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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 14, 2018 10:00am-10:57am PDT

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automatic fire. we also heard tank rounds going off as well as airstrikes. but it all focused on that border. at the camp we were at, there were tens of thousands of palestinians there and all around that border. their goal was to try to cross over that border into israel, into lands, they say, that they lost during the 1948 war. but israel said, you know, wolf, that is a red lie. they said they would not allow anyone to cross over. they said they would use tear gas, which we saw a lot of tear gas. drones dropping cans of tear gas into the crowd. they also said if people get even closer, then that's when they'll use live ammunition. we just heard from hamas, wolf, and they said all of today's blood is on the hands of the americans. sfwhofl. >> ian, i'd like you to stand by as well. he's right outside the gates of
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jerusalem. why don't you tell us us what's going on where you are and what's going on on the west bank. >> reporter: wolf, these israelis are very much celebrating. on the wall behind me are projections of the israeli and u.s. flag saying, thank you, president trump. there have been smaller protests in and around jerusalem, the west bank as well. one outside that embassy as they officially opened. but that can't at all dampen the spirits of israeli leaders who have seen not only last week, but this week. not only did president iran netanyahu was pushing him to do. a royal visit coming up in june. in israel, when -- it's also
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good to point out that two. netanyahu doesn't have to worry too much about that because he knows trump will protect him at the united nations. >> oren liebermann at the old city of jerusalem for us, thanks. fred pleitgen is joining us from tehran right now. the embassy moving to jerusalem, quote, is speeding up the annihilation of israel. >> there certainly was some fury here in iran, and also a protest by students chanting anti-american and anti-israeli slogans. then there was that head of the iran supreme security council, and he called the iran speeding
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up annihilation. he also heavily criticized what's been happening in gaza, saying it was blood on the hands of the americans and the israelis, then also called the embassy move illegal. wolf, all of this, of course, coming amid massive tensions between israel, iran and the united states after the u.s. left the nuclear deal, and also of course after that altercation apparently between iran and israel in the golan heights on thursday. right now iran trying to salvage the agreement but a lot of animosity here, wolf. >> thank you very much.
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>> also vice president and distinguished scholar at the woodrow center spending many years at the state department trying to negotiate peace in the middle east. how did that work out, that peace negotiation? >> it didn't work out so well. >> what do you think is going to happen now that the u.s. has formally moved its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem? >> take the israelis and palestinians out of it. i worked for democrats and republicans. what you've seen is, i think, triumph over political interest over political national interest. peace process is comatose. let's be clear about that that much more difficult to achieve. >> so when jared kushner and the president and other u.s. officials said this would actually help the peace process because it accepts reality, the
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process is on. >> even though that statement last december referred to the fact that the final status borders and status cities were open for negotiation, the fact is the israelis have laid claim to the entire city. they are doing everything they possibly can, i think, to make a palestinian capital in the mideast. the embassy of the united states of america belongs in west jerusalem. it's probably one of the only countries in the world in which we do not maintain a diplomatic presence in the preferred capital of the host country. but it belongs there, either in the context of a negotiated settlement or some statement by the administration that acknowledges the fact that israel is not the only party that has an association, a bond and a claim to this city. that to me has gone on. >> tell me if you think this is realistic. if there ever is a two-state
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solution, israel alongside the palestine, they will have their roots in western jerusalem, but the palestinians could potentially have their roots in east jerusalem, the israelis in western jerusalem. >> that's exactly the way it should go. perhaps there's still time when and if the trump administration is put on the table. they should make that. the u.s. preparing to put its embassy in east jerusalem. that would certain go a long way. other witnesses to be resolved, no trust or confidence tweernl net. >> the trump administration hasn't necessarily ruled that out, have they?
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>> they haven't. >> they are still open to that possibility. israelis may not like it but the trump administration still seems to leave that door slightly open. >> right, and if the logic of one of my former bosses, jim baker, he might say, sure. let's apply as much money as we can to the israelis during this phase of the negotiation so that when you have to apply the vinegar, which are the difficult choices israel has to make, no israeli prime minister will be able to say no to donald trump because the u.s. has its back. but i'm not entirely sure that's the strategy. >> one thing that hasn't received a whole lot of attention is this emerging relationship behind the scenes between the israelis r. this seems to be a major new development and typically toward the iranians. if you would ask me what's new
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in the region about israel and hamas. you do have i constellation of forces. the question is whether or not the arab states are prepared to press the palestinians and sc support them and reach out to the israelis publicly. it's got to be a regional deal to do it. >> is it going to happen? >> nobody ever lost money betting against arabic peace, wolf. the chance of a two-state resolution right now? today is may 14? >> the chance of a two-state solution are slim to none. >> really. that's pretty depressing. >> it is indeed. i depress myself all the time. >> thank you very much, david miller, with that depressing analysis. up next, no public apology of the rather vulgar remark
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about judge mccain. calling the leaks the real issue at hand. why president trump is aiming to save a major chinese company from a u.s. businessman, citing concerns about chinese jobs. the u.s. supreme court rules today striking down a federal law that bans sports betting. new details. new details. stay with us.
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it's looking more and more like a broken promise. a source tells cnn that kelly sadler promised meghan mccain she would apologize publicly for mocking her father's health. she said he was dying anyway in response to president trump's pick for the krircia, gina hasp.
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there's been no public apology from kelly sadler. meghan mccain talked about the conflict on "the view" this morning and alluded to those who defend sadler on tv. >> people will have to answer for their own conscience. i've never actually gotten on tv and lied. i have that liberty in my life. when you go on tv and say things like this, you believe in right and wrong, people espouse things about god and values. when you say things like that, it's what you have to live with at this point. >> the president's party also condemned the remark. >> it was a pretty disgusting thing to say. it was a joke, a terrible joke. i just wish somebody from the white house would tell the country that was inappropriate, that's not who we are in the trump administration. >> trump administration officials don't see it that way, including a member of the president's cabinet.
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>> you have to have the freedom to speak in private. we've said things in private that we would never say publicly. i think she's handled it appropriately. i'm astounded she would undermine the president like that during a private meeting. >> pamela, why hasn't she apologized in public? >> reporter: it's clear white house officials are digging in their heels and making it a leak issue. the leak of this comment clil s -- kelly sadler made in this meeting that john mccain opposed the pick for cia director and she said he's dying, anyway. this is a white house that rarely, if ever apologizes, but that doesn't take away the fact that a source tells my colleague, jake tapper, that kelly sadler spoke to meghan
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mccain, the daughter of john mccain, and said that she would publicly apologize for making this comment. it's been days since the revelation, since the news of her comment came out in the public, and she has still not publicly apologized, and she is still an employee here at the white house. so when the white house started this at 2:30 p.m., the deputy press secretary will be asked, why hasn't there been a public apology, particularly if kelly sadler made a promise to meghan mccain that she would come out and publicly apologize to the comment she made in this meeting, wolf. >> it shouldn't be that hard. if she apologized in private with that phone conversation with meghan mccain, i don't understand why it's a big deal to say publicly what she already said privately. we'll monitor that briefing at the top of the hour. another sensitive story we're following right now, pamela, in a tweet the president vowed to find a way for the chinese telecom company zte to get back into business fast.
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just last month, the administration blocked american firms from selling to zte because the chinese company had violated u.s. sanctions against iran and north korea. so why the change? it's pretty dramatic that the president is now trying to help create jobs in china. >> reporter: particularly when this is a president who has said china is taking away jobs from american workers. it is somewhat perplexing, wolf, that he would then tweet out and say, look, they're losing too many jobs with this company and he wants to work with president xi to basically give a lifeline to the cell communications company that once relied on american software to help make its telecommunications mechanics. so it does raise the question, why did the president tweet this out? of course, it comes ahead of some big trade talks here in washington later this week. it also vets the question, what if the president consulted his own intelligence community before tweeting this out because the intelligence community has said this company has helped the chinese spy on americans.
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it also raises the question about whether -- how this helps a maximum pressure campaign against iran and north korea because this is a company who has been accused of violating the sanctions against iran and north korea. so by helping this company, how does it advance that effort to put maximum pressure on both iran and north korea? well, a lot of questions for this press briefing. >> a lot of questions at the top of the hour. the president has moved to save these chinese jobs at the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. there will certainly be a focus at today's white house press briefing. a lot of empty chairs right now. they will be full at the top of the hour. stand by. we'll be right back.
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the white house briefing room. at the top of the hour, deputy press secretary rashad will face reporter questions and there are tons of questions for the white house. we'll have live coverage of that coming up. right now i want to bring in my panel, retired rear admiral john kirby. also with us, cnn political analyst kaitlyn demirjian. do you think they'll say anything about this at the white house press briefing or will they say, we don't talk about leaks? >> they should clear the air. this was a huge issue last week. the president talked about north korea and the hostages coming home. this leaked and it becomes the first story that a lot of people are talking about. five days later, we are still talking about it. interesting to see on capitol hill more and more republicans come out and say it's time to
10:24 am
apologize. lindsey graham did it over the weekend. we were surprised there. he's always been critical in calling out the white house when he needs to, although he does have a good relationship with the president. he has visited him as well. but we also saw less vocal republicans come out. the senator of alaska said, she should show some respect and apologize. i think it would be wise politically to clear the air, apologize and move on. >> they seem to be much more concerned, karen, about the leak as opposed to the actual words that were uttered. >> that's how private conversations get out which there is a lot of leaking happening from this white house. the fact they would get that up in arms about this is a questionable approach, but that's clearly what they're focusing on. you also have to remember this is a white house that does not put a high value on apologies. if you think about last summer and how long it took the president to turn around his
10:25 am
comments about charlottesville. there were others, too. it's just a culture that takes them a lot to say a public "i'm sorry sorry." there are days that go by without an apology. >> and the veterans do everything they can to help veterans. john mccain is not only a veteran, but he spent five years in a p.o.w. camp in vietnam. you would think on a sensitive issue like this, a man who has brain cancer and is dealing with this the best they can, why not simply say, we made a mistake, we apologize. >> you cannot teach naval history in this country without talking about the mccain family there that integral to the 20th century of the united states navy. this absolutely defies logic. i was also spokesman for a time
10:26 am
in the military, and you make an apology and move on. the story would be over and done. nobody would have any reason to talk about it anymore. >> one other element you have to kind of bring in this is if there is tension between mccain and trump, president trump is making a locality t of bold sta right now talking about immigration. the president does not take kindly in this moment given there is that tension that started over, i think, the funeral question. >> and could potentially destroy his being the next cia director. it's going to be a razor thin vote, so his opposition could also make it a closer. >> this is about as small as you can be as president of the united states, not even acknowledging the pain you caused this family and just
10:27 am
acknowledging a mistake that was made. >> john mccain clearly an american hero, as we all know. the tweet yesterday, rachel, let me read it, because it involved helping a chinese firm get more jobs. this is what the president tweeted. president xi of china and i are working together to get massive chinese phone company zte a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost. commerce department has been instructed to get it done. when i saw that, i knew he was always complaining about the trade imbalance with china, wants to create jobs in america, but i hadn't heard him, at least until now, say we have to help create jobs in china. >> total shocker, i think from some people in the white house who were not expecting this. the president always talks about america first, not china first. this is a massive chinese company. i think it employs something like 25,000 employees, and it's bac basically frozen its employment
10:28 am
because of the tariffs put on china. president trump, two of his key issues are now coming to a head. he wants to hold china accountable on trade and reduce the trade deficit with the country, but at the same time he needs them in order to advance a potential peace negotiation with north korea. so he is trying to appease them perhaps on that angle of things, and maybe that is why he is legging up on this other trade issue. >> the tweet reads like a distilled version of the chinese government's talking points of what they're looking for in these negotiations. to add a little more nuance to it, yeah, if you take this major company out of the tech economy, the aftershocks would be felt globally. it wouldn't just be limited to china. there are american manufacturers who supply parts that go into the same products they make who would also be directly hurt. at the end of the day, this comes down to the question that clearly china is playing hardball at the negotiating table. if we want to have their help and we need their help, if they're not part of that bilateral meeting that happens, they have been helping the north
10:29 am
korea meeting along so they can avoid the immigration talks. but the fact we've seen the president tweet about this means these are negotiations that would be over if he just handed over a bargaining chip before it's done. >> and the national security community, they have deep concerns about this chinese company not only stealing u.s. technology but using it to spy, potentially. >> and oh, by the way, to provide this technology to ire and north korea. the hypocrisy here is astounding. he said german companies that do business with iran, we're going to slam you, and now we're going to go ahead and just forget the billion dollars of fines we have assigned to this company for selling that technology to both iran and north korea. it is a collision of chinese trade and north korea thing, but it's also running right smack into the iran deal and hypocrisy around that as well.
10:30 am
>> senators have asked each of the top intel chiefs to say whether they would ever want to use this technology because of national security concerns, and each one of them -- i don't think they actually said no, i think it was just a collective silence, but that's the position. >> senator cotton had them all in front of him and said, raise your hand if you would use any products from this company or you would recommend americans use these products and none of them raised their hands. everyone, stick around. much more we're following. five days before prince harry and meghan markle walk down the aisle. the justices striking down a federal law that bans sports betting. hear how this impacts the entire industry. that's ahead.
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when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. five years left before the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. right now the spotlight is on a new saga focused on markel's family. this time it involves her father and half-sister. max foster is joining us from windsor in england. max, the royal family is fiercely protective of its privacy, repeatedly asking the news media to leave markel's family alone. so when reports surfaced that meghan markle's father actually staged some recent paparazzi pictures that were actually embarrassing, tell us about that, the latest twist in this saga. >> reporter: it's rather remarkable. as you say, they've been asking that they respect their privacy.
10:36 am
the tabloids haven't really been doing that. they show thomas markel apparently preparing to head over to the u.k. there he is reading a book about u.k. history. he's looking at a bwebsite abou his daughter and harry. he's also getting measured up for a suit. we also see him getting fit for the wedding. when these pictures came out, some of my colleagues said to me, don't if he feel a bit staged to you? i said, couldn't possibly be the case. then a story came up to say thomas markel conspired with a paparazzi and money was exchanged, tens of thousands of dollars. we didn't get confirmation, but then we heard from meghan's half-sister who basically admitted it and said it was her fault, in fact. >> i have to say i am entirely the culprit. i said, the world has no idea you're getting in shape, you're doing healthy things. they don't photograph you buying
10:37 am
vegetables and ph water. they photograph you as as unflattering ways as you can. so i said, raeally, you need to show the world you're getting in shape and doing healthy things. so i suggested it. there is a lot of scrutiny that it was money motivated. it was not. >> we should say, wolf, samantha is invited to the wedding. her father obviously will be walking her down the aisle. just a few days left. i think meghan is pretty focused on the we had and dding and she ignoring all of this, at least that's what we are told. >> let's hope she is. other news we're following, the white house getting ready to hold its briefing any moment now as it refuses to acknowledge an aide's vulgar remark about senator john mccain. we're going to see how they respond. we'll have live coverage of that briefing coming up.
10:38 am
plus, dozens killed in protest over the u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. the palestinians respond. we'll speak to the palestinian representative here in washington when we come back. your company is constantly evolving. and the decisions you make have far reaching implications. the right relationship with a corporate bank who understands your industry and your world can help you make well informed choices and stay ahead of opportunities. pnc brings you the resources of one of the nation's largest banks, and a local approach with a focus on customized insights. so you and your company are ready for today. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh)
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i ever spent in my life. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. this just coming in to cnn. the actress margot kidder has died. she had been a staple on movies and television since breaking into the business as a 20-year-old in 1968. she's best known playing lois lane in all four of the christopher reeve "superman" films. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> no, i don't. but if i did, you would be the first to know about it.
10:43 am
>> her family says she passed away quietly in her home in montana. margot kidder was 69 years old. other news we're following. dozens of palestinians were killed today during protests in gaza along the border with israel. the demonstrations were aimed at the united states opening a new embassy in jerusalem, moving the new embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. they said there is no chance at peace. let's get perspective from the palestinians right now. the head of the palestinian authorities delegation to the united states. mr. ambassador, thank you very much for joining us. give us immediate reaction, if you can, to the latest impact of the u.s. moving the embassy, and what it means for the israeli-palestinian peace process? >> the u.s. administration has
10:44 am
gave up on the peace process and its role as a mediator towards achieving the nationally endorsed two-state solution, and it also means the u.s. has gave in for voices of extremism for the voices we'll see a zero sum game. it was telling today that the ones who opened certificate money -- the ceremony of moving the u.s. embassy who determined politics and map was contested. this is not only encouraging, this is crossing the line. it's very encouraging to cross the line toward armageddon. >> are you at all, mr. ambassad ambassador, in touch with trump administration officials? they keep saying they're about to release their peace plan,
10:45 am
israeli-palestinian peace plan, and they still have hope for the two-state solution, israel alongside a new state palestine. have you had conversations with these american officials? >> we don't know what they're talking about, really. peace is a very firm vision by the u.s. that vision has been drawn by all previous administrations, establishing a sovereign state with the u.s. capital. it was presented in 1991 by former administration. it is very clear it's about implementing u.n. security council resolutions and respecting them, never compromising jerusalem. so what the u.s. has done is reneging on these promises. this is the solution that the
10:46 am
u.s. voted for and that presented the state from moving its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, and also it says jerusalem is outside the negotiating table. you know it very well. you know that jerusalem is the heart of the two states. >> ambassador, they say they're not necessarily concluding all status of jerusalem. yes, the u.s. is moving the embassy to jerusalem, but they're not completely ruling out the possibility of the palestinians having control of parts of east jerusalem and having a u.s. embassy in east jerusalem for the new palestinian state. when you hear >> no, i only have it from you now. jerusalem is the capital of the jewish people. it's not even the capital of israel. as i said earlier, a clear religious interpretation of
10:47 am
international relations and legal matters on one hand. on the other hand, there was a reason why all previous american presidents. from president truman to president obama. why they decided not to move the embassy, they knew by doing so, you actually remove the u.s. from the role of the mediator and dictate the terms of reference and dictate the outcome of jerusalem being an issue. of course we would be fine if the u.s. has -- when there are two embassies after reaching a peace agreement, before that, it is -- it will only be seen as urgent on the palestinian. president trump himself say removing the jerusalem from the table, taking it off the table. and then they wanted to remove the refugees off the table that services the refugees. and then there are not even
10:48 am
criticizing or condemning the illegal settlement expansion which has been the major obstacle and they are not even criticizing or condemning the murder of israeli forces of the palestinian peaceful administrators, so the bottom line what peace process this administration is talking about. in a multilateral forum, peace can only be found based on legality, based on politics. not based on ideology, and some very religious interpretations of reality. >> let's see what this -- if they do release a plan, what specifically it spells out, we'll continue our conversations. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we're going to hear from the white house about these deadly protests in gaza, along the border with israel in a few minutes, i'm sure there will be
10:49 am
plenty of questions, plenty of questions on a lot of other issues as well. the white house press wiving set to begin at the top of the hour.
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a u.s. is supreme court ruling is clearing the way for states to legalize sports gambling. the court struck down a 1992 federal law that didn't allow this. walk us through what land and what it means? >> this was a long awaited decision they had argued last fall. and the justices ruled in the voice of samuel ahelalito. this law is unconstitutional.
10:54 am
it said the states could not regulate sports gambling, couldn't allow it, and what justice alito said, that was essentially the federal government trying to put itself in the shoes of state legislators. what this means is, states like new jersey can now allow this kind of sports betting and it means other states can too. he was careful to say that if congress wanted to outright ban it all. it could, in this case, the 1992 law you just referred to, it actually was dictating how states could regulate. as a result, mike will clue us in on what it's going to mean for this billion dollar gaming industry. it also was significant in terms of the relationship between the states and federal power. and essentially said, federal government has to back off in terms of these kinds of regulati regulations. >> it's a major decision. especially for people who want to bet. >> it means we will never have to work again.
10:55 am
we will legally bet on washington games. this is $100 billion industry offshore betting, the illegal wagering that's been happening. many states fought to oppose this, because basically -- and the same with professional sports leagues, the monitoring, the investigation, the education that was going to go into it were extra costs for them. also, the flip side of it is, the nba, the major league baseball have been progressive in realizing this is going to happen. if they can partner with some of these fantasy sports leagues, they can bring back some of this revenue. i think there's a split decision in the sports world right now. some of the leagues are thinking they're going to cost them more money. this is the reality, it's like alcohol prohibition ending. some people are going to abuse this, some people are going to do it right and legally, and that's where it goes. >> it's not just casinos. you can make phone calls now,
10:56 am
and place bets all over the country. >> what justice alito said and the majority signed on to, these are big policy decisions that have to be made. how these things should be regulated and just the scope of them and lots of state activity, justice alito said this is something that is not for the court to decide. it can be a moral issue, and it's definitely not for the justices to enter that realm, it's for the individual states, unless congress is going to outright ban. >> it won't affect the recreational gamble that has a bookie. they've been doing this for a long time. now they can make their bad decisions legal. >> a major decision of the u.s. supreme court guys. the white house press briefing set to begin any minute now. stay with us, our live coverage continues. the white house press briefing is scheduled to start at any moment. as the trump administration
10:57 am
marks a bill milestone in u.s. diplomacy. the embassy officially onned in jerusalem. jared kushner says the opening is proof that the president keeps his promises. >> today also demonstrates american lead irship. by moving our embassy to