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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 18, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! . >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll start with breaking news in the national lead. a mass shooting at a texas high school leaving ten people dead and reaching a level far beyond the shooting with the governor saying authorities are still concerned about close -- explosives in two residents they want to search. first scene, sante fe high school in texas and one official telling cnn that pipe bombs and appreciator cookers were at the scene and ten are in the hospital, including a school
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resource officer. a recording of radio traffic captured authorities making their way inside of the school. take a take a >> he is shooting. he's in the art room. we have shots fired right now. >> one witness saying the gunman walked into art class before the first morning bell and started shooting. authorities just revealed that the two school officers confronted the shooter and there is video of some of what happened. sources have identified the -- the shooting suspect as 17-year-old dimitri os pagourtzis who is being held on capital murder. two weeks ago he posted a picture of a t-shirt on his facebook page and the words on the t-shirt "born to kill" and we learned he a shotgun and a .38 revolver and the gun belonged to his father. it is unclear whether his father knew or allowed him to have access to the guns. a source telling cnn that the gunman was injured and authorities are talking to him in custody along with a second
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person who is now believed to be a possible -- possible accomplice in the wake of the tragedy the governor of texas, republican greg abbott called for action. >> we need to do more than just pray for the victims and their families. it's time in texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again. let's go to rosa flores just down the road from sante fe high school in texas. and the crime scene is extensive with exploded devices. what else are you looking about the search to find the explosives. >> reporter: it is still very active. you could see right now there is a stream of law enforcement vehicles driving right by us. we've seen this scene be very active this morning and throughout the day, jake, because there are multiple crime scenes, according to authorities. they found explosive devices not
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just here at this location and we're being kept about half a mile away but at other locations adjacent locations and but we have to put it like this. this is a very intense and traumatic day for the people here at sante fe high school and sante fe community and now authorities are trying to figure out what happened and why. shots rang out just after 7:30 a.m. >> he's actively shooting. he's in the art room. we have shots fired right now, guys. we need -- >> reporter: police say a majority of the dead and wounded at sante fe high school in texas with students. the alleged shooter a 17-year-old classmate, dimitri os pagourtzis. >> and he gave himself up and didn't have the courage to commit the suicide that he wants to take his own life earlier. >> reporter: pipe bombs and pressure cookers have been found
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and on the campus where students are enrolled, police believe the explosives may have been assembled in this nearby trail. >> part of what appeared to be a deadly plan. >> one was a co2 device, another was a molotov cocktail and other type of explosive devices that are identified at home as well as in a vehicle. >> reporter: an 18-year-old has been detained as a possible accomplice, as the crime scene continues to be scoured here in texas. new details are emerging. >> the weapons used in this attack, there are two weapons. one was a shotgun and the other is a .38 revolver. >> reporter: earlier parents raced to the scene as children called from inside. still unclear about what was unfolding. >> i just kept telling her to listen to her teacher and be quiet and stay down and stay on the phone with me. really scary. really scary.
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>> reporter: lori's son is a junior and safe after telling her how close he was to the killer. >> he was in the classroom where the shooter was according to him, there were three students down in the classroom and when they were coming out there were two more students down outside of the back door of the school. >> reporter: today's shooting three months after the massacre in parkland, florida, that spurred demonstrations. sante fe students participated in a school walkout just last month. today their school is the crime scene. >> this is the place where we're supposed to feel safe and where we come most of the week. nobody should have to go through this and nobody should feel that pain. >> a very traumatic event for all of the students and for this community as well. this is the end of the school year. this community is supposed to be celebrating graduation tomorrow. students are supposed to be buying caps and gowns, thinking about their college days ahead
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and instead, as you mentioned there are ten people dead and nine students and so instead of celebrating, now this could community is planning funerals. >> pictures of them participating in the march -- the tribute to parkland, florida, with the sign saying never again and then a few months later it happens at their school. it is heartbreaking. let's go to drew griffin. drew, tell us what you're finding out about the suspect, obviously he has a social media footprint but not as alarming as other school shooters in the past. >> certainly not from the shootings that we've covered in the past. nothing that stands out or glares out. a few things came up. we do know from other students he wore a trench coat every day and he wore that trench coat today. 90 degrees. that is how he was able to get the shotgun into the school. we also know just from a couple of students that he was quiet. but as the governor said and as we found on his facebook page
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and other social media before it was taken down, this suspect really didn't have any warning signs and as the governor called him, he was a clean slate. >> and they are investigating accomplice. >> we do know there was an 18-year-old student who was detained, according to the governor. that student acted suspiciously or acted strangely at the school after the incident was taken into custody and then the governor referred to another suspect. didn't give us any details but it sounds like a lead let them to that. one other thing the governor said in response to a question, no reason to suspect any person other than the suspect in custody was involved in making those bombs. >> dimitri os pagourtzis had
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scant details on his facebook page before it disappeared and cnn was able to confirm before he was posting pictures of himself showing a normal nondescript high school student but less than a month ago he posted this -- a custom black t-shirt that says "born to kill." indications are the shooter may have been wearing this t-shirt when he went to school this morning. another post, a black duster jacket with nazi, communist and fascist symbols and under the name kamikaze he posted three rap songs on youtube. that is it. the rest typical teen. a photo of him in a church group, other photos showing an average american. on his facebook page he showed interest in joining the u.s. marine corp, starting in 2019, he wrote. before high school, he attended
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sante fe junior high where he was on the sixth grade honor role and a standout player on the j.v. football team a few years ago but that is it. law enforcement tells cnn at this point, they have no reason to believe he was on anybody's radar and so far there is no explanation for why he would have done this. >> jake, we does check with the marine corp and they have no record. this kid showed any interest to them in bmg a u.s. marine. >> drew griffin. thank you. i'm joined by sante fe newly elected mayor jason tabor who goes into office next week. mr. mayor, thanks for joining us. i'm sure you've spoken with victims of this, family members of victims of this. tell us how the community is reacting and how they're doing? i can't imagine it. >> it's our -- our community is in shock. we're definitely mourning the loss of the students and faculty and i'm just at a loss for words. there is no words to explain it.
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>> have all of the parents been notified, have any of the parents been notified? >> not that i know. i'm able -- that is all being handled through law enforcement. >> you're an elected official now, you heard governor abbott talk about how texas is going to do something about this and make sure that this doesn't happen again. this is happened quite a bit all over the country and quite a few times in texas. what do you want to see happen to stop this insanity? >> i wouldn't have -- to say about. >> that we had officers on duty and we have a well-trained individual -- school district staff and that is something with the school district -- >> what does sante fe, texas, need right now? what does -- anybody at home watching who is heartbroken, who feels horrible for what you and your town are going through, especially the family members of the ten killed and injured, what
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can they do. >> right now, pray for sante fe, this is a tough time for our community and we -- here texas is strong. we've dealt with a lot already. the past couple of years. and we come together as a community and just pray for us. >> all right. >> for the kids and for the parents. >> mayor elect tabor, thank you so much. i have dimitri roberts and a current law enforcement analyst for cnn and art roderick, assistant direct your with the u.s. marshal and former fbi agent. josh campbell, let me start with you, dimitri. we know he posted this image, a t-shirt that red born to kill and he also nazi images, a pin and a hammer and sickle and others. would those in and of themselves raise red flags for law enforcement officer. >> absolutely. and they should for anybody. and i think part of the issue here is that we're kind of taking a passive approach to looking at red flags and only looking at social media and
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saying what he posted, but he had a network. he a community that assisted him in carrying out this act. we already know that there is another potential suspect. so that means that there -- at least one other person and potentially others that were -- knew about or was involved in what he was planning. so i think we should start to focus more so on the human factor and start to look closer at these rare flags and not take such a passive approach as we have. >> art roderick, the governor said that the shooter -- his weapons were a shotgun, and a .38 revolver, which he took from his father. it is unclear whether the father allowed him access to the guns or not. what do investigators do with that information? >> well, first of all, those are usually generally given away to atf to check the history of the weapons, where they were purchased and picked up from and what kind of access did this kid have with the father's weapons
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at home. were they locked in a safe. did he have access to the safe so there is a lost question -- so there is a lot of questions and it appears they were purchased legally and it is how he accessed them to bring them into school that day. and on the quick point on the social media end of it, i think we tend to strictly look at facebook, twitter, snapchat, e-mail accounts, but as we've heard in past cases involving communications especially between teenagers, the first thing i would do is grab that xbox or that playstation, that gaming device because they're able to communicate with one another and pass massages back and forth. so there could be a ton of information on those types of gaming devices of how he had planned to actually pull this particular thing off with other accomplices. >> and josh campbell, walk us through the process right now that the fbi and others,
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sheriffs and police are undergoing, trying to get to the bottom of a motive, especially knowing that the accused gunman is alive, it is unclear if he's cooperating. but he's able to talk to investigators. >> that is right. we have so many questions right now that we don't have answers to which is the primary reason why it is a great exception with the governor saying there were no red flags. it is too soon to tell whether there were red flags. we don't know. as law enforcement, this is a complex investigation and not only do you have information from the subject, as far as the determining what he's telling you, but you want to corroborate that through physical evidence, looking at his resident and the devices and talk to his associates and talk to people who may have been in his orbit or may have suspected or seen something and provide that information. so to say there were no warning signs or red flags is just completely premature. >> everyone stick around. we have a lot more to talk about. the danger remains as police are remaining to search two
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properties associated with the suspect and they're concerned about explosives there. that is next. >> we were in there for a good 25 minutes. a bunch of cops came in and they said get out, get out. and we went to go out the back door and they rerouted us out the front door and when they rerouted us out the front door and i pressed the handle and i did see blood on the handle.
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back with the breaking and tragic news, a live look at white house where president trump has ordered the flags at half staff to honor the ten innocent people, nine of them students at sante fe high school in texas. now joining me on the phone is congressman randy weber, he represents the district where the massacre took place earlier this morning. congressman, obviously we're all
1:20 pm
thinking and praying for you and your community right now. what could you tell us about how the people in sante fe are holding up. >> well, they are what i -- thanks for having me, jake. they are what i call the salt of the earth. it is a small town south of houston, actually it is about eight to ten miles south of my home as the crow flies. the town population is probably about 12,000 plus people and the high school is probably 1400 students. it is just a tragedy, a travesty that something like this would happen. we woke up to that shock this morning. i was on the way to the capitol hill to the office when i got the news. so we're all very, very stunned by it. >> and congressman, after the parkland shooting earlier this year, we learned a lot about the red flags that were essentially ignored or at least not enough attention paid to them by law enforcement and others. i know it is very, very early,
1:21 pm
but are there red flags that you've heard about with this suspected shooter? >> well, unofficially, i've gotten -- that is my district. i've grown up in the 20 mile radius on the gulf coast within my district in the last 64 years so i know the area quite well. so i know just about all of the actors and local law enforcement and county and state officials and on and on. so i've been in conversation with just so many of them and these are not officially released. but i believe from what i know and we've heard some of the report in the media, the fact that he put the born to kill t-shirt on -- i would argue quite frankly, jake, the fact that he wore a long overcoat on a 90-degree day could make uncomfortable, where you ought to say, gosh, should there be a dress code because you could hide anything you want under a long overcoat and that is
1:22 pm
apparently what he did. so red flags, the black shirt, born to kill and other comments that i think y'all mentioned earlier. i tell kids all of the time, we need a policy of if you see something, and not just kids but adults as well, if you see something, say something. that needs to be something that we -- maybe we get a federal program for training where we -- i've been pushing here lately for active shooter training, a couple of resources -- a couple of officers in each school. >> they'-- they have that. and they did have active school resource officers and one is jurd and wounded in the hospital. >> absolutely. but we not -- i hesitate to use the word mandatory because i'm a big states rights believe believer that we should make it available and have training every year or maybe community training where you actually bring in parents, teachers,
1:23 pm
coaches, stakeholders, whether they are school district employees for training and you say, look, we need to come together as a community and say this is obviously an epidemic and gone on one time was too often. and so maybe we have timing where we say if you see something, say something and what does that mean and how do we come together as a community. because we need to really redouble our efforts to do something about this. >> earlier today, we were told that the shooter apparently -- and again this is all very early information, but the shooter apparently got his guns, the shotgun and a .38 revolver from his father, lieutenant governor dan patrick of the state of texas, a big gun rights supporter as you are, had a message for parents out there, which is if your a law-abiding gun owner, lock up your guns so your children cannot get them. do you agree? >> well, absolutely. you don't want underage children getting access to your guns. the curious situation in this,
1:24 pm
jake, was this suspected shooter, if i understand correctly, he's 17 years old and think under texas law he's an adult. >> right. >> that presents an interesting legal question. >> lastly, sir, i know that in the future we can have the debate and discussion about what legislative steps should be taken, if any, to prevent these mass tragedies but i understand congressman ted deutsche, the democratic florida congressman who represents marjory stoneman douglas high school where the shooting was this year, i understand you two had a conversation, even an omotional moment and he went through something you are now going through. >> we d. it was witnessed in the hall. he came up to me with tears in his eyes and gave me a big hug and he's a very good friend of mine, and yes our politics slightly different but we have more in common than people realize. and that is where we need to come together on these school
1:25 pm
shootings. the discussion needs to be about what we have in common and the safety of our kids and how we need to fix this, because this is way out of hand. >> congressman webber, thank you for joining us. safe travels and we're wishing for the best and praying for the best for the people of sante fe. >> thanks, jake. we just learned new information about the victims at the university of texas medical branch hospital. i want to bring in medical correspondent sanjay gupta. good to see you. doctors just talked about the condition of the retired police officer who was shot. what can you tell us? >> well we know that the -- the injury was too his arm, upper arm and around the elbow area. we know it is a significant injury. he's still in the operating room. you get shot in the arm and you can have a significant amount of blood loss if one of the blood vessels is injured and that is what seems to have happened here. one of the major blood vessels injured -- losing a lot of blood. it sounds like from what they're saying now, even though he's still in the operating room,
1:26 pm
that they've been able to stabilize him, meaning his vital signs are stable. but they're still working on repairing that blood vessel, repairing the bone that was no doubt injured as well. so pretty significant injury, but it sounds like a little bit more indication at least they got things stabilized, jake. >> and ten individuals were wounded in this attack. ten others were killed. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you. our breaking news coverage continues. we'll talk to a student at the school during the shooting. stay with us. so, how's it going? well... we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped.
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1:31 pm
>> that was dakota schrader, a 10th grader at sante fe high school in texas. capturing the pain that the shooting this morning brought to so many and dakota now joins me on the phone. first of all, i want to tell you something, you're right. you shouldn't have to go through this. and i'm so sorry that you are. >> i'm sorry -- can you hear me? >> i can hear you. are you okay? >> yeah. >> did you know of the victims, dakota? >> yeah. i knew one. brianna quintin ella. >> so you were at the school this morning and you heard shots but you were not near the actual shooting? >> no. i wasn't. i was like on the opposite side of the school, when i heard them, i was out in the field behind the high school on the
1:32 pm
left side. >> so they had already evacuated you? >> yes. with -- when the fire alarm went off, everybody was coming out and i don't know if everybody had enough time to get out, but i got out and i ran when i heard the sound go off -- the sound -- >> and how soon after that were you able to get connected to your family? >> as soon as i ran into the woods, i -- me and ryan, my friend with me, we sat down and hid and i called my mom as fast as i could. >> and your mom came and picked you up. >> yes. about 15 minutes after that. >> we understand you didn't know the accused gunman and at a time like this, everybody tries to look to see what could have been done, were there any red flags missed as to prevent anything like this from happening again. had you ever heard anything about him? did he seem -- did you ever see
1:33 pm
any red flags having to do with him? >> in what i know -- i didn't even know him. i've never seen him around school. and i -- i don't really have many friends, so i don't talk to that many people. but as far as i know, i've never seen him in school. and he was never talking if i ever did. i saw maybe a couple of times. >> so i just interviewed your member of congress and asked him -- well he started talking about how schools needed to have active shooter drills and there needed to be armed guards. you had that at your school, right? sante fe high school, you did active shooter drills. >> yes. we had shooter drills and we did have many cops and police on our campus. but not once did we have a fire shooting drill. even after the scare tactic in february, we never had a drill.
1:34 pm
>> you didn't have a drill -- you did not have a drill after the parkland shooting, since then you haven't had one. >> no. >> do you think that would have changed anything today? >> maybe -- it could have helped the situation a little bit better. but when you are in that state, everybody is still going to be scared and chaotic. it would have helped, yes. a little bit. >> some of your classmates participated in that walk-out after the parkland shooting in florida. what is your take on the gun debate and what needs to be done to keep schools safer. if you have one, maybe you don't. >> well, i do have a little one. i think that we -- we shouldn't have gun rights but i think we should strict -- make them more gun laws strict. maybe we can't buy them like as a minor. and maybe older, when you are 21
1:35 pm
and not necessarily 18. that is the age, right? 18. >> it depends on the gun and the state. but you have it basically right but the main reason i wanted you to come on the show because we were all moved by what you said, and we agree with you. school should be safe and i just wanted you to know we watched that and thinking, yes, dakota schrader is right. good luck. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a father who lost his daughter in the parkland shooting will join us and talk about this latest horror. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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1:40 pm
fe high school. how are you doing? this must be a horrible day for you? >> listen, this is a horrible week. this is the reality of gun violence. my week started with mother's day, the first without my kid, followed by the three-month anniversary of the shooting and then followed by today. and i just -- i can't get over that this is happening again and i just want to say, because all i think about right now today is the families, my heart goes out to you. i know what you're going through. i'm here for you. this week i hope people leave you alone so you can mourn, so you could bury your kids and bury your loved ones. so that you could get through the shock. but i'm here for you. and my heart goes out to you. i just -- i get it. >> and it must be so
1:41 pm
discouraging to think that the horror that you went through, now another set of families are going through it and really very little has changed in terms of anybody doing anything to prevent this from happening. >> so i'm going to say this. i'm not discouraged, i'm pissed off and the reason i'm not discouraged is things are changing. go city to city, state to state, look at what the business community is doing. things are changing. laws are changing. however, on a national level, nothing is happening. and that is where action needs to happen. because unfortunately when you have inconsistent laws all over the country, which is what we have now, these things will still happen. when you have states that won't put in place any laws, these things are going to happen. the reality is we need to do everything we can to stop these
1:42 pm
incidents from happening. there will be a dissection of what happened here today and figure out why it happened and we'll talk about what we could have done and should have done, but we also need to limit the casualties. we need to deal with the issue of guns as well. we need to deal with everything. i am actually encouraged by what is happening on a local level. i was just in ohio this week -- at the request of governor kasich and talked to a committee on the house and senate side there and delivering testimony about what happened in parkland and what we didn't d in florida. and one of the responses from the legislator is we're not feeling the push to do anything because the citizens aren't pushing us to act. and i said, that's a great thing. because it means parkland didn't happen here yet. but you don't want to be next. and two days later, here we are at the next one. i implore all cities and counties and all states, do what
1:43 pm
the national -- do what our government will not do, and do it on your own. and i will say shame on our president, shame on speaker ryan, shame on the majority lead leader mitch mcconnell and won't open their mouths and not speaking about an issue is not legislation. okay. you can't legislate by shutting up and they are just shutting up and it is pathetic. >> so, fred, i know that after the horrific shooting at marjory stoneman douglas, there was a move and the parents of the victims such as yourself worked with legislators in florida, in tallahassee to pass something and there was -- there was a bill big bill that did pass. you tweeted earlier today, we do not need thoughts and prayers, we need action. texas governor abbott, he echoed that in a press conference saying that he is going to convene a group to demand
1:44 pm
action. what are some steps -- obviously -- for a moment, if i could just take the ar-15 debate off the table because we're talking about texas here. what do you think -- what would you recommend in texas that might be able to pass? >> oh, let's start with red flag laws. they should be everywhere in this country. no question asked. when we know of a potential threat, law enforcement ought to have the ability to remove those weapons. no questions asked. and when they go to remove those weapons, what you're going to fwiend is potentially more than guns, which was the case here. so that is number one. we need to deal with the age. kids should not have guns. it should go to 21. now in this case, it seems like the kids may have gotten the weapons from their parents. so we need to deal with the responsibility of -- we need to deal with the responsibility of gun ownership. if parnlts aren't securing their weapons, then they should be held equally accountable in this incident. if you start holding the parents
1:45 pm
accountable for the kids have free access to the weapons, parents will change behavior and lock the weapons up. we need to do more with the background check system and deal with those things and ban high-capacity magazines. but i'll give you another idea that i thought of this morning, and it relates to the $500 million payout from michigan state in relationship to the nassar crime. and when you have a payout like that, that changes behavior. okay. you can be sure universities are going to make sure they never allow things to happen like what happened with this gymnastic coaches every again because they don't want to be the next $500 million payout. and the gun industry, they need to pay out. we ought to create a national victims compensation fund for all victims of gun violence that is funded by gun manufacturers on every weapon sold and every weapon manufactured. okay. and it could -- if they have to
1:46 pm
pay, they will change their behavior. you can count on it. >> fred guttenberg, thank you for joining us and wanted you to know we're thinking of jamie today and thinking of you. thank you so much for coming and talking to us. >> thank you for having me. >> our breaking news coverage continues next. stay with us. washing machine dying) appliance got you down? head to the sears memorial day event. up to 40 percent off appliances. 52% off this kenmore refrigerator. 50 percent off kenmore elite laundry pairs. find your new appliance at the sears memorial day event.
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welcome back to cnn live coverage after horrific school shooting in sante fe, texas. just about 30 miles south of houston. federal and local and state investigators are pouring through the background of the suspect who is now being held on
1:51 pm
capital murder charges in today's killing of nine students and one teacher in sante fe, texas and wounding of ten others, some of whom are still in the hospital. let's continue the conversation with the panel. and art, what you know of the shooter so far in terms of the information that we've been able to glean, is there anything that strikes you as interesting or alarming? >> well, when this first occurred, the first two things that struck me was the fire alarm and then we find out about the explosives. and those are past deadly techniques that were used in other school shooting cases. so i wouldn't be surprised if they find out from his computer that he's actually gone on and studied deadly techniques used in the past by past active shooters. >> would the trench coat potentially fit in that? those of us old enough to remember columbine would remember -- >> yes. columbine. we had trench coats and pipe
1:52 pm
bombs at columbine. the two -- it wouldn't surprise me if they find out he's gone ahead and studied techniques used in past school shootings. >> josh campbell, you know the harris county law enforcement officials in the area of houston and sante fe, texas. tell me about how you think they're working with federal law enforcement authorities, state law enforcement authorities and how they're going to decide who will prosecute this case. >> that is good question. and growing up less than an hour from sante fe, the law enforcement culture there is very strong and you have that fusion of state, federal and local law enforcement. i think now as we look at what we know as of yet is that it looks like it will be prosecuted on the state side and there is not a forward nexus, with respect to the ied and could be weapons of mass destruction and i imagine it would go state but you can bet the feds will be there assisting every step of the way. >> and dimitri, before we came back from break you told me that we, meaning law enforcement,
1:53 pm
your former chicago police officer, that you feel you're being out-maneuvered. what do you mean. >> we're being outmaneuvered by students and we have to be innovative and get everybody involved including the potential victims and the teenagers because they'll help us solve this. but we're being outmaneuvered and we don't need to, jake. so it is time for us to keep things moving forward. >> when you say outmaneuvered, obviously there is this horrific school shooting. >> we're arguing about bureaucracy and policy, the folks that want to do bad, do harm to our citizens and our community and school children, they are planning and innovating and coming up with solutions to overcome what we've put in place. training, active shooter stuff as we've talked about already. we have to start to be more innovative, think further outside of the box, and that is what will save lives. >> and art, i want to ask you, the explosive devices, you used to work at the bureau -- i'm sorry, you were u.s. marshal but
1:54 pm
worked with the bureau of alcohol and tobacco and firearms in that capacity sometimes, how sophisticated are these explosives that we're talk -- talking about. >> you could get the information off the internet and make them in your garage, as we found in a trailner this case. but again he's do done some studying because we know about pressure cookers because of the marathon and they are very deadly. talking about a lot of shrapnel. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. upsetting numbers about this year-end school shooting. stay with us. month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage.
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breaking news on the school shooting. i'll discuss it this sunday morning on "state of the union" and guests mark warner democrat of virginia. and before we go we want to remind you that today's massacre in texas is the latest in an all too familiar reality in this country, by our count there have been nine deadly shooting on campuses just this year and innocent children and many students killed at grade school and high school and colleges. january 20th at wake forest, one dead. january 23rd, marshall county in kentucky. two dead. january 31st, lincoln high school in philadelphia. one dead. february 14th, marjory stoneman douglas in parkland, 17 dead. february 24th, savannah state university, one dead. march 2nd, two dead. and march 7th, huffman high school in alabama, one dead. march 20th, grate mills high
2:00 pm
school in maryland, one dead. and today sante fe high school in texas, at least ten dead. the latest horrifying incident where we heardelier today from this survivor. >> was there a part of you that was like, this isn't real? this would not happen in my school. >> no. there wasn't. >> why so? >> it's been happening everywhere. i felt like eventually it would happen here too. >> it has been happening everywhere. i all felt eventually it would happen here. that is a statement that would not have been made when i was a kid. ask yourself, are we failing our children? happening now, breaking news. deadly texas shooting. ten people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside of a texas high school. the teenage suspect a student is in custody. but did he act alone? search for explosives, the police say the gunman left behind a variety of