attendants have been sexually harassed by passengers. 68% claimed they experienced verbal harassment in their careers. more than one-third of those occurred in the past year. in the middle of the me too movement. 18% of the flight attendants have been victims of physical harassment. groping, grabbing, slapping. the head of the union says the industry is in a steeped sexist past. "town & country" magazine apologizing to monica lewinsky after being un-invited to the event after bill clinton was invited. >> she wrote, dear world, don't invite me to an event especially one of social change and after i have accepted un-invite me because bill clinton then
2:58 am
decided to attend/invited. it is 2018. emily post would definitely not approve. on thursday, "town & country" said we regret the situation and how it was handled. it was handled badly. bad handling. you are about to witness the worst ceremonial first pitch thrown at the professional baseball game. former linebacker and host of "american ninja warrior" akbar gbajabiamila at the phillies game. just spiking that thing straight into the ground. renewing the question who has thrown the worst pitch of all time? akbar or rapper 50 cent who threw an all-time gem at the mets game a few years ago. also a lefty and nearly took out the guy with the camera. romans? which is worse? >> 50 cent. >> is that right? i have to say akbar. he did not make it halfway to
2:59 am
the plate. >> akbar has style on the throw. the leg out. it tricked you for a minute. and then the fail. if you >> so if you fail, fail is style is the lesson from christine romans. >> so long. it's friday. i'm christine romans. >> lindh is say czarniak live right now. happy mother's day to you and all you moms. >> thank you. he's not a war hero. >> it doesn't matter because he's going to die anyway. >> the whole thing is disgusting. and the idea that this didn't come from the top is absurd. >> we have to do something. we are going to build a wall. >> the president erupted. much of his anger is


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