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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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forward. >> we have certainly been having this conversation all too often in the past six months to the year. thank you very much for coming on and telling us what you're hoping for and sharing your prnl story with us. >> thank you. following a lot of news, so let's get right to it. the first lady melania is recovering after a successful kidney procedure. extremely loyal and tight >> mrs. trump is on our hearts. we're praying for her speedy and full recovery. >> when you say things like that, it's what you're going to have to live with. >> she's a victim here. people who leaked what she said are clearly people who have an animus against her. >> do you expect personnel changes as a result? >> i do, actually, yes, i do. >> one unaltable truth stands, america stands with israel. >> they're angry about the united states moving their embassy to jerusalem. >> you're dealing with a humanitarian situation in gaza which has reached crisis proportions. >> when president trump makes a promise, he keeps it.
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this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." it is tuesday may 15th, 8:00 in the east. chris is off today. david gregory joins me. welcome. >> here we go again. next hour. i'm ready to keep rolling. >> good fantastic. the first lady is recovering at this hour after undergoing a procedure for what we're told is a benign kidney condition but still many questions this morning because the white house is offered very few details about exactly what is wrong and it's not clear why mrs. trump would need to remain in the hospital for the rest of the week. >> meanwhile as we've been reporting, the white house digging in and refusing to apologize for an aide's more bid joke. the president is going after leakers calling them traitors and cowards. israel facing international criticism after nearly 60 palestinians were killed in gaza protests. the white house standing by israel blaming the terror group
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hamas for the tragic violence. let's bring in our guests to discuss this. we have reporter krista liza and dana bash. great to have both of you here. dana, let's start with melania trump. they're concerned. there haven't been a lot of answers. what do we know about why she may have to stay in the hospital and what's happening? >> we don't know the details, you're exactly right. the white house isn't giving a lot of details. it is specifically the east wing of the white house, which is the first lady's office which is very small, which is very cocooned and that is the case because that's how melania trump likes it. she is and now we've said it over and over over the past 12 hours, she is a very private person. not only that, unlike some first lady's that we have seen in recent history, michelle obama,
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even laura bush who wasn't thrilled about being a political wife, she definitely embraced it earlier on, melania trump is doing this very reluctantly. she didn't even move down to the white house until less than a year ago from new york. so you have to remember all of that. one thing that i was talking to somebody who's known them for a long time last night who said, you know, all this hoopla about the fact that the president tweeted about leakers before he tweeted about his wife, i was told that part of the reason for that, perhaps, is because his wife doesn't want him to tweet about her. she has made that clear since he has started his campaign over two years ago since he's gone into political public life and so we have to keep that in mind. this is a very different couple. this is a very different first lady for a number of reasons and obviously we wish her well in her recovery. >> the question, chris, is also
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about the health of the first couple. the president will get a certain amount of scrutiny and so will the first lady. justifiably a private person but also with a longer hospital stay as a result of this procedure, which is going to raise, you know, questions and routine questions about her health but also about what we're learning about. >> look, all white houses tend to be in politicians in general tend to be very guarded about their health. it is much more difficult candidly when you are the president of the united states to be so because you're the leader of the country and one of the most powerful people in the world, so you can't just say i've got it taken care of. that said, one of the two doctors who have looked at donald trump since he began running for president, we now know donald trump dictated the state of his health to that dctor, so i mean, this is not a new thing as it relates to this president to be -- to obfuscate
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as it relates to health. i don't know that that same standard holds for the first lady. i think it does -- there is an element of we should ask the questions, but historically, it is not been the same -- the president of the united states undergoes a physical every year. they release the details of that physical. we saw ronny jackson do that and one of the reasons that he appealed to donald trump to be the head of the v.a. was because he did well during that presentation, but i don't know that we hold the same standard for the first lady. i do know -- >> she wasn't elected. >> right. i do know that this is a very private person who runs a very private -- it's weird to say but for a first lady she runs a low profile largely office. that doesn't mean we can't ask the questions, i'm not sure we'll get the answers. >> chris sounded judgmental when the president was dictating his own health status. >> it seems a little odd that
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you could declare yourself the healthiest person ever to hold the office. i don't know. i don't want to take sides. >> when i talked to your doctor the other day, he told me you gave him every line. >> the tallest president. >> you rival him. let's talk about what the president is seems quite conster from the white house. s leaks in a tweet, dana, called the leakers traitors and cowards. we will find out who they are, exclamation point. what are your thoughts on why there are so many leaks from this white house? >> my thoughts are that the notion of going after leakers right now is a smoke screen, frankly. yes, they're upset about it and when i say they, it's from the president on down and i did reporting yesterday and there is a lot of consternation inside the white house, even more than usual, more drama and back fighting and so forth in and
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around this leak. having said that, this is not about the leak. you had matt schlep on yesterday. i have known him for a long time and i really like him, but this person who said this, kelly saddler is not a victim. that's not what this is about. so the idea that the white house is trying to make this about leaking is trying to take away from what is underlying here, which is this episode and the reason i think that this has gotten so much play is because this is exhibit a, b, c, d and e of how different this president is in terms of the way he approaches leadership and the way he approaches country versus john mccain, who time and time again as i watched him over the many years covering him, particularly in his 2008 presidential campaign, got himself in a lot of trouble with his base for doing what he thought was right and
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apologizing for people that he didn't even need to apologize for for saying things about barack obama, for example. to me that is the big story here and that's why this is taken hold because it's a reminder of how donald trump is and how he sets the standard in his white house in terms of behavior versus somebody like john mccain and other republicans. we're just talking about republicans here. >> but it is interesting you talk about other republicans. mitch mcconnell very passively aggressively tweeted out how he went to visit his friend john mccain and yet he won't come out and chas ties the white house. the right thing to do is so obvious here. whatever differences we've had with john mccain this is clearly over the line and appropriate. really sorry that it got leaked. that was inappropriate too. the nature of the leaking here, there's all kinds of leaks and reasons why white house's leak. kellyanne conway said it best.
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you have people schiffing each other. people who are fighting with each other by leaking which is something the president will do as well. he'll put information out when he's unhappy. it's how the whole place operates. >> i think it is not too much to say this is the leakiest white house in modern history. i always say modern history because zachary tailer may have had a leaky white house but there's no question that in the modern era this is the leakiest and the reason for that is what we know about donald trump, we know that aides would go on television to make points rather than make them to him in a private meeting because they believed the television route was more effective to get him to listen. the reason these fights play out in public, the reason you have so much jockeying with leaking is because this is a president who is consumed with the media narrative of his presidency.
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he watches more television than any past president we have had. he is someone who that's how -- that is the story of this administration in donald trump's eyes is told via cable television. it's competing forces for his attention and the direction of the white house. >> zachary taylor was caught repeatedly watching reruns of dallas in the west wing, over and over again. >> he loved knots landing. >> it's good to have you here. thank you very much. we turn to the deadly story overseas. hamas is now warning israel that retaliation is eminent. this is from hamas the terror group that said this entire march was really about driving israel out of its country and returning palestinians to all of palestine. following monday's blood shed near gaza's border fence, nearly dozens of the nearly 60 protesters killed will likely be
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laid to rest today. ian lee is on the ground for us. he's monitoring what's happening there live, ian? >> reporter: we have been watching this camp, one of many camps up and down the borders. we're not seeing the large numbers, frankly, we were expecting to the. there was a call for people to come out again today, but 100 maybe at most are out here. they've been heading down towards that fence. you can problem see a bit behind me. there's black smoke that's rising, but we are following those funerals of the 60 people that were killed yesterday marking it the deadliest day since the 2014 war which included an 8-month-old baby who died from tear gas from affixation. one of these camps that was situated further from the border than the people behind me. one of those drones flew over
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and that's when you get these tear gas into these camps and that's when it happened. this is just one of many stories and many people in gaza who know someone who had lost their life yesterday, but there is frustration here, david. we hear frustration about the current situation politically. they say they're frustrated about the blockade that's been imposed by gaon gaza by israel. even if it is quieter today, expect that to fester for the coming weeks, coming months. >> it's great to have you on the ground with us with all of the developments. we'll check back with you. thank you. so president trump is trying to save this chinese tech firm zte but why is he focused on chinese jobs? adam schiff weighs in live next. to make anything happen. y neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week.
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it's time for cnn "money" now. president trump is defending his decision to save a struggling chinese company just as the next round of high stakes trade talks begin. christine romans is in our money center with more. good morning. >> first president trump said he wanted to save chinese jobs. now the president says he doesn't want to hurt u.s. suppliers to the smartphone makers zte. it's remarkable reversal. trump's commerce department crippled zte by banning it from buying u.s. parts. the commerce secretary wilbur ross called it egregious behavior. he said the u.s. is reconsidering its response. >> the qstn is, are there alternative remedies to the one that we had originally put forward and that's the area we will be exploring very, very
5:18 am
promptly. >> in return sources say the u.s. wants concessions from china like removing tariffs on ag products leaking zte's fate now to broader trade talks not just that one enforcement action. a chinese delegation heads to washington today and there are the national security concerns. just two weeks ago the pentagon banned zte phones from being sold on military bases. zte tech could be used for espionage. marco rubio slamming any deal that happens here. we're lifting sanctions so zte could resume spying and stealing our intellectual property. >> it's certainly eyebrow raising. the president's reversal on zte may be connect today that trump branded hotel and golf course project in indonesia, a $500 million loan from the chinese government was reportedly approved just before the president publicly shifted his position.
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>> can you tell or explain the administration's perspective on, a, how this wouldn't violent the emol uments clause and b, how it wouldn't viole wouldn't violate the president's own comment that his private organization will not get involved in foreign details. >> you're asking about a private organizations dealings that may have to do with a foreign government. it's not something i can speak to. >> congressman adam schiff is here to talk more about this. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> this is reporting that comes this morning from the huffington post. cnn is amendment to go look into it as well. according to the huffington post, it's just a very simple connection. let me read their headline. this is their lead paragraph, a mere 72 hours after the chinese government agreed to put a half billion dollars into that indonesian project, the
5:20 am
president ordered a bailout for a chinese government owned cell phone maker. it can't be this naked of a quid pro quo, can it? >> it can be and the problem is we really don't know. this is the problem when the president won't divest, when the family still attempts to leverage the presidency to gain business and one thing that you could definitely say about china given the strong state inrvengs of that economy is nothing happens by accident. early the president considered doing away with one china policy, something very important to china. now he later abandoned that and when he abandoned that, magically, mysteriously, china gave the ivanka brand trademarks that it had long sought. china would not have given those brands if donald trump had fall through on his campaign commitment to not recognize one china. similarly here, i can't imagine china going forward with this transaction helping a trump
5:21 am
branded property in indonesia to the tune of half a billion if the president continued the sanctions on zte. it's hard to imagine. >> just to be clear, zte, this chinese company was sanctioned and violated the sanctions of doing business with iran and north korea, even the president's fierce supporters yesterday seemed confused about why he would say he wants to save chinese jobs. what else could this be? >> it could be a few things. it obviously could be related to china doing him this huge business favor. it also could be related to the fact that having walked out of the iran deal, the president now needs a deal with north korea more than kim jong-un and desperate to get a deal with north korea, he is now seeking to curry favor with china and maybe he recognizes that if he is too hard on china in trade with zte then china won't help
5:22 am
him on north korea and then he'll end up with two nuclear problems but, of course all america with wind up with two not one. >> do you see this as a violation of the emol uments clause, yes and many others as well, both foreign in terms of the business effort to expand the trump organization but also domestically by -- this may not be a constitutional violation but it's an ethical violation by the constant milking of the federal government when the president requires the federal government to patronize trump related businesses. the federal government has spent over $150,000 just the secret service alone for the privilege of renting donald trump golf carts to protect donald trump on his rounds. that's obscene. and that should never be permitted. it should never be permit that had there's even a question about whether this foreign transaction is driving u.s.
5:23 am
policy and this is exactly what the clause is designed to prevent. >> so, enter congress. what do you do about all of this? >> on the domestic clause, i have a bill i'm introducing this week that requires disclosure of any sums that the federal government is paying the business of the president. so at least the american taxpayer can find out, what's the tab? what is this president charging the american people for the privilege of being our president? but in terms of these foreign and more serious problems, the congress ought to be doing hearings on this. >> and why aren't you? >> look, trey gowdy when he was the chair of government reform couldn't investigate benghazi or the clintons enough but now that we have a different president, he says congress shouldn't be in the business of investigations. as long as he's chairing that committee and as long as the republicans are in the majority, they're not going to oversight. >> is that right?
5:24 am
they're not going to do oversight of this president? have you talked to trey gowdy about this? >> we talked about it in the russian context where they said they're not interested in what the russians did any more we're only interested in helping the president by investigating our own fbi. it's quite clear that far from doing oversight they're actually doing things to prevent meaningful oversight and meaningful investigation. >> you want to move on to what's happening this week. there is an all member house briefing called by speaker paul ryan about election tampering, i guess, or election security. do you know what is -- what's -- why he's taking this measure and what do you expect to learn in that briefing? >> i would expect that it's the result of a lot of concern expressed by members on both sides of the aisle that we're going into the midterms really unprepared to deal with potential russian intervention and what many people may have
5:25 am
forgotten about the last election is the russians not only hacked the dnc and got involved in the presidential election but the russians also hacked the triple c, the campaign arm of the democratic party in the house with the intent of basically damaging democratic candidates for congress and so there's a real concern that the russians will again get involved in the midterms in a way to cause mischief, sew disorder or favor one party over the another. >> has the president done enough? what do you want him to do about this? >> the first is, the president needs to order a whole of government response where every agency, every department, every cabinet member presents to the president, here's our plan, here's the plan in the state department to discourage the russians from intervening, here's our cyber response plans at the department of defense. here's our intelligence agency report on what we see in terms of russian plans and intentions.
5:26 am
none of that is happening because for those cabinet members to be raising this with the president, he would consider a threat to his legitimacy. so that's the first thing that should be going on. the second thing is, there ought to be a national consensus led by the president of the united states that if a foreign party intervenes again, we will all reject it no matter which party it helps and which it hurts. but this is a president who continues to say, it didn't happen, it's a witch hunt, it's a hoax and so we can hardly expect that type of leadership from the president. >> i will be very curious to see what speaker ryan tells you all in this meeting this week. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. >> david? first lady melania trump recovering from a kidney procedure, so what's the prognosis? we'll ask the chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta coming up next. most-reliable 4g lte network in america. honey, what if it was just us out here? yeah well, i guess, uh, didn't think about that. verizon did. (vo) go with the best.
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new details this morning on the melania trump story. she's at walter reed medical center recovering from a procedure for what's been described as a benign kidney condition. president trump just tweeting about her, our great first lady is doing really well. we'll be living hospital in two
5:31 am
or three days. thank you for so much love and support. great news to hear that the first lady is doing better. let me just -- i want to bring in joining us now to discuss our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta and former walter reed urologist dr. greg bernstein. welcome to both of you. let's put up the statement from the first lady's communication director to just give us more background on what the white house is saying about it, this was released yesterday. melania trump underwent an embowization treatment to treat a benign kidney condition. the procedure was successful and there were no complications. mrs. trump is at walter reed military center and will likely remain there for the duration of the week. the first lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere. sanjay, what do we know about what this is, what it's not and her prognosis? >> well, what we know is that
5:32 am
the embowization procedure is a procedure in terms of surgery. surgeries is when you make an insignificance, you're actually manipulating the tissue and skin. you're putting that into a blood vessel and threading a kath ter up into the area around where this abnormality in the kidney is and the goal is to inject a glue-like substance to basically block the blood vessels from going to that abnormality so that it starts to shrink or if it was at risk of bleeding it lowers the risk of bleeding. so that's what it is. it's not an operation, per se. we also know that she's expected to stay in the hospital for several days, which is a bit unusual for this sort of thing but that's kind of it. and that it's benign. it's a benign kidney condition. that's as much as we can take away from what we've heard. >> dr. bernstein, with your background at walter reed what
5:33 am
do you know about procedures there that may shed light on why the first lady will stay there for several more days as the president indicated and i guess the question that comes to mind for me about a benign mass in the kidney is, what are potential future complications for kidney function, for one, or any other potential complications? >> let me talk about the first question, first. the first question addressed why walter reed, why staying there for a few days? after an am bow lieization procedure, there is some pain. what they're doing is cutting off the blood supply which is therefore cutting off the oxygen to that part of the kidney and that can have significant pain associated with it not only during the procedure but after the procedure. there's a common phenomenon called the post embow lieization syndrome which can be associated with pain, fever and nausea which can last a couple of days after the procedure.
5:34 am
with the first lady having the availability to stay at walter reed for a couple of days where they have the best nurses in the world. they have a private suite there with top notch ancillary support. they can tend to her needs and pain and comfort and make sure that they're watching her and monitoring her during the next couple of days, first couple days after the procedure. the second question you asked about complications afterwards, you know, in the initial phase as i refer to long-term probably just potential for infection, maybe some potential for post operative bleeding, probably monitoring her vital signs and lab work to make sure everything is stable. >> sanjay, your thought on also the road ahead for her when somebody presents with this kind of condition as they age, you know, knowing the importance of our kidneys, what do you look for over time? >> i think that, you know, given that she's had this procedure done, itound like doing a procedure on a particular part
5:35 am
of the kidney as y know. you have two kidneys. people can live with just one kidney, even, so in some cases when they're doing these procedures if they can't complete them successfully they're actually remove one of the kidneys and patients do pretty well from that. you can do well with one kidney. it's not an ideal situation because if you ever damaged that second kidney or you developed some sort of problem with it, that obviously makes it much worse. in her case given that she's been able to just have the this procedure, her kidney is still in place seems like it probably still functions. i wouldn't worry as much about her kidney function long-term. i am still curious, though, about this more prolonged hospitalization. i agree with dr. bernstein that, you know, a day maybe in the hospital, just wondering sometimes these procedures are done in advance of another procedure, you know, don't know if she's having that, that's planned or not coming down the road. that's the big open question
5:36 am
mark is what's next. i'm not as much worried about her kidney function just her hospitalization. >> we're not to make it clear speculating about melania trump, particularly, but when you do see these kinds of procedures as sanjay says, could it be a precursor to another procedure, what are those procedures? >> sure. again, i'm not part of her team. could be somhing more serious,is there could b the need for additional procedures downhe road. it's really -- with the little information we received yesterday it's too hard to know. i don't want to read in too much into her stay into the hospital as far as that's concerned. it's more to the fact that she's a private person. they have the staff there and the hospital there and i think it's, you know, a luxury that she has to be able to stay in the hospital. >> final point on this, dr. gupta, as we look at this in the past, first lady that have head medical procedures, nancy reagan, rose lin carter had a
5:37 am
benign lump removed from her breast, betty ford in the 70s as well. it's not unusual but at the same time you can imagine a prolonged stay to avoid, you know, the pictures of a return to the white house if you're not feeling up to walking so well. there could be those reasons why they want to stay in the hospital a little longer. >> yeah. that's an unusual, obviously, situation in that regard. you're dealing with the first lady of the united states. there's all sorts of certain things that go into that. i think that that's very fair and as dr. bernstein pointed out who's worked at walter reed, this is a place where she can have that privacy, also the security within walter reed. this is a hospital that's taken care of the first family in the past, obviously. so the few days in the hospital i imagine for her post operatively should be very comfortable and very well attended. >> doctors, thank you so much. we continue to wish our first lady well and a speedy recovery and get back to the white house
5:38 am
soon. thank you both very much. >> thank you. now to the sad news from holiday for superman movie fans, margo kidder has passed.
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hollywood stars flooding social media this morning with tributes to the lois lane. margot kidder starred in four superman films. she died in her sleep sunday at 69. cnn jeanne moos takes a look back at marrigot kidder's life. >> i need a sweater. >> reporter: to go fly the first time with superman. she wasn't just a lois lane, she was the lois lane appearing in four superman movies, he was always breaking her fall, for instance, at the eiffel tower. she was having a romance with a
5:43 am
man of steel wondering about clark kent. >> who are you? >> a friend. >> reporter: which they were in real life, kidder once told cbs when you're strapped to someone hanging from a ceiling for months and months you get pretty darn close. >> actress margot kidder talks about her battle with depression. >> reporter: she had bipolar disorder and was found wondering around los angeles thinking the cia was after her. >> i slept with a couple nights with the homeless man in his cardboard box. >> it's so shameful that you hide it from yourself. >> reporter: but she picked herself up and became a mental health advocate. at the age of 69 her manager says she died peacefully in her sleep at her home in montana, now she and christopher reef and the world trade center they flew by together are all gone. when she could no longer hold on, he was there to catch her as
5:44 am
she delivered her catchiest line. >> i've got you. >> you've got me? who's got you? >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> who's got you? i remember how big of -- when he brought her back to his battle star ga lat can ica home base, that was a big deal for me. >> we applaud her for talking about mental health. any time you talk in public it breaks the taboo so she led the charge on that. president trump tweeting just moments ago about trade talks with china. there's a lot happening with china and some of his supporters are not pleased about some of the other things he's tweeted. we'll look at the bottom line next. >> shelter dogs are giving a new leash on life. a search and rescue canines in disaster zones, more on their mission in today's "impact your world." >> we don't have anything that can cover a 10,000 square foot area of rubble as fast as a dog
5:45 am
can. >> the search dog foundation have responded to approximately 168 disasters. the world trade center, the major hurricanes, katrina, harvey and irma. >> my canine is rex, the biggest obstacle we face recently was the mudslides. he was having to dolphin through the mud to get to where we were at. what a good boy. >> as a fema certified team we were asked to go to the oklahoma city bombing in april 1995. the nation had approximately 15 of these dog and handler. the country now has approximately 275. the search dog foundation, not only uses rescued dogs from shelters, but trains that dog at no cost. >> in training we have to set up the scenarios as real life as possible. that bark is what the dog's use
5:46 am
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is it? when you switch to liberty mutual, you could save $782 on auto and home insurance. and still get great coverage for you and your family. call for a free quote today. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. president trump latest tweet teasing trade talks with china is this as trade negotiations have been -- for many years, stay tuned. did he seal a deal also with a chinese tech firm, zte? we need to talk about that. we need to talk about zte, david chalian, our political director with the bottom line. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this because this is the tech giant that was
5:51 am
violating sanctions, dealing with iran, with north korea. it caught many people including many trump supporters by surprise, when on sunday the president tweeted that he was going to be helping that tech giant in china save jobs. what's going on here? >> you wonder in the tweet this morning, you said well is there a deal here he's ready to announce, the other question is, or is this a cleanup tweet of that tweet on sunday which could be summed up in make china great again and -- and before he heads to capitol hill to meet with senate republicans today who would like a little more information about why he tweeted what he tweeted on sunday. there are two prongs here. you've got an economic concern which is what happened to america first and really concerned about america jobs at all cost and all of a sudden we're hearing from the president about striking a deal with xi to
5:52 am
make whole this company who suffered under sanctions. but then there's the national security component to this as well, which is is -- if you have a zte component phone in your hand, are you all of a sudden a spy for the chinese government unwitting unwittingly? there are real concerns here. two members of the leadership in the senate cornyn and thune said they want to question president trump about this today. >> can we -- you may have a follow-up on that. a little bit larger picture, because what i'm noticing, you wonder to what extent trade talks with china fit in to how the president and his team are thinking about a potential deal with north korea. you look about tearing up the iran deal, moving the embassy to jerusalem. it really strikes me that this is a president who is feeling what a lot of presidents feel is they have the most control when it comes to foreign policy and nationalecurity polic and all of a sudden he's putting
5:53 am
together a portfolio o potential successes and certainly bold action whether you agree with it or not that will really define this administration. >> it's a good point. especially when you put it up against the context of a year of what was largely frustration on domestic policy dealing with congress, unable to bend it towards its will. many presidents have found this. other than at the end of the year he was able to get that big tax cut legislation through. for the big part of his first year, he was mostly just living in frustration that congress wasn't going along with him. most presidents do find the foreign policy, national security arena a little bit more easy to bend to its will. there's something added here that is specific to president trump and that is, "the art of the deal" president. this is the guy that came in and said i am a deal maker and i'm going to make deals that will make your head spin how many deals i'm going to make.
5:54 am
>> laura ingraham, conservative, host on fox news, she has, you think, proven herself to be somebody who is willing to call the president out when she's confused about one of his policies or it seems inconsistent. she's done so this morning about the zte thing. this is extremely dis concerning just as donald trump is moving public opinion on china, this strange move to help zte, soy beans are not as important as national security. is north korea the reason? so david, do you expect to hear from other people who this is some sort of line from them where they think the president has gone overboard? >> yeah. i think you're going to hear from all different corners, both conservative corners and his critics on the left for clarity here. i think that the president has not spelled out exactly what he's doing with china. we know how much he relied on china to get to the place he is to set up this june 12th meeting with kim jong-un. you think everybody is looking
5:55 am
for clarity on what he's doing with china and his tweet confused more than clarified. >> and whether his hard line stance on trade will soften if he gets something from china on north korea. >> thank you very much for the bottom line. we have "the good stuff" for you next. to deliver up to 7 hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh-your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. and taking cared abof the boys.e zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us.
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brought to you by -- david, listen up, it is time for the good stuff. >> i'll decide just how good it is. a college student in maryland risks his own life to save an elderly woman. tray williams was walking home from class when he saw this house on fire. now, most people would run in the opposite direction but he admitly ran inside, he saw an 80-year-old woman in need of help. >> after i put my arm around her shoulder and she put her arm around my waist and i was ushering her out. >> her grandkids were so impressed they tracked trey down on social media to say thank you. >> a young person like that going up there and taking that initiative and that step to bang on the door to get somebody out, he's just, you know -- he's a brave, brave soul.
6:00 am
>> i didn't do anything too spectacular. hopefully anybody in that situation would have done it. >> no, trey, everybody would not have done it in that situation. that is so wonderful. oh, my gosh. >> speaks to the character and the bravery of people in the dmv, the district maryland of virginia, that's how we do it down there. >> i feel like this is a self-serving -- >> no, no. people are great where i live. >> thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. see you soon. time for cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow now. top of the hour, good morning. i'm poppy harlow, john berman has the morning off. tension in gaza this morning. one day after 60 palestinians are killed as the u.s. embassy opens in jerusalem and this morning, world leaders are condemning israel for their use of lethal force against those


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