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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  May 17, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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place where people would go, where they had tremendous professional people, doctors and lawyers. friends of mine from the middle east that say we used to go to syria, that was a place to go and you look at what's happened. it's so sad. but i'd like to see syria come back. i think we've gone a long way to helping it with what we did with respect to the iran deal. you'll see what i mean by that over time. a lot of things will happen. >> reporter: mr. president, a lot of your -- what do you think you have to achieve in the upcoming summit to deserve the nobel peace prize? >> i don't know. i want to have peace in the world, more so than the nobel pea pri peace prize, i'd like to see peace. north korea is going to be very
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important. it's a tremendous part of the world. i think it's got tremendous potential. i think it's got tremendous potential for its leader and for its people. but we'll see how it all works out. right mao we'now we're dealing them -- just a little while ago, we're dealing with them as if nothing happened. we're working out times and meeting times, if i read your various media -- the various media, i find maybe it's not going to take place. if it doesn't take place, that's fine. if it does take place, i think some tremendous things can happen. we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the iran deal and countries like germany and france and -- >> i think it's a great thing the u.s. is out of the iran deal. it's a ridiculous deal for the u.s. and a ridiculous deal for the world.
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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> the european union last year we had a trade deficit of $151 billion. i known jean-claude very well and i know donald very well. i like them very much but they're tough. we never had anyone negotiating fors. the european union treats us on trade as bad as you can be treated. our farmers aren't allowed to a large extent to sell their product into the european union. it's very hard for us to sell our cars into the european union. but the european union, in this case germany, has its mercedes and bmws and cars pouring into the united states with no barriers. they pay a tiny tax, whereas the uni european union charges a massive tax and they don't want the cars, they doesn't want the product. we lost $151 billion last year
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dealing with the european union. so they can call me all sorts of names and if i were them, i'd call me names also because it's not going to happen any longer. thank you very much, everybody. >> time to go! time to go! please head out this door right now! >> thank you, everybody. >> all right, you've been listening there to round two of president trump. next to the nato secretary-general. here he talked iran, he talked immigration, trade negotiations. i do want to start with north korea because president trump talking at really for the first time since kim jong un threatened to pull out of next month's nuclear summit in singapore. the president contradicting his national security adviser john bolton, who has proposed the, quote, libya model, for north korea. listen. >> the libya model was a much different model.
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y d-- we decimated that country. we never said to gadhafi we're going to give you protection, military strength. we went in and decimated him and we did the same thing with iraq. but the model, if you look at that model with gadhafi, that was a total decimation. we went in there to beat him. that model would talk take place in we don't make a deal most likely. but if we make a deal, i believe kim jong un is going to be very happy but this is just the opposite. i think when john bolton made that statement, he was talking about if we're going to be having a problem because we cannot let that country have nukes. we just can't do it. so that's the way it meant, just the opposite. if you look at syria, that was a total decimation.
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>> let's unwind these rhetorical gymnastics with dana bash and jim sciutto and brian carom with us as well. just to be clear, what happened was john bolton, his new national security adviser said we're looking at the libya model, libya hands over its nuclear parts, it's a different situation than what north korea has and sanctions are cgadhafi. and trump is saying no, no, no, no, completely throws john bolton under the bus but says says if these don't work out, maybe that is the model. >> two very contradictory messages from the president. a lot of times it's the president's aides cleaning up for him. i think in this case i can let
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you guys talk about the substance what he meant but in terms of the approach, the strategy and diplomacy attempt here, it is him trying to say don't worry kim jong un, i got this. what upset you about what my very new national security adviser said, the same guy who has been very openly until he came into the trump administration against the notion of sitting down with the north koreans, very hard line on the north koreans, never mind what he said. look, i think that this is his way of cleaning it up. the other thing that he tried to do is get it back on track with his rhetoric by saying everything's fine, we're going ahead with this, we haven't heard anything different in the back channel. but that was certainly a pretty remarkable moment. >> it was unbelievable. so he says over and over but we decimated libya, we decimated libya. we didn't say that we would get
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protection to gadhafi, we didn't say he would have military strength. he seems to be saying to kim jong un, you will have adequate protection. it's stunning to say that. >> well, the president doesn't know what the libya model is. he's confusing two different things. what john bolton was referring to was a deal prior to the 2011 u.s.-backed where the u.s. negotiated for him to remove his nuclear program at the time top to bottom. what followed several years later was a military intervention in libya with european backing because the concern at the time was that moammar gadhafi was going to decimate some populations there. so john bolton was referring to the nuclear agreement that removed libya's nuclear program, not to the air cam ppaign sever years later. either the president doesn't know what he was refer to or he
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mixed up two different things. >> isn't kim jong un hearing libya model and going gadhafi is dead, right? >> it was a mistake for john bolton to bring up the libya model as a good one because libya did get rid of its weapons and then gadhafi was removed by western force. get the facts right on it first, but second of all, why that is an uncomfortable association for kim if you're trying to make a deal with him. >> all you have to do is see a picture of gadhafi when they were pulling him out when he was dead for the people to go time out for this important commercial message. >> the regime change is the fear. kim jong un wants the guarantee this is not about regime change. >> what you said the president was playing clean-up. the idea of trump playing clean-up is frightening. >> but he didn't clean it up. >> that's my point. he's trying to clean up something that bolton did.
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neither one of them got their facts straight and north korea is panicking over what may or may not happen. at the end of the day, we're all talking poll tex itics in a vac because we don't know what this president or the administration is going to do at any given minute. it will change on a dime and we're left without adequate access. these meetings that you see are not adequate access to find out what's really going on. it's a smoke screen to keep us from finding out what's really going on. i still think they're still flying on the seat of their pants, making it up as they go along. >> you have extensive experience in china. it was really interesting to hear the president blaming the chinese president saying kim jong un made another trip to china and the next thing you know things are falling apart is what he was saying. what's his calculus there? >> it's hard to say. it changes so quickly. a few days ago the president was
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willing to make an enormous concession to china, rescue zte, which china uses as a tool to surveil the americans. now this is partly life in trump world. you're his best friend or worst enemy depending on which issues he's talking about, now making a threat there. you have to wonder how officials in beijing ride out those ups and downs and try to read the president to see where he actually stands on these issues. >> but on the saving of jobs through zte, he's so sensitive to that because he's come out and said we need to save these jobs and then he gets so dinged for it because there are a number of problems with zte -- >> he should be sensitive to it. >> sure. you've got dod saying this should be a national security risk, they're not selling their phones on military bases, they think they may be compromised and took u.s. parts and sold
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their product to iran and north korea in violation of american law. okay, he's focusing still today on but there a lot of u.s. jobs, there are a lot of u.s. jobs connected to zte, which also kind of speaks to this globalization that he and those around him kind of reject and yet he seems to be admitting it right there. >> right. i don't think there has ever been an accusation that this white house or this president is highly consistent. i mean, there's just no other way to say it. consistently inconsistent. having said that, one thing that we have seen a pattern of and knowing how the president operates now after we've all watched him in this capacity for two and a half years since he's been a candidate is kind of like the way that he doesn't say he's sorry, he doesn't back down even if and when a move that he makes is clearly wrong. and the zte move was clearly wrong on a policy level, on a p.r. level, on an -- i mean, all
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across the board. now, he's had supporters saying it's a game of chess. he is trying to explain it away. and that's what that is. even if it contradicts the notion of his fear about globalization and pooh-poohing the idea of american jobs. >> as he explains all this away and we're discussing it, words have consequences, especially in an international community where they're not used to seeing an american government this chaotic or this despotic. the problem thatty has is he tries to explain it away when you look at it from outside the u.s., when i talk to people from outside the u.s., they don't know what's going on and we have to say neither do we. >> and it causes real concern. you see the president next the head of nato. the head of the european council, used to be the prime minister of nato ally poland
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said nato can no longer rely on the u.s. as the president says countries who don't meet the 2% limit, maybe we abandon them but those word and threats have real meaning. >> thank you to all of you. next, who was donald trump calling moments after that now infamous meeting at trump tower? we know from newly released transcripts that donald trump jr. called someone on a blocked number yet the president's son can't recall who it was. we'll have more on that next. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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the president today slamming the one-year anniversary of the appointment of special counsel robert mueller. he called the probe the disgusting, illegal and unwarranted witch hunt. sarah sanders added this. >> the president knows there was no collusion in the campaign and
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he has been quite clear about this. it's gone on for over a year and strongly believe it's a witch hunt. i'm not sure how we could be any more clear and not sure how the president could be any more clear in his beliefs and his opinion. >> the mueller anniversary happens as we get new details on the infamous trump tower meeting when donald trump jr. and others met with russians five months before the election. he called someone on a blocked number and the president's son can't remember who it was and now democrats are demandings ands -- demanding answers. and in the meantime, rudy giuliani is downplaying the meeting. >> the headline today, cnn, don jr. admits he was looking for dirt on hillary --
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>> oh, wow! and they weren't looking for dirt on donald trump? even if it comes from a russian or german or american, it doesn't matter. they never used it was the main thing. they rejected it. if there was collusion with the russians, they would have used it. >> joining me is former prosecutor elli hoenig. does it matter when it comes to the special counsel, is the special counsel still able to piece this together? >> sure. the special counsel certainly is going to be looking root ight a these calls to the blocked number. any time you have an important event, a meeting, a phone call, the first thing you want to know is who did the participants talk to before, during and after. you get the phone records and they see the call to the blocked number and now there seems to be
12:20 pm
good evidence that was probably president trump. investigators are going to want to know what was said, what was the reason for the call. this could well be evidence of collusion. >> well, the telephone company, as we understand it, it's not a secret to them who the number was. is that something the special counsel could get? >> it's something i'm sure if i had to bet robert mueller and his team are already working with the phone company, served subpoenas to find out who the blocked number is. the fact there's a blocked number is not the end of the investigation and i'm sure the mule are teeller team is knowins is. we do know from corey lewandowski his dad at least had a blocked number. does that matter to the special counsel if they're unable to tell what was said? >> it does matter a lot. donald trump jr. has said i
12:21 pm
don't remember who it was, i don't remember what was said. at some point the team may get an interview or have donald trump in a grand jury under subpoena. i'm sure they'll ask him. if i had to bet, i bet he'll say the same thing, i don't remember, i don't remember if that was me and i don't remember what was said. a reality of being a criminal investigator is sometimes you can't know. if that phone call wasn't for some reason recorded, which seems very unluikely, it may ony the two participants who know and it could be a dead end. >> thank you, elie honig. >> coming up, the shocking video of a man berating people inside of a new york restaurant for speaking spanish instead of english to each other. (vo) i was born during
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. a manhattan attorney goes on a racist rant about people speaking spanish and it's all caught on video. >> client and your staff are speaking spanish to customers when they should be speaking -- >> i mean, sometimes they do -- >> every person i listen to, he spoke it, he spoke it, she's speaking it. it's america. >> yeah, it is america. it is america! [ bleep ]. >> he's very ignorant and he shouldn't be allowed here. >> my guess is they're not documented. so my next call is to ice, to get out of our country.
12:27 pm
i pay for their welfare, i pay for their ability to be here. the least they can do is speak english. >> [ bleep ]. >> running a place in midtown manhattan, they should be speaking english, not spanish. >> because of people like you the nation sucks. >> he became upset when he overheard people ordering in spanish. that's when he exploded. polo has more on this attorney and other alleged incidents involving him. what can you tell us? >> reporter: in that video, that is what set him off according to the woman who shot that footage is there was a customer and some employees speaking spanish. he then confronted those employees, accused them of being undocumented and threatened to call immigration authorities.
12:28 pm
what is aaron schlossberg saying about this? we don't know. he's staying silent on this incident and others. he's been seen back in 2017, for example, this same gentleman was seen shouting at some ultra orthodox jews against israel at a protest that was against an event that was taking place here in new york. and then in 2016 the same individual approaches an individual by the name of willy morr morris, accusing him of being a foreigner. and that supposed foreigner spoke out online saying he was born in massachusetts and is a u.s. citizen. we do know that there is a new york representative that has been speaking out right now who has requested that the state of new york suspend schlossberg's
12:29 pm
license to practice as they continue to investigate exactly what happened. but again, we have not heard from him at this point, not anything about this incident captured on tuesday or the ones in 2016 and the 2017 incident as well. a reminder this is taking place in new york, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, this is happening in 2018. >> polo sandoval, thank you for that report. cnn has called and left messages at the law offices that schlossberg apparently owns and we have not heard in on him. joining me, our guests who say he's had an encounter with schlossbe schlossberg. also here, an assistant professor of georgie i journali media studies. he has a podcast focusing on the
12:30 pm
history of anxiety related to immigration. tell us wa we see in this video, what was happening. and by that i mean the video you shot. we've obviously seen the one in the restaurant. >> right, yeah. this protest actually happened right outside my office here in mid town. linda was supposed to speak at a cuny commencement ceremony. a group of far right protesters showed up to protest her speaking at the commencement ceremony. and across the street was this group of orthodox jews, very pro-palestine. after the pamela geller speech ended, this group of supporters came over to where i was standing and sort of started berating orthodox jews, accusing them of being fake jews and the
12:31 pm
man you have identified, schlossberg, was kind of leading the group. i asked him if he was jewish. he said he was and he was pretty just kind of over the top. and so when i saw this video go viral yesterday, i immediately recognized his face as the man i had run into about a year ago. >> when you look at the video, the new one of aaron schlossberg where he's talking about people speaking spanish instead of english, talking about calling i.c.e., what strikes you most? >> well, people in new york speak hundreds of different languages. they don't have to ask this man's permission to do that, right. so it just strikes me to represent a real connection between this concern that some people have that the country is becoming something different than what they want, that they're entitled to right that
12:32 pm
other people want. i think it goes right up to the white house. i think it connected to what we see coming out of the white house. >> there are many number of beeves that he seems to have. within of them has to do with this idea and certainly there are americans out there who will share this with this rant, this idea that he feels like people speaking a different language are undocumented and that he's paying for their welfare. what do you think about that? >> first of all, the idea that he's paying for their welfare is ridiculous. people who are immigrants and undocumented workers contribute tremendously to this economy. he was saying at that to an employee, which i think is interesting. that employee by definition was contributing to the economy. but it's estimated undocumented works are contribute $11.7
12:33 pm
billion into the economy. in places in new york, places like long island, to remove all the daca recipients out of the workforce would cost $387 million out of gross domestic product. the idea that he's paying for people to live here is absurd and dangerous. >> isaac, what do you think about why this video has gone viral? i'm sure there are people on both sides of debate, people who are going to be outraged, people who connect to what this guy is saying, why is this capturing so much attention? >> i think the most striking thing is that it happening in new york city. like your correspondent mentioned. spanish is spoken here, it a language you hear often on the streets. the lawyer himself cites on his web site, his bio, that he's fluent in spanish. it's part of how he advertising his law firm. the irony is pretty rich.
12:34 pm
i think when people saw this, especially new yorkers, it was so shocking this was happening right in new york, right in mid town where you hear span ush all t -- spanish all the time from people who live here. >> he advertises that he speaks spanish as part of his business. >> yes. >> we really appreciate both of you being with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, more lawmakers are signing a petition to force a vote on daca, even though speaker ryan tells them not to. and rudy giuliani involved in a minor accident involving a cab in new york city.
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"i donald john trump do solemnly swear." the wall street journal is reporting today that a lawyer for the president arranged a one-hundred-and-thirty-thousand dollar payment to a former adult film star a month before the 2016 presidential election. "that i will faithfully execute." "there was no knowledge of any payments from the president and he's denied all these allegations." "the office of president of the united states."
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rudy giuliani has been involved in a minor accident in mid town manhattan. i want to go straight to the story. this involves a petty cab? >> that's right. giuliani was riding in his own vehicle, presumably in the back seat of that car, mid town manhattan, in a heavily tourist area and it seems a petty cab his his vehicle. a petty cab is one of those bicycles that has seating on the back. usually tourists use them to get around certain areas of the city. even with that small collision, there were no injuries, not even clear if there was an accident report or anything like that. no injuries for giuliani or the petty cab driver. a minor accident that i'm sure caused a little bit of traffic here in mid town manhattan.
12:40 pm
>> thank you very much for that report. >> the u.s. senate is voting to confirm president trump's pick to lead the cia, gina haspel, and gina haspel becoming the first woman to lead the cia with that vote. let's go to manu raju. this was a big day. there were questions whether she would get through this process and she did. >> she did. she cleared the filibuster that the democrats threatened to launch against her. that was overcome by a 54-44 vote. just a simple majority was required to overcome the filibuster. she did overcome the opposition of two republican senators, jeff flake and rand paul and john mccain, who is absent but announced his opposition to this nomination. and heidi heitkamp and bill
12:41 pm
nelson, who is also up for reelection all decided to break ranks, support this nomination, help it get over the finish line. they're still voting to ultimately confirm her. it should be wrapped up in a matter of moments. in that case she'll be the next head of the cia, replacing mike pompeo. she was able to alleviate concerns about torture tactics whale she oversaw a so-called black site in thailand. a lot of democrat in particular still have concerns over the episodes but a handful of them were placated by what she said, her efforts to distance herself from those controversies and saying she's not going to bring waterboarding back and other
12:42 pm
tactics back as the head of the cia. >> now speaker of the house paul ryan is scrambling. a group of moderate republicans is signing on to force a bill to protect dreamers, the daca recipients. but ryan says it will never make it past the president's desk. >> eso tso the question is, cou have a bill that a majority would support. when the senate failed to pass anything, that surprised us a bit. i thought the bill that the president supported that i thought was reasonable could have passed. when they killed that bill, that made me less optimistic. we're going through the same process here of seeing what kind of process could support and produce an outcome that could get a presidential signature and we're still exploring that. >> now last week ryan said he wanted a more substantial bill and he didn't want to have a, quote, show pony vote.
12:43 pm
my next guest then brought a pony pinata to the speaker's office. she is the chairwoman for the hispanic caucus. burrow or pony. what do you think? >> we're going to call it a show pony. it was certainly met to in a lighthearted way push back that these are real processes, we're serious about getting a vote in a debate and we're seeiorious at winning this issue. 80% of the american people want us to win on a permanent solution for daca and protect dreamers and that's what we're going to do. >> so you've been bringing gifts to the speaker's office just trying to get attention in your efforts here and some republicans are starting to sign on even though the speaker has said let's not do this, let's
12:44 pm
throw uni show unity within our conference. you say they are close to a bipartisan solution. what makes you so confident? >> since i was elected, i don't think i've seen a bill with 250 co-sponsors. you've got all of the democrats, you've got 50 republicans who are incredibly dedicated on this issue who want to solve it for their own communities, they want to solve it for the country, and yet since september the speaker has said that we will get a chance to do something. well, he didn't keep his commitment to us on meeting regularly. we never met. in terms of the speaker's leadership there was a small effort called the numbers 2 meeting for a wheel bile but no union le general leadership out of the house. the gifts i bring, it's because the speaker made a promise to me
12:45 pm
personally that we would meet about the issue and talk about the issue. this is to raise awareness aattention that the minority and speaker are preventing a debate on policies and ideas that would protect and find a permanent solution for dreamers, including what they want to do, which think would limit immigration. that's the message, that they're being told they can't realize their own elected potential here and elected responsibility because they're not allowing us to do our jobs. >> it's not just one proposal. it's almost a handful of proposals there. i want to ask you about some of the president's comments. he was doing a round table with california leaders and referred to ms-13 gang members as animals. first i want us to listen to what the minority leader nancy pelosi said about it today.
12:46 pm
>> so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants these aren't people, these are animals, you have to wonder does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person? these are not people, these are animals, the president of the united states. every day that you think you've seen it all, along comes another manifestation of why their policies are so inhumane. >> i do want us to listen to this full exchange that nancy pelosi is talking about between the fresno county sheriff and president trump. >> i.c.e. is the only law enforcement agency that cannot use the database to find gang members. if they don't reach a certain
12:47 pm
thresho threshold, i cannot tell i.c.e. about them. >> we're taking people out of the country. you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. >> do you agree with nancy pelosi on that, congresswoman, where she is characterizing that animals is how he's describing undocumented immigrants as a wide sort of broadly when he appears to be very clearly responding to a comment about members of a violent gang. >> well, brianna, i appreciate that you are making sure that the context of the president's remarks are included in this conversation and debate, but let's also put into context what this president's been doing since the campaign. he's worked diligently to criminalize every single immigrant, and now he's working diligently to dehumanize immigrants. and while you can argue that that was meant to be a statement
12:48 pm
that was dealing with the most nefarious actors, in fact his own chief of staff is now admitting that the vast majority of individuals that come across the border are not in fact nefarious actors or serious offenders or criminals, they're men and women searching for a better life, asylum just like the constitution says that they're able to do, and they're working to protect their children. so when you take all of that into consideration, i also find his remarks to be incredibly insensitive, offensive and they are intended to divide this country and to sew fear in places that it doesn't need to exist but only to promote his continued agenda, which quite frankly is just to build a wall and to get his base fired up that all immigrants somehow do not fit into the fabric of this country when it's the foundation of this country.
12:49 pm
it's incredibly offensive. >> all right, congresswoman, we do appreciate your time. thank you. coming up, we have some breaking news. the president weighing in on his upcoming summit with north korea saying he's going to know very soon if it will actually happen. and telling kim jong un the best thing for him is to make a deal.
12:50 pm
so moments ago president trump contradicted one of his top aides on how north korea's denuclearization should happen. this is happening as north korea has threatened to cut off talks. first here you hear national security adviser john bolton and then the president.
12:51 pm
>> but is it a requirement that kim jong-un agree to give away the weapons before you give any kind of concession? >> i think that's right. i think we are looking at the libya model of 2003, 2004. >> the libyan model was a much different model. we decimated that country. we never said to gadhafi, oh, we are going to give you protection. we're going to give you military strength. we are going to give you these things. we went in and decimated him. >> now joining me is author of "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world," gordon chang is also a columnist for "the daily beast." the president maybe in a striking reversal doing cleanup for an aide. >> this was absolutely fascinating. they're really using different meanings the term libyan model. bolton means basically we pull up the planes and ships and go
12:52 pm
away and when the president talks about libyan model i think he means we kill a dictator and different meanings both of them used. >> but he is also speaking to kim jong-un who might hear libyan model and hear gadhafi was killed by rebels of the u.s. >> end of april john bolton speaking to "face the nation" i think he did want to instill fear in kim jong-un and wanted to derail the talks. i don't know. the point is that's something going to catch the north koreanss' attention. >> interesting. i want you to listen to this, a clip of a former british government official, visited pyongyang several times since president trump took office. >> when i was there in december they were reading "the art of the deal" and wanted to discuss the book. when i went back they were reading "fire and fury" on pds and trying to discuss what that
12:53 pm
told them about trump, too. since last november, december, they have had a clear strategy and so far it's all about reaction on the side of the west to their initiative. >> jonathan powell telling that to our christiane amanpour. that's interesting, right? the administration hated it and did give you a texture of the interactions in the white house. >> well, the north koreans study the u.s. very, very closely and they have to especially right now. they need sanctions relief of president trump. they need a lot of things from the u.s. and so it's a critical time for them and they'll study absolutely everything and talk to everybody and not surprised they're reading books that americans read, as well. >> very interesting. just to sort of picture that that is the way to gain entry into the thinking in the white house. of course, right? but also fascinating. thank you so much. really appreciate it. white house official tells cnn they have scraped the daily communications staff meeting in the wake of a vulgar remark of
12:54 pm
senator john mccain's health. more on this ahead. ility may do to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial, which allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities in up markets, while maintaining a level of protection in down markets. so they can focus on new things like exotic snacks. talk with your advisor about shield annuities from brighthouse financial- established by metlife.
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12:56 pm
fed up new york democratic senator gillibrand has taken to the senate floor and twitter to blast colleagues for stalling on a bill to reform the sway sexual harassment is handled on capitol hill. she tweeted this, 100 days ago the house unanimously passed a bipartisan bill to address sexual harassment in congress. the senate yet to bring it up for a vote. nothing has moved.
12:57 pm
i want to bring in cnn's sunlan surfata. what is she arguing today? >> she wants the senate to act and using the symbolic 100-day mark since the house passed the version of the legislation to try to in essence exert political pressure on the senate leadership and the negotiators up here to get something -- bring something to the floor. she used this procedural maneuver called rule 14 here today in the senate which in essence forces the legislation on the floor and the legislation is not going to go forward. that's according to a republican leadership aide who tells me that this morning but there is an effort that she is also a part of a bipartisan effort to reach a compromise deal to tweak parts of the house past legislation to make a product that can actually pass in the senate so i asked her about that just moments ago here in her
12:58 pm
office. here's what she said. >> so we're all working together on a bipartisan basis to try to reach resolution. all we need is the political will to get the bill forward and get a will. >> reporter: it's been three months. >> under no scenario to take 100 days to get a vote on a bill that passed the house of representatives unanimously. so i'm eager to get a vote. we did a rule 14 motion today. both senator cruz and i and a bunch of democrats have been working really hard on this bill. patty murray. jeff merkley. elizabeth warren. we all said we want a vote on this bill an i'm optimistic that with the intentional advocacy we might have a little more political will to get a vote sooner than later. >> reporter: that right there is really the reason she put a spotlight on this this morning, the fact that the senate legislation has been stalled for so long. that said, there are negotiations going on behind the
12:59 pm
scenes. i have heard from the republican negotiator, the democratic negotiator who both told me this week they're inching forward. we could potentially see that as early as next week. but as of now no final deal yet. >> why -- you have reported extensively on this topic and helped sort of explain this really kind of crazy way that this is handled in congress. why has dealing with this hit so many roadblocks in the senate? >> reporter: it's really complex and we are talking about a law that's been in place here since 1995. it's called a congressional accountability act. they have to really go through there and figure the changes to be made and hiccups over the idea of personal liability, the fact that part of the new law to make members on the hook for paying a settlement and out of their own pocket instead of tapping into this taxpayer fund.
1:00 pm
as they've been allowed to do previously so a lot of still nuances to how that specific provision of this new law needs to be changed. >> sunlen, thank you so much for that report and thank you so much for joining me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks. by my calculations, the mueller probe has now lasted 36 1/2 scaramuccis. "the lead" starts now. quote, bigger than watergate. a year into the mueller investigation president trump airing claims about a fbi informant spying on the his campaign. what are the facts? president trump contradicting his own national security adviser on north korea. do they disagree or does the president not really understand what john bolton is talking about? and, a harrowing new video shedding light on the attack that killed four american service