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tv   New Day With Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota  CNN  May 18, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. it looks like the trump campaign may in fact have been surveilled. >> they will make any claim that serves the president. they are not backing up any of these claims with facts. >> the american people have a right to know the entire scope of an investigation into the guy they elected president. >> the day that we can't protect human sources is the day the american people start becoming less safe. >> donald trump owes it to the american people to answer questions. >> we had the first hopeful communication. i think it was a good faith attempt to really narrow the focus. >> the excitement is growing here in windsor. >> the newlyweds will be met by
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thousands of their fans. >> for a woman who is biracial to marry into that family, it represents a real change. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> beautiful picture of alisyn camerota's summer home there. it is friday, may 18th, 8:00 in the east. alisyn is in windsor, england, and will be covering royal wedding. wow, what a great assignment, you look great, give us a taste. >> we've had all sorts of breaking news in the past hour. there was all sorts of speculation about who would be walking meghan markle down the aisle after her own father decided not to come here to windsor because of health issues and other problems. and so it was will it be her mother? we found out a couple of hours ago that it would be prince charles. but now we've learned it will only be prince charles for part of the way. meghan is going to do something
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very unprecedented. she's going to walk herself most of the way down the aisle and of course the message there is why does a man need to give her away? she's an independent, accomplished woman. she is going to walk herself down the aisle and then when she gets to the main part of the chapel where the guests are seated, it's called the quire, that's where prince charles will join her, but then he will stop before handing her off to prince harry so he will not be giving her away, he will just be accompanying her for part of the way. listen, this sends a big message. that's unconventional in any wedding, you know. never mind the royal wedding. she's really breaking with convention, so we'll get into all of that and how they're preparing for this here today. >> i love it. it's her wedding. and supposedly if the reporting is right, this is one of the reasons they fell in love. she has her own mind, she has her own way, she doesn't need anybody to walk her down the aisle. but she will meet the man at the end of it that will make the
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rest of her life as they come together and start a family. if you missed last hour of "new day," you missed a lot. we had a very deep, comprehensive interview with president trump's attorney, rudy giuliani. he really did i think the deepest job so far of letting you inside his head and the president's head of why they believe what they do about the mueller investigation. he gave us new information about a potential interview, that there really is negotiating going on if you are to hear it from rudy giuliani. some things have been taken off the table. he made very strong legal arguments about what he thinks mueller's power over the president is legally and is not. he also tried to zero in on this reporting from "the washington post," "the new york times," cnn and others about this alleged fbi informant. the president says, and rudy seemed to echo, that they believe the campaign was spied on. did he make a compelling case? let's bring in cnn legal analyst
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and former watergate special prosecutor, richard ben venista, cnn political analyst and editor in chief of "the daily beast," john avlon. they have you listed twice, john and white house correspondent for "the new york times" maggie haberman. all right, so we have this dovetailing of law and politics and objectively i couldn't ask for better guests for this. maggie, i start with you. rudy came here ready to go and to lay things out differently, more deeply, and more aggressively than i've heard. your take. >> i have the exact same take. i was struck, it was a very long interview. i know that he was giving you some grief at some point saying th was very unfair. i don't think it wasfair, number one. number two, i actually thought that it was one of the more comprehensible interviews that he has done.
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he kept returning over and over again when you were talking to comey. >> comey is a liar, he found nothing, he was corrupt. >> well, he said something that was very interesting, which was it's going come down to whether they believe mueller, meaning whether they believe comey or the president. and i found that fascinating. because as we know comey has been interviewed by mueller's people. comey has been out very public with a book tour and he talks about all of this in his book, he's given interviews about it. so that told me where their mindset is. there's sort of two tracks going on here. one is this nunes/white house/doj push in terms of the scope of the mueller probe. the other is the actual nitty-gritty of what would happen with a trump interview if there was one. that's what giuliani returned to over and over. >> and he said more about what kind of negotiating they have. i believe rudy. i believe things are being narrowed. i think things are being taken off the table. i think he is working to get a
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deal there. we'll see if he can make one. but you understand rudy giuliani very well. you worked for him, you know him personally. what did you pick up? >> first of all, this is rudy in lawyer mode. he is trying to defend his client. you were zeroing in on would rudy the mayor, would rudy the u.s. attorney have been attacking law enforcement in this way. rudy tried to draw a distinction there, but there's no question using language like storm troopers is out of his usual parlance. jim comey is a guy who also worked for rudy, succeeded him as u.s. attorney at one point. what meg is pointing out i think is significant. he is absolutely working in a james comey.mpaign to discredit that's moth to a flame ove and over. in the narrowing of the subject area, and you had the sprawling memo, 49 alleged questions. he clearly said manafort should be off the table. cohen should be off the table, that should be southern district, nothing to do with us. left unsaid is questions about the money and president trump's
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red line that he mentioned to schmidt and "the new york times." that's sort of implicitly being off the table too. >> i pushed rudy on that. it's interesting. he didn't go red line, he went, well, mueller says it's not part of his probe. if he's telling the truth, we're fine. so he's putting it on him as opposed to saying this is a no go for us. >> and he's not dealing with the contradictions of the president's own statements around comey and the firing. that's going to be a problem if he's pressing to an interview. >> and i do believe him in terms of this is what they are saying or some form of what they are saying to him. it is such a shift in strategy. there is nothing that would have been said by the president's former team about what they were hearing from mueller. the president is taking care of the antagonism. giuliani is trying to be -- he's going back and forth between somewhat antagonistic and being very respectful but he's basically just saying here's the information because he knows mueller's folks will not confirm or deny it.
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>> doing the same thing with the media. saying we have to believe "the new york times" and then came at me for being unfair. rudy giuliani knows that's not true. he comes to interview for a reason. he knows i'll be fair to him. richard, there was a lot of legal theory thrown out there, but his main points are they found nothing at the fbi, yet started a probe anyway, and that this probe is rotten from the beginning. salient points or do you have pu pushback? >> absurd. what we have is documented evidence that the russians interfered in our election. is the fbi supposed to sdly by in a corner somewhere with their hands folded and their thumbs in their mouth? this is the agency that we rely on to protect us again foreign enemies interfering with our basic processes. that investigation has turned up
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important evidence leading to indictments. now, it's not concluded yet, but rudy, were he u.s. attorney or working in the u.s. attorney's office as we did together, would jump at the chance to investigate this. it is of utmost importance to continue that investigation and to its conclusion. what the president has masterfully done is create all sorts of diversions leading the public away from the central question why won't he give testimony under oath? why won't he answer questions? people need to use their god-given common sense to evaluate what's going on here and why he won't sit down, if he wants to end this investigation quickly, and provide answers to questions. >> well, michael zelden, let me bounce it to you on rudy's
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theory. which is i'll tell you why he won't sit down, because they're out to get him. as maggie says, it's going to be comey's words against trump's and this is a perjury trap. rudy said many times the president will tell the truth but he echoed it by saying and he will not deviate from what he said publicly already. the problem is he's bounced all over the place publicly on some of these main issues. so what was your read on that? >> well, my first read was that rudy giuliani should not be giving interviews, because he is not helping his client legally. to reveal the nature of his communications, and i don't think it's him who's talking to mueller in the first place, but to reveal the nature of the communications between the real lawyers on the team and mueller i think does his client a disservice. they would be much better off talking in private about the narrowing of scope, the timing, the duration, all that stuff, and we can learn about it after they have reached a deal. he doesn't need to air the
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conversations at this point. so overarchingly i think he does his client no good coming on television. it's good for us, but it's not good for his client. second, with respect to the question of a perjury trap, we always have to remember what a perjury trap is. it's a form of entrapment where a prosecutor inappropriately brings a witness in for the slel purposes of getting them to commit perjury. that is not what is going on here. what is going on here is the bona fide desire of robert mueller to speak to a witness who has important information to provide regarding a counterintelligence investigation that he has taken over and that is not a perjury trap. if he per injujures himself, tha big difference. >> rudy also said i ended lots of probes without interviewing people at the center of it. this is no different. it doesn't matter anyway because legally in terms of authority,
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the special counsel can neither indict nor really have criminal process, which would fit under the process of a subpoena to testify with the president of the united states, so it doesn't really matter if they speak because he doesn't have any authority over him anyway. >> that's a lot to unpack, chris. >> you're telling me. i listened to it and was trying to deal with it and i've got a third of the brain that you have on your worst day, so help me out. >> well, first of all, the fact that department of justice regs don't allow for the indictment of a sitting president doesn't mean that a court has determined that issue and come to the same conclusion. however, you do an investigation into the logical conclusion of that investigation. and if there are answers to be had from the principal of that investigation, not the only
5:13 am
target of the investigation, if the president can be considered a target at this point, you need to get all of the information you can. you owe it to the american public to be able to do that, and that's what he's doing. these diversions that are being thrown up by trump, oh, there was somebody who may have been reporting on information going on in the campaign, well, the fbi ought to be involved in running down any leads that suggest that our adversary, the russians, have somehow permeated one of the political parties somehow. that there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. instead, this is being characterized as some dirty business and totally improper. >> understood. >> the reverse is true. >> understood. we've got to leave it there. i want to get to alisyn. >> may i add something?
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>> i've got to leave it there. this was very helpful. i know there's a lot more to unpack. we ain't even close to done. thank you very much, everybody, for making us better. now to alisyn, she is in england, the place to be. >> thank you, chris. i'm glad you didn't shortcnge me because there's a lot to y and there's a lot of breaking news from windsor, england. you can see the castle behind me down this beautiful path. we're counting down to the royal wedding. it will be getting way in less than 24 hours from now. we gave you the breaking news a few minutes ago that meghan markle will walk herself most of the way down the aisle unaccompanied. and then prince charles, harry's father, will join her at the section of the chapel where the royal guests will be seated. this is unprecedented. obviously in royal weddings, it's unconventional really in normal weddings.
5:15 am
we've learned that prince harry's grandfather, prince philip, will be at the wedding. there was some question about that because less than two months ago he had hip surgery, but he's feeling well enough to join. and meghan markle's mother will have tea with the queen today at windsor castle. this will be their first-ever meeting. raglan has been introduced to prince william, kate middleton and their older children, george and charlotte. now, chris, thank you so much for loaning me the hat that you did. >> family heirloom. >> it's fantastic. and thank you for loaning me the blouse because it matches so perfectly with this. and look at how well this fits. i don't know how you normally wear it, but i think jauntily askance. >> i wear it on the opposite angle because that's my good
5:16 am
side. >> do you mean you wear it like this? >> yeah, a little bit more like a fedora. >> all right. >> ralph russo is making the dress. i have a cousin by the same name, so i feel more connected to the event. >> first of all, we don't know that ralph and russo is making the dress. don't break any news before it's time. but this fascinator is fantastic. >> here's the only problem with it. covering your face is a crime, a felony on several levels, fashion only being one of them. >> is it a fascinator felony? >> i've gotta go. thank you very much, don't lose that hat. the house took some really important action. you remember the move that was supposedly unanimous and was going to get done right away in congress, that your money should not be used to pay sexual harassment clas b lawmakers? guess what, the senate bill is
5:17 am
still stald. senator kirsten gillibrand says that ain't right. she's on a mission to get it on the table. let's hear her case, next. about the performance... lingering doubts of lexus hybrids, this should clear the air. now comparably priced to the rest of the lineup. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. powerful skincare,s now light-as-air a breakthrough moisturizer whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips ageless the sun goes down. you did a million things for your family today. but speaking to pnc to help handle all your investments
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...95% of surface stains in just 3 days... ...for a whiter smile... that will win them over. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. thursday marked 100 days since the house of representatives passed a bill to address sexual harassment in congress. more specifically that your money shouldn't be used to pay their sexual harassment claims. kind of a no-brainer, right? right.
5:21 am
that takes us to this moment right now. new york democratic senator, kirsten gillibrand, is trying to force the senate to do the same thing. advance this now stalled version of the bill. take a listen. >> enough is enough. we should do better. we have waited 100 days and we should not have to wait any longer. so i urge my colleagues to do the right thing now, to support this bill. fix this system here in congress that is failing our staffers on this issue of sexual harassment. this one is as easy as it gets, so let's have a vote and let's pass it. >> now, to be fair, isn't that what everybody was saying when this story first came out? wasn't everybody saying that this has to be fixed? and now let's bring in senator gillibrand, joining us now to discuss that. nodisrespect, senator, you were saying what i believe all of amera was echoing when we first learned of this. and lawmaker after lawmaker came on this show, senators included, saying, oh, yeah, gotta fix
5:22 am
this. gotta show respect that we have to have transparency and can't pass these things off, certainly not on the voters' dime. why the stall? >> i don't know, but i know we're working very hard on a bipartisan basis to move this bill forward. the reason why i used the rule 14 procedure yesterday was because i wanted to elevate this issue. we've been waiting long enough. it's been 100 days since it passed unanimously in the house of representatives. the bill that i've written with ted cruz and othver 30 other senators has been a strong bipartisan bill that fixed the system. somebody who wants to report harassment might have to wait up to three months to actually report it because of mandatory mediation, counseling and cooling off. so that has to change. and also no taxpayers should be left holding the bag when a member of congress engages in harassment and finds a settlement. it has to be their own money if they are found responsible for harassing a staff member.
5:23 am
>> when you hear ted cruz and kirsten gillibrand in the same sentence and it's not that you're at each other's throats, you're working on the same thing, it just lets you know what a no-brainer this is and the idea of having to cool off? haven't we learned that the opposite is true, that time is the enemy of trspency? time is the enemy of victims in these situations? that there should be urgey, t cooling off? >> well, the current system is clearly designed, as many other institutions have designed their systems, to protect predators and to protect the powerful. as the me too movement has gone across this country, each institution is trying their best to change the rules, to hold perpetrators accountable, to create transparency and accountability. congress should not be left behind on this. congress should be at the forefront. so that's why this bill is important. i have hope, though, chris, because i know senator klobuchar and senator blunt have been working really hard to move this forward. now we have an opportunity to
5:24 am
reach a final deal in the next week and actually pass this deal. >> so help me understand a little bit of the politics here. look, i'm not one who likes to trash people in public service. obviously my family stands as a different testament to that. i believe that most of you are down there trying to do the right thing. so the politics seems to be that the leadership likes the klobuchar bill and not your bill and they say we're already working on a bill? >> it's the same bill. it's all the same ideas. it's getting rid of the three-month delay. it's making sure that members of congress pay for any settlement that's found against them. and so it's the same idea, it's the same reform. we are hoping that in this 11th hour that our senate colleagues can come together and make a final decisionbout a final bill to vote on. make no mistake, it's the same bill. we've been working on the same issues for a very long time. because it's widely bipartisan, it's something that we should get an up or down vote on, it's that simple. >> look, we will stay on this.
5:25 am
this is not partisan, this is about people and protecting them. we'll stay on it. there has to be a vote, there has to be a debate, people have to be able to see it so you're welcome here any time, as is senator cruz. one thing while i have you, the change in funding by the government that may affect planned parenthood, tell us about it, what's your concern. >> well, it's a direct hit on planned parenthood, which as you know, chris, provides health care services for millions of americans who desperately need it, particularly low income americans. it's trying to defund planned parenthood. this is an attack on women. i don't know why members of congress feel like it's their job what to do with their health care. so it's really important that this is something we fight. we fight through all social media, that we fight at the ballot box. >> and the extension of the hyde amendment and they're just doing what the government says we can
5:26 am
through law, which we don't fund things which provide abortions. >> planned parenthood might send 3% of their budget on abortion services. but because that entity provides it somewhere else and no federal money goes to it, this new rule will say if you provide it anywhere that you can't get federal funding. it would devastate health care for women because those millions of people who receive health care through planned parenthood could be defunded. it's a serious blow. we should fight back, all of us. >> senator, understood. we will test it. we'll have people coming on who want it because that's a way for people to learn about it. you're welcome here to discuss it any time. thank you fojoing us this friday morning. >> thanks, chris. >> bewe. excitement is blding worldwide. tomorrow is the royal wedding. we've got allison c alisyn came
5:27 am
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all right. we are now just 24 hours away from the big event, the royal wedding of prince harry and his bride, meghan markle. let's bring in two people who know a lot about them. joining us now is the author of "harry, a biography of a prince," angela levin, and trevor rose, friend of prince harry who will be attending the royal wedding. great to see both of you. trevor, you got one of the coveted invitations to the wedding. how are you preparing? >> i'm just trying to take it step by step. i've been looking at a few suits. >> what have you decided on to wear? this is a big decision. >> yes. i would say but then the secret
5:32 am
is gone. >> this is almost as big a secret as meghan's dress, i get you. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay, angela, you were granted unprecedented access to prince harry while you were writing the biography of him. you spent a lot of time with him. how do you think he is today? how do you think he's preparing for tomorrow? >> i think he can't wait to get it over. i think the wedding is enormous. i think he's fed up with all the sort of little gripes that have come in. he just wants it over and he wants her to be his wife and to get on with their life. she's itching too to get things done. you know, she's really keen to change the world. they talked about that on their first date together, how they both wanted to change the world. i think he just really wants to get it over and done with. >> i mean you referred to the little gripes that have cropped up. actually there's been quite a bit of some family drama. >> yes. >> all the question of will meghan's father come, won't he, then his medical scare.
5:33 am
then who will walk her down the aisle. it's just been announced this morning, we've had breaking news, that she will walk herself most of the way down the aisle showing that sheoesn't need anybody to give her aw, she's an accomplished woman. how do you think harry has dealt with all that family drama? >> she's very lucky with him in many ways but in particular carria caring. he is an incredibly caring person. he's very, very good with hugs, which is fascinating for someone who's 33 to say. he said he's very passionate and he's got a huge heart and he loves to be loving with people. and sometimes it can make him a little bit irritable because he doesn't get things quickly enough, but he can change people. and, trevor, you told me this. i went to notingham with prince harry on my first visit. just like meghan, he took her there first. i met trevor. i had to arrive before prince harry did. and there were lots of very
5:34 am
rather dysfunctional late teens and early teenagers had been blocked from school, blocked from nightclubs, sports clubs and youth clubs. i said are you pleased to see prince harry? they were, who cares. trevor said to me, you just wait. it will be like he's turned on a switch. when he comes in, you'll see the change. >> and so what is it like when he's visited there and spent time with those teenagers? >> to be honest, it's amazing. you turn and you go, oh, yeah, he's prince harry. and everyone is like, what, prince harry? royal prince? yeah, he's there. he's walked in before when we've been trying to record with a few kids. a young singer said i don't know whether i want to go in the booth to record. harry was like, trev, let's go in and show him what it's like. >> what has been been like to watch him with meghan? >> it's been amazing. i met her a couple of times.
5:35 am
she attended notingham. >> it was so important to prince harry to bring her to your studio. he wanted to introduce his girlfriend to hisoodfriend. >> it's true. they have an amazing relationship. >> i mean he's been coming down a number of times now. he's supported us. he's worked with us and he's took the time out to be harry, the person. we've got used to that. there's jokes. there's banter, there's a lot of hard work. there's a lot of belief. >> humbling. he gets you in a headlock. they're like teenagers, frolicking teenagers. >> he said he wanted you to teach him how to break dance. has that happened? >> he might bust a move. if he does -- >> that's a good tease for what's going to happen at the party after the wedding when things loosen up. that's very cool. so how do you think the monarchy will change after tomorrow?
5:36 am
>> i think it won't change enormously, it will change imperceptibly for some years. meghan will make a big difference to this, not just because she's an actress and mixed race and been divorced, because she's really focused on philanthropy and harry just needed -- he said to me i really want someone to be with me, to carry the burden and to do well with me. and they have got loads of plans. they want to go to the commonwealth, they want to deal with women's rights, lgbt, you anymore it and they'll be after it. he's refreshed. he said he was really to go, full of enthusiasm and energy and really royal. he wants to get royals dealing with youth and young people who he feels aren't so interested in the monarchy, get them going. >> well, trevor rose, angela levin, thank you both for sharing your personal impressions. it's so nice to hear what the couple is really like, what prince harry is really like, and have fun at the wedding and the after party.
5:37 am
we will be live for prince harry and meghan markle's special day tomorrow. royal wedding coverage begins tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. >> all right, also immediate response from a school resource officer in illinois thwarting a shooter before anyone got hurt. we'll talk about that, how his brave actions saved lives, next.
5:38 am
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an illinois school resource officer jumped into action after police say that a former student opened fire at graduation rehearsal. cnn's ryan young tells us how officer mark dallas went beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: just after 8:00 wednesday morning, gunshots rang out through the halls of dixon high school just outside the gymnasium, where the entire senior class was gathered for graduation rehearsal. >> shots fired at dixon high school. shots fired at dixon high school. >> reporter: the shooter, authorities say, is 19-year-old matthew milby. >> we just hear pop, pop, pop, pop really loud, like it was right next to us.
5:42 am
like ten feet away from us. >> reporter: school resource officer mark dallas, a 15-year veteran of the dixon police department and athletic director jared shaner also heard the shots from this office just down the hall. >> there were three or four loud shots, very rapid succession. without hesitation, mark kind of looked at me and said that was gunfire or that was gunshots, opened the door and immediately steps out of the office and turns this way. you could hear just that the shots came from down there. it was apparent that the shooter was right there kind of by our trophy case and the garbage can. mark, without hesitation, just immediately begins to run in this direction, giving verbal commands, telling the person to drop their weapon, to put their hands up. >> rorter: as officer dallas pursues milby out the door, shaner yells toward the seniors in the gym to run. the varsity quarterback was at the rehearsal. >> seeing that many people run
5:43 am
for their lives, not knowing at that time we pretty much knew, okay, someone is here, someone is trying to hurt us. >> reporter: among the 180 seniors fleeing the gym, officer dallas' own son, josh. >> i can't even imagine the emotions and the thought process that he's going through at that time to have an active shooter in your building with your son literally 50, 60 feet away from that. but just by his actions and the type of person i know he is, there's not a lot of that thought process. he's thinking i'm a police officer, my job is to serve and protect, and i'm going to go do that. >> reporter: while closely pursuing milby outside, the officer is shot at by the 19-year-old. dallas returns fire, striking milby twice and ending the pursuit. his injuries were not life-threatening. >> it's very emotional to think about what the outcome could have been. if mark had not been in my office that morning at that specific time -- >> officer dallas, for the rest of my life, i will be completely
5:44 am
thankful for him for saving my life. >> reporter: a lifelong resident of dixon, having spent five years as a school resource officer, dallas receiving a newfound gratitude from staff and parents for the work he does every day. >> it gives you a whole new perspective on police work. when they leave in the morning, they're putting themselves -- their livelihood demands that they be fearless and do things like that. in this situation he's the perfect guy that we would want here. >> reporter: ryan young, cnn, dixon, illinois. >> wow, just such a reminder. i know there's so many issues that get involved with school shootings, but one thing that is an absolute is the dedication of first responders. you just saw it in action. our thanks to ryan young. all right, so when this week's cnn hero first earned his pilot's license, did it on a whim, he had no idea what he would end up doing with it. so now twice a month paul
5:45 am
sticlenski spends his own money to fly dogs from high kill shelters in the south to no-kill shelters in the north. check out these life-saving missions of love. >> you just look like my tessa. you're just like my baby girl. i try to greet every passenger before we load them on the aircraft, to spend a few moments with them. so they can see me, they can smell me. load the airplane up and then we'll make stops along the eastern coast. i'm quite certain they know things are about to change. >> hey, buddy. he is so calm right now. they know things are better and they're not going to ending up in the pound. >> how cool is that? a little side note, the cuomo family has two rescues from high kill shelters in the south. to see more of how paul gives these pets the first-class treatment and to nominate anyone that you think should be a cnn hero, just go to why not do it right now.
5:46 am
all right, so the world is eagerly awaiting tomorrow's royal wedding. alisyn camerota decked out for the event there at windsor castle has news for you, next. still nervous [about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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welcome back, everyone. the excitement here in windsor is palpable. roughly 24 hours from now, prince harry and meghan markle will say "i do." we already had breaking news during the program. meghan markle has announced that she will walk herself most of the way down the aisle unaccompanied. then prince charles, harry's father, will join her for just a portion of that walk. you'll remember that meghan had announced yesterday that she was sad that her father would not be able to be here, but she made this decision herself, that she will walk down the aisle mostly unaccompanied. meghan's mom is here in windsor, her name is doria ragland. she is set to meet with the queen later today. we're also learning more about the nuptials. cnn's jason carroll has the
5:51 am
developments. >> reporter: royal watchers have lined the streets surrounding windsor castle anxiously waiting for the moment meghan markle and prince harry say "i do." >> it's a member of the royal family, diana's youngest son. >> i'm happy for harry. i'm happy for meghan as well. >> reporter: before the ceremony, 1,200 specially invited guests will gather on the grounds of windsor castle so they can see the arrivals of the bride and groom. guests like 11-year-old lilly hay and her family. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: hay's family received a letter inviting them after kensington palace learned that she had raised money for cancer research following the death of lilly's 8-year-old brother. >> when i first read it, i was like what? so i had to get mom to read over it and explain it properly to me. >> the last thing you expect, any of us, never mind 11, to be receiving the invitation of the year. >> reporter: the ceremony now
5:52 am
just hours away will happen inside st. george's chapel, just 600 guests, mostly family and friends, will have a seat here. the ceremony is expected to last about an hour. then the royal procession begins. security is asking us to stay back a little bit, but what you're looking at right now is a rehearsal for the household cavalry. this is the military guard that's escorting the newlyweds through their procession through the seats. -- streets. once outside these gates, the carriage carrying the newlyweds will be met by thousands of their fans. some are already here. they'll then head down castle hill. then the procession will turn left to the high street. the procession will circle streets around the castle, packed with souvenir shops stocked with plates, cups and flags bearing the image of the royal couple. you're here now, you're here early. >> i'm a superish fan.
5:53 am
>> reporter: fans have camped out for days. >> i was at the first one, like will and kate's as well. i actually wasn't going to come out and last wednesday i thought, oh, come on, i have more connection to these two than the last ones. >> reporter: she worked alongside markle. she was an extra in the final episode of "suits," the tv series that made markle a star. that's her holding the glass of champagne in the scene. >> when she was dancing we were this far away, just a simple hello, but she was very pleasant and it was nice to see her. >> reporter: the final stretch is on the long walk. it's a picturesque tree-lined avenue in windsor park that ends where it will all begin saturday, at windsor castle. >> chris, i cannot get enough of my fascinator, okay? luckily i will have more opportunities to wear it. i will be back on the air providing coverage from here in a couple of hours at 2:00 p.m. eastern time and then of course tomorrow morning.
5:54 am
we will be live for prince harry and meghan markle's special day. the royal wedding coverage starts tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. >> well, look, i mean i don't -- i have never seen you not look wonderful in anything you've done, but that is a family heirloom that you have on your head right now. the feathers are from the rare ortilan and arranged in a fibinachi sequence. >> you know a lot about fas natures. >> it takes time to to share. some say it was discovered on a hillside in ancient persia. >> did your brother wear this at his inauguration? >> no, because he believes having anything on your head is a sign of weakness. in fact, he thinks almost everything is a sign of weakness. >> i know that about him, but i would suggest a tiara which will
5:55 am
also be shown tomorrow, i hear. so we have a lot of news in terms of what the bride will be wearing. obviously everybody is waiting to see who the designer of her gown will be. then, of course, the big news that she's walking unaccompanied and the message that that sends, that she's doing something so unprecedented and so unconventional. again, this couple is just thoroughy mau ly modern. >> i get that people have their mother or father or somebody that matters, that's great. but if they want to say i stand alone, that's also great. it's about time and great to see it in a monarch maniion.festat i will be watching you. alwaysiss having you here with me but you're in the right place for the right occasion and i know you're going to kill it. so enjoy yourself, my friend. >> thank you, chris. i promise to wear the fascinator when i come back on "new day" every day as well. >> well, you are always fascinating, but don't come back with one of those madonna lilts i'm telling you right now, i'll
5:56 am
call it out, i'll call it out. >> sorry, i don't know what you're talking about. >> you're the well spoken one of the pair. i'll see you tomorrow. >> looking forward to it. cnn newsroom with poppy harlow is next right after the break. please stay with cnn. your company is constantly evolving. and the decisions you make have far reaching implications. the right relationship with a corporate bank who understands your industry and your world
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5:58 am
fbi agents took a host of documents, including some related to cohen's one-hundred-and-thirty-thousand- dollar payment to porn star stormy daniels" "and will to the best of my ability." "giuliani has just dropped something of a bombshell on that one-hundred-and-thirty-thousand dollar payment." "funneled it through a law firm and the president re-paid it." "oh, i didn't know that he did." "oh, i didn't know that he did." "yep." "preserve, protect and defend." "he'll get his facts straight." "the constitution" we're not changing any stories "of the united states." "people lie." "so help me god." we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee.
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top of the hour, good morning, everyone, i'm pop owe harlow. we begin with breaking news this morning. you heard it here first, rudy giuliani says the confidential fbi informant who aided in the very early stages of the russia investigation may not even exist, which may come as news to his client, president trump, who with some key allies is calling this informant a spy, whose emerging activities in the trump campaign are a scandal, quote, bigger than watergate according to the president. listen to the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, speaking just moments ago to


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