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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  May 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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exercises, their drills. troops are still there. satellites are overhead. everyone in the u.s. military still watching north korea very carefully. if and when there's a deal and there are orders from president trump, they'll adjust. >> thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, breaking news. trump's attorney says bob mueller's team has concluded they cannot indict a sitting president. if that's true, is trump in the clear? also breaking. michael cohen reportedly trying to sell access to the president. for the president to the government of qatar and wait until you hear the price tag on this one. your jaw is going to drop. we have the breaking details and blow up on trump's teep tonight. his top trade adviser going after the treasury secretary expletive layden. and good evening.
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this breaking news. a surprising claim by the president's attorney. giuliani is telling cnn tonight he has been told by the special counsel that they cannot indict a sitti inting president. saying quote, all they get to do is write a report. they can't indict. at least they acknowledged that to us after some battling. they acknowledged that to us. that's a stunning thing to say, right? it's a conclusion that is likely based on justice department guidelines, it didn't mean though that the president is in the clear and i want to go to dana bash "outfront" live in washington. you spoke to giuliani. so, you know, explain first of all, why this is such a big deal? >> the reason, erin, is because as you said, it has been justice department guideline. precedent since the nixon years. the it was a guideline written by the office of legal counsel inside the justice department. stating that a sitting u.s.
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president cannot, should not be indicted because the because has things of national security other pressing issues that he has to deal with and he is in a unique position. that was reaffirmed by the clinton administration. their justice department. but erin, that has never been challenged. it has never been challenged in court and it has never been attempted. therefore that's why it hasn't been challenged. so it was an open question. whether mueller, depending on what he found, whether he finds anything worthy of indict iing e president of the united states, would try to challenge that. what giuliani told me is that the mueller team informed them, you know what, there has been a debate, but we have decided we are going stick with the existing justice department guidelines and that means no indictment for a sitting president. >> so if giuliani is is giving the full story here, does this mean the president is off the hook or not? >> not necessarily.
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because for a few reasons first and foremost, robert mueller is expected to issue a pretty lengthy report and depending on what he finds, this is obviously just about the president we're talking about right now. he could refer in that report or recommend i should say, to the house of representatives, you know, some charges. and what that means in real terms is articles of impeachment. now those are big ifs, but that's the way the process would go and even not, look, depending on what mueller finds, we saw this with hillary clinton and james comey. what he says in his report could be politically damming as well. there's one more thing. we don't though whether the president is going to be forced to sit down for an interview. and if he is who knows what he says. if he's forced to say things, forced to answer questions and he doesn't tell the truth or he
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purges himself. that could be another issue. one last thing. gloria borger talked to a source familiar with this legal strategy who said the reason this whole question of indictment came up is because trump's legal team wanted to hear it from mueller. the reason for that is because they're also preparing for a potential subpoena if the president refuses to do an interview. and so they wanted to get it on the record that the mueller team will not indict the president because that has ramifications for a potential subpoena. >> thank you very much, dana. and obviously i put the significance of this claim from giuliani also breaking though, this new headline. michael cohen trying to score million dollars, a million dollars from the government of the middle eastern from the country of qatar. if you give me is 1-million, i'll give you access to the president's administration.
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this is according to the "washington post," just breaking this story. qatar said no. this development is the first time that we understand cohen is believed to have pitched his influence directly to a foreign government. novartis and at&t, korea air space, but this is the first foreign government. a "washington post" reporter broke the story and joins me now on the phone. roslyn, this is pretty incredible. a million dollars. did he want it up front and you know, made it after sort of meeting someone casually it sounds like. tell me what you know? >> we understand he met this official at a breakfast during the transition and the official who was the head of the, of an investment authority run by the qatari government informed him they were interested in making a big investment in infrastructure in the u.s. cohen got very excited. and in a series of subsequent meetings, started suggesting he
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could help the government with this investment project the they pay him $1 million up front. >> and so he literally has breakfast with this guy. and this infrastructure fund comes up and he says, hey, give me a million dollars flight and ill give you access to the president. it sounds so absurd on the face of it, but sounds like that's what he wanteded. up front, million bucks. >> that's essentially right. a really interesting intermingling of government and private business. the guy who was not officially in the qatari government accompanied the foreign minister of the country to a trump tower meeting. the foreign minister goes off and talks to new michael flynn. this guy talks to cohen about the possibility of this $1 million payment. >> all right. thank you very much. and again, just to make the final point. qatar said no. do you know why? >> they didn't think this was a good idea and declined. >> they were smarter than at&t
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and novartis. thank you very much. appreciate it. now, former virginia attorney general, ken cuccinelli and norm eisen. the personal attorney for the president asking for a million dollars from a foreign government to influence the president and this news from giuliani. let's start with that. ken, if rudy giuliani is telling the truth and bob mueller's team said we cannot indict you, how significant this news for the president? >> well, it's significant, but not shocking. as you noteded, erin, this goes back to the nixon era. reaffirm nd the clinton administration, so republican and democrat administrations have come to this same legal conclusion, so it isn't related directly to this case. it's an acknowledgment by the mueller team that the previous assessments by the department of justice predecessors were
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correct. it was a constitutional issue and it really leaves us today right where a lot of people thought we started in terms of what their authority was with respect to the president specifically. >> also, norm -- >> can't tell michael flynn that. >> as dana pointed out, this has not been tested in court. right? there's an assumption. this has been a matter of legal debate. if they're admitting it, we wouldn't do that. it would appear to be significant. >> well, erin, it is consistent with doj policy. i think it's wrong as a matter of constitutional law and many institution stoll lars agree. however, bob mueller is a straight shooter. doj policy binds him. he undoubtly views himself,
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whether he personally agrees with it or not as being bound under the special counsel regulations. so he's going to follow that precedent. however wrong it may be. >> you're saying he could indict. he's going to choose not to. again, assuming what giuliani is representing, but norm, then what? they represent what dana was saying if they do conclude that there's been something that happened that was wrong, they would go to the house of representatives and recommend some sort of impeachment proceedings. that would be the furthest they would go. dhauz go anywhere? >> well, there's a lot of different ways for bob to cut that cake, erin. he could do a report to the house of representatives. ken starr and others have done those reports. in which he says but u for doj policy, i would have indicted him. he may find that there's
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alternatively. he could also go the route of treating the president as an unindicted coconspirator, has nixon was treated. that would be devastating also. there's a lot of ways for him to make the point. in the final analysis, it's going to, we've always known. that the house of representatives is going to have a critical role to play. >> and ken, i saw you nodding when -- >> one other point if i could. yeah, one other point though. this could also indicate that mueller doesn't think there's enough here worth fighting over to break with past policies. that's another way to look at this and mueller's team of course is very tight lipped. so we don't know all those motivations and we probably won't until the end of this process. >> now what about the headline that's breaking here. michael cohen, trump's personal attorney, during the transition, government of qatar comes in. and he asked them for a million
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dollars up front for access. they turn it down. i said and smiled and probably shouldn't have been, they were much smarter than at&t and novartis as well as other cou y companies, but this is significant. it would be the firs foreign government that he slasked directly. your take. >> we know michael trouble, michael cohen is in a lot of trouble because in order for doj to have got those search warrants for an attorney, they had to meet such high standards there and persuade a judge, also. now u, the reasons for the trouble are coming up. this shakedown is consistent with what we've seen of the others, you're right. there's x exec ties at at&t and novartis who wish they would have been as strong as qatar this turning this down. but it shows a pattern of corruption on the part of mr.
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cohen and easterin, not limited cohen because the president is taking unconstitutional cash and benefits. he set a tone of benefitting himself and his family in the presidency and it spread like cancer. no matter cohen was doing the same thing. the tone at the top is grab all you can. >> ken, is that true? and how much trouble is is michael cohen in? >> you know, norm, who i, whose perspective i usually respect, even if i don't agree with it, i think that was a wild, perverse speculation and you know, we're talking about a headline that relates back to the transition period. and i heard roz, somebody i know, tell us that he went to qatar and tried to get them to pay him a million bucks and to share his perspective on the president. and i think you were right, erin. to say at&t and novartis wish
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they would done what qatar did. i think this was more slimy work, attempted and in this case, failed, but i don't think agree with norm's reverse assessment related to the president. michael cohen has demonstrated that he is his own personal slime machine. this just fits right in that model. >> that i suppose you both agree with. thank you very much. next, never before seen details of the trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer and the trump team's surprising action at the time reveal ed for the first tie tonight. plus, president trump admitting on paper and we have the papers right here, he repaid michael coh cohen. does this mean the president always knew about stormy daniels' hush payment and the president's top trade adviser lash bing out at the treasury secretary. ♪
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if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. before starting, tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. learn all you can... to help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. break iing news. donald trump jr.'s much anticipated testimony about that infamous trump tower meet wg the russian b lawyer who promised dirt on hillary clinton. the big question is whether donald trump himself, not jr., himself, the now president, knew about that meeting. trump jr. says he didn't tell his father, but there was a mysterious phone call made to a blocked number. right after he learned more about the meeting and you know, right before the meeting. when he thought that he was going to get this dirt. it raises a lot of questions tonight. sarah murray is "outfront." >> the senate judiciary committee releasing
4:18 pm
approximately 2,000 pages of interviews, shedding light on the june 2016 meeting between trump campaign officials and a russian lawyer. in his testimony, donald trump jr. says he was interested in listening to information, but claimed he didn't know it came from the russian government. saying i had no way of assessing where it came from, but i was willing to listen. he testified he told paul manafort and trump's son-in-law, jared kushner, about the meeting, but says he didn't tell his father about it or the offer of incriminating information on clinton. i wouldn't bring him anything that's unsubstantiated, especially from a guy like rob before i knew what it was about myself. rob goldstone who arranged the meeting testifies that he expected something big. perhaps a smoking gun. i'm setting up a meeting for someone that is going to bring you damaging information about springboa somebody who was running to become the president of the united states. i thought that was worthy of the
4:19 pm
words smoking gun. instd e, the russian lawyer net sky area ban talking and goldstone says he called the russian pop star. goldstone's message, this was the most thing you've ever asked me to do. i've just sat in a meeting about adoption. trump jr. testified that goldstone apologized to him for wasting our time. trump jr. says he never told his father about the meeting. but on june 6th, shortly after the meetingarranged, trump jr. made an 11-minute phone call to a blocked number. the manager testified that the president's primary residence has a blocked number. when the meeting first came to light more than a year later in a "new york times" story, the trump team was left flailing for a response. ultimately, they crafted a misleading one. aboard air force one as the president returned from the g-20 summit in germany, say iing the
4:20 pm
mote meting focused on adoptions. there was no mention of dirt on clinton. the reason trump jr. accepted the meeting. as the special counsel probes the meeting an the statement that followed, it's still unclear how involved the president was in crafting it. trump jr. testified his father may have commented through hope hicks, the former white house communications director. casting it as a collaborative effort with attorneys. he said he did not request his father's assistance, saying hicks asked if i wanted to sk l actually speak to him and i chose not to because i didn't want to bring him into something that he had nothing to do with. now in a statement released today, donald trump jr. described his testimony as candid and forthright, but some senate democrats don't agree and say they have more questions for donald trump jr. >> thank you very much. now, "outfront" now, harry and
4:21 pm
laura coates. harry, let me start with you. donald trump jr. says he didn't tell his father about the meeting. three days before the meeting, this is june 6th. he gets off a phone call. it's about the meeting. this is when the meeting is. we've got dirt on hillary clinton. this is where we are. then after this phone call in which he talk ed about meeting, he paks a second phone call. it's 11 minutes and to a blocked number. he says he doesn't remember who that call was with. we know trump's residence has a blocked number. how important could this be? >> it could be very important to demonstrate if it was to the president. whether he knew about this meeting and the subject matter of ilt. it's a little bit of pretend play we keep calling it a wloked number because the mueller investigation wants to find out who it is, they can get a subpoena. it wasn't blocked from the phone company. the phone company put the call through.
4:22 pm
so this is knowable. >> which is significant. >> absolutely because remember, we are in a reactive mode trying to uncover what it is the mueller team knows. and this puzzle peaiece was alls ugh to get a clearer picture. what you're seeing and gain iin the clear picture of why things were done. we know what donald trump jr. and anticipated. we know what happened as a result, we're getting a clearer version of what his motivation would be. the last question is who else know oobt it. even if donald trump was not directly told, remember, you've got paul manafort, chairman of this campaign in if room. jared kushner, his son in in law and his own son. it's almost implausible to suggest that the president of the united states would have known something about. >> which the point luhr ra makes i seeps imapplause bable if he gets off the phone call about the meeting, and immediately after makes an 11-minute call to
4:23 pm
a blocked number saying gosh, i don't recall that one. that also seems like too much to swallow. >> there was a lot of if you look through the transcript, a lot of i don't recall what happened and if you really don't recall, that's an honest answer. but if you say i don't recall and you do, that's a false statement to congress. so you're not allowed to do that, obviously. >> and laura, there's also, as we know, been so much discussion about the misleading statement, that came after the trip in air force one u and the president's involvement in it. there was a statement about the meeting which was misleading. and president trump himself you know, involved with that, apparently. trump jr. said his father quote we are learning here in the transcript, quote, may have commented through hope hicks, who was then also on air force one and involved in crafting that statement. what do you make of that and don jr. saying i didn't ask for his help, but he may have been involved. >> this is such a sloppy job of
4:24 pm
trying to have plausible deniability that has laughable. the idea that well, he may have been told by the person who is his right hand woman, who was a direct contact and in charge of this sort of thing, he may have talked to her. if i can give you one person removed, we can have plausible identity. there was a con van tempt. there was lot of backlash that he was trying to assert an attorney client privilege in a laughable way. so yet again, you have trump jr. floundering, trying to hedge in a way that's only going raise suspicious. >> and harry, today, bob mueller had another subpoena. jason sullivan. but roger stone of goose fehr 2.0 and close adviser to the president. roger stone, not yet such that we know, has not been questioned by mueller, but getting to his
4:25 pm
social media adviser, significant? zbling it is. we know he had this tweet that came just beforethe e-mails were release. this is the kind of thing you do if you want to show the tweet came from stone and not from another person off to the side who's just managing an account. so you want someone who can say stone has his phone. he puts his tweetses on. if that was on his twitter account, it's because someone he said. if it was done by someone else, you couldn't necessarily use it against stone. >> all right. thank you both. and next, the president admits to repaying michael cohen. a payment that was originally admitted from the president's financial disclosure form. could this lead to more legal trouble for the president and for cohen? plus, a blow up on trump's team of add virzs. who was involved and what was this blow up about. coppertone sport.
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definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. breaking news. the president officially admitting his payment to michael cohen. the white house today releasing 92 pages of financial disclosures. signed here by the president. and tuck ed away at the bottom f page 45, sort of a footnote. the formal athat the president paid michael cohen back for the 130 thourkts quote in the interest of transparency while not required to be b disclosed as reportable liabilities on part 8 in 2016, expenses were incured by one of donald trump's attorneys, michael cohen.
4:30 pm
he sought reimbursement of these expenses and mr. trump fully reimbursed mr. cohen in 2017. the category of value would be 100,000 to $250,000 and the rate would be zero. of course, expenses were mincurd in 2016 when daniels was paid and the president did not include them in his 2016 financial disclosure report. no mention of the daniels debt to michael chone. when you're required to report debt, not just pachlts. why? for the second straight day, there has not been a white house press briefing and p president himself today refused to answer questions. >> mr. president -- >> mr. president, why didn't -- >> let's! >> not just the american people who deserve answers to that question. the government's top ethics watchdog wants them, too. the act director firing off to rod rosenstein suggesting he may
4:31 pm
want to look into the cohen payments. say iing the department of juste may want to look into this. it's a significant thing and it's in part because honesty does matter. tonight, former director for the office of government ethics. gloria borger and larry noble. walter, obviously, this disclosure, 92 pages and there's a lot in here, let's talk about what you sigh in here about trump paying michael cohen for stormy daniels. we have that disclosure on page 45. >> that's right and last year, it was admitted. i signed last year's report and i can tell you, if i had known that he omitted this, i would have said the same thing that the current acting director, that this is reportable and it's terrible to the decision to certify it. so i would have refused to certify it. there was no getting around certificating it and i'm another person at the campaign legal center wrote an op-ed monday
4:32 pm
warning the president that he's out of loopholes. he had to disclose this thing. so he did, but it's terrible that talking about a terrible message, the tone from the top for the other 25,000 people who have to file financial disclosure reports, that he's saying i didn't have to report this. op onthe front coverage page, yes, you did. he knew for a while that the position was reportable and still wrote a note, it's not reportable, but here you go. >> completely flaunting what they're saying. if they're able to determine, hey, he lied. knew about this last year and it wasn't included. could he face charges? >> he could. and we get back in that discussion of whether the president is indictable. he could face charges. there could be civil penalties associated with this. but i think it really just fits into a larger narrative.
4:33 pm
about what's been going on with this administration that you have to drag each fact out of them. i don't think we actually know all the facts behind us at this point. but yes. it is a violation to falsify a report. so if he had to report it in 2016, it looks like he should have, then he has a problem. there's a campaign finance problem with this. looks like he paid michael cohen back for an expense that was campaign related. it was also a contribution. they're in a position that each step they take they're causing themselves problems. they've created this web around them that any way out is going to cause them legal problems. >> president's note, in the interest of transparency, transparency not required. you know, we're going to put this stuff in here about cohen then today, the office of government ethics today conclude
4:34 pm
ed the payment is required. well, why didn't presidents attorneys describe why b they believe it's not required? we still haven't gotten an answer to that question. i'm sitting with two experts here. maybe b you folks can tell me. maybe they would make the argument that the president did not know that payments were made last year. i mean, the president's been all over the lot on this, as you know. on april 5, the president denied knowing about payment as we know then rudy giuliani changed that story. but i want to know what's the reason they say they're not requires to disclose like everybody else in the world is. >> here's how he answered the
4:35 pm
question. very definitive. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. obviously, giuliani, then 27 days later on may 2nd said that was not true to sean hannity. here he is. >> the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't know he did. >> yeah. >> all right. so it seemed giuliani made a gaffe, but he's telling dana bash it wasn't a gaffe. he was trying to get ahead of it. "the new york times" report that is the president knew about the payment months before he went on air force one and according to ma their reporting, lieded to the american people. we don't know when he knew, but we knew he knew when he said he didn't. >> yeah, we know he knee, so that tells us how much he's b to be believed on this topic. he didn't file last year's report until june 14th 2017.
4:36 pm
rudy giuliani said he started repaying cohen in early 2017. in the first couple of months. so we're to be expected to believe that trump was repaying a debt he didn't know he had. that doesn't make any sense at all. >> giuliani described it as sort of a payment plan. right? that trump was paying what was -- retainer. $35,000 a month. and that was what he paid cohen and the money came out of that. that's kind of not what's on this form. there's another question. how did he pay for this and how much was it part of something else or was it just a check for $130,000. we don't know. >> they don't disclose how it was paid. hey in the interest of transparency, we're not required to do it. hey, you got nothing to hide.
4:37 pm
why not tell us. thank you all. and next, a blow up between two key members of trump's team. new information on what it was about plus the president lashing out on reports he's caving the china. the reporter at the center of trump's fury tonight, "outfront" next. i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack,
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a source confirming tonight that white house trade adviser,
4:41 pm
peter navarro, who was central to the china negotiations erupted at steve mnuchin on the sidelines of trade talks this month with china. white house reporter, jeremy diamond, is "outfront" and jeremy, you're learning more about this blow up. which was sounds like it was pretty incredible and it could have a will the of implications. >> yeah, that's right. we know that peter navarro and steve mnuchin have been off and on again opposite ends of the trade debates within the white house. they were on opposite ends of the and aluminum tariff decision. but two sources are now telling us that those tensions hit a new pique during these trade negotiations in beijing this month. apparently, there was shouting. there was cursing when navarro approached steve mnuchin on the sideline of these talks to express his trus traditions with direction of the talks and the fact he was having more of these meetings with the chinese vice prerather than these broader
4:42 pm
team meetings. and one source does stress this took place outside of the view of chinese officials, outside of a building where these negotiations were taking place. but it's important to note the timing of this. this takes place on the eve of the next round of trade negotiations with china. with the vice premier coming to washington tomorrow to pursue those discussions. as of now, peter navarro is not listed on the official delegation to meet him. senior white house tells us he will take part in the discussions however, but we will have to wait and see whether he's part of those direct negotiations. >> all right. thank you very much. and i want to go now to "washington post" josh rogue p b who's been work ong the story. what have you learned from your sources about this blow up? >> well, it's not the first or the last time that steve mnuchin and peter navarro have had words. let me assure you, they have both had words with each other.
4:43 pm
i mean, let's face it here, these debates can get pretty heated and by the way, if you flew all the way to beijing for the meetings with the chinese then weren't allowed into the meetings, wouldn't you be upset? i would. you've got this situation where this guy, navarro, who's done thog but 20 years but write about the economic confrontation with china that we're no now and all steve mnuchin is is doing is trying to keep him out of the mite metings. you've got two wars going on. the economic war between the united states and the people who probably of china and the war inside the trump administration about how to fight the first war. >> yeah. >> the president is in the middle. >> when all these fights, we just keep hearing ab it. josh, you've been reporting today about the trade talks. that china's given the u.s. a list of demands for the talks and one of them pertains to the technology firm zte that marco rubio said is an espionage throw to the united states.
4:44 pm
you say china wants breaks where they have sold 55 million phones, the president fired back today on twitter at you saying "the washington post" and cnn have typically written false stories about our trade negotiations with china. nothing's happened with zte except as it pertains to the larger trade deal. as he continued on to defend himself. is he mistaken or lying? >> yes. i mean, he's either mistaken or lying, right? not sure which is worse to be whons you. do you want a president who doesn't know what's going on in his own trade negotiations? >> he's tweeted about to be clear. >> and he's not just say thag "the washington post" is is wrong. commerce secretary ross said to the nshl press club yesterday, we received a list of chinese demands. they're different than ours. he said that on the record in front of a lot of people. cameras there and everything. so somebody's not talking to somebody. and so that gets to the basic
4:45 pm
point here, which is that you have a guy, mnuchin b, whomts to cut a deal. he looks at this battle with chy need, oh, let's not fight this. let's back down now and you've got guys like navarro who say, no, we have no choice band marco rubio, this is our national security. we've got to do it and we should probably win. >> all right. thank you very much, josh. and "outfront" next, president trump says he's fighting the drug industry over skyrocketing prices, but is he? health and human services secretary is "outfront" next and the white house now insisting it wasn't caught off guard by north korea's threat to cancel the summit with president trump. happens to be b the opposite of what they said 24 hours ago. why an alternative fact op this one? -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪
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4:49 pm
you and the president spoke about it and an analyst said the speech wrs largely benign and that the content was limited, which went with some of the headlines we've seen about your proposal. one saying trump's plan to lower drug prices spares pharma industry. another, trump's plan leaves industry relieved. why is all this wrong? >> first, great to see you again and in terms of those critiques, they can't read and listen and they're thot understanding. this is the most far reaching comprehensive plan to get at drug price reduction in american history. the president is bringing as he promised, the power of medicare to negotiate on behalf of seniors. we're going fix negotiation in our part d and unleash the drug plans that we have working for us to get better rebates where right now, they're ham strung by the government and we're going to introduce negotiation in part b. those with the drugs you get at
4:50 pm
your doctor's office where the doctor infuses you. we're going to be introducing competition there where right now, there is none and no discounting. they ought to be b paying close attention and i think over this week as i've made clear, the force and vigor with which which we're going to be approaching this. >> are you committed to medicare part d. you're going to have all that negotiated? >> medicare part d, right so me. we have six protected classes which are important classes of drugs where unfortunately, the drug plans have been disabling from getting pharma. and start getting 20%, 30%, rebate they get on the rest of the plan. >> how much are prices going to come down? >> we think within part d, $30 billion spent in part d. it ought to get 20% to 30%
4:51 pm
discount there. and medicare part b. that is $30 billion to spend always. and ought to be getting into that 20% to 40% range. you are only mentioning 30 billion of that. so not all going to get cut? is. >> well, we are still going to be paying for drugs. that is a significant percentage reduction. >> it is. but what about the other hundred billion dollars. are you going to fight for those costs too? >> well, across the board, the tools that we are giving these part d drug plans will enable them to negotiate harder. we have proved formularies. what happens right now, under the existing rules is if a patient gets any of that
4:52 pm
overturned with a medical ex-pension, the plan gets dunged and if you are following the formula we approved, you are not going to get dunged. you can demand big rebates. >> one of the things that is not in your proposal is to allow drug imports from canada. harvard study recently found secretary secretary. why not allow those imports to come in? >> the challenge is this is a kun nard. when people talk about buying their drugs over the internet from canada, these drugs are coming through canada from china.
4:53 pm
these are counterfeit drugs. these are not the drugs that canadians are getting in a brick and mortar pharmacy. >> even in their brick and mortar, they are paying half the price. >> what you are talking about is a cheap gimmick. even if we could wire up the system, that takes the cooperation of health canada to do that. they are using socialized pricing, rationalizing drug pricing. if america were to wire that up, that drug supply, not enough drugs in canada to get here. canada is not going to let that happen, and the pharma company is not going to supply canada or europe with those drugs. facially appealing on day one but gimmicky result. and we are looking for real
4:54 pm
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new tonight, the white house scrambling to save the summit with north korea. kim jong-un threatening to walk away. john bolton said he called his counter part today. own time will tell if kim jong-un is bluffing or not. >> we'll have to see. we'll see what happens. we'll see. time will tell. "outfront" now, bob bear. and today the white house said fully expected kim jong-un to make the threat. last night a totally different story. we've got to look into this is a
4:58 pm
north korean media report. cnn reported they were completely blind sided. why would they change their story on this? >> look, he is shooting from the hip talking about trump. this was not prepared by the state department. it was not prepared by the cia. kim jong-un is not going to give up this nuclear weapons as of today. and you know, what is going to come out of the summit is a publicity stunt. the terms of the agreement are not in place. i have never seen a summit ever succeed if it was not made in advance. john bolton is saying it is going to be like libya in 2003. so look what happened to gaddafi. >> we are not going to do the meeting if you demand we have to
4:59 pm
demand our nuclear problems. and today he said that is what we are demanding. here he is. now we have satellite images of their test site. they are dismantiling. so whatever their motive may be, they are dissmantling there. is this proof at all? >> that site collapsed. and they have no reason to keep it up. and they have a lot of sites, you know, i go back to the inspections, north korea opening that up for inspections. to somewhere else, i don't see it happening right now. i am negative about this whole thing and i think the president is going to be embarrassed at the end of the day if he goes to singapore and this whole thing blows up. >> the bottom line is they could move the stuff or keep the
5:00 pm
documents. they have, they are nuclear power unlike iran. they are not going to give it up. >> no. i guarantee it. i will never talk about north korea again if it turns out that they give up their weapons as a precondition. i don't see it happening. >> thank you. anderson is next. >> thanks for joining us, there is a lot to get to tonight. new insight from everything from donald trump jr.'s meeting to the hush money. we begin with breaking news on whether or not special counsel robert mueller can indict a sitting president. rudy giuliani what he says was told about a possible indictment. what did giuliani tell you? >> reporter: he told