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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 15, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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seems 41 is doing much better. follow me on facebook and twitter at jake tapper and tweet the show at "the lead" and pick up the new novel "the hellfire club" at amazon. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks so much for watching. see you tomorrow. happening now, breaking news. scudling the summit -- the u.s. blindsided as north korea threatens to pull the plug on president trump's summit with kim jong-un and pulls out of high level talks with south korea. what is behind the sudden move? cell phone sweep. a cnn exclusive. as press trump lashes out at leakers, security teams sweep the west wing of the white house to make sure officials have locked up their personal cell phones. flynn forward. he's yet to be sentenced but even after the guilty plea in the russia probe, michael flynn
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is promoting protrump candidates in the forward to a new book. and aisle be there -- meghan markle's mind changes his mind about whether he will walk his daughter down the aisle and the latest scandal over paparazzi pictures. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news. north korea threatening to torpedo the planned summit between trump and kim jong-un and it is suspended talks with south korea because of a u.s.-south korea military drill. the trump administration caught completely by surprise. scrambling right now to react. i'll speak with a republican senator rand paul of the foreign relations committee. and our correspondents and specialists all standing by with full coverage. but let's get right to the
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breaking news. north korea threatening to quit the summit with the united states. our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is joining us. a stunning threat by kim jong-un's regime. what is this all about. >> it is not clear what this is all about. in fact, we heard from the state department a short time ago saying that they have not heard of any changes to summit planning. they have not heard of any changes to the reaction to these previously planned u.s.-south korea military drills. to be clear, these are annual drills and they are regularly scheduled. they were resumed in april 4th after delayed sometime for the korean olympics and at the time south korea officials told the u.s. counterparts that north korea, which in the past had protested these exercises and even scheduled missile launches during the exercises had seemed in their words, surprisingly flexible this time around so this threat now to scudle those
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summit plans a change in tact from the north korean leadership and you may remember there was a short time ago the president himself said in late april that north korea had been in his words, very honorable in planning for the summit. have a listen. >> so we're having very good discussions. kim jong-un was -- he really has been very open and i think very honorable from everything we're seeing. now a lot of promises had been made by north korea over the years. but they've never been in this position. >> of course north korea did fulfill the promise to release those americans. the president welcomed them home last week. so this is a change from that, north korea as you and i well know, wolf, expert in brinksmanship and past negotiations, they've done this a lot before. so is this just an instance of brinksmanship or trying to squeeze out another concession prior to the talks. it is not clear. the white house -- we're waiting
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for a statement and they say they will respond shortly. >> total surprise, though. everybody seems to be caught by surprise with this one. stand by. there is more we need to get to. the u.s.-south korea military exercise is ongoing. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is joining us. tell us about the exercise named max thunder. >> reporter: max thunder, what a name. that is an annual regular routinely scheduled exercise according to the pentagon. focusing on u.s. and south korea forces practicing air maneuvers. another exercise also going on right now, full eagle. that is going on. that involves land and air forces and you're talking about several thousand u.s. troops. now why does the u.s. over the decades insist on doing these exercises? they say it is so that both u.s. and south korean forces know how to operate with each other in a contingency, in a crisis and that helps defend the peninsula.
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kim jong-un has never been happy about them and in terms of recently canceling the upcoming meeting, wednesday already in the peninsula, call it provocative military disturbances even though he said he was more flexible in understanding why these exercises take place. so we come full circle. why is he being so provocative again? is he trying to squeeze another concession out of the u.s.? does he see president trump so anxious to achieve a summit that kim thinks can he maneuver against him or is he possible that inside the regime someone -- some other pressure is being exerted on kim and he is feeling that pressure. we don't know the answer. this afternoon u.s. agencies across washington scrambling, wolf, to figure it all out. >> the intelligence community anxious to try to find out what is going on. barbara starr at the pentagon. the north korean threat caught the trump administration completely by surprise.
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the white house is now scr scrambling to come up with a full response. let's go to boris sanchez. what are you learning? >> reporter: aides have told cnn they were caught off guard by this warning from the north koreans and the announcement they would be scudling these talks with south korea. one senior administration official telling us the president was made aware of this news through news reports. not an official announcement coming from pyongyang. we should also note that the communications shop right now is working with the state department and with the national security council to craft a response and the big question is going to be how does donald trump, someone known for his brash rhetoric against north korea, how does he respond to this considering the amount of momentum moving toward a positive direction in this summit with kim jong-un set for singapore a month from now. there have been signs of good faith on both sides. president trump going from
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calling kim jong-un little rocket man to this weekend saying he was smart and gracious. on the other side, the north koreans calling donald trump a dod erd and then releasing the three prisoners last week. this latest development sort of underscoring an argument that has been made for a long time by skeptics, some like john bolton, the national security adviser just this weekend brought up a history between those two countries. the fact there have been several deals with north korea that ultimately that regime has violated -- we have to point out that many believe that this is simply a charade, it is a game that north korea is playing, perhaps to test donald trump and to continue the actions as a rogue regime. and one final note, the president is visiting the first lady at walter reed and set to return to the white house shortly. le be faced with questions from reporters, we'll bring you any answer that he provides. and any statement provided by the white house soon, wolf. >> thanks very much. boris sanchez at the white
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house. the state department is going ahead with summit preparations. more from our correspondent michelle kaczynski. officials were also blindsided by this north korean announcement. >> and this happened before the briefing. so obviously they didn't know where this was coming from and didn't know much detail. but kept hitting home the point that it is their understanding still that kim jong-un understands or supposed to understand that these kinds of drills are routine and are not provocative. listen. >> kim jong-un had said previously that he understands the need and the utility of the united states and the republican of korea continuing in its joint exercises. they are exercises that are legal and planned well, well in advance. we have not heard anything from that government or the government of south korea to indicate that we would not continue conducting these exercises or that we would not continue planning for our
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meeting between president trump and kim jong-un next month. >> reporter: so you heard her say there, wolf, the state department hasn't heard from any government on this, either the north korea yanz or the south koreans, they are scrambling as much as anyone right now to try to figure out what this means. >> michelle kaczynski, thank you very much. we'll get back to you. but joining us, rand paul of kentucky. he's a key member of the senate foreign relations committee. senator, thanks so much for joining us. i want to talk about the very important legislation you want to introduce later in the week on trying to come up with a balanced budget. but first let's get back to this top story right now. talks between north korea and south korea as you heard have been suspended amove that could potentially endanger next month's june 12th scheduled summit between trump and kim jong-un in singapore. do you believe president trump made a mistake trusting kim jong-un? >> i'm hoping it is a temporary
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setback and that it is their way of protesting against the military exercises. they have long protested against these exercises and by withdrawing from a meeting today, maybe it voices their protest. but overall i'm still optimistic there will be a meeting between trump and north korea and i'm optimistic there is a peacefully solution to the war ongoing for 70 some odd years and quiet for a while but still no official end to the war. and i think there is a great deal of hope and optimism that with this high-level meeting with kim jong-un and the president that we'll find peace. >> but you remember only a fee weeks ago, the north korean leadership and the government, they said that they didn't have a problem this time with the annual military exercises -- u.s. and south korea military exercises and today out of the blue after the three american prisoners were released, the north koreans issued this statement not only canceling a meeting with south korea, but also threatening to cancel the meeting with the president of
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the united states. something must have happened. do you have any idea what is going on? >> well i would say that i'm not aware of any direct quote where they say we're fine with the military exercise. i would say they have a long history of not being fine with them -- >> over the years they always -- they always -- i've been covering this for a long time and until recently they complained about the joint exercises and that is why a few weeks ago they said go ahead and we won't make a deal about it and move ahead with the summit, that was major development. >> i think this is consistent with the historic position and that is why i wouldn't over-read what is going on here. i'm hopeful the talks will still occur and the talks we're talking about having in singapore. i think those will still occur. this is a way of them pushing back on the military exercise. i think from their perspective, they also feel they gave up the three prisoners and said they are ending up military weapons testing and they are giving and
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haven't seen a little bit on the other side from us and this is just their way of responding and pushing back. but i don't think it -- it endangers the upcoming talks. >> do you trust senate -- senator, do you trust kim jong-un? >> well i think a better way to put it, any time you have -- attempt to have diplomacy with adversaries it is trust but verify as reagan said so i think trust is the word wrong. to be weary and to be hopeful, to negotiate from a position of strength, all of those things are important but i think saying blind trust in your adversary is nyef. >> what do you think the president should do because he was caught off guard an the operation was caught off guard. how do you think the president should respond? >> well, i think the first thing you do in diplomacy is ask why did this happen and why does your opinion appear to be different than it was a few weeks ago and to get to the bottom of that and it could be one official in the government said we weren't too concerned with the military exercises but
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could be that was never the position of the government. or could be that something happened in the exercises that they're particularly aggrieved by. so that only comes about by diplomacy, talking and figuring out what their grievance is because i think we need to figure that out in order to move forward. >> i know you're hopeful that maybe there could be some sort of peaceful development on the korean peninsula and everyone would like to see that and i suppose -- i know you support direct talks with kim jong-un. would you also along that vain support direct talks between trump and hassan rouhani. >> i think that we need more discussion and at a higher level with iran and also with north korea. and i think the one thing that we have to offer to the iranian people is the amazing amount of trade that the world could bring to iran. same thing with north korea. north korea has an economy that struggles with food for their people. all of that could be rectified through trade with the world and all it takes is a less bellicose
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position on the part of both of those governments. now i'm not saying naively it will happen tomorrow. but i think discussion is a good thing. >> so just to be precise, senator, you would support direct talks between trump and president rouhani of iran? >> sure. but i think we've taken a step backwards and getting out of the iran agreement, i think we're starting with scratch with iran and we kept the nuclear agreement in place and tried to build on that a ballistic missile agreement, there was a potential to add to the nuclear agreement but now we've gone back to square one so i think people within the administration who think this is going to be great and easy, we'll get a good deal and president trump got a bad deal, i think there is a certain naive ty to think the iranians will be excited but i think it is a great deal and i for see years and years of trying to figure out how to get better relations with iran again and we've taken a big step ba
2:15 pm
back -- backwards. >> so you think the president made a blunder in ripping up the agreement. >> i think we gave the money too quickly to iran and it wasn't over a long period of time to ensure they would comply. but so far there is no evidence that they haven't complied with the nuclear agreement. they just have continued to be bellicose with their ballistic missile development program. but we never agreed to that. there was no agreement on ballistic missiles. so i think that it was a mistake to rip up the agreement. and we should have built upon the agreement rather than stepping backwards. >> very quickly, was it a mistake to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem? >> i think it is always the prerogative with the capitol to decide where it is and that decision ultimately is one for israel. and i think time will tell whether or not there are ramifications of moving it. there was violence and deaths yesterday and mass protests in gaza. so from the -- from the standpoint of stability, i think
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time will tell whether it is a good decision or bad but i think it is israel's decision to make where their capitol is. it turn it another important issue you are very deeply involved in. later in week the senate scheduled to vote on a budget proposal that you wrote and say this would balance the budget by cutting one cents -- one penny out of every dollar spent. but just last year, you voted for this tax cut bill that experts -- the cbo and the congressional budget office and others said would add $1.5 trillion to the national debt. so can you claim a higher ground on fiscal conservative balance budget when you supported that legislation? >> well i've supported tax cuts and spending cuts. and in fact, on that same tax cut bill i had an amendment to allowed for entitlement savings to offset the tax cut. so if you are willing to offset with spending cuts, there is no hypocrisy there. and the penny plan i'm
2:17 pm
introducing and to cut one penny out of every dollar and the budget balances and there is that much waste -- find that much waste under every rock here in washington. i'll give you one example n. afghanistan we learned this week we spend $90 million on a luxury hotel that was never completed and now they're talking about tearing it down because they're afraid snipers will go up in this half-built hotel. that abounded throughout government and everywhere you look there is wastes and i-- i' giving people a chance to see if conservatives are conservative or fake conservatives. >> we'll see what happens when the legislation comes up for a vote and it will come up. senator paul, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. more breaking news. a middle east investor confirms he was in a meeting over at trump tower in new york after the presidential election. why was he talking with trump transition officials. stay with us. we test all of our paints and stains for months.
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and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can to help protect yourself from a stroke. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. more breaking news. an if-- an investor in qatari confirmed me met with trump transition officials. our political reporter m.j. lee is digging into this. what are you learning? >> let's start with why we care about this qatari investor in the first place. because storm's lawyer michael avenatti tweeted about him over the weekend and appeared to suggest he may have been involved in some kind of nefarious meeting with donald
2:23 pm
trump's personal lawyer michael cohen. here is what he tweeted about the people seen at trump tower on december 12th, 2016. why was ahmed al-rumaihi meeting with michael cohen in 2016 and later brag by bribing administration officials according to a sworn declaration filed in court. now he is a qatari investor seen at trump tower that day and avenatti made it his mission to skploez questionable behavior from michael cohen. so what we got this afternoon is a statement from a spokesperson for a sports company that al-rumaihi owns stating why he was at trump tower on that day. here is what the statement said. mr. al-rumaihi was at trump tower and there in his then role as head of qatar investments an internal division of qia to accompany the delegation meeting with trump transition officials on that date. did he not participate in my meetings with michael flynn and
2:24 pm
his involvement in that meeting on that date was limited. now we're also told by a person familiar with those trump tower meetings that there were several meetings that took place between the qatari allegation and trump transition officials. during one of the meetings, michael cohen we're told briefly popped in. so this is a denial that al-rumaihi met with michael flynn but that he met with trump transition officials and that he would have had at least some face time with michael cohen. >> it is interesting, that this person said michael cohen popped his head into one of the meetings over at trump tower. does all of this make things worse for michael cohen? >> well i think we just want to be very careful about what we know and don't know. yes, we are told that michael cohen briefly popped into one of the meetings with the delegation, but for now that is kind of it. we don't know exactly what popped in means. does it marine that he engaged in the qatari delegation in any real way. if he did speak with them, what
2:25 pm
was the substance of that conversation. but, wolf, i think in the big picture, what is clear is that the name michael cohen continues to pop up in so many contexts. as you know, he's currently under a criminal investigation. his records were taken by investigators an we learned last week that immediately after the election, cohen made it his mission to sell his proximity to the president and landed a number of lucrative business consulting deals, including with companies like at&t. and some of those companies that signed deals with cohen subsequently cooperated with special counsel robert mueller. so the last thing that michael cohen wants right now is more attention and more headlines about himself and this latest meeting with the qatari investors is exactly that. >> clearly a lot of questions need to be answered. good reporting. thanks very much. coming up, there is more breaking news. a federal judge just ruled on whether special counsel robert mueller's case against former trump campaign chairman paul
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2:31 pm
investigated possible coordination between the trump campaign and the russian government. let's bring in our reporters and analysts. and jeffrey toobin, let me read to the federal judge's decision. quote, who had connections to the russian government and who attended meetings on behalf of the campaign, given the combination of his prominence between the campaign and supporting and operating out of russia, manafort was an obvious person of interest. the special counsel would have been remiss to ignore such an obvious potential link between the trump campaign and the russian government. you're analysis, jeffrey. >> reporter: a couple of weeks ago, the mueller office had a rough time when the judge in virginia criticized them. well they have -- had a very good day today in washington, because this is a ringing victory. not just because she declined to dismiss the charges against paul manafort, but she really
2:32 pm
explained in particularly in the passage you read why manafort is relevant to the investigation of russian involvement in the 2016 election. so this case is moving to trial. and the question now becomes even more significant about whether manafort will plead guilty and cooperate before that trial takes place. >> good point there. a win today at least for the special counsel robert mueller. kaitlin, you had some excellent new reporting on what is going on in the west wing of the white house. they are so worried about leaks, they are taking dramatic new steps. >> that is right. and there framing this whole staffers remark about senator john mccain as a leaking problem, not a problem with the content of the remark that she actually made. and this comes after the white house has tried desperately for the -- over the last year to stop people from leaking inside of the white house to no avail. one of the tactics was implored by john kelly back in january
2:33 pm
after the "fire and fury" book and said he can't bring your cell phone into the west wing because he didn't want people to stop talking to reporters but for national security reasons but no one in the white house saw it that way and to enforce the ban they had stap -- staffers p staffers put them in the west wing and they are buzzing and ringing and they are huddled around the -- lockers checking lockers and they would go from room to room with devices to pick up on unauthorized phones in the rooms. they are accurate and could tell what kind of phone it was. it goes to show how far the white house has gone to try to find people who were leaking information. but as several people pointed out to me this week, this person phone ban did not stop that kelly sadler comment about john mccain from leaking to the media. >> good point and good reporting.
2:34 pm
and here is what the president tweeted on this, quote, the so-called leaks coming out of the white house are a massive overexaggeration put out by the fake news media in order to make us look as bad as possible, with that being sade leakers are traitors and cowards and we will find out who they are, exclamation point. traitors and could ywards. he said he would only hire the best people to work in the white house does it sound like he has control over the staff. >> kaitlin, that ban didn't apply to the president's phone. he's still allowed to -- >> no. good point. >> he's one of the leakers, he likes to pick up the phone and put his spin on the story. i wouldn't say the white house is out of the president's control but you clearly see that the white house staffed with people that have agendas that go beyond just the president's best interest. the white house staff -- this white house staff of people who have personal agendas, personal agenda against fellow staffers, personal agendas to cover their
2:35 pm
behinds in the way of story being presented that over-ride necessarily exactly what it is that they are doing in terms of representationi -- representing the president. >> the leaking is amazing what is going on right now. what do you think? >> there is no question that the sheer volume of the leaks an the nature of the leaks from the white house has been unprecedented and reinforces the dysfunction characterizing the trump administration from day one. and what sets this white house apart as david was alluding to is you have the competing factions so in some ways the leaks are designed to potentially sway the president on policy, on other days they might be more intended to settle personal scores. but the question of course is what steps is the administration going to take to try and rein in the leaks and what precedent would that set and in recent days it was reported one of the former national security counsel officials to looked into ways to monitor the communications of white house staffers and might
2:36 pm
that now be revisited and that would of course have far -- a chilling effect within the halls of west wing. >> and one thepg -- one thing to note is the white house framing this is so negative, that someone leaked what was said and dozens of senior white house officials talk to reporters and including the president and it helped reporters find out what going on in the west wing to tell the american people what is happening in the taxpayer funded white house. >> and i think we could speak for all of us. we are pro-leak. we want that information to provide -- >> and let me ask jeffrey toobin if he is pro-leak. >> well i am. and i find it peculiar when we report about this because we are out there soliciting and encouraging leaks at all times. this is something that goes on at every white house. presidents are always frustrated, even though presidents often are the primary laer -- leakers themselves. i think this is an extreme
2:37 pm
remedy, the business of the cell phone in the lockers. but leaks are going to take place and we're going to do everything we can to get them. >> we certainly are. let's talk to -- kaitlin, this new book that has just come out, michael flynn, the former national security adviser, worked throughout the campaign and the transition and a month into the presidency, written a forward to this new book entitled "america first" and writes this in the forward, i was inspired by all that president trump delivered during the entire campaign but i'm aed what he achieved from taking over despite the unrelenting attacks and opposition at a level no previous president has fac face, he taken his campaign promises and turned them into realities with lightning speed. and i'll get jeffrey to weigh in on the legal aspect but what do you make of what is going on.
2:38 pm
>> it is surprising. because not that long ago the judge delayed his sentencing. michael flynn pled guilty and he's cooperating with the special counsel as we reported. so it raises the question of why he's writing this foreward ahead of his sentencing that has been delayed but he could have wrote this before the decision by the judge on may 1st but it does raise questions if he's cooperating with the special counsel, why he's writing this glowing forward about the president. >> it could be -- he doesn't want to -- a pardon. >> because he wants a pardon. i think -- this fawning of description of the trump presidency is something that the president always enjoys and we know that the president feels bad for michael flynn. that was part of why he fired james comey, because comey wouldn't -- wouldn't leave flynn alone and he's talked several times since then that he thinks flynn is a good guy. so i think -- the real clear
2:39 pm
indication here is that this is part of a bid for a pardon. certainly under normal circumstances a lawyer would not encourage his client to be speaking out in advantage of his sentencing of any testimony that he might give. but if he has a shot at a pardon, maybe it is worth it. >> good point. stick around. stay with us. more news we're following. take a look at this. what is wrong with these pictures, standing by for a royal guessing game sparked by paparazzi of the actress marrying prince harry. will he be at the wedding? stay with us. your paycheck.
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so don't walk, run to outback. ♪ breaking news ahead of this weekend's royal wedding. the father of the u.s. actress meg dwran markle has changed his mind and now does want to walk her down the aisle when she married prince harry. but there may be more complications. and nick is joining us. the story keeps on changing back and forth whax is the latest? >> no one ever said marrying into the royal family would be easy and for meghan, her family is causing problems. we don't know if she will invite her half siblings and her dad will walk her down the aisle and now maybe he's not. that very much in the balance. >> these are the paparazzi pictures of meghan markle's father prepping for the day with
2:45 pm
a major hiccup and a palace protocol problem. >> he's talked to my dad and hasn't met him just yet. >> reporter: they revealed the stotts were staged and tmz reports they think the photos were stupid and hammy and he said he would not attend the wedding. on tuesday he's changed his mind and wants to be there his is back in the hospital after a heart attack a week ago. cnn reached out to thomas markle by phone and we've yet to hear back. palace officials release this statement when the story first broke, this is a deeply personal moment for miss harkle in the days before her wedding and she and prince harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to mr. markle in this difficult situation. her half sister who hasn't been in contact with the bride for several years is now taking the
2:46 pm
blame. >> i have to say, i am entirely the culprit. i said really, you need to show the world that you're getting in shape and doing great healthy things, so i suggested it. and it was -- there is a lot of scrutiny that it was money-motivated and it was not. >> reporter: in an interview with a british morning show she claims he staged the photos to get the paparazzi off his back and to project a healthy lifestyle. >> not caught in unflattering positions as media vultures to come. >> how do you have the gall to come on here and talk about media vult urz. you're doing a book called the diary -- -- >> and meghan still wants her father there to give her away, despite the snafu. and meghan's mom has been in london all week meeting the in-laws for the first final and will still drive with her only
2:47 pm
daughter to windsor castle saturday morning. but who will walk her down that aisle? >> and now the latest that we're hearing again via tmz is thomas markle will undergo heart surgery and will not attend the wedding but stay tuned, there could be wrinkles and twists and turns in the story in the lays leading up to the wedding. >> i suspect there will be. nick watt reporting for us. coming up, more on the breaking news on a north korea -- what is behind north korea's new threat about the upcoming summit between kim jong-un and president trump.
2:48 pm
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we're following multiple breaking stories right now including north korea's new threat to pull out of the upcoming summit between president trump and kim jong-un. brian todd, the north koreans have a long history of brinksmanship. >> reporter: this development tonight could be simply a negotiating ploy by kim jong-un. some gamesmanship to take the measure of president trump. it could be an indication that kim may be getting worry that had making a deal with the u.s. to denuclearize could compromise his hold on power. either way, veteran diplomats have a warning of their own tonight that north korea has a track record of walking up to that line with the u.s. and making deals only to walk back
2:53 pm
on them. three times the west has reached agreements for almost reached agreements with north korea only to see them fall apart. >> north korea has agreed to freeze its existing nuclear program. >> the first one was reached in the 1990s. >> we discovered they had another path to nuclear weapons and they were pursuing a highly enriched uranium program. that was in violation of the framework, certainly the spirit of the agreed framework. >> reporter: the second attempt was in the mid-2000s when north korea even blew up a nuclear reactor cooling tower in a display of sincerity but no success. >> after they negotiated several steps to disable aspects of the plutonium based program, north korea just started ramping up his uranium program and walked away from talks when it was necessary to really deeply verify what had happened in the past. >> reporter: the third attempt
2:54 pm
was in 2012. north korea agreed to end its provocations, including missile launches in return for economic help from the u.s. >> within weeks after that was concluded the north koreans launched what they called a satellite using a de facto icbm launch vehicle. >> reporter: as a result, analysts warn that the u.s. has to be wary of kim jong-un's sincerity if he meets with kim and talks denuclearization. >> every time it fell apart over verification because they're not following through on their promises and agreements made. so i will say we need to proceed with caution and some except six here. >> reporter: north korea threatening to scuttle the summit could be a negotiating tactic. >> the north korean leadership doesn't hold summits unless they think they will get something for it in return in some cases literal cash, in other cases it's concessions and political
2:55 pm
benefits. >> reporter: scenes like this of trump celebrating the release of three american detainees from north korea could have inflated expectations. >> we want to thank kim jong-un who really was excellent to these three incredible people. >> reporter: but president trump himself had hinted at tactics similar to kim making a threat to walk away from talks. >> if i think that it's a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we're not going to go. >> reporter: so is kim jong-un walking up to a line to see what he can push for ahead of a summit. just a few weeks ago when he made the offer of a summit to president trump, kim said he understood that the u.s. and south korea would be holding their joint military exercises and he didn't seem to have a problem with that. wolf? >> thanks very much. more breaking news. the u.s. is caught by surprise as north korea threatens to pull the plug on the president's summit with kim jong-un and pulls out of a high level round
2:56 pm
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