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tv   Royal Wedding Countdown  CNN  May 18, 2018 9:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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most famous family and change the monarchy forever. ah, here we go, the pomp and the pageantry, the flags and the fascinators, the royals and the romance. the sun is rising on what is truly an historic day, not on here in windsor, england. but around the world everyone is watching. good morning. no matter where you are, i'm don lemon. >> and i'm clarissa ward just outside windsor castle. it is a brisk but beautiful
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morning. crowds are gathering, final preparations under way and the countdown to the royal wedding after six long months is nearly over. in just hours prince harry and meghan markle will tie the knot right behind me and begin a brand new chapter in royal history. the bride to be waking up in a nearby hotel after introducing her mother to her new royal in-laws and rewriting tradition by deciding to walk herself down most of the aisle. >> waking up, clarissa, as if she went to bed. i'm sure she couldn't sleep. let's talk about the prince, though. there he is spending his last day as a single man, greeting the well wishers, camping out at a separate hotel with his brother and the best man. th big questions this ing we're going to try to answer for you. what will the bride wear? who will she be wearing? what titles will the new royal couple be given and how will
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they honor the late princess diana? our team of reporters, analysts and correspondents are spanned out across windsor. plus we're going to be skround -- joined by a personal friend of meghan markle, a guest at the ceremony and a designer of meghan's wedding dress herself. so what do you think we can expect? >> don, understandably this lavish affair has a lot of moving parts. so let's just take the viewers through what we're going to see happen in the next few hours. starting at 4:30 a.m. eastern time, guests will begin arriving starting out with members of the public who are invited, then various guests will be inside the chapel, followed by the royal family. then at about 6:50 eastern time, meghan markle will enter the
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castle, driving through that road just behind me in a car with her mother. before she even goes into the chapel, she's going to have to navigate 20 steps. it will be interesting to see whether she's wearing high heels or not. of course there's been endless speculation about who would walk meghan markle down the aisle. her father will not be attending because of health issues. we now know she will do most of the walk by herself, sending a message that she a strong, independent message. once she reaches the quire, prince harry will come to meet her, her groom. and even if her father, thomas, was going to walk her down, she always intended to walk the
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first part alone. this makes her the first royal to walk down the aisle on her own. once she reaches prince harry, the ceremony will begin. >> you no this is a big deal, clarissa, when we have moving graphics? we saw the graphic actually move down the aisle where meghan and prince charles are going to be going. i have to say you look gorgeous. you look fabulous, you're wearing a beautiful broach, you're in i believe it is royal blue. the big question is who are you wearing? >> well, don, i am wearing not one of the super designers that meghan will likely be wearing. i'm wearing a smaller designer called windsor. i did think it was appropriate to be wearing windsor on the day the house of windsor will be
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celebrating such an historical moment. who are you wearing, don? you're looking very dapper. >> thank you. i'm wearing brooks brother. you're not wearing a fascinator, but i'm wearing a fascinator. these are my velvet loafers they lent to me. my fascinators are on my feet. i look forward to it, we're going to be here for a couple of hours. you and i will be guiding viewers all over worhe through this. hang on, want to bring somebody else in. all right, clarissa? >> great. >> the wedding ceremony will be filled with extraordinary, sometimes emotional moments, including the dress, the vows and even the fancy hats. max foster is here with what we should be looking at during the ceremony. >> look at this. it's a long walk. this t used to be a hunting
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forest. people are flooding in with their fascinators. clarissa is in the castle not wearing a fascinatofascinator. p proseco is the drink and they'll be drunk by the wedding. i've just come from up in town, it's absolutely jam packed. people sleeping in the streets. >> it's cold here. people started to arrive about 30 minutes, an hour ago? >> three days ago. this will be a really amazing scene later on. in britain, we're not very good at expressing ourselves. we're not very patriotic. it's really only royal occasions where we really come out and we're proud of ourselves. >> how far down is that castle, windsor castle? >> that's about i think two miles. >> that's two miles? >> maybe a mile. i don't know. >> maybe you're right. the whole of the long walk.
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>> she's going to pay tribute to princess diana through flowers and the music. do you think there are going to be any tearful members? >> i do. jay fellows is diana's sister. she' the matriar family. she's going to do a reading today. the last time we heard her voi was at diana's funeral. she's become very close with harry over the years. there's lots of diana connections throughout. i think harry actually is diana. his character is diana. he's much more diana than he is charles. he's more diana than william. i spoke to someone last night, he's with meghan. obviously these problems with her father over the week were
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pretty traumatic. it was described this has been building up since he been outed. huge amounts of pressure. >> we in america cut him a little bit of slack because he's not used to that attention, right? imagine your daughter is going to become a princess and the whole world is watching. that's a lot of pressure and he can't be here. he's not used to the spotlight. there's no family that's perfect, even the royal family is not perfect. >> that's what connects her with more people. this story as helped. just like her diversity story, just like the divorce story. she's much more relatable than kate or diana. and this setting is fantastic. >> and as the sun comes up, we'll see the grandeur even more. >> you play in for 24 hours for the event of the decade.
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>> i'm exhausted. lots of red bull and caffeine. >> let's go back to clarissa. are you starting to see the crowds? >> we're right next to the castle. but just outside here people have been gathering for days, don. it's incredible. harry and meghan have invited more than 2,500 members of the public to gather on the lawn outside the chapel. they're inviting them to share in their special day. 1,200 of them have been chosen from every corner of the united kingdom. again, breaking with tradition a bit, making it a little bit modern, putting their own personal touch on what will fundamentally being a very traditional affair. i want to bring in now cnn's kate bennett w has a great vant. she can actually see those owds. kate, it looks like you have got some real super fans around you. some of these people presumably have been waiting for this day for days and days.
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what are you seeing, what are you hearing? what's the vibe on the street like? >> considering how early it is, the vibe is pretty great. i'm here on eaton bridge, which connects eaton and windsor. a lot of the invited guests, the ones who are part of the charity, not in the chapel but have been lucky enough to be chosen will come this way. they're going to park and come in just over this bridge. so we'll get a lot of attention at some point. it's so bucolic, it's like they're swans and the sun's coming up. it's very beautiful. but these ladies care more about getting a good watching spot than they do about being on cnn so i want to get them to their spot. where are you ladies from? >> we're from the midlands. >> so birmingham is how far for us americans? >> two hours' drive. >> and what are you looking forward to see the the most here today? >> the dress. >> and the little children. charlotte. >> how long have you been
9:11 pm
anticipating this day? i mean, the outfits are obviously coordinated but how long has this been in the planning? >> sense tince the engagement w announced. but it bn crazy. >> how do you flbout the american princess, meghan? >> she's gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. >> and you feel like she's resonating here in england? people are loving the fairy tale? >> she just blends in so well. >> they just look so in love when you see the interviews. >> all right. >> diana would be proud of her children. >> that's lovely. thanks, ladies, so much. that last sentiment that lady di would be happy for her son today is just so lovely and people certainly here in england have princess diana on their minds and in their hearts clearly.
9:12 pm
i walked here this morning and there were people who had slept overnight along the barricades right in the middle of windsor. certainly no one was cranky this morning at 4 a.m. there were lines already for coffee. it's going to be big day. back to you guys. >> kate, it just incredible. i was walking through windsor last night and i also saw just huge crowds of people. i mean, it was almost like a mosh pit. so many people all over the world coming out, wanting to participate, wanting to be a part of this incredibly exciting event. and now, don, i know you're going to give us some more details on the real question, which is the dress, who will she be wearing, what will she look like? what are w learning?
9:13 pm
>> when you ask the crowd what do you want to see most, everybody says the dress. let's bring in elizabeth. she designed the wedding dress worn by princess diana in 1981. 37 years ago. can you believe it's been 37 years? >> it's incredible. it's gone so quickly. >> so it's the big moment for the bride. is this the most -- she probably pays more attention to this than any other detail in the wedding, right? >> everybody's looking forward to seeing this dress. there's so much speculation. that's the fun of it anyway. everybody's got an idea of what it's going to look like. >> is it fun or exhausting for the bride? >> i would imagine she's quite nervous. i was thinking today, did she get a good night's sleep? >> no, she did not. >> was she worried about it? >> i said at the beginning of the show when clarissa said she's waking up now. i said she's not waking up. would you be able to sleep if
9:14 pm
you were going to become a princess the next morning? >> no. when we were making diana's dress, we didn't sleep at all. >> it's so much stress, do they usually lose weight before the wedding because they're all stressed out and you have to continue to pull the dress in and tailor it? >> that's right. because brides usually lose weight. so you expect that. you have to continually check, pull it in, get the fit right and everything and then cut it out in the fabric. >> so then do you have any idea? can you give away any state secrets? do you know who the doo siesign going to be? >> so many ideas. people say ralph & russo, could be christopher bailey. could be anybody. maybe it's somebody that nobody knows. >> when you designed diana's, would you say it was a bit more traditional? >> i think it was very
9:15 pm
different. it was very dramatic and theatrical. but that was the 80s really, wasn't it? >> the reason i'm saying that is because it seems like it was a bigger dress, it was the style in the 80s. you had remember the poof dress and whatever. so now she seems to be a modern woman. do you think she's going to be sleeker and more pulled to the body? >> she's got a wonderful style. it is very elegant, very streamlined. i wouldn't imagine there's going to be a lot of fuss on that dress ash lot of frills. i this it's going to look very elegant and very classic, but with a bit of an edge. >> do you think there's going to be a nod to diana there? >> i hope so. i think it would be lovely. they've got different styles. maybe it's something very slim but with big puffy sleeves? could be. >> it's not the traditional wedding. she's walking herself halfway down the aisle but then prince
9:16 pm
charles is going to walk her down but not give her away. she decided to go a different way with the cake and all of that. any chance it going to veer that much away from the, you know, the style of the royal wedding, traditional style? >> you know, for the last few years all the wedding dresses are been very classic and traditional, you know. but i think this time wouldn't it be great to have a very sort of fashionable element in there? i think it should be short. >> you do? >> because hasn't she got great legs. it would be fantastic. you know, that's what i'm thinking or maybe a different color. >> if you have any advice for the designer and for her, i'm sure you learned something when you saw diana, maybe i should have done this, what's your advice? >> enjoy the moment. it will all be all right during the day. >> it such a pleasure to meet
9:17 pm
you. >> thank you so much. you're so stylish and gorgeous. i love the hair. >> thank you. >> elizabeth manuel, thank you. >> there's windsor castle. it's time to chill your champagne, get your bow tige ready. we're going to look at the british head gear giving the wedding contemporary style.
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so let's talk fascinators. we're talking hats, like really creative hats. they're towering, sometimes gravity-defying hat, like at prince william and duchess catherine's wedding. we're here to get some fascinating insight on fascinators. isn't it a beautiful day? >> the dawn is breaking. crowds are gathering. >> it's so beautiful.
9:22 pm
we're really enjoying it. so you have a fascinator. ? . >> i do. >> my daughter was married to a british officer. she had adult bridesmaids, which is typical of british womedding. british women love to coordinate their hats. this is called actually a hair accessory technically. it comes on all sizes. it comes on a headband and a comb. so what you do is you put the headband on with -- there we go. and you have to -- there we go. and one minute. it has to come down a little bit
9:23 pm
forward. there we go. and there you go. give it a little jaunty. and it's really interesting the way you have it made, whi i you go in and you talk to the milner and she puts you in front of a mirror and you look at all different kinds of shapes and sizes and looks at your shoulders and figures out what the proportions will be. you always have to figure out things like how the light will hit your face for photographs, whether you can kiss people. and then you can have them with a brim or without a brim. a lot of them have feathers and -- >> so do you have to make sure that the wind, like a strong wind doesn't blow it off. that's why you have a thing. >> yeah. but they're obviously big structured hats. >> the more bombastic the better? the more outrageous the better? is that it? >> actually, for a wedding, no. this has little structural curls
9:24 pm
on top, but the thing that is fun about this is it's straw underneath. but it silk organza on top. >> what did you think the one that -- >> one of the cardinal rules at a wedding is you're not supposed to overshadow a bride, deflect attention from the bride and that's what she did, which was unfortunate. you're not supposed to wear big, big hats because then people can't see. but in her case, she was ill advised or she was young or she just said, okay, i'm going to do my own thing. of course it turned into an >> wt is that supposed to be,
9:25 pm
a bow? >> it's a phillip tracy hat. you would think he's such an experienced hat doo signer that he would have said why don't you just dial it back a little bit? >> how do you think kate felt about that? >> well, she's invited them both to the wedding today. not kate but harry has. so i think he's probably forgiven her. >> is there an equivalent for men? >> no. actually, men stiemometimes whe top hats. there was within guest at my daughter's wedding who wore a top hat. you know what did is when they wear morning dress, they wear westcott underneath and that can be fairly gaudy. >> i almost wore one but when brooks brothers dressed me, they said you're not actually going to the wedding. >> you're not going to the
9:26 pm
wedding -- >> but i'd like to wear one. >> you'd have to wear a morning coat and striped trousers. fully had one. i had one. but i'm not actually going to %-p. >> also, when people mack hats like this, they have to look at it from the front, from the back, from the side. you have to be able to kiss people. >> let see if we can hug. >> we can kiss, too. you have to do it twice. >> thank you so much. it was amazing. >> don't go anywhere. meghan markle is an american biracial actress. how her identity could impact the future of the royal family. we'll be right back from windsor.
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good morning -- or evening defending where you are. i'm don lemon. >> and i'm clarissa ward. it is a beautiful but chilly morning. prince harry and meghan markle will be wed in front of the british royalty and the rest of the world. >> that's right. the final preparations are being made for the royal wedding. >> the crowds already making their way to st. georges chapel already the couple will affirm their vows. >> the day before the ceremony, prince harry and his brother, prince william, greeted crowds in windsor. the gentlemen were out walking. they shook hands. they even took a few selfies. the brothers are going to spend the night before the wedding at coworth park. that's where the spent the
9:32 pm
night. >> and meghan markle escorted her mother at cliveden house. we just got news that a british poet laureate has written a poem for them. here we go. it should be private, the long walk on bereavement's hart stones and when people wave, thei hands should t be mobile phones nor their faces lenses, so you heart dressed in its uniform on and one blessed step and the long walk ended where love had always been aimed, her arrows of sweet flowers gifting the air among bells. yes, they all looked and sang your name. it's sort of beautiful, don't you think, don? >> you read that beautifully. but the one part in there where you said it shouldn't be cell phones, good luck with that,
9:33 pm
don't you think? everyone is going to want to take pictures and video and have memories of these moments. >> that is certainly very true. everybody certainly here in windsor is so excited. royal wedding fever is now truly taking hold. dawn just broke a short time ago but already well wishers from across the world descending on this beautiful, historic town. many camping out to try to get a good spot so that they can see prince harry and meghan markle. they're among the tens of thousands of fans who have poured into this town for the big event. many more are expected. our own anna stewart has been mingling with the crowds for a couple of days now. ann anna, give us a sense, what is the atmosphere like there? >> it's totally electric. it been building every single day and now we are at fever
9:34 pm
pitch. hundreds, possibly thousands camped last night. and it was like 40 degrees fahrenheit. it was not warm but they all want to get a good spot for the procession. i'm joined by some of these crazy people now all the way from texas. here we have jamie, debbie and amber. now, how cold was that? this girl had a really expensive hotel room, by the way? why didn't you use it? >> we had two hotel rooms. you doesn't get this atmosphere in a hotel room. you don't get a thousand roommates in a hotel room. >> and you, this is the most incredible fascinator so far. where did you get it? >> i got it off etsy. somebody told me the queens like swans b
9:35 pm
swans. >> i'm going to have to get details for that fascinator. i'll need one for the next wedding i'm invited too. they need to get back to their spot, otherwise it going to get stolen. and having camped all night, that would be terrible. >> i'm glad all of you for that segment got the memo about the fascinators, all of you looking beautiful. don? >> yes. yes! hey, look, you're out there and it beautiful on the green out there and i'm sure it's really chilly. you're a lot closer to the castle than i am, but i just want to take our viewers to this place. look how gorgeous that is. you see the sun coming up, you see the beautiful windsor castle there in the distance. that is the long walk. the procession will come. there's a street that's just below me, they'll make the turn there and then it will go down this road, down the long walk to windsor castle for the ceremony.
9:36 pm
people are starting to gather already. it 5:35 in the morning here. just look at that. look how beautiful. and it's chilly outside. this is a moment that people have been waiting for for quite some time now. especially the bride, especially the groom. and thousands will gather. millions will watch around the world. clarissa ward and i and anderson cooper, we're going to be here and we'll take you through the whole thing. so it's not cheap, as you know, to throw a wedding no matter who you are. can you imagine what it like throwing a royal wedding, hundreds of guests. u're gng to rack up the bills in no time. millions. we're going to break down how much money goes into a wedding of the year. that's next.
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♪ i probably don't need to tell you guys out there that weddings in general are really, really expensive affairs, as we look at windsor castle as we come back live here on cnn.
9:41 pm
add royalty to all of that, throw that in the mix. the price skyrockets. the afternoon reception hosted by the queen, windsor castle, 600 guests, it's $81,500. that's a lot of dough. >> that is a lot of money. don't forget, don, on top of that you have the evening reception that's being hosted by prince charles, total $68,000. >> okay. i'm lucky because i get the dress. i get to tell you how much the dress will cost. that's what everyone is looking at. that's what everyone wants to see. the designer is still a secret. no one knows. guess how much, clarissa. $340,000. i could buy many sports cars with that money. >> ou.
9:42 pm
at really is a huge pri tag. i'm sure it will be worth every penny, though. but the real icing on the cake here in terms of costs are don, is of course security. we're hearing reportedly about $8 million -- that's right, $8 million. that's primarily of course to cover the officers', policemen's overtime pay. that will be paid by the british taxpayer. ouch, that's got to hurt. they're saying most of that money will be made up for with tourism, all the memorabilia. certainly this wedding is generating a huge amount of excitement, don. >> and you're right, especially because it's an american and there are lots of people coming over from america. there are lots of tourists. as i went through customs earlier, people who visit the u.k. all the time, they said i've never seen this many people here. the lines were just staggering. it was unbelievable. but look at the people. this is out right in windsor.
9:43 pm
i'm looking at the crowds here. these are people that are lined up and they have been out -- when i got here yesterday they were out already. some of them camped out overnight. i understand from max foster, claris clarissa, that some of them have been here for days. if we can take it back to the long walk, i'm just an american -- do we know what kind of trees these are behind me in the long walk? it certainly just a beautiful, picturesque sight here. >> what are you seeing? >> it's that early morning light, it's soft, it's pink. the ground is covered in this dew. it's vy chilly at the momt buts supposed to be a spectacularly beautiful day. there is not a cloud in the sky. i grew up here in the u.k. and i can tell you that's not a usual
9:44 pm
appearance. most people dread having weddings here in may because of the threat of rain. not today. and so many people from all over the world flooding in to this small, beautiful, historic town, all of them wanting to play some small part in this electrifying and exciting wedding, don. >> yeah. in the cost we didn't add the buttification costs to the city. that's takes money. and coming up, the special role that the british military is going to play in this royal wedding. we're going to talk about that and lots of other things to celebrate here. they celebrate one of their own, the bond between prince harry and the military. we're live from windsor. oh, there he is!
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all right. this is how things are going to go down. princess diana, meghan markle
9:49 pm
are going to start with a two-mile or 2.3 kilometer procession. they'll start in a carriage with a military procession. and they'll make their way down castle hill, then through high street, greeting fans and well wishers all the way. then they'll move back up the long walk before reaching st. george's hall for the reception. so there you go. and on that long walk, there are going to be some beautiful trees that i have since found out what kind they are. max foster joins me to talk about that. you know everything. you've done your homework on the google machine. tell us about the beautiful walk and the beautiful trees here. >> so this used to be norman hunting forest back in the day. 1680 charles ii created this long walk. it's really quite spectacular. these are oaks and horse
9:50 pm
chestnuts we've just discovered. >> because they're beautiful now. they're blooming now, right? >> yes. the castle, as can you see, is quite a big structure. there's a private area, which actually can you see from this end. there's a courtyard and she still rides at age 92. this is really important to her. >> i see folks down with flowers. do they hand -- >> i don't know what you would normally do on a walk about is bring flowers approximate hand them to the royal. tricky in a carriage. if you throw them you might get in trouble. this is where the procession route will go back into the castle. it's quite nice. >> look at the sunrise over the castle. look here. on the screen you can see it. this is means -- the morning is fs officially under way. >> this is a big day. obviously for the couple.
9:51 pm
they want it to be a private ceremony. it's an odd one. it's not a state occasion much they only invited people they personally know. you won't have the prime minister. donald trump wasn't invited. interesting about barack obama. who harry and barack have been close. and michelle. on various projects. and the only people the palace announced weren't coming were the obama's. and my feeling is that they did invoit them. they were concerned it might cause tension with the trump camp. and the obama's said they declined the invitation. to save the foreign office and the government embarrassment. >> i'm enjoying over the next few hours i don't have to say the word. i have to say it so much. >> interesting this wedding is a reaction or escape from american politics. >> absolutely. we're bombarded.
9:52 pm
it's a distraction. i can't believe i'm getting texts and tweets from people saying i'm watching making coffee and having champagne in the u.s. it's in the middle of the night. >> why are americans interested? >> it's a fir air are tale. quickly. harry is in the army. they'll lead the procession. >> he's got lots of -- >> near and dear to his heart. >> what he says is i spent time with had imin afghanistan. he served on the front line. it was important to him. he had to get pulled back it got leaked. he can be normal. treated like a normal guy is in the military. it's massively important to him. he has multiple uniforms he can wear today. >> we'll talk about that. thank you max foster. >> oaks. >> a marriage, bridging cultural divides. a prince and american by racial
9:53 pm
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9:57 pm
we are back now live. live coverage of the royal wedding. look at windsor castle the sun coming up in the background. glaring. we'r getting closer kp closer to the roy wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. this has the potential to redefine the monarchy. let's discuss it now. she's a features director. thank you so much for joining us. she's going to shake up the royal -- thank you. >> no worries. >> she's shaking up the royal family. >> i this think so. from the engagement interview. she was relaxed and informal. i expect that will continue. the story being around the last weekend about meghan hugging a security guard at the palace. saying i hug i'm american.
9:58 pm
i expect that will continue. >> let's talk about what about the role race is going to play how that will change the monarchy. >> i think that's endlessly discussed. the front page of the times has a picture of meghan and her mother. welcome to the family. it's amazing it's a touching picture. symbolic of how far really the royal family has changed. i was reading yesterday it reminded me, charles is diana met 13 times be ever they married. meghan's breaks tradition in a lot of ways. it marks the difference between a generation. >> what we in the u.s. are waiting to see. a royal baby. of color. >> yes. >> and how that will affect the family. >> with ginger hair. >> the cutest thing you have ever seen. >> woer all very excited. >> biracial babies are gorgeous.
9:59 pm
>> we'll see. hopefully cousin will come along soon. fingers crossed. >> that really is going to have an impact on the family. think about that. >> i think so. i think harry and meghan are they have been clear about wanting to do things their own way. and not be stuffy. they have been relaxed with fans and they'll break tradition in a lot of ways. >> will this push brits along? when it comes to race relations. >> i hope so. it will help attitudes change dramatically. yeah. i think it can only do that. it's great thing. >> it's been talked about endlessly. >> discussed a lot. >> is it slowing down? >> it's still going. newspapers and harry issued that statement. the relationship. to condemn the trolling and what he called the racial under tones
10:00 pm
of pieces in the newspaper. it's probably been a difficult ride. but it's a great wonderful thing. >> a very strong statement from him. >> very moving statement. >> thank you. we appreciate that. >> thank you. >> so cnn coverage of the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. continues right now. good morning to everyone all over the world. the world is watching. i'm don lemon. >> i am cla ris sa ward inside the windsor castle. st. georges chapel. crowds are gathering final preparation. under way.
10:01 pm
the count down to the royal wedding is very nearly over. >> that's right. and just a few hours. a thoroughly modern bride will walk down the aisle. alone for the part of it. for part of it. breathing new life entointo a century old set of customs and traditions. every detail has been choreographed. and the world will see it play out in front of millions. >> that's right. the union of course will be a bridge between two cultures. hollywood actress born and bred in california. and a prince six in line to the crown. born and bred under intense public scrutiny. the bride and groom will use a modern set of wedding vows breaking from generation of tradition. even the wedding music will break new ground. in addition to the classic music
10:02 pm
and hymns. the a choir will sing standby me. and the newlyweds will leave the chapel to this little light of mine. a gospel song. that is known for the u.s. civil rights movement. >> so let's talk about the public portion of the ceremony. will last just a half hour. after that the newlyweds day is really far from over. they have more to go. after the nuptials in windsor. the couple will attend two receptions. one with their 600 wedding guests. in a private one with 200 of the closest friends. so meghan markle spent friday escorting her mother to the house where they're staying. that's just before the wedding. there they are. walking there. >> that's right. meanwhile prince harry spent his last hours meeting crowds in windsor with his older brother
10:03 pm
prince william. they spent about ten minutes talking to well wishers and shaking hands. taking pictures. this really was an electrifying moment. people were packing the streets to get a glimpse of the two princes. cnn is covering this monumental day. in a way that only we can. weave our team of reporters and analysts, correspondents. fanned out across windsor. >> so, people here are waking up. around the world. in the u.s. they haven't gone to bed. maybe even the bride and groom didn't go to bed because they are so excited about it. i wouldn't be able to sleep. they won't be at windsor castle for a few hours jst yet. but. wedding day frenzy already in full force. >> planners are putting the final touches on everything. can you imagine scurrying around behind the scenes? everything has to be perfect. a royal correspondent max foster
10:04 pm
joins us now. max, last minute details but lots of star power. the wattage is huge. a listers who are they going to be? >> the people we expect are the people they're friends with. everyone opt list has to be a personal connection. clooneys. elton john probably. beckhams. suits cast. >> oh wow. >> it will be interesting. because on meghan's side you have the glamorous, very good looking. americans. >> of course sfwl. >> on harry's side you see rosy cheeks. well fed. you'll have quite an image there. it's really a big sort of symbolic moment. when you see the guests. what we have here is true modernization. of the monarchy. it's not just that meghan is american. it's a background it's so many
10:05 pm
different things about her. people can identify with her. and monarchy needs modernizing. it is become accessible because of her. >> we love it in the u.s. we're looking forward to this. we're invading the royal family. is there resentment? >> not at all. they are thrilled. the queen, what she's done over her reign is extraordinary. she's invited the media in. she invented the walk about. she wants to be relatable. when he said margaret you can't marry the man you love. she felt the public wasn't ready. the public is ready now to accept someone like meghan. >> oneuestion. they're young. is i youth. people can relate to them. the royal family is now modern and relatable. because of harry and meghan but william and kate. >> i think meghan does take it
10:06 pm
to a new level. people identify with her. they can't with kate. or necessarily with diana. it's more of a fairy tale. >> absolutely. it is the ultimate far ri tale. what girl doesn't want to grow up being a princess? i want to be a prince. or king. >> everyone wanted to be a princess. it's funny, meghan markle was born just a few days after the fairy tale wedding between prince charles and princess diana. fairy tales abound. the celebrities will be walking in the entrance to st. georges chapel. behind me. i'll have a front row seat on this. it is really exciting day. and of course after the service, prince harry and meghan markle will start the married lives with a two mile, roughly 3.2
10:07 pm
kilometer carriage procession around the town of windsor. they will leave in a carriage. it should be an open carriage. it will be a beautiful day. there will be a military procession. and make their way down castle hill through the high street. greeting the scores of fans and well wishers. all along the way. and move back up the long walk. before reaching st. georges hall for the reception. we're joined by jason carol. on the long walk. where the parade will pass by. jason, what are you seeing and how are the energy levels? >> yep. the long walk. it's about one mile long. that's how long the carriage will come down and end right up there at windsor castle. and look at all the lovely people who have come out. braving the cold weather. hi, ladies. these all of these ladies met on
10:08 pm
the train this morning. you came from texas, you're from the lake district. >> i did. i heard them saying their going to the wedding. and i was like i crept up to them i said can i join you? they're like yes! we came together. >> what are you hoping to see? meghan and her new prince. what so surprising to me is how close you are. right here. i don't know if you can make it out on camera. anyone who comes out here you'll be about 20 feet or so. >> ten feet. >> yeah. >> we're excited. >> obviously best new friends. >> yeah. >> tell me why? coming out here today could have watched at home. >> the atmosphere. >> we wouldn't meet these people. you wouldn't see this. yeah. >> once in a lifetime.
10:09 pm
>> especially for me. >> you see more on the television but you don't get the feeling. >> that in person experience. we want to give a shout out and props to canada. the canadian ladies. thank you. who don't have fascinators. this is just as good. this is what you're really experiencing. a lot of folks coming out wanting to get the firsthand experience of seeing meghan and prince harry. come through here ending at the fairy tale sort of like scene there. at windsor ctle. we'll be front row for it. when it happens. >> that's right. i'm sure the crowds will be arriving by the hour. just a few hours left now before we reach the momentous moment. how is everyone feeling where you are? i'm sure the excitement is rippling through the air. >> i just can't get over how dashing jason carol is. and how beautiful you look.
10:10 pm
my colleagues look amazing. we should dress like this all the time. and read the news and in tuxes and gowns. it's three hours before the guests are expected to arrive. they invited 2,500 members of the public to gather on the lawn outside the chapel. 1,200 of them have been chosen from every corner of the uk. i want to bring in kate ben net who is watching for any arrivals from a great vantage point. first of all tell us exactly where you are. and what you'll be able to see. >> no kate? kate can you hear me? no kate. so we'll move on. you're looking at live pictures. take a look. folks again beginning to gather. we expect hundreds. thousands more people to gather
10:11 pm
now. and i'm here in front of the long walk. watching people gather. they're so excited to be here. there's high street. in the distance there is the castle. meghan markle is bringing her own brand of glamour to britain. one of the biggest questions is who is the mystery designer that made her dress? we will know soon. we'll talk about it. we'll try to figure out who it is when we come back from break. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
10:12 pm
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10:15 pm
so i hope you're watching around the world. this is spectacular. this is the big day for meghan markle and prince harry. it was a big day for a lot of folks. we can relax. it's a wedding. we can smile and have fun. we look at the fashion. we can wish them the best. they're joining this is a union that everyone is excited about. this is america and britain. coming together. and the big question in all of this as we look at the live pictures of st. georges chapel and the folks down on the street
10:16 pm
and windsor castle there as well, the big question of the day, those are beautiful. we have seen those. we want to know who is meghan markle wearing down the aisle? what dress. what will it look like, what designer. for the answers to this, sally smith. she's the author of seven biographies. many on the members of the royal family. including who? >> diana princess of whales. elizabeth the second and prince charles. it makes me an official royal biography. a british biographer. i have arrived. >> we'll talk about the dress. let's put that to the side. we want predictions. what about the joewelry? >> it's clear she'll wear a tiara. probably not the halo.
10:17 pm
which is what kate wore. i'm thinking maybe she'll wear what diana wore. >> that was a family from the family vault. that would be a nice gesture. that would incorporate diana into the ceremony. pure guess. but a tiara would be in order. >> we have predictions. let's bring in clarissa ward. my colleague who is dressed quite lovely today. beautifully today. do you have predictions? what do you think? >> well, i don't know. a lot of people are saying stel mccartny. she is definitely a favorite. traditionally doesn't really do a will the of bride wear design. but non-the less an extremely well known well respected very hot, very popular with
10:18 pm
celebrities. other people said it could be russo. a british designer. again she wore those for the beautiful engagement photographs that wonderful dress reportedly cost $70,000. whatever designer she wears it will be beautiful it will be classical. and under stated than princess diana. designed by elizabeth. that dress hasn't stood the test of time. so to speak. because it was considered to be very 1980s in its stoyle. at the time it was a huge boom for elizabeth and her husband the codesigner. and whoever meghan wears today you can be sure that designer is going to be selling like hot cakes. because she is really a style a
10:19 pm
taste maker. huge influence. >> yeah. i really like diana's dress. the 80s are back. the poof dress is back. she looked beautiful. it was iconic. stel mccartny or russo. >> i'm putting my bet on russo. there were photographs of him coming out of his place. and she wore the dress for her engagement photographs. and i know he's just a very -- australian and very popular. >> what about harry? >> what i want to say is we're not going to see what is often the fashion in the states. i don't know about here. but the strapless dress. is probably not something we'll see. a couple of weeks ago she went to service in west minister abbey and wore a sleeveless
10:20 pm
dress. somebody who i know who is close to the queen said that was not. she has to wear sleeves. i don't know if she'll be quite as demure. maybe we'll see some kind of cover. she'll be covered i think. >> let me just say, that we in the u.s. would love to have that sort of controversy. remember mrs. obama wore sleeveless and every criticized her. that's the least of the concern. >> great arms. so does meghan. >> what about -- >> harry? what's he wearing. >> the dress code here is morning coach. and a vest and striped trousers. i don't think he'll wear that. i think he'll wear a uniform. he was for ten years an officer in one of the household cal
10:21 pm
value ri. it's not banned. but by tradition very discouraged if you are for you to wear at your wedding the uniform of your regimen. so for harry, he is now as of december he became a captain general. the captain general of the royal marines. which he took over from his father. his grandfather. from prince phillip who retired. for 63 years. it's a very handsome uniform. he actually will wear the maximum dress maximum is a field marshall. so that is a black uniform. and he'll probably have beautiful gold he'll have a beautiful gold belt. and probably a sash. >> so, we should be -- >> we should look for a beautiful black royal marines captain general uniform. >> we should be just as excited
10:22 pm
about what he's goi to ar. i think so. he could wearorning dress. which is what the guests will wear. >> we'll see. we'll know. we'll know. it will be great. >> that's what i hope for. it will look smashing. >> we have to talk about -- thank you very much. we have to talk about the brothers. >> brothers through thick and thin. losing their mother and growing up in the spotlight. harry and william remained close through the years. we'll discuss the special bond. as harry embarks on a new chapter of his life. not long from now. stay with us, everyone. it's all about the double ii's with xiidra...
10:23 pm
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10:27 pm
rg out now. along the procession route. this is a long walk you're looking at. people have been gathering since early this morning. there is windsor castle. beautiful site. this is the magic hour in the morning. welcome back, everyone. i'm don lemon. >> i am clarissa ward. right behind me st. jargeorges chapel. the british royal family will have brand new member. when prince harry weds meghan markle in a spectacular wedding. seen around the world. so much excitement generated around this wedding. prince harry and meghan markle wedding will be steeped in but not bound by tradition. this is likely to be modern in many ways. almost every detail has been poured over. and considered in light of royal precedent. >> pored over and pored over. the million times.
10:28 pm
however we're talking about an american bride. so it's going to be a personal touch that represents hr style. the music and the dress. some of the ways she's making her american mark on a british ceremony. >> of course everybody here will also be looking at prince william. harry's brother his best man. as far as brothers go the two princes really are quite close. the two of them endured the unbearable loss of their mother. at a young age. they have grown up in a strange lifestyle. very much under the mike scope the glare of the media. never far from them. it's a world really that very few people can understand. it's no surprise given that that harry did choose prince william to be his best man. and let's take a moment to discuss that bond. a little more closely. we're joined by royal watcher hilary ford. with us from washington d.c.
10:29 pm
and thank you so much for being with us. give us a sense. do you think that losing their mother at such a young age brought these two men closer together? >> thank you for having me. absolutely. they had a strange world and a strange life. they had a brutal start obviously. with the loss of their mother. they had a happy childhood. a foundation of happiness they had a brutal experience. we can look directly to a picture says a thousand words. look at all the photographs of them together. they have the very special bond and they glisten when their in each others company. it's very telling to hear what prince william said when he was asked his reaction to the engagement he was in finland and said he wished them well and it was a proper response. and added i hope he stops scrounging out of my fridge. the fact he would make a comment like that. add some comic level. it proves their are close and it's natural. he said that revenge sweet.
10:30 pm
he's looking forward to giving some remarks tonight. of course you remember it was prince harry who gave him grief talking about his bald spot at the first wedding that he had to kate. the bond between them and natural. there's a lot of comic relief. and they need each other. they love each other and it's very real. >> you do sense that. there's an intimacy. the naturalness and the humor. i want to ask you about the four of them have become something of a unit here in the uk. the fab four. talking about william and his wife kate. and of course harry and meghan. is this the face of a modern monarchy now is it not? >> it is. and of course the fab four relating back to the beatles. and yes, what's really important i think to notice is the both the ladies you think about kate and meghan. they have come into this mature.
10:31 pm
there's a lot of comments relating back to when sarah ferguson and diana were together. they were young and giddy. these two ladies are mature in terms of their attitudes and terms of what they want. they are established in their own rights. meghan brings a new wave. if you look at the history of the royal family that's lasted over 1,000 years. not a lot of countries have done that. and the european royals. this family is embracing meghan markle. why? she's going to help the be part of a fab four will will take the royals into the next obviously century. also the new generation. and i think that's very important. i think the royal family has learned lessons in the past and welcomes the breath of fresh air and what meghan starts for. the new world. >> absolutely.
10:32 pm
that is why so many people have come to see this incredible event. there's so much excitement. thank you so much for joining us. coming up it is a joyful day for meghan markle. it's also capping off a week of family drama. that has probably given her no end of stress and disstress. we'll look at some of the brides more difficult times and this complicated family life. that's when we come back.
10:33 pm
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and we are back. look at that. isn't that beautiful? windsor ctle. it's just gorgeous. i can't stop looking at it. 6:35 a.m. that's st. georges chapel. it is just beautiful. that's the chapel. of course the castle there it is. ask and you shall receive. let's talk about the family tree here. meghan is joining a royal family. take a deeper dive on the windsor family. a royal correspondent max foster expert on all things royal. and windsor. so let's talk about the family. starting at the top. >> this castle was started built initially by william the conquerer a thousand years ago. and harry is a direct descendant. this is the world meghan is moving into. very traditional for a very long period of time. the tradition was that royals
10:38 pm
would marry other royals. unite the royal houses around europe and create alliances with spain. even the queen continued that tradition. marrying another royal. prince phillip is a greek and danish prince. >> speaking of. put them up. we have prince phillip and the queen. >> so at the top you have blue blood. marrying blue blood. there's been a rapid considering this 1,000 years of history. there's a rapid modernization. you have prince charles marrying diana spencer. who wasn't blue blood. camilla parker bowls. you have that level there. go down to william. william married kate middleton. who was a commoner. middle class girl from the country side. and then prince harry is taking to another level.
10:39 pm
meghan markle. going to america and actress. traditionally shoes traditionally she's a career woman. 36 years old. the true modernization of the monarchy. >> she's older than the prince. divorced. there's been a lot in the press about her family. and listen my family is dysfunctional. i'm sure yours is. they're not in the spotlight like meghan's family has been. just thrust into the spotlight. i wonder if that, aome we're fascinated byt. it makes her more real. >> i agree. she has one member of the family there today. her mother. obviously the half brother and half sister. she doesn't get along with. they're selling the story. which is blasphemy in the royal family. and concern about her father. he's been under intense pressure from photographers and journalists.
10:40 pm
she's worried about him. physically and emotionally. and so they're desperate for the media to give him a break. she has a relationship. she wants him here. it's not good for his health. >> you have to have sympathy. i have to say, though. the sister. shut up. it's not your moment. >> stop asking for money. shut up and go away. let your sister have her moment. this is not about you. and even the brother as well. get out of the spotlight. >> she had tea with the queen. yesterday. she met with charles and william the day before. harry and meghan are helping her through the process. she's been utterly embraced. the family is thrilled to have her involved. >> you see where she gets her beauty. she's a beautiful woman. you know who else? >> clarissa. i have to agree. >> i have things run through the back of my head. >> stunning.
10:41 pm
>> this is someone who just had a baby. >> look at that. >> thank you. thank you. yes, two and a half months ago. i wasn't going to miss this event for anything. it really is such a special day. you can see behind me. the sun coming up. it is going to be a beautiful day. beautiful weather. it's been light now here in windsor for an hour and a half. more and more well wishers are congregate ng the streets. here to celebrate the royal wedding. all of them hoping they might be the ones to catch a glimpse of prince hrynd meghan markle. me of them have been camped out along t procession route for days. we're joined again by anna stewart. on windsor high street. talking to different people on the stroet. getting a feel for what the crowds are talking about. what are you learning, who are you seeing? what's the feeling on the street?
10:42 pm
>> since i last spoke to you, thousands more people have been flooding in to windsor. i'm actually stood right now in a sea of people. actually, there is a tucked away here one person who has been fast asleep. i may have just woken them up. we are joined by many people that traveled a long way to get here. this morning we have north of england. they have come here. you were at the last royal wedding. >> i was yes. it was fantastic. my brother lives in new york. it was wonderful. harry is my favorite. >> what about meghan? >> i love meghan. lovely girl. he made a good choice. >> we like she's american? >> we love she's american. yes. >> he's a fellow american in new york. >> someone from atlanta. give us a wave.
10:43 pm
really everyone is traveled from far and wide. and we're very much feeling royal wedding ready. >> woo! >> thank you so much. it sound like an infectious crowd. i'm jealous of the guy who found a place to sleep. maybe i can nap later. there is certainly a new flavor in town. we don't just mean harry and meghan non-traditional wedding cake. we speak to a chef who knew the prince as a little boy. and find out what she thinks of the hottest couple in the world. right now. we'll have that is so much more. when we come back.
10:44 pm
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it's getting close. look at the castle.
10:48 pm
you can barely see it there's so much sun. it is a beautiful day here. it's a little chilly for an american. this is supposed ton spring. it feels like winter. who's complaining? these folks aren't. they're out on the procession route getting ready for meghan and prince harry to make their way along the route. and it's a royal union. that's what they're waiting for. they're all excited. they're not that cold. let's talk about meghan markle. she'sasting no time putting her spin on royal traditions. she is walking herself part way down the aisle. and now, she's changing up the traditional royal wedding cake. fruitcake out. no more fruitcake for her. lemon elder flower cake. i like that. it's lemon. that sits well with me. by a london baker. that's in. i'm so hungry looking at that. the idea is showcase a taste of british spring. will this change go down with the royals? will they like it?
10:49 pm
she was a first female personal chef to prince charles and the boys she worked at kensington palace for eleven years. what do you think? i don't like fruitcake. i'm happy about that. >> i feel the same. >> how do you think they'll embrace this? she's changing the cake. non-traditional things. >> it's all good. it's lovely she's putting her mark on things. and the cake does sound delicious. >> it does. since you lived eleven years right? what are the conversations like when they prepare for something like this and someone wants to do something that's non-traditional. does everyone discuss it or how does it work? >> they would have been open to this. as a family. they love their food. and something like this sounds so delicious. there's a little bit of american in i e lemons from california from the west coast. elder flower is english. it's the two coming together.
10:50 pm
the english and american. and i think it will be fantastic. it will be pretty. and it will be contemporary. possibly glue ten possibility gluten-free. >> is everything done on site? >> i understand it's being in buckingham palace, with some of the ingredients from the estate. possibility the elderflower. >> she's using a lot of british produce. is that the best of british? >> i think it will be seasonal. there's so much fantastic produce. william and harry grew up eating a lot of produce that was in their father's garden and farm. i think it's important to them. >> i understand all of the guys in the army with harry, they're expecting a huge spread. they're going to want to eat, those guys, right? >> i think they will. i'm sure there will be plenty
10:51 pm
for them. >> good. >> let's talk about them. you talked about william and harry growing up in the palace. you lived there for quite some time. you probably have amazing stories about their youth. harry was pretty cheeky. that's a word you use. >> that's right. mischioucheeky. grew into a wonderful teenager. loved coming in the kitchen and wanted recipes as a teenager so he could go back to school and make things himself. i'm sure he's a very accomplished cook himself now. >> i heard stories how he used to steal candy. the mom knew, right? he would hide it in his jacket or what have you. do you have stories like that? >> up to mischief. >> together, they made a good team. >> we talked about it.
10:52 pm
clarisa talked about the bond they had. william is going to be his best man. he was william's best man. talk about that bond. >> they were 4 and 7 when i first started cooking for them. as brothers, they seemed to get on really well and support each other. and through the toughest of times, they've done that. i know that william will be a fantastic support to harry just as harry was when william got married. >> not many have the perspective that you have. >> it's a huge privilege. >> what do you think about that? talk about that. >> it was such a trprivilege toe there when they were growing up. they were just like any other family. growing up like any mischievous little boys. they grew into fantastic
10:53 pm
teenagers. we're lucky to have them. >> carolyn, did you realize the huge impact that diana was having on the world as you were there behind the scenes? >> yes, definitely. when you met her, she was so unassuming, but always so welcoming and kind and open. >> what would she think of this day? >> she would be so delighted, so hap happy. i think meghan would have adored her and she would have adored meghan. >> thank you so much, carolyn robb. fascinating. clarisa, you know, it's getting close. are you excited and ready for this? >> i'm so excited. i don't know if you can hear this, don. the crowds are cheering, more and more by the minute. really everyone feeling such
10:54 pm
anticipation and excitement for this incredible event. people have been waiting for months and months. now, it's just hours away, don. can i say on the cake front, listening to your conversation about the cake. i'm so excited for the lemon and elderflower cake. i don't think anyone, with the exception of my dear father, really likes fruitcake. it will be great to have a cake that is truly delicious. maybe, if there's some spare, we can try to nab a piece. >> you're closer to it than i am. i certainly would love some cake. listen, you know i like it. it bears my name. it's lemon. >> lemon. >> what is not to like. if you get some cake, wrap it in a napkin and bring it back to me. >> i'll save you a slice if i get some. >> can we talk about the chapel where this is all going to be held?
10:55 pm
>> it's right behind me. it's one of the most historic bill g buildings. this is a chapping where the royal family have had baptisms and many funerals. meghan will walk other the tomb of a number of different kings, most particularly henry viii. the building was started construction in 1845. it was completed in the time of henry viii. really extraordinary rich history and stunning gothic architecture. this is a wonderful building. this is a unique building. in terms of royal weddings, the queen's eldest grandson, his canadian wife. the queen's son, prince edward, he married sophie rhys-jones here. and prince charles and camilla parker-bowl parker-bowles. this is where they had a blessing ceremony. there's so much history here.
10:56 pm
very important and significant that they have chosen this to be the venue. we're in that final countdown, is so exciting >> yeah. the finalcountdown, clarisa, to the royal wedding is on. meghan markle is making final preparations for her big, big moment. >> that's right. we'll go live outside the bride's hotel and all across windsor as the crowds continue to gather. the anticipation continues to build. stay with us. max foster and isa. stay with us. new tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums new tums chewy bites with gas relief
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